Philadelphia Passes Ban On Cashless Stores To Fight Income Discrimination


Lawmakers in Philadelphia have passed a ban on cashless stores, making it the first major city in the U.S. Now stores will be required “to do what businesses have been doing since Ben Franklin was walking the streets of Philadelphia,” he said.

Wells Fargo Loses Contract With City Of Philadelphia


Wells Fargo is trying to move beyond its fake account scandal, but that’s not happening at least in the city of Philadelphia, where the embattled bank lost a big government contract. According to a report in CNBC , the Philadelphia City Council voted Monday (May 1) to switch the company that handles its $2 billion payroll account from Wells Fargo to Citizens Bank for its next fiscal year, which begins in July.

Philadelphia Fed Launches Poverty Inquiry

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In an announcement Friday afternoon, Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank President Patrick Harker said his regional bank is launching an "Agenda on Poverty and Prosperity" to provide research and recommendations to Fed leaders on the interaction between poverty and economic growth.

JPMorgan Bucks The Trend, To Open 50 New Branches In Philadelphia


CNBC, citing an interview JPMorgan Chase Chief Executive Jamie Dimon had with Jim Cramer on Squawk Alley, reported the company is gearing up to open 50 new branches in Philadelphia, Delaware and southern New Jersey during the course of the next five years. ” As a result of the branch openings, JPMorgan said it will hire as many as 300 employees for the Philadelphia branches and will put $3 billion for mortgages and small business lending in the area.

WSFS Buys Wealth Manager in Philadelphia

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has bought the assets of West Capital Management in Philadelphia. WSFS Financial in Wilmington, Del., breaking_news community-banking de pa dealmaking-strategy

Pro-cash laws gathering momentum in N.J., Philadelphia

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The pushback on stores that don’t accept cash seems to be gaining momentum, with Philadelphia the latest municipality to consider a law that would ban cash-free shops. Retailers Compliance Digital payments Cash New Jersey Pennsylvania

CFPB to hold Town Hall in Philadelphia

CFPB Monitor

The CFPB has announced that it will hold a Town Hall to take place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania beginning at Noon on May 8, 2019. The event will feature remarks from Director Kraninger as well as comments from community groups, industry representatives, and members of the public.

S&T is Philadelphia bound after agreeing to buy DNB Financial


DNB had been facing pressure from an activist investor to consider selling itself. Community banking M&A Growth strategies Pennsylvania

Impact Roadshow | Philadelphia, PA


12:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Local Host: American Heritage Federal Credit Union. Lunch will be served. Filene Host: Jimese Harkley. Click the arrow below to REGISTER for this event: WHAT IS AN IMPACT ROADSHOW?

Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Philadelphia FCU Charged Multiple NSF Fees on Same Item

Keith Leggett's Credit Union Watch

Philadelphia Federal Credit Union (Philadelphia, PA) is being sued in state court over improper overdraft (OD) fees. The class action complaint alleged that Philadelphia credit union assessed multiple insufficient fund (NSF) fees on the same item.

Philadelphia is latest city to sue Wells Fargo for discriminatory lending


Fair Housing Act Foreclosures Subprime lending Redlining Sailthru NMN servicing no display Wells Fargo SCOTUS City of PhiladelphiaThe city joins a growing list of municipalities that have filed similar lawsuits, just two weeks after the Supreme Court ruled that municipalities have standing to sue lenders under the Fair Housing Act.

PA Fed Pres Says Digital Currency Inevitable, But US Shouldn’t Lead


While Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank President Patrick Harker believes it’s “inevitable” that central banks will eventually issue digital currencies, he warned that the United States shouldn’t be first in line.

C&N expands closer to Philadelphia with Monument acquisition


Citizens & Northern will pay $43 million for the $348 million-asset Monument. Community banking Capital Growth strategies M&A Pennsylvania

Ten questions for Philadelphia Fed President Patrick Harker


In an extensive interview, Philadelphia Fed President Patrick Harker talks about the challenges facing community banks, the biggest threat to the financial system and the possibility of interest rate hikes later this year. Economy Millennials Fintech M&A Community banks Policymaking Patrick Harker Federal Reserve FOMC

Best 49 Fun Things to Do & See in Philadelphia – Activities & Attractions

Money Crashers

Perhaps you even recall prominent Philadelphians… Best 49 Fun Things to Do & See in Philadelphia – Activities & Attractions is a post from Money Crashers. If you were paying attention in high school, you might remember that Philly was the first capital of the United States. Nope, it wasn’t Boston or New York City, though the latter did temporarily serve as the national seat of government when Washington D.C. was still a tepid swamp.)

