Utility Data’s New Identity


There are plenty of high-tech ways to verify a customer’s identity — fingerprints, voiceprints, faceprints, phone data. Traditional utility data has been a source of, and a good way to verify, identification,” Malik explained. “It’s Urjanet is a platform meant to bridge that digital divide for consumer utility data by collecting and aggregating it into a secure, digitally shareable form, and turning it loose as a tool for businesses to apply to a variety of consumer interactions.

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Can Banks Safely Monetize Consumer Data?


It’s one of the main clichés of the early 21 st century, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong: Data is the new oil. However, as is the case with any powerful, profitable substance (whether tangible or not), data can be dangerous if not used appropriately. The Three Types Of Data.

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Will Consumers Want To Monetize Their Own Data?


If headlines are any indication, data breaches have made off with consumers’ most sensitive bits of information, such as Social Security numbers, credit card info and bank details. Data Managed. You just need a good set of good data.”

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Can Regulating Wearables Protect Data Privacy?


However, as IoT continues to proliferate in more industries and use cases, concerns about data privacy have quickly followed, with consumers and lawmakers ra ising concerns about attacks from bad actors. How Bonbouton’s Connected Insoles Track Health, While Keeping Data Secure.

It’s all about the data

Chris Skinner

I’m guessing most of you will have … The post It’s all about the data appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. As those who read my blog will know by now I chair a very active group called Nordic Finance Innovation (NFI), based out of Oslo.

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AI, machine learning, data and Nordic banks

Chris Skinner

The meeting focused upon data: data usage, data analytics, data leverage and data privacy. It was an interesting meet-up … The post AI, machine learning, data and Nordic banks appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog.

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Distributed Data Caching Using Big Data


The advent of the emerging sector of Big Data has brought with it the promise of highly scalable databases to handle terabytes of data at a time. The post Distributed Data Caching Using Big Data appeared first on Dataconomy. Big Data Contributors Featured

Poland country data-sheet

Mobile Payments Today

Country data-sheet: mobile payments in Poland

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Today In Data: New Year, New Efficiencies


Data: $26 billion: Projected 2018 revenue of the global mPOS market. Today In Data brick and mortar checkout Commerce commerce data faster payments mobile pos MPOS New Year News payments payments data Retail retail data Today in Data

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Home Improvement Startup Houzz Suffers Data Breach


Home improvement startup Houzz revealed that it suffered a data breach. The company said in a FAQ on its website that the breach was discovered in late December 2018, and that “a file containing some of our user data was obtained by an unauthorized third party.”.

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Today In Data: Payment Protocols In The Age Of PSD2


The European Union’s (EU’s) PSD2 is making merchants that deal with payment data from Eurozone citizens enhance their payment protocols. All this, Today In Data. Data: $3,500: The average operational cost for a bank to originate an SMB loan.

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Facebook Data Breach Fines Could Top $1B


According to the report citing the Irish Data Protection Commission, Facebook is under investigation by the regulator over allegations it failed to protect the privacy of its users.

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Facebook Gives Academics Access To Data


More than 60 academics from around the world will receive access to Facebook ‘s data for the first time. Facebook Academics Data Access data privacy Data Research elections News user data What's Hot

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Senate Hearing Grills Equifax, Marriott CEOs On Data Breaches


Data privacy and security is becoming a popular political issue, and the latest proof of that came Thursday (March 7) on Capitol Hill. Among the most recent support for that point is a fresh push in California among lawmakers to make their strictest-in-the-nation data privacy law even tougher.

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Today In Data: Digital Banking Cybersecurity


With new risks come new solutions, and banks are taking this approach to data security: They are adopting technologies such as biometric authentication to protect sensitive information. Data: $248.26

Twitter Data Breach Prompts GDPR Investigation


The Irish Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) is Twitter’s lead regulator in the European Union. The DPC has this week opened a new statutory inquiry into the latest data breach it received from Twitter on 8 January, 2019,” the Commission said on its website.

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Sage Enhances Financial Data Integrations With Cleo


Through the Cleo integration, the solution will enhance its “governance, control and orchestration capabilities,” building greater efficiencies in the movement of data to the platform.

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Thinking Differently On Digital Payments And Data


Data breaches are a serious threat to the financial health of businesses and consumers. Is there a newer way to treat data that might also help prevent fraud? Data: March 19, 2012: Expected rollout date for a third Same-Day ACH (SDA) processing window.

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Today In Data: Striking A Balance Between Convenience And Security


Data. $22 Today In Data Commerce commerce data Consumer Experience cyberattacks Cybercrimes data privacy digital identity friction funding loyalty mobile app Mobile Payments News payments payments data payments security Retail retail data Today in Data

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Today In Data: Ending 2018, Predicting 2019


Data: $3 billion: The amount Tencent has invested in 40 U.S. Today In Data 2018 Commerce commerce data ecommerce mobile apps New Year's News payments payments data predictions Retail retail data Today in Data

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Healthcare.gov Hack Exposes Consumer Data


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ( CMS ) confirmed on its website that it was the victim of a data breach in October — the Marketplace system used for agents and brokers was hacked. CMS said that it believes about 75,000 individuals’ files were accessed via the data breach.

