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Data analytics is a top investment priority for banks

Predictive Analytics Are Retailers’ Crystal Ball


All it takes is predictive analytics, a tool powered by artificial intelligence (AI), which looks at dozens or even hundreds of variables to determine what a user is likely to do next based on what he’s doing now. That’s the question that Rephael Sweary, President, WalkMe hopes his company’s new AI Predictive Analytics solution can help organizations answer. Predictive analytics can see where the latter went astray and guide them back onto the straight and narrow path to purchase.

Can Behavioral Analytics Slow Online Fraud?


It can be the case that behavioral analytics systems can observe how an account user boosts checking account balances or savings accounts ahead of making large transactions. Pity the poor fraudster. Fraud has no choice but to roll with the punches, and the flurries are enough to daze a boxer as skilled as Ali. Get a toehold in a consumer’s account with a card and whammo, here comes EMV. Grab a piece of an ID and blam! Machine learning rears its mechanical head.

WWS Business Analytics Management

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WWS Business Analytics Management (WWS BAM) is the Data Analytics application module of the WWS software suite

Knowledge Series – Hottest skills for Analytics in 2018


Data analytics and statistics have become a routine line of work in almost all industries, and along with it comes the various programming languages and tools to make the data analytics intervention and integration more effective. We are seeing the onset of the driverless car, to delivery drones, which are changing the way the analytics industry works. Data Warehousing is a process of collecting data from different sources, combining large amounts of data to enable analytics.

How Analytics Can Help Fashion Brands And Retailers


Originally, StyleSage was focused on deep analytics. Fashion Analytics. The right product at the right price and the right time: That’s the retail recipe, and companies such as StyleSage, along with platforms such as EDITED , help provide real-time analytics to help apparel retailers worldwide cook up success. What does it take for a fashion brand to stay on top of the trends? A lot of market data.

Eved Adds Spend Analytics To Event Procurement


The tool allows companies and their event planning teams to access reports and data analytics into their event spend. “Evaluating enterprise-level event spend is incredibly complex, and data analytics is the key to unlocking improved performance,” said the firm’s CEO, founder and product architect, Talia Mashiach.

MatrixCare Targets Niche Healthcare Market With Analytics Tool


MatrixCare, a technology provider with a targeted focus in the healthcare industry, is rolling out new data and analytics solutions for its clients. On Thursday (June 29), the company announced the availability of two new solutions, MyAnalytics and MyData, available through the MatrixCare Analytics Suite of offerings, for this niche market.

Microsoft Goes After Credit Unions With Data Analytics Development


They announced today (Wednesday, March 21) that CUNA Mutual AdvantEdge Analytics will collaborate to develop a data analytics platform for the credit union industry. The platform will standardize data collection and analytics to offer insight into a credit union’s operations and performance. AdvantEdge Analytics, which offers a suite of software tools for the credit union industry, will be able to expand its data models through the new solution, CUNA and Microsoft noted. “We

Analyzing The Analytics Officer


The chief analytics officer must navigate an increasingly complex playing field of business risk, cybersecurity, financial data, employee data, and just data, period. PYMNTS: What does a day in the life of a Chief Analytics Officer look like? JD: The most difficult part of my job is staying focused amid an increasingly complex and competitive landscape for analytics. Likewise, the competition for analytics talent is higher than I have ever experienced over my 25-year career.

Investors Impressed By Mix Of AI And Analytics


With more than $175 million raised for B2B startups this week, the undoubted winner was a California-based artificial intelligence data analytics company – a sign, the firm noted, of the enterprise’s increasing reliance on AI. California’s ThoughtSpot landed the week’s largest investment round, with $145 million in Series D funding for its artificial intelligence analytics solution.

Analytical and Personable

Independent Banker

Smith, who has a master’s degree in business administration from Baylor University, has honed strong financial analytical skills, taking advantage of training courses on credit and cash- flow analysis combined with real-life applications. Jamey Smith Citizens Bank in Kilgore, Texas.

SaaS Gets Cozy To Financial Data Analytics


million in funding last year, helps SaaS companies manage operations by providing financial management, auditing and reporting, analytics and other back-office services. Earlier this month, the firm announced that its analytics tool will be available via open API to other software platforms servicing this market. But it wasn’t always easy to sell a SaaS company on the analytics tools they needed to make those accurate forecasts, the CEO said.

