Big Brands Are Cutting Ties With Amazon


IKEA has announced it is cutting ties with Amazon, a move that other brands like Nike, Birkenstock and PopSockets have also done recently. To say the brand has won by walking away, they haven’t won at all,” Thomson said.

Old Navy Parts Ways With Gap Brand


CEO Art Peck will still be in charge of the parent company, which includes the Gap brand, Banana Republic, Athleta, Intermix and new athletic brand Hill City. One thing Peck isn’t sure about is how the company will split each of the brands’ customer data. “We

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12 Coolest Brands in Banking 2017

Bank Innovation

Newswire ant financial coolest brands Hyperledger listsWhat Amazon did with “Just Walk Out” stores was cool. Snap’s Spectacles – also interesting. Some may argue that Pokemon Go had a good run too.

Luxury Brands Vacate Hong Kong Leases


As the retail luster of Hong Kong dissipates, luxury fashion retail brands LVMH and Prada are dropping their leases.

Taco Bell Parent Yum Brands To Acquire Habit Restaurants


Yum Brands, the parent company of fast-food chains Taco Bell and Kentucky Fried Chicken, plans to purchase fast-casual chain Habit Restaurants, which is the parent company of Habit Burger Grill, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal. Brands

Will bank brands survive in this digital world?

Chris Skinner

We were having a debate about brand loyalty in a mobile world. How do you … The post Will bank brands survive in this digital world?

Luxury Brands Work With Chinese eCommerce Sites, Shun Amazon


Luxury brands are selling more and more on Chinese eCommerce sites like and Alibaba, while still keeping their distance from Amazon, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. This approach can be challenging for luxury brands , which prefer to sell through their own platforms.

DTC Brands Spurn Amazon, Despite Perks


Amazon has been heavily courting some direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands – inviting them to its headquarters , paying for dinner and letting them fill their carts with gear from Amazon Go shops. Selling on Amazon doesn’t work for a customer-centric brand.

Authentic Brands Offers $271M To Purchase Barneys Out Of Bankruptcy 


A licensing company that owns Aeropostale and Juicy Couture has put in a $271 million bid to purchase luxury brand Barneys out of bankruptcy , with a plan to place the stores inside Saks Fifth Avenue stores. CNBC is reporting that Authentic Brands Group has put in the bid with B.

Capital Park Holdings Forms Prestige Value Brands And Buys Joy Brands


Capital Park Holdings has formed Prestige Value Brands, and has used it to acquire Joy Hand Dish Retail Brands from Procter & Gamble, according to a release by the company. These brands include Joy Hand Dish and Cream Suds.

Visa’s Sensory Branding Goes Global


Today (June 17) Visa is announcing that their sensory branding suite is in over two dozen countries care of a dozen new partnerships. Visa’s sensory branding suite of products includes a sound, animation and haptic cues for consumers and merchants when a Visa transaction is completed.

Amazon Turns To Manufacturers For ‘Exclusive’ Brands


Amazon is taking a new approach to its brands, extending beyond its AmazonBasics and other private-label lines: The retailer is rolling out brands that are exclusive to the site, but are not actually owned by the company. While expansion of private-label brands has been a top priority , One Click Retail noted in a report , Amazon is reportedly now focusing on bringing Amazon-exclusive brands made by manufacturers such as First Quality. Amazon’s Private-Label Brands.

The Great Marketplace, Branded Storefront Debate


What brands choose will always be dependent on what needs they are filling — and what connections they are trying to forge. The “Shopify model,” Chen said, makes it easy and efficient for sellers to build a customized digital storefront, giving those sellers a highly branded experience.

How Millennials Shop For Furniture With Direct-To-Consumer Brands


By taking out the intermediary, millennial-focused brands can offer products made with good materials at sensible prices, and presumably save customers more money by picking up the tab for shipping.

