NEW REPORT: How X-Border Receivables Save Rhinos


In fact, a recent report found 75 percent of surveyed merchants had walked away from a cross-border business opportunity due to fear of non-payment from a global trading partner. For a roundup of the latest notable news and trends in the cross-border receivables space, check out the report.

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Why Regulation Won’t Fix Credit Reporting Agencies


Thirty years later, I find their tagline a rather fitting metaphor for the Equifax data breach and the flurry of headlines made by everyone who now wants to take them — and their two credit reporting agency compadres, Experian and TransUnion — out to the regulatory woodshed. The credit bureaus were included in the CFPB’s scope of oversight in 2012, and she’s asked the agency to let her know what additional power it might need to better regulate the credit reporting agencies going forward.

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NEW REPORT: Why International Students Must Major In X-Border Tuition Payments


Introducing the brand-new Global Payments Architecture Report, a bi-monthly publication that delves into the latest developments transforming the education, healthcare, import/export and other B2B markets. About the Report . Many U.S.

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In Semi-Annual Report, Mulvaney Says CFPB Too Powerful


In the first Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) semi-annual report issued under acting director Mick Mulvaney’s watch, the newly installed agency head stated the CFPB is “all too powerful.”. The Dodd-Frank Act , wrote Mulvaney in the introduction to the report, pointing toward the structure of the CFPB itself. Mulvaney’s third recommendation, according to the report, “is to ensure that the director answers to the president in the exercise of executive authority.”.

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New Internet Of Things Report Out


That’s according to a new report out this week. . Which is why this report may seem like a no-brainer, but the important part is the impressive data. The new report covers the present situation compared to the potential growth of the IoT, taking into consideration the market size, as well as applications and services. Internet of Things america APAC EMEA IoT report TrackerFrom now until 2020, the global Internet of Things is expected to grow at a CAGR of 36 percent.

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CFOs, Buried In Data, Struggle With Financial Reports


CFOs are struggling to keep up with how quickly the requirements for financial reporting are changing, researchers have found. EY researchers released new data this week that concluded CFOs and financial controllers are struggling to keep up with the pace of change when it comes to corporate reporting standards and demands. “Until reporting catches up with technological advancements, it will continue to be compromised.”

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FICO Changes Reporting Data


Good news is ahead for those suffering from low FICO scores — according to reports this morning, civil judgements and tax liens will by and large be coming off of consumer credit reports. The move comes after years of critiques of the credit agencies for reporting information falsely that has a negative effect on consumer credit. The change will apply to new tax lien and civil judgment data that are added to credit reports as well as existing data on the reports.

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HBO’s John Oliver Rips Into Credit Reporting Agency Errors


Well, HBO’s John Oliver, who kicked off his segment about credit reporting agencies with that simple reminder dug into the industry to show why that vision has gotten skewed in recent years. One in four had an error, he noted, and 20 percent of reports ran were wrong.

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NEW REPORT: Volvo Gives X-Border Car Leasing A Tune-Up


In the March X-Border Receivables Report, PYMNTS looks at how companies are launching a variety of new services aimed at improving the flow of payments in several different markets — and how blockchain-based solutions are gaining prominence as a viable cross-border payment solution.

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NEW REPORT: Taking The Sting Out Of Cumbersome Customer Support


In the latest Omni Usage Report, a Vantiv collaboration, PYMNTS explores new technology, tools and solutions debuted by retailers and merchants designed to make shopping a little simpler. .

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NEW REPORT: Millennials Raise Credit Unions’ Innovation Bar


In a landscape that’s fast evolving to match the needs of tech-savvy customers, credit unions are innovating to compete with larger commercial banks and FinTech firms to attract and retain customers.

Stocks Rally And Roar After Strong Jobs Report


Investors cheered the jobs report Friday, sending the Dow Jones Industrial Average up more than 250 points intraday and the tech-heavy NASDAQ to a new high. As reported by, the NASDAQ gained more than 1 percent on the day to ease losses seen over the past month. CNBC also reported that the bull market had notched its ninth anniversary, with the S&P up 300 percent since Mar.

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In India, Coinsecure Reports $3M Bitcoin Theft


Reuters reported that the theft stands among the largest in the country’s nascent cryptocurrency arena and might have the impact of dampening trading activity. In the past, Reuters reported that India’s government has said crypto-trading is on par with high-return — and high-risk — Ponzi schemes. That was lower than the international market price of $7,771, reported the newswire.

