Who needs a blockchain?

Chris Skinner

I often say that blockchain is one of the most complex areas, combining all we don’t know about technology with all we don’t understand about finance. Some things that claim to be blockchain don’t use blockchains, and some blockchains claim not … The post Who needs a blockchain? Blockchain Fintech GridIt’s a big hole of acronyms, confusion and debate.

Blockchain takes on forgeries, counterfeits

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Blockchain, however, might hold the key to solving this issue of forgeries by providing a virtual "paper" trailCounterfeiting is an absolutely massive industry, logging in trillions of dollars every year.


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Blockchain is dead

Chris Skinner

I used to blog about blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) almost once a week … four years ago. I guess it just shows what’s top of mind and what’s not at any time in FinTech and, right now, blockchain is not … The post Blockchain is dead appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Blockchain Digital Bank Fintech Grid Opinion PaymentsToday, I hardly blog about it at all.

3 keys to understanding blockchain

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Blockchain technology can be very difficult to understand, but it doesn't have to be. You just have to grasp three basic key facts

China SMBs Complete $580M In Cross-Border Transfers Using Blockchain


Some 208 small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in China’s Yunnan province have conducted 638 international transactions using a blockchain platform developed by the government, CoinDesk reported, citing an article in the Chinese government-run Spring City Evening News.

Bitcoin, Stablecoin, Blockchain, Enterprise Ledger … WTF?

Chris Skinner

I used to blog about blockchain and cryptocurrency almost every day. In fact, my last blog was about the blockchain hype being dead, but the blockchain dream is still very much alive. Now, most people think that blockchain is something … The post Bitcoin, Stablecoin, Blockchain, Enterprise Ledger … WTF? Blockchain Fintech Future Grid OpinionI stopped as it got too hyped, scammed and boring.

Can blockchain transform cross-border payments?

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Cross-border payments are fraught with difficulties from long paper trails to complicated contracts/ Blockchain has emerged as a possible contender to streamline the process, however, but is it ready to tackle cross-border payments

Will blockchain replace core banking?

Chris Skinner

Today’s share is from Simon Taylor, he of the blockchain fame … The post Will blockchain replace core banking? Blockchain Future GridI’ve got lots more to write about digital transformation and the things I’m learning from banks engaged in doing it but, to give you a break, I also have a couple of fantastic guest submissions which are worth sharing.

Blockchain is dead, long live the Blockchain

Chris Skinner

Lots of people saying that blockchain is past its sell-by date, R3 are bust and distributed ledgers are dead. I think it’s related to the journalists who, having delighted in bigging up blockchain big time for the past two years are now relishing … The post Blockchain is dead, long live the Blockchain appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Blockchain Fintech Future Grid Innovation Technology ValueWeb

Blockchain 101: Mobile payments

Mobile Payments Today

Let's take a look at the what blockchain is, and how it can help transform the mobile payments industry

How blockchain will impact the supply chain

Mobile Payments Today

Blockchain technology can provide excellent tools for supply chain management. Former Coca-Cola executive Kraig Adams talks about how he got involved with blockchain technology and how it will transform supply chain management

Do we need a blockchain?

Chris Skinner

I haven’t written about blockchain for a while. I’m not bored of the promise of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Just bored of how much hype there has been and of so many companies claiming to have the latest blockchain breakthrough. … The post Do we need a blockchain? Blockchain Digital Bank Fintech Grid TechnologyI guess it’s because I got bored of it.

The advantages of blockchain over traditional payments

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By eliminating middlemen, cross-border blockchain payments can result in even faster transfers while significantly reducing costs for both merchants and customers

Blockchain: a solution looking for a problem?

Chris Skinner

These included: Mastercard partners R3 … R3 and Infosys complete blockchain trade finance trial Wells Fargo’s Stablecoin ‘Faster, Cheaper’ Than SWIFT … The post Blockchain: a solution looking for a problem? Blockchain Future GridBeing conference season, there were many announcements in the past week about headlines companies wanted to gain with their innovations. One of the main headline grabbers for me came from R3.

MPs battle over blockchain

Chris Skinner

Conservative MP Eddie Hughes has just written a 36-page white paper extolling the benefits of blockchain for Britain, which was published yesterday Unlocking Blockchain: Embracing new technologies to drive efficiency and empower the citizen, by FREER. FREER is a major new initiative from the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA, a … The post MPs battle over blockchain appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Blockchain Grid Innovation

Ana Botin of Santander on FinTech and Blockchain

Chris Skinner

But when the interviewer, Erik Schatzker, asks her … The post Ana Botin of Santander on FinTech and Blockchain appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Blockchain Digital Bank Fintech Grid Innovation Payments Purpose

What’s next for blockchain?

Chris Skinner

I recently wrote an article for Bloomberg’s Business Week, and thought it worth sharing with y’all here: What’s next for blockchain? Everyone got very excited a few years ago about blockchain technologies, the ledger system that was spawned by the arrival of bitcoin in 2009. It allows the recording of … The post What’s next for blockchain? Blockchain Digital Bank Fintech Grid Innovation ValueWeb

Figure wins SEC approval to sell securities on its blockchain

American Banker

Blockchain Securities

Nevada Gov Sisolak Wants Blockchain-Based Cities


Steve Sisolak has laid out guidelines for technology companies to develop whole cities based on blockchain, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported. Blockchains has secured rights to groundwater near a desert playa 100 miles away, with plans to build a pipeline. Nevada Gov.

