PayPal hit with Venmo fraud lawsuit

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Yet another lawsuit related to alleged fraud on a peer-to-peer payment app targets digital payments company PayPal

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The U.S. Pandemic Recovery is a Chance to Improve Digital ID

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Risk Authentication Payment fraud

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Fraud fighters zero in on document manipulation

American Banker

Fraud detection Fraud Technology

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Fraud shifts to mobile, loyalty in 2020

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Fraud detection Payment fraud

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Fraud: Prevention tips from Visa

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Fraud is something that continually affects the financial industry. Mike Lemberger, senior vice president and regional risk officer for Visa, North America, explains ways that Visa is helping disrupt fraud before it costs consumers and businesses

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Battling fraud amid COVID-19

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At the same time, consumers and merchants are increasingly exposed to a new level of fraud as bad actors are finding new methods and targets to take advantage of the online shift

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Friendly fraud: How should fintechs view the risks?

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With friendly fraud, fintechs don’t always consider the whole picture when it comes to fraudulent disputes

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Location verification can prevent QR code fraud

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Mobile Payments Today interviewed André Ferraz, the CEO and co-founder of Incognia, a private identity company that provides fraud prevention by using frictionless identity location verification

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Fraud Concerns and Trends in 2022


Fraud on Alert for 2022 A review of SAR data , government agenc y releases, a nd fraud findings found these f raud c oncerns and trends to wat ch in 2022. Takeaway 1 An Abrigo review of SAR data, government agency releases, and fraud findings revealed fraud trends to watch for.

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FIS extends tie with Chargebacks911 to fight fraud

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The partnership is aimed at arming merchants with digital tools to reduce chargebacks, cut costs and combat fraud

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Study: COVID-19 Fraud Reaches $100M


losses from COVID-19 fraud and ID theft have reached nearly $100 million since the pandemic emerged in March, according to Reuters. Even small states saw huge increases in COVID-related fraud in recent months., the identity verification nonprofit, reported U.S.

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Fighting Cyber-Enabled Fraud with BSA, Fraud & IT Collaboration – Video


Combating Cyber-Enabled Fraud Requires Communication Increases in cybercrime or cyber-enabled fraud deserve attention from financial institutions, as Abrigo expert Terri Luttrell explains in this video. . Combining BSA and Fraud departments? Get the latest on fraud detection.

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Brexit Raises The Stakes For B2B Payments Fraud


Nacha is issuing a warning to accounts payable professionals with regards to the rising threat of fraud. Further, Nacha said, the survey revealed AP professionals are facing increasing fraud attempts that target AP processes specifically.

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EY Accused Of Missing Alleged Wirecard Fraud


In the ongoing scandal of Wirecard , under fire for fraud, the focus is now turning to auditors Ernst & Young (EY), which reportedly failed to report Wirecard’s “unorthodox financial arrangements” as far back as 2016, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported.

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Mitigating Mobile Fraud with Secure Subscriber Enrollment

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To streamline the enrollment process, while reducing the potential for fraud, GIACT released a new white paper, Mitigating Mobile Network Fraud with Secure Subscriber Enrollment , detailing the best practices in secure digital enrollment

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Fraud is down, but more expensive

American Banker

Fraud Fraud losses

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Laundering Rules are Getting Tougher, But Also Easier to Follow

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Banking Compliance Payment fraud AML

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Preventing Synthetic Identity Fraud

Independent Banker

What is synthetic identity fraud? In recent years, the emergence of synthetic identity fraud has highlighted many gaps in legacy systems’ ability to keep up with tech-savvy fraudsters. The challenges of synthetic identity fraud. Addressing synthetic identity fraud.

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Stopping PPP Fraud


How Institutions Can Avoid Fraud Surprises in the Next Round of the PPP BSA and fraud professionals saw a spike in PPP fraud during the first two rounds of funding. How can they be better prepared to prevent fraud in this next round? PPP Fraud Spikes. Fraud Trends.

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How Dropbox Fights Fraud


Fraud continues to increase in many areas, despite extensive attempts to bring it to heel. Retail fraud attempts have doubled year over year, for example, while account takeover (ATO) fraud losses recently hit $14.7 Developments From Around The World Of Digital Fraud.

