Fed Study: Wholesale Payments Vulnerable In Bank Cyberattack


In the scenarios offered in the study, one assumption is that an attacked institution receives payments but is unable to send them for a single full day. Safety and Security cyberattacks Cybersecurity Editors' Picks federal reserve News report study wholesale payments

Study 166

Study Reveals Consumers’ Mobile Shopping Behaviors


However, according to the Remote Payments Study conducted by PYMNTS in September 2018, behavior habits are shared by consumers based on income, age and gender.

Study 252

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Study finds mobile surpasses PC enrollments

Bank Innovation

According to a study from IDology, an identity verification and fraud prevention company, 61% of Americans used a smartphone to enroll in some sort of an account this year, while 56% used a computer or laptop. The study also found a 19% jump […].

Study 158

Telekom Slovenije Google Play & Fortumo case study

Mobile Payments Today

Telekom Slovenije Google Play & Fortumo case study: doubling Google Play spend limits

FSS Digital Banking Case study

Mobile Payments Today

Engaging customers over digital channels has become table stakes in financial services, A leading bank in India has deployed Mobile Pay, our Digital Banking Solution, to build an expansive partner ecosystem to engage customers and achieve services differentiation

Banks not meeting needs of SME clients, Forrester study says

Bank Innovation

As big banks focus on attracting more small business clients, they should be leaning more on digital than human, according to a recent Forrester Research study.

IBM Algo FIRST becomes IBM FIRST Risk Case Studies

Insights on Business

In the continued evolution of the IBM Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) product line, I am pleased to announce that effective today, Algo FIRST (FIRST) is rebranded to IBM FIRST Risk Case Studies. What else changes with the rebranding to IBM FIRST Risk Case Studies? .

Banks struggling to maintain profits amid payments transformation: Study

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A report by Aite Group shows that banks are struggling to turn a profit on their existing payments business, amid an industrywide transition to a real-time payments environment. Banks will be forced to make significant changes in how those businesses continue to operate moving forward

Study 195

Study: Tech Unicorns Overvalued By Nearly 50 Percent


Price is what you pay, value is what you get. And when it comes to investing, the two may not always converge.

Study 160

Case Study: How To Win More Loan Business

Banker to Banker

We work on thousands of lending transactions every year with hundreds of community banks across the country.

Case Study: Getaround Gets Around Vehicle Owners’ Trepidation


The following case study explores how the company earns vehicle owners’ trust by authenticating those who want to access their automobiles. One of the sharing economy ’s most powerful selling points is its promise of financial empowerment.

Case Study: Why Curation, Customization Are Key For The Experience Economy


Payments Innovation AI Case Study digital payments Experience Economy IfOnly marketplaces mobile News online payments Payments and The Platform Economy Playbook platform economy YapStone

Valyou Case Study: On a mission to empower migrant workers

Mobile Payments Today

Find out how with the first year of their platform launch, Valyou saw 66% growth in their customer base, and now entering its third year of operation, has never had a moment of downtime

Study Sees BEC Scams Gaining Ground


A pair of studies have shown that companies are increasingly being targeted through methods both sophisticated and decidedly mundane. New year, new reason to fear fraud — especially through digital means?

Study 220

Study: Hackers Can Steal Passwords By Listening To Typing


In an academic study , researchers at Cambridge University and Linkoping University in Sweden were able to learn people’s passwords by getting a phone microphone to listen to the sound waves when they typed, according to a report by The Washington Post. “We

Study 251

Study: Crypto Criminals Sent $2.8B To Exchanges In 2019


Fortune favors the bold, goes the saying. And when it comes to crypto crimes, the bold get the fortunes — at pretty much everyone’s expense, as ill-gotten gains, in particular cryptos that are tied to funding terrorists, create a ripple effect of risks.

Study 148

Study: Automation Will Hurt Manufacturing-Heavy Midwest


Manufacturing-heavy states in the Midwest will be hit hardest by the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation for lower-skilled jobs, according to a new study by Brookings Institution researchers.

Study 187

Smart Safe Case Study

ATM Marketplace

Burroughs Smart Safe Technology and Cache2Cash® – a Total Networked Solution

5 Trends Bankers Need To Know From The Fed’s New Payment Study

Banker to Banker

payments study, and, as usual, it had some eye-opening trends that all banks need to consider for their long-term strategic planning. RETHINKING PAYMENTS Last month, the Federal Reserve released its 7 th , tri-annual U.S.

Study 170

Compliance Concerns Remain an Obstacle to Tech Upgrades, Study Finds

Bank Innovation

Indeed, in a study released by Fenergo, the client lifecycle management software company, one of every five C-suite executives don’t think their bank’s technology allows them to invest in disruptive innovation.

EasyPark & Fortumo case study: carrier billing for mobile parking

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This case study looks at how Europe’s leading provider of digital parking services EasyPark implemented Fortumo’s carrier billing platform to collect payments from drivers

Study: Economic Impact Of Internet Tops $2.1T In US


The study used 2018 government data from the U.S. New data shows that the internet sector accounted for $2.1 trillion of the U.S. economy in 2018 — about 10 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP).

Study 195

Why It Is Critical to Update Your Core Deposit Study


Time to update to the core deposit study? There are a number of reasons why financial institutions should update their core deposit studies. An updated study will give you the latest trends and changes in your customer base, especially new account and balance trends.