Nevada 281

UPDATE: The Blockchain Hype is Dead!

Chris Skinner

Talking about spoof news, I think my blog Blockchain is dead upset a few blockchain enthusiasts. Don’t get me wrong, as it’s … The post UPDATE: The Blockchain Hype is Dead! Blockchain Future GridFor those fooled by yesterday’s spoof news about Alipay and Visa, did you notice it was April 1? If not, you should have clicked the link in the blog. appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog.

The Future Of Payments Is Blockchain


Stephen Pair, co-founder and CEO of BitPay, believes blockchain is the future of the payments industry. In The Connected Economy’s Power Source – CEO Edition , find out why Pair thinks that merchant and consumer adoption of blockchain will continue to accelerate in 2021.

Blockchain Rails Plus Stablecoin Advance DeFi Reality


As Denelle Dixon , CEO and executive director of the Stellar Development Foundation , told Karen Webster, the promise of blockchain is in fact a present-day reality fashioning the start of the Internet of Money. We’ll be headed in that direction before too long with blockchain, she predicted.

WallStreetBets Rolls Out Blockchain-Fueled App With ‘Exchange-Traded Portfolios’


WallStreetBets, whose community became famous by short squeezing GameStop stock by working together on social media platforms like Reddit, has launched a blockchain powered application to “decentralize indices,” according to an announcement.

Using Blockchain To Improve Cross-Border Remittances


Blockchain, at least to some observers, is synonymous with cryptos. Roxe, an open global payment network, uses the blockchain to transfer value instantly on the company’s Roxe Chain. Blockchain CBDC cross-border payments cryptocurrency digital currrency international News Roxe

Applying Blockchain to Identity

Chris Skinner

In my final deep dive into blockchain use cases, I come to digital identity. First, we need to understand what we mean by identity before we can talk about how blockchains could help. Second, we need to understand the difference between blockchain and shared ledgers which, … The post Applying Blockchain to Identity appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Blockchain GridNow this is a thorny area for three reasons.

Corporates Take A Deeper Dive Into Blockchain


Morgan Blockchain Network. Morgan Chase ’s blockchain payment network. Morgan expand its blockchain operations in India while the SBI would loop into Liink , the blockchain infrastructure that facilitates global transactions. RowanPay To Launch Blockchain Payment Network.

50 shades of blockchain …

Chris Skinner

I’ve written about Bitcoin and blockchain for half a decade, and now banks are all talking about it too. There is a belief that the blockchain technology that came from the Bitcoin structure could revolutionise banking. But there’s a problem, not with blockchain protocol, but with the hype and confusion that surrounds it. How will banks … The post 50 shades of blockchain … appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Blockchain Grid Technology ValueWeb

Yuser app targets NFT creation to encourage digital currency payments

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The 10-year-old who runs a blockchain company

Chris Skinner

My examples include John and Patrick Collison, Stripe, who were 19 and 21 when they started their business; Andrew Kortina and Iqram Magdon-Ismail, who were in their mid-20’s when they created Venmo; Nicolay Storonsky, who was … The post The 10-year-old who runs a blockchain company appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Blockchain Case Studies GridI often talk about the world changing thanks to young people who can code.

Synthetic Blockchain Stocks Prompt SEC’s Gensler To Caution Bankers


Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chair Gary Gensler cautioned bankers to take heed regarding the proliferation of synthetic stocks on the blockchain, according to a Wednesday (July 21) speech made before the American Bar Association’s Derivatives and Futures Law Committee.

State Bank Of India Joins Liink, JPMorgan’s Blockchain Network


Morgan’s peer-to-peer blockchain-based data network, according to a report from The Economic Times. While bank-led remittances can cost 10 percent globally, blockchain “removes the need for correspondent banking,” Nitin Sharma , partner at Antler Group, told ET.

Applying Blockchain to Payments

Chris Skinner

I’ve blogged for over a week about blockchain based developments in Clearing & Settlement and Trade Finance, and will continue for another week talking about the developments in Payments and Digital Identity. However, at this point, I should clarify that I use the term blockchain as an overall term to describe what is happening. I … The post Applying Blockchain to Payments appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Blockchain Payments Uncategorized

Beyond Crypto: Getting Back To The Basics Of Blockchain


While someone buying a simplistic image of the Dogecoin mascot for $69,000 or a pixelated image of sunglasses for over $26,000 is certainly attention-grabbing, stories like these can easily overshadow the backbone on which all these transactions are based: blockchain.

Creating a ‘Blockchain Industry:’ Patenting the Blockchain

Bank Innovation

Patent filings for blockchain technology have more than tripled since 2014; this spike includes patents filed by cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase, payment processors like Mastercard, and banks like Goldman Sachs and the Bank of America. Online Payments Technology Virtual Currency Bitcoin BlockChain cryptocurrencies MasterCard patent law

FinTech Partners Ease Banks Into Blockchain


Bank-FinTech partnerships can provide valuable guidance and technology for financial institutions to modernize and even dip their toes into emerging tools like blockchain. Customers Bank Embraces Blockchain With Tassat.