Payment Players Launch U.S. Faster Payments Council To Speed Up Payments


A group of payment players announced Tuesday (Nov. Faster Payments Council (FPC), aimed at working toward a ubiquitous payment system that enables Americans to safely and securely pay anyone, anywhere and at any time with near-immediate funds availability.

Faster Payments, Real-Time Payments And A Few Glitches


The move toward faster payments is an inexorable one. As reported earlier this month, Hong Kong’s newly debuted Faster Payments System (FPS) has seen its share of controversy, at least at the outset. Perhaps unsurprisingly, real-time payments looms.

Santander Launches Enterprise Payment Link


Santander Bank is rolling out a new corporate payments solution aimed at supporting visibility into business transactions via wire, ACH and check. The bank debuted its Santander Enterprise Payment Link (EPL) solution in a press release issued Monday (Nov.

Corporates Compile Their Payments Innovation Wish Lists


However, these professionals have their own ideas about where corporate payments innovation should be headed. A new report from BNY Mellon , “The Future of Payments: A Corporate Perspective,” surveyed a few corporate clients of the institutions’ Treasury Services unit.

QR Payments Coming To Hong Kong Subways


The subway system in Hong Kong will allow commuters to scan a QR code as a payment method after announcing a deal with Alibaba’s payment affiliate Ant Financial last week. It’s not clear if the payment method will be extended to MTR’s rails, buses and other transportation methods.

Citi Payment Insights Expands To 70 Markets


Citi ’s Treasury and Trade Solutions (TTS) announced that it has expanded its Citi Payment Insights offering to more than 20 new markets, making it available in more than 70 markets.

Why Certainty Rules Payments


The handwritten invoice he left with my cushions included his name, his mobile phone number and the payment methods he accepted: cash or check. So, I called and asked whether he would accept payment via my bank app and his mobile phone number. He said when he went to his bank — a small one — to ask for help, he was told the bank didn’t support this type of payment and to return the next day when the manager was back. Ubiquity, of course, is payments nirvana.

PODCAST: Has Mobile Flattened The Payments World?


There are billions of devices always on the internet, creating massive clouds of data exhaust whenever they are used to … enable commerce or make a payment,” Sondhi said. As one takes a bigger look around the world (to places like India, Australia and China, for example), those differences in approach around mobile payments become more clear — and more instructional — on how and what payments innovation will work best, and where.

Mobile 186

NACHA Reports Faster Payments Playbook Details


NACHA’s Payments Innovation Alliance released a report with details from its first formal in-person meeting of the Faster Payments Playbook Project Team. We will continue to move quickly to deliver the faster payments resources that will propel the payments industry forward.”.

Report 207

The Roil Over B2B Payments Rails


B2B payments innovators and Warren Buffet have something in common: They are both obsessed with rails. Making B2B Payments Rails Hot. Today, a host of innovators are making B2B payments rails sexy again too. This payments debate — old rails/new rails — is not new.

TRENDING: BigCommerce On How Platforms Solve Big eCommerce Payment Complexities


In the latest Payments Powering Platforms Tracker , PYMNTS explores the latest efforts by industry giants and platform powerhouses to improve their payment experiences and make their offerings more enticing to consumers globally. Around The Payment Platforms World.

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The High Price Of Payments — And Innovation — In Travel


There is also the chance (please no, not this time) of some hassle with payments, such as the corporate account or card not going through, or maybe, on the travel agency side, a software glitch or another problem that adds friction and frustration to an already long travel day.

Mastercard Enables Vendor Payments Within MYOB Platform


Mastercard and Australia-based small business accounting platform MYOB are collaborating to streamline vendor payments and payroll. The companies are enabling same-day payments , mobile and web support, and alerts notifying business owners when an invoice is due. billion in payments.

How Small Businesses Ride Their Payment Rails


As NACHA expands Same Day ACH functionality, it’s unclear how small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) will embrace the faster payment capability. New data has emerged about how SMBs use other payment rails , including cards and wire transfers.

