Fast follower strategies = final failures

Chris Skinner

I was having dinner with a friend the other night, when he asked me: “what do you think about the fast follower strategy?” He then added that the major bank he’s working with are proud that this is their strategy.

Open Banking: Strategy and Presentation

Chris Skinner

Open Banking Strategy and Business Model from Chris Skinner And just in case it doesn’t make sense, here’s a … The post Open Banking: Strategy and Presentation appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. I haven’t given away my slides and presentation for a while, as it’s part of my unique armoury, but I’m bored with my latest slide deck so here it is. ?

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Banks are underusing gamification, Javelin Strategy says

Bank Innovation

As banks seek to build relationships with customers, they’re not fully exploiting the potential of gaming as a strategy for loyalty and retention, suggest analysts at Javelin Strategy & Research.

Digital and human: Inside BofA’s small business strategy

Bank Innovation

It’s a strategy that’s yielding results for the bank. Carousel Corporate Banking Innovation Strategy Lending Bank of America BofA small business bankingDigital-only lenders tout the speed and efficiency of their user experiences.

Fine-Tuning ALM Strategies for 2020


Strapped for time to implement these strategies? Setting up your ALM model to satisfy regulators isn’t particularly difficult; however, getting the most mileage out of your institution’s ALM process can be challenging if you don’t recognize the strategies and benefits ALM can offer.

Hong Kong’s FinTech Strategy

Chris Skinner

So I was intrigued to see Hong Kong issue their FinTech strategy today. It will be important for Hong Kong to seek new job and business … The post Hong Kong’s FinTech Strategy appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog.

Why voice is integral to TD Ameritrade’s customer strategy

Bank Innovation

Artificial Intelligence Carousel Innovation Strategy Premium Retail Banking Amazon Alexa TD Ameritrade trading voice bankingAs financial services companies consider the next wave of interaction technologies, TD Ameritrade is making the case for voice as a channel.

Walmart To Pilot Third-Party Fulfillment Strategy


Walmart has revealed it is testing out a fee-based service called “Fulfilled by Walmart.”. The company’s U.S.

Collections Strategies for Indirect Borrowers

SWBC's LenderHub

Indirect loans are becoming increasingly popular in the modern lending landscape.

Yoga classes and podcast studios: Behind Virgin Money’s community strategy

Bank Innovation

Carousel Customer Experience Innovation Strategy Product Design Retail Banking Barclays Lloyds Monzo N26 revolut Virgin MoneyVirgin Money is making a play for the mass affluent. The brand released a new current account for U.K.

Is it better to have a great strategy implemented badly or a bad strategy implemented well?

Chris Skinner

I was at a presentation where Robin Speculand, Singapore-based author and speaker, asked: Is it better to have a great strategy implemented badly or a bad strategy implemented well?

4 keys to a successful retail digital engagement strategy

Mobile Payments Today

But what does an effective strategy look like and how can businesses successfully create and execute against it As digital channel growth shows no sign of slowing down, it represents a significant revenue opportunity for brands, retailers and other consumer-facing businesses.

How Are Banks Implementing Digital Transformation Strategies?

Perficient Financial Servies

This blog outlines how banks are implementing digital transformation strategies. Digital Transformation Financial Services digital transformation Digital Transformation Strategies Post-Digital TransformationPreviously , I analyzed the current themes in banking according to executives.

Funding Circle surpasses $10b in loans, plans aggressive partnership strategy

Bank Innovation

The nine-year-old company plans to continue to develop its “partnership strategy,” Bernard Martinez, U.S. Carousel Corporate Banking Innovation Strategy Lending Premium Startups Funding Circle online lenders peer-to-peer lending recessionFunding Circle, the U.K.-based

What's your cash strategy?

ATM Marketplace

It's a complex question with a simple answer: You need a cash strategy How do you future-proof your operations around paper currency while battling pervasive theories that have convinced 2 in 3 Americans they'll live to see the day cash goes extinct?

Why Your Bank Needs A Digital Lead Gen Strategy

Banker to Banker

GENERATING DIGITAL LEADS Unfortunately, in 2020, most bank websites are nothing more than brochure-ware. That is a problem as not only can a bank’s website be its most efficient source leads, but it should also be the best source of conversions (leads that turn into new accounts and loans).

Temenos Chief Strategy Officer Leaves Company

Bank Innovation

Ben Robinson, chief strategy officer of Temenos, has left the company. Robinson was a key member of Temenos’s innovation operation, taking a leadership role, among other responsibilities, in managing Temenos’s engagement with the fintech startup ecosystem.

Inside Wealthfront’s lifelong customer loyalty strategy

Bank Innovation

Robo-adviser Wealthfront wants to become the center of its customers' financial lives. To do so, it's steadily added products beyond its core investment offerings, including a personal finance management tool called Path and banking services.

Unwrapping Chipotle’s Evolving Digital Ordering Strategy


Investing in digital ordering experiences is now a core part of the company’s business model, according to Nicole West, Chipotle’s vice president of digital strategy and product.

Is your sales performance management mid-year correction strategy effective?

Insights on Business

Building a strategy and doing the right planning in order to achieve corporate objectives is the key to any business, and no doubt, planning sales compensation plays a crucial role in meeting those goals. What are some of the strategies or effective approaches you can turn to?

Inside N26’s US Fraud Protection Strategy


In the latest Digital Fraud Tracker , PYMNTS examines how fraudsters are utilizing mobile and app-based channels for fraud attacks, as well as why fraudsters are still relying on phishing as a major fraud strategy even as they increase their use of new technologies and techniques.

