Study Finds New Store Openings Lead To Boost In Online Traffic


According to a recent ICSC study, “ The Halo Effect: How Bricks Impact Clicks ,” when retailers invest in brick-and-mortar stores, their online presence grows. Retail brick and mortar customer loyalty ICSC News online shopping Retail Study Store Openings What's Hot

Study 169

Nationwide Study: SMB Owners Lax About IoT Security Risk


This week, data from a Princeton University study showed that hackers were able to take control of washing machines, air conditioners and other connected devices and manipulate power demand across the grid, causing blackouts. For smaller firms, the IoT has its lures and its dangers.

Study 255

Singapore Case Study: One Wallet. Multiple Uses.

Mobile Payments Today

This case study focuses on how Telepin was able to help a large Signapore telecommunications company provide mobile financial services to an economically diverse clientel

Chatbots Overlooked When SMBs Invest In Tech: Study


A new survey of small business owners suggests that small businesses are struggling to find the right targets for their technology investments. Research from Capterra published on Tuesday (Nov.

Study 175

Study: Americans Overestimate Their Financial Literacy


A new study reveals that while Americans are generally overconfident in their financial knowledge, only a few could score a top grade on a financial quiz. The “ Financial Literacy: Prosperity Begins with Knowledge ” study from Raddon, a provider of innovative research, also found that the vast majority have never attended a financial education program, although many think such a program would be extremely or very valuable.

Study 165

Study: Financially Self-Sufficient Millennials Are Happier


A 10-year study by the National Endowment for Financial Education shows that millennials who are no longer relying on mom and dad for financial help are more confident and happier overall. The study found that those who were no longer relying on their parents for financial support and were paying their own bills were more likely to be employed full time, married and starting families.

Study 159

UPS Study: eCommerce Changes Customer Habits


According to a new study put out by UPS, eCommerce isn’t just changing the “where” of commerce activity for Americans — it is also shifting much of the “how” and the “why” as well. The UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper study indicates that 51 percent of all purchases made by respondents were made online — a 4-percent increase from last year, when that figure was 48 percent. Retail UPS study

Study 148

NEW STUDY: What Innovative Restaurants Are Doing Right Now


The research further finds that even while some restaurants are making strides at becoming more innovative, too many are focusing on the wrong improvements rather than the ones that really move the needle for consumers, according to the finding of the PYMNTS study.

Study 183

The Buyers: Studying Chinese Consumers’ Online Interactions


When it comes to the ramifications for the retail industry, a Deloitte study found that 56 cents of every dollar spent in retail stores today is influenced by digital interactions. s study , Digital Lifestyles in China , zeroed in on online Chinese consumer behavior as it relates to social networks, shopping preferences and video content consumption. Studies about new consumer behaviors are revealing new details on a weekly basis.

Study 149

NEW STUDY: Why Fast Food Isn’t Innovating Fast Enough


To complete the Index, PYMNTS studied 178 QSRs, including six large restaurant chains, in 10 different segments and two groups of restaurants. Quick service restaurants (QSRs) are known for getting customers their food fast.

Study 202

Fed Study: Noncash Payments Fraud Outpacing Growth Overall

Bank Innovation

outpaced growth in noncash payments overall between 2012 and 2015, according to a Federal Reserve Payments Study released this week. The study’s survey of depository institutions found noncash payments fraud increased 37%, from $6.1 Noncash payments fraud in the U.S.

Study 130

Studies Generate Cross-Border Insight For Tipalti


San Mateo startup Tipalti, a firm that automates accounts payable and payments cash flow, has partnered on two recent global payment method studies. Those studies, according to Rob Israch, Tipalti CMO, have unearthed some encouraging and surprising findings for the company’s mission. Tipalti conducted the second study itself, looking at trends and patterns across the $4 billion in transactions going through its system each year.

Study 120

Study shows German youth are interested in cryptocurrencies

The Paypers

(The Paypers) Germans between 18 and 29 are more likely to be interested in cryptocurrency than seniors, according to a study conducted by the German Consumer Centers of Hesse and Saxony

Study 78

Citi study shows mobile banking is vital to consumers

Mobile Payments Today

Of the 2,000 U.S. adults surveyed, mobile banking app use ranked third (31 percent) behind only social media (55 percent) and weather apps (33 percent), respectively

Study 166

Study: Tech Companies Could Be Running Afoul Of GDPR


The study took place in June a month after the rule went into effect, noted Bloomberg. The European Union’s (EU) new data privacy law isn’t being followed by some of the globe’s biggest technology companies, according to research from the EU Institute.

Study 138

Study Says Millennials Business-Savvy Over Selfies


Whether you’re annoyed that they take selfies or that they would rather share than own things, plenty of people knock millennials, especially when it comes to work ethic. That may be more stereotype than truth. That’s according to the recent Small Business Indicator report from Nationwide. Believe it or not, the report found that millennial business owners are not only forward-focused in the market, but they’re also the most prepared when starting and owning a business.

