Fusion Pulls Suppliers Into Its Corporate Risk Management Software


Fusion Risk Management is expanding its corporate risk management software offering by integrating new functionality into the tool, the company said in a press release on Monday (Sept. The updates include connectivity with third parties, allowing its Fusion Framework System users to engage with their suppliers and other third parties in supply chains to streamline the vendor risk assessment process.

Crowe: Risk Management With RegTech As Strategy


Marry tech and talent, then risk management can pay dividends, notes an upcoming PYMNTS webinar. Not only is regulatory oversight on the rise, but social media has emerged as a strong watchdog, too, keeping financial institutions (FIs) mindful of unchartered territory, where risks to reputation and revenues abound. At the same time, risk and compliance professionals still are inundated with manual tasks. Taking on more risk?

IBM OpenPages in the Leader’s quadrant of 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integrated Risk Management

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IBM OpenPages is again in the Leader’s quadrant of the new 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integrated Risk Management (IRM). Today, the Integrated Risk Management market is undeniably one to watch for industry observers.

VAR for Enterprise Risk Management

Banker to Banker

Two risk managers were discussing their fear of flying and crashing to their deaths in an airplane. One of the risk managers stated that he had a morbid fear of being on a plane that is blown up by an onboard bomb. said the second risk manager.

The Rise Of Risk Management In Commerce And Payments


Cross-border operations can expose companies to an array of risks, including foreign exchange risk. According to Western Union, its newest tool for Hong Kong SMEs provides capabilities for favorable currency movements, reports said, while hedging against risk in the case of unfavorable FX fluctuations. Earnings cambridge global currency fluctuations earnings foreign exchange hedging Netflix News risk management Turkey

Nuts and Bolts of Risk Management Strategy


In my previous post we looked at the importance of crafting the right digitally-enabled risk management approach—a forward-looking strategy that helps encompass the rapid pace of technology change. Managing Risk Featured Risk management bank risk management risk management strategy

The Rise Of Currency Hedging And Risk Management


In a new PYMNTS interview , Karl Schamotta, regional director of risk management solutions at Cambridge Global , which sells currency hedging and related services — tasks that have recently assumed greater importance in eCommerce and other industries because of the stronger U.S. You can be sure risk management will continue to gain importance. Market Conditions agriculture cambridge global currency hedging farmers Karl Schamotta Netflix risk management

AI in banking is all about risk management

Chris Skinner

It is the nature of finance that, at its core, is risk. Insurance is all about covering yourself for the risk of uncertainty. You don’t you’ll have a car accident but, just … The post AI in banking is all about risk management appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog.

Banking Third Party Risk Management Requirements are a Big and Expensive Ask

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But the slew of banking regulatory requirements for third party risk management is proving to be complex, all-consuming and expensive for both institutions and the third parties involved.

A Recipe for Risk Management

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There is a trendy restaurant in New York City that temporarily changed its menu to serve food composed entirely of garbage. The idea was to highlight the amount of food that is wasted worldwide.

Good governance is key to building a model risk management framework


In today’s heavily regulated financial climate, banks and financial institutions are relying more heavily on models—to help measure and manage their exposure to risk, and to help manage the overall business. These models are used in every aspect of risk.

Registration deadline approaching - Risk management summit 2017


The 2017 Risk Management Summit presented by Sageworks is set for September 25-27th in Denver, CO. The Summit is the industry’s leading life-of-loan conference, spanning loan origination through portfolio risk management in a CECL - current expected credit loss - world. In September 2016, more than 240 bankers and industry experts from both community banks and credit unions attended the Risk Management Summit in Austin, Texas.

Registration deadline approaching - Risk management summit 2017


The 2017 Risk Management Summit presented by Sageworks is set for September 25-27th in Denver, CO. The Summit is the industry’s leading life-of-loan conference, spanning business development through portfolio risk management in a CECL - current expected credit loss - world. In September 2016, more than 240 bankers and industry experts from both community banks and credit unions attended the Risk Management Summit in Austin, Texas.