Amazon Debuts Exclusive Beauty Brand


News reports are emerging that the eCommerce giant launched its own exclusive beauty brand last week. The line, called Fast Beauty Company , comes to the market care of Amazon’s brand accelerator program. The program helps founders create brands for exclusive sale on the Amazon marketplace. That is different than Amazon private label products, which are Amazon-owned brands. Retail Amazon exclusive brands News private label What's Hot

Williams-Sonoma Sues Amazon Over Private-Label Brand


Williams-Sonoma, a retail outlet that sells kitchenware and furnishings, has sued Amazon over a chair that is “strikingly similar” to the company’s West Elm brand, according to a report by Bloomberg. Some brands include the Amazon name and others don’t.

Amazon Surpasses Google, Apple As Most Valuable Brand


Amazon is officially the world’s most valuable brand, valued at $315.5 The rankings were released on Tuesday (June 11) and come via the BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brand ranking 2019, which is put together by the WPP research agency Kantar.

Amazon Gains More Exclusive Product Lines From Outside Brands


That move comes as Amazon has had trouble wooing some direct-to-consumer brands. Already, Amazon has found cooperation for its aims from GNC, Equal sweeteners and Tuft & Needle, which has launched the Amazon-only brand Nod. Brand Resistance.

Mattel Holiday Sales Driven By Name Brands


With the decade inching towards its conclusion and shoppers making their last-minute purchases, Mattel CEO CEO Ynon Kreiz says the last holiday toy shopping season of the 2010s has been about “big franchises” and “big brands.”

As the U.S. Banking Sector Lags—Banking Brand Values Go Up

Bank Innovation

banks accounted for 81 of the 500 most valuable and strongest bank brands around the world on Brand Finance’s Banking 500 2019 list, released this week. Led by the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the world’s most valuable banking brand (at $79.8

Project Verte Launches Blockchain Marketplace For DTC Brands


Project Verte has launched the MyVerte blockchain -based marketplace for direct-to-consumer brands. According to a press release , MyVerte will launch with over 100 brands, including new brands like Foreo, Temporary Forevers and La Luna Rose.

Mastercard acquires data platform SessionM to help brands boost customer loyalty

Bank Innovation

Capital & Funding Carousel Corporate Banking Payments Premium Product Design Amex Brand Loyalty consumer data data analysis Mastercard SessionM

Inspire Brands Acquires Jimmy John’s Sandwich Chain


In a deal that would make it the fourth-biggest restaurant company in the country, Inspire Brands will acquire Jimmy John’s for a price that was not disclosed. Last September, news surfaced that Inspire Brands announced that it would acquire Sonic for approximately $2.3

Who has the most valuable bank brand?

Chris Skinner

I just got The Banker magazine’s February issue discussing the top banking brands of the world. Timely, as I have been talking about trust and brands this week. In particular, I guess I was surprised the Chinese banks are the strongest brands across the board in 2018, with the top … The post Who has the most valuable bank brand?

Luxury Fashion Brands Outspend Smaller Rivals On Social Media


Luxury fashion brands like Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton and Gucci are upping their social media game, especially on Instagram, and pouring real money into efforts to court young shoppers, according to a report by Reuters. With cash to spend, luxury brands are flying ahead of the competition.

12 Coolest Brands in Banking 2016

Bank Innovation

We are proud fintech nerds, and for five years we have marked the Coolest Brands in Banking on Bank Innovation based not on the type of sunglasses worn by a CEO, but on the Read More. When we think of cool, James Dean doesn’t immediately come to mind. The app Songsterr does.

Amazon Lets Brands Remove Fakes From eCommerce Platform


The new program, which the eCommerce giant laid out in a blog post , empowers brands to bring counterfeits to zero on Amazon properties. The self-service counterfeit removal tool gives brands the ability to remove copycat listings on their own.

Authentic Brands Buys Sports Illustrated To Build Licensing Empire


To reportedly build a licensing empire with the Sports Illustrated name, Authentic Brands Group LLC has agreed to buy the storied magazine from Meredith Corp. As it stands, Authentic Brands owns brands that are focused on sports such as Prince for tennis and Spyder for skiing.

