Data Breach Leaks 198M Car Buyers’ Personal Data


A massive data breach has compromised the records of 198 million car buyers. Fowler said that it was “unclear if DealerLeads has notified individuals, dealerships or authorities about the data incident,” and as a result “potential customers may not know if their data was exposed.”.

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SMBs Severely Underestimate Data Breach Costs


As lawmakers ponder this risk, PYMNTS highlights some of the newest data points uncovered by researchers examining small business cybersecurity. 149,000: the average cost of a data breach for a small-to-medium sized business , according to AppRiver.

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New IBM Platform Allows Data Privacy Control


IBM has unveiled the latest addition to its Z mainframe portfolio, a new platform called the z15 designed with data privacy, security and hybrid multi-cloud use in mind, the company said in a release on Thursday (Sept. Innovation data management IBM News privacy Security What's Hot

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Lion Air Probes Data Breach


Following incidents at other airlines, Indonesian carrier PT Lion Mentari Airlines, known as Lion Air, is looking into a breach that reportedly led to passenger data on its Thai and Malaysian units to be leaked on the web. its data service provider, to probe the data breach. “We

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AI, machine learning, data and Nordic banks

Chris Skinner

The meeting focused upon data: data usage, data analytics, data leverage and data privacy. It was an interesting meet-up … The post AI, machine learning, data and Nordic banks appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog.

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Three Trends in Data Science Jobs You Should Know


If you are a Data Scientist wondering what companies could have the most career opportunities or an employer looking to hire the best data science talent but aren’t sure what titles to use in your job listings — a recent report using Diffbot’s Knowledge Graph could hold some answers for.

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For Credit Unions, Data As Competitive Advantage


Data, data everywhere. For credit unions, data may be the conduit to competing with banks. The best way to get to that personalization – for example, for credit unions to get credit cards to the right consumers with the right rewards offers – is through data analytics.

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Kabbage Acquires SMB Data Analytics Firm Radius


Small business lending platform Kabbage has announced the acquisition of data analytics platform Radius Intelligence. That data analysis aims to provide actionable insights into small businesses’ cash flow.

Utility Data’s New Identity


There are plenty of high-tech ways to verify a customer’s identity — fingerprints, voiceprints, faceprints, phone data. Traditional utility data has been a source of, and a good way to verify, identification,” Malik explained. “It’s Urjanet is a platform meant to bridge that digital divide for consumer utility data by collecting and aggregating it into a secure, digitally shareable form, and turning it loose as a tool for businesses to apply to a variety of consumer interactions.

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It’s all about the data

Chris Skinner

I’m guessing most of you will have … The post It’s all about the data appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. As those who read my blog will know by now I chair a very active group called Nordic Finance Innovation (NFI), based out of Oslo.

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The Fiserv-First Data Merger Is Complete


The big deal is now complete: Fiserv announced this morning (July 29) that it has completed its acquisition of First Data Corporation. The two massive firms first inked the deal earlier this year, which will see Fiserv purchase First Data for $22 billion in an all-stock transaction.

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Data Shows China Slowdown Much Worse Than China Admits


China’s second-quarter economic data shows a 6.2 China’s reported data came in close to Beijing’s target, a figure that has been published quarterly for the past 4.5 an electronic components manufacturer, told the WSJ the data “is telling us nothing good about the China economy.”

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Wells Fargo Teams With Plaid On API-Supported Data Exchange


Financial institution Wells Fargo is partnering with data platform Plaid to offer customers the option of managing their finances in one place using an application programming interface (API), Wells Fargo said in a press release on Thursday (Sept.

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BlueTalon Data Privacy Firm Acquired By Microsoft


Microsoft has acquired a data privacy and governance service called BlueTalon, according to a report by TechCrunch. BlueTalon helps companies determine and set up policies for data access by employees.

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Spinning Raw Data Into Synthetic (Revenue) Gold For FIs


Data is everywhere, there for the taking, turning insight into top-line growth. For financial institutions (FIs) and other FinTech companies, monetizing that data effectively and, above all, safely can be a tightrope walk — balancing risk and reward. The Process And Types Of Data.

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In B2B, Data Integration Makes Sure The Price (Data) Is Right


Pricing is, of course, not the only area of B2B eCommerce seeing positive disruption from technology like data integrations — nor is price the definitive factor that companies use today when deciding with whom to do business.

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Nordstrom Breach Exposes Data On 76K Employees


Nordstrom has suffered a data breach that exposed employee names, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, checking account and routing numbers, salaries and more. The company spokesperson said customer data was not affected in the breach.

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The Future Of Compliance: Using Data Better


But the bigger change that is coming, Meier said, will likely affect the data sources FinTechs are using to train their scanning algorithms. In the pre-digital age of financial services, AML/KYC was a very slow process.

The Cloud Surrounding Banks’ Data Security (In The Cloud, Too)


In the wake of the Capital One data breach that exposed data tied to 100 million individuals in the United States comes a warning that there really are not any places to hide. At least some data tied to subscribers may have been “captured.”. No rest for banks amid the hackers.

Poshmark Experiences Non-Financial Data Breach


In a recently reported data breach, Poshmark said it recently learned that an unauthorized third party acquired data from some users. The fashion marketplace company said the information does not include physical addresses or financial data, according to a web post.

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Will Consumers Want To Monetize Their Own Data?


If headlines are any indication, data breaches have made off with consumers’ most sensitive bits of information, such as Social Security numbers, credit card info and bank details. Data Managed. You just need a good set of good data.”

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Developers’ Education Site Thinkful Discovers Data Breach


Thinkful, an online education site for developers, has revealed that it has been hit with a data breach. “We Ironically, Chegg suffered from its own data breach a year ago, which impacted 40 million users.