IBM again a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integrated Risk Management

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When IBM acquired OpenPages in 2010, it was widely recognized as a pioneer and market leader in governance, risk and compliance software. Since the acquisition in 2010, IBM has continued to drive innovation and leadership in risk and compliance and industry leaders have taken note.

Artificial intelligence in banking is all about risk management


Chris Skinner reveals that risk management is where big banks feel most comfortable. Artificial intelligence in banking is all about risk management on BankNXT. Banking artificial intelligence risk management

Combating inconsistency in risk management


When it comes to the risk management process, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. “It is as much an art as a science,” says Tim McPeak, risk management consultant at Sageworks. ” But these inconsistencies pose significant challenges to managing credit risk at financial institutions. • Applying regulatory guidance : Standards are often not applied consistently across the portfolio, e.g. risk rating score.

CFOs Failing Their Boards In Fraud, Risk Management


But new research from treasury management firm Kyriba suggests treasurers and CFOs are falling short in delivering on some of the top priorities of the corporate board. More than a third (36 percent) of survey respondents said fraud monitoring and risk mitigation are the areas in which CFOs are most falling short. Beyond fraud management, Kyriba identified several areas in which boards are eager to collaborate with CFOs and gain their expertise.

2016 Risk Management Summit wrap-up


Sageworks hosted the 5th Annual Risk Management Summit September 14-16 at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center in Austin, Texas. Sageworks Risk Management Summit by the numbers: Attendees : 240 Financial Institutions : 128 For a complete list of lessons learned about CECL and loan portfolio risk management, visit 2016 Summit Takeaways.

Supervisor focus: Credit risk management, stress testing


1) would focus on seven areas, although it noted strategies for individual banks will vary based on the institution’s size, complexity and risk profile.

2017 Risk Management Summit - Join Sageworks in Denver!


The 2017 Risk Management Summit presented by Sageworks is heading to the "Mile High City". Why You Should Join Us The Summit offers actionable insights that apply across the whole institution, spanning business development through portfolio risk management in a CECL world.

Denver 130

How Suppliers Can Take The Lead On Supply Chain Risk Management


The growing complexity of international supply chains inevitably adds complexity to risk mitigation and increases risk exposure to all players involved. Once, a company’s top supplier-related risk may have been the threat of a vendor going out of business, or goods failing to make it to their destination on time. Today, supply chain and supplier risk management is a beast. Nowadays, approaching risk is an absolute top requirement on the procurement side.”.

Get your ducks in a row: HVCRE risk management


In a recent Sageworks webinar Robert Ashbaugh, senior risk management consultant at Sageworks, discusses High Volatility Commercial Real Estate (HVCRE) lending best practices.

Greater Focus on Liquidity Risk Management

Keith Leggett's Credit Union Watch

The Division of Credit Unions wrote that it will analyze credit unions with low liquidity levels to ensure that they have other sources of contingency liquidity to safely manage liquidity pressure.

CFPB Debuts Consumer Credit Card Risk Management Tool


15) the launch of Consumer Credit Trends, a web-based tool to help consumers monitor developments in consumer lending and to ascertain potential future risks. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) announced Thursday (Dec. In a press release, the CFPB said the beta version of the tool encompasses the mortgage, credit card, auto loan and student loan markets.

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Pay360 launches fraud and risk management solution

The Paypers

(The Paypers) Pay360 by Capita has launched Optimize, a fraud and risk management solution to help financial services, retail and gaming organizations combat fraud

Build a risk management culture

Cal Bank Trust

Let’s face it: owning and running a business is

Celent Model Bank Awards: Fraud, Risk Management, Process Automation and Flub-Free

Celent Banking

It is my privilege to be part of the judging panel for Celent Model Bank Awards for 2017 for the following three categories: Fraud Management and Cybersecurity – for the most creative and effective approach to fraud management or cybersecurity. Risk Management – for the most impressive initiative to improve enterprise risk management.

5 Top takeaways from the 2017 Risk Management Summit


The hundreds of people attending the 2017 Risk Management Summit hosted by Sageworks heard from dozens of thought leaders in the financial services industry. They learned how to prepare for the current expected credit loss model (CECL) and leverage the change to better manage the business, and they found out about new perspectives for improving lending processes and risk management. Stress testing can be used for more than just managing CRE concentration risk.

