Mastercard, Interos partner on risk management tools

Payments Dive

Mastercard's new partnership with the software provider is the latest in a string of added ties to fintechs aimed at expanding its payments and risk assessment tool offering

Why construction loan risk management software is so valuable


Driving efficiency and reducing risk Construction loan risk management software leverages technology and sound process management to pull construction lending away from its manual roots. Construction loan risk management. Stay up to date on credit risk.


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Citi Fined $400M Over Faulty Risk Management Systems


bank to fix the "significant ongoing deficiencies" in its risk management systems, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported. In a consent order which Citi's board agreed to, the bank was chastised for failing in various areas of risk management and internal controls. According to WSJ, the bank failed at data management, regulatory reporting and capital planning. Regulation Citigroup News regulations risk management What's Hot

How technology changes Enterprise Risk Management?


Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) refers to businesses’ techniques and procedures to manage hazards and seize opportunities to achieve their goals. Topics Big Data Featured enterprise risk management ERM frameworks Risk Management

Successful Change Management with Enterprise Risk Management

Speaker: William Hord, Vice President of ERM Services

Join us as we discuss the various tangents of data and the change management process that will help you make better risk-based business decisions to save time and money for your organization.

Effective model risk management and model validation in banking


Best practices for assessing models and managing risk Sound model development, implementation, use, and validation is especially important as CECL models debut. . What are model risk management and model validation? Lending & Credit Risk.

A New Reality For Supplier Risk Management


Supplier risk management is often a resource-intensive practice and rarely a target of technological investments. As a result, corporates will often let their vendor relationship management processes fall by the wayside. Unprecedented Risk.

Model Risk Management: Regulatory Priorities and Best Practices


Meet Model Risk Management Expectations Updates to the FDIC Risk Management Manual should steer institutions toward a model that manages risk and drives growth. Model Risk Management in the spotlight. Lowering Risk.

Crowe: Risk Management With RegTech As Strategy


Marry tech and talent, then risk management can pay dividends, notes an upcoming PYMNTS webinar. Not only is regulatory oversight on the rise, but social media has emerged as a strong watchdog, too, keeping financial institutions (FIs) mindful of unchartered territory, where risks to reputation and revenues abound. At the same time, risk and compliance professionals still are inundated with manual tasks. Taking on more risk?

VAR for Enterprise Risk Management

South State Correspondent

Two risk managers were discussing their fear of flying and crashing to their deaths in an airplane. One of the risk managers stated that he had a morbid fear of being on a plane that is blown up by an onboard bomb. The second risk manager asked how he handled this fear, to which the first risk manager replied - “Simple, I bring on board with me a bomb that I have control over, and of course I would never detonate it.” “How does that help?”

Fusion Pulls Suppliers Into Its Corporate Risk Management Software


Fusion Risk Management is expanding its corporate risk management software offering by integrating new functionality into the tool, the company said in a press release on Monday (Sept. The updates include connectivity with third parties, allowing its Fusion Framework System users to engage with their suppliers and other third parties in supply chains to streamline the vendor risk assessment process.

Walking the Tightrope of Service and Risk Management

SWBC's LenderHub

Risk Management Customer Service & LoyaltyMaintaining auto insurance coverage is what most would consider “old news.” For borrowers and lenders alike, it is a necessary investment that protects all invested parties from experiencing loss.

Esker Adds More Visibility, Risk Management To Supplier Solution


Esker , which specializes in artificial intelligence (AI)-driven process automation software, has launched a new supplier management solution in its procure-to-pay automation suite, which will help businesses manage and automate their supply chains, according to a press release.

WePay On The Art Of Payments Risk Management


Understanding risk, particularly its sources and how to most effectively manage it, is one of the most fundamentally important topics in payments for those who provide services and those who use them. It is also, according to WePay Co-Founder Rich Aberman and WePay VP of Product Risk, Compliance and Experience John Canfield , one of the most difficult topics to really get a handle on. That precipitates the need to have new ways of look at risk management.”.

Argos Risk, Gatekeeper Partner For Risk Management Services


Argos Risk , which monitors the financial health of other companies, has entered an agreement with software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution Gatekeeper , according to a press release. It generally allows businesses to keep their scorecards clean and do away with unnecessary risk.

Wells Fargo Announces New Risk Management Hires And Strategy


Kevin Reen and Bill Juliano, who recently worked for J.P.Morgan Chase and Santander Bank respectively, will now serve as Wells Fargo ‘s new corporate risk leaders, in the company’s attempt to have better oversight going forward.

Profile Software Unveils FX Risk Management Tool


In an effort to provide complete management of foreign exchange risk, financial solutions provider Profile Software rolled out its Acumen net eFX offering. It can fully accommodate rapid business expansion and future needs for competitive Treasury management operations.”.

