Brands Stretch Their Legs Online


One of the most recent experiments for direct-to-consumer eCommerce is taking place on Instagram , and, if successful, could forge a path for brands that want to sell directly to online consumers. Adidas , Louis Vuitton , Aritzia and The Kooples are among the early brand participants in Instagram’s policy of enabling consumers to buy items while in Stories, Adweek recently reported.

Target Rolls Out Brands For Gen Z


As Gen Z is projected to soon become the largest consumer segment, Target is rolling out three new house brands geared toward the retailer’s teen and young adult customers. Two brands will focus on clothing, while another will focus on electronics, retail news source Chain Store Age reported. Target’s Heyday brand will offer items ranging from speakers to cell phone cases.

Amex Rolls Out New Global Branding Campaign


On Monday (April 9), American Express unveiled a new global brand platform and marketing campaign dubbed “Powerful Backing: Don’t Do Business / Don’t Live Life Without It.”. While we have always been known as a relationship company, many people have considered us as only a consumer brand. At its core, our brand platform reinforces the enduring relationships we have with our customers, who are incredibly multidimensional.”.

American Brands Are Bullish On Retail Expansion In China


Brands from L Brands — which counts Victoria’s Secret in its portfolio — and Ralph Lauren , as well as Starbucks , are bullish on China. Here are their executives on how they plan to build their brands in the country. L Brands. Martin Waters, L Brands’ chief executive and president, said in the company’s post-earnings conference call on Thursday (May 24) that China represents a “significant market.”

Using Communication To Make Your Brand Unforgettable in 2018


This makes for a strong brand image that’ll remain on their minds. Your brand should exist everywhere your audience does and engage them wherever they’re comfortable. brand voice communication customer experience customer service

For Better Or Worse, Customer Service IS The Brand


A good product at a good price: that used to be the recipe for a good brand. Brand value. Customer service is one of Amazon’s top bragging rights, and in the future, it’s going to have to be a strength for every successful brand — at least, that’s what Applause CEO Doron Reuveni thinks. The experiences a customer has when interacting with a brand — from the consideration phase through purchase and support — are now determining the winners and losers.”.

12 Coolest Brands in Banking 2017

Bank Innovation

Newswire ant financial coolest brands Hyperledger listsWhat Amazon did with “Just Walk Out” stores was cool. Snap’s Spectacles – also interesting. Some may argue that Pokemon Go had a good run too.

Luxury Brand Coach Rebrands As Tapestry


The world got a look at that new vision this week when Coached rolled out its new name — Tapestry — as it tries to reintroduce itself to the market, not as a single brand but one of the multiple labels it represents. Coach noted the new name is meant to invoke the brand’s rich history and the fact that many different experiences will be interwoven to create one product. European fashion houses LVMH and Kering are now both home to many fashion brands.

Sephora’s Brand Balancing Act


Currently, the brand has found itself involved in tempest in a teakettle over its decision to stock the Urban Decay eye shadow shade “Druggie” — as apparently various activists find the choice of a bruise-purple color matched with that name is a bit insensitive. That situation will likely blow over — probably just in time for a different brand to release a makeup color titled in even worse taste. So Many Brands, Such Limited Shelf Space.

New Instagram Features For Brands To Love And Hate


Instagram’s brand discovery game is strong. A strong Instagram presence contributes to brand awareness and lasting relationships with customers that drive long-term organic growth. By the numbers, 80 percent of Instagram users connect with their favorite brands on the platform and engage with them 10 times more often than on Facebook, 54 times more often than on Pinterest and 84 times more often than on Twitter.

Delivery Time And Brand Packaging Can Secure Customer Loyalty


A study by Dotcom Distribution, a logistics and fulfillment firm, found that close to 90 percent of online shoppers consider delivery times central to their decision to shop with an eCommerce brand in the future. Forty percent of those surveyed claimed that they were more likely to buy from a company that provides premium packaging, and 40 percent again claim that gift packaging or branded packaging influences their perception of the retailer.

Gap Brand CEO Stepping Down


Gap Brand announced that its CEO Jeff Kirwan was leaving the company, just as the retailer gets ready to reveal its fourth-quarter results. While I am pleased with our progress in brand health and product quality, we have not achieved the operational excellence and accelerated profit growth that we know is possible at Gap brand,” Gap Inc.’s Kirwan had been in charge of the Gap brand since December 2014.

Mobile Game Shows Offer Brands Prized Millennial Viewers


And though this market presents brands with a large audience of potential customers, will digitally native millennials tune in to a shopping network? For brands, Gravy provides an alternative to traditional advertising such as pre-rolls and banners that can’t hold customers’ attention as long as shows like Gravy. However, the platform does send the proceeds to the brand, less any money donated to charity.

