MoviePass Changes Ticket Policy


After making changes to its Android app and terms of service, MoviePass is adding another modification to its platform: Subscribers can now only watch a particular movie through its movie ticket subscription service one time, Android Central reported. “We We recently updated our Terms of Service to reflect that MoviePass subscribers are only permitted to see a select movie in theaters once with your MoviePass,” the company wrote on its website. “We

Trump Trade Policies Weighing On Stocks


trade policy is the largest risk externally that companies face. trade policy will have a negative impact during the next six months, while 20 percent said the impact will be very negative, and 66 percent of Asia-Pacific-based CFOs said the U.S. President Donald Trump’s tax reform — signed into law late last year — was a boon for the stock market, but his tough trade stance is pressuring stocks so far in 2018.

Wells Fargo Softens Overdraft Policy


The new per-transaction threshold complements the bank’s existing policy of not charging an overdraft fee if a customer’s available balance and ending account balance is overdrawn by $5 or less and no items are returned for non-sufficient funds at the end of processing for that business day. Aiming to boost its reputation after a fake account scandal last year, Wells Fargo announced Tuesday (Nov. 14) the launch of a new overdraft feature that will reduce the hit to customers.

Tips for creating fair and friendly holiday policies [Video]


While this time of year is filled with cheer and celebration, it’s also important to make sure your company’s policies reflect fairness, equality and safety. Tip #2: Make sure your policies work with diverse religious beliefs. Blog HR Policies‘Tis the season!

Uber Updates ‘Bug Bounty’ Payments Policy


Uber is changing its policy on bug bounties, payments to people who expose data security problems, Reuters reported on Thursday (April 26). “We’re The company is revising its policy to specify it won’t pursue legal action against good-faith hackers who submit flaws through its bug bounty portal, which is hosted by HackerOne.

SMBs Face Policy Headwinds, From Trade Tariffs To SCOTUS


trade tariffs , policy is keeping entrepreneurs on their toes. Small businesses have been inundated with a regulatory storm this past week. From a Supreme Court decision with possible implications for small online merchants, to SMBs’ preparations for U.S. Surveys gauging the sentiment of the small business owner about shifting rules and regulations – both in the U.S. and abroad – aren’t the only source of information for this week’s B2B Data Digest.

L.L. Bean Sets Limit On Generous Return Policy


After discovering that its customers have been misusing its generous return policy, L.L. Prior to the change in policy, L.L. But customers have been abusing the policy, making it hard for the retailer to continue offering a lifetime return window. Bean’s flexible return policy might not have worked for the retailer, in general, consumers are thinking of returns prior to placing an order. And the preferred policy for U.S.

Privacy Policy


privacy policy terms of serviceGeneral.

Target Won’t Back Down On Bathroom Policy


Taking a page from the old Tom Petty Handbook, Target CEO Brian Cornell has officially determined that the retailer will not back down on its inclusive bathroom policy. million signatures argue that “Target’s policy is exactly how sexual predators get access to their victims.” Cornell buttressed that message on a mid-week CNBC appearance during which he affirmed there would be no reversing its policy. “We’ve Retail Target Target Bathroom policy

Google Adopts Kinder, Gentler Subscription Policy


Google has relaxed its subscription policy, no longer requiring news websites to provide users with three free articles per day or face less prominence in search results. According to a CNBC news report, while Google has argued that its “first click free” policy would lead to a boost in subscriptions, many media companies – such as News Corp – have complained that their sales were suffering as a result.

Best practices in risk rating policies


Policies are “the cornerstones for sound lending and loan administration,” and risk rating policies are a key component. Regulatory agencies lay out elements that loan policies should cover, such as what types of loans an institution will make and what information will be required from borrowers, but they rarely dictate the details. An institution must develop appropriate policies and procedures based on its size and the complexity of its portfolio.

ITIF Calls On US To Work With Other Countries For China Trade Policies Reset


based technology group, issued a report Thursday (March 16) in which it said China’s mercantilist industrial policIes put the entire global economy and trading system at risk and called for countries to increase the pressure on China to “reset” its policies, reported Reuters. to work with Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom and the European Union to come together to pressure China into what the group called a “fundamental economic policy reset.”.