Password protection best practices for lending and risk management solutions


Across personal and professional platforms, bankers have experience with managing passwords to online services. Yet given the confidential nature of data often stored in web-based lending, credit risk and portfolio risk solutions, bankers have to pay special attention to potential weaknesses in password management. Managing Online Passwords “Treat your password like your toothbrush….”advised

Helping Your CEO Feel Better about Risk Management


It’s the role of a CEO in any industry to manage necessary business risks and eliminate unnecessary ones. Financial institution CEOs have to do so in an environment that’s fraught with risk from multiple sources. Bank CEOs are a worrisome bunch, and really, who could blame them?

JPMorgan invests in risk management fintech


AccessFintech lets financial firms track trades and aggregates data in order to get a sense of risk across a number of systems. Bank technology Risk management Risk analysis Fintech Funding JPMorgan Chase

Early-bird registration now open for 2016 Risk Management Summit


Sageworks recently announced the dates and location for the 2016 Risk Management Summit. Last year, more than 200 bankers and industry experts gathered in Chicago for the 2015 Risk Management Summit.

NCUA: Enterprise Risk Management.

Jim Blaine

Because NCUA has created significant enterprise risk for the agency through its actions - and lack there of - over the last six years, endangering its staff, credit unions, and the future of the agency itself. The "enterprise" is at substantial risk.

Sageworks to host 2015 Risk Management Summit in Chicago


Following three successful years in Nashville, Tennessee, the 2015 Risk Management Summit heads to a new city this September.

SWIFT targets risk management improvements

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While there’s been a recent influx of start-up solutions working to disrupt the global payments landscape, SWIFT’s financial messaging service continues to be the backbone of the international banking community. More than 11,000 institutions in 200 countries rely on its ironclad

Loan review – A crucial component of risk management


A recent whitepaper from CEIS Review , Independent Loan Review – An Essential Tool , discusses why banks and credit unions should be sure to conduct regular reviews of their loan portfolio: “the fundamental purpose of the program is to monitor the risk and administration of an institution’s largest financial asset—the loan portfolio—and to make sure that the loan portfolio is staying on course with the direction set forth by senior management and the board”.

3rd annual Risk Management Summit proves “valuable” and “insightful”


More than 140 bankers and industry experts from over 30 states gathered in Nashville, Tennessee last month for the 3rd annual Risk Management Summit hosted by Sageworks.

4 Reasons to attend the 2015 Risk Management Summit


The 2015 Risk Management Summit is less than a month away. Here’s why this is the most popular Risk Management Summit to date: 1. To learn more about the 2015 Risk Management Summit, or to register, visit sageworks.com/summit.

Carbon risk management: Engaged Tracking (ET) Index sets gold standard

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The Paris climate accord has brought carbon risk management under the limelight more than ever before. Engaged Tracking (ET) Index Research is a London based organisation whose mission is to help investors and corporates identify, understand and manage climate and carbon related risks.

2016 Risk Management Summit agenda addresses CECL concerns


To best accommodate all attendees, the 2016 Risk Management Summit features an agenda that balances high-level and conceptual sessions, which focus on understanding the guidance, with analytical sessions, which look at the application of various approaches when implemented. For more information or to register, visit the Risk Management Summit webpage.

Accertify launches machine learning risk management tools

The Paypers

(The Paypers) Accertify has announced the launch of its machine learning risk management tools that now include dynamic risk vectors

Treasury And Risk Management, Clearly, In The Clouds


Relative to financial solutions for global organizations, the most remarkable innovation from Kyriba is delivering the first mainstream cloud-based treasury management solution (TMS) in 2005 in a SaaS model. A: A payment is a payment — but the automation and control of how you manage and protect your payments is largely underestimated.

Banks Benefit When Risk Management Drives Digital Growth


Managing Risk FeaturedIn my last post, we talked about the burning platform facing banks in North America: digital disruption. New competitors are crafting digital business models that disrupt traditional banking, at a time when banks in North America are hesitant about increasing.