EGRC 101: Enterprise governance, risk management, and compliance


Enterprise governance, risk, and compliance (EGRC) is a strategy for governing an organization’s overall governance, enterprise risk management, and regulatory compliance.

Transactions: SAS acquires risk management company Kamakura Corporation


Analytics software company SAS has completed its acquisition of risk management company Kamakura Corporation, the companies announced Monday. Hawaii-based Kamakura creates data and software solutions for banks and banking enterprises, with a focus on risk management.

Coupa Bolsters Controlled Spending, Risk Management Capabilities


Coupa , which works in business spend management, is rolling out new capabilities to help with businesses’ spend visibility while lowering risk, through a cloud-based platform, according to a press release.

Deloitte: Risk management looks to automation in 2021


This year, risk management will look inward. Automation is not new to risk management, but businesses will increasingly look to the technology to address pandemic-spurred risk and security issues, said J.H.

U.K. regulators tell JPMorgan to review its risk management

American Banker

Operations Risk management Regulation and compliance

BMO converting to cloud-based risk management analytics


Bank of Montreal will leverage a proprietary, cloud-based, risk management analytics solution to forecast loan loss scenarios faster and with better cost-efficiency.

AI in banking is all about risk management

Chris Skinner

It is the nature of finance that, at its core, is risk. Insurance is all about covering yourself for the risk of uncertainty. You don’t you’ll have a car accident but, just … The post AI in banking is all about risk management appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. You don’t know if your house will be robbed but, just in case it is, you insure it.

A Recipe for Risk Management

South State Correspondent

There is a trendy restaurant in New York City that temporarily changed its menu to serve food composed entirely of garbage. The idea was to highlight the amount of food that is wasted worldwide. Food waste happens for different reasons in different places – in developing countries, difficulty with storage and refrigeration are the problem. In developed countries, aesthetic standards are the primary culprit, and changing this perception was the goal of the experiment

Adhering to Nacha’s Fraud Risk Management and Monitoring Rules

SWBC's LenderHub

As of March 18, 2022, Nacha’s account validation rule requires ACH originators of WEB entries to use a commercially reasonable fraud detection system to verify the first time a consumer checking account is used for an electronic (ACH) payment, if the payment is initiated over an online channel, the account number must be validated first.

Nuts and Bolts of Risk Management Strategy


In my previous post we looked at the importance of crafting the right digitally-enabled risk management approach—a forward-looking strategy that helps encompass the rapid pace of technology change. Managing Risk Featured Risk management bank risk management risk management strategy

Decisioning data crucial for Chase risk management strategies


SAN DIEGO — Data and analytics go hand in hand with risk management in today’s digitally-driven auto finance market, making it crucial for auto lenders to rely on the right data for their decisioning, Chase Auto Chief Risk Officer Ajit Nalla, said Tuesday during a fireside chat at the Auto Finance Risk Summit. “It’s

Wells Fargo Overhauling Risk Management Processes


Wells Fargo, weeks after it was hit with a rare enforcement action from the Federal Reserve, is overhauling its risk management processes and announced internally that four top risk management executives would be retiring. According to a report in The Wall Street Journal citing employees and an internal memo that was described to the paper, Wells Fargo also let employees know about the reorganization to better manage risk.

XBRL News about trade reporting, legal identifies and risk management

Daily Fintech

The post XBRL News about trade reporting, legal identifies and risk management appeared first on Daily Fintech. Here is our pick of the 3 most important XBRL news stories from the last week.

Bank risk managers aren't ready for wave of corporate credit defaults

American Banker

Risk management Commercial lending Commercial banking

Analytics Firm SAS Acquires Risk Management Specialist

Banking Exchange

SAS has acquired Kamakura Corporation to enhance its technology innovation in attempt to curb financial sector volatility Technology Feature Tech Management Outsourcing/Cloud Core Systems Online Mobile Feature3.

FIs to increase focus on climate risk management


The pressure is on for financial institutions (FIs) to adopt climate risk models as regulators and shareholders zero in on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors.

Cyber Complications for Vendor Risk Management


Cybersecurity | 4 minute read Key Takeaways Third-party/vendor risk management is becoming increasingly challenging with more cloud-based providers. On top of initial vendor due diligence, there are ongoing, systematic approaches to managing third-party relationships. . In a marketplace where data is shared and distributed at record speeds, third-party or vendor risk management is a challenge for most businesses. Ongoing Vendor Management. Credit Risk.

Podcast: A Risk Manager Moves Into the Corner Office

ABA Community Banking

As one of the country's generation of young bank CEOs, and one whose professional background is in risk management and regulatory compliance, Clayton Legear shares his unique outlook in the latest episode of the ABA Banking Journal Podcast.