Today In Data: The Rapid Growth Of Real-Time Payments


New technologies are enabling consumers and business to experience faster payments than ever before: While only 25 real-time payment systems were operational worldwide last year, 40 such rails were live this September, and 67 percent of consumer payments are now made electronically.

Data 226

NEW REPORT: How Smarter Payments Build Smarter, Safer Marketplaces


The rise of faster payment systems worldwide are not only enabling payments to move between parties at greatly enhanced speeds, but a growing share of companies are rethinking their traditional business models to take advantage of these more efficient payment tools.

Report 231

FLEETCOR May Be Nearing Western Union Business Payments Buy


Western Union and FLEETCOR are nearing an agreement to sell WU’s business payments operations to the fleet payments firm, according to reports in PE Hub on Wednesday (Nov.

Real-Time Payments Driving Real-Time Liquidity: Deutsche Bank


Corporate finance executives seem to be readying for real-time payments, preparing to adopt faster payment capabilities and bracing for changes to their cash flow management strategies as a result.

Worldpay Finds Contactless Payments Surpass Chip, Pin Card Purchases


Worldpay, the payment technology company, announced Tuesday (Oct. 16) that for the first time, contactless payments have become more popular than chip and pin card purchases when paying in-store in the U.K.

Cards 253

Recurring Card Payments To Hit $473B By 2021


Recurring Payments Market Forecast, 2017–2021: Set It and Forget It,” has explored U.S. Recurring payments can cause headaches for customers, though, especially if they don’t realize they’re signed up for the feature.

Cards 228

TRENDING: Freelancers Give Gig Economy An Instant Payments Push


The influx of freelancers is pushing companies to adopt even faster methods of disbursements to satisfy their need for payment speed. More real-time payment systems are popping up in Europe, with the number of systems tripling in the past four years.

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Why Real-Time Payments Need Real-Time Trust


It can be a moment of anxiety, worry and mistrust: that moment when a digital payment is sent into what was once called the ether. The goal is to basically introduce a solid foundation of proactive action to these commercial payments instead of simply falling back into reactive responses.

How 5G Will Change Healthcare And Medical Payments


As the world — and the world of payment and commerce — ready themselves for the deployment of 5G mobile technology, the healthcare industry is anticipating the likely changes, some of which will involve wearables and billing.

How Portals Can Enhance The Payments Experience


In the past, only the largest of firms such as utilities, telecoms or credit card companies were able to have customer payment portals. For starters, portals give customers the flexibility to look at when a payment is due and make or schedule payments according to their needs.

Blockchain Believers Remain Bullish On B2B Payments Disruption: PayPie


As the peaks and valleys of blockchain hype continue to rise and fall, more doubt has surfaced over the future of distributed ledger technology, particularly in the area of B2B payments.

SWIFT Successfully Tests Instant Cross-Border Payments


SWIFT announced Sunday (October 21) successful test results of its new instant cross-border payments proof of concept, involving banks in China, Singapore, Thailand and Australia. In effect, this is already a live real-time cross-border payment, SWIFT said in the press release.

Mastercard President On How And When Payments Caught Fire


He started to really consider the role of payments in the overall transaction experience, one not totally tethered to the physical world. The world of payments had long been compared to the world of utilities — vital to civilization, of course, and a reliable source of revenue, but rather boring, and pretty much a backwater when it came to technology, innovation and creative progress. Showrooms And Payments. Payments Balance. That’s payments today, as 2019 looms.

Today In Data: Building A Better – Paper-Free – B2B Payments World


But the world is a rapidly changing place , and even B2B payments seem to be evolving. Data: $3-$20: Estimated price businesses pay per check used to make a B2B payment. 78 percent: Share of firms that believe real-time payments would improve their payroll operations.

