Facebook Accused Of Exposing User Data Via Groups


The Federal Trade Commission ( FTC ) has received a complaint against Facebook that alleges the social media giant wrongfully disclosed information on members of closed groups. Facebook closed groups Complaint data FTC groups Health News privacy social media

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Postmates Adds Cost-Free Group Delivery


Delivery and pickup company Postmates has added a free group delivery option, according to reports. . The service is called Postmates Party, and it lets customers have meals delivered as part of a group. Delivery food delivery Group delivery News Postmates Postmates Party What's Hot

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Equifax, Gwynn Group Pair On AR Solution


Equifax and Gwynn Group announced they are collaborating on an accounts receivable (AR) management solution that can support the entire collections life cycle.

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City Of London Group Announces £15.2M In Funding


City of London Group (COLG) announced that it has raised £15.2 B2B Payments B2B banking City of London Group FinServ funding News Recognise Bank Shares SMB What's Hot In B2B

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Business Advocacy Groups Fight Proposed Transaction Tax


Business advocacy groups are fighting a proposed financial transaction tax aimed at limiting high-frequency trading, and decreasing the budget deficit. ” Regulation advocacy groups AFP financial transactions Modern Markets Initiative News tax What's Hot

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Facebook Brings Subscription Service To Groups


Facebook announced that it is testing out subscriptions with a small number of groups to support group admins who lead the communities. Group admins build safe and supportive communities that people come back to every day,” wrote Alex Deve, Product Director, Groups, at Facebook. “We The groups will then share input and feedback with the social media giant. With this new subscription service, reports say that the group admins will be allowed charge $4.99

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PayPal CEO Takes Stance On Hate Groups


PayPal Chief Executive Dan Schulman has opted to take a stance against groups promoting hate and laws that discriminate, even facing lawsuits to stand up for what the company believes is right.

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Advocacy Groups Call On FTC To Break Up Facebook


Facebook is facing breakup calls from a handful of advocacy groups that want the Federal Trade Commission to explore breaking up the social media giant. The group argued in the draft letter that Facebook should be forced to unwind those acquisitions because it didn’t protect users’ data.

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Taking The Pain Out Of Group Outings


Every group of friends has a social director, Fevo CEO Ari Daie told Karen Webster in this week’s Matchmakers conversation – that one person who organizes the cats and gets a group of otherwise passive adults organized for a game, concert or weekend trip. They have to organize the group, figure out when everyone is free, what they want to pay for tickets and then how to purchase that block of tickets for the group. [link].

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Central Group Invests $200M In Local Grab Unit


Central Group, Thailand’s largest retailer, confirmed Thursday (January 31) that it is investing $200 million in a unit of Grab, the Southeast Asia ride-hailing startup. Investments Central Group Grab investments News ride-hailing Thailand What's Hot

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Lloyds Banking Group Reports Faster Payments Outage


Lloyds Banking Group, which includes Bank of Scotland, Halifax and Lloyds, has suffered a faster payments glitch that affects customers’ ability to get money, according to reports.

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North Korean Hacking Group Lazarus Takes In $571M


The group also noted that it expects digital currency exchange attacks to increase across the board – not just those by Lazarus. In addition, groups that typically attack banks may decide to target crypto exchanges because they realize those heists can be fruitful.

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Facebook Adds Group Stories


Separately, Facebook said it is also rolling out Stories for Groups and Events , which will enable users to add posts that the rest of the group can view. Users will see Stories on their Event and Group pages, as well as at the top of their News Feeds, and will also be able to post while inside Events and Groups. Facebook’s Groups are focused on specific topics, such as hobbies, professions and locations.

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Identitii Joins Australian Banking Group BIAN To Boost Digitization


Australian digital identity management technology firm Identitii is joining a group of the nation’s largest banks to boost efficiency of digitizing data exchange for its financial institution customers.

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India’s FSS Backs Ecentric Payment Systems; Vista Group Taps Temenos For Digital Transformation


In addition, African challenger bank Vista Group has selected banking software company Temenos to help with its digital transformation, and Australia FinTech firm PayRight has notched more than $30 million in financing. African challenger bank Vista Group has tapped banking software company Temenos to help with its digital transformation, according to an announcement from Temenos. Welcome to The Axis, your late look at payments news from around the world.

