Motivating Mobile In 2018


Another year, another chance for mobile wallet players to convince consumers to give up their plastic cards and utilize the phone as a payments form factor. The most-used mobile wallet in the U.S. Mobile adoption in the U.S. That roughly 50-fold difference in size denotes that in the U.S — and to a somewhat lesser extent, Western Europe — mobile payment is an emerging option that is still finding footing with use cases.

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Citibank Refines Its Mobile App Experience in the Philippines [VIDEO]

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Citibank unveiled an improved mobile app experience for its Phillippines market with added features for billpay, funds transfers, and PFM. Commerce Exclusive Mobile Payments PFM Premium Videos Citibank mobile app update mobile PFM

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The Mobile Wallet Hierarchy of Needs

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He was talking about it in the context of “platformification,” but it got me to thinking about how we might leverage a similar analogy in discussing mobile wallets.

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1 in 4 Consumers Bank Mobile-Only

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The popularity of mobile is on an upswing—so much so, in fact, that many banking clients now choose to do the entirety of their banking through their mobile device. DataBank Databank Mobile Online Mobile banking mobile-only banking Monkey Insights online banking

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MobileCoin Raises $30M For Crypto, Mobile Messaging

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Cryptocurrency startup MobileCoin has just raised $30 million for the expansion of its technology, which will link the startup’s cryptocurrency network into mobile messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Signal.

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Why Merchants Need Mobile Wallets


Whereas mostly a concept only really understood by early adopter and tech enthusiasts a few years ago, these days mobile wallets have gone mainstream enough to feel a bit commonplace to consumers. Most people have at least heard of mobile wallets at this point — driven in part to the ever-lengthening list of retailers that are offering them in some form or other. Merchants are thinking about mobile wallets.

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Will the ‘Bank of Amazon’ Make Mobile Payments Mainstream?

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EXCLUSIVE— Most consumers in the United States stubbornly cling to their plastic payments, even as customers in other countries — see China — increasingly embrace at a steady rate mobile and other digital forms of payment.

Nearly One-Third of all Starbucks Payments Are Mobile

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What makes the Starbucks mobile wallet such a popular option when it comes to paying for that morning coffee? Mobile payment at the coffee company’s U.S. Meanwhile, Starbucks Mobile […].

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Livestock Mobile Commerce


It seems strange to see mobile digital technology working in conjunction with centuries-old traditions. ” Traders are welcoming cashless payments using mobile phones. Sellers have partnered with telecoms, such as Orange, Vodafone and MTN from South Africa, so that buyers can transact with their mobile phones bypassing the banks. Mobile payments first appeared in Kenya in 2007 and have helped the unbanked throughout Africa.

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Macy’s Rolls Out Mobile Checkout


In an effort to make checkout easier for customers, Macy’s plans to roll out mobile checkout in its brick-and-mortar stores. The technology, which is powered by the retailer’s mobile app, is expected to be deployed to all of Macy’s full-line stores by the end of the year, CNBC reported. Retail AR brick and mortar checkout Macy’s Merchant Innovation mobile apps Mobile Payments News shopping What's Hot

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Mastercard: Invisible Payments Power Mobility As A Service


Mobility as a Service” is the moniker for the digital interfaces that blend planning information, booking tools and, of course, payments – all with the goal of enabling an efficient and enjoyable time in the city, whether users are staying for a day, a week or indefinitely. Judge said Mastercard’s recent integration with Uber is another early chapter in the story of digital urban interfaces and Mobility as a Service, especially as Uber branches out into car rentals and bike sharing.

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Mobile Banking Customers Have More Financial Confidence, Citi Says

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Consumers who have made the switch to mobile banking are likely to be more confident in their financial decisions, and feel they have “a greater awareness” of their financial situation, according to a study conducted by Citibank, released today.

