California’s New Ridesharing Law Could Hurt Drivers


California Gov. Lyft says it has 325,000 drivers in California, while Uber says it has more than 200,000, the article said. Gig Economy AB5 California Drivers employees gig economy independent contractors Lyft News Ridesharing Uber What's Hot

Gig Economy Could See Overhaul Under New California Bill


California lawmakers passed a controversial labor bill on Tuesday (Sept. App-based businesses tried to work out immunity to no avail and the bill passed the California State Senate in a 29 to 11 vote, The New York Times reported on Wednesday (Sept. California Gov.

California Expects IPO Tax Windfall


California is gearing up to get a tax windfall from all the initial public offerings of California companies slated for this year. When Facebook went public, The Wall Street Journal reported California got $1.3 If California gets billions in tax revenue from the IPOs of tech companies, the governor could face pressure from liberal legislators and interest groups to increase spending.

California’s Proposed Business Lending Rules Draw Support


Proposed regulations would give small businesses in California the nation’s most extensive set of truth-in-lending protections for small business borrowers. . In 2018, California began the journey of establishing lending transparency for small businesses in the state.

California BanCorp Launches Treasury Management Consultancy


California BanCorp , the holding company for California Bank of Commerce (CBC), has announced the launch of a Treasury Management Consultancy to enable firms to manage their liquidity, utilize excess cash for better investments and reduce financial risks. “We

California’s fintech startups are invading New York

Bank Innovation

It had to be California. When two Irish brothers started Stripe Inc. together in 2010, there was little question about where they should put their headquarters.

What’s Next For California’s Gig Economy After AB 5


About a year-and-a-half after a state Supreme Court decision that brought the issue to the forefront of legislators’ attention, the California Senate voted to approve Assembly Bill 5 on Tuesday (Sept.

California Truckers Continue Legal Fight Against Gig Worker Law


Legislation in California that aims to expand worker protections for so-called gig economy workers has led to a debate in the state’s freight services market and a lawsuit hoping to block the law. The CTA filed its lawsuit to block California’s law last week, the report said. “To

Employee Or Contractor? California Freight Enters The Worker Classification Debate


California Trucking Weighs In. This week, reports in Capital Public Radio in California noted a legislative proposal that would classify independent truckers as employees, not as contractors — the opposite of what the Labor Department stated in its opinion.

Tech Lobbyists Oppose California Consumer Privacy Act


Lobbying groups and trade associations representing tech giants such as Facebook and Apple have thrown their support towards legislation that could weaken California’s landmark privacy law.

FinTech Firms Ease Resistance To California SMB Borrower Protection Rules


However, lawmakers in California are getting closer to making legislation that would protect small business borrowers using alternative lending platforms, with industry players working with policymakers to make the new rules palatable for everyone.

California’s New Labor Bill Gets Pushback From Uber


Rideshare giant Uber says it will fight the recent passage of a controversial labor bill in California, The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday (Sept. Gig Economy AB5 California contractors gig economy labor Legislation Lyft News Uber What's Hot

Amazon Deploys Delivery Robots In California


Amazon has begun using Scout, its six-wheeled autonomous delivery robot, in a neighborhood in Irvine, California, according to a report.

Unions Urge New York To Follow California’s Lead On Gig Workers


Unions in New York are petitioning the state to change its laws to include employment protections for gig economy workers, similar to a bill recently passed in California, The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday (Sept.

Amid California Wildfires, FIs And Payment Services Offer Help


Payment services providers and financial institutions are beginning their work in helping people recover from the California wildfires — with those disaster responses informed by experiences in previous wildfires and recent hurricanes.

California CPAs Call For Crypto Accounting Clarity


Certified Professional Accountants (CPAs) in California are calling on an industry watchdog to clarify standards for cryptocurrency accounting, with expectations that corporations will increase their use of cryptocurrencies moving forward.