SEC Investment Company Reporting Modernization Deadlines

Perficient Financial Servies

In a new guide , we discuss the background of the SEC’s Investment Company Reporting Modernization Rules and the potential effects on individual financial institutions. The snippet below shares some deadlines the new rules present. Form N-PORT. If you are a larger entity with net assets of over $1 billion, you were initially required to comply by June 1, 2018. The SEC has granted a nine-month delay, but you must still gather and maintain all the required data as of June 1, 2018.

Trump Hotels Reportedly Breached


Krebs on Security reported that the hotel properties may be “dealing with another breach of its credit card systems,” citing banking industry sources. As was reported last summer, a series of banks suspected a breach occurred at a number of Trump properties; it was later confirmed in Oct.

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Chipotle Earnings Report Shows Turnaround May Take Time


The restaurant reported earnings of $1.34 tax benefit, just above estimates of $1.33, Bloomberg reported. Retail chipotle Chipotle Earnings Chipotle Stocks Chipotle Value earnings Earnings Report News Q4 What's HotQuick-service restaurant (QSR) Chipotle Mexican Grill slightly beat fourth-quarter earnings estimates, helped by higher menu prices and despite declining foot traffic. per share, excluding its $0.21

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Accelerating Financial Reporting, From Monthly Reports To Real-Time Analytics


According to Kurt Rathmann, CEO and founder of SMB accounting firm ScaleFactor , the month-end close may be the traditional way of doing things, but it forces small business owners to examine data that, by the time a financial report is completed, is too old to be of much use. In today’s fast-paced business environment, the mad dash at the end of every month to close the books is hardly beneficial to today’s entrepreneur – or her accountant.

Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchanges Report 669 Cases of Money Laundering

Bank Innovation

Japan’s cryptocurrency exchanges have reported a total of 669 suspected money laundering cases to the country’s National Police Agency, according to a report by Nikkei Asian Review.

Investment Company Reporting Modernization Goals & Expectations

Perficient Financial Servies

In a new guide, we discuss the background of the SEC’s Investment Company Reporting Modernization Rules and the potential effects on individual financial institutions. The SEC wants to improve: The quality of information that funds report to the Commission. Ease of access, aggregation, and analysis of the reported data by the Commission and the public. Form N-CEN: Requires investment companies to report census-type information annually in a structured data format.

NEW REPORT: How Managing X-Border Tuition Receivables Helps Manage Student Debt


The latest X-Border Receivables Report , powered by Flywire , looks at new developments in the global commerce world that are working to help trading partners improve their relationships by exchanging funds more quickly. To read the full story, check out this month’s report.

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[Guide] SEC Investment Company Reporting Modernization

Perficient Financial Servies

In an effort to increase transparency, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has adopted new rules and amendments, called Investment Company Reporting Modernization Rules , which require registered investment companies to modernize their reporting and disclosures. Our new guide discusses the background of the SEC’s Investment Company Reporting Modernization Rules and the potential effects on individual financial institutions, including: Why the SEC established new rules.

Luxury Sales ‘Out Of Fashion’ According To New Report


The pair produced a 53-page report on shopping habits recently, stating that the wealthiest shoppers — across the globe — are more so keeping an eye on their wallets by being thrifty. PYMNTS recently reported that Pernod Ricard , the maker of spirits and alcohol, is launching “Discover the House,” an online platform targeted at high-net worth individuals. Retail Bain Burberry high-end Luxury luxury sales report

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The future of money (research report)

Chris Skinner

I just got a report from J Walter Thompson on the future of money and there’s some interesting facts and stats. Here are my headlines: 76% of millennials are looking for new forms of banking 40% of people in their twenties have downloaded a money management app 80% of millennials … The post The future of money (research report) appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog.

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Indian Crypto Exchange Coinsecure Reports $3M Stolen in Bitcoin Hack

Bank Innovation

Coinsecure reported the loss of about 438 bitcoins, or about $3 million worth of the cryptocurrency, the Indian cryptocurrency platform reported.

New World Payments Report Released By Capgemini, BNP Paribas


That’s according to Capgemini and BNP Paribas, which recently released new research through the 2016 World Payments Report (WPR). Paris-headquarterd Capgemini, a consulting and technology firm, has headlined the report for the past 12 years. The report specifically highlighted the growth in the developing markets, which have the highest rate of increased change — 16.7 Global digital payment volume is slated to hit a new high this year of 426.3 billion transactions.

