Retail Feels The Wide Impact Of Bridge Millennials


Among the forces working to influence and change retail — and do so into the 2019 holiday shopping season, as well as the 2020s — is the rise of bridge millennials. Bridge millennials are also helping to push progress toward so-called super or everyday apps.

Digital Banking, Millennially Mobile


72 percent: Share of bridge millennials who think mobile apps are important for accessing bank accounts. Today In Data banking apps Digital Banking Millennials mobile banking News Today in Data

Millennials Dump Tesla Stock


Millennials have been unloading Tesla shares a week before the company revealed disappointing Q1 delivery numbers. Investments Amazon automotive Branding delivery ecommerce Millennials News q1 Shares stocks Tesla vehicle sales What's Hot

The war for talent: Managing millennials

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Anyone who’s spent a frustrating afternoon explaining Facebook privacy settings to their parents can tell you that millennials are naturally good at technology.

AI-Powered Visual Shopping Experiences For Millennials, Gen Z


Retailers looking to engage tech-savvy millennials and Gen Z consumers are quickly doubling down on their efforts to offer more visual content and enhance the discoverability of their products and services. ” The Millennial Influence on the Future of Retail.


Chris Skinner

I’ve spotted a couple of interesting discussions about millennials and money in the last week, both of which say that the views on them are wrong. Stereotyped as avocado-crunching, cappuccino drinking, needies, the general media view is that this is a generation spoilt by helicopter parents to grow up to … The post Millennials: STOP EATING AVOCADOS!!!

Trending: Meeting The Millennial Need For AI-Powered Visual Shopping


An AI-Powered Visual Shopping Experience For Millennials, Gen Z. Tech-savvy millennials and Gen Z consumers want a shopping experience that offers visual search to enhance product discoverability, harkening to social media apps such as Instagram and Pinterest.

Accounts Of Millennial Sobriety May Be Oversold


Have millennials started starving a segment of commerce in a socially positive way? Added to the list of things millennials are killing — along with homeownership, the institution of marriage and diamond jewelry — is apparently alcohol.

How To Pay The Millennial Workforce


In this month’s feature story, Lee explained how these instant payment apps are fast becoming table stakes for recruiting and retaining employees — millennial and Gen Z workers in particular.

What Hath Bridge Millennials Wrought To Commerce And Payments?


The new year will bring a new round of one of the hottest games in the payments-and-commerce world: What makes millennials tick? Census, millennials are 25 to 34 years old. Retailers are also taking note, for both traditional millennials and Bridge Millennials.

The Coming Millennial FinTech Crisis


While they enjoy many FinTech innovations, most millennials don’t have a snowball’s chance of earning more than their parents — ever. But that downward slide took a nosedive for the kids born in the 1980s — or what we call today the millennial generation. It’s a fact.

Are Millennials Really Killing Canned Tuna, Too?


The millennial path of destruction allegedly continues, with those young consumers now taking blame for the decline in the popularity of canned tuna — a product that joins a casualty list that already includes diamonds and restaurants such as Applebee’s.

Can Millennials Revive Call Center Commerce?


Millennials have long borne the blame for a variety of problems in commerce, including the decline in popularity of diamonds and certain fast casual restaurants. Millennials could be helping to bring new life to call center commerce.

Silicon Valley Is Losing Its Luster With Millennials


Silicon Valley is losing its luster with young adults, as recent polling shows millennials are gearing up to leave the San Francisco area at an increased rate. Economy Bay Area employment migration Millennials News San Francisco Silicon Valley tech workers What's Hot

Marketing to millennials: a how-to guide

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Millennials, those

Millennials Are Ready for the Bank of Amazon

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11 survey from Accenture, millennial participants would consider parking their money with nontraditional institutions, and they picked winners. Commerce E-Commerce Mobile Online Payments Retail Startups Technology Accenture amazon Google Google Wallet millennials Mobile banking online bankin

Open Banking Is A Must for Millennials, Bankers Claim

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It’s crucial for banks to start participating in the finance revolution, especially as millennials are on the hunt for open banking—at least, according to bankers. DataBank Databank Innovations Online Technology APIs open banking Financial Regulation millennial customers psd2

Millennials: An Untapped Resource to Drive Success


With millennials poised to outpace baby boomers as the largest generation and expected to represent 50 percent of the workforce by 2020, it’s more vital now than ever to prepare your millennial employees for the leadership roles ahead.

Turns Out, Millennials Are Not That Unique

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Millennials are in the driver’s seat of innovation. But a new study from FIS, released this week, suggests that millennials are not as unique as many think — at least in terms of financial service preferences. DataBank Databank Mobile banking digital banking FIS millennial

Kohl’s To Tap Into Facebook Data To Create Millennial Clothing Line


Kohl’s is teaming up with the social media giant to uncover emerging brands that millennial shoppers consider cool. In another attempt to reach millennials, Kohl’s partnered with Popsugar to launch a clothing line last September.

What ‘The Simpsons,’ Art And Millennials Have In Common


Because the millennial art buyers are arriving – and what they buy, how they buy it and how they relate to it is very different than prior generations. The Simpsons,” Dolls, Shoes – The Eclectic World of Millennials’ Collections. The art world can be a strange place.

Banks are missing their millennial opportunity


Millennials Generation Z Consumer banking Consumer lending Mobile banking Digital transformation Digital bankingWith 20- and 30-somethings just beginning to build financial wealth, banks must orient their business to meet the needs of these consumers.

Millennials and Mortgages

SWBC's LenderHub

Here are the biggest takeaways: Millennials passed Generation X as the group taking on the most new mortgages in January 2017 In February 2019, released their 2018 Generational Propensity Report which outlined homebuying trends based on generational groups.

