Is Lending Club Back?

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Better originations, better sales, more revenue: wow, did Lending Club just report a positive quarter? Corporate Exclusive Lending Online Startups earnings Lending Club marketplace lending OnDeck online lendingWith the results reported on its earnings call yesterday, it certainly seems as though the marketplace lender has turned back toward growth.

Zest AI CEO: Artificial Intelligence Is Reshaping Lending and Credit


It’s here now and being used to make good banks better — whether to eliminate discrimination in lending decisions, add stability to existing screening systems or drive loan growth and profits. “It’s And as a bonus, the software can remove any bias in lending.

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How Alternative Lending Technology Stays Flexible For SMBs


In the wake of the 2008 global financial crisis, and banks' subsequent pullback from the small- to medium-sized business ( SMB ) lending arena, a slew of alternative lenders emerged onto the scene to fill the credit gap. The SMB lending space is evolving rapidly.

Compound data: the key to digitized lending

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Innovation Strategy INV Fintech Lending Sponsored Startups Boss Insights sponsoredA staggering 90% of small- to medium-sized enterprises fail. Aside from operations and strategy, one of the biggest reasons is limited funding or lack of timely cash flow. This is no surprise given that 72% of SME loans are rejected; it takes three months for SME borrowers to get their cash; and still 52% of […].

2020 Lenders & Chief Credit Officers Conference

The 2020 Lenders & Chief Credit Officers Conference brings together lending professionals from across the West Coast for three days of premier education and networking opportunities. Hear from business leaders, strategists, and peers during interactive sessions designed to explore shared opportunities and challenges, discuss examiner expectations, and develop a greater understanding of today’s marketplace.

3 Alternative Lending Startups to Watch

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Large banks, e-commerce moguls like Amazon and eBay and tech firms are likely to enter the alternative lending space, and soon, according to Eden Amirav, co-founder, and CEO of startup LendingExpress. National Australia Bank set up its own alternative lending arm called QuickBiz Loans back in 2016. Capital Daily Post 1 Exclusive Lending Mobile Online Open Fintech Payments Premium Retail Social Media Startups amazon Kabbage Lending Club Lenmo Venmo

SBA Origination in a COVID World

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Alt Lending Week Ending 13th November 2020

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The post Alt Lending Week Ending 13th November 2020 appeared first on Daily Fintech. Alt LendingBanking Fintech Stars tailor their strategies to get to profitability Fintech Start ups Monzo and Revolut are the stars of digital banking as well as being bitter rivals.

Digital lending fintech enters auto

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LAS VEGAS — Bank of Oklahoma has adopted Blend’s digital lending platform, the fintech announced at the 2019 Auto Finance Summit. Carousel Lending Premium Retail Banking Startups Auto Finance News BlendBlend’s platform is designed to simplify user experience for the consumer to drive increases in completed online applications and funding rates. Blend’s technology uses verified data to eliminate steps and the passing around of documents,” said Olivia […].

Alt lending Week Ended 23rd October 2020

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The post Alt lending Week Ended 23rd October 2020 appeared first on Daily Fintech. Alt LendingA mixed Bag of loan loss provision in European Banks The overall picture is blighted by the lack of clarity in exactly how banks carry out this important activity.

The New Lending Fintech Bonanza


It was into this world that the much celebrated digital lending fintech OnDeck recently sold to Enova for $90 million, a virtual fire sale at way under 1X OnDeck’s revenue. They primarily support – don’t compete with – federally insured bank lending.

The Universal Remote of Lending

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So, here’s my attempt at sharing my thoughts on the benefits of a single lending platform. LendingI love a good analogy. The folks who work with me know that I’m full of them. As an analyst, it’s how I learn and process how things work.

Marketplace Lending – Finding the Perfect Partner

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LendingThe secondary market for buying and selling loans was formed in the late 1800s as the mortgage market in the United States grew following the passing of the National Bank Act in 1864.

Affirm, Lending Tree CEOs tout gains among young borrowers

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Lending platforms are evolving to the needs of younger customers’ financial habits, a pair of fintech executives told an audience at CB Insights’ Future of Fintech conference in New York Wednesday. Commerce & POS Daily Post 4 Exclusive Lending Affirm Alternative Lending Lending Tree online lending SoFi

Alt Lending Week Ended 16th October 2020

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The post Alt Lending Week Ended 16th October 2020 appeared first on Daily Fintech. Alt LendingThe Inevitable COVID crash. When and where will it strike? Despite the pessimistic tone Matthew Lynn is in fact doing us all, Banks and Alt Lenders alike, a favour.

Alt Lending week ending 20th November 2020

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While Amigo is only a minnow in the Alt lending scene it is in some ways a microcosm of what can go wrong during a Black Swan event such as a pandemic. For a starter this company will only lend to you […]. Amigo Loans customer complaints soar.

Formula for Business Lending Success: Minimize Delays


Key Takeaways Financial institutions who want to maintain a healthy share of business lending this year and through potentially tougher economic times ahead want to be in the best position possible before trouble hits. Abrigo's Business Lending Readiness Survey found many processes stymie those efforts. Abrigo’s 2020 Business Lending Readiness Survey found many bankers are dealing with processes that stymie those efforts. Lending & Credit Risk. CRE Lending.

