Study Puts Values To Online Data, Privacy


A study of how consumers in different nations value their personal data found that German users of Facebook would want the company to pay them roughly $8 a month for providing their contact data. The Technology Policy Institute (TPI) study is the first that aims to define the value of online privacy and information. The study determined that Germans want more payment for allowing tech platforms to share data with other parties and American consumers came after.

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Study: COVID-19 Fraud Reaches $100M


A report by the California-based agency, whose mission is to prevent consumers from being defrauded online by learning the identity of individuals or organizations, revealed the number complaints about coronavirus scams has doubled in most states. Maine led the pack, where monthly complaints of coronavirus scams and identity theft quadrupled from March through July, the study said., the identity verification nonprofit, reported U.S.

Study 182

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Study Finds New Store Openings Lead To Boost In Online Traffic


A report has found that opening a new brick-and-mortar location can cause a significant boost in a retailer’s online traffic. According to a recent ICSC study, “ The Halo Effect: How Bricks Impact Clicks ,” when retailers invest in brick-and-mortar stores, their online presence grows.

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Study: More People Fall Prey To Fraudsters Online Than By Phone


A recent study about how people respond to scammers shows that consumers are more likely to become victims on social media and online marketplaces than over the phone, The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday (Sept. A joint study by the Better Business Bureau, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and the Stanford Center on Longevity interviewed 1,408 victims of fraud in 2018.

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Study Reveals Consumers’ Mobile Shopping Behaviors


However, according to the Remote Payments Study conducted by PYMNTS in September 2018, behavior habits are shared by consumers based on income, age and gender. The most popular method of discovery by those who paid using mobile was online (13.9 Mobile Commerce consumer behavior mcommerce Mobile Payments Mobile shopping News Payment Methods Remote Payments Study Retail Smartphones

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Fed Study: Noncash Payments Fraud Outpacing Growth Overall

Bank Innovation

outpaced growth in noncash payments overall between 2012 and 2015, according to a Federal Reserve Payments Study released this week. The study’s survey of depository institutions found noncash payments fraud increased 37%, from $6.1 Noncash payments fraud in the U.S.

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New Study Shows Retailers Are Stepping Up For Safety


With the most recent COVID-19 studies from PYMNTS reinforcing the need for health and safety in the retail world, some retailers are stepping up to accommodate consumers’ concerns. Grocers must, therefore, be ready to adapt innovative tools, both online and in-store, that can help keep that experience seamless for consumers.”. The PYMNTS studies suggest that the 90-day estimate may be conservative.

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Mitek Study Criticizes Banks for Charging for Remote Deposit Capture

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Earlier last week a study was released by Mitek that ranked fifteen of the world’s banks from best to worst in one teeny tiny category: customer experience with the banks’ mobile deposit features. Mobile Online Payments TechnologyIn this one category—which was somehow broken down into 51 sub -categories when the data was analyzed—Capital Read More.

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PYMNTS Study Tracks COVID-19 Changing Life In America


The first study in the series went into the field on March 6-7 and revealed that the public had moved with greater speed than government health officials by engaging in protective behavior that was more stringent than official guidance in the early weeks. Many consumers were more frequently shopping online instead of in stores in the wake of the outbreak, regardless of their levels of concern. Coronavirus Navigating The COVID-19 Pandemic News pandemic study

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Non-Prime Customers Are More Likely To Use Online-Only Banks, Study Finds

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A group that often feels underserved by traditional banks, non-prime consumers are six times more likely to bank at an online-only financial institution compared with […]. Digital banking is bringing more consumers than ever into the fold of the financial ecosystem, especially as branches, and other physical products, wane in necessity: take non-prime Americans, for example.

Study 174

Online Lending And A Tale Of Two Fed Studies


Online consumer lending – in a variety of forms – has grown explosively over the last decade. But as online lending has become an increasingly important part of the financial services landscape, the topic has generated no shortage of debates over everything from its business models to the customers it attracts and the method used to acquire them. The recent release of a study by the Cleveland Federal Reserve has managed to increase the decibel level of that debate.

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Not Even Millennials Care About Mobile Payments, Studies Show

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Cards Commerce E-Commerce Mobile Online Payments Startups Mobile Payments Passport SezzleTurns out even millennials don’t care that much about mobile payments. According to a report presented by the tech consultancy Accenture at Money20/20, the number of those of us in North America who use our mobile phones to pay at the point of sale hasn’t changed in the slightest since last year, Read More.