Direct-To-Consumer Mattress Brands Go Cross-Channel


There is no shortage of direct-to-consumer mattress brands as mattress sales move from brick-and-mortar retail to eCommerce. One brand, though, saw a market opportunity as brands like Casper and Leesa took off. But the brands currently on the market were a useful learning experience for Nectar. The brand, which was founded in 2017, claims to sell more than 1,000 mattresses per day. The company behind Nectar Sleep is also seeking to launch multiple brands.

Just _ Me: Venmo Launches New Branding Campaign


According to Venmo’s Head of Marketing, Kasia Leyden, the idea is to put users’ stories front and center, making the money transfer company the only brand that can fill the blank in whatever occasion they’re sharing.

Newell Brands Shifts To eCommerce-Focused Approach


Following a less-than-stellar fourth quarter, Newell Brands, which owns well-known brands, such as Calphalon, Sharpie and Yankee Candle, is deciding to shift its focus in 2017. Even though total sales for Newell Brands reached $4.14 The sole purpose of this new division will be to focus on online growth across Newell Brands’ portfolio. To be on the safe side for 2017, Newell Brands has lowered its 2017 sales lower-end forecast goal growth from 3 percent down to 2.5

Staying on brand: How to humanize virtual agents, just enough

Insights on Business

The technology has advanced to the point that building VA’s is no longer a discussion around functionality and technology, but organizations and now dedicating more time developing the VA’s “personalities” to reflect the company’s mission, vision and brand.

How Analytics Can Help Fashion Brands And Retailers


What does it take for a fashion brand to stay on top of the trends? But not all brands excel at crawling the web for information relevant to their businesses. “A A lot of brands are having a hard time keeping up with the pace of consumer changes,” StyleSage ’s Director of Marketing and Digital Strategy Elizabeth Shobert told PYMNTS in an interview. Brands and retailers work on a global scale, after all.

Dine Brands Experiments With Order-Ahead Tech For Dine-In Customers


Borrowing from the strategy of fast food restaurants, Dine Brands is working on a new order-ahead technology. It’s like converting casual dining to fast food,” Dine Brands CEO Stephen Joyce told The Post. Dine Brands, which oversees IHOP and Applebee’s Grill & Bar , is developing and experimenting with the technology, as same-store sales at Applebee’s locations in the U.S.

Title Nine Boosts Its Brand, Customer Experience


Developing a cohesive environment where both customers feel a sense of community and the website brand matches that can be a challenge. ” Retail athletic apparel brand customer digital brand ecommerce Sporting goods Title Nine women's apparel women's clothesWomen’s outdoor and athletic apparel retailer Title Nine is looking to make those changes by adding Kibo’s eCommerce solution to its system.

Burger King Fuels Restaurant Brands’ First-Quarter Sales Growth


Restaurant Brands International posted strong first-quarter results, buoyed by strong sales growth at Burger King. The company also saw similarly strong growth at another one of its brands, Popeyes , which saw system-wide sales growth of 11 percent, with net restaurant growth of nearly 7 percent and comparable sales growth of 3.2 But another one of its brands, Tim Hortons , didn’t fare as well. to allow customers to access its brands through more channels.

Yum! Brands Brings Taco Bell And KFC To Grubhub


Brands is buying a 3 percent ownership stake in Grubhub and is teaming up with the company to provide delivery from two of its brands. BrandsAfter Grubhub posted fourth-quarter results that beat the street, its stock jumped more than 23 percent on Thursday (Feb. 8), CNBC reported. While analysts polled by Reuters had estimated fourth-quarter earnings of $0.31 per share on $201.7 million in revenue, Grubhub surpassed those predictions with earnings of $0.37

The Sweet Side Of Building A Luxury eCommerce Brand


Interestingly, as the brand evolved, according to O’Neill, the real driver of what is offered on their site — and their few physical stores — are the flavors making the social media waves. While the success of the rosé-infused gummy bears was impressive and explosive, it was not a one-time experience for the brand. This has taken off pretty fast in terms of word of mouth and early positive press reviews,” Resnick noted of the brand’s lightning-paced last five years. “It’s

Facebook – the first big-brand bank


It certainly has brand on its side. Facebook – the first big-brand bank on BankNXT. Banking Mobile & Online UX branding Duena Blomstrom FacebookIs Facebook the future of banking? Story by Duena Blomstrom.

Direct To Consumer: Big Brands Vs. Small Brands


Rather than selling through a brick-and-mortar location or even on its own company website, some brands are looking to marketplaces like Amazon to sell to consumers. In this piece, we’ll review some of the larger and smaller brands that have taken this concept and run with it. Big Brands. Gillette — As Procter and Gamble’s biggest brand faces stiff competition from companies like the Dollar Shave Club, Gillette last month announced its plans to compete on the same level.

Could Drink Brands Be Generating The Latest Fashion Trends?


Several recent beverage brand collaborations with shoe firms have received a generous amount of buzz, and the trend appears to be picking up steam. It’s likely the original trend of translating beverage brands into fashion statements was borne out of the longtime tradition of pairing athletes with beverage sponsorships. Among the offerings was a Coca-Cola-branded edition of the classic Converse Chuck Taylor shoes, offered in the company’s retro style from the 1970s.

