French Court Says Bitcoin Is Money


A French court has decided that bitcoin is money, the first time a court in France has issued such a ruling, according to a report from Les Echos Sunday (March 8). The decision came about following a clash between the Bitcoin marketplace Paymium and the crypto investment company BitSpread.

Burger King Now Accepts Bitcoin


For some, bitcoin and cryptos — beyond a means of speculation — are a solution in search of a problem. Moreover, as reported by The Next Web , that the mechanics are such that bitcoin and, it is assumed, other cryptos, would be changed into fiat and then transactions would be completed.

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Bitcoin transactions at 'Lightning' speed

Mobile Payments Today

A bitcoin aficionado who goes by the name "21isenough" has created a prototype for a Lightning ATM. The contraption allows you to send tiny amounts of bitcoin over the Internet via the Lightning Network, a second-layer protocol that works on top of bitcoin

The future of bitcoin

Chris Skinner

Everyone keeps asking should I buy bitcoin and my answer is always it’s your choice. I don’t believe in bitcoin, but I’m not one of those doom mongers who say it’s going to die. It won’t … The post The future of bitcoin appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog.

Bitcoin Daily: Bitcoin Drops As Investors Question Value


Bitcoin’s decline continued Wednesday (Feb. Bitcoin fell below $9,000 Wednesday and losses were at around 9 percent total for the week. Bitcoin prices have fallen since last year , and trading activity has seen a slowdown over the previous few months.

The Case for a Bitcoin ETF

Chris Skinner

I’ve noted that the bitcoin swings and roundabouts tend to often cycle around the hope and expectation of the US SEC giving approval to a bitcoin ETF … only to find that they never do and so it goes around.

China May Move To Ban Bitcoin Mining


China could move to ban mining for bitcoins if a draft list of activities the country’s state planner wants to ban becomes law. It has also been clamping down on bitcoin mining which has resulted in bitcoin mining operations setting up shop outside of China.

The truth about bitcoin

Chris Skinner

It’s been an interesting few weeks, watching bitcoin’s rollercoaster ride as it rises to valuations over $4,000 and then dives to almost $2,000 before rising again to near $6,000. The rise … The post The truth about bitcoin appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog.

Bitcoin, Stablecoin, Blockchain, Enterprise Ledger … WTF?

Chris Skinner

Now, most people think that blockchain is something … The post Bitcoin, Stablecoin, Blockchain, Enterprise Ledger … WTF? I used to blog about blockchain and cryptocurrency almost every day. I stopped as it got too hyped, scammed and boring.

Bitcoin Tracker: Bitcoin Black Friday


In this week’s Bitcoin Tracker, bitcoin soars, then settles down and plans for its yearly sale abound. Switzerland gives bitcoin a hand by way of rail ticket machine sales, an Australian startup banks on the aptly named Dash and Zcash fervor fades. But as markets saw their prices fall, bitcoin’s numbers went up. early Wednesday morning — near bitcoin’s year high. Bitcoin Black Friday’s popularity has grown significantly since its start.

Afghanistan Turns To Bitcoin To Boost Economy


Afghanistan is looking to boost its ailing economy with bitcoin. Sediq explained that bitcoin could be used with a form of metals future, such as lithium, adding that the value of Afghanistan’s mineral reserves is estimated at more than $3 trillion.

Do Grocery Stores Need Bitcoin ATMs?


In a new PYMNTS interview, Neil Bergquist, CEO of bitcoin ATM provider Coinme , spoke about how his company is part of the launch of bitcoin payments via Coinstar kiosks, those change-handling machines often located near ATMs, customer service desks or front entrances at grocery stores.

ATM 253

Bitcoin Nosedives Amid Market Volativity


Bitcoin ’s value has seen better days amid the strife and turmoil of the global financial markets as the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc, according to Reuters. Bitcoin saw its value decline around 25 percent on morning trading, although it was able to eke out small gains later on.

Bitcoin Daily: Hublot Unveils Bitcoin Watches; Swiss Regulator Throttles Bank Crypto Trading


On another note, Hublot has unveiled a watch that has a bitcoin theme amid the cryptocurrency’s 10th birthday, The Next Web reported. In addition, only 210 of the watches will be made, as only 21 million bitcoins will come to fruition.

Twitter CEO Supports Bitcoin, Faster Payments


Jack Dorsey, billionaire tech founder and current CEO of Twitter, said he only owns bitcoin and that he supports the Lightning Network , a bitcoin network update that could make bitcoin payments speedier and less expensive, according to reports. 5): “I only have bitcoin.”

Could Bitcoin on DeFi displace banks? Yes.

Daily Fintech

Bitcoin (BTC) dominates the cryptocurrency market, its 8x bigger than the Ethereum, the second cryptocurrency by market cap, but Bitcoin doesn’t have Ethereum’s sophisticated on-chain lending, derivatives, trading capabilities. Bitcoin DeFi has been a dream for Bitcoiners.

Bitcoin Tracker: Bitcoin Flies High


Only two days in, and December has already been good to bitcoin. This week saw bitcoin’s price jump over its previous 2016 high to reach a high of $778.14 These things can change by the minute, as all cryptocurrency users well know, but the end of November and the first few days of December appear to have been good to bitcoin holders. This time last year, bitcoin’s price was closer to $360, coming up from a slump in the mid-$200s for much of 2015.

