In 2019, Mobilize The Commercial Card: JPMorgan


Morgan Managing Director and Head of Commercial Card Product Management Naney Pandit says should be a focus this year is in mobilizing the corporate card. Some financial institutions, including Bank of America and UMB Bank, have also invested in mobile B2B payments.

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Paytm Launches New Mobile Banking App


Paytm, the India-based eCommerce and digital wallet company, has announced a new mobile banking app called Payments Bank, according to reports. Digital Banking banking app financial services india mobile app News Paytm What's Hot

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Why Legacy Banks Have Mobile App Advantages


Maybe it’s the reputation of a brand that lowers the mental resistance to inputting payment and personal details on a mobile device to complete a transaction. Consumers, too, play a role in the wider mobile banking security picture.

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Verizon 5G Network Launch Foreshadows Mobile Commerce Changes


The announcement from the mobile network provider serves as the latest demonstration that 5G is coming, and that retailers and payment services providers should get ready to operate in the 5G world. A glimpse of the 5G future recently came from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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Report: BEC Fraud Increasingly Goes Mobile


As researchers at Agari reported, business email compromise (BEC) attacks have been going mobile. As reported in Credit Union Times , the attacks are still done through email, but also look for mobile number details to “better coerce” intended victims to funnel funds to bad actors’ accounts.

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Amazon To Push Mobile Video Ads


Amazon, in an attempt to capture a piece of the $129 billion digital advertising space, will sell video ad spots on its mobile app, according to a report from Bloomberg. Amazon digital ads ecommerce marketing mobile advertising News Retail video advertising What's Hot

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WU Enables Mobile Wallet Transfers Via Thunes Partnership


Western Union announced that it has teamed up with cross-border payments network Thunes to enable customers to send funds directly into mobile wallets around the world. In addition, users of Western Union’s network of agents can also send funds directly into a recipient’s mobile wallet. “We

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Mobile Card Services In Consumers’ Daily Lives


Consumers are looking to their smartphones to manage their money with the help of mobile card services (MCS) in 2019. Today In Data Commerce credit data debit mobile card services Mobile Payments News payments Prepaid Cards Retail Smartphones Today in Data

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Restaurant POS Co Toast Debuts Mobile App


Toast, a restaurant POS company, has launched a new mobile application called the Toast TakeOut app, according to reports. The mobile market for order-ahead is growing rapidly, and could be worth $55 billion in the next half decade.

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Blockchain 101: Mobile payments

Mobile Payments Today

Let's take a look at the what blockchain is, and how it can help transform the mobile payments industry

How FinTech Companies Inspire Africa With Mobile Technology


As Africa’s leading payments ecosystem, Cellulant is connecting merchants, banks, and mobile operators with their increasingly mobile customers through its electronic/digital payments services.”. Mobile Payments africa Cellulant FinTech News

Mexico And Amazon Reportedly Collaborating On Mobile Payments System


The Mexican central bank and Amazon are in talks to introduce a government-approved mobile payment system, according to reports. CoDi will let users pay online or in person through mobile devices using QR codes. Amazon Bank CoDi mexico Mobile Payments News payments system What's Hot

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Mobile Devices Take On SMB FinTech Functionality, Usability


But mobile devices are an increasingly important part of a small business’ financial management strategy, adding another channel on which banks and FinTechs must innovate to disrupt and improve SMB finances. Open Banking Opens Doors for Mobile.

Tackling Restaurant Waste With Mobile Apps


Retail dynamic pricing food mobile app Mobile ordering Mobile Payments News Payment Methods RestaurantsRestaurants often prepare too much food for the lunch or dinner rush, but startups are providing them with an avenue to market their surplus meals.

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PayPal Mobile Payments Get A $2B Holiday Boost


Instead, the adorable boy whom everyone fears will shoot out his eye would simply use his mobile phone, or tablet, to order that Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle, perhaps using the allowance he had squirreled away in his PayPal account. Mobile Needs.

