PayPal user policy sparks Republican ire

Payments Dive

Congressional Republicans this week demanded more details from PayPal over a proposed user policy that threatened to take users to task over “misinformation

Fiserv adopts new executive severance policy

Payments Dive

The payments company’s board adopted the executive severance policy this week even though it opposed a similar shareholder proposal in May


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Monetary and fiscal policy in interwar Britain


Policy, meanwhile, was pulled in multiple directions by multiple objectives – employment, price and financial stability and debt sustainability. Asking what role macroeconomic policy played in interwar Britain is not a new topic, so why revisit it? What are the policy implications?

Monetary policy and happiness


So it follows that monetary policy decisions can affect happiness too. In a recent working paper we use a novel approach to assess how the unprecedented loosening in monetary policy in response to the 2008 global financial crisis affected the well-being of UK households.

Create and Maintain an Effective Loan Policy


Confident Risk Management Begins with Sound Loan Policy A risk-based approach to loan policy can effectively improve your institution's profitability. You might also like this webinar on loan policy best practices. When and how to update your policy. Policy Framework.

Fed cites inflation, monetary policy as top financial stability concerns

American Banker

Monetary policy Federal Reserve Politics and policy

PayPal Changes Seller Refund Fee Policy


While the company had rolled back the policy in April, it has decided to reinstate collecting the initial 2.9 Earlier this year, PayPal updated its User Agreement to change our refund policy,” a PayPal spokesperson told The Verge. “In In line with industry practice, and according to our updated policy, we do not charge fees to process refunds, but when a seller refunds a transaction to a buyer, the fees originally paid will not be returned to the seller.

Amazon Go policy shift seen as response to legislative pushback

Payments Dive

The move by Amazon to reverse policies for its cashierless Amazon Go stores is being seen as a response to growing economic and political pushback against the impact of Silicon Valley on major segments of U.S. and global societies

Cracking down on 'woke' banks may be good politics,  but it's bad policy

American Banker

Climate change Regulation and compliance Politics and policy

Le Pont de Londres: monetary policy spillovers, prudential policies and the financial centre effect


So can recipient countries employ prudential policies to offset monetary policy changes in centre countries? Many people (most notably Hélène Rey’s 2013 Jackson Hole paper ) have advocated taking macroprudential policies to offset this destabilising effect.

Partisan battle brewing over FDIC's bank merger policy

American Banker

FDIC Politics and policy


XBRL News about climate reporting, implementation policy and India

Daily Fintech

The post XBRL News about climate reporting, implementation policy and India appeared first on Daily Fintech. XBRL india policy sustainability xbrl

How climate risk is already creeping into banking policy

American Banker

Climate change Politics and policy

Bitesize: Riding the waves: the breadth of global monetary policy changes


Occasionally, economic shocks are global in nature and so monetary policy can move in tandem across the world. But how common have directional changes in monetary policy been across the world over recent decades? Chart 1: Global monetary policy diffusion index (MPDI).

A bank-merger moratorium isn’t just bad policy. It’s illegal.

American Banker

M&A Politics and policy

Everything you need to know about data retention policy


Are you interested in creating or modifying a data retention policy? A company’s data retention policy describes how it saves data for compliance or regulatory reasons and destroys information once it is no longer required.

BlackRock, UBS among firms facing Texas ban over energy policies

American Banker

ESG Regulation and compliance Public finance Politics and policy

5 states blazing new trails in financial services policy

American Banker

Consumer lending ESG Politics and policy Cryptocurrencies

Where will banking regulators go next on climate policy?

American Banker

ESG Regulation and compliance Politics and policy

Monetary policy transmission during QE times: role of expectations and premia channels


Since 2009, when policy rates reached their effective lower bound, quantitative easing (QE) has become an important instrument of central bank monetary policy. These models allow us to decompose movements in the curve into two effects: policy rate expectations; and term premia.

Should Your Bank Have A Workplace Vaccine Policy?

South State Correspondent

With FDA approval and the first shipments of the COVID-19 vaccine start to hit our communities this week, the question comes up over should banks have a policy around if the vaccine should be mandated, recommended, supported, and acknowledged in the workplace?

Challenges to monetary policy: lessons from Medieval Europe


The Bank of England co-organised a ‘ History and Policy Making Conference ‘ in late 2020. History offers policymakers and academics useful case studies that can serve as distant mirrors beyond the study of crises and policy responses to them. Nathan Sussman.

Slow recoveries, endogenous growth and macroprudential policy


This fact has motivated a large body of literature to assess the role that macroprudential (MacroPru) policies play in mitigating the severity of recessions. In reality, this policy often takes the form of minimum capital or liquidity requirements. Policy implications.

Adapting lending policies in a ‘negative-for-long’ scenario


Over the past decade, several central banks have cut policy rates below zero. The analysis of the impact of negative interest rates on banks’ credit supply and risk taking is likely to depend on the time over which policy rates are negative. Miguel García-Posada and Sergio Mayordomo.

Can We Handle Monetary Policy Normalization Without a Recession?

SWBC's LenderHub

The American economy is very strong and well-positioned to handle tighter monetary policy.”.

Sluggish deposit rates and the effects of monetary policy


Could the slow response of deposit rates to changes in monetary policy strengthen its impact on the economy? Using United States data, I estimate local projections of deposit rates, deposit balances and other bank assets and liabilities to high-frequency changes in US monetary policy.

Unemployment risk, liquidity traps and monetary policy


We study optimal monetary policy conduct through the lens of a Heterogeneous Agents New Keynesian ( HANK ) model with frictions in the labour market, imperfect unemployment insurance, and an occasionally binding ZLB constraint (ie the interest rate may hit the ZLB during a downturn).

Visa Has Not Changed Bitcoin Purchase Policies

Bank Innovation

EXCLUSIVE—Payment processor Visa has not changed any policies related to the purchasing of bitcoin, the company told Bank Innovation. The company still allows Visa cardholders to make cryptocurrency purchases with “credit, debit, and certain prepaid Visa products,” it said in a statement. This follows reports that Visa, alongside other credit card networks, changed how cryptocurrency […].

TikTok?s Data Privacy Policies Draw Eyes Of EU Authorities


TikTok , the popular Chinese short-form mobile video app, is facing more scrutiny over its privacy policies, Bloomberg reported.

Progressives urge bank regulators to toughen climate change policies

American Banker

Compliance Biden Administration Politics and policy

Monetary policy, sectoral comovement and the credit channel


There is ample evidence that a monetary policy tightening triggers a decline in consumer price inflation and a simultaneous contraction in investment and consumption (eg Erceg and Levin (2006) and Monacelli (2009) ). Chart 1 shows the impulse responses to an unexpected rise in the policy rate.

New Facial Recognition Policy Signed Into Law In Washington State


Washington State Governor Jay Inslee signed a bill on Tuesday (March 31) establishing specific rules – backed by Microsoft – governing facial recognition software, according to a blog by Bill Smith, president of Microsoft.

Public policy can't slow distributed finance

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Blockchain Digital payments Cryptocurrencies

IBM Announces Policy Lab To Help Ensure ‘Trustworthy’ Tech


With the new IBM Policy Lab, IBM is looking to regulate artificial intelligence (AI) development in a way that is safe, but does not infringe upon the creation of new technology, reports said. Leclerc is also chairman of the Software Alliance’s Europe, Middle East and Africa Policy Committee.

EU Shakes Up Digital Policy To Get Competitive In Tech


The proposed plan to revamp the region’s digital market policy also includes measures to limit data control by Google, Facebook, Amazon and other Big Tech firms. Europe Big Tech data digital policy EU European Commission News What's Hot