Why Legacy Banks Have Mobile App Advantages


Maybe it’s the reputation of a brand that lowers the mental resistance to inputting payment and personal details on a mobile device to complete a transaction. Consumers, too, play a role in the wider mobile banking security picture.

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Mastercard Leads Investment In Mobile FinTech Mobeewave


Mobeewave “is the world’s first and only provider of mobile payment solutions [that] enable secure contactless payment acceptance on smart devices, without the need for external hardware,” according to a press release. Contactless payment company Mobeewave announced the closing of a $16.5

PODCAST: Has Mobile Flattened The Payments World?


In what has been — historically speaking — the blink of an eye, mobile phones have gone from zero to nearly ubiquitous in a remarkably short time. Today, more than 5 billion people on planet earth carry a mobile phone of some description. In short, the mobile device has become the necessary navigation tool for day-to-day life. This brings about challenges when it comes to mobile evolution in India, he noted, which is building from something of a blank slate.

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Mobile Order-Ahead Faces Restaurant Hurdles — Here’s Why


This about-to-expire year brought significant developments in mobile order-ahead tools, for instance, and deployments of new payment capabilities for diners, among other developments. Take the use of mobile apps to pay for orders at quick service restaurants (QSRs).

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AT&T, T-Mobile Sued Over Mobile Crypto Thefts


Silver Miller — America’s leading cryptocurrency investor law firm — announced it has filed lawsuits against AT&T and T-Mobile on behalf of crypto asset holders who were allegedly victims of “SIM swapping.” In addition, other Silver Miller clients, who used T-Mobile, were robbed of $400,000 and $250,000. Legal AT&T authentication cryptocurrency data security fraud Lawsuit mobile technology News Silver Miller SIM cards smartphone t-mobile What's Hot

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Chase Launches Offers For Mobile Customers


The Chase Mobile app has more than 32 million active users. Retail Chase merchants mobile News What's HotChase has announced the launch of Chase Offers, which will allow customers to find deals and earn statement credits when shopping at their favorite retail stores.

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vCom Enhances IT Spend Management Mobile Solution


IT spend management solutions provider vCom Solutions is upgrading its mobile app for iOS and Android devices, the company said this week. ” B2B Payments B2B enterprise mobility IT mobile app mobile solutions News Procure-to-Pay SaaS spend management What's Hot In B2B

AccountantsWorld Launches Employee-Facing Mobile Payroll App


Small business accounting solutions provider AccountantsWorld is rolling out a new mobile payroll solution designed for employees of small businesses. The app also allows employees to update their HR information an to upload additional tax forms from their mobile device.

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Blockchain 101: Mobile payments

Mobile Payments Today

Let's take a look at the what blockchain is, and how it can help transform the mobile payments industry

Unattended Battery Rentals Keep Mobile Phones Mobile


But when batteries run low, mobile devices suddenly become a lot less mobile, and consumers find themselves stuck by the nearest outlet — assuming they can find one. The company is considering enabling transactions via a mobile platform, but it has decided that cash.

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Barclays Offers Small Firms Mobile eInvoicing Tool


8) said Barclays now allows small and medium-sized businesses to access a mobile eInvoicing tool, including invoice generation and submission. The solution is available within the Barclays mobile business banking app for both Android and iOS devices.

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Alipay Teams With UEFA For Mobile Payments At Soccer Games


International Alipay Ant Financial digital payments digitization europe mobile pay Mobile Payments mobile wallet News partnership soccer What's Hot

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Furnishing The Mobile Lifestyle, Sharing Economy-Style


Dickey sees his customers as belonging to a mobile lifestyle , who would rather spend money on visiting places than on items like large pieces of furniture. Retail furnishings furniture rental furniture shopping furniture subscriptions mobile lifestyle News subscription model

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Unattended Battery Rentals Keep Mobile Phones Mobile


But when batteries run low, mobile devices suddenly become a lot less mobile, and consumers find themselves stuck by the nearest outlet — assuming they can find one. Until they get their phones recharged, they are left unable to do simple tasks, like summoning a Lyft or presenting a mobile ticket. Whether they’re sports fans, hurried commuters or tourists at hotels, today’s consumers are mobile-hungry — as are the businesses that serve them.

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Mobile Checkout Takes Hold At Target And Walmart


With the approaching holiday season, mobile checkout options are ready for customers at Target and Walmart. In the case of Target , the company’s mobile checkout experience, called “Skip the Line,” is said to be headed to stores across the country.