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Breach Of Mastercard Loyalty Program Affected 90K Germans’ Data


Belgian and German data protection regulators were notified by Mastercard of a possible data breach, Bloomberg reported on Friday (Aug. 19 and “affected a large number of data subjects,” the Belgian watchdog said in a statement.

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Today In Data: New Year, New Efficiencies


Data: $26 billion: Projected 2018 revenue of the global mPOS market. Today In Data brick and mortar checkout Commerce commerce data faster payments mobile pos MPOS New Year News payments payments data Retail retail data Today in Data

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Equifax Nears $700M Settlement For Data Breach


The 2017 Equifax data hack affecting more than 143 million people worldwide will cost the company about $700 million. . The credit reporting company is close to a deal to settle data breach probes, The Wall Street Journal reported July 19, citing people familiar with the matter. .

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Today In Data: Digital Banking Cybersecurity


With new risks come new solutions, and banks are taking this approach to data security: They are adopting technologies such as biometric authentication to protect sensitive information. Data: $248.26

Facebook Data Breach Fines Could Top $1B


According to the report citing the Irish Data Protection Commission, Facebook is under investigation by the regulator over allegations it failed to protect the privacy of its users.

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Chatbot Company Sued By Delta Over Data Breach


They then monitored the website activity of the carrier and took data entered by visitors. The news comes after reports surfaced last April that Delta and Sears disclosed that some of their customers’ payment information could have been exposed as part of a data breach at [24]

Home Improvement Startup Houzz Suffers Data Breach


Home improvement startup Houzz revealed that it suffered a data breach. The company said in a FAQ on its website that the breach was discovered in late December 2018, and that “a file containing some of our user data was obtained by an unauthorized third party.”.

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Equifax In Data Pact With FinTech Sandbox


The companies said in a release that the collaboration is tied to data sharing, where Equifax will offer commercial and consumer data that will help its new partner FinTech Sandbox to develop new products.

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Who owns the customers’ data?

Chris Skinner

Following on from the discussions about identity on Monday, it gets interesting to think about the customers’ data and who owns it, especially in light of the Payment Services Directive 2, PSD2 for short, which comes into force at the start of next year.

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Today In Data: Payment Protocols In The Age Of PSD2


The European Union’s (EU’s) PSD2 is making merchants that deal with payment data from Eurozone citizens enhance their payment protocols. All this, Today In Data. Data: $3,500: The average operational cost for a bank to originate an SMB loan.

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Data-Driven Banking: How Data is Changing the World


Data has become the latest talk of the town with its potential to influence the decision-making framework in any firm. No matter which industry you are in, the new winners are the ones who can innovate and create value using a data-driven approach. With the right foresight, banks can become the core of data-centric systems and be the major driver for cultural change. Embracing data minimization. Data may start to be shared in data exchanges.

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Beware of data “science projects” turned fraud prevention solutions

Insights on Business

Therefore, machine-learning pattern recognition solutions that can effectively monitor and analyze very large amounts of data in real-time are needed to detect unexpected commonalities between fraudulent and non-fraudulent transactions.

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Decentralisation demands data safes

Chris Skinner

In fact, in HBO’s excellent series Silicon Valley, the guys at Pied Piper recently did a pivot to try to create exactly … The post Decentralisation demands data safes appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog.

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Can Regulating Wearables Protect Data Privacy?


However, as IoT continues to proliferate in more industries and use cases, concerns about data privacy have quickly followed, with consumers and lawmakers ra ising concerns about attacks from bad actors. How Bonbouton’s Connected Insoles Track Health, While Keeping Data Secure.

Twitter Data Breach Prompts GDPR Investigation


The Irish Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) is Twitter’s lead regulator in the European Union. The DPC has this week opened a new statutory inquiry into the latest data breach it received from Twitter on 8 January, 2019,” the Commission said on its website.

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Thinking Differently On Digital Payments And Data


Data breaches are a serious threat to the financial health of businesses and consumers. Is there a newer way to treat data that might also help prevent fraud? Data: March 19, 2012: Expected rollout date for a third Same-Day ACH (SDA) processing window.

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Today In Data: Striking A Balance Between Convenience And Security


Data. $22 Today In Data Commerce commerce data Consumer Experience cyberattacks Cybercrimes data privacy digital identity friction funding loyalty mobile app Mobile Payments News payments payments data payments security Retail retail data Today in Data

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Data-R-Us: The Purchase And Sale Of Data


Where do analysts get their data? It’s not like they can just stroll up to a retailer like Data-R-Us and buy it … can they? It’s called a data marketplace , and it’s not just for analysts. What Is a Data Marketplace? Like any other online marketplace, a data market is a virtual destination where goods and services are bought and sold. Organizations are hungry for data these days. Everybody Loves Data. Know what produces a lot of data?

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Handling Unstructured Data In Procure-to-Pay


Corporates have a lot on their plate when it comes to digitization, cloud migration, data security and overcoming silos between back-office platforms opens a world of opportunities for businesses to boost efficiency and improve bottom lines — but it’s no easy mountain to climb.

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Explorium Lands $19M To Expand Data Sciences Platform


Israeli data science firm Explorium raised $19 million in private funding to expand its new machine learning platform, Reuters reported on Wednesday (Sept. Utilizing machine learning, Explorium coordinates a company’s internal data with external sources to reveal significant data.

Data 189 Hack Exposes Consumer Data


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ( CMS ) confirmed on its website that it was the victim of a data breach in October — the Marketplace system used for agents and brokers was hacked. CMS said that it believes about 75,000 individuals’ files were accessed via the data breach.

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