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iBanFirst On The Future Of Cross-Border Payments


Cross-border payments are rarely quick and transparent, and moving money across borders through the traditional channels is becoming more difficult. But legacy infrastructure continues to challenge even the FinTechs pushing for modernization of cross-border payments.

Mastercard Protests Payments ‘Nationalism’ In India


government over the use of nationalism by the government in India to promote a domestic payments network there. payment giants such as Mastercard and Visa. payments technology companies,” according to Reuters. Mastercard reportedly has lodged a protest with the U.S.

Instant Onboarding: A Payments ‘Red Herring?’


Instant onboarding — the ability for a merchant to complete a one-page digital application, then instantly process payments — has, more or less, been heralded as the best thing to happen in payments and to merchants in decades.

How Supplier Churn Can Stifle B2B Payments Automation: Symbeo


The same goes for vendor payments, with technologies working to optimize payment rail choice based on what works best for both supplier and buyer.

NEW DATA: Why One-Third Of Businesses Want Real-Time Payments


Paper checks are still the norm when it comes to B2B payments — and companies aren’t happy about it. Twenty percent of companies surveyed by PYMNTS said they dislike using checks for B2B payments because of fraud concerns, while another 18 percent said checks are too expensive.

Blockchain 101: Mobile payments

Mobile Payments Today

Let's take a look at the what blockchain is, and how it can help transform the mobile payments industry

Flywire Streamlines Tuition Payments For Indian Students


The goal in tuition, as in the other area it serves, is to take the “global” out of global payments. Faster Payments automation Banks Deutsche Bank digitization Education faster payments Flywire Global Payments india loans News RBI student loans students tuition tuition payments What's Hot

Bitcoin Fails To Take Off As Payment Method


Bitcoin’s use as a form of commercial payments has declined during the year, at the same time that the digital token appears to be stabilizing. It also comes as stability in bitcoin prices this year has fueled hope that it would take off as a payment method.

Want To Win With Payment Terminals? Get Intimate.


Who wants the people waiting in the lobby to overhear private health and medical payment details? so why not find value via custom payment experiences? The terminal also offers dedicated hardware, embedded POS software and Square’s payments technology. Payment Terminal Growth.

TRENDING: Inside Hong Kong’s New Faster Payment System


. Last year, only 25 real-time payment systems were operational worldwide — that number is growing rapidly. In the November Faster Payments Tracker , PYMNTS details the latest payments system debuts and updates. Around The Faster Payments World. Faster Payments.

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Businesses Want Real-Time Payments — What Will It Take To Get There?


Real-time payments: It’s one of those changes that everyone seems to agree on, but could still use some push. That’s the idea behind the recently launched Faster Payments Council (FPC), a group of payment industry participants with the goal of providing a ubiquitous payment system with near-immediate funds availability anywhere. Meanwhile, members of the Faster Payments Council said the time is ripe for its planned work.

TRENDING: Recreational Athletics’ Payments-Powered Assist


For a growing group of online and mobile platforms, the answer lies in the pursuit of seamless payments. Around The Payment Platforms World. Uber , for example, seems to be hoping that an overhauled payment experience can attract new customers.

Trends 191

When Commerce Goes Global, Should Payments Stay Local?


They must offer local payment methods — outside traditional card brands, such as Visa and Mastercard — that will help eCommerce cross-border efforts gain traction. The Payment Differences. The local payment method, then, will be the primary means by which consumers transact.

Tipalti On Automating The Yin And Yang Of B2B Payments


Call it the yin and yang of B2B payments — inseparable and contradictory opposites. Across it all lies the friction of accounts payable (AP) and payment management workflow, rendered inefficient by paper-based processes.

Zelle, Venmo P2P Payments Race Gains Fresh Fuel In Q3


During the third quarter, Zelle processed 116 million transactions and $32 billion worth of payments. million payments made through the platform — more than double the payments made during the same period last year. Now, P2P payments are boosting the mobile push.