Create Successful Marketing Automation Campaigns for Healthcare


When most people think about marketing automation, they think about sending emails to contacts. But, what can you really do with the right marketing automation tool? With that being said, how can marketing automation benefit the healthcare industry?

Passing The Middle-Market Automation Exam


Though many financial institutions recognize the opportunity to help middle-market businesses automate their AP payments, they have not been able to fully capitalize on the opportunity. Here the elusive payments opportunity meets or, in fact, doesn’t meet, the elusive audience: accounts payable automation for middle-market firms. Some observers will define this market as $10 million in the top line to $1 billion.


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Improve Engagement with Web Push Notifications and Sitecore Marketing Automation


With better view and click through rates and less regulatory hurdles then email, they have become a popular channel for digital marketers trying to reach their audiences. This goal will be used to trigger Marketing Automation. Unleashing Marketing Automation. Achieves Platinum Certification for Marketing Automation

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The power of Marketing Automation (MA) is continuing to expand, as well as our client base. As of March 2019, we are excited to announce that we have achieved Platinum Certification with our MA platform

The Trio You Need NOW: Onboarding, Reboarding & Marketing Automation

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Before COVID-19 burst onto the scene and changed our world in irreparable ways, onboarding, reboarding and Marketing Automation may have been viewed more as niceties than necessities. But that’s no longer the case. Here’s why

Marketing Automation – Beyond the Basics

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At this point, you’ve probably at least heard of Marketing Automation. Let’s talk about how to take Marketing Automation one step further (with minimal work – leave that to us!) And if you’re one of our many clients already utilizing this powerful tool, then this post is for you. by using some of our new and trending features

10 Reasons Marketing Automation is No Longer Optional

The Financial Brand

Marketing automation software is a requirement for any financial institution wanting to manage complex, personalized communications. Digital Marketing Marketing Strategy content marketing retargeting

Marketing Automation and Personalization Critical in Digital Banking Relationships

The Financial Brand

Financial marketers must automate customer communications with messages that are personalized and customized for the stage of the customer's journey. The post Marketing Automation and Personalization Critical in Digital Banking Relationships appeared first on The Financial Brand. Marketing Strategy content marketing CRM digital communications onboarding

Harness the Power of Connecting Marketo Engage and Magento Commerce


You need a sophisticated system that can take that buyer’s abandoned cart information and move it through a nurture program of marketing activities that are personalized to them. To create a nurturing campaign, your marketing automation plan cannot simply be sending emails.

Perficient Included in Gartner’s 2020 Marketing Technology Vendor Guide


Perficient was recently included as a marketing technology integrator in Gartner’s Marketing Technology Vendor Guide, 2020. Inclusion in this report highlights Perficient’s expertise in implementing and integrating marketing technology.

Quickly Leverage Marketo Engage


Adobe’s Marketo Engage marketing automation tool is powerful in creating a cohesive relationship between marketing and sales and driving sales through your pipeline. Brands need email and marketing automation to help buyers more than ever before.

Adobe to Acquire Marketo: So What?


As banks and credit unions pour gasoline on their direct outreach, Adobe’s announced acquisition of Marketo shows us just how hot digital marketing automation is right now. For those not in the know, Marketo is a system vendor that automates lead management including email, mobile, social, digital ads, web management and analytics. In the morphing cross-industry world of sales, marketing and even some service outreach, it’s hot.

The Rise of the Hybrid Consumer in Banking … And Why It Matters

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The hybrid banking consumer uses multiple channels to engage and expects marketing communication to be personalized across their journey. The post The Rise of the Hybrid Consumer in Banking … And Why It Matters appeared first on The Financial Brand.

Maximize the Power of Marketing Automation at Your Credit Union or Bank

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As technology continues to develop and advance, so should your marketing techniques. Marketing Automation is one of the most powerful tools on the market right now, and for good reason Is your bank or credit union keeping up with the trends and taking advantage of the opportunities available?

5 Essentials for Bank & Credit Union Marketing Budgets

The Financial Brand

Insights on digital ads, hiring priorities, content marketing, process automation and reaching Millennial consumers for the year ahead. The post 5 Essentials for Bank & Credit Union Marketing Budgets appeared first on The Financial Brand.

The Secrets Behind Marketo and Salesforce’s Complicated Relationship


It is no secret that the key to marketing and sales alignment is a solid technical foundation and internal understanding of how your systems will communicate. In fact, a Forbes article noted, “According to Salesforce (registration required), 67% of marketing leaders rely on marketing automation and 21% plan to implement a new marketing automation platform in the year ahead.”.

Pillow Talk: Secrets Behind Marketo and Salesforce’s Complicated Relationship


It is no secret that the key to marketing and sales alignment is a solid technical foundation and internal understanding of how your systems will communicate. In fact, a Forbes article noted, “According to Salesforce (registration required), 67% of marketing leaders rely on marketing automation and 21% plan to implement a new marketing automation platform in the year ahead.”.

Client Note: Marketing Automation Valuation Multiples, Smart VCs Doing Fewer Deals, Virtual Reality Is Hurting, ‘Uber For X’ In SE Asia, And More

CB Insights

The Marketo acquisition and digital marketing valuations. Today, we’re talking about the future gym, whether Adobe overpaid for Marketo, buying clean energy, and more, including: Smart money VC deal sizes are increasing. What’s up with the VR industry? Startups helping consumers buy clean energy. “Uber for X” hits Southeast Asia. The end of the gym? Smart money VCs investing less but writing bigger checks. Want the full post? Become a CB Insights customer.