Developing a PaaS Migration Strategy

Perficient Financial Servies

In this blog we will look at the steps to create a migration strategy to PaaS including re-platforming legacy applications. Application migrations are often tied to a larger business-level, digital-transformation strategy.

BofA Opening More Financial Centers to Support Digital Strategy

Bank Innovation

While many banks are shutting down branches, Bank of America is adopting a "high-tech, high-touch" strategy, which will result in the addition of 350 branches, or what it calls "financial centers," across the country over the next two years.

SMBs Shift Their Cash Management Strategies


Recent data has warned that small business (SMB) optimism is beginning to drop after months of record highs. It wasn’t altogether unexpected, though: After all, what goes up must come down. Yet, amid talk of declining optimism and an impending recession in the U.S.,

Walmart Focuses On Supercenters As Strategy To Take On Amazon


Walmart President and CEO Doug McMillon said during a strategy meeting that supercenters are the focus of the company’s plan. The refocusing on the massive stores that Walmart began crating in 1980 marks a departure from a strategy laid out only a year prior.

Why Banks Must Upgrade Their API Strategies For SMBs


Open Banking Fuels API Strategy Shifts. Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) need more support from their banks than ever to handle today’s increasingly fragmented global economy.

With $2b valuation, Marqeta focuses marketing strategy on startups

Bank Innovation

A company that operates quietly in the background of popular financial apps and platforms is taking steps to become more visible.

Inside Wells Fargo’s global payments strategy

Bank Innovation

Wells Fargo, through its partnership with cross-border B2B payments provider TransferMate, is showing its global payments ambitions.

Lloyds Bank Marks $4.1B for Digital Strategy

Bank Innovation

British bank Lloyds has put aside £3 billion ($4.1 billion) for digital development and growth, the bank announced today.

Why Small Business Owners Should Always Have An Exit Strategy


Yet, once a company starts to churn a profit, business owners rarely consider their strategy of an eventual exit or sale. Hundreds of thousands of new small businesses (SMBs) open their doors every year in the U.S., be them physical or digital.

Starling Debuts New Business Lending Strategy


challenger Starling Bank is moving forward with plans to introduce business lending services, reports in Specialist Banking said this week, with the bank revealing new details about its strategy.

Podcast: A Bank Strategy that Bridges the Gap

ABA Community Banking

The post Podcast: A Bank Strategy that Bridges the Gap appeared first on ABA Banking Journal. "When you think about what's happening in America, there's a bifurcation that's happening," says Orvin Kimbrough.

Sleeper Strategies for Winning Real-Time Payments

Strategically Speaking

I grew up in payments. In the mid-90s, I cut my teeth on Standard Entry Class codes, Return Reason codes, and the logistics of batch clearing and time-based risk in ACH. I know. Sexy, right? In Payments Land, geeks like me loved to talk shop. Still do.

Inside N26’s Strategy To Win US Customers


To learn more about how N26 is changing its customer service strategy to better appeal to U.S. Challenger banks with a couple of operating years behind them are beginning to get a taste of the problems they handed to legacy banking institutions.

Reckon Shifts Strategy In MYOB, Xero Rivalry


Australian small business accounting company Reckon is shifting its competitive strategy against the industry’s top leaders, MYOB and Xero, reports in the Australian Financial Review said Tuesday (Feb.

Weekly Wrap: Brex ramps up brand strategy, while Chase focuses on data security

Bank Innovation

In this episode, Suman Bhattacharyya, senior editor, and Angely Mercado, associate editor, discuss the following news developments: Corporate card and financial product startup Brex’s marketing strategy; Inspired Capital’s recent investment in business banking platform Rho; and […].

A Checklist For Any Bank Considering a Payment Strategy

Banker to Banker

Below, we highlight our ten considerations when developing a payments strategy.

Personal Loan Growth Hints At Strategy Vs Credit Card Debt


Call it maybe — just maybe — a prudent financial management strategy, with the thesis that not all debt is created equal. The strategy may pay dividends — and may set consumers to remain a healthy (still) engine of economic growth. Call it a case of six of one, half dozen of the other.

How Synchrony Financial Is Upgrading Its AML Strategy


Five Dutch banks recently formed a group to protect their systems against money launderers, but only after three of them shook off fines and anti-money laundering (AML) strategy investigations. AML Strategies and Innovation Quirks.

How to differentiate your mobile payments strategy

Mobile Payments Today

Keith McAuliffe, the general manager of the financial services sector for Solace, believes it's necessary for providers to to cultivate the right experience for individual audiences

A Loan Strategy Given Lower Rates

Banker to Banker

INCREASING LENDING PROFITABILITY Many industry analysts are increasingly gloomy on the banking industry, trimming expectations for net interest margin, interest income, and total profits.

How Cybersecurity Tries To Keep Up With Attackers’ Evolving Strategies


Though the tactic is unusual, cybersecurity experts warn the strategy could signal an increasing use of so-called “deepfake” technology to infiltrate systems and steal company cash. In response, however, cybersecurity companies, businesses, and government officials are similarly exploring new strategies to combat this threat. Below, PYMNTS looks at some of the numbers behind changing cybersecurity strategies.

Why WeWork’s IPO Strategy Could Make Investors Swipe Left


Which of the above would apply to We’s IPO strategy? That last strategy speaks volumes. Investing in IPO s is a bit like dating. The firms going public want to make themselves look as attractive as possible.