The Retail Complexities Of Wooing Bridge Millennials


The stated goal, according to new CEO Jim Brett, is for the brand to build back its audience, particularly among millennial shoppers. We believe the bridge millennial is the bellwether for how connected commerce will evolve over the next five to 10 years,” Webster wrote. “We

How Millennials Shop For Furniture With Direct-To-Consumer Brands


Millennials value experiences over things, as the familiar digital age adage goes, but sometimes millennials do, in fact, need actual things , such as sofas, beds and tables to furnish their apartments and houses. But the store has a decidedly digital native, millennial-friendly touch.

Millennials Use Mobile Banking More (But Trust It Less)

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While millennials remain the top adopters of mobile banking, the generation is also more likely to have problems with their financial apps, a new survey released by online mobile payment and identity verification company Jumio found.

Millennial Women Are (Still) Held Back from Investing by Student Debt, SoFi Says

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Millennial women have the funds available to start investing, but are held back by a fear of beginning the process, as well as the typical reason most millennials aren’t investing: debt, a study released yesterday by loan provider SoFi found.

The Complexities Of Wooing Bridge Millennials


The stated goal, according to new CEO Jim Brett – is for the brand to build back its audience particularly among millennial shoppers. We believe the Bridge Millennial is the bellwether for how connected commerce will evolve over the next five to 10 years,” Webster wrote. “We

AI/BOTS: AI Bank Tech And Millennials


As more millennials become adults and baby boomers pass on, these young adults will have larger purchasing power. Census, shared that the number of millennials (75.4 Given these figures, and varying degrees of purchasing power, and interest in trying out new technologies in everyday settings, millennials seem to have the upper hand. Millennials especially want to use technology that empowers them to better manage their lives,” Taylor said.

Plastic Pulls Weight With Millennials?


millennials), “plastic does not even have to be a card anymore; it means access to … schemes such as Visa and Mastercard, perhaps through mobile devices … they will get on that and stay on that.”. Payment Methods Featured News lost in transaction Millennials PaysafePlastic.

By 2030 Millennials Will Have $20 Trillion In Wealth. Here’s What They Want In Robo-Advisors

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Millennials are expected to have $20 trillion in wealth by 2030, according to a July 2018 CB Insights study. Currently, millennials’ combined financial assets come up to $4.5

Millennials: are you cool or history?

Chris Skinner

Another musing whilst on holiday is that it is difficult to get into the head of a twenty- or thirty- something millennial when you’re a Gen X or Baby Boomer. This … The post Millennials: are you cool or history? In my head, I still think I’m 20 but, when I look in the mirror, I know I’m not. appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Future Grid History Humour Opinion

Digital Banking, With Millennial, Mobile – And Governmental – Tailwinds


As many as 72 percent of bridge millennials say mobile apps are important for accessing bank accounts. Kill the check. Shutter the branch. Make that leather wallet a mobile one, wielded on smartphones.

12 Industries That Will Thrive Thanks To Millennials

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Popular media coverage of millennials often fixates on the industries the generation is allegedly killing and their supposed fiscal irresponsibility. As more millennials have children, they’re embarking on camping adventures in the great outdoors as families.

Amex Updates Blue Cash Card To Reflect Millennials’ Spending


The payment company said research shows millennials are spending the most on groceries, streaming and commuting. “If I had to pick, I’d argue that the best potential fits are older millennials and Gen Xers.

From Investing To Budgeting, How Millennials Are Disrupting Personal Finance

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While the media often portrays millennials as preoccupied with the rising prices of festival tickets and avocado toast, their real financial concerns are a bit more practical. But millennials face significant headwinds in making those financial dreams a reality.

The Future of Millennial Banking

Let's Talk Payments

Millennials now make up over 33% of the American workforce, and that number is only increasing. Banking Insights Asia insights Millennial Millennial BankingThe changing of the guard is upon us. Currently, the financial stability of these.

It’s Time to Stop Ignoring the Millennial HomeBuyer, Better Mortgage Growth Suggests

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Most of this funding (75%, according to figures, it released last week) went to millennial homebuyers, the majority of which were also first-time […].

Robo-Advising on the Rise Among Full-Service Millennials

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One fourth of full-service millennial investors have either tried, or are actively using, a robo-advisory platform, according to a new study by J.D. The study suggests that millennials have now accumulated enough wealth to be in the “sweet spot” for engaging a wealth manager.

Deep Dive: Bridge Millennials And The C-Store Experience


Convenience store operators would be wise to pay close attention to the purchasing habits of a certain subset of consumer: the Bridge Millennial — the first generation of connected consumers with spending power. Building A Better Bridge Millennial Gas App.

Millennial Investors Are Not Over the Financial Crisis

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Millennial investor habits were most strongly affected, the survey of more than 15,000 global investors […]. DataBank Databank Innovations Investing millennial investingThink the financial world has finally recovered from the 2008 crisis? Think again.

Want To Reach Millennials? Embrace Digital Creativity


Is there a secret sauce for merchants to capture the evolving millennial? One formula that offers engaging consumer experiences, and doesn’t insult the intelligence of millennials, is a combination of private-label debit and rewards or loyalty programs. Millennials are the real drivers of adoption when it comes to mobile payments and rewards programs in general,” she said, “and more and more of our merchant partners are looking to us” to make those connections with consumers.

Millennials Spend Less While On Business Trips


Millennials get a bad rap for everything from being unable to commit to a job to jeopardizing the cereal market. But, here’s a bit of good news coming out of travel and expense management company Concur: Businesses that have millennials in their workforces may actually save money — at least when it comes to business travel. Millennials spend, on average, 18 percent less than employees aged 36 to 65 on dining and entertainment, but spend on meals is a bit more similar.