When Conversational AI Meets The QSR Drive-Thru


Amazon Meets Privately With Sellers At CES


While Alexa is a huge presence at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Amazon has been using the popular gathering for another purpose – an opportunity to meet with third-party sellers and promote a new seller support service called marketplace growth.

Flipkart, Amazon Scramble To Meet New India eCommerce Rules


Flipkart, the Walmart-owned Indian eCommerce player, and Amazon’s Indian unit are having a tough time meeting the deadlines under new eCommerce laws in the country.

Kubernetes Meets Big Data


The post Kubernetes Meets Big Data appeared first on Dataconomy. Organizations yearn order and simplicity over chaos and confusion, but the data-driven era we live in challenges these desires on a daily basis.

IoT Meets Yoga Pants


Pants. Most people wear them at some point, but few of us spend much time wondering if pants are living up to their fullest potential. We can safely say that pants have lived up to their minimum commitment as a garment — they do a great job of covering one’s lower half, for example — but even that definition is up in the air as pop icon Kim Kardashian proudly demonstrates here. So what does it mean for pants to be doing their best work?

Coffee Meets Bagel Discloses Users’ Information Was Breached


Coffee Meets Bagel , the online dating site, disclosed on Thursday (Feb. According to a report in The Verge , citing an email that Coffee Meets Bagel sent to users earlier this week, the company said people who signed up before May of 2018 may have had their personal data lifted. Coffee Meets Bagel urged users to be vigilant in the wake of the hack. “As 14) that it was hacked.

Biometrics Meets Blockchain


HYPR, a biometrics security firm, and BitGo, a bitcoin security platform, joined in a partnership to bring biometric authentication to the blockchain space. The BitGo-HYPR partnership is designed to enable a seamless customer experience and fulfill security needs.

Payroll Numbers Meet Expectations


The hiring trend in the private sector managed to keep chugging on for a bit, showing in March that strength in the United States job market has not been derailed by slowdowns elsewhere across the globe.

The bank calls for an Open Banking meeting

Chris Skinner

The bank calls for an Open Banking meeting. The post The bank calls for an Open Banking meeting appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. I posted this on twitter earlier and it’s proven so popular that I thought I would share with all.

Starbucks’ Traffic Booster? Outlook Meetings


users to set up meetings at nearby Starbucks stores. The new tool called “Meet at Starbucks” lets users run an in-app search that utilizes their location to find the nearest store and choose it as a location for their upcoming meeting. The functionality, however, doesn’t require a user to have a Starbucks account for setting up a meeting, Chain Store Age reported. Starbucks has found a new solution to every Outlook user’s coffee needs.

Meet “The Airbnb of Warehouse Space”


There’s a ton of warehouse space in the United States today: about 14.5 billion square feet, according to Jonathan Rosenthal, chairman and co-founder of Warehouse Exchange. But that’s not the shocker, he told Karen Webster in this week’s Matchmaker. According to Rosenthal, the amount of space that goes unused on any given day is 4 billion square feet, or roughly 30 percent. And that’s just the U.S. — the stats in Asia are even worse, with as much as half of all warehouse space sitting unused.

Meet YoCoin: The Bitcoin Alternative


There’s another digital currency in town, and its name is YoCoin. The question is: Can YoCoin give bitcoin a run for its money? We’ll have to wait and see. But YoCoin is pitching itself as a “new cryptocurrency with mainstream appeal.” ” “Unlike most of the alternative cryptocurrencies, YoCoin is a decentralized, peer-to-peer digital currency based on the Scrypt mining algorithm, making it far more accessible than bitcoin is when it comes to mining.

The Ease of Planning a Meeting in Tempe


There are many reasons to consider Tempe, Arizona for your next meeting. But, there’s even more appeal for meeting and event planners. Tempe’s hotels and meeting venues are perfectly suited for groups ranging from 10-500 attendees.

Meet Pavlok, Wearable Payments Newcomer

Bank Innovation

Did you catch the season finale of Shark Tank last week? Yikes. For those who didn’t: the product pitched in the above episode, Pavlok, is a wearable device that uses zaps, taps, beeps and vibrations to train the human mind out of bad habits, such as smoking, nail biting or Read More.

Virtual Membership Meeting

Keith Leggett's Credit Union Watch

Earlier this year, the Washington-state Division of Credit Unions issued an interpretive letter on virtual membership meeting. The state credit union regulator stated that a Washington credit union may not conduct an annual membership meeting or special membership meeting as a virtual meeting without simultaneously conducting an in-person meeting. Annual Meeting Bylaws Credit Union Practices State Regulator

Environmentally Conscious Meets Litter On Wheels?


