European payments on gas

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Just before Christmas I heard of a new European payments initiative called PEPSI, short for Pan European Payment System Initiative. Backed by over twenty mainly … The post European payments on gas appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Grid Payments Regulation

When Instant Payments Are Just Payments


In just three years, one word, one idea, has rewritten the payments rulebook: “instant.” Driven by faster phones, ingenious apps and sheer market force, the move to instant is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with payments, opening up new worlds of risk and reward.

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Graduating To Faster Payments


Grade schools and colleges could use a massive textbook dedicated to payments – their own. Many schools get an F when it comes to payments, but the culprit might actually be the infernal “paper jam.” The writing is on the whiteboard: School’s out for paper payments.

eBay accelerates payments push

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eBay is pushing forward with efforts to move payments in-house instead of relying on PayPal. Carousel Daily Post 2 Payments Premium Product Design Adyen Apple Pay eBay Google Pay payments PayPal

Mobile Payment Terminals Get B2B-Ready


Square ‘s mobile card reader undoubtedly made a significant impact on the mobile point-of-sale ( mPOS ) market, and kick-started a slew of recent innovations to broaden the ability for small to medium businesses (SMBs) to accept payments just about anywhere.

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Retail’s 2020 Digital-First Payments Roadmap


Consumers have always influenced how payment methods evolve – stretching back centuries to the barter system, and extending, now, into the digital age. And as payments are done in bits and bytes, across all manner of use cases, consumers prize convenience and personalization.

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Google Backs FedNow Payments System


central bank to consider modeling FedNow after the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) framework used in India, The Economic Times (ET) reported on Sunday (Dec. NPCI, the payment regulator governed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), launched real-time payments in 2016.

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Why Merchants Should Look For Payments Orchestration


FinTechs are helping merchants coordinate all of the different components that a payment entails with payments orchestration. The idea with payment orchestration is to discuss the whole payment process and all of the steps that are required.

Subscription Payments Meet Emerging Markets


Effective subscription offerings require careful strategizing around payments, however. Should customers’ recurring payments fail, due to credit cards expiring or other issues, this could produce involuntary churn in which otherwise willing customers are accidentally dropped.

Alexa Payments Coming For ExxonMobil Customers


The payments will be processed by Amazon Pay ; customers will be able to use whatever payment source is stored in their Amazon accounts. “We’re Fiserv’s digital commerce technology will activate the gas pump and perform token generation to ensure that the payment process is secure.

Corporate cloud-based payments: what’s that all about?

Chris Skinner

I was recently asked by Volante Technologies to consider what being a digital bank means, specifically for a commercial bank and, even more specifically, the bank’s payments and treasury services. Digital Bank Future Grid Innovation Payments

Smarter Payments Tracker Eyes Interoperability


In corporate payments, high-value transactions with tall demands for compliance, transparency, speed, efficiency and security aren’t just placing a burden on the businesses sending and receiving funds.

Payments’ Role In The Fourth Industrial Revolution


To get a sense of where faster payments are headed, look to the consumer. There are dozens of faster payment schemes rooted or taking shape around the world — 54 at last count. Along with demand for faster payments , the information conveyed in them has significant value.

HSBC launches real-time payments for business clients

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HSBC is improving payments for its business clients through a suite of tools launched last week called Treasury APIs, which are designed to speed up payments for small businesses and large corporate clients alike. HSBC’s Treasury APIs embed payment capabilities into other workflows.

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The Rapid Rise Of Real-Time Payments


When The Clearing House launched its Real-Time Payments (RTP) network in 2017, the service was bound to rewrite some rules, and it has. This mostly tracks to fears over the cost and complexity of integration more than any perceived downside to real-time payments.

Balancing payment innovation and trust

Mobile Payments Today

The rise of digital payments has led to a series of complex issues surrounding how to make those transactions more secure.

 Payments Fraud, Via Apps?


Apps with a possible security flaw, a malware phishing scheme and possibly, payments fraud, all done in the blink of an eye? In reference to payments, a hacker could conceivably change an invoice to help divert funds into different accounts.

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With cross-border payments, Curve seeks to challenge legacy providers

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based payments startup Curve launched a cross-border in-app money transfer feature, with hopes of making a dent in the lucrative remittance market. Carousel Payments Product Design Startups Curve payments Peer to Peer Payments

Mastercard Rolls Out Global B2B Payment Service


Mastercard is launching a new business-to-business (B2B) payment ecosystem to streamline and simplify transactions between suppliers and sellers. Mastercard Track was originally launched in 2018 as a trade platform to address identity, compliance and payment management needs.


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Africa’s Quiet Cashless Payments Revolution


While one might assume that a payments revolution would be a hard thing to miss, as it turns out, it can happen. Much of making digital payments work more broadly in Africa, he noted, is thinking differently about the context in which they are being used, and what they are replacing.

Succeeding in the future of payments

Insights on Business

The payments industry is at an inflection point. Customers increasingly demand new payment options like real-time payments and P2P payments, underpinned by security and trust. Progressive approach to payments modernization.