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Chinese Conglomerate Fosun Group Bets Big on Blockchain

Bank Innovation

A representative of Fosun Group, which, at $13.1 Commerce Corporate Cryptocurrency Exclusive Insurance Payments Security Startups Antshares BlockChain cryptocurrency Fosun Group Onchain technology

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Citizens Financial Group Launches Neobank Citizens Access

Bank Innovation

Citizens Financial Group joins the latest band of established FIs in launching its version of a digital-first bank called Citizens Access.

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Tapping Into The Group Travel Market With Apart-Hotels


In an effort to further take on the group travel market, Domio is teaming up with Upper90 for a $50 million joint venture to exclusively fund up to 25 apartment-style hotels for group travelers.

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CFPB Fines Debt Collector Security Group $5 Million


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau fined Security Group, the debt collector, $5 million in the first fine against a company since it hit Wells Fargo with a $1 billion penalty in April. The Wall Street Journal , citing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, reported that the CFPB charged Security Group with making “improper in-person and telephonic collection attempts” and “physically preventing consumers from leaving their homes and visiting and calling consumers’ places of work.”

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Arcadia Group Brings ‘Choice’ Brand To Amazon


To offer a new brand of medical devices to consumers, Arcadia Group is working with Amazon to sell products like glucose monitors and blood pressure cuffs under the Amazon-exclusive Choice name. Arcadia Group CEO Bob Guest told CNBC, “I approached Amazon last year as they began to expand their healthcare footprint. Arcadia Group has also created brands for other retailers, such as Walmart.

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Citi, HSBC Join Bank Group In Global Trade Finance Effort


Citi , HSBC and Banco Santander are among seven major global banks that are banding together to form a cross-border trade finance network, Reuters reported Thursday (Oct.

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Ripple Heads Up New Crypto Lobbying Group; Pays In XRP


Ripple , the blockchain startup, is heading up a new cryptocurrency lobbying group called Securing America’s Internet of Value Coalition. Coindesk , citing a Business Standard report late last week, reported the companies behind the lobbying group also include the RippleWorks Foundation ; Coil , a company developing a solution for digital payments; Hard Yaka , an investment firm focusing on digital assets; and PolySign , a company seeking to be a crypto custodian.

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Access Group Education Leaks Data On Student Loan Borrowers


Access Group Education Lending, the student loan servicing company, has been the subject of a data breach. The data breach occurred on March 23 when Nelnet, a vendor that processes student loans for Access Group, sent out the files. Access Group said it learned of the incident on March 28, and that the receiving vendor said they deleted the files and did not keep copies. Access Group told Associated Press that the exposure was limited and has ended.

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NACHA Report: Inaugural Meeting Of API Standardization Industry Group


Created in 2017, the API Standardization Industry Group has begun developing an application program interface (API) standardization “playbook” to help enhance support for payments and the business needs of financial institutions, companies, FinTechs and other industry stakeholders and participants. NACHA and the Industry Group believe one of the biggest challenges is a lack of standardization.

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Australian Finance Group Teases SMB Loan Platform


Australian Finance Group said Monday (Aug. Announced during Australian Finance Group’s financial earnings report, the solution will initially roll out in the second quarter of 2018 to help companies access commercial mortgages. “We’ll be building an initial panel of up to 10 lenders aimed at the core [SMB] market,” said Australian Finance Group chief executive officer David Bailey in a statement.

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CME Group Announces Plans for Bitcoin Futures, Causing Price Surge

Bank Innovation

Exchange operator CME Group has announced plans to launch bitcoin futures in the fourth quarter. Cryptocurrency Exclusive Online Payments Bitcoin bitcoin futures CME Group cryptocurrency futures

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Facebook Messenger Launches Group Payment Service


Facebook just made splitting the check at dinner easier with the announcement that Messenger can now support group payments. According to TechCrunch , the free service, which for now is only available on Android and desktop, will allow users to pay either everyone in the group or individual members through a simple click of the payments icon (aka the dollar sign). A message will appear in the group chat to show who has paid.

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BlueVine, Fundbox Grow AltFin Group ILPA


The aim of the group is to “support fair, responsible and transparent lending practices for small businesses,” the ILPA noted, adding that the three new members are joining the group to further that initiative. The Innovative Lending Platform Association (ILPA) has added three members, according to an announcement made on Monday (Sept.

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Lloyds Banking Group Joins BofA, Chase, and Citi in Banning Bitcoin Purchases on Cards

Bank Innovation

Today Lloyds Banking Group confirmed it has banned customers from buying bitcoin with their credit cards. EXCLUSIVE – Add one more to the mix. The move comes only days after U.S. banks including Bank of America, Citi, and JPMorgan Chase have done the same.

