Battling fraud amid COVID-19

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At the same time, consumers and merchants are increasingly exposed to a new level of fraud as bad actors are finding new methods and targets to take advantage of the online shift

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Fraud Decisioning Goes Omnichannel


“Banking is rapidly becoming more omnichannel, and FIs need to be sure they can safeguard customers across all the products through which they access their financial services,” according to the May 2020 FI Fraud Decisioning Playbook , produced by PYMNTS and sponsored by Simility.

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Mitigating Mobile Fraud with Secure Subscriber Enrollment

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To streamline the enrollment process, while reducing the potential for fraud, GIACT released a new white paper, Mitigating Mobile Network Fraud with Secure Subscriber Enrollment , detailing the best practices in secure digital enrollment

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Fraud risk could run to billions in PPP loans

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Fraud is a common trend with government relief programs. In fact, fraud estimates for previous stimulus programs indicate that the Small Business […].

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How Dropbox Fights Fraud


Fraud continues to increase in many areas, despite extensive attempts to bring it to heel. Retail fraud attempts have doubled year over year, for example, while account takeover (ATO) fraud losses recently hit $14.7 Developments From Around The World Of Digital Fraud.

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Mapping Fraud’s DNA


Payments and commerce fraud has its own ecosystem, one that includes criminals, servers and other computing devices, IP addresses, compromised payment cards and stolen personal data, and even houses and other physical locations. The Biology Of Fraud.

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The Fraud That 85 Percent Of Fraud Detection Systems Miss


The tools we use to detect, score and prevent fraud — particularly card-not-present fraud in digital transactions — have improved exponentially in the last half-decade. The Rising Threat of Synthetic Identity Fraud.

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Taking A Customer-Centric Approach To Fighting Fraud


This means FIs must be able to ferret out and defend against an ever-more complex array of attacks, and they deploy advanced fraud detection strategies and designate additional resources to keep themselves and their customers safe. Staying ahead of fraud requires constant innovation.

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Allstate On Using AI To Fight Insurance Claims Fraud


Cybersecurity experts are scrambling to fight the sheer number of different digital fraud forms that are on the rise, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated this problem. Developments From Around The World Of Digital Fraud .

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Invoice Fraud Hits Microsoft?


Even the mightiest of tech firms are not immune to invoice fraud. Engadget reported that Jeff Tran, Microsoft ’s former director of sports marketing and alliances, was charged with five counts of wire fraud. Wire fraud has a sentence of up to 20 years’ imprisonment.

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Fighting Fraud with… Fake Fraud?

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Online Operations Security Technology Aite Group fdic fraud hackers JPMorgan Chase phishing Q2The most vulnerable point in a bank’s network today might just be Bill over in marketing — or any employee. Humans are by nature vulnerable to social engineering and may discuss where they work on social media — LinkedIn is a treasure trove for would-be bank hackers. A common attack against a Read More.

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Fighting Fraud In The New Normal


While there is no shortage of new things in the world to get used to these days, cybercrime and fraud are, unfortunately, not among them. The good news, both Srinivasan and Awad told PYMNTS, is that while fraud attempts are up among U.S. consumers, fraud losses are not, yet.

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Bringing AI To The Fight Against Healthcare Payments Fraud


This brings a longstanding challenge to the fore: Healthcare organizations have long struggled with fraud, waste and abuse (FWA), costing the United States healthcare sector more than $200 billion annually by some estimates.

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The Big Spike In ‘CEO Fraud’


As for the areas where scammers managed the biggest hits, business email compromise (BEC), confidence/romance fraud and spoofing were the top three types of crime in terms of monetary losses. BEC fraud does not respect seniority, and it pays exceedingly well.”.

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Different channels need different fraud controls

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Merchants should also monitor fraud by channel, to see how much each channel contributes to total fraud losses, says ClearSales's Bernardo Lustosa. Risk Payment fraud Online payments Mobile payments Merchant

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Stemming The SIM-Swapping Tide In Fraud Friendlier Times


While being the victim of fraud is never good, there is something to be said for at least being able to identify where exactly one went wrong. The scary thing about the SIM swap fraud is it’s not like the victim has done one thing wrong,” Prideaux said.

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Exposing misconceptions in payments fraud

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In Part II of a blog series, Steve Villegas addresses how payments fraud impacts cross-border ecommerce

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 Payments Fraud, Via Apps?


