Achieves Platinum Certification for Marketing Automation

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The power of Marketing Automation (MA) is continuing to expand, as well as our client base. As of March 2019, we are excited to announce that we have achieved Platinum Certification with our MA platform

Passing The Middle-Market Automation Exam


Though many financial institutions recognize the opportunity to help middle-market businesses automate their AP payments, they have not been able to fully capitalize on the opportunity. Here the elusive payments opportunity meets or, in fact, doesn’t meet, the elusive audience: accounts payable automation for middle-market firms. Some observers will define this market as $10 million in the top line to $1 billion.

Next Generation Marketing Automation, Onboarding and Cross-Sell Helps CUs Drive Loan Growth

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The Art of the New Deal in Automated/Integrated Marketing, Propensity to Purchase, and Member Retention. It’s all about an integrated marketing program. And key to such a program is a marketing automation platform that encompasses onboarding and cross-selling.

Marketing Automation – Beyond the Basics

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At this point, you’ve probably at least heard of Marketing Automation. Let’s talk about how to take Marketing Automation one step further (with minimal work – leave that to us!)

What credit union marketing automation is, and why it matters

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Believe me, we get it: marketing efforts can lead to headaches. However, credit union marketing automation is far more sophisticated—and less intrusive—than those marketing strategies. Not all marketing strategies result in headaches, though.

Optimizing member onboarding and cross-sell with marketing automation

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A significant benefit to applying marketing automation to onboarding is the education of the large percentage of members who are acquired through the indirect auto channel. What is Marketing Automation? Triggers are then used to execute on pre-defined automated steps.

10 Reasons Marketing Automation is No Longer Optional

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Marketing automation software is a requirement for any financial institution wanting to manage complex, personalized communications. Digital Marketing Marketing Strategy content marketing retargeting

Marketing Automation and Personalization Critical in Digital Banking Relationships

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Financial marketers must automate customer communications with messages that are personalized and customized for the stage of the customer's journey. The post Marketing Automation and Personalization Critical in Digital Banking Relationships appeared first on The Financial Brand. Marketing Strategy content marketing CRM digital communications onboarding

Lead generation and marketing automation

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This is a fundamental truism that has been the challenge of marketing pros for generations that will likely never change. Modern day marketing initiatives and lead-generation campaigns are changing fast, however. Researchers tell us that the average consumer is hit with over 5,000 marketing messages every day. As a result, marketers need to find new ways to reach new customers and get heard through the noise. 4 Automate the Effort.

Maximize the Power of Marketing Automation at Your Credit Union or Bank

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As technology continues to develop and advance, so should your marketing techniques. Marketing Automation is one of the most powerful tools on the market right now, and for good reason

5 top marketing automation tools for SMEs by the pros

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With Google continuously changing algorithms and consumers catching on fast to marketing “tricks”, marketers need all the help they can get. That’s why many marketers turn to marketing automation tools to make their life easier.

Understanding Trigger Marketing

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Credit unions are realizing the importance of automating their marketing efforts, leveraging their data, so that products and services intersect as efficiently as possible with. Read more » The post Understanding Trigger Marketing appeared first on CU Direct Blog.

Client Note: Marketing Automation Valuation Multiples, Smart VCs Doing Fewer Deals, Virtual Reality Is Hurting, ‘Uber For X’ In SE Asia, And More

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The Marketo acquisition and digital marketing valuations. Today, we’re talking about the future gym, whether Adobe overpaid for Marketo, buying clean energy, and more, including: Smart money VC deal sizes are increasing. What’s up with the VR industry? Startups helping consumers buy clean energy. “Uber for X” hits Southeast Asia. The end of the gym? Smart money VCs investing less but writing bigger checks. Want the full post? Become a CB Insights customer.

Adobe to Acquire Marketo: So What?


As banks and credit unions pour gasoline on their direct outreach, Adobe’s announced acquisition of Marketo shows us just how hot digital marketing automation is right now. In the morphing cross-industry world of sales, marketing and even some service outreach, it’s hot.