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Mastercard Leads Investment In Mobile FinTech Mobeewave


Mobeewave “is the world’s first and only provider of mobile payment solutions [that] enable secure contactless payment acceptance on smart devices, without the need for external hardware,” according to a press release. Contactless payment company Mobeewave announced the closing of a $16.5

AT&T, T-Mobile Sued Over Mobile Crypto Thefts


Silver Miller — America’s leading cryptocurrency investor law firm — announced it has filed lawsuits against AT&T and T-Mobile on behalf of crypto asset holders who were allegedly victims of “SIM swapping.” In addition, other Silver Miller clients, who used T-Mobile, were robbed of $400,000 and $250,000. Legal AT&T authentication cryptocurrency data security fraud Lawsuit mobile technology News Silver Miller SIM cards smartphone t-mobile What's Hot

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Doconomy, Mastercard Launch Green Mobile Banking Service


25) a joint collaboration to fight climate change by enabling DO, a free mobile banking service that enables users to reduce their CO2 footprints through carbon offsetting. Innovation climate change Doconomy MasterCard mobile banking News Payment Methods What's Hot

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Goldman-Backed Vietnam Mobile Wallet Momo Snaps Up New Funds


Momo began by offering simple digital payments in an electronic wallet app, but it has expanded into bill payments and mobile top-up. Investments digital payments FinTech funding Investment Mobile Payments mobile wallet News payments app southeast Asia Venture Capital vietnam What's Hot

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5G, Biometrics Lead The Way At Mobile World Congress


Indeed, new evidence recently emerged about the deployment of the latest generation of mobile technology – one that promises to bring significant changes to retail and payments thanks to bandwidth expansion and faster processing, along with new challenges and questions as early 5G case studies loom.

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Mobile Payments 101: Retail

Mobile Payments Today

The world of mobile payments has changed significantly over the past decade – and particularly over the past few years as smartphones and other mobile devices have become ubiquitous. In this report, we will review some of the main themes and trends in the mobile payments market

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Unattended Battery Rentals Keep Mobile Phones Mobile


But when batteries run low, mobile devices suddenly become a lot less mobile, and consumers find themselves stuck by the nearest outlet — assuming they can find one. The company is considering enabling transactions via a mobile platform, but it has decided that cash.

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JPMorgan Chase Keeps Lead in Mobile Banking

Bank Innovation

consumer banks in terms of mobile banking use, fourth quarter earnings released this week show. The bank has counted the most active mobile users of the big four U.S. JPMorgan Chase & Co. remains the clear leader among the largest U.S.

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Why ‘Mobile-First’ Must Mean ‘Trust-Always’


In the banking world, amid the continued shift to digital services, the mobile device might just be the fulcrum. He noted that to build confidence in embracing sophisticated technologies to conduct sophisticated transactions, the mobile device is an ideal tool. He termed the above example as a “bi-directional secure dialog, using that mobile device, between the bank and the consumer.”. I [can still] use the mobile device, for example, to check in to that branch.

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The Mobile Wallet Hierarchy of Needs

Bank Innovation

He was talking about it in the context of “platformification,” but it got me to thinking about how we might leverage a similar analogy in discussing mobile wallets.

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How Ticket-Buying Platforms Optimize Mobile Checkout


This year, the company is looking to enhance the way that customers interact with its platform through mobile devices. “We We want to roll out an experience that really optimizes around mobile,” Ahmadi said. At the same time, Ticketbud noted in a press release that mobile is expected to reach 54 percent of eCommerce by 2021, per BigCommerce.). Those using mobile experiences tap to pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay. “We’re

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Subway Seeks To Innovate, Reworking Kiosks, Loyalty And Mobile


More consumers are using mobile ordering to get their meals, and many choose where they order from based on the availability of those features. Do we really need to have mobile apps? Creating a mobile experience. We’re at about one-third mobile app, two-thirds web.”.

Walgreens Brings Mobile Technology To Stores


To help improve the productivity of workers and enrich the customer experience, Walgreens is tapping into mobile technology as it bridges the digital and brick-and-mortar store experiences. Retail Mobile Computers News Tablets Walgreens What's Hot Zebra Technologies Corporation

Kaspersky Lab: Mobile Malware Attacks Doubled In 2018


A new report by Kaspersky Lab, the Moscow-based cybersecurity and anti-virus company, has revealed that attacks on mobile devices with malware doubled from 66.4 In 2018, the number of mobile users who interacted with malware went up 774,000, reaching 9,895,774.