WorldRemit Expands Into California


24) that it has launched in California. s fasted growing startup, WorldRemit said it has set its sights on California, as the state is home to one in four migrants in the U.S. California will also stand as the company’s second largest market to date.

CashCall, Courts And California’s Increasingly Confusing Lending Market


Headquartered in Orange County, California and founded in 2003, CashCall is a big firm that consumers likely know best from its early commercials featuring the late Gary Coleman. During its 15 years in business, the firm grew up to be the largest lender of its kind in the state of California.

California Governor: Large Tech Firms Might Be ‘Streamrolled’


In a published interview, California Governor Gavin Newsom said big tech companies in his state could soon be “steamrolled” through federal regulations. Regulation Amazon Big Tech breakup California Competition ecommerce Facebook Google News regulations What's Hot

AB5 Is Now The Law Of The Gig Land In California


Gavin Newsom signed into law a proposal that would have California companies limited with respect to their use of independent contractors. Regulation AB5 bill California Gavin Newsom gig economy independent contractors Law Lorena Gonzalez News What's Hot

California Senate Could Rule On Gig Economy Law This Week


As early as this week, California’s state Senate will take up a measure that could forever change the future of the gig economy, and firms like Uber and Lyft , in both the state and nationwide. But California’s state courts saw the issue somewhat differently.

Wish They All Could Be California Bots


The word “California” never fails to conjure up a mental image, though that will vary from person to person – some will think sun and sand, others will think movie stars, while still others will think internet startups. Well, if all of these California test drives go according to plan, anyway.

Uber, Lyft Back Ballot Measure To Fight California Gig Worker Law


Uber , Lyft and DoorDash are backing a ballot initiative to exempt themselves from California’s landmark law that re-classifies gig economy workers as employees, the companies announced in a press release on Tuesday (Oct.

Microsoft Is ‘Strong Supporter’ Of California Consumer Privacy Act


Microsoft has promised to follow California’s privacy law throughout the United States after the regulation goes into effect on Jan.

Ride sharing, delivery firms gear for battle after California reclassifies workers in new bill

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A bill that reclassifies gig workers at ride sharing, delivery and other app-based firms passed overwhelmingly in California.

California’s Governor Wants Tech Companies To Share Profits With Consumers


Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, wants consumers to benefit from the billions of dollars technology companies in the state made by forcing the tech companies to share their profits. While the governor said he was proud that California is home to so many technology firms, he also said that the companies making billions in profits “collecting, curating, and monetizing our personal data have a duty to protect it.

California man faces life for illegally operating a Bitcoin ATM

ATM Marketplace

A 25-year-old Westwood, California man has agreed to plead guilty to federal charges for illegally operating a crypto exchange and a bitcoin ATM where he laundered up to $25 million in cash and crypto for individuals, including drug dealers

California Nears SMB Borrower Protection Rules


California continues its efforts to extend borrower protection rules to small businesses (SMBs), with new support for the initiative from SMB advocates and an approval from the state’s Assembly Appropriations Committee and the California Senate. The California Senate followed with its approval of the SB 1235 bill, dubbed a truth-in-lending law.

California Naturel Misled Consumers, Says FTC


California Naturel falsely advertised that its sunscreen as “all natural,” the FTC said Monday. But California Naturel also admitted that 8 percent of its sunscreen is dimethicone, which is synthetic. The FTC order, which mandates that California Naturel must not misrepresent ingredients or composition of its products or its natural or synthetic content, stemmed from an administrative complaint lodged against the company in April of this year.