Stripe Launches Custom Analytics Tool for Businesses


Earlier today at Stripe Sessions, a conference for Stripe users, the company announced the launching of Sigma, a powerful analytics tool powered by SQL. The analytics tool is designed for SMBs and startups without access to financial analytics platforms. Sigma is also a great option for companies that aren’t ready to invest in developing custom analytics applications – either because of budget constraints or size.

Convincing The CPO To Advance Toward Analytics


As Dubey told PYMNTS, this technology goes beyond standard data analytics to not only offer procurement processionals insight into how much a business is spending, but also to solve problems and guide decision makers as they progress toward their overall objectives. Data analytics tools definitely have a place in the procurement world, and they can share with you what’s happening,” he said.

Accelerating Financial Reporting, From Monthly Reports To Real-Time Analytics


” Use cases for data analytics are practically limitless, but one area that Rathmann said is key to the small business is being able to benchmark financial positions and compare data to industry peers. While this focus on real-time analytics and updated interactions between accountant and small business is partly a response to a younger generation of entrepreneurs, Rathmann also said that it’s a reaction to broader trends among small business owners.

Blockchain is the Great Equalizer for Predictive Analytics


The field of data analytics, specifically, has widened with the integration of computer technology, and more recently with the use of machine learning and AI algorithms. The post Blockchain is the Great Equalizer for Predictive Analytics appeared first on Dataconomy.

Business Trip Data Analytics Reaches Beyond T&E Spend


Yet as more FinTechs and solution providers step in to enable that data analytics capability, executives continue to emphasize the potential in T&E spend analysis — and not just to guide an organization’s travel policies. Lexi Honohan, senior director of Intelligence & Analytics at business travel consulting firm Advito , says organizations can go far beyond analyzing business travel spend with the T&E data they have at hand — if they can overcome some tall hurdles, however.

From Blockchain To Farming, Newly-Funded Startups Embrace Data Analytics


But there is a clear common thread among the B2B startups that secured fresh funding this week: data analytics. Read below to explore the ways newly-funded firms are using the power of data analytics for their corporate customers. Artesian Solutions links client-facing professionals with real-time data analytics to help them more efficiently and strategically do their jobs and forge B2B relationships.

Data Enablers: Euclid Analytics Is Reshaping The Shopping Mall


His father basically invented the modern-day shopping mall, so it’s only fitting that Will Smith, founder of Euclid Analytics, would be revolutionizing the retail experience for the next generation. Effective marketing can be very challenging in an omnichannel world,” said Euclid Analytics’ CEO, Brent Franson. PYMNTS caught up with Franson to find out how Euclid got where it is today and what’s next for the analytics ambassador.

Thinking About Cloud Data Analytics? Consider This


Thinking about going the cloud-route for your big data analytics strategy? Suddenly, the cloud has become a hot topic in the analytics software world and in particular big data analytics. The post Thinking About Cloud Data Analytics?

Bankers Are Excited by Data Analytics (But Not Roboadvisors), Infosys Reports

Bank Innovation

Data analytics is the most common digital technology currently being used by banks, a new report by consultancy Infosys, released yesterday, stated. Data analytics-- which is just what it sounds liker-- is currently being used by 73% of the 1,000 bankers surveyed for the study,Read More.

As GDPR Looms, Trusting in a Trust for Data Analytics and Protection


Thus, against this backdrop, the announcement came this past week that Mastercard and IBM have partnered and formed a trust – Truata – that allows for analytics of, and protection of, data in compliance with GDPR. Think of it as outsourcing data analytics, to at least ensure that the data is in compliance. Or, with another option, said the CEO, clients can request model codes or algorithms, which can then be used with that client’s own analytics tools.

The Data Pipeline – Analytics at the Speed of Business


Business leaders are growing weary of making further investments in business intelligence (BI) and big data analytics. Beyond the challenging technical components of data-driven projects, BI and analytics services have yet to live up to the hype.

Data Analytics Is The Key Skill for The Modern Engineer


Despite this transformation, the adoption of advanced analytics tools still presents certain challenges. The post Data Analytics Is The Key Skill for The Modern Engineer appeared first on Dataconomy.