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Visa Europe, BTL Group Partner To Test Blockchain Settlement

Bank Innovation

It was announced today that Visa Europe Collab, part of Visa Inc, will be partnering with the world’s first publicly listed blockchain company, the BTL Group, in order to test out a proof of concept on running interbank settlements through blockchain.

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UK Accounting Trade Group Weighs In On Late Payments


It’s no surprise that late payments continue to dominate the corporate landscape in the U.K., in the aftermath of the Carillion collapse at the beginning of this year. To that end, U.K.

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Multichoice Group Spinoff and Listing


The new company called Multichoice Group includes MultiChoice […]. The post Multichoice Group Spinoff and Listing appeared first on Bankelele. On February 27 Multichoice listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, in a spinoff move by its parent company Naspers.

The Future of Fintech Video Series: Intuit Consumer Group

Mobile Payments Today

This interview is part of a video series, “The Future of Fintech,” produced by Mobile Payments Today and powered by Galileo Processing

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Priceline Acquiring Momondo Group For $550M


In an effort to capture a younger audience of travelers, Priceline has announced it will acquire Momondo Group for $550 million. Meta-search site Momondo Group’s core focus is a two-brand strategy to help attract a younger travel demographic. In Priceline’s press release, the Priceline Group’s CEO, Glenn Fogel, said, “Meta-search is appealing to consumers, and we’re keen to expand our global footprint. Retail Acquisition Momondo Group Priceline

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Govt. Cyberattacks May Be Linked To Lazarus Group


The attack could be linked to the Lazarus Group , a collective of cybercriminals that’s been associated with North Korea, as the source code of the attack drew from the group’s 2015 hack of South Korea.

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Bank Innovation Launches a Meetup Group

Bank Innovation

Bank Innovation is launching a Meetup group, where we plan to organize networking events, with insightful panels and (of course) happy hours. Are you a tech enthusiast? A banking professional? A developer, or a blockchain champion? We want to meet you!

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Google’s Next Commerce Play: Group Dining


Planning to eat out with a group of friends and family, on the other hand, often turns into a friction-filled experience when one realizes that it is almost impossible to find a restaurant that everyone likes. ” Along with the newly added feature for better planned group dining, Maps now offers a news feed that offers users recommendations and gives them the ability to “follow” certain locations, including neighborhoods and cities.

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Verint Systems Invests In Military-Grade Cybersecurity Firm NSO Group


is looking to buy NSO Group, an Israeli company that sells military-grade technology, for around $1 billion. In 2016, researchers at Citizen Lab — a group that investigates surveillance technology — revealed that they discovered NSO software in a link sent to the phone of a human-rights activist in the United Arab Emirates, and that the software was being used by foreign governments to spy on citizens. software company Verint Systems, Inc.

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zSpace Joins OpenXR Group To Define Standards For VR Devices


zSpace, an education company that brings mixed reality experiences to computing, announced Wednesday (March 1) that it is joining the Khronos Group’s OpenXR working group to define a cross-vendor, royalty-free open standard for access to modern virtual reality (VR) devices. Payment Methods The Khronos Group’s OpenXR virtual reality VR devices What's Hot zSpace

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Trade Group Demands Alibaba Blacklisting


According to reports , the American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) — a trade group representing a host of global brands — has sent an appeal to the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) formally requesting that Alibaba and its eCommerce platforms be returned to the agency’s list of Notorious Markets. Counterfeiting has been a contentious topic in 2016, especially as it relates to China’s most powerful e-Commerce player, Alibaba.

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A Hacker Group Has A List Of 35,000 CFOs To Target


Chief financial officers at some of the world’s biggest banks and mortgage companies are in the crosshairs of a hacker group that compiled a list of 35,000 CFOs that they can target with requests to transfer money.

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UK Bank Industry Trade Group Launches Review Of SMB Mistreatment


The group appointed Simon Walker to lead the review, which will specifically look at the way banks handle complaints filed by small business borrowers. Reports said the group aims to develop alternative solutions to dispute resolution and to address the needs of both banks and small businesses when mitigating.

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Advocacy Group Says EU’s Tax Haven Blacklist Is Failing


Now, a new report from advocacy group the Tax Justice Network (TJN) is also shedding light against misconceptions about tax havens, warning that the biggest source of “financial secrecy” services for European Union firms can be found within the U.S. The group published its Bilateral Financial Secrecy Index on Sunday (Sept. Failure to exchange data across jurisdictions is at the heart of the issue, the advocacy group said, particularly when it comes to the U.S.

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