Apps with a possible security flaw, a malware phishing scheme and possibly, payments fraud, all done in the blink of an eye? B2B Payments American Express B2B News payments fraud Security Symantec Telegram WhatsApp

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eCommerce Fraud Presents A $12 Billion Problem


With the coronavirus putting eCommerce front and center, it has unfortunately been joined by its cousin: online retail fraud. percent of all eCommerce fraud , is still account takeover. Backdoor file activity, unlike other fraud attack methods, has no pattern.

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The Hidden Costs of Synthetic Identity Fraud

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Synthetic identity fraud (SIF) schemes create identities out of real and fake personally identifiable information. For businesses relying on static PII as a fraud stopgap, SIF accounts is hard to difficult to interdict

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DOJ Finds Evidence Of PPP Loan Fraud


Amid rising criticism over the loan effort, the Department Of Justice has reportedly discovered potential fraud among companies seeking relief with the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Even so, blatant exhibits of fraud or actions that are legally questionable haven’t come to light publicly.

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What Lenders Are Learning About Emerging PPP Loan Fraud


The process was chaotic for the lenders, too, creating greater potential for fraud amid an unprecedented SMB stimulus effort. As regulators issue warnings to the lending community about the potential for such fraud, banks and FinTechs are on high alert.

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Identity Fraud Hits Record High in 2016

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More than 15 million people were affected by identity fraud in the U.S. The identity fraud incidence rate increased by 16%, a record high since the company began tracking identity fraud in 2003. DataBank Databank fraud

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BEC Tops Fraud Attempts Against Treasurers: Survey


The 2020 Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) Payments Fraud and Control Survey underwritten by JPMorgan found that business email compromise (BEC) was the most noted origin of tried or actual fraud incidents in 2019, according to an announcement.

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FTC Reports Over 18K Fraud Cases Linked To Coronavirus


According to the FTC, there have been 18,235 reports of fraudulent activity or fraud attempts related to the coronavirus since Jan. million to fraud. On its website, the FTC breaks down the numbers of fraud cases by state.

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Deep Dive: Why New Hacking Technology Has Made Application Fraud More Difficult To Fight


The financial industry is particularly vulnerable to digital fraud. Application fraud, which sees cybercriminals submitting financial product applications to banks with no intention of paying them back, is among the most popular techniques. Defining Application Fraud.

The B2B Payments Fraud Threat Of Internal Employees


Approximately $185,000 worth of payroll fraud hit a Minnesota company, with local reports noting that a bookkeeper allegedly manipulated payroll data to overpay her salary.

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Fraud Decisioning Orchestrates A Response


What’s clear is that fraud decisioning solutions have never been more necessary, as cybercrime enters a new phase of sophistication, diabolical creativity and global scale. Bottom line: Fraud losses are expected to hit $48 billion annually by 2023 – more than double the 2018 losses.

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FinServ Providers Lift Some Of B2B’s Fraud Burden


As B2B fraud threats like the business email compromise (BEC) scam or internal employee theft continue to grow for businesses large and small, experts are urging business owners and executives to take the lead in combatting fraudsters.

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Anti-fraud tools abound, but adoption lags

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Banks and merchants absorb billions of dollars in payment card fraud annually, but it's not for a lack of tools designed to stifle that fraud. Payment fraud Card fraud Fraud detection Fraud prevention Fraud losses 3-D Secure Fiserv

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Stripe offers fraud dispute protection via machine-learning tool

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Stripe has launched Chargeback Protection through its machine-learning fraud prevention system called Radar. Fraud detection Fraud prevention Payment fraud Card fraud Stripe

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Making P2P Payments Fraud-Free


The new Digital Fraud Tracker highlights the latest developments in payments fraud, and how different companies are working to keep funds safe from bad actors as payment solutions grow increasingly faster. Around the World of Digital Fraud.

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Healthcare Looks To AI For Fraud Cure


Despite near universal agreement that AI holds the key to decoding numerous medical mysteries, at present one of its most valuable uses is fighting fraud, waste and abuse — FWA in the industry parlance — which threatens to worsen in the near term due to coronavirus-related cybercrime.

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The Evolution of New Account Fraud

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According to a newly released white paper, commissioned by GIACT, and produced by Javelin Strategy & Research, new account fraud (NAF) is evolving.

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The ever changing challenge of payments fraud detection

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While data shows that credit card fraud has decreased from the standpoint of payment volume, there remains a concern in the industry that cybercriminals are using sophisticated methods of changing tactics to avoid detection and put consumer payment information at risk

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