California Kroger Subsidiary Says No To Visa


Foods Co, a subsidiary of grocery giant Kroger , has announced that 21 of its grocery stores and five of its gas stations in Central and Northern California are officially through with Visa branded credit cards as a form of payment, effective August 14, 2018. Payment Methods California Foods Co grocery Kroger News Retail Visa Visa credit cards What's Hot

California AG Revives Lawsuit

PYMNTS Chief Executive Carl Ferrer, along with two controlling shareholders, are facing fresh charges from California Attorney General Kamala Harris, who last week filed a lawsuit alleging the online media company engaged in pimping and laundering money. According to a report in Fortune , the move by the California AG revives a case that got dismissed by a judge earlier in December. News Security & Fraud California AG Lawsuit money laundering What's Hot

California Moves Forward On Effort To Bank Marijuana Businesses


California is pressing forward with efforts to provide legal banking services to marijuana businesses as cannabis companies struggle to get banked. Reports in The San Francisco Chronicle said California policymakers introduced a bill last Thursday (Jan. The bill, SB930, is one of several concepts that have surfaced in the state in recent months while California supports a growing industry. B2B Payments B2B banking California Marijuana regulation SMBs What's Hot In B2B

California senate passes bill set to transform gig economy

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The California Senate passed a bill that could force Uber and other gig economy giants to reclassify their workers as employees. Gig economy Uber Lyft California

California data privacy compromise in peril

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Data privacy Financial regulations Compliance State regulators State of California 13069FNew plans for a ballot initiative in November 2020 threaten to overturn concessions that financial institutions, tech firms and other companies have won from state lawmakers.

California Dreaming? Why and What You Should Know About CA’s Privacy Law and Regulations

New York's State of Mind

Instead, they are regulations proposed by California to implement the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA). To be clear, assuming you are not a California credit union or dealing with California […]. Regulatory Compliance New York State technology Facebook GDPR California CCPA personal information right to privacy European Union

CA 48

California Dreamin’ (Of A Higher Minimum Wage)


The news out of California on Monday (March 28) that Governor Jerry Brown, state lawmakers and labor leaders have reached an agreement to raise the state’s minimum wage to $15 an hour has the country buzzing.

The derailment of California's payroll advance law

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Small-dollar lending Payday lending Payroll State regulators Underbanked Fintech regulations State of California 13069FA first-in-the-nation bill that drew unanimous support from the state Senate failed to get over the finish line this year. What happened?

Fundation Digitizes SMB Loans For Banc Of California


In a press release , Fundation said it is collaborating with Banc of California to develop a streamlined, digital small business lending and line of credit solution that the bank can offer to its small business clients.

No More Waiting To Pay At California Pizza Kitchen


California Pizza Kitchen has taken notice of this and has decided to raise the bar in its current mobile app, CPK Pizza Dough Rewards. By eliminating the post-meal waiting time, California Pizza Kitchen has placed value on both customers’ experience level and time. “We In fact, 80 percent of our Pizza Dough Rewards loyalty members engage with us through their mobile device,” said Ashley Ceraolo, senior vice president of marketing and beverage at California Pizza Kitchen.

Walmart Ramps Up Curbside Pickup in California


The superstore has seen success in Seattle, Oklahoma City, and 10 locations throughout California, but it is expanding the number of locations in the Golden State. Retail Amazon California curbside pickup delivery ecommerce grocery grocery store Grocery Stores News supermarket walmart What's HotIt’s safe to say that online shopping has changed the way in which consumers shop and altered expectations when it comes to service. Will Test Driverless Car Service In California 

PYMNTS, a self-driving car startup based in Guangzhou, China, is launching a pilot program to test self-driving cars with a robo taxi service called BotRide.

Business Cry Foul Over California’s New Data Privacy Law


California’s new consumer privacy law is facing a backlash from businesses around the U.S. The companies, noted the WSJ , are unhappy that California lawmakers didn’t consult them when figuring out how to implement the law. Data businesses California customer loyalty programs data privacy law retailers tech companies What's Hotwhich contend the law will hurt all sorts of companies, whether it’s retailers or customer loyalty programs.

Auto Dealers In California Seek To Halt Volvo Subscriptions


In an effort to halt Volvo from offering cars to consumers through subscriptions, the California New Car Dealers Association (CNCDA) filed a petition with the New Motor Vehicle Board in the state.