NCUA Closes Six Philadelphia-Area CUs

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The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) liquidated six federal credit unions in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, area. The six liquidated credit unions are Cardozo Lodge Federal Credit Union of Bensalem, Chester Upland School Employees Federal Credit Union of Chester, Electrical Inspectors Federal Credit Union of Bensalem, O P S EMP Federal Credit Union of Bensalem, Servco Federal Credit Union of Bensalem, and Triangle Interests % Service Center Federal Credit Union of Bensalem.

Philadelphia says banks colluded; Goldman’s 1MDB legal woes ‘just beginning’?


City sues seven banks for alleged price fixing on floating-rate bonds; analyst says “the most negative revelations are yet to come” in the 1MDB scandal. Earnings Morning scan Credit cards AML Digital banking Finance and investment-related court cases Goldman Sachs Apple

Data Dive, Forward Backward Edition: The Cashless Tango And Amazon’s Opposite Moves


That was on display this week in payments and commerce, as cashless jumped forward in Atlanta with a big partnership, only to get the cold shoulder in Philadelphia where it is now banned by law. The city of Philadelphia certainly worried it is ….

Delmar to enter Philadelphia with purchase of oft-maligned bank


Delmar will buy Liberty Bell Bank in New Jersey, which had survived a debilitating six-year battle for control with a former CEO. Liberty Bell also suffered from corporate theft and a check-kiting scandal. M&A Capital Growth strategies New Jersey Pennsylvania

Tiny Philadelphia CU Under Cease and Desist Order

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The National Credit Union Administration has issued a cease and desist order to S M Federal Credit Union of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Investors Bancorp Enters Philadelphia with Bank of Princeton Deal

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Investors Bancorp in Short Hills, N.J., has agreed to buy Bank of Princeton in Princeton, N.J. breaking_news community-banking m-a nj pa dealmaking-strategy

Merchant Groups Energized by Philadelphia Fed's Durbin Findings

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A new Federal Reserve Bank report opens the door for retailer groups to push again for even lower transaction fees by deflating the argument that small banks have been harmed by the Durbin amendment's reduced debit transaction fees for larger banks.

JPMorgan to open 50 branches, hire 300 staff in Philadelphia region


It will also invest in mortgage and small-business lending and in neighborhood revitalization efforts there. The moves are part of a nationwide expansion by the largest U.S. Consumer banking Branch network Branch banking Strategic plans Growth strategies Jamie Dimon JPMorgan Chase Pennsylvania Delaware New Jersey

Can AI help banks thwart elder abuse?


Artificial intelligence Machine learning Fraud prevention Elder fraud Fraud detection Payment fraud Predictive analytics Big data Wells Fargo Wells Fargo Advisors First Citizens Bank Federal Reserve Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia FinCENBanks use anti-money-laundering and fraud systems to try to catch scams that prey on senior citizens. A few, including Wells Fargo, are working on artificial intelligence that could spot them even earlier.

Online Lending And A Tale Of Two Fed Studies


These conclusions are diametrically opposed to those released jointly just a few months ago by the Chicago and Philadelphia Fed economists, who determined that online lenders serve those who are systemically underserved by traditional financial channels and benefit greatly from their services. Alternative Finances alternative lending chicago fed Federal Reserve of Cleveland News online lenders online lending online loans Philadelphia regulations

Study 122

Guest Post: Financial Markets and Economic Commentary by Dorothy Jaworski

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Dorothy Jaworski economic update economy financial markets jeff for banks Penn Community Bank Philadelphia economyFinancial Markets & Economic Update- Third Quarter, 2019 Summer is upon us and I cannot wait to get to the beach for vacation.

Guest Post: 2013 Economic Year in Review and Outlook by Banker Dorothy Jaworski

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He was just in Philadelphia on January 3rd delivering his last public speech and he nostalgically proclaimed that “the recovery remains incomplete,” which will qualify his comment for the understatement of the year award. Our Philadelphia Eagles excited us and made us optimistic that their 2014 will be bright.