China Turns To Tax Policy To Bolster Entrepreneurs


Vice finance minister Cheng Lihua introduced seven new tax policies during a press conference Friday, with the goal of saving small businesses $9.45 The policies include tax cuts and introduce other incentives for SMBs to upgrade equipment, improve employee training, and enhance their research and development, the publication said. China introduced new tax initiatives aimed at bolstering the nation’s entrepreneurs, according to local news reports on Friday (May 4).

The world of 17,000 policies and 700 regulatory bodies

Daily Fintech

17,000 policies from more than 700 regulatory bodies, that are not digitized or harmonized. Imagine all the 17,000 policies on the cloud, searchable with a functionality that empowers relationship managers to face the complexity of cross-border rules and regulations.

Visa Adjusts Policies On Debit Routing


22) that it is working to modify its debit routing policies, saying that it has “modified and clarified” its rules to boost EMV chip card adoption in the United States. Visa said Tuesday (Nov. Those modifications, the card giant said, come on the heels of guidance that has been issued by the Federal Reserve.

Bank exam “hot spot”: Inflating policy limits to avoid scrutiny


The desire to avoid examiner scrutiny may tempt some financial institutions to set the bar high when it comes to credit and liquidity risk management policy limits, but regulators are discouraging this approach. Do established policy limits reflect true risk tolerance?

For Consumers, The Return Policy Really Counts


According to B2C Europe’s recently released study , more than half of all consumers consider returning the item long before they decide to buy it and will actively seek to learn what the merchant’s return policy is. The research additionally found that consumers refuse to buy from outside their own country about 27 percent of the time if the return cost is high, while 23 percent won’t make an out-of-nation purchase if they do not fully understand the return policy.

A Tale of Two China (Tech Firm) Policies?


In international relations, policy and politics and business can combine in combustible ways. When a big firm shuts down, it’s not every day a sitting president lobbies to get it un-shut. Nor is it often the case that the firm is a Chinese tech juggernaut, smack dab in the middle of a crossfire between China and the U.S., jousting over intellectual property, economic competition and several hot button issues that exist between the two countries.

New Amazon Alexa Policy Banning Ads?


Under the radar, Amazon made some changes to its Alexa Skills Developer agreement. To help lessen the amount of advertisements that appear on Alexa’s voice apps, the new version of the agreement is banning any apps that have “any advertising for third-party products or services.” The only places where ads will still appear is through streaming music and flash-briefing apps.

Card Fraud Spike Alters Grocery Store Gift Card Policy


Brian Krebs reported the change to grocer Giant Food’s policy yesterday (April 20) on his cybersecurity blog Krebs on Security. A Washington, D.C.-area

Monetary Policy.

Jim Blaine

economic policy ????? The FED ! Alright here's an easy quiz for Wednesday morning: WHICH FAMOUS ROCK AND ROLL BAND IS "THE HOUSE BAND" FOR THE FEDERAL RESERVE? C'mon don't peek yet! Which band is both 1) named after and 2) sings about U.S. DIRE STRAITS !!! and "Money For Nothing" !! Opinion

Egencia: Cost Savings A Key Focus For SMB Travel Policy In 2018 And Beyond


The latest findings show a shift from more traditional approaches to travel management, where buyers have focused on expanding travel policy, said Egencia. The Egencia finding follows an earlier report in May, titled “Egencia Travel Policy: Global Air Edition,” which found that more than half of travelers have booking freedom, and where that number breaks down to 33 percent traveling internationally and 12 percent domestically.

Otting Reverses Policy And Lets Bank Examiners Stay


Bank examiners can stay in house, a policy where they work inside the institutions they supervise. . 6) that he would reverse the policy already in place at the regulator. Reuters reported that Otting was reversing a policy that had been set in place under the presidential administration of Barack Obama. That’s according to an announcement by the Comptroller of the Currency, Joseph Otting , who said Wednesday (Dec.

Could central bank digital currencies kill monetary policy?

Chris Skinner

The Bank makes clear it’s not the opinions of the institution … The post Could central bank digital currencies kill monetary policy? I didn’t realise until the other day that the Bank of England has a blog Bank Underground. Finally, a boring old British bank with a blog.

Visa denies changing Bitcoin purchase policies

The Paypers

(The Paypers) Visa has announced that it has not modified any policies related to the purchasing of Bitcoin

Uber Names Public Policy Advisory Group Leaders


Uber announced yesterday (May 4) that it has officially kicked off its first Public Policy Advisory Board meeting in order to help guide the company through its market expansion — all the while, facing regulatory pressures abroad and at home. But the hope is that, with its new policy board, the expansion plans for Uber will be received in a more positive light.

