Carmakers Pump The Brakes On Driverless Technology


Many carmakers have softened their stances on driverless technology because they’re not sure if the tech is quite ready for the mainstream. Now, carmakers are shifting to less exciting terrain: the education and regulation of the new technology.

Walgreens Brings Mobile Technology To Stores


To help improve the productivity of workers and enrich the customer experience, Walgreens is tapping into mobile technology as it bridges the digital and brick-and-mortar store experiences. Zebra said that the technology can help workers with their daily tasks and helping customers.

Leafbuyer Technologies Buys Greenlight Technologies To Expand Its Cannabis Markets


Leafbuyer Technologies, the cannabis technology company, announced Thursday (November 8) it has acquired Greenlight Technologies, a California-based application development company.

Mastercard, Accion Offer MSMEs Funds, Technology


The partnership between Mastercard and Accion aims to introduce digital technology, services and training to assist high-potential microbusinesses boost revenues and achieve greater financial security.

Coinone Releases Payment App Featuring Ripple Technology


The group, called Blockchain for Europe, is focused on growing the understanding of the technology and highlighting the “true nature” and potential of blockchain technology.

Sensory CEO On Voice-Activated Technology’s Next Big Wave


Given that, it’s not much of a surprise that the number of people thinking about voice-activated, artificial intelligence (AI)-enhanced wireless technology was extremely small — roughly the same as the number of people putting serious thought into flying cars.

Pepsi Partners With Robby Technologies On Robot Delivery


Pepsi has recently partnered with Robby Technologies to deliver snacks and beverages via a fleet of self-driving robots on the campus of the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. “We’re

Can Technology Save Bank Branches?

Bank Innovation

PREMIUM - When was the last time you went to your bank branch to deposit money? Still thinking? That's because most of the daily banking activity has shifted from branches to the smartphone. But that's not to say people don’t use bank branches at all.

Bottomline Technologies Reports 15 Pct Subscription and Transaction Growth


Bottomline Technologies posted fiscal first quarter results that showed subscription and transaction revenue growth of double digits as management pointed to opportunities and gains in the B2B payments space.

Orbita: Why Voice Technology Is Critical To Upgrading Healthcare


That voice-activated technology could change the face of medical care and the entire healthcare ecosystem is something that Orbita President, Co-founder and COO Nathan Treloar absolutely believes. Ecosystems AI Healthcare Innovation medical care News Technology voice voice assistants

Putting modern payment technologies to the test

Mobile Payments Today

Automated testing is an increasingly important consideration as payment providers, retailers and other companies expand the number of options that consumers and merchants can use

Automakers expand connected car ecosystem with payment technologies

Mobile Payments Today

Automakers from Honda to GM and Hyundai see mobile payment technology as a key component in developing connected car technology

Ant Financial Debuts Technology Brand For FIs


20), Ant Financial announced the launch of Ant Financial Technology, a unit designed “to support the growth of financial institutions by improving user experience and lowering cost.” The unit will launch with five key technologies for FI customers, including transaction, security, financial intelligence, next-generation interaction and blockchain tools. The brand was announced at the 2018 Ant Technology Exploration Conference.

Accountants’ Technology Budgets Running Dry


A new survey from K2E Canada suggests small business accountants understand that technological disruption is a major challenge, yet few are addressing the issue. Reports in Canadian Accountant on Tuesday (July 31) said that K2E Canada’s report, “Accounting Operations and Technology Survey,” revealed more than a quarter of accountants cite understanding and knowledge of new technology as one of their top three industry challenges.

How AI is redefining financial crimes detection technologies

Insights on Business

Technological innovation is a reality that is impacting every facet of society. No area of human endeavour from retail, to transportation, to banking has not seen some form of disruptive technology replace the long-established modus operandi.

Is the world being democratised through technology?

Chris Skinner

Some countries are still reliant on cash whilst others are … The post Is the world being democratised through technology? Someone told me I should start a travel blog, as I fly more than most pigeons do. But I’m not sure my travel blog would be read so much.