5-Minute Checklist: How to Make the Most of Marketing Cloud

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a powerful digital marketing tool with many capabilities. For a Marketing Cloud implementation to be successful, it should be well-planned and well-executed. You likely have a team in place that will be using and supporting Marketing Cloud.

The 2018 MarTech Landscape is Here

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Scott has produced The Marketing Technology Landscape chart since 2011. While the chart is a massive display of logos, it serves to show which vendors play in each category of the market. This goes to show how well much Sales should be tied Marketing.

Unify your Marketing Activities For True ROI

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Marketing Today. White papers; SEO; eBooks; Product sheets; Infographics ; E-Newsletters; Landing pages; Outbound e-mail marketing; Lead nurturing; Webinars; Video; and. Beyond juggling your marketing activities, how is your marketing helping your sales team?

A data-driven approach to marketing – interview with Tommy Kearns


A data-driven approach to marketing – interview with Tommy Kearns on BankNXT. Banking Fintech Podcasts analytics BIG Podcast credit unions data interview John Best marketing marketing automation technologyJohn Best discusses analytics and technology with Tommy Kearns from Xtremepush.

2018 Top MarTech Trends: Top Pain Points and Spending Priorities for CMOs

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And what are the existing and emerging technologies that marketing teams will be spending more on in 2018? Whether you sell into the Marketing Department or you are marketer, check out our predictions for marketing spend in 2018, based on trends from year-over-year survey results.

Finastra Hires Mark Miller as CFO

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Miller previously served as chief financial officer at Marketo, a marketing automation software company that was acquired by Adobe in October 2018. Banking technology giant Finastra has hired Mark Miller as chief financial officer.

The “A” in DREAM is for Automate

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Now we put them all together and automate (or bake) it. Kirk recommends the new member experience be the first place to try marketing automation. And they do that using automation. The post The “A” in DREAM is for Automate appeared first on CUInsight.

Automated marketing for credit unions

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It seems like every marketer I talk to is overwhelmed by the growing number of items on their to-do list. You know, back in the day, we had to do the same things in marketing … and now we also have to do all things digital and mobile and social,” they tell me.

Onsite: CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council Conference at Disneyland

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Record attendance of over 500 credit union marketers converged on Disneyland in Anaheim, CA this week. was the theme of the 2016 CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council Conference ( #MBD16 ). Topics of focus were content marketing, branding trends, fintech, big data, innovation and all-around marketing in today’s world. Tuesday morning kicked off with a Tech Talks panel discussing marketing technology moderated by John Best, Best Innovation Group.

TSYS signs payments agreement with Monetary

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(The Paypers) TSYS has signed an exclusive long-term agreement with Monetary , a connected commerce provider offering integrated payment services and marketing automation technologies for the point-of-sale industry

Inside Marketing: Using automation to grow member relationships

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Marketing automation has become a mainstay in the digital marketer’s toolbox. Unlike specific tactics, which come and go over time, marketing automation technology exists to improve efficiency and results, regardless of which tactic is being used.

Get the basics right before trying “latest and greatest”

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I was recently asked about credit union marketers being bombarded with options for the “next big thing” in marketing tech (marketing automation, AI, personalization, big data, chatbots, biometrics and more) — and I honestly had to say that I don’t see many CUs ready to use these capabilities yet. Credit Union Marketing Credit Union Websites Branding Marketing technology Web

Zycus Ramps Up Customer Outreach In India With Salesforce


Zycus said it will use Salesforce’s marketing automation solution Pardot to enhance customer engagement and acquisition in India. “B2B marketing automation is the best way to make sure an entire organization is aligned around the customer journey — from awareness to acquisition, to advocacy teams,” Zycus said in the press release.

ClientWhys Introduces SMB Marketplace


ClientWhys , a provider of marketing automation software and marketplace for cloud accounting and tax industries, has launched a new small business accounting marketplace. B2B Payments B2B ClientWhys cloud accounting CountingWorks marketing software News small business accounting TaxBuzz What's Hot In B2BAccording to CPA Practice Advisor , CountingWorks will help U.S.

Strengthening Our Salesforce Capabilities with Sundog Interactive

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Today, Perficient announced it is planning to acquire Sundog Interactive, an award-winning marketing and technology consulting firm that delivers Salesforce solutions to the world’s leading manufacturers.

