May, 2019

Five phases of FinTech (2005-2027)

Chris Skinner

Three years ago, I blogged about three phases of FinTech. Three years later, I can expand on that theme and talk about five phases of FinTech.

Fintech startups use unique approaches to payments to raise funding

Mobile Payments Today

As venture capital continues to look for new opportunties, startup firms in the fintech space are taking unique approaches to payments and financing to raise new funding to accelerate their growth

IBM and Thomson Reuters join forces to simplify how financial institutions tackle regulatory compliance challenges

Insights on Business

In the financial services industry in the United States, one thing remains constant – change. Whether policy makers are encouraging deregulation, or increasing regulatory requirements, regulatory change has been a constant. As recently as two weeks ago, the U.S.

Fintech and Blockchain: Where Silicon Alley Meets Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Bank Innovation

You may not have heard of the term “Silicon Alley,” but I am sure you are aware of the game-changing financial technology that is emanating from it. Silicon Alley” was initially coined in the mid-1990s as a way to group media startups housed around the Flatiron neighborhood of Manhattan.

As P2P Payments Spreads Its Wings, Challenges Loom


The spotlight burned brighter for peer-to-peer (P2P) payment services in the first quarter of 2019, with those payment methods finding popularity among more consumers.

Startup Continent: The Most Well-Funded Tech Startups In Latin America

CB Insights

Since 2012, more than $5.7B has been invested across over 520 equity deals to tech startups in Latin America. This includes investment in leading tech companies such as on-demand delivery startup Rappi in Colombia and online food delivery platform iFood in Brazil.

If Facebook launch a cryptocurrency, will US government shut it down?

Chris Skinner

I’m writing more and more about Facebook launching its own cryptocurrency lately: Will Facebook become the world’s central bank? March 2019) Will a global platform connect all of our money?

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Taking a risk-based approach to compliance management

Insights on Business

While deregulation has been a trend over the past few years, compliance monitoring and regulatory change management remains a top focus for financial institutions of all sizes.

Lyft, Mastercard Partner to Offer Instant Payment, Banking for Drivers

Bank Innovation

Lyft drivers will now be able to get paid immediately and plug into a broader banking and personal savings ecosystem. The ride-hailing service is working with Mastercard and payments company Payfare on a co-branded debit card called Lyft Direct Debit.

Online Retailers Face New Threats From Hackers


Death, taxes and data breaches – those are perhaps the only sure things in life, and new evidence is emerging that hackers are finding increasing profit in targeting online retailers.

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Unicorn Hunters: These Investors Have Backed The Most Billion-Dollar Companies

CB Insights

There are 344 private unicorn companies globally valued at $1B+ as of 5/5/2019 — all featured on CB Insights’ real-time global unicorn tracker. Over the years, a total of 2,018 disclosed investors have backed those unicorns.

GrandTech: the newest FinTech market niche

Chris Skinner

Watching the BBC, I often see reports on the elderly being ripped off, scammed and targeted by fraudsters.

Restaurants, retailers rethink cashless as financial inclusion takes center stage

Mobile Payments Today

Retailers and restaurants are reconsidering their payment policies as cities and states continue to push for legislation that would require merchants to accept cash

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Embracing the future of fraud prevention in the multi-(cloud) verse

Insights on Business

Riddle me this? What do a large Australian bank, a leading U.S. financial payment solutions provider, and a major New Zealand bank all have in common?

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Facebook’s Blockchain Team Is Assembling Its Own Mini-PayPal Mafia

Bank Innovation

The inner workings of Facebook Inc.’s s blockchain team are still shrouded in secrecy, but it’s staffing up, according to people familiar with the group. Those people said that its product, which Bloomberg earlier reported will be a type of cryptocurrency, could be announced as soon as next quarter.

Visa: US Starting To Close The Contactless Gap


Globally, tapping to pay with contactless cards has taken off remarkably, and the U.S., after years of lagging behind, is starting to catch up, according to a new blog post from Visa. “We’re We’re excited to share that tapping to pay is becoming a reality across the U.S.,

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Strengthening Our Salesforce Capabilities with Sundog Interactive

Perficient Financial Servies

Today, Perficient announced it is planning to acquire Sundog Interactive, an award-winning marketing and technology consulting firm that delivers Salesforce solutions to the world’s leading manufacturers.

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The reason digital is a leadership challenge and not a project

Chris Skinner

I blogged in March (Transforming the bank – three phases of change) about the method to make systems change happen to transform the bank. In another conversation, I then realised that there are three phases of organisational change to transform the bank.

