Biden advances digital asset regulation

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The Biden administration wants the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission to “aggressively pursue investigations and enforcement actions against unlawful practices in the digital assets space &rdquo

Is crypto a regulated asset or a disruptive technology?

Daily Fintech

Crypto is either a regulated asset or a disruptive technology – but it cannot be both. If you believe that crypto is a regulated asset, the easy trade is to buy Coinbase stock (COIN). Coinbase is fully regulated in […].


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Time for a global regulator

Chris Skinner

I was in conversation with a banker the other day and we got around to regulations and regulators, as many conversations with banks tend to do. I guess it falls into three categories: the way regulations used to be; the way … The post Time for a global regulator appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Digital Bank Future Grid Opinion Regulation

BaaS works, it’s the regulations that don’t

Chris Skinner

This means this is not the end … The post BaaS works, it’s the regulations that don’t appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Digital Bank Fintech Future Grid Opinion Regulation

Regulating the cryptocurrency markets

Chris Skinner

I guess that this is logical as my last line was that government control of cryptocurrencies is “not so easy for cryptocurrencies that have … The post Regulating the cryptocurrency markets appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Blockchain Fintech Future Grid Innovation Opinion Payments RegulationSomeone made the comment on my platform piece about what happens when there are no Jack Ma’s or Mark Zuckerberg’s, as the whole thing is decentralised?

Stripe CEO praises European regulation over US

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Patrick Collison, who founded the company with his brother, gave an edge to the European Union in creating a regulatory regime where fintechs are thriving

European Central Banks Demand Strict Cryptocurrency Regulations


Europe's biggest banks have called on the European Commission to implement tough regulations for cryptocurrencies, such as stablecoins, that would protect consumers and preserve state sovereignty in monetary policy, Reuters reported.

Slow regulations versus fast tech

Chris Skinner

Before 2010, I was writing a lot about technology but it was all heavily geared towards regulations. MiFID and PSD were top of mind, along with Basel III and other global, European and domestic regulations. I wrote a lot about regulations. … The post Slow regulations versus fast tech appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Digital Bank Fintech Grid Innovation Regulation Technology Uncategorized

Yellen urges stricter stablecoin regulation amid TerraUSD crash

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The coin, which relies on an algorithm rather than being backed by dollar reserves, plummeted to 23 cents Wednesday, according to CoinDesk

5 Startups Rebooting Regulation

Bank Innovation

The rise of insurtech is running parallel to the rise of regtech, as financial firms and startups apply artificial intelligence, blockchain, and other technologies to the dizzying world of financial regulation. Changing the face of regulation for a fresher, more transparent take isn’t exactly easy–as the OCC is finding out–but we […]. Fintech has another cousin.

Visa urges cautious approach to BNPL regulations

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"The CFPB should tailor its approaches to preserve consumers’ and merchants' ability to access a wide variety of installment options and maintain competition among BNPL solutions," Visa said in commenting to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

The regulator’s focus for 2020

Chris Skinner

Here’s where the regulator will focus in 2020: The Financial Stability Board (FSB) published its work programme for 2020. Future Grid Payments RegulationI was going to write stuff about this but The Financial Stability Board did it for me.

The Crypto Brat Pack Just Earned Themselves Regulation


Well, Gonzobankers, the smart, idealist and self-declared revolutionary crypto kids just bought themselves a future of regulation — intricate, overbearing, and frustrating regulation, and regulation that the market will now demand.

China Drafts Updates To Commercial Bank Regulations


International banking china international lenders Lending News people's bank of china regulations What's Hot

EU Privacy Regulators Disagree On Twitter Fine


The Wall Street Journal reported that the disagreement was disclosed by Ireland’s Data Protection Commission, one of the EU’s privacy regulators. The Irish regulator did not say which entities objected to its proposed decision, or on what grounds.

Wirecard’s regulator faces criminal probe as scandal expands

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Accounting regulations Wirecard Germany

Congressional bill aims to regulate crypto

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A bipartisan Senate proposal introduced Tuesday tackles regulatory requirements for stablecoin issuers, taxes on crypto transactions and agency oversight. It’s not the only effort to create a regulatory framework

The Semantic Regulator (#RegTech Rules)

Chris Skinner

A bigger question must also be: how can a regulatory check that a bank is compliant with their regulatory changes, if their regulations change every 12 minutes are run to 1,000’s of pages? The answer is they can’t, but they don’t … The post The Semantic Regulator (#RegTech Rules) appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Blockchain Fintech Grid Regulation Technology UncategorizedA bank has to make a regulatory change every 12 minutes. That’s some task.