Study 180

Nielsen Study: Facebook Apps Tops In 2016


In a recent study, the research firm took a look at the top trends. “There’s [still] an app for that,” as they say, and there were even more in 2016. According to Nielsen, last year was a big year for digital — including new devices, new apps and the market for virtual reality (VR) devices. The research shows Facebook was yet again topping smartphone app category with 146 million average unique monthly users, up 14 percent over last year.

Study 141

Cash Is Extremely Expensive For Small Biz, Study Says


Sage researchers, for another report, its annual Payments Landscape study, also found that the importance of cash is on the wane. Health of Cash Study revealed that 84 percent of U.S. Cash may be king, but for small businesses, cash is expensive. New research from Sage finds that small businesses in the U.K. are losing out on $11.8 billion every year because of their cash transactions. Those costs can rack up in a number of ways, researchers found.

Study 199

Study Shows Teens Returning To The Mall


A new study released by William Blair finds that teens and young adults — the demographic whose indifference almost slayed both Aéropostale and PacSun this year — are actually visiting the mall more than they were even a year ago. Some good news to start the week for mall operators in need of some. Apparently, the desire of teenagers to hang out at the mall may be withstanding the test of time and digital commerce.

Study 147

Bank Satisfaction And Your Strategic Plan [Study]

Banker to Banker

JD Power’s 2015 US Retail Banking Satisfaction Study that was released in part several weeks ago had some interesting information that might impact the strategy and tactics for community banks.

Study 163

Study Affirms Community Banks’ Small-Biz Leadership

Finer Points

It’s something ICBA and the community banking industry say all the time: community banks are the nation’s leading small-business lenders. And the numbers back it up. While community banks make up less than 20 percent of the banking system’s assets, they dole out more than half of its small-business loans. Still, some small businesses continue […]. Community Banks Credit Unions Economy Regulation Regulatory Relief Small Business Small Business Lending

SMBs Financed Via Personal Debt Less Likely Thrive, Study Finds


Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that take on debt actually perform better than those that don’t, according to a new report, though analysts warned that companies taking on personal loans rather than small business loans aren’t seeing the same benefits. Reports in Forbes Monday (Feb. 19) said research from finance professors Rebel Cole at Florida Atlantic University and Tatyana Sokolyk at Brock University found a correlation between higher revenues and small business loans.

Study 156

NEW STUDY: The Four Secrets To A Successful Subscription Offering


Subscriptions are seemingly available for anything, from the more established Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings like the latest iteration of Microsoft Office to video-streaming services like Netflix.

Study 144

Case study: Dechra & Salmon

Bobs Guide

In this case study, Dechra’s group treasurer Steve Card explains how they met the

Costco Tops Consumer Experience Study


According to a new study from app research firm Dynatrace, one brand reigns supreme in this competition – and it might not be the most intuitive winner. Among the most successful brands in the Dynatrace study, their sites delivered 99.39 Providing top-notch user experiences online and on mobile isn’t limited to retail categories.

Study 106

Square Root Study Reveals Key Retail Weaknesses


In Austin-based Square Root’s latest study with Forrester Consulting, Close The Gap Between High- and Low-Performing Stores: Management and Measurement of Brick-and-Mortar Retail Locations , retail store performance issues that affect customer experience and loyalty were identified. Upon surveying more than 100 retail operations leaders across 250 store locations, the study revealed barriers blocking growth and the key performance indicators being used for measurement.

Study 111

Study Unveils US Manufacturer Digitization Progress Report


Siemens’ president of its digital factory division, Raj Batra, commented on the study’s results and the importance of manufacturers moving forward with digitalization. Adjusting technologies to today’s standards is a common issue for many industries. As one of the largest and perhaps most impacted areas, manufacturing has wrestled with implementing digitization.

Study 116

Study: Big Brands Still Don’t Understand Their Customers


Amido’s report found that businesses in all the industries studied struggled to create personalized services for customers, despite collecting their data and that “pools” of data were merely being siloed and not utilized. Amido , a vendor-agnostic technical consulting agency, believes that the majority of big brands are still failing to understand their customers, despite a number of technological solutions designed to help them do so.

Study 193

NEW STUDY: The Staggering, Rising Cost Of Account Takeover Fraud


Account takeovers have become a new favorite for fraudsters over the course of just a quarter. And, in the wake of the Equifax breach that the exposed personal data of approximately 143 million Americans, the scheme will likely become even more popular with bad actors in the coming weeks and months. According to data from the October 2017 Global Fraud Index , a PYMNTS and Signifyd collaboration, account takeover use recently skyrocketed, climbing 45 percent in Q2 2017 alone.