Personalization without Segmentation: The Power of Velocity Scripting


Personalization drives success within marketing campaigns. The use of personalized content allows marketers to transition from batch and blast emails to more highly targeted one-to-one email communications. Adobe Marketing Automation Marketo marketing automation Personalization segmentationTraditional personalization within Marketo requires the use of Dynamic Content. Marketo’s Dynamic Content leverages Marketo Segmentations and Segments.

How to Solve for Missing Data in Marketo


So you’ve purchased Marketo Engage to improve your marketing-to-sales relationship and are eager to start implementing the system, but your missing key data points, like email addresses. Adobe Digital Marketing Marketo marketing automation

Making Magic from Muggle Reports


Creating reports to showcase the ROI of your marketing automation platform is imperative, yet many people struggle to report accurately. Use this to collaboratively design marketing programs, like targeted whitepapers, events, etc. Marketing Automation Marketo marketing automation Marketo reports

Legacy Healthcare CRM: Understanding Why It Needs to be Different


Today, healthcare marketing and IT leaders are facing a series of big decisions: Do they keep their current legacy CRM decision-engine or opt to build an enterprise CRM that serves the entire organization? As a result, healthcare marketers didn’t always get much respect.

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2018 Top MarTech Trends: Top Pain Points and Spending Priorities for CMOs

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And what are the existing and emerging technologies that marketing teams will be spending more on in 2018? Whether you sell into the Marketing Department or you are marketer, check out our predictions for marketing spend in 2018, based on trends from year-over-year survey results. This wealth of data comes from DiscoverOrg’s own primary research based on surveys conducted with mid- to high-level professionals in the Marketing Department. Marketing CRM solutions.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Introduction to Email Studio 101


Salesforce provides different types of clouds and Marketing Cloud is one of them. Marketing Cloud is a platform that has multiple tools designed for an organization to interact with their customers or potential customers across various channels. Image 01: Home Page of Marketing Cloud.

Jumpstart Your Platform Selection and Avoid Lengthy RFP


As you start to research what’s available in the market, you find that there are hundreds of potential systems, all at different price points and all that claim to be the best solution.

A data-driven approach to marketing – interview with Tommy Kearns


A data-driven approach to marketing – interview with Tommy Kearns on BankNXT. Banking Fintech Podcasts analytics BIG Podcast credit unions data interview John Best marketing marketing automation technologyJohn Best discusses analytics and technology with Tommy Kearns from Xtremepush.

The 2018 MarTech Landscape is Here

Perficient Data & Analytics

Scott has produced The Marketing Technology Landscape chart since 2011. While the chart is a massive display of logos, it serves to show which vendors play in each category of the market. This goes to show how well much Sales should be tied Marketing. Consumer Markets Customer Experience Digital Transformation marketing marketing automation martech

5-Minute Checklist: How to Make the Most of Marketing Cloud


Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a powerful digital marketing tool with many capabilities. For a Marketing Cloud implementation to be successful, it should be well-planned and well-executed. You likely have a team in place that will be using and supporting Marketing Cloud. Data is vital to being able to target and personalize your digital marketing. An example that works well for many is to start with Journey Builder for marketing automation. . ?

Finastra Hires Mark Miller as CFO

Bank Innovation

Miller previously served as chief financial officer at Marketo, a marketing automation software company that was acquired by Adobe in October 2018. Banking technology giant Finastra has hired Mark Miller as chief financial officer. He replaces Rob Binns, who recently stepped down from the role. He brings nearly 25 years of experience in tech, finance and […].

Unify your Marketing Activities For True ROI

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Marketing Today. 55% of B2B marketers say they are unclear on what content marketing success or effectiveness looks like, and that’s understandable since the sheer volume of activities alone can be overwhelming, including: Blogging; Social Media including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, etc.; White papers; SEO; eBooks; Product sheets; Infographics ; E-Newsletters; Landing pages; Outbound e-mail marketing; Lead nurturing; Webinars; Video; and.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Introduction to Email Studio 102


In the previous blog we discussed the basics of Email Studio in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Likewise, in A/B testing for Email Studio we send two versions of your Marketing Cloud Email Studio communication to two different test audiences from your subscriber lists.

What to Cut, What to Keep as Bank Marketing Budgets Get Squeezed

The Financial Brand

CMOs share insights on how to beef up what's working, eliminate what's not and invest in CRM and marketing automation for the year ahead. The post What to Cut, What to Keep as Bank Marketing Budgets Get Squeezed appeared first on The Financial Brand.

Employee Spotlight: Anna Lecher

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Previously Anna Fischer, our beloved Marketing Automation and Data Director tied the knot in August 2020 to her now husband, Justin. Introducing … Mrs. Anna Lecher!

Zycus Ramps Up Customer Outreach In India With Salesforce


Zycus said it will use Salesforce’s marketing automation solution Pardot to enhance customer engagement and acquisition in India. “B2B marketing automation is the best way to make sure an entire organization is aligned around the customer journey — from awareness to acquisition, to advocacy teams,” Zycus said in the press release.

David’s Bridal Teams With Popwallet For Marketing Via Mobile Wallets


As a next step in the direction of a digital-first, omnichannel experience, David’s Bridal is teaming with mobile wallet marketing automation platform Popwallet. David’s Bridal Chief Marketing and IT Officer Kelly Cook said in the announcement, “We have a smart, mobile-savvy, hyper-digital customer and she wanted ease, simplicity, and flexibility.

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