Big Tech Faces Regulation Reckoning As 2021 Dawns


Alibaba billionaire Jack Ma reportedly told regulators at a meeting: "You can take any of the platforms Ant has, as long as the country needs it.”. Regulation Antitrust Big Tech cma Facebook Featured News FTC Google Lawsuits News

NYDFS Announces Updated Cybersecurity Regulation

CFPB Monitor

On November 9, 2022, New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) Superintendent Adrienne Harris announced that the NYDFS formally proposed an updated cybersecurity regulation. Cybersecurity Regulatory and Enforcement State regulation cybersecurity NYDFS technology

Digital regulators are a new norm in financial services


But they are also forcing central banks and regulators to rethink and restructure their approaches to becoming resilient, adopting new technologies, leveraging data and constructing an agile operating model, all while providing regulatory services.

NJ Legislators Propose Tighter Data Privacy Regulations


The California Consumer Privacy Act went into effect in January, and the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR ) went into effect in 2018. Retailers of all sizes will be forced to prepare for new, stricter regulations.

NJ 209

Whose eyeing your wallet? Blind regulators

Daily Fintech

Blind regulators appeared first on Daily Fintech. Default/Ignore Crypto EU mobile wallet regulationScanning this week’s news there were a few stories that caught my eye.

Regulators eye big data impact on ratemaking

Daily Fintech

The post Regulators eye big data impact on ratemaking appeared first on Daily Fintech. InsurTech #bigdata #predictivemodels #ratemaking #regulatorIn insurance, big data connotes unstructured and structured data that influences underwriting, rating, and pricing.

U.K. Treasury Increasing Cryptocurrency Ad Regulations


18) that it plans to regulate cryptocurrency advertising like other financial products and ensure that promotions are “fair, clear and not misleading,” according to a Bloomberg report. The U.K. Treasury said Tuesday (Jan.

Bank regulations change every 12 minutes

Chris Skinner

In fact, what gets me is that regulations are the big ticket barrier to change in banking. It’s what protects the banks from disruption and change, as … The post Bank regulations change every 12 minutes appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Grid Regulation UncategorizedI recently spent a day in a meeting discussing Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) … yawn. Well, it is a bit of a dull area, but highly important.

Powell: Stablecoin regulation belongs to the Fed

American Banker

Cryptocurrency Regulation and compliance Politics and policy

How do governments regulate a networked world?

Chris Skinner

Seven billion people have access … The post How do governments regulate a networked world? Opinion Regulation Technology UncategorizedFollowing on from yesterday’s blog about Little Britain and a hard Brexit, we all know the world has been globalising and, even though there is currently a backlash against globalisation per se, it is unstoppable. It is unstoppable primarily because of technology. The whole planet is now on the network.

Massachusetts Regulators To Crack Down On Robinhood


Robinhood has come under the watchful eye of regulators — this time in Massachusetts. State regulators are set to file a complaint on Wednesday (Dec. 16) saying that the stock-trading platform failed to protect its customers and their assets, violating state laws and regulations.

Can regulators keep pace with fintech innovation?

American Banker

Regulation and compliance

The regulator’s view of bitcoin, 2017

Chris Skinner

As mentioned on Friday, they see … The post The regulator’s view of bitcoin, 2017 appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Blockchain Digital Bank Fintech Grid Innovation Opinion RegulationAs part of the blockchain conference, I chaired a session with some central bankers talking about their views on distributed ledger technologies. These central banks have run trials and are thinking about it, but none of them are particularly big on blockchain right now.

States are well equipped to regulate fintechs

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But states are already working together to streamline regulation while continuing to enforce consumer protections and encourage innovation. Fintech CSBS OCC State regulators Fintech regulations

5 Best Practices for Adhering to UDAAP Regulations

SWBC's LenderHub

Regulations & ComplianceAre you 100% sure that your employees have the necessary compliance and regulatory training in order to mitigate the risk of fines and to protect your financial institution and its borrowers?

Report: As Crypto Becomes More Popular, Regulation Will Increase


But in doing so, it will now face more scrutiny from regulators, Bloomberg reported. Regulation will be more of an issue for crypto companies the bigger and more ubiquitous they become, Bloomberg reported. Cryptocurrency Bitcoin cryptocurrency News regulations What's Hot

Russia to Regulate Cryptocurrencies in 2017

Bank Innovation

Russia will start regulating cryptocurrency trading by the end of the year, according to the country’s Finance Minister. It is possible to regulate them, so the […]. Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Bitcoin regulation cryptocurrencies RussiaAt the Moscow Financial Forum on Friday, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said: The state certainly understands that cryptocurrencies are a reality, there is no point in prohibiting them.