Capital One Offers Free Business Credit Reports


According to a recent Capital One survey, nearly 31 percent of small business owners have either never heard of business credit reports or are not educated about them, despite the fact that managing their credit can enable them to access more funding, establish partnerships and grow their businesses.

Report: Worldwide Accounts Payable Software Market To Reach $1.567M


Zion Market Research released a report about the accounts payable software market on Wednesday (March 20), estimating the market will reach about $1,567 million by 2025, according to a release by the company.

EU Report Calls For Finance Authorities, AML Oversight


European Union lawmakers released a report on Wednesday (Feb. 27) recommending that the EU create a police unit dedicated to the investigation of tax and financial crimes, as well as a watchdog organization to fight money-laundering, according to a report by Reuters.

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State Regulators Report: Money Services Firms Handled $1.2T In 2017


As noted by the Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS), state regulators earlier this month released the inaugural Money Services Business Industry Report, which featured transaction data tied to 2017 and focused on licensed money transmission and payments.

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Judo Capital Taps VERMEG For Reporting Compliance


Australian challenger bank Judo Capital has chosen VERMEG , a leading banking and insurance software solution company, to meet its Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) reporting requirements as it pursues its full banking license.

Report: BEC Fraud Increasingly Goes Mobile


As researchers at Agari reported, business email compromise (BEC) attacks have been going mobile. As reported in Credit Union Times , the attacks are still done through email, but also look for mobile number details to “better coerce” intended victims to funnel funds to bad actors’ accounts.

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On Capitol Hill, Credit Bureau CEOs Say Reporting Changes Are In the Air


Executives from the trio that has come to dominate credit reporting — Equifax , Experian and TransUnion , of course — appeared on Capitol Hill and gave testimony before the U.S. Separately, TransUnion offered half a dozen recommendations to revamp reporting efforts.

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Report: Almost 95 Pct Of Bitcoin Trading Is Artificial


After sharp drops in bitcoin prices, a new study posits that almost 95 percent of all reported bitcoin trading is made artificially via exchanges that are unregulated.

AppZen Analyzes Trends In Flagged, Rejected Expense Reports


A new survey from AppZen finds employees in the professional services industry, including accountants, financial advisors and lawyers, more frequently have their submitted expense reports rejected, reports in CPA Practice Advisor said Monday (Dec.

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NEW REPORT: Are AI And ML Actually Transforming Retail?


To learn more about how businesses are leveraging AI and ML technology to optimize their customer experience, click here to download the report.

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NEW REPORT: How X-Border Receivables Save Rhinos


In fact, a recent report found 75 percent of surveyed merchants had walked away from a cross-border business opportunity due to fear of non-payment from a global trading partner. For a roundup of the latest notable news and trends in the cross-border receivables space, check out the report.

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NEW REPORT: Retailers Face An Augmented Reality Check


To read the feature story and get a close look into how AR is laying the foundation for retail’s next state of evolution, download the new Digital Consumer Report. Augmented reality (AR) has long been associated with games like Pokémon Go and Zombies, Run!

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UK Government Report Calls On eCommerce Players To Pay More Taxes


According to a report in Bloomberg, the U.K. Business rates must be made fair,” said Clive Betts, a member of the House of Commons and chairman of the committee, in the report, according to Bloomberg. According to the report, the U.K. The report pointed to Amazon for one example.

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Uber Reportedly Close To Buying Competitor Careem


Ride-hailing and food delivery app Uber is reportedly in “advanced” talks to buy Careem, a Dubai-based rival, according to reports. A report in January said that Uber’s valuation when it goes public is likely to be $14 billion less than its most recent private valuation.

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Report Finds CEO Pay Rises After Data Breach


A new research report from Warwick Business School at the University of Warwick has found evidence that corporate cyberattacks lead to higher profits for chief executive (CEOs) officers at those firms. The report examined instances of data breaches at 41 public U.S.