Facebook Won’t Let Admiral Insurance Base Policies On Posts


Facebook has reportedly ruled out launching a new car insurance policy from Admiral Insurance of the U.K. that would analyze a customer’s posts on Facebook to help set the premiums of the policy. According to a report , the original plan was for Admiral to analyze the Facebook accounts of people who own a car for the first time to look for personality traits that would be tied to safe driving.

Subterranean Monetary Policy Blues

SWBC's LenderHub

and global growth prospects, and in the ability of policy authorities to offset weak growth.” Bob Dylan’s big Nobel Prize win means that this week’s Insights piece features a Dylan-esque theme.

How Mobile Solutions May Help Address Slipping Corporate Travel Policy Compliance


According to the survey, 43 percent of corporate travelers have deviated from internal policy before the business travel even began. The increasing incidence of non-compliance is the result of corporate travelers booking out of policy, where they extend business trips to include some leisure time at their own expense,” explained Jason Toothman, vice president of global accounts for Sabre travel network Asia Pacific.

Are Decentralized Exchanges part of the Bottom-up decentralized monetary policy?

Daily Fintech

It was 2 days before Christmas that Lykke publicly announced it had to switch to a centralized operational model! Up to then, Lykke could claim to have been the only exchange that was semi-decentralized and charging no commissions to its users.

Kenya 2018 Budget Policy and the Big Four


Kenya’s National Treasury has published the 2018 budget policy statement (BPS) – titled “The Big Four” – creating jobs, transforming lives. The post Kenya 2018 Budget Policy and the Big Four appeared first on Bankelele.

Antitrust Policy Takes Center Stage In Appeals Court Rulings


Recent rulings from the United States Court of Appeals have shined a bright spotlight on antitrust concerns. The New York Times reported that plaintiffs are having a tough time in antitrust cases, noting two instances of judgements being unanimously reversed solely because the panel could not agree on the facts. Antitrust issues and enforcement have sparked much debate publicly. In the case of United States v.

Companies Use Kidnap Policies To Recoup WannaCry Losses


companies are turning to their insurance policies that cover things like ransom and extortion to get back losses from the WannaCry ransomware attack that caused headaches around the globe a little over a week ago. According to a report in Reuters , citing insurance, companies are using their kidnap and ransom insurance for ransomware attacks like the WannaCry attack at a higher rate, but the payouts from those policies could be lower than if the companies had cyber insurance.

Central Bank of Iran unveils fintech policy

The Paypers

(The Paypers) The Central Bank of Iran has published a document on policies related to the operation of fintechs

Ripple Effects From Trump’s Policies On Consumers’ Wallets


economy, as it stands now, and policies that may come to bear over the next few months, what might be the ultimate impact to consumers and their pocketbooks? But it is the policy of tougher trade barriers, actively being pursued by Trump, that could have more pronounced ripple effects for the consumer. We’re just a few days into a new presidential administration and not that much longer into a new Congressional term. Looking at the U.S.

RegTech And AI Tackle The Maddening Hurdle Of Conflicting Financial Policies


But understanding what can be a dizzying array of policies is only part of the battle. It’s not until each team is ready to implement a particular policy’s essential compliance measures that they become aware of overlaps or conflicts with other regulations. Further complicating the matter is that policies are published in a variety of formats, making cross-referencing difficult.

7 Policies that help CPA and consulting firms recruit for advisory services


Phillips suggested that accounting and advisory firms looking to hire top candidates should consider several human resources policies that reflect the progressive preferences of the current workforce. “Is

Public Policy Groups Defend CU Tax Status

Keith Leggett's Credit Union Watch

Thirteen public policy organizations wrote Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch (R -UT) defending the tax status of credit unions. The group stated that lawmakers should "be wary of any proposal that penalizes the millions of Americans who have chosen to join credit unions." The letter also noted the importance of credit unions to our troops.

Target Is Facing A Boycott Over Its Bathroom Policy


A little over a week ago, Target jumped into the national debate over transgender right with the announcement of its new bathroom policy: that going forward it will allow transgender visitors to use whichever bathroom or fitting room they think best matches their gender identity.

How Fed policies thwart economic equality


The Federal Reserve’s next policy actions will have profound impact on whether the U.S. Monetary policy Financial inclusion Interest rates Capital requirements Federal Reserveincome and wealth gap grows even wider.