The sharing economy, environmentally friendly transit and the anti-litter movement all meet. So it’s come to this – or, rather, it all comes to a head, so many trends all at once. Messily. News comes this week courtesy of CBS that the emergence of the auto-less trend – think bike sharing (the dockless kind ) and the rental scooters that are now gaining momentum – have been drawing some heat.

Meeting Consumer Demand With Speed-Of-Life Payments


Therefore, accepting one specific method may be less important for businesses and organizations than enabling as many payment types as possible to meet consumers where they are. The digital economy is here and, for many consumers, it has become a way of life.

Meeting Customers Wherever They Are (Literally)


Why deliver oneself to a store — and face the hassle of heat, crowds and parking — when the store can deliver itself to you, especially if that delivery might someday involve a real, “live” delivery bot rolling to your door? It might seem a bit far-fetched now, but the bots are built and automation is clearly on the rise. The big names in retail — like Walmart and Dunkin’ Donuts — are thinking about how they might offer consumers more by asking them to do less.

Meeting The Average Target Shopper


The average shopper — retail’s favorite concept. For years and for all intents and purposes, the average shopper could be found in Peoria, Illinois. The demographically representative city was a favored testing grounds for products, and the certification that it “plays in Peoria” was taken as a positive indicator that, whatever the product happened to be, it was ready to play in prime time. Up until the end of the 1990s, Peoria was a favored test market.

NACHA Report: Inaugural Meeting Of API Standardization Industry Group


National Automated Clearing House Association ( NACHA ) — the Electronic Payments Association — and the Payments Innovation Alliance recently released a summary report from the API Standardization Industry Group’s inaugural meeting, which took place in May. The meeting brought together 40 leaders from more than 30 organizations to help identify and prioritize API use cases to be explored in the generation of the Playbook.

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Beyond The Buzzword: eGifting Meets P2P Payments


How can eGifting be more enjoyable — the experience more exciting — than receiving a traditional digital gift card? Historically, sending cash to somebody or a digital gift card is a pretty dry experience,” Suresh Bhat, co-founder and COO of Vouchr , told PYMNTS’ Karen Webster in an interview. But [what] we do is we add that layer of fun on top of that.”. People usually think of digital gift cards — or prepaid credit cards — when it comes to eGifting. For Vouchr, that still holds true.

American Express, InComm Holdings Meet to Strategize Prepaid Partnership

Bank Innovation

EXCLUSIVE – Atlanta-based InComm Holdings and American Express will meet today to discuss next steps for their recently announced partnership on Amex’s prepaid card business, InComm President Phil Graves told Bank Innovation.

SMB Lender BlueVine On Track to Meet Target Financing

Bank Innovation

We feel very confident on meeting our annual goal,” Eyal Lifshitz, […]. Small business lender BlueVine is on track for originating its target of $500 million by end of 2017. It might even exceed that number.

Where Fashion, Payments And Tech Meet


At the intersection of payments and commerce in today’s digitally driven world, there’s an endless number of routes where technology and payments merge — including fashion.

Meet Canadian Bank BMO’s Virtual Assistant BMO Bolt

Bank Innovation

EXCLUSIVE – Welcome BMO Bolt, Bank of Montreal’s virtual assistant on social media platform Facebook Messenger. The bot, announced today, was created in partnership with conversational banking technology company Finn.AI. BMO customers shouldn't get too excited about handing over control of their financial lives to the bot yet, though. This chatbot provides only unauthenticated information,Read More.

Silicon Valley Execs To Meet With Trump


14) of this week, prominent Silicon Valley tech industry leaders are reportedly planning to attend President-Elect Donald Trump’s technology roundtable meeting. As of yet, there is no official word on the agenda for the technology roundtable meeting, though, throughout his campaign, Trump emphasized a need to boost American job growth and has repeatedly targeted tech companies, including Apple and IBM, for outsourcing their labor. This should be an interesting one to watch.

Meet the New Technologies Demoing at Bank Innovation 2017

Bank Innovation

Companies from a wide range of fintech are finalists in the demo contest at Bank Innovation 2017, the event announced today. The finalists were chosen from applicants from around the world. A total of 12 companies will demo at Bank Innovation. The winning startup will be named Best in Show.

Watson at Work at IBM Think: Meeting compliance through cognitive computing

Insights on Business

We asked David what are the biggest challenges in regulation, and how he thinks to tackle them: “The answer to meet the ongoing challenges of being compliant is to intelligently and methodically connect your internal controls to the external, dynamic regulatory environment.

Are You Meeting Your Marketing Resolutions?

Social Assurance

Now that the first month of the year is over, it’s time to check in and see if you’re on track to meet your goals. Don’t forget to include leadership and sales representatives for that specific product or service in your meeting.