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vCom Enhances IT Spend Management Mobile Solution


IT spend management solutions provider vCom Solutions is upgrading its mobile app for iOS and Android devices, the company said this week. ” B2B Payments B2B enterprise mobility IT mobile app mobile solutions News Procure-to-Pay SaaS spend management What's Hot In B2B

Designing Mobile Order-Ahead For Roving Vendors


Consumers have shown an appreciation for mobile ordering technology. According to the PYMNTS Mobile-Order Ahead Tracker , 92 percent of customers view placing a quick-service restaurant (QSR) order via mobile app as a positive experience.

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Mobile Order-Ahead Faces Restaurant Hurdles — Here’s Why


This about-to-expire year brought significant developments in mobile order-ahead tools, for instance, and deployments of new payment capabilities for diners, among other developments. Take the use of mobile apps to pay for orders at quick service restaurants (QSRs).

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Reimagining Hotel Booking Experiences Via Curated Mobile Apps


The Mobile Travel Market. And today, she believes consumers expect their hotel touchpoint or experience will be mobile and instant. And they are tapping into a curated selection – along with content – as they seek to stand out from other hotel reservation services in the mobile age.

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Starbucks Hits 16.3M Mobile Users, Eyes Expanded Delivery


This result was driven by leveraging our increased digital reach, as well as a more seamless customer onboarding experience, greater mobile-order and pay adoption, and enhanced personalization features.

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Furnishing The Mobile Lifestyle, Sharing Economy-Style


Dickey sees his customers as belonging to a mobile lifestyle , who would rather spend money on visiting places than on items like large pieces of furniture. Retail furnishings furniture rental furniture shopping furniture subscriptions mobile lifestyle News subscription model

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Kroger Begins Rollout Of Mobile Pay, Loyalty Rewards Card


Kroger , one of America’s largest supermarket chains, is introducing a new mobile payment option and a loyalty rewards card, according to reports. The mobile payment option, called Kroger Pay, is available in any Kroger apps for both Android and iOS.

1 in 4 Consumers Bank Mobile-Only

Bank Innovation

The popularity of mobile is on an upswing—so much so, in fact, that many banking clients now choose to do the entirety of their banking through their mobile device. DataBank Databank Mobile Online Mobile banking mobile-only banking Monkey Insights online banking

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Mobile coupons drive loyalty, customer engagement

Mobile Payments Today

Retailers and others have transitioned physical coupons to the mobile space, as a way to enhance customer loyalty and engagement

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Western Union, TerraPay Team Up For Mobile Wallet Payout Options


Western Union has teamed up with TerraPay, a B2B mobile payments company, to enable bank account and mobile wallet payouts, according to the company. B2B Payments B2B digital payments Mobile Payments mobile wallet News partnership western union What's Hot In B2B

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Why More Than Six In 10 Shoppers Use Mobile Beyond Payments


To make purchases online and in brick-and-mortar stores, consumers are tapping into technology such as mobile phones and voice assistants. percent – of shoppers who made a payment remotely through a mobile device discovered their selections through browsing online.

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PODCAST: Has Mobile Flattened The Payments World?


In what has been — historically speaking — the blink of an eye, mobile phones have gone from zero to nearly ubiquitous in a remarkably short time. Today, more than 5 billion people on planet earth carry a mobile phone of some description. In short, the mobile device has become the necessary navigation tool for day-to-day life. This brings about challenges when it comes to mobile evolution in India, he noted, which is building from something of a blank slate.

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Motivating Mobile In 2018


Another year, another chance for mobile wallet players to convince consumers to give up their plastic cards and utilize the phone as a payments form factor. The most-used mobile wallet in the U.S. Mobile adoption in the U.S. That roughly 50-fold difference in size denotes that in the U.S — and to a somewhat lesser extent, Western Europe — mobile payment is an emerging option that is still finding footing with use cases.

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Unattended Battery Rentals Keep Mobile Phones Mobile


But when batteries run low, mobile devices suddenly become a lot less mobile, and consumers find themselves stuck by the nearest outlet — assuming they can find one. Until they get their phones recharged, they are left unable to do simple tasks, like summoning a Lyft or presenting a mobile ticket. Whether they’re sports fans, hurried commuters or tourists at hotels, today’s consumers are mobile-hungry — as are the businesses that serve them.

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