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New Study Suggests Online Lenders Target Vulnerable Consumers


The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland issued new research on the online lending market showing that borrowers end up in more debt than consumers who don’t utilize this method of borrowing. According to a news report in American Banker covering the study published last week, the Cleveland Fed said it found consumers who take out loans via the internet, either from a peer-to-peer lender or via a marketplace, likely could have utilized a traditional bank.

Most Bank Website Content is ‘Inaccessible’ to Average Americans, Study Finds

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A new study by software provider VisibleThread found that 58% of nearly 5,000 pages of website content for 50 U.S. Even the most readable websites studied were more difficult to read than Moby Dick, the report said. Daily Post 1 DataBank Exclusive Online Premium Retail AI BNY Mellon JPMorgan Chase M&T Bank Prosperity Bancshares Transparency Umpqua VisibleThread

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Study Shows Strong Relationship Between Credit Score Review and Credit Score Increase

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Capital Compliance Lending Mobile Online Open Fintech Operations Payments Retail Risk Sponsored Startups Uncategorized artificial intelligence credit score Credit SesameCan regularly checking your credit score actually help improve your results? We wanted to know the answer to that critical question, so Credit Sesame partnered with Megan Hunter Antill and Jessica Yu, Ph.D., candidates in Quantitative Marketing at Stanford Graduate School of Business, to find out.

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Odds Are That Online Sportsbook Wins Big Post-COVID


Online sportsbooks have been beneficiaries of that dictum ever since COVID-19 eradicated most live sports, leaving millions of fans and a great many bettors potentially mired in boredom. How much potential does online gambling have?

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Best Way to Drive In-Store Traffic? Facebook, Study Says

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Facebook is the key to online traffic—but most small businesses run to the social media king to drive in-store traffic, too. DataBank Databank Marketing Online Retail Social Media Facebook small businesses SMBsMore than 40% of SMBs will turn to Facebook for a boost in in-store traffic, according to a survey of 250 SMBs across the U.S., conducted by digital marketing technology company Netsertive. For banks and […].

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Digital financial services to generate $38b in southeast Asia, study finds

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Digital financial services from lending to asset management are expected to generate at least $38 billion of annual revenue across Southeast Asia by 2025, more than tripling from $11 billion in 2019, according to a new study by Bain & Co., Online lending will comprise about half that total for […].

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Case Study: Why Curation, Customization Are Key For The Experience Economy


Payments Innovation AI Case Study digital payments Experience Economy IfOnly marketplaces mobile News online payments Payments and The Platform Economy Playbook platform economy YapStoneConsumers are looking to have unique experiences that are worth their time and money, whether that means heading backstage to meet the Rolling Stones, enjoying a private meal with a celebrity chef or learning to ice skate with an Olympic medalist.

Digital Shadows Study Discovers Online Schools For Cybercriminals


Digital Shadows , the industry leader in digital risk management, revealed its findings on the changing habits and tactics of organized credit card fraud gangs, discovering a new trend in the form of remote learning “schools.”. According to a press release , these schools — available to Russian speakers only — offer six-week courses comprised of 20 lectures with five expert instructors. The course includes webinars, detailed notes and course material.

Study 154

UPS Study: eCommerce Changes Customer Habits


According to a new study put out by UPS, eCommerce isn’t just changing the “where” of commerce activity for Americans — it is also shifting much of the “how” and the “why” as well. The UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper study indicates that 51 percent of all purchases made by respondents were made online — a 4-percent increase from last year, when that figure was 48 percent. Retail UPS study

Study 149

CIBIL Study Shows Millennials Are Actively Checking Their Credit Scores


Unlike baby boomers who aren’t much open to borrowing credit, recent studies have revealed that millennials are avid borrowers and spenders. They are more open to taking loans or relying on Credit Cards to fund their online purchases, holidays, weddings and more.

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Keeping Online Counterfeits Off Luxury Marketplaces


Sales of counterfeit goods, particularly on third-party sites that facilitate transactions between individual buyers and sellers, have skyrocketed with the advent of online shopping. This is a problem that online luxury fashion marketplace Vestiaire Collective has sought to resolve by hiring in-house experts that can analyze and verify products’ finer details before they are submitted and put before buyers. Online Luxury and the Importance of Authentication.