Banning Cashlessness

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As of July 1, cashless stores and restaurants in Philadelphia will be no more. Outside of a few exceptions such as parking lots, hotels, and car rental agencies, the Philadelphia City Council has deemed cashless businesses discriminatory.

Guest Post: Financial Markets and Economic Update by Dorothy Jaworski

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Dorothy Jaworski economic update financial markets guest post Penn Community Bank Philadelphia economyNever Satisfied The markets never seem to be satisfied.

Will Amazon Go make cashiers and checkout lanes obsolete?

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That question was the focus of a breakout session Tuesday at the fourth annual CONNECT Mobile CX Summit in Philadelphia. The answer is complicated, which is usually the case with emerging technology options

Online loans leave consumers deeper in debt, Fed research says


Marketplace lending Consumer lending Underbanked Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Lending Club Marketplace Lending AssociationConsumers who have borrowed from online lenders owe more and have lower credit scores than similarly situated consumers who have not used online lenders, according to a study released Thursday by the Cleveland Fed. The provocative findings seem likely to spark intense debate.

Study 48

Guest Post: Financial Markets and Economic Update by Dorothy Jaworski

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Dorothy Jaworski economic update financial markets guest post Penn Community Bank Philadelphia economyA Long, Cold December I could just scream!

Guest Post: FInancial Markets and Economic Update by Dorothy Jaworski

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In our local area, we are still seeing modest growth in Philadelphia and surrounding counties. Dorothy Jaworski economic update economy financial markets guest post Penn Community Bank Philadelphia economy

Omaha 62

The branch lives, at Chase

ABA Community Banking

JPMorgan Chase to expand in Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. Management Financial Trends Retail Banking Channels. 1Retail Banking

New Jersey Outlaws Cashless Businesses


Philadelphia recently became the first major city to pass a ban on cashless shops; New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington are reportedly considering passing similar legislation. New Jersey has passed a law banning cashless stores and restaurants, according to reports.

Philadelphia Deal: Earn 2% On 2-Year CDs


Citadel Federal Credit Union has a very good deal for southeast Pennsylvania savers that beats the best nationally available returns on these certificates of deposit. CD Rates 24-month cds best cd rates certificates of deposit citadel federal credit union

Prudential Bancorp in Pennsylvania Selects New Chief

American Banker

Prudential Bancorp in Philadelphia has a new chief executive. breaking_news people pa community-banking

An $80 million bank M&A deal in New Jersey


OceanFirst Financial's acquisition of Capital Bank of New Jersey would strengthen its presence in the southern part of the state and Philadelphia. Integrations Community banking M&A New Jersey

Credit unions ready for DNC ‘leave-behind’ in Philly

CU Insight

This week, the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia features a ribbon-cutting ceremony for this year’s community “leave-behind” project by credit unions. CUNA, Pennsylvania credit unions, the Democratic National Convention Committee and RealClearPolitics will reveal their work on a health and wellness garden at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Nicholas and Athena Karabots Pediatric Care Center at 2 p.m. (ET)

A community bank seizes on iPhone 8's ID power


Beneficial Bank in Philadelphia intends to be an early adopter of Apple’s Face ID. Mobile banking Bank technology

Guest Post: Second Quarter Economic Commentary by Dorothy Jaworski

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Dorothy Jaworski economic update economy First Fed of Bucks County First Federal of Bucks County Penn Community Bank Philadelphia economyThe Crisis Begins If your country was in default on its debt, in economic distress, and almost out of cash, would you vote “no” to a potential deal to get out of immediate trouble? Even if it meant spending less money- that you don’t have? None of us would do that, but tell that to the Greeks.

FinTech Acquisition Scores CardConnect Deal Before Money Dries Up

Bank Innovation

The Philadelphia-based company announced yesterday it would acquire CardConnect, a payments processing platform. FinTech Acquisition Corp., created to acquire a fintech company, has fulfilled its mission.

Guest Post: Financial Markets and Economic Update by Dorothy Jaworski

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Dorothy Jaworski economic update economy financial markets Penn Community Bank Philadelphia economyHere we are in July already! The markets continue to roll and bond markets continue to trade in a 25 basis point range, hitting the higher end when they think the economy is strong (why else would the Fed raise rates?) and hitting the lower end when the weak economic data smacks them in the face. I usually write with a cautious tone. Many of my economic views contain the word “weak.”