July, 2019

The end of FinTech

Chris Skinner

I’ve been involved in finance and technology for a long, long time. Originally, I was a technologist; then a financial technologist; and now a FinTech guy. However, I see the FinTech piece as being irrelevant. Whether it’s FinTech or TechFin, it’s all still just finance and technology.

Europe as a model for US payment security

Mobile Payments Today

Efforts by European regulators to provide stronger authentication could serve as a model for payments in the U.S., as multi-factor authentication is already available in mobile wallets like Apple Pay

Monopoly Goes Cashless And Board Games Gain Popularity


In this age of live multi-player online gaming, and virtual reality, and all things digital, it can be easy to think of board games as an artifact of the analog world.

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Startup Branch wants to build a money services platform for hourly workers

Bank Innovation

With the growth of digital finance tools, a group of startups is looking to reach those who may be left behind, namely hourly workers.

Case study: Driving effective sales performance with today’s SPM solutions

Insights on Business

Organizations are fast realizing the value sales performance management (SPM) solutions are bringing to the table in terms of increased sales performance and operational efficiencies.

Serving Credit Union Members Best – Auto Loans (Part 3)

Credit Union Geek

Welcome to Part 3 of what became the Unseen Credit Union Competition series. The first part highlighted what members receive in the mail from not-to-your-standards protection services. Did they know you could help them more effectively, at a lower cost? Then we saw “A Credit Union Member Walks Into a Car Dealership…” This revealed the […]. The post Serving Credit Union Members Best – Auto Loans (Part 3) appeared first on Credit Union Geek.

How can you be AI with DD?

Chris Skinner

No, I don’t mean Attention Deficit Disorder, which would be ADD, but I mean Artificially Intelligent with Dumb Data.

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PayPal On Its Xoom Into The Continent And The UK


Call it remittance on a global scale, or P2P without borders. PayPal said on Monday (July 15) that it is launching Xoom, its international digital money transfer service, in the United Kingdom and 31 markets spanning Europe.

Chase launches digital investment solution to compete with robo-advisers

Bank Innovation

JPMorgan Chase has rolled out a digital investment product that will help grow its relationships with the 60 million-plus U.S. households it counts as customers. You Invest Portfolios, which launched this week, is a mix of J.P. Morgan ETFs that balance risk and returns based on customer preferences.

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What customer complaints can tell you about your experience (and your compliance)

Insights on Business

Until recently, the words “customer experience” and “compliance” didn’t really come up in the same conversation – let alone exist in the same universe.

Kleptocracy – What Does it Mean to Community Financial Institutions?


The term kleptocracy has been used in the financial crimes profession for years, but many AML professionals do not understand its meaning and therefore are not adequately monitoring for it within their BSA/AML program. So, what is a kleptocrat?

Banks and FinTech Partnerships: a Clash of Extremes

Chris Skinner

A few years ago, I posted a guest article from Philippe Gelis, co-founder and CEO of FX firm Kantox, on Why FinTech Banks will rule the world.

Brexit uncertainty causing some fintechs, challenger banks to put growth plans on hold

Mobile Payments Today

The chaos surrounding the looming Brexit deadline is causing some fintechs and digital banks to take precautionary steps

US Treasury Secretary Sees Libra As National Security Threat


Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin believes that Facebook’s proposed cryptocurrency could pose as a national security threat.

No hoodies or garages: Huddl’s Corliss on his move from big finance to startup

Bank Innovation

At first glance, Stephen Corliss, whose resume includes senior roles at Blackrock and UBS, seems an unlikely candidate to lead a startup. But Corliss, 50, wants to use his experience from the world of big finance to help solve problems for customers of more modest means.

Sales stories from the front lines: Lessons from clients in driving sales behavior

Insights on Business

Sales is the lifeblood of business.

Africa: Sports as a Business and a Brand


At the ongoing Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt, the visual imagery of almost-empty stadiums is a powerful narrative. But not the kind that African sports, African football, or corporate sponsors deserve.

The 10-year-old who runs a blockchain company

Chris Skinner

I often talk about the world changing thanks to young people who can code.