Bitcoin Futures Rollout In Jeopardy


Intercontinental Exchange ( ICE )’s plans to launch bitcoin futures in November of last year have been delayed because of regulators. According to the paper, what’s holding up approval is a disagreement about how Bakkt (the name for the bitcoin futures) should be regulated.

The Bitcoin Bust And Its Ripple Effects


It has not been a great week for the price of bitcoin, or really any cryptocurrency for that matter. The price of bitcoin has fallen and stayed below $6,000 for the last four days and no one’s predicting a rally anytime soon. Why Bitcoin Busted. How low can bitcoin go?

Bitcoin Daily: Bitcoin Hack Victims To Receive $13.8M; Bermuda Gov’t Boosts Blockchain Adoption


The Google Play store is once again offering the mobile game Bitcoin Blast that gives users bitcoin to play with, CoinDesk reported on Friday (Jan. Its crypto mining division was reportedly part of what could be the world’s biggest bitcoin mine under development in Texas.

Bitcoin Daily: Moon Browser Allows Use Of Bitcoin For Amazon Purchases; Bitcoin Price Swings Could Make A Comeback


New York-based startup Moon will allow customers to pay for their Amazon purchases with bitcoin via the Lightning Network, bitcoin, Litecoin or Ether. “We We are engineers, builders and enthusiasts who love bitcoin and the change it will bring to the world.

Bitcoin Daily: Tether Beats Out Bitcoin In Trading Volume; EOS Receives $24M Fine From SEC


Believe it or not, bitcoin is no longer the most used cryptocurrency, with data from revealing that the token with the highest daily and monthly trading volume is Tether.

Swiss Ski Resort Accepts Bitcoin For Taxes


Zermatt, a ski resort town of 5,400 residents in Switzerland, has decreed that cryptocurrency bitcoin can now be utilized to pay taxes and other government services, Bloomberg reported. She is eager to see how many bitcoin transactions actually occur.

Taxes 163

The Bitcoin Whale And The Bitcoin Fish Story


The days of bitcoin at $20,000 seem long ago and far away. The pair had said in the past, as detailed via Bloomberg , that analyzing transactions across the blockchain show that the whale would have been able to send bitcoin prices higher if and when they slipped below certain levels.

Bitcoin Drops Below $6,000


The market capitalization of bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, declined to under $100 billion for the first time since October of 2017 amid a steep sell-off in digital tokens Wednesday (November 14). In Asia bitcoin was priced at $5,564.70

Most People Would Still Invest in Bitcoin

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EXCLUSIVE – Think the bitcoin craze has died down? A new report shows that six out of 10 people with no current exposure to cryptocurrencies would consider including altcoins and bitcoin in their investment portfolios. Cryptocurrency DataBank Premium Bitcoin cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Daily: Bitcoin Briefly Breaches $3,700; NH Eyes Crypto Tax Payments


Despite the fact that it’s rejected a number of bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) proposals, a commissioner at the U.S. While a number of bitcoin ETF proposals have requested SEC approval, none have been approved. And bitcoin finally moved past $3,500 — if only for a short time.

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Bitcoin Price Continues To Fall — How Low Can It Go?


The bitcoin bust continued Monday (Nov. Over the past week, the price of bitcoin has declined some 20 percent — and at least 60 percent since January. How low can bitcoin go?

The 2018 Bitcoin Crash, Bit By Bit


At this writing, bitcoin’s price hovers around $3,807. Long ago and far away, bitcoin enthusiasm was measured in dollars, and what a difference a year makes. Consider the fact that UBS said this past summer that bitcoin could replace fiat when it reached a value of $213,000.

Bitcoin Daily: Paxos Gold Can Now Be Lending Collateral


Bitcoin Antoni Trenchev bitcoin daily cryptocurrency digital currency loans News nexo PAX Gold What's HotNexo , the digital currency lending platform, is now letting retail investors utilize PAX Gold as loan collateral, Cointelegraph reported.

BITSTOP introduces bitcoin ATM

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Andrew Barnard, Co-founder of BITSTOP demos the bitcoin ATM

ATM 113

Bitcoin Daily: Charities Support Bitcoin Donation Campaign; Hackers Seek API Vulnerabilities For Crypto Mining


Bitcoin API bitcoin daily BitcoinTuesday data packets Digital Payments Docker fraud Mobile Payments News Security What's HotCrypto-based donations are taking center stage this holiday season with #BitcoinTuesday. The event on Dec.

Bitcoin Daily: Facebook Posts 22 Blockchain Jobs; Bitcoin Trader Scam Costs Investors $1.5M


While bitcoin price briefly hit above $4,000 last week, the crypto is now nearing overbought levels. is banned from trading because of his alleged involvement in a bitcoin scam. And if it reaches that overbought territory, it could see further declines.

Bitcoin Daily: Bitcoin Falls To Lowest Price In Two Weeks; Hackers Use WEX Exchange To Launder Bitcoin


Bitcoin has had its ups and downs over the last few weeks. According to MarketWatch , a single bitcoin on Monday was selling for $3,714.60, down 1.9 Crypto Analyst Willy Woo explained that, since it is currently a bear market, bitcoin’s value could decline even further.

Amazon Will Soon Accept Bitcoin Payments


Bitcoin, through the lightning network, will soon be available as an option to pay on Amazon and other eCommerce sites, according to reports. Cryptocurrency Amazon bitcoin cryptocurrency digital payments ecommerce News Payment Methods payments QR codes What's Hot