MUFG Intros Corporate Real-Time Payments 


MUFG Union Bank is now offering business customers real-time payments on The Clearing House (TCH) RTP network, MUFG announced on Thursday (Jan. The RTP network provides instantaneous payments that allow customers the convenience of using funds right away.

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How Recurring Payments Support Customer Services


Those experiencing issues like declined payments or damaged products will want to share their frustrations with merchants, but direct communication grows more challenging when digital screens separate businesses and their customers. . Some companies may want to issue payments in U.S.

Payment Players Launch U.S. Faster Payments Council To Speed Up Payments


A group of payment players announced Tuesday (Nov. Faster Payments Council (FPC), aimed at working toward a ubiquitous payment system that enables Americans to safely and securely pay anyone, anywhere and at any time with near-immediate funds availability.

Visa: Business Payments Network Paves ‘Highway’ For B2B Payments


In the B2B realm, payments travel anything but a straight line. Online, though, payments can travel the straight and narrow, especially across platforms that link supply chains in a marketplace setting. It’s the first supplier-driven B2B payments network,” she said.

The Real-Time Payments Receivables Conundrum


One quote in the book that is particularly relevant to one of the hottest topics in payments today goes like this: “ Comfort is the enemy of progress.”. Inertia can be the death knell of any innovation – and in payments, it’s the proverbial showstopper. The payments to support that $3.1

The Value Of Faster Payments


The flow of money and data across borders is developing a new ecosystem in which payments data has as much value as the funds themselves. million: Total number of merchants participating in Singtel’s VIA cross-border mobile payments alliance. $1

Deep Dive: How Outdated Marketplace Payments Lead To Freelancer Desertion


Gig economy payment processes are check-heavy, and the associated delays can have disastrous consequences for both recipients and their partner companies. Solving Late Payment Frustrations . Gig economy participants make up greater portions of the U.S.

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Serving Mobile P2P Payments To The Gen X Crowd


Digital banks , for one, are teaming up with technology providers to accelerate settlement times for payments collected at the point-of-sale (POS). Around the Faster Payments World. Airlines are also seeking to enable speedy mobile payments.

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FinTech Steps In As Invoice Payment Wait Times Inflate


When it comes to late B2B payments, there’s good news and bad news. Among the success stories of the nation’s efforts to combat late supplier payments is construction firm Kier Construction, which, according to The Construction Index , has been reinstated to the U.K.

ACI Taps Bancorp, Visa For Real-Time Payments


The surge in demand for payments that are faster, less expensive and more accessible has created an opportunity that The Bancorp is fulfilling with forward-thinking technology,” said Matt Carberry, executive vice president and head of payment acceptance at The Bancorp. .

PayPal Cuts Off Payments To PornHub Models


PayPal Holdings has ended its payment support to PornHub’s models after the adult entertainment site made certain payments without permission. Following a review, we have discovered that PornHub has made certain business payments through PayPal without seeking our permission.

SCA Delay: A Payments Opportunity In Disguise?


Opportunities come in various forms and disguises, and that could be the case for payments and commerce operators when it comes to the European Union’s revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and its strong customer authentication (SCA) rules.

Why Slow Payments Aren’t Necessarily Safer Payments


As of late 2019, there are few people left who need to be talked into the “why” of instant payments — that case has already been well made. Risk is always a concern when you are making a payment, when you aren’t face to face,” McFarland said. Customizing The Payment To The Context .

Where Faster Payments Fits Between B2B Buyers And Suppliers


Accounts payable (AP) automation technology has hit the ground running, with solutions designed to accelerate invoice processing, optimize payment strategies and promote digital adoption. It’s among the biggest differences between B2B and B2C payments, Bar noted.

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The Digital Corporate Bank, Part Two: Real-time Payments

Chris Skinner

Grid Payments

PODCAST: Solving Instant Payments Ubiquity Problem


But delivering on that concept — and providing instant push payments on demand — is far from simple. Of course, instant payments have to be secure, risk-managed and in line with regulatory requirements,” Edwards told Webster. Certain payment methods in the U.S.

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Facebook beefs up e-commerce capabilities with digital payment wallet

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Facebook is adding a digital payment method to its platform, a move which will facilitate retail transactions, and ultimately encourage customers to stay within its ecosystem. Carousel Payments Product Design Sales & Marketing Facebook Facebook Payments payments infrastructure Venmo

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Vietnam: The Next Payments And Commerce Frontier


No doubt you already are, but maybe pay even more attention, especially to get a better sense of how digital and mobile payment and commerce trends are playing out in one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

Faster Payments Gone Global


Speedier payments, across the globe – faster and, in some cases, in real time. million: Number of same-day ACH credit and debit payments made during the second quarter of 2019.

US Reps, Senators Present Faster Payments Legislation


To reinforce the Federal Reserve’s authority to create a real-time payments system and mandate that the Fed brings about its own process, two U.S. senators have introduced the Payment Modernization Act of 2019.

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WhatsApp Payments Eyes Indonesia Expansion


In India, the company would offer direct peer-to-peer (PSP) payments and services, but Indonesia it would operate differently, due to licensing regulations in the country. . The country also has notoriously strict regulations when it comes to electronic payments. .