Brick And Mortar’s Technology Evolution


Technology has certainly seen a big evolution over the last few decades. As a result, it should come as no surprise that the technology used in the retail industry has evolved over the past thirty years. Brick-and-mortar technology.

The Struggles of Banks as Technology Companies

Bank Innovation

It's a common refrain from bank CEOs -- "My bank is a technology company." But the reality is much rarer. JPMorgan Chase is showing it takes fintech seriously by building (or buying) a Silicon Valley campus, which will house 1,000 employees, including 250 from recently acquired WePay.

Technology: SME Friend And Foe


Technology has the power to help a business rise up from the competition. Small businesses, too, have an appetite for technology. But for smaller companies, procuring technology can be a financial and administrative burden, and a lot of times, the problems that can be solved with technology were created by technology in the first place. So, why aren’t small businesses adopting automation technology for their procure-to-pay needs?

Retailers, payment platforms unveil mobile technologies to raise omnichannel game

Mobile Payments Today

Retailers, payment technology providers and others are rolling out new services to make it easier to complete transactions on mobile platforms

Banks team with technology firms: panel cites challenges

Mobile Payments Today

A session at the recent Money20/20 conference in Las Vegas attempted to clarify the roles that technology companies are playing in financial services and how traditional financial institutions are working with them

Teamleader Talks SMBs’ Technology Journeys


Small businesses struggling to embrace digitization must take the first step to adopt technologies, says Teamleader. According to Teamleader product owner Pieter Reel, entrepreneurs understand the need to adopt technology, even if they haven’t yet taken action to do so. A lack of resources exacerbates this struggle, plus, entrepreneurs can find it difficult to implement a new technology, fearing it will actually slow down existing work flows.

Emergent Technology Buys Interpay To Get Access To Africa


Emergent Technology, the financial technology company, announced Thursday (Dec. In a press release , Emergent Technology said that by acquiring Interpay, it will extend the operations of its digital payments business, Emergent Payments, into 70 emerging markets.

Food and Finance blurring through technology

Daily Fintech

As technology blurs business lines and `forces` incumbents to get rid of silos, Wealth Management & Capital Markets become broader. Medical technology could soon be able to prevent us from falling sick.

Throwing technology over the wall

Chris Skinner

The … The post Throwing technology over the wall appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Digital Bank Fintech Future Grid Innovation Opinion Technology

Payments Providers Are Lukewarm on Blockchain Technology

Bank Innovation

The ways businesses, consumers, and even banks make payments are changing, as technologies like realtime payments and APIs make it easier to send money across the globe. But one technology seems curiously absent from recent payment innovation, and that’s blockchain. “We

How the world has changed with technology

Chris Skinner

As he made the introduction, he gave a personal account of how technology had changed the world during his lifetime. So, … The post How the world has changed with technology appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog.

Some banks are technology companies

Chris Skinner

I know that systems like Erica, short for Bank of AmErica, are up and running … The post Some banks are technology companies appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Case Studies Digital Bank Grid Innovation Numbers Opinion TechnologyI was having a chat about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in banking the other day. It was an interesting conversation, although most of the examples were for customer service via Chatbots, which doesn’t impress me much.

The Impact of Technology on Banking: Revolution or Evolution?

Bank Innovation

All that is changing due to emerging technologies. The banking industry is facing many unprecedented challenges due to the rise of financial technology companies. For quite a long time, traditional brick and mortar banks only had to worry about making money and being profitable.

Financial Technology Company Cross River Raises $100 Million In Funding


Cross River, a provider of banking services for financial technology companies, has raised about $100 million in a funding round, according to a report by the company.

Mitek Systems Rejects Offer From Elliott Management, ASG Technologies


Mitek Systems , the financial technology provider to banks, is pushing back from a takeover offer from Elliott Management , the hedge fund and ASG Technologies , the software company. Partnerships / Acquisitions ASG Technologies Elliott Management M&A Mitek Systems News What's Hot

System 160

Alibaba Introduces “Smile to Pay” Facial Recognition Technology

Bank Innovation

Jack Ma, Alibaba’s founder, has long planned on launching facial recognition technology for the company’s payment app, Alipay. He first revealed his commitment to the development of this technology at a CeBit Conference in 2015, when […].