Rising Demand For Flexible Payments, Online Grocery Services


And in retail, online grocery platform Weee! 56%: Share of consumers who chose BNPL methods, per an August study. Buy now, pay later (BNPL) options are particularly in demand, as they can lower cart abandonment and encourage shoppers to pay in installments for all sorts of items.

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Study: Americans Overestimate Their Financial Literacy


A new study reveals that while Americans are generally overconfident in their financial knowledge, only a few could score a top grade on a financial quiz. The “ Financial Literacy: Prosperity Begins with Knowledge ” study from Raddon, a provider of innovative research, also found that the vast majority have never attended a financial education program, although many think such a program would be extremely or very valuable.

Study 168

Bank of America Study Shows Darker Side of Mobile

Bank Innovation

Mobile Online Technology Wearables Bank of America millennials Mobile bankingMake no mistake, Bank of America is committed to mobile, and reveals more about its work on the platform than most banks. One example is the inclusion of BofA’s mobile check deposit figures in its quarterly earnings call. Few, if any of other banks, lay it out so starkly. That’s why Read More.

Announcing Perficient’s Forrester Consulting-Commissioned Study: Get Supply Chain Right!


We are excited to announce the launch of our recent study, Get Supply Chain Right! In the age and expansion of digital commerce, companies seeing a rise in online orders are finding it imperative to strategically manage inventory and efficiently fulfill orders. Download the study today.

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Deep Dive: How Studying Up On International Payments Helps Marketplaces Recruit Freelance Educators


Online classes are also gaining the attention of workers who have been laid off during the economic downturn and want to refresh their skills or build new ones and attracting employees who may be seeking to polish their know-how while working from home. .

Study 153

Visa: Real-Time Settlement, Online Marketplaces Help Put SMBs Back On The Road To Recovery


Online marketplaces are the digital storefronts helping small to mid-sized businesses survive — but adding real-time settlement into the mix can help them thrive. percent of all Main Street businesses report using online marketplaces.

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The global new banking brew

Chris Skinner

Another useful person in my online network is Steve McLaughlin of @FTPartners, who I spotted sent a tweet last week saying they had produced a challenger bank report. Case Studies Digital Bank Grid Numbers

Study: Merchants To Lose $130B In Digital CNP Fraud


A new study has revealed that retailers will lose around $130 billion in digital CNP (Card-not-Present) fraud between 2018 and 2023. Juniper Research’s new report, Online Payment Fraud: Emerging Threats, Segment Analysis & Market Forecasts 2018-2023 , explained that complex cross-channel fraud will become the “new normal” in the coming years — and retailers are simply not prepared to fight against it.

Study 152

U.S. Consumers Are Least Likely to Make International Online Purchases

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Cross-border transactions may be getting easier, but most American consumers are sticking to online purchases inside of the United States. American consumers were the least likely group to make an online purchase outside of the country they are living in, according to a study conducted by Harris poll for Bloomberg Capital. The study surveyed approximately […]. DataBank Databank Online Retail Technology.S.

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Fed Study: Electronic Devices Used In 24 Pct. Of Consumer Payments


The study estimated that the average value per consumer payment came in at $92. Looking at the trend from 2017 to 2018, the study noted, “the decline in the use of paper instruments is primarily in cash , a statistically significant decline from 12 payments per month to 11.

Study 194

Fed Banks’ Study Reports Rise In Card, ePayments


In the fifth official study conducted by the Federal Reserve Banks of Atlanta, Boston, Richmond and San Francisco, the 2018 Diary of Consumer Payment Choice (DCPC) detailed the cash and non-cash payment behavior of U.S. payments per day,” the study stated. However, the study reported that the number still is less than the 46 payments reported in October 2016. That was “statistically unchanged from cash holdings in 2016 and 2017,” according to the study.

Study 122

Deep Dive: Why Retailers Are Merging Online, In-Store Shopping For The Omnichannel Age


Consumers have shopped online, via mobile devices and at brick-and-mortar stores in various capacities for years, but the pandemic is dramatically expanding the connections between these channels. billion online in Q2 2020. Another study found that shopping app downloads in the U.S.

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