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Mexico And Amazon Reportedly Collaborating On Mobile Payments System


The Mexican central bank and Amazon are in talks to introduce a government-approved mobile payment system, according to reports. The system would involve users paying for online purchases using QR codes, and it would be the first time Amazon offered the technology in the country.

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OECD Report: Rise In Counterfeit Goods Harms Global Economy


A new study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) shows that trading in pirated and counterfeit goods has risen significantly, according to a report in the Financial Times.

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NEW REPORT: Acing Overseas Tuition Receivables


In the new Global Payments Architecture Report , PYMNTS covers the latest efforts to crack down on problems with late and non-payments in a variety of different industries. About The Report.

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Why Regulation Won’t Fix Credit Reporting Agencies


Thirty years later, I find their tagline a rather fitting metaphor for the Equifax data breach and the flurry of headlines made by everyone who now wants to take them — and their two credit reporting agency compadres, Experian and TransUnion — out to the regulatory woodshed. The credit bureaus were included in the CFPB’s scope of oversight in 2012, and she’s asked the agency to let her know what additional power it might need to better regulate the credit reporting agencies going forward.

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Acorns Reportedly Seeks Over $100M In Funding


Through a reported funding round, digital wealth management startup Acorns Grow Inc. Such a round could potentially provide the company with a valuation of more than $700 million, Bloomberg reported. The reported round was not included in their estimate.).

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Pulling Back The Curtain On Corporate Finance Reports


Corporate accounting standards are changing, with the Financial Accounting Standards Board adopting new standards in ways companies report on leases, hedging and other financial activity.

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NEW REPORT: Is Security Holding Omnichannel Banking Back?


In the inaugural issue of the Omni Security And Authentication Report , PYMNTS explores how banks are using technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and neural networks to identify and build customer profiles and safeguard themselves and their customers against the rising threat of fraud.

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Report: China’s GDP Hinges On Data Privacy Turnaround


A new report on China stated that if the country doesn’t start to work on improving issues like data privacy and intellectual property protection, it could lose out on 37 trillion yuan ($5.5

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Lloyds Banking Group Reports Faster Payments Outage


Lloyds Banking Group, which includes Bank of Scotland, Halifax and Lloyds, has suffered a faster payments glitch that affects customers’ ability to get money, according to reports. Several customers said they had problems getting money from ATMs, although the bank reportedly fixed that issue.

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Sears Target Of Reported Takeover Bid


According to a report from Bloomberg , “Cyrus Capital Partners and a hedge fund run by Sears Chairman Eddie Lampert are preparing a potential joint takeover bid that would keep the bankrupt chain alive.” In its Chapter 11 filing, Sears reportedly listed $6.9

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NACHA Reports Faster Payments Playbook Details


NACHA’s Payments Innovation Alliance released a report with details from its first formal in-person meeting of the Faster Payments Playbook Project Team. served as an opportunity for the team to provide reports on their work.

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New Internet Of Things Report Out


That’s according to a new report out this week. . Which is why this report may seem like a no-brainer, but the important part is the impressive data. The new report covers the present situation compared to the potential growth of the IoT, taking into consideration the market size, as well as applications and services. Internet of Things america APAC EMEA IoT report TrackerFrom now until 2020, the global Internet of Things is expected to grow at a CAGR of 36 percent.

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What To Watch When PayPal Reports Earnings


A good time was had by all on PayPal earnings day in 2018 as the digital payments network managed to beat Wall Street expectations in three out of three reported quarters. The question going into tomorrow’s earnings report is will PayPal go 4/4?

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Report: Minority Consumers Grapple With Debt


A new report has found that as debt rates have climbed to pre-recession levels, minority consumers are struggling to reach financial parity. A report from Packaged Facts, “ The Financial Services Market: African Americans and Hispanics, as of 2018 ,” found that while 70 percent of U.S.