Lifestyle Brand Goop Subject Of UK Complaint


After lifestyle brand goop allegedly made misleading claims regarding its products, a nonprofit charity has filed a complaint in the United Kingdom. Retail Health and Wellness lifestyle brand News supplements uk vitamins What's Hot

How Madhappy Turned T-Shirts Into A Lifestyle Brand


When the brand is a well-known luxury provider like Dolce Gabbana, it can charge whatever it wants for a T-shirt, since the customer is arguably not purchasing the shirt so much as the cache of the logo on it. Retail ecommerce lifestyle brands Madhappy News pop up shops Shop Talk t-shirts

Imperial Brands Moves Into Cannabis Industry


Cigarette company Imperial Brands has invested in Canadian cannabis company Auxly Cannabis Group to the tune of £75m ($93.2M USD), according to a report by the Financial Times.

Target Launches Everspring Household Brand


To reach consumers on the hunt for offerings that are “clean and natural,” Target rolled out its Everspring household brand. The news comes as Target getting into the toiletry market by preparing to launch a brand of consumer products dubbed Smartly.

How Great Bank Brand Stories Are Built

Banker to Banker

BANK MARKETING Few bankers doubt the power of great storytelling. Instead of advertising, many banks have evolved into showcasing a customer, employee, or creative narrative that walks the reader to some point of conflict and then tells of a resolution.

Luxury Brand Barneys New York Seeks Bankruptcy Protection


Struggling to compete with online brands, famed Big Apple luxury retailer Barneys New York has put itself up for sale and filed for bankruptcy protection, according to a report by Reuters. . Retail bankruptcy Barneys New York luxury brands News What's Hot

Bank Brand Value: Calculated!

Jeff For Banks

I ask and ask and ask: what does brand get you? Forbes calculated brand value in their " World's Most Valuable Brands " by taking anything that a company achieves over an 8% return on equity. Driving ROE higher, but hardly due to its brand. i.e. brand.

Target To Roll Out New Brand Of Consumer Products


Target is getting into the toiletry market, gearing up to roll out a brand of consumer products dubbed Smartly. These shoppers aren’t as loyal to specific brands as older consumers, Target research has shown, according to the report.

Coolest Brands 2016: Alphabetical List

Bank Innovation

ALPHABETICAL LIST Adyen Alipay BankMobile BBVA Digital Asset Holdings Level39 MasterCard Robinhood Silicon Valley Bank Social Finance Venmo WeChat Honorable Mentions | Coolest Brands 2016 Home. Uncategorized Coolest Brands 2016

New Instagram Feature Will Tell Brands About Bookmarked Products


Instagram is working on a shopping feature that would tell brands which products users are bookmarking, according to a report by CNBC. Brands can tag items and users can get more details about them, with the goal of eventually being sent to websites to complete purchases.

Amazon’s Big Brand Woes And Walmart’s Robotics Push


Amazon’s relationships with big brands on their platform is looking quite a bit less healthy than it once was, while Walmart has seen grocery services lose some ground in terms of consumer appreciation, according to a recently released ranking. Big News of the Week: Another Big Brand Break-Up.

CEO Q&A: Brand Presence for Community Banks

ABA Community Banking

The post CEO Q&A: Brand Presence for Community Banks appeared first on ABA Banking Journal. Community Banking Featured Human Resources Retail/Marketing Technology ABA Banking Journal Podcast Advertising Billboards Branding Employee benefits LeadershipA conversation with Tim Marshall, president and CEO of the Bank of Ann Arbor.

Building A DTC Men’s Personal Care Brand With eCommerce


To provide men’s personal care items that feel like premium brands at accessible price points, eCommerce innovators are building product lines through the direct-to-consumer (DTC) model. The company then rolled all of those data points into a fake brand.

Financial Brand Forum 2019: 5 Wins in 5 Minutes


In five short years, The Financial Brand Forum has grown from startup to become the preeminent financial industry event. Tip of the hat to The Financial Brand’s Jeffry Pilcher. The post Financial Brand Forum 2019: 5 Wins in 5 Minutes appeared first on Gonzobanker.

On-Demand Delivery Boosts Brand Loyalty


In a nutshell, consumers don’t particularly care how companies get orders to their doors as long as it’s quick and the order is the proper brand. Consumers care more than ever about what brands they’re consuming,” Southworth said. They won’t just buy any bottle of whiskey — it has to be their whiskey, and they’re proud about their attachment to their chosen brand. The explosion of eCommerce and on-demand is training consumers to be brand-specific but channel-agnostic.