Mnuchin Pledges More Stimulus Talks After Taking Heat For Ending SMB Lending Programs


After coming under fire for ending key pandemic lending programs, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Friday (Nov. But Mnuchin has continued to defend the move as being based on Congress’ intention for the small business lending programs to sunset on Dec.

Alternative Lending Is in Trouble? No One Told Elevate

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It’s been a brutal year for the alternative lending industry. Scandals, staff cuts, rate hikes, and recently a Lending Club investment posted its first negative return in five years this August. Capital Compliance Lending Online Startups Technology Alternative Lending Elevate Lending Club Victory Park CapitalBut the alternative lender Elevate, a subprime specialist, is continuing to advance toward its IPO, and recently celebrated the hiring of Read More.

Square revises credit risk model for its SMB lending program

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An update to Square’s credit risk model for its Square Capital commercial lending product — first disclosed yesterday — was “a key driver of Capital’s outperformance in the fourth quarter,” the company said. The advancement of Capital is key for Square as it continues to grow the fast-growing — and lucrative — lending product.

BAS 2020: Regions upgrades consumer lending system with automation


Regions Bank is overhauling its consumer lending system to keep its competitive edge. “We We did quite a bit of investment in consumer lending over the last 10 years, but we feel like we might have to do a 2.0

The Evolution of Lending Through Fintech

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The lending market is going through some major, rapid changes, and it’s more exciting than ever for consumers looking for attractive deals on their loans. Lending Open Fintech Sponsored alternative lenders Brainwave Technologies online lendersAt the same time, lenders themselves have an easier time managing the huge volume of customers they have to work with, along with all the data they generate on a […].

Marketplace Lending Growth ‘Right on Track,’ Lending Club CEO Says

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Is marketplace lending growing responsibly, considering regulatory oversight and despite popular opinion? Lending Club Chief Executive Renaud Laplanche weighs in. Compliance Lending Online Risk Startups Technology Lending Club LendIt marketplace lending

Smarter Lending for a Better Economy

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The post Smarter Lending for a Better Economy appeared first on ABA Banking Journal. ABA Banking Journal Commercial Lending Community Banking Featured Coronavirus Digital banking Small business lending

Alt Lending – week ending 14th August

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The post Alt Lending – week ending 14th August appeared first on Daily Fintech. Alt Lending

Iwoca grows lending business with $112M in debt financing

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Carousel Customer Experience Innovation Strategy Lending Premium Insight Investment Iwoca TideIwoca, a London-based small business lender, announced a debt financing round of 100 million euros ($112 million) last week to fund new loans in Germany.? “We We have seen considerable growth in the [German] market,” said Oliver Schmid, general manager of Iwoca. What sets us apart from banks is we built the system from scratch geared […].

Payment tech is needed to drive small business lending

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Fintech Lending Digital payments Payment processing Small businessWhile digital pay innovation was once seen as a “nice-to-have” benefit, it's quickly becoming integral to business survival, says LendingFront's Jorge Sun.

SunTrust CIO Talks Zelle, Lending, and Innovation

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In practice, that means focusing more on the bank’s mobile offerings, growing LightStream (the bank’s online lending platform), and building out its tech.Read More. Exclusive Innovations Lending Mobile Online Premium AI lending Mobile banking online banking online lending roboadvisors SunTrust Zelle

Yet Another Association for Marketplace Lending Launches

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That’s what the industry needs: competing marketplace lending associations. Today, the three big names in marketplace lending (for now — more on that below) that were not in the just-launched Marketplace Lending Association have formed the Innovative Lending Platform Association. This is Funding Circle, Lending Club and Prosper Marketplace of the Marketplace Lending Read More.

Alt Lending Week ended 7th August

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The post Alt Lending Week ended 7th August appeared first on Daily Fintech. Alt Lending

Amex's recipe for small-business lending: Heavy on the Kabbage

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Lending Earnings M&A American Express Coronavirus Small business lending Small businessWith the COVID-19 pandemic creating unprecedented challenges for small businesses, American Express has increasingly targeted its investments in that niche.

Will FICO’s AWS Move Boost Lending Startups?

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FICO is moving major services to the cloud, and that may mean good times ahead for lending startups. Exclusive Lending Online Risk Startups Amazon Web Services AWS cloud services FICO lending online lending public cloud

Capital One: Pressure from non-banks is hurting commercial lending

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Capital One‘s commercial lending business is facing price pressure from a saturated market of lenders, including non-banks, that are pushing interest rates down. Increasing competition from non-banks continues to drive less favorable terms in the commercial lending marketplace,” CEO Richard Fairbank told investors on Thursday. Carousel Corporate Banking Lending BlueTarp BlueVine Capital One Kabbage OnDeck

The Rise of Alternative Data in the Lending Market

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Exclusive Innovations Lending Mobile Operations Payments Affirm alternative data artificial intelligence credit invisible Elevate FICO FICO score lending machine learning Petal EXCLUSIVE – There were conflicting views on the importance of the FICO score at the PayThink Conference in Phoenix this week. While only some professionals were bold enough to say the standardized credit scoring has become marginalized, others maintained that it was here to stay.

Intuit Unveils New SME Lending Product, QuickBooks Capital

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Exclusive Innovations Lending Online Open Fintech Intuit QuickBooks small business lending small business loans SME banking SME lendingEXCLUSIVE – Business software provider Intuit today launched its first loan product through QuickBooks called QuickBooks Capital. Users will be able to access the product in the homepage of their existing accounts with QuickBooks.