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Why Savvy Healthcare Marketers Are Using Dynamics 365

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Implementation of keen healthcare marketing strategies require the right tools. Personalized messages have 46% higher open rates and 112% higher click-through rates than “business as usual” marketing messages. The global healthcare CRM market is expected to reach $28.89

Charity Crowdfunding Startup Classy Raises $30M


The company also has plans to invest in both artificial intelligence and marketing automation systems to help optimize nonprofit and charity crowdfunding campaigns. “We San Diego-based charity crowdfunding startup Classy secured $30 million to provide its software-as-a-service offering to nonprofits that need help raising online donations and keeping donors engaged over time.

Finovate Alumni News

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Yoyo unveils marketing automation platform, Yoyo Engage, at Davos. Around the web. First Oklahoma FCU to deploy core account processing technology from Fiserv. Misys adds crowdlending module to FusionBanking platform. United Nations FCU chooses digital banking platform from Jwaala. OnDeck and payment solutions provider WEX team up to provide small business financing. ABA Banking Journal column on biometric authentication features Daon and EyeVerify.

Accenture Debuts SynOps Automation Tool To Reallocate Human Talent


Corporate consulting company Accenture is debuting its SynOps enterprise automation technology five years in the making, a tool that reports said could accelerate some organizations’ shift away from human capital or re-allocate human talent to more strategic roles.

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CUneXus Closes $5 Million Series A

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CUneXus , creator of sales and marketing automation solutions for lenders, quietly closed a $5 million funding round late last week. Two investors contributed to the round; both prefer to remain anonymous. The California-based company’s total raised is now $7 million.

Content Marketing at the Branch Level

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Content and customer data is often managed across siloed systems, and overlapping technologies aren’t integrated with existing marketing automation and CRM systems. It’s not uncommon for branch employees to have to log into multiple different platforms to manage their local marketing programs. Marketing Financial institutions struggle to access, manage and analyze data across fragmented technologies.

Inside Marketing: Personalized application abandonment process streamlines growth

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Marketing automation has proved to be a revolutionary technology for the financial services industry. The ability to understand, score and engage with members based on their behavior on the organization’s website and online banking, as well as their interactions with the brand via email and social media, sets those credit unions using marketing automation apart from the 69 percent of the competition who are not leveraging this technology.

Chargeback Automation Is An Opportunity For Scale


Pallavi Kuppa-Apte, head of Sales and Marketing for the startup Chargehound , said that’s the question many of the company’s clients have been asking themselves in the past few months. Chargehound saw there were automation tools that could help optimize revenue and support retailers as they scaled: Customer relationship management (CRM), email automation, marketing automation, payments, the list goes on.

Q2 Acquires Gro Solutions: So What?


Marketing: Q2Smart being a first step toward marketing automation, aligning bank products and user behavior to create audiences to more effectively target offers.

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Building your marketing tech stack

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Does your credit union want an all-in-one marketing solution, such as HubSpot , which can coordinate web, email and customer relationship management efforts as well as providing marketing automation? The post Building your marketing tech stack appeared first on CUInsight.

Banking’s CRM Conquerors


Digital & Marketing. The credit union also used marketing automation to collect data and develop journeys that deliver educational marketing materials both digitally and via direct mail campaigns. How mid-size banks and credit unions turned CRM into success.

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5 Advantages of Datorama for Marketers

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As a marketer, you’re likely sitting on a pile of it. Marketing automation. Sales data (about as far away from your marketing data as possible, right?). You need this full picture to fully understand the story of what’s driving performance within your marketing efforts.

FinovateFall Sneak Peek: MarketX

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As a pre-IPO investor and shareholder, you can now find liquidity from the international markets. She later joined EverString Technology as an early employee, leveraging predictive analytics for marketing automation.

10 Secrets to a Successful Marketing Cloud Implementation

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Marketing Cloud has emerged as a powerful solution for delivering personalized, cross-channel customer engagement at scale. New to Marketing Cloud? Marketing Cloud is a solution made up of several different products: .