Study 167

Researcher Says Uber’s Criticism On Rideshare Study Is ‘Valid’


After Uber Chief Economist Jonathan Hall highlighted problems with the research methodology used by MIT researchers in a draft paper, the lead researcher acknowledged flaws in the survey used in the study. After revising the study’s figures, which originally set the median profit for rideshare drivers at $3.37 The MIT study released last week indicated that Uber drivers, on average, were making less than minimum wage.

Study 116

Study: 5 Out Of 6 US Shoppers Make Impulse Buys


The study polled 1,003 U.S. If there’s one thing shoppers like to do, it’s shop impulsively. Which is why it should really come as no surprise than that a recent survey from found that five out of six American consumers admit to making an impulse buy at some point in their lives. And when these customers are shopping impulsively, they are most often doing it in person and spending on themselves. According to the survey, 54 percent of U.S.

Study 191

Study Sacks FDIC Fears on Brokered Deposits

Long Lasting Ideas

But a recent study by a former bank regulator and respected scholar, James R. Continue reading Study Sacks FDIC Fears on Brokered Deposits at Bank Marketing Strategy + Ideas.


New Study Shows Millennials Are Guarded With Their Personal Data


19) released a report, dubbed “Millennial Study: Privacy vs. Customer Experience,” which charts the digital consumer preferences and behaviors of millennials in seven global markets — the U.S., The study upends some previously held assumptions about millennials, including its finding that, despite their digital connectivity, millennials are extremely guarded about sharing their personal information. The study also identified U.S.

Study Shows Retailers Hesitating at The IoT Starting Line


However, in RSR Research ‘s recent “The Internet of Things in Retail: Getting Beyond the Hype” study, there were some interesting findings that point towards a bit of hesitation by retailers re: moving forward with IoT initiatives. The study shows retailer’s pause on the IoT technology is due to operational challenges and poor supporting infrastructure. The Internet of Things (IoT) is well beyond its initial start line.

Study 155

Mitek Study Criticizes Banks for Charging for Remote Deposit Capture

Bank Innovation

Earlier last week a study was released by Mitek that ranked fifteen of the world’s banks from best to worst in one teeny tiny category: customer experience with the banks’ mobile deposit features.

Study 209

Lawmakers Want NHTSA To Study Connected Car Security


Aiming to beef up security in connected and driverless cars , a group of lawmakers have introduced a bipartisan bill in the House of Representatives that would put the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in charge of studying security issues for cars and trucks that are connected and eventually driverless. Ted Lieu (D-CA) co-sponsored the bill, dubbed The Security and Privacy in Your Car Study Act.

Study 155

Study Reveals Most Retailers Are Ready to Invest in IoT


In Zebra Technologies’ 2017 Retail Vision Study, it was found that 70 percent of retail decision makers are ready to invest in the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. The 2017 Retail Vision Study demonstrates that retailers are poised to meet and exceed customer expectations with new levels of personalization, speed and convenience.”. The online world has had a major impact on the retail industry over the past decade.

Study 151

Study finds growing use of digital payments

The Paypers

(The Paypers) Early Warning , the network operator behind Zelle, has released the results of its first Digital Payments Adoption Study

Study 52

Study Shows Financial Assistance Needed Post-Graduation


Studies following people in their twenties have recently confirmed the opposite to be true. For years, large cities like New York, Boston and Los Angeles have attracted people from all age ranges to come work and live. Shows like “Friends” and “Sex and the City” make these places out to be welcoming and fun, and maybe the most appealing aspect is the appearance of being affordable.

Study 111

Study Shows Gen Z Surprisingly Prefers In-Store Shopping


The study also found Gen Z prefers to get in and get out when it comes to shopping pattern behavior. With all of the connected devices enabling less interaction with others, the big struggle everyone has been talking about for the last year has been the online versus brick-and-mortar shopping. As more companies ready themselves for eCommerce-based marketing strategies, the brick-and-mortar side is also prepping for integrating more connected in-store experiences.

Study 155

Commercial risk rating: Case study


At a recent Sageworks event, we discussed a specific case study regarding components of risk rating for a particular business loan to see how the institutions in the audience would have handled a particular scenario. Working through this case study, the experienced bankers at the Sageworks event had a mix of responses that factored into these recommendations. Banks and credit unions are in the business of measuring and managing credit risk.

Mobifone case study: how does Google Play carrier billing impact telco revenue?

Mobile Payments Today

In our latest case study with the leading Vietnamese telco Mobifone, we find that this is not the case. Download the case study and find out how launching carrier billing for Google Play increased Mobifone's ARPU by 130

Compliance study shows how function can reassert its status


My previous post shared the headlines from Accenture’s 2016 Compliance Risk Study, focusing on the increasing demand on compliance. Today I’d like to unpack another key finding from the study.