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Fighting Fraud with… Fake Fraud?

Bank Innovation

Online Operations Security Technology Aite Group fdic fraud hackers JPMorgan Chase phishing Q2The most vulnerable point in a bank’s network today might just be Bill over in marketing — or any employee. Humans are by nature vulnerable to social engineering and may discuss where they work on social media — LinkedIn is a treasure trove for would-be bank hackers. A common attack against a Read More.

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Invoice Fraud Strikes Amazon In $19M Scam


In a case that highlights how anybody — truly, anybody — can be a victim of invoice fraud, federal officials have reportedly charged two brothers in New York State for an alleged $19 million scam targeting Amazon. Fitzhugh warned, "Invoice fraud is not a victimless crime.

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How B2B Payments Fraud Hides Within The Enterprise


When it comes to B2B payments fraud, it’s not a matter of if it happens, but when. ” Paper checks are a particularly weak spot for organizations as check fraud balloons. Fraud Captures Faster Payments Council Attention. Million Fraud Scam Leads To Charges Against CEO.

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JPMorgan Ups Payment Fraud Protection For SMBs


Morgan Chase is stepping up its payment fraud protection services for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to help them combat scam and fraud attempts, Reuters reported. B2B Payments B2B banking fraud JPMorgan Chase News SMBs What's Hot In B2B

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How AML compliance is intersecting payment fraud prevention

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Fraud detection AML

Strategies for fighting remote authentication fraud

Independent Banker

As more customers moved online, fraudsters took advantage of new and increasingly inventive opportunities to commit remote authentication fraud. These types of scams fall under the broad term of remote authentication fraud, and they’re increasingly common—and inventive.

Dynamic PII: The key to fighting payments fraud

Payments Dive

Is your company assessing online fraud with a deterministic approach or a probabilistic approach? Beth Shulkin, VP of Global Marketing at Ekata shares her view on the best way to assess fraud risk in the payments landscape today

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Mapping Fraud’s DNA


Payments and commerce fraud has its own ecosystem, one that includes criminals, servers and other computing devices, IP addresses, compromised payment cards and stolen personal data, and even houses and other physical locations. That’s what Feedzai is trying to do — it is using machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), human expertise and link analysis techniques to, in a way, map the genome of digital fraud so as to prevent it. The Biology Of Fraud.

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Prevention is the Key to Stopping Elder Financial Exploitation & Fraud


Elder fraud prevention and education Learn strategies for recognizing and reporting elder fraud and exploitation. . Takeaway 1 Elder abuse, exploitation and fraud continue to rise as the baby boomer generation ages. A growing target for elder fraud and exploitation.

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Preventing Cyber Fraud – Video


Growing Cyber Fraud Concerns What can financial institutions do to prevent and detect cyber fraud? You might also like this blog on cyber fraud. Takeaway 1 Cyber fraud increased during the pandemic, leaving financial institutions working harder to prevent and detect it.

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Exposing misconceptions in payments fraud

Payments Dive

In Part II of a blog series, Steve Villegas addresses how payments fraud impacts cross-border ecommerce

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Bringing AI To The Fight Against Healthcare Payments Fraud


This brings a longstanding challenge to the fore: Healthcare organizations have long struggled with fraud, waste and abuse (FWA), costing the United States healthcare sector more than $200 billion annually by some estimates.

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Fraud Decisioning Goes Omnichannel


“Banking is rapidly becoming more omnichannel, and FIs need to be sure they can safeguard customers across all the products through which they access their financial services,” according to the May 2020 FI Fraud Decisioning Playbook , produced by PYMNTS and sponsored by Simility.

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FinCEN Guidance on Cyber Fraud – Video


FinCEN provides guidance on Cyber Fraud What can financial institutions do to prevent and detect cyber fraud? You might also like this blog on FinCEN's AML/CTF priorities on cyber fraud. FinCEN recognizes increase in cyber fraud. Money Mule and Imposter Fraud.

Video 195

Why Fighting Fraud Means Looking Beyond The Transaction


But the bad news is that fraudsters see a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to jump into the increased flow of transactions, Gary Sevounts , executive at fraud detection firm Kount , told PYMNTS in a recent conversation. Fraud Prevention as an End-To-End Journey.

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