Who has the most valuable bank brand?

Chris Skinner

I just got The Banker magazine’s February issue discussing the top banking brands of the world. Timely, as I have been talking about trust and brands this week. In particular, I guess I was surprised the Chinese banks are the strongest brands across the board in 2018, with the top … The post Who has the most valuable bank brand?

How To Pick a Digital Solution Partner for Your Brand

Mobile Payments Today

Understand the key criteria you should consider when choosing a partner to launch your restaurant digital engagement program

Payments Innovation: Brand Of Choice Driven By Consumer Experience


It’s all about the customer journey: meeting their needs, keeping pace with their changing behavior and catching up to the digital mobile market to become their brand of choice. Not innovating is not an option.

Kroger Launching Apparel Brand For Fall 2018


Kroger is ready to take on Amazon and offer its customers more than just groceries, announcing that it will be launching an apparel brand in Fall 2018. “This new [apparel] brand gives Kroger a chance to inspire and connect with our customers, offering effortless style every day — from elevated basics to fashionable highlights,” Robert Clark, Kroger’s senior vice president of merchandising, said in a statement.

Why No Brand May Be The Best Brand


It can’t be easy for a brand that has literally made its name on the notion of brandless-ness, as a pure-play cosmetics supplier. Millennials are less brand-loyal than their parents — though they tend to like quality — which means retailers like Brandless that let them tap and access those preferences have discovered a market looking for attention. The secret to what brandless offers, according to CEO Tina Sharkey, is the company’s elimination of what she calls the “brand tax.”

Daily Data Dive: Newell Brands’ Fresh Start With eCommerce Focus


The latest large retailer to make the leap over to the eCommerce side is Newell Brands. billion | Sales reached by Newell Brands in Q4. billion | Bloomberg’s projected sales goal for Newell Brands’ Q4. 805 | Ranking of Newell Brands in Internet Retailer ’s Top 1000. $1 1 billion | Newell Brands’ 2016 eCommerce revenue. 30 percent | Amount of compounded growth for Newell Brands’ eCommerce over the past three years.

Inmoji Goes Contextual Commerce With Brand Bots


On Friday (April 8), Inmoji — which creates branded, interactive emojis for integration into consumer messaging — announced a new feature, Inmoji Brand Bots. Currently in private beta testing, Inmoji Brand Bots are expected to become available to the general market in Q3 of this year.

Brands Court 26-Year-Old Consumers With Classes, Online Tutorials


With a lot of them about to take the next step in their adult lives, whether it’s choosing a career, purchasing their first home or having children, retail stores and brands want to be the ones they choose when spending their money. Retail Brands marketing Millennials shopping What's HotForget older shoppers – when it comes to the target audience retailers have set their sights on, it’s the 26-year-old millennials. According to a news report in The Wall Street Journal , there are 4.8

12 Coolest Brands in Banking 2016

Bank Innovation

We are proud fintech nerds, and for five years we have marked the Coolest Brands in Banking on Bank Innovation based not on the type of sunglasses worn by a CEO, but on the Read More. When we think of cool, James Dean doesn’t immediately come to mind. The app Songsterr does.

Nordstrom Gives Ivanka Trump Brand The Boot


Nordstrom has officially decided to part ways with Ivanka Trump’s clothing brand. The retailer told Business Insider that its decision was due to the brand’s declining sales. Each year we cut about 10 percent [of brands carried] and refresh our assortment with about the same amount,” a Nordstrom representative explained. “In In this case, based on the brand’s performance, we’ve decided not to buy it for this season.”

Blockchain Is The Brand That Sells


Coins can be mined, saved, redeemed for future meals at any of Chanticleer’s brands, or traded with other customers. Food safety concerns are among the most significant risks in the business, not only because they make around 48 million Americans sick each year, but because of the financial and reputational toll they can take on a brand. Furthermore, blockchain can help brands provide better information to discerning consumers who place a high premium on brand trust.

How GDPR can affect your company brand


The post How GDPR can affect your company brand appeared first on Dataconomy. Companies have been well aware of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for more than two years, and though the May 25 deadline has passed, the GDPR is not put to sleep.

How Brands Use Celebrity Influencers In China


How consumers interact and respond to celebrities pitching branded products in China is very different than the way consumers in the U.S. do, but a new study takes a look at how brands are using popular Chinese celebrities as influencers to reach potential customers. Brands across categories (international and local, emerging and mature) are collaborating with celebrities to increase brand awareness and cultivate brand preference.

Fast-Casual Brands Make Their Mark, Right On The Burger


In a competitive fast-casual and dinner delivery world, how can one brand make its mark? Meanwhile, established restaurants are keeping their brand in the spotlight by putting it directly on the food. Since so many diners post photos of their meal to social media, the idea of branding the food itself is both genius and a little bit “no duh” – it’s basically free word-of-mouth advertising.