Nasdaq Acquires Cloud Analytics Platform eVestment for $705M

Bank Innovation

Nasdaq, the digital stock exchange, will acquire cloud analytics platform eVestment to provide enhanced data-driven returns to institutional investors. Capital Exclusive Operations Risk cloud analytics data analytics eVestment nasdaq stock exchange Xignite

How to Boost Your Career in Big Data and Analytics


In fact, the importance of big data and data analytics is only going to continue growing in the coming years. The post How to Boost Your Career in Big Data and Analytics appeared first on Dataconomy. The world is increasingly digital, and this means big data is here to stay.

Object Storage and Data Analytics: The Road to Democratization


The call to democratize data analytics today is unmistakable. The post Object Storage and Data Analytics: The Road to Democratization appeared first on Dataconomy. BI & Analytics Data Science

Marchex Uses Voice Analytics To Optimize Customer Calls


Marchex, a mobile advertising analytics company, has announced the launch of Marchex Speech Analytics, a solution that enables actionable insights allowing companies to better understand what is happening on inbound phone calls from consumers. Speech Analytics features innovative new dashboards and visual analytics to make it easier for telesales teams to quickly identify opportunities for retargeting and recognize areas for improvement.

Leveraging your GPS data using Geospatial Analytics


The post Leveraging your GPS data using Geospatial Analytics appeared first on Dataconomy. Data Science Geolocation Geospatial Analytics GPSThe advent of a sharing economy has brought a sea of change to the way we commute in the city.

Digital Transformation: Analysing Analytics


I don’t know about you but everyone seems to be talking analytics – it is another great digital transformation buzzword. Financial Services analytics AppDynamics banks Big Data data center DNA Center fintech GDPR

Investors Tap Into The Promise Of High-Tech Data Analytics In The Enterprise


It was a busy time for B2B venture capital this week, and while funding ranged across verticals from expense management to SaaS, there was a clear theme in investment rounds: high-tech data analytics. The company’s technology uses analytics to identify drivers of employee engagement and help employers become more effective with their workforce, while also aggregating real-time feedback from staff.

Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) Backup Operation Fails

Perficient Financial Servies

Applies to Oracle Analytics Cloud Service – version 17.4.5 To learn more about why Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) Backup Operation fails, run the diagnostic collection script on the OAC server. How To Collect Diagnostic Files and Logs in Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC)). Cloud Data & Analytics News Oracle OAC OACS Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) oracle cloud serviceand later.

Reimagining Analytics and Engagement with Blockchain


The post Reimagining Analytics and Engagement with Blockchain appeared first on Dataconomy. The big data industry isn’t known to soak up the spotlight, nor does it take up much room in the headlines, yet it is by far one of the most influential forces in business today.

How to Combat ‘Non-Subscription Churn’ with Predictive Analytics


The post How to Combat ‘Non-Subscription Churn’ with Predictive Analytics appeared first on Dataconomy. BI & Analytics churn data analytics predictive analytics

5 Ways Big Data and Analytics Will Impact E-Commerce in 2018


The post 5 Ways Big Data and Analytics Will Impact E-Commerce in 2018 appeared first on Dataconomy. BI & Analytics Big DataAlmost everything we do, both online and offline, is a source for data. As technology increases, the ways to measure and collect data also increase.

Applications of Big Data Analytics That Yield the Most Value

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Worldwide revenues for big data and business analytics will grow from $130.1 Analytics Big data Insights Asia Big Data Analytics Europe insights USbillion in 2016 to more than $203 billion in 2020, at a CAGR of 11.7%, IDC estimated. “The.

Back To The Future Of Data Analytics


The acquisition, explained Clark, pushes Lendified “down the path much faster” of improving the technology behind credit underwriting than what would have been accomplished with the internal development of such data analytics capabilities.

Business Analytics with AI, ML and Blockchain

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So how will AI, ML and Blockchain change Business Analytics? While predictive analytics can tell you what products and services you should be targeting to customers before they need them, predicting the future of business analytics requires a quick review of the new sources of data that will continue to increase over the next five-to-10 years: artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain.

Technology, analytics and community building


John Best talks to Todd Clark, CEO of Co-op Financial Services, about credit unions, technology, analytics and community building. Technology, analytics and community building on BankNXT.