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Subway Seeks To Innovate, Reworking Kiosks, Loyalty And Mobile


More consumers are using mobile ordering to get their meals, and many choose where they order from based on the availability of those features. Do we really need to have mobile apps? Creating a mobile experience. We’re at about one-third mobile app, two-thirds web.”.

Africa’s Internet-Connected Population Provides Opportunity For Mobile Money


But there is a large opportunity to increase mobile money penetration, as two-thirds of the region is adopting mobile phones. And, for banks and mobile wallets , the company seeks to provide a single point of connection for consumers to pay more than 600 merchants.

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Mobile Payments 101: Retail

Mobile Payments Today

The world of mobile payments has changed significantly over the past decade – and particularly over the past few years as smartphones and other mobile devices have become ubiquitous. In this report, we will review some of the main themes and trends in the mobile payments market

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Ondot, Citi Deal Promotes More Consumer Control Of Mobile Payments


22) that involves mobile payment services provider Ondot Systems and Citi Ventures. More Mobile Management. Mobile apps have become the touchpoint of choice for millions of banking customers to manage their finances.

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SoftBank May Receive Listing For Mobile Unit


s mobile unit could gain listing approval by the Tokyo Stock Exchange on Nov. Investments Global international investments ipo Japan mobile unit News softbank stocks Venture Capital venture funding What's Hot

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Google Chrome Update Targets Mobile Subscription Scams


A new update to Google Chrome will help prevent consumers from being scammed by unclear mobile subscription services. Every month, millions of Chrome users encounter pages with insufficient mobile subscription information.

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NEW REPORT: QSRs Must Look Beyond Mobile To Win Connected Consumers


In recent years, much of this growth has come as a result of consumers’ appetite for faster and seamless ordering through mobile and other connected devices.

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TRENDING: Making Mobile Order-Ahead Appealing To App-Weary Customers


Not every consumer wants to add yet another app to their mobile phone. That’s a problem for fast-casual and quick-service restaurants (QSRs), which are betting on apps to boost mobile ordering. Around The Mobile Order-Ahead World.

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Motivating Mobile In 2018


Another year, another chance for mobile wallet players to convince consumers to give up their plastic cards and utilize the phone as a payments form factor. The most-used mobile wallet in the U.S. Mobile adoption in the U.S. That roughly 50-fold difference in size denotes that in the U.S — and to a somewhat lesser extent, Western Europe — mobile payment is an emerging option that is still finding footing with use cases.

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Samsung Q3 Mobile Sales Decline 12 Percent


But competition and marketing expenses will cut into profits, and mobile revenue declined about 12 percent year over year. billion) in consolidated revenue for the company’s IT and mobile communications division — that’s down 10 percent year over year for the entire unit.

BofA Links Corporate Cards To Mobile Wallets


Bank of America is adding mobile wallet functionality to its suite of commercial card products, the bank said Wednesday (Sept. In a press release , Bank of America said its corporate cards are now compatible with mobile wallets including Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay, citing business travelers’ mobile payment needs as a stop motivation behind the initiative.

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Can You ‘Future Proof’ Your Mobile Payments?


The shift to digital and mobile forms of payments and commerce is undeniable across various areas such as retailing, banking and B2B payments. But that does not mean a proactive mindset reigns when it comes to mobile security and innovation. The discussion took place, not only as consumers place more importance on privacy and security issues, but as the benefits of mobile payments and mobile wallet integration gain more attention. Mobile Innovation.

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Why Merchants Need Mobile Wallets


Whereas mostly a concept only really understood by early adopter and tech enthusiasts a few years ago, these days mobile wallets have gone mainstream enough to feel a bit commonplace to consumers. Most people have at least heard of mobile wallets at this point — driven in part to the ever-lengthening list of retailers that are offering them in some form or other. Merchants are thinking about mobile wallets.

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Livestock Mobile Commerce


It seems strange to see mobile digital technology working in conjunction with centuries-old traditions. ” Traders are welcoming cashless payments using mobile phones. Sellers have partnered with telecoms, such as Orange, Vodafone and MTN from South Africa, so that buyers can transact with their mobile phones bypassing the banks. Mobile payments first appeared in Kenya in 2007 and have helped the unbanked throughout Africa.