Will Digital Healthcare Technology Disrupt Independent Physicians

Perficient Financial Servies

With the increased usage of digital healthcare technology, will the independent physician still be able to maintain the walk-in base of customers? This blog will explore a few trends implying that digital healthcare technology could be the future of care. Medical Technology High Cost. Digital healthcare technology is here to stay. New technologies encourage us to grow both mentally and professionally. Why fear change?

Today In Data: Changing The Technology And Evolving Preferences


Today In Data connected devices consumer preferences customer preferences digital payments Internet of Things IoT Mobile Payments News Retail retail data retail technology Today in Data

How Much Can Technology Improve Healthcare Payments?


Touted by observers and industry players as one of the top trends that could impact medical billing and data management for 2018, the technology is increasingly being viewed as part of the path to better efficiency in payments. But that’s not stopping payment and commerce players from trying to use technology to bring more efficiency to the system. The firm’s technology also enables patients to work with providers to come up with flexible payment plans, and do so via a mobile app.

Emergent Technology Invests In Trust Stamp To Verify Identities


Emergent Technology, the blockchain technology company, announced on Tuesday (Sept. In a press release , Emergent Technology said T Stamp, which is known as Trust Stamp, makes artificial intelligence and biometric hashing technology for the purpose of verifying identities. Emergent Technology said it is deploying Trust Stamp’s technology across its G-Coin and Responsible Gold businesses.

7-Eleven Expands Its Facial Recognition Technology


As facial recognition technology explodes worldwide, 7-Eleven expands the reach of its artificial intelligence platform to 11,000 stores across Thailand. The facial recognition technology, which was developed by U.S.-based The rollout at Thailand’s 7-Eleven stores is, however, the biggest expansion of the technology to date, particularly in a retail context: It could potentially be the largest number of facial recognition cameras to be adopted by one company in history.

What Is Blockchain Technology?

CB Insights

This explainer will offer simple definitions and analogies for blockchain technology. It will also define Bitcoin, Ethereum, blockchain broadly, and initial coin offerings, and highlight promising use cases for the technology. Where does distributed ledger technology make sense?

USA Technologies Launches Universal Card Link Connector


USA Technologies, the payment technology service provider for the self-service retail market , announced Wednesday (Nov. In a press release , USA Technologies said it developed the connector due to guidelines out in Nov. Becoming compliant with the new standards has become paramount, and USA Technologies is the only payments solutions provider that offers a simple fix that eliminates expensive equipment upgrades.

Khalti Digital Wallet Teams With Cinemas; Trinity Technology Receives Mobile Money License


In addition, Trinity Technology has reportedly received an operational license for mobile money in South Sudan , and Thailand’s Bangkok Bank (BBL) is predicting that 90 percent of transactions will be completed by mobile apps over the next three years. .

The Many Hands (And Technologies) Of Supply Chain Disruption


Even blockchain, the technology often touted as the silver bullet in supply chain management, cannot address these challenges alone. It takes many technologies, and many participants, to bring true progress to global supply chains, said Eric Piscini, CEO of Citizens Reserve , a startup deploying technologies like blockchain to offer Supply-Chain-as-a-Service via its SUKU platform. The first is technology. Complex supply chains breed complex problems.

Hertz Partners With Shift Technologies


Rental car giant Hertz recently announced it teamed up with startup Shift Technologies , said Fortune. Shift Technologies is an online used-car marketplace. Under the new deal, Shift Technologies will feature and sell used vehicles from Hertz’s rental inventory, giving Hertz access to an additional retail sales channel. Shift Technologies is reportedly looking to use the deal as a means to expand its offerings beyond its current market in San Fransisco and Los Angeles.

The Effect of Technology on Bank Culture

Bank Innovation

I was invited by the New York Federal Reserve Bank to moderate a panel at its annual Culture Conference on the challenges and opportunities that FinTech is raising for the culture of financial institutions. As this is a topic that has long interested me I was happy to accept.