When Artificial Intelligence Meets Human Intelligence In SMB Accounting


The rise in automated solutions – especially in various finance functions – initially led to concern among financial professionals that their positions might be replaced by robots. With automation becoming more commonplace, however, it’s clear that humans are undoubtedly still needed in the enterprise. Indeed, small businesses say they are actually demanding more from their accountants and bookkeepers than ever before.

Meeting Millenials’ Payment Expectations

Let's Talk Payments

The concept of millennial marketing is nothing new. Generation marketing is based on the assumption that each generation possesses different values and behaviors, which affect consumption habits. One area this. Commerce Fintech Insights Payments Asia Europe insights US

Mouth, Meet Money In Payments Innovation


In payments, the readiness is all, to quote Shakespeare. For large financial institutions, the readiness … requires some readiness. In the latest Data Drivers, PYMNTS’ Karen Webster spoke with Marc Winitz, CMO of i2c, to get a sense of how fierce competition is in financial services.

Wall Street’s Secret ‘Digital Dollar’ Meeting


But this meeting was all part of a secret event that was reportedly sponsored by Chain, the blockchain startup. This meeting took place in the Times Square office of Nasdaq — which has also been experimenting with blockchain’s tech — and included representatives from Citigroup, Visa, Fidelity, Fiserv., ” The outcome of this event was officially announced yesterday (May 2), when leaders who participated in the meeting expressed what came out of it.

The Best Bank Shareholder Meeting You Ever Had

Banker to Banker

You have probably experienced this at your bank - You hold a shareholder meeting and of your 1,000 shareholders, only twenty people showed up and ten were directors, two were past employees and five were there for the free lunch.

Meet Ceba, Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s AI-Powered Chatbot

Bank Innovation

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia today unveiled its own chatbot, called Ceba, that performs more than 200 banking tasks, including activating cards, paying bills, receiving bank statements, and more. Check out the video of how Ceba works. Ceba will first be rolled out to 6.2 million NetBank and CommBank app users in the coming weeks and […]. Exclusive Innovations Online artificial intelligence chatbots Mobile banking online banking

When blockchain meets real estate


When blockchain meets real estate on BankNXT. It was only a matter of time before cryptocurrencies entered the realm of real estate, says Phil Siarri. Fintech Payments bitcoin blockchain cryptocurrency digital trends

Meet The Personas Behind The Rise Of Contextual Commerce


It can happen at the office. It can happen on Facebook and Pinterest. It can happen on a well-crafted blog designed to appeal to particular hobbyists, or an event and ticketing website, or an online platform devoted to travel. It can happen pretty much anywhere, given the right tools. And the people who try it seem to really, really like it — which signals good news for merchants and payments providers in the coming years.

Why Payments Innovation Is About Meeting Challenges


The world of payments is no doubt in the midst of a major transformation. Vivek Agrawal, executive vice president of technology solutions provider Skava , joined PYMNTS for the latest segment of the Commander in Chief series to speak to why innovation isn’t just about creating new, exciting products. Here’s why Agrawal says the real focal point of innovation is to address (and solve) real and present challenges across industries.

Where Customer Satisfaction And Security Compliance Meet


set out to find a provider that could build a solution that would be able to meet PCI requirements and help boost customer satisfaction, call handle time and call center security — all without the challenge of altering existing infrastructure. Customer service and protecting customer information are vitally important to any business, but sometimes it can be tough to do one without impacting the other. For WideOpenWest (WOW!),

How accountants can conduct consultative client meetings


Katie Tolin, past president of the Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) and founder of CPA Growth Guides LLC , notes that when accountants understand how to conduct consultative meetings, they can secure and grow revenue streams while the client achieves business goals.

Meet Ryan Gilbert, One of the Geniuses of the Innovation Bar at Bank Innovation 2018

Bank Innovation

Shouldn’t banks be more like Apple stores? And shouldn’t fintech conferences be more like Apple stores? Bank Innovation 2018 will be.

Retail CEOs Meet Trump, Talk Border Tax


Yesterday, retail industry executives were scheduled to meet with President Donald Trump to discuss his proposed change to the border tax. In their meeting, the retail executives reportedly planned to discuss the tax’s potential effects on consumer prices. The group was said to have included top brass from Best Buy, Gap Inc. and Target. The gathering was also expected to include the CEOs of AutoZone, J.C. Penney Co., Jo-Ann Stores, Tractor Supply Co.

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Can Faster Payments Meet Faster (And Higher) Consumer Expectations?


It would appear that simplicity is a concept that is valued worldwide. The ability to send money between parties quickly is gaining popularity. Across the pond, for example, the latest statistics from the U.K.’s s Faster Payments scheme indicate 129.7 million payments — totaling £112.6