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NEW REPORT: How AI And AR Give Makeup A Makeover


The latest edition of the Omni Developer Report highlights the solution providers and retailers from around the space that are looking to introduce mobile commerce solutions to quickly capture consumer dollars, and loyalty. To read the full story, download the report above.

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Sears Reportedly Working On Bankruptcy Filing


Facing a large debt payment, Sears Holdings is reportedly working with boutique consulting firm M-III Partners to prepare a bankruptcy filing. 9), Sears reportedly brought on a new director, Alan Carr, who is a restructuring expert.

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Report: Only 29 Percent Of EU Firms Are GDPR-Compliant


A report from IT Governance at the end of last week showed that only 29 percent of firms in the EU have “fully” implemented the GDPR tenets, and the lack of full compliance means that possible penalties loom – to the tune of four percent of a fined firm’s annual top line.

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Head Of UK’s Financial Reporting Council Quits Amid Scrutiny


s Financial Reporting Council is reportedly stepping down from the position amid continued scrutiny that the FRC lacks effectiveness to prevent corporate accounting scandals and industry failures. Reports in Reuters on Friday (Nov. Reports said Kingman is expected to complete the review by the end of the year. The CMA’s report is expected to be published by the end of the year as well, reports said. The head of the U.K.’s

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Investigators Reportedly Contact Banks In Danske Case


Investigators have reportedly contacted Bank of America Corp. has also reportedly been asked questions by investigators from the Justice Department, Bloomberg reported Friday (November 16).

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Report: One In Seven UK SMBs Hit By Invoice Fraud


As reported by BusinessNewsWales , the data from the bank also showed that about 28 percent of those scams led to those firms losing as much as £5,000 ($6,625 USD). That comes against a backdrop where smaller firms reported losses, averaging about $28,313 last year.

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Wirecard Stocks Slump Over India Report Fears, Analysts Say Sell


Bloomberg reported the company’s shares lost 10 percent in value, which is the biggest intraday decline since Feb.

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Carl Icahn Reportedly Invests In Dollar Tree


Following reports that billionaire investor Carl Icahn is creating a sizable stake in Dollar Tree , shares of the discount store chain jumped. 16) at $86.50, the New York Post reported.

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Report: 91 Pct Of Retailers Aren’t PCI Compliant


With retailers struggling to get compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard , qualified security assessors are going to be in more demand and can offer tokenization as one way of achieving compliance.

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Study: 30 Pct Of Prof Svc Firms’ Expense Reports Flagged


When it comes to expense reports — and specifically, rejection of expense reports — professional service firms top the list. As reported this week in CPA Practice Advisor, AppZen, which offers automated expense report auditing for its business customers, found that such rejections occur across roughly 30 percent of expenses filed by employees in that vertical. The Times reported that the number of users (i.e.

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Financial institutions report widespread elder financial abuse


The Bureau released a report about key facts, trends, and patterns revealed in Suspicious Activity Reports—or SARs—filed by banks, credit unions, casinos, and other financial services providers from 2013-2017. Data, research, and reports Older Americans Deceptive practices

FTC: Fair Credit Reporting Act Still Top Priority


The Federal Trade Commission testified on Thursday (July 12) that enforcement of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) remains a top priority. She noted that FTC has brought more than 30 actions to enforce the FCRA against consumer reporting agencies, users of consumer reports, and furnishers of information to consumer reporting agencies. Regulation consumer protection data security Fair Credit Reporting Act FTC Maneesha Mithal News Senate Banking Committee What's Hot

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D&B Links AR Data To Business Credit Reports


Business Credit Reports (BCR) announced it has added Dun & Bradstreet ‘s Payment Performance Insights to its business credit solution. BCR is the largest independent provider of credit information on businesses around the globe, offering multi-bureau reports, including Experian , Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax , Graydon, Creditreform and Ansonia information.

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New Report: Who’s Using Same-Day ACH And Why?


Zero FIs have reported an increase in fraud due to SDA products. For all the latest findings, analysis and trends, please download the report by clicking the button below. About the Report.

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