Chase, HSBC executives headlining BCX Summit

Mobile Payments Today

Executives from two of the country's largest banks, Chase and HSBC, will keynote the upcoming Bank Customer Experience Summit, Sept. 23-25 in Chicago

Cannabis Law Reform Gains Momentum In Congress


In a first-ever congressional hearing on marijuana law reform, the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security convened July 10 to debate altering federal law around cannabis, CNBC reports.

Canada-based Manulife Bank is betting on conversational AI to hook customers

Bank Innovation

The Canadian banking ecosystem, a walled fortress comprised of a handful of major institutions that own most customer relationships, recently added a new digital-only, mobile participant.

Our 7 Question Test To Prevent Bad Bank Technology

Banker to Banker

BANK TECHNOLOGY DECISIONS The largest problem with bank innovation is that we see or hear about a sexy piece of technology at a conference or at another bank and then acquire it.

Digital change outcomes impact bank performance


In Formula One auto racing, the pole position—the front-of-the-line starting position won by the top qualifier prior to a race—is strongly correlated with first-place and top-five finishes.

The regulator’s view of Facebook’s Libra currency

Chris Skinner

A lot of discussion at the United Nations, where I’ve been all week (blogging about that next week), has raised the question of Libra, the Facebook digital currency.

Podcast Episode 18: Earned income: Early access

Mobile Payments Today

Branch CEO Atif Siddiqi addresses the fight to help consumers gain financial flexibility


Lawmakers Push To Fast-Track Crypto Regulation


Are new bitcoin rules coming? According to The Wall Street Journal , “the Internal Revenue Service is expected to update its 2014 guidance on cryptocurrencies in coming weeks, following an April request from a bipartisan group of 20 lawmakers.

Remitly secures $220m to add services beyond remittances

Bank Innovation

Remitly, a Seattle-based online international money transfer service, announced $220 million of new financing on Wednesday to expand its global customer reach and stretch beyond remittances into other areas of financial services.

Small business financing: Opportunities for proactive lenders


Multiple players offer diverse solutions to help small businesses (SMBs) manage their demand for financing. Yet despite intense competition and innovation among lenders, small businesses are still underserved for financing.

The new bank COO


Guest bloggers Ben Lopez and Charlie Arthy examine the evolving role of the COO in post three of their series on achieving simplified, future-ready bank operations. The focus for bank COOs is expanding beyond a pure cost perspective to include customer experience.

AI in banking: the pitfalls and opportunities (research paper)

Chris Skinner

Building on yesterday’s blog about reports that are useful, I just found another one from UK Finance (formerly the British Bankers Association) on how they see AI in banking, released last week.

Report 269

Africa's untapped potential as an ecommerce market

Mobile Payments Today

The African market is a growing and largely untapped ecommerce market, that has embraced mobile as a preferred means of banking, communication and payment

How Bitbuy Is Keeping Crime Out Of Crypto


More than $1.2 billion is estimated to have been lost to cryptocurrency scams, thefts and fraud in the first quarter of 2019, and cybercriminals and scammers are not the only ones putting digital asset users at risk.

Beyond bots: real conversations that humanize customer experience [Sponsored]

Bank Innovation

Survey after survey tells us that customers continue to value their experience at the branch. Perhaps it is because humans reassure them. A handshake, a frank conversation about the future, the eye contact, a personal story – these are exchanges that build trust and relationships.

Big deals altering the payments landscape


There’s a decent chance we’ll look back at the first half of 2019 as the period when the US payments landscape changed permanently. The chain of events began in January with Fiserv’s surprise announcement that it was acquiring First Data in a $22 billion merger.

Perficient Team Invades Las Vegas for Microsoft Inspire 2019

Perficient Financial Servies

Microsoft’s annual Inspire partner conference takes place this week in sunny (and super-hot) Las Vegas. Inspire offers partners an opportunity to hear about the latest Microsoft innovations, explore new ecosystem alliances and further develop existing partnerships.

A mortgage in an app?

Chris Skinner

The next day, the grandson came to visit his grandfather again, and immediately returned to the conversation of yesterday. Grandson: Granddad, you know you were talking about how money and banking used to be. Well, I think it’s a lot better today. Granddad: How so, lad?

Coinsquare partners with Just Cash to allow bitcoin buys at regular ATMs

Mobile Payments Today

Coinsquare, a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange, has partnered up with Just Cash to allow consumers to buy bitcoin via regular, non-bank operated ATMs in the U.S.