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Will BofA’s B2B Mobile Wallet Be A Hit?


According to Bank of America ’s new vision of the future, those trips — and other B2B payment activities such as buying supplies — would go much more efficiently if plastic was replaced by mobile wallets. Jolly, head of financing and channels in global transaction services at Bank of America Merrill Lynch , about the financial institution’s latest product launch: adding mobile wallet functionality to its suite of commercial card products. “We Mobile Wallet Tool.

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CANCAN Teams With WorldFirst Payments Platform; Westpac Launches Mobile Deposits


In addition, Alipay payments spiked at international destinations during a public holiday in China , and Australia’s Westpac is giving its customers the ability to make mobile check deposits. Welcome to The Axis, your late look at payments news from around the world.

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ChowNow’s Approach To Mobile Order-Ahead Security


For quick-service restaurants (QSRs), offering mobile ordering isn’t just critical to staying competitive, but also for boosting sales. including mobile apps, Instagram , Facebook and website ordering.

5G Retail Possibilities Expand As Mobile Tech Gets Ready To Roll


billion deal that T-Mobile recently signed with Finnish firm Nokia toward “ end-to-end 5G technology ” — involves optimism over its appeal to merchants, brands and marketers. Mobile Improvements. This is not one of those annoying algebra problems, we promise.

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NEW REPORT: Why Mobile Order-Ahead Is On The Menu


Now, with a huge boost from mobile technology, restaurants — from coffee shops like Starbucks to burger joints like Red Robin — have embraced advance ordering powered by devices like smartphones and tablets.

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Retailers, payment platforms unveil mobile technologies to raise omnichannel game

Mobile Payments Today

Retailers, payment technology providers and others are rolling out new services to make it easier to complete transactions on mobile platforms

The Mobile Wallet Hierarchy of Needs

Bank Innovation

He was talking about it in the context of “platformification,” but it got me to thinking about how we might leverage a similar analogy in discussing mobile wallets.

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JPMorgan Reports Growth In Card Spend, Mobile Users


12) that beat the Street on headline numbers – top and bottom – based on traction in consumer spending, and also showed growth in its mobile and digital initiatives. Earnings consumer banking credit card spending earnings jpmorgan mobile banking News retail banking revenue stocks What's Hot

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Mobile Order-Ahead: It’s Not Just For Restaurants


The growing popularity of mobile order-ahead is hardly news in the restaurant industry, where customers — especially millennials — crave the convenience, speed and personalization of a mobile ordering experience both in quick-service restaurants (QSRs), coffee shops and fast-casual dining environments. Here at PYMNTS, we’ve followed the trend closely, both in our regular coverage and in our Mobile Order-Ahead Tracker.

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Mobilizing Student Loan Disbursements


It is now offering more than 500,000 student loan customers access to its BankMobile Disbursements tools and Vibe checking accounts, and nearly 90 percent of its customers at the University of Texas, the University of Arkansas and 34 others have elected to receive mobile disbursements. Student Loans Go Mobile. More than 60 percent of Americans regularly use mobile banking apps, a figure largely driven by the 75 percent of consumers aged 18 to 34. “We

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Weebly Unveils New Features For Mobile App


In an update to its standalone product, Weebly unveiled multiple eCommerce features for its mobile app. The rollout comes as Weebly seeks to make the mobile phone a “new back office ,” according to reports. With the new features on mobile, users reply to customer queries through Facebook Messenger, make branded coupon codes, print labels and give approval to customer reviews. Mobile Applications eCommerce platform mobile app News partnership Square Weebly What's Hot

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1 in 4 Consumers Bank Mobile-Only

Bank Innovation

The popularity of mobile is on an upswing—so much so, in fact, that many banking clients now choose to do the entirety of their banking through their mobile device. DataBank Databank Mobile Online Mobile banking mobile-only banking Monkey Insights online banking

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Mobile Ready

Independent Banker

Some customers look for push technology that enables them to receive alerts and certain other notices even if their mobile banking app isn’t open, O’Brien says. While many community banks offer mobile remote check deposit service for free, U.S.

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TRENDING: An Inside Look At Applebee’s Mobile Order Ahead Strategy


From QSRs to casual dining operations, restaurants are tapping into mobile ordering to capture busy customers with no time to dine in. Around the Mobile Order-Ahead World. Businesses are also seeing potential in using mobile ordering for far more than just to-go meals.

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