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RSA Report: Digital Security Is An Untapped Opportunity To Rise Above Competitors


An annual report by RSA shows how consumers perceive the security of their digital experience, where those perceptions are well (or poorly) founded and how organizations can capitalize on opportunities to distinguish themselves in the market by providing stellar security. The 2017 report is now available. The recent report offers a map of opportunities for businesses to differentiate themselves in the market.

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NEW REPORT: Asia Pacific, Still Cash Crazy


Unlike most reported estimates of cash, our proprietary data analysis focuses on the use of cash for making payments rather than hoarding.

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The SIFMA Ops Report: Three trends in AI

Insights on Business

Last week, I had the pleasure of hosting a panel at the SIFMA Ops conference in Phoenix. Joined by leaders from UBS, Morgan Stanley, DTCC and Price Waterhouse Cooper, we explored where the industry was with adopting AI technologies.

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Cash Costs SMBs $80.6B Annually, Sage Releases New Report


That’s according to the Sage Payments Landscape report on U.S. Sage, which is a market leader for integrated accounting, payroll and payments software, released the results of the sixth annual report focused on the current and future payment trends. The report addresses drivers for innovation, the need for omnichannel retailing, as well as payment security and consumer trust. Sage’s new report polled both U.S. Cash Index report Sage SMB SMBs study What's Hot

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Zelle Processes $25B in Payments After Reports of Fraud

Bank Innovation

P2P payment provider Zelle processed $25 billion in payments during the first quarter of 2018, the service reported yesterday, a more than 15% increase from last quarter.

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Western Union Reports Q4 Growth, Confirms Ripple Test


Western Union reported results Tuesday that showed continued momentum in its digital business, as consumer money transfers grew on a cross-border basis. Noting the aforementioned Ripple test, he said in a nod to crypto, “it’s not something to report that we’re going to change the environment, our existing capability is very stable, as you can see from our performance, but that’s something that we are taking seriously and looking at and testing.”

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NEW REPORT: Digging Into Restaurant Payments Innovation


What’s more, according to a report on eatery tech usage from Technomic, it seems consumers are particularly eager for technology in their restaurants. American consumers have shown they’re hungry for new payment options. .

Consumer Reports: No Recommendation For MacBook


After Apple’s so-so earnings report last quarter , the tech giant is looking to certain products to sell this quarter. Consumer Reports, the authoritative product review magazine, released its review on the MacBook Pro, saying it not only “can’t recommend” the product, but also headlined the report with a failure to earn the publication’s recommendation. But the reason Consumer Reports won’t endorse the product is the battery life, which it calls “highly inconsistent.”

Report 118

Report Finds Majority Of Customers Using Mobile Banking


The report highlights key trends in internet and mobile banking usage based on May 2017 data for more than 435 banks and credit unions, covering 13.9 But the report finds that internet banking is still critically important, with 75 percent active usage. Banking Internet banking Malauzai Software mobile mobile banking News report What's Hot

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Carrier billing in Latin America: 2018 market report by Fortumo

Mobile Payments Today

Fortumo's latest market report gives an overview of the mobile payments landscape in Latin America. It covers 9 of the biggest countries in the region by population where Fortumo has coverage: Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala and Bolivia

NEW REPORT: Banking For Socially Conscious Consumers


Sustainability, as it turns out, is power. And thanks to new banking solutions, consumers are gaining new insights into their spending habits and how their daily decisions can make an impact on social and environmental issues near and dear to their hearts.

Report 211

NEW REPORT: Expedia Explores The Payments World


From international consumers embracing mobile wallets to world travelers planning their next trips online, platform commerce is going global.

Report 193

NEW REPORT: How Instant Financial Rewards Boost Employee Wellness


In the workforce, speed is an issue close to employees’ hearts. How quickly workers get paid can not only affect their satisfaction with their day-to-day job, but also plays a large role in motivating them to remain in their roles.

Report 181

Common Cents And MetLife Unveil Annual Report


Their 2016 annual report encapsulates work focusing on several behavioral intervention programs. Through the research detailed in the 2016 annual report, Common Cents and MetLife learned that, while 36 percent of respondents have less than $500 in savings, 92 percent have specific actions in mind to alleviate their financial woes. Consumer Finance Common Cents financial Metlife report research What's HotSetting and sticking to a budget is a difficult task.

Report 116

First Trump Job Report Beats Projections


Two weeks into the official Trump administration, the first jobs report debuted. Consumer Finance BLA jobs jobs report stocks unemployment wages What's HotThe data was mixed. The numbers themselves show that the economy added 227,000 jobs, and at the same time, the unemployment rate ticked higher to 4.8 percent in January from its last reading of 4.7 percent in the prior month.

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