Growing payments in Southeast Asia amid a dominant Chinese e-commerce market

Mobile Payments Today

Southeast Asian countries face unique challenges in terms of growing a payments ecosystem amid Chinese dominance of the e-commerce space

How banks are using incentive compensation management to help increase revenue and drive growth

Insights on Business

In a competitive financial marketplace, banks are turning to incentive compensation management (ICM) solutions for competitive advantage.

Study finds mobile surpasses PC enrollments

Bank Innovation

Mobile enrollments made some major leaps this year, surpassing even computer enrollments. According to a study from IDology, an identity verification and fraud prevention company, 61% of Americans used a smartphone to enroll in some sort of an account this year, while 56% used a computer or laptop.

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Amazon Hit With Cyberattack; Money Stolen From Sellers


Amazon was the target of an “extensive” cyberattack in which hackers stole money from merchant accounts and funneled them into their own, according to a report by Bloomberg. The attacks occurred between May and October of 2018.

14 Corporate Innovation Lab Products That Changed The World

CB Insights

Today, it seems like every large corporation has its own “ innovation lab.”. Designed to be nimble, startup-like working environments inside big corporations, these labs have produced some successes. They have also, like startups, produced a lot of failures.

Does your bank look like this?

Chris Skinner

Henry Ford famously stated: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Of course they would, as they had no idea what anything else was. In fact, I use this story often as a Victorian vision of the future was a steam-powered robot horse.

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San Francisco Board of Supervisors passes ban on cashless retail

Mobile Payments Today

San Francisco became the latest municipality to ban cashless retail as vulnerable populations demand equal access to shopping and dining service

We need to talk: Meet IBM SPM this summer in Europe

Insights on Business

If you’re reading this, then the chances are that you’re already aware that Sales Performance Management can be something of a niche subject within organizations, often only truly understood by a handful of people such as yourself perhaps.

Mastercard Heaps On New Offerings for Small Businesses

Bank Innovation

Mastercard today introduced a suite of digital offerings for small business owners who are Mastercard Business and World Elite cardholders.

Taco Bell To Open ‘The Bell’ Hotel


To provide consumers with an immersive way to experience its brand, Taco Bell is launching The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel and Resort in Palm Springs, California for a limited time this summer.

Telecom Fintech innovation is spreading

Daily Fintech

MPesa`s early success in Kenya, will remain the mobile money business case study of payment innovation in Emerging markets [1]. It was 12 years ago; in 2007 when Vodafone launched the service. Africa continues to be the continent where `Necessity is the mother of invention`.

FinTech or TechFin (speech transcript)

Chris Skinner

I recently gave a speech where the title was FinTech or TechFin? Everyone had been give a copy of my book Digital Human, and the speech was transcribed. Here it is: FinTech or TechFin? Thank you for inviting me to join you here. It is a great honour.

Apple's Supreme Court defeat could signal significant changes in mobile app sales

Mobile Payments Today

Apple's defeat in a high-profile Supreme Court case could open competition in the mobile app consumer market

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You can’t manage what you don’t measure

Insights on Business

“I don’t have enough data,” is something that I have never heard from a client. The real challenge today is finding the right data. Fundamental to sales performance management (SPM) is what we call Sales Performance Measurement.

Canadian Startup KOHO raises C$42m to Expand Banking Services

Bank Innovation

KOHO, a Toronto-based digital banking startup, has raised C$42 million (US$31 million) in a Series B round to add new products and services. KOHO, with its millennial friendly aesthetic and messaging, currently offers its users debit cards, personal finance management tools and cashback features.

Why FIs Are Laser-Focused On Corporate Credit Innovation


Innovation has been the name of the game for financial institutions (FIs) large and small in recent years.

World’s first Central Bank Digital Currency payment successful- MAS lead the way

Daily Fintech

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) have been piloting several Blockchain use cases over the past few years. Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) was one of the key focus areas of Project Ubin – MAS’ Blockchain initiative.

It’s all about the data

Chris Skinner

As those who read my blog will know by now I chair a very active group called Nordic Finance Innovation (NFI), based out of Oslo. Our last meetings were a great success and NFI rapporteur Danielle Pamela Neben did a great write-up afterwards.

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Fintech regulatory case threatens to shake up banking competition

Mobile Payments Today

A lawsuit brought by New York banking regulators could have a significant impact on fintech development amid efforts by federal authorities to drive innovation