Study 130

Aftonbladet & Fortumo case study: direct carrier billing for digital publishers

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This case study looks at how Aftonbladet (part of Schibsted Media Group) uses telco solutions for subscriber and revenue growth

Digital financial services to generate $38b in southeast Asia, study finds

Bank Innovation

Digital financial services from lending to asset management are expected to generate at least $38 billion of annual revenue across Southeast Asia by 2025, more than tripling from $11 billion in 2019, according to a new study by Bain & Co.,

Study 151

Study Finds New Store Openings Lead To Boost In Online Traffic


According to a recent ICSC study, “ The Halo Effect: How Bricks Impact Clicks ,” when retailers invest in brick-and-mortar stores, their online presence grows. Retail brick and mortar customer loyalty ICSC News online shopping Retail Study Store Openings What's Hot

Study 176

Study Shows Hotels Often Leak Guests’ Personal Info


A study by Symantec, a cybersecurity company, showed that two out of every three hotel sites have leaked personal data, which could include credit card and passport information, according to a report by Reuters.

Study 206

FSS Digital Banking Case study

ATM Marketplace

Engaging customers over digital channels has become table stakes in financial services, A leading bank in India has deployed Mobile Pay, our Digital Banking Solution, to build an expansive partner ecosystem to engage customers and achieve services differentiation

UPS Study: eCommerce Changes Customer Habits


According to a new study put out by UPS, eCommerce isn’t just changing the “where” of commerce activity for Americans — it is also shifting much of the “how” and the “why” as well. The UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper study indicates that 51 percent of all purchases made by respondents were made online — a 4-percent increase from last year, when that figure was 48 percent. Retail UPS study

Study 149

Study: More People Fall Prey To Fraudsters Online Than By Phone


A recent study about how people respond to scammers shows that consumers are more likely to become victims on social media and online marketplaces than over the phone, The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday (Sept.

Study 235

Nationwide Study: SMB Owners Lax About IoT Security Risk


This week, data from a Princeton University study showed that hackers were able to take control of washing machines, air conditioners and other connected devices and manipulate power demand across the grid, causing blackouts. For smaller firms, the IoT has its lures and its dangers.

Study 260

Study Finds Half Of UK Firms Vulnerable To Invoice Fraud


Invoice fraud, where emailed requests trick employees of various firms into sending money to scammers’ bank accounts, has been making the rounds in the United Kingdom. According to research from Santander Business , as much as half of all U.K. firms are vulnerable to that type of fraud.

Study 242

Fed Study: Noncash Payments Fraud Outpacing Growth Overall

Bank Innovation

outpaced growth in noncash payments overall between 2012 and 2015, according to a Federal Reserve Payments Study released this week. The study’s survey of depository institutions found noncash payments fraud increased 37%, from $6.1 Noncash payments fraud in the U.S.

Study 130

Mitek Study Criticizes Banks for Charging for Remote Deposit Capture

Bank Innovation

Earlier last week a study was released by Mitek that ranked fifteen of the world’s banks from best to worst in one teeny tiny category: customer experience with the banks’ mobile deposit features.

Study 209

Fed Banks’ Study Reports Rise In Card, ePayments


In the fifth official study conducted by the Federal Reserve Banks of Atlanta, Boston, Richmond and San Francisco, the 2018 Diary of Consumer Payment Choice (DCPC) detailed the cash and non-cash payment behavior of U.S. payments per day,” the study stated. However, the study reported that the number still is less than the 46 payments reported in October 2016. That was “statistically unchanged from cash holdings in 2016 and 2017,” according to the study.

Study 123

The global new banking brew

Chris Skinner

Case Studies Digital Bank Grid NumbersAnother useful person in my online network is Steve McLaughlin of @FTPartners, who I spotted sent a tweet last week saying they had produced a challenger bank report.

Traditional FIs See Fintechs as ‘Significant Threat’ by 2022, Study Says

Bank Innovation

Nearly 80% of traditional financial institutions feel little or no threat from fintechs today, but 65% believe fintechs will be a “significant threat” by 2022, according to a new study by Harvard Business Review.

Study 173

The Fed’s Fraud Study Reveals the Expected and Unexpected


Nonetheless, the Federal Reserve’s newly issued fraud study is packed with valuable information. The post The Fed’s Fraud Study Reveals the Expected and Unexpected appeared first on Deluxe FS. Deluxe Fraud Prevention Payments card check Deluxe Exchange Federal Reserve Fraud studyThe high-level trends in payment fraud are easy enough for industry professionals to surmise. Card fraud- both credit and debit- is on the rise, particularly in the fast-growing e-commerce channel.

Study 95

Study Finds Trucking Company Bankruptcies Increased In 1H 2019


To quote the Grateful Dead and their song “Truckin’” — an apt choice for this topic — “What a long strange trip it’s been.”. While a significant number of trucking companies have gone out of business, there are trucking shortages and rising wages.

Study 183

Cyberattacks On Track To Lead Corporate Insurance Claims: Study


The global insurance technology ( InsurTech ) market is slated to become a $1.1 billion industry by 2023, analysts have predicted, with growing analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) functionality accelerating innovation in the insurance market.

Study 233

Fed Study: Electronic Devices Used In 24 Pct. Of Consumer Payments


The study estimated that the average value per consumer payment came in at $92. Looking at the trend from 2017 to 2018, the study noted, “the decline in the use of paper instruments is primarily in cash , a statistically significant decline from 12 payments per month to 11.

Study 174

Study: Americans Overestimate Their Financial Literacy


A new study reveals that while Americans are generally overconfident in their financial knowledge, only a few could score a top grade on a financial quiz. The “ Financial Literacy: Prosperity Begins with Knowledge ” study from Raddon, a provider of innovative research, also found that the vast majority have never attended a financial education program, although many think such a program would be extremely or very valuable.

Study 168

Tigo Case Study: Seamless Transition to Faster Service

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Read the full case study to learn how In Tanzania, Telepin transparently replaced an existing mobile money platform and helped Tigo Tanzania drive revenue growth — actually doubling Tigo Tanzania’s transactions per second, and provided them with a platform that can support their growth.