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New IoT Security Bill Exposes Rising Data Protection, Safety Concerns


These items are fast, handle an increasingly large amount of personal and financial data and tend to be prone to cybercriminals’ attacks. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and data security and privacy practice chair of D.C.-based

Kubernetes Meets Big Data


Organizations yearn order and simplicity over chaos and confusion, but the data-driven era we live in challenges these desires on a daily basis. Seemingly every day, massive amounts of transactional and streaming data is being introduced into enterprises.

3 Fintech Data Analytics Startups to Watch

Bank Innovation

Financial institutions harnessing the power of big data must glean meaningful insights from many disparate data sets. Several startups helping banks and financial institutions make sense of data, alternative and otherwise, have emerged.

Today In Data: The Future Of Faster Payments


All this, Today in Data. Data: 850: The number of stores online retailers are forecasted to open from this year until 2023.

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2018 Data Breaches: The List No One Wanted To Make


So far this year (and there’s still one more day), Verizon reported that there have been 2,216 confirmed data breaches across 65 countries. Facebook’s 2018 regarding the stewardship of user data and privacy was one it would like to soon forget. about a potential data security incident.

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Data-R-Us: The Purchase And Sale Of Data


Where do analysts get their data? It’s not like they can just stroll up to a retailer like Data-R-Us and buy it … can they? It’s called a data marketplace , and it’s not just for analysts. What Is a Data Marketplace? Like any other online marketplace, a data market is a virtual destination where goods and services are bought and sold. Organizations are hungry for data these days. Everybody Loves Data. Know what produces a lot of data?

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Snapshot: Data Scientist Salaries and Jobs in Europe


Here is what a recent report says about job opportunities for Data Scientists across Europe including salaries and benefits, job motivations, programming languages used, tech skills and what people want most from their work.

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British Airways Employees Say Call Center Data Not Secure


airliner, told The Financial Times this weekend that data has been handled insecurely and has been open for potential misuse for several years. said the data was being protected on an “archaic” information technology system. Current and former staff at British Airways , the U.K.

Experian ‘Boost’ Improves FICO Scores Via Data


Consumers with low or subprime credit scores often face higher interest rates, with data showing that a subprime credit score costs the average consumer approximately $200,000 more over the course of their life.

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SMB Accountants Pull Data Integration To The Top Of Their Priority Lists


As SMBs embrace cloud-based platforms, data integration across those systems is an integral part of effective accounting solutions. While data integrations mean access to more data for financial professionals to analyze, they also raise issues in the world of compliance and data protection.

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Today In Data: Banks Give Consumers Confidence Amid Data Breaches


Banks give consumers confidence that their data won’t fall into the wrong hands when they make purchases or reservations, thanks to investments in fraud detection and prevention.

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Using a big data approach to overcoming banking regulatory requirements

Insights on Business

The data they must analyze is overwhelming. Regulatory pressure is creating a financial data analytics crisis. But the sheer amount of data in all its forms that must be analyzed is a sticking point. Integrating big data technology with risk management for a complete solution.

Georgia Tech Data Breach Leaves 1.3M Exposed


The Georgia Institute of Technology confirmed that it suffered a data breach that has exposed the personal information of 1.3 Anyone whose data was exposed will be contacted soon regarding available credit-monitoring services.

Today In Data: Driving A Digitally Determined World


Data: $13 billion: Projected worth of the self-service market by 2023. Today In Data Commerce commerce data Cybercrime digital commerce digital payments Fraud Prevention Identity Theft mobile commerce Mobile Payments News payments data Retail retail data self-service Today in Data

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Today In Data: The Rapid Growth Of Real-Time Payments


Data: 1879: On this year, Frank Woolworth pioneered the five-and-dime concept with the opening of the “Great Five-Cent Store.”.

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Data’s Growing Role in Scalable Ecommerce?


Here is how Big Data can help you in your growth strategies in ecommerce Ecommerce is taking a bigger slice of the global retail pie. The post Data’s Growing Role in Scalable Ecommerce?

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A Data Scientist’s relationship with building Predictive Models


If you’re a Data Scientist, you’ve likely spent months earnestly developing and then deploying a single predictive model. A quarter of a Data Scientist’s working life often goes something like this: You met with. The post A Data Scientist’s relationship with building Predictive Models appeared first on Dataconomy. The truth is that once your model is built – that’s only half the battle won.

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Today In Data: Big Changes In Unexpected Places


It’s why it’s surprising that sloppy data security hygiene and well-placed bad actors are a bigger security threat to the next generation than hacking technology. Data: $1.5 Change can be disorienting, particularly when it comes at a fast pace.

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Chinese National Charged In Anthem Data Breach


prosecutors have charged a Chinese national for his alleged involvement in the 2015 data breach at health insurance company Anthem , which led to the theft of 78.8 Legal Anthem Chinese national data breach hacker health insurance indictment legal News PII privacy What's Hot

Data As A Prescription For FIs And Healthy Healthcare Collections


Data is everywhere, and ripe for the mining. But data can only be useful if it is sliced and diced and used in a manner that involves speed and accuracy, which is where machine learning and AI come into play. percent: Share of FIs that use data mining.

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Mnuchin Prefers Private Over Government Solutions to Data Collection, Use

Bank Innovation

Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin said today that he prefers private over government solutions when it comes to collecting and using consumer data for financial products and services, speaking at a fintech conference hosted here by the FDIC. WASHINGTON, D.C.

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SWIFT Set To Shutter Data Matching Tool TSU


The solution automated the comparison of trade data between trading partners’ banks, and highlighted any inconsistencies in trade documents like invoices, transport documentation and purchase orders.

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