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Chase, Citi Take Rewards War to Mobile with PayPal

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Banks are taking the battle for millennial customers where it belongs: mobile. These new mobile capabilities also […]. Cards Exclusive Mobile Payments Retail chase bank Chase Pay Citi Pay Citibank JP Morgan Chase Mobile Payments mobile wallets PayPal

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Growing Debit Card Use Crushes Mobile Wallets

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Mobile wallets may be all the buzz, but debit cards were still the most popular of payment method in the U.S. Cards Commerce DataBank Mobile Payments Retail Apple Pay Debit Card mobile wallet Pulse

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More People Use Banking Apps Than Photo Apps on Mobile

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DataBank Databank Mobile mobile Mobile banking Social MediaTurns out, banking apps are higher up in consumers’ smartphones than photo or video apps. A study by Forrester Research, released this week, indicates that 32% of U.S.

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TRENDING: Detroit Lions Put Mobile-Ordering Into Play


These are location-specific use cases that QSRs are looking to address with new mobile order-ahead solutions aimed at customers on the go. And with that in mind, many are even changing their store design to accommodate the surge in mobile ordering foot traffic.

Going Mobile To Make Food More Personal


Be it through mobile or online, keeping consumers coming back through the doors requires quick-service restaurants (QSRs) to offer experiences tailored to their diners’ preferences. Restaurants understand that and are now using mobile ordering solutions to cater to customized ordering habits.

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US Bank Mobilizes Mastercard Corporate Cards


Bank is mobilizing Mastercard commercial card products, the financial institution (FI) announced on Wednesday (April 11). Bank Corporate Travel Card said it will now support mobile payments for corporate customers using business travel cards that run on the Mastercard network. Our clients who have adopted mobile commercial payments are responding with great enthusiasm to its use for business travel,” said Jeff Rankin, U.S.

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Biometric Features Can Drive Mobile Payment Adoption

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Privacy and fraud are still a concern among consumers when it comes to mobile payments. A study conducted by Oxford Economics found that among consumers globally, 70% fear hackers could steal their personal information when they use a mobile wallet, and 67% worry […].

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NEW REPORT: Why Mobile Order-Ahead Is On The Menu


Now, with a huge boost from mobile technology, restaurants — from coffee shops like Starbucks to burger joints like Red Robin — have embraced advance ordering powered by devices like smartphones and tablets.

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Mobile Order-Ahead: It’s Not Just For Restaurants


The growing popularity of mobile order-ahead is hardly news in the restaurant industry, where customers — especially millennials — crave the convenience, speed and personalization of a mobile ordering experience both in quick-service restaurants (QSRs), coffee shops and fast-casual dining environments. Here at PYMNTS, we’ve followed the trend closely, both in our regular coverage and in our Mobile Order-Ahead Tracker.

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Do Mobile Banking Apps Help with Financial Awareness?

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Customers who use mobile banking apps more often than their peers are likely to have a better understanding of their financials, according to research conducted by Citibank. DataBank Mobile Payments Citibank financial awareness Mobile banking Retail Banking

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TRENDING: Chipotle’s CIO On A Decade Of Mobile Order-Ahead


That’s a lesson of which restaurants serving up mobile order-ahead are well aware. Around the Mobile Order-Ahead World. McDonald’s is one big name taking a hard look at its mobile offering. How Chipotle Tackles Mobile Ordering Demand.

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How Masabi Makes Public Transit Ticketing Mobile


According to Jonathan Donovan, chief product officer at mobile ticketing and payment technology provider Masabi , one only needs to fish out a cell phone to put these troubles to rest. They could then present their mobile tickets to conductors when boarding the train. A mobile future

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Mobile Banking Usage Keeps Growing As Branch Visits Decline

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It is no secret that Mobile Banking is increasing becoming a popular way of banking for many users. In fact, in a report published by RaddonSM, a subsidiary of Fiserv, shows that mobile banking usage has grown from 7% of all consumers in […].

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Millennials Use Mobile Banking More (But Trust It Less)

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While millennials remain the top adopters of mobile banking, the generation is also more likely to have problems with their financial apps, a new survey released by online mobile payment and identity verification company Jumio found.

Citi Mobile App Downloads Doubled in 2016

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The bank’s mobile app userbase soared in 2016, Bank Innovation has learned. According to a company spokeswoman, “last year alone, North America mobile app customers have grown by 50%, and mobile app downloads have doubled — we saw over 3.25

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Singapore Mobile Wallets Form Consortium to Create ‘Interoperable’ QR Payments

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Seven mobile wallets have formed a payments consortium in Singapore, the goal of which is to create an “inoperable” QR payments solution for both merchant and consumer use, it was announced today. The mobile wallets of […].

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Mobile Lending is Growing More Popular for Businesses, Kabbage Says

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EXCLUSIVE— The number of businesses that are now conducting their banking via mobile is increasing by the year, according to global financial provider Kabbage, which noted that mobile lending saw a more than 360% increase across a four-year span.

NEW REPORT: Why QSRs Take The Mobile Order Ahead Plunge


With the mobile order-ahead market projected to be worth $55 billion in the next five years, it is now certainly more than just a flash in the (frying) pan. Around the Mobile Order-Ahead World. Behind Slim Chickens’ Mobile Ordering Play.

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Most Consumers Use Mobile Banking Just to Check Balance

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That bank’s mobile app has a killer P2P feature—too bad most consumers are busy checking their balances. DataBank Databank Mobile Online Payments bill pay Mobile banking Mobile Payments online banking online payments

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Mobile Payments Today provides showcase for mobile wallet providers

Mobile Payments Today

Mobile Payments Today is preparing the 2018 edition of the Mobile Wallet Comparison Guide. If your company provides a mobile wallet, you're eligible for a free listing in the guide

a2ia Mobility Fact Sheet

Mobile Payments Today

Available for Android, iOS, and Windows, let A2iA take your mobile document processing steps beyond where it is today Bring diversity and breadth to your product-suite with our patented technology, enabling a seamless and sim­pler user experience.

QSRs Ramp Up Mobile Order-Ahead Offerings


With mobile ordering at quick-service restaurants (QSRs) like The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf , customers can ditch the queue. When people want coffee or tea, they want it now, and we want their orders to be ready when they are,” Aidan Hay, SVP of Operations at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, said in a press release announcing a mobile order-ahead feature for their app. QSRs from Dunkin’ Donuts to Subway are jumping on the mobile order-ahead bandwagon.

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IBM Launches Mobile Payments Platform, IBM Pay

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IBM is probably not the name you expected to see in front of the latest’Pay,’ but Big Blue is indeed wading into mobile payments. Cards Commerce E-Commerce Mobile Online Payments IBM IBM Pay Mobile Payments Watson

POS Lender Affirm Launches New Mobile App

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EXCLUSIVE- Point-of-sale financier Affirm today launched its mobile app as it looks to strengthen its online business. Exclusive Innovations Lending Mobile Online Open Fintech Payments Affirm mobile point of sale PayPal POS lending

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NEW REPORT: How Shake Shack Is Shaking Mobile Order-Ahead


As early mobile order-add adopting restaurants are reaping the benefits of the technology, other merchants are looking to add their own mobile services. Around the mobile order-ahead world. Shaking up mobile ordering, one restaurant at a time.

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USA Mobile Wallet Adoption Is Growing, But Slowly

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Mobile wallet usage is increasing across the globe, but for countries with more fleshed-out credit card networks, that growth is still slow. DataBank Mobile Payments credit cards fintech Mobile Payments mobile wallet adoption mobile wallets online payments

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Mobile Commerce To Break $250B By 2020


After something of a slow start, mobile eCommerce is set to make up half of all online sales by the year 2020 — worth nearly $250 billion annually. That forecast comes care of “A Mobile Mindset,” the second volume in the five-part series, “The 2017 UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper.” The survey projects that mobile eCommerce sales will represent 48.5 Retail brick and mortar consumer preferences e-commerce M-Commerce Millennials mobile News online sales What's Hot

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Chase, Wells Report Strong Mobile User Growth

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Both banks reported their first quarter 2017 earnings this morning, demonstrating strong mobile user numbers (despite the troubling few quarters that at least one of the banks went through). million active mobile customers this quarter, up 14.7%

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