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NEW REPORT: Winning The Omnicommerce Race Around The Software Track


These days, eCommerce is a major component for most retail businesses hoping to survive, and thrive, into the future.

4 Challenges to Blockchain Adoption From Fidelity CEO

Bank Innovation

Blockchain is a technology that can cause a lot of frustration, but can also create a lot of joy. That’s according to Abigail Johnson, CEO of financial services giant Fidelity Investments.

Would You Like to Set Google As Your Default Financial Institution?

Bank Innovation

Consumers can now use their Google credentials to make online and mobile payments via a stored credit card. The tech giant unveiled the tool yesterday, during its annual I/O developer conference in Mountain View, Calif.

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Could Regulation Prevent The Next Cyberattack?


After the latest worldwide cyberattack, the question remains: What’s going to change? That depends, says counterterrorism and cybersecurity expert Richard Clarke, on what companies, banks and regulators are willing to learn from the incident. In early May, approximately 300,000 computer systems in more than 150 countries were compromised by the WannaCry cyberattack.

What does AI offer your financial institution? Lessons from SIFMA OPS 2017

Insights on Business

What issues are the most important to your financial institution? There are likely to be as many different answers to that question as there are institutions in the industry.

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Internet of Things: Why Banking and Payments Professionals Should Care

Celent Banking

There is little doubt that Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming many industries, from manufacturing to insurance. Celent's Insurance practice has been at the forefront of IoT research since 2014 and has published many insightful reports.

Banks’ leadership teams are fatally flawed

Chris Skinner

I was chairing a conference with various speakers, when Gartner Group stood up and talked about their annual bank survey. They found that of the senior bankers surveyed, 76% don’t believe that digitalisation will affect their business model.

Future of payments? Phone will set the tone

Mobile Payments Today

Consumer are looking for tools that make moving and managing money convenient and enable them to take control of their financial lives. Mobile can can accomplish these things

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Consumers Expect Innovation to Come From Banks, Not Fintechs, Not Even Facebook

Bank Innovation

Despite all the shiny fintechs out there, consumers still expect innovation in financial services to come directly from banks.

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Coupa Rounds Out Offering With Launch Of B2B Payments Capabilities


Spend management company Coupa has entered the realm of B2B payments. The company announced the launch of Coupa Payments Tuesday (May 16), a tool that aims to streamline cross-border payments for its corporate customers. The solution digitizes payment operations to ensure companies can pay their suppliers electronically, the company said in its announcement. Coupa Payments takes advantage of Coupa’s partnership with invoice payments company Nvoicepay.

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Four new, urgent bank models fit for winning in the digital economy…and beyond


As a youngster, former U.S. President Ronald Reagan couldn’t decide what type of shoes he wanted. Unwilling to wait any longer for an answer, the local cobbler ended up giving Reagan one square-toed and one round-toed shoe.

What banks can learn from Wal-Mart

Chris Skinner

I picked up Bloomberg Business Week at the airport this week, attracted by the cover. Wal-Mart have issues with the digital revolution. Amazon is stealing their lunch, literally, and they’ve been struggling for years to work out what to do about it.

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Daryl Wilkinson on why banking has heart again


Shaun Weston and Daryl Wilkinson on Daryl's recent move from being self-employed to becoming a director at Unity Trust Bank. Daryl Wilkinson on why banking has heart again on BankNXT. Banking Fintech Podcasts BankNXT Fintech Podcast business CSR Daryl Wilkinson interview Shaun Weston

NEW REPORT: As Robo-Advisors Rise, Will Investors Put Their Assets On The Robo-Line?


From automation to mobile-first institutions and solutions, disruption is the new normal for the digital banking space. Financial institutions have rolled out a handful of new smartphone-first innovations for the digital banking space that are promising to bring disruption to the industry.

How financial instant issuance can benefit banks


No matter the industry, one idea seems to drive today’s consumers more than any other – convenience. The digital age has conditioned consumers to seek out quality products and services that can be delivered faster than the competition.

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Welcome to the Semantic Web

Chris Skinner

Last Friday, I presented a new theme around the Semantic Bank to the The Next Web audience. You can see my presentation here (2h49m into the conference). I also wrote a bit about it the other day here.

Nobody owes you a living – not the banks, nor the startups


It's good to think of the bigger picture, but don't let your market valuation or your success with raising a series A go to your head, says Leda Glyptis. Nobody owes you a living – not the banks, nor the startups on BankNXT.

SoFi Is Building the ‘Banking Model’ of the Future

Bank Innovation

Relationship-banking is top-of-mind for financial institutions, but in many cases, that does not translate into real actions. That’s according to Mike Cagney, CEO of SoFi. “We

Commit To A Job? Millennials Literally Can’t Even, But Not For The Reasons You Think


If millennials have commitment issues at work, it’s not because they don’t value company loyalty. In fact, it’s possible they value it more than the companies themselves. Millennials want their employers to value and commit to them by offering the stability their Boomer counterparts enjoyed, including annual raises and upward career mobility.

Takeaways from the Latest Research in Consumer Financial Decision Making

Celent Banking

Once a year I take a break from industry conferences and vendor analyst days by going to the Boulder Summer Conference on Consumer Financial Decision Making , hosted by the Center for Research on Consumer Financial Decision Making at the Leeds Business School at the University of Colorado Boulder. Academics, regulators, central bankers, and a handful of private sector people (like me) gather to discuss the latest research in the field.


Sageworks Lending Solution helping community banks and credit unions grow


Earlier this month, John Holt, CEO of Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union appeared on Better Connecticut to discuss how Nutmeg FCU was fulfilling its commitment to helping small businesses in their community by implementing a new digital loan application process. John commented that most banks and credit unions do not lend to small businesses, as they tend to be more focused on larger deals.

The big data boom – what it means for banking


Big data has been one of the tech industry’s most popular buzzwords for a few years now. But as the number of data sources grows and technology to process it becomes more powerful, the trend is changing from a nice-to-have addition to becoming an essential part of any company’s offering. In the banking sector, there’s an expectation that this technology could fundamentally change how firms make decisions and interact with customers.

Blockchain Won’t Kill the Banks (Banks Say)

Bank Innovation

Decentralizing banking processes won’t actually kill financial service companies — at least according to those financial service companies.

NEW REPORT: Turning To New Identity Solutions To Protect Against Threats


Whether it’s safeguarding sensitive personal and financial information from attacks like WannaCry or authenticating travelers at an airport, security is top of everyone’s mind these days. And, increasingly, governments and corporations alike are turning to new tech to help boost protection.

Colloque Digital Banking – event takeaways


Phil Siarri shares his takeaways from Colloque Digital Banking, where the discussion turned to Canadian bank branches, fintech investment and innovation. Colloque Digital Banking – event takeaways on BankNXT. Banking Fintech bank branches events Phil Siarri robo-advice

Change-Makers: The 31 Most Disruptive Technologies

CB Insights

The word disruption gets thrown around a lot. There are technical definitions of disruption like Clay Christensen’s and looser definitions that have led the label to be applied to pretty much any product or startup. We even had to restrict … Continued. Technology Trends

How omni-channel marketing can work for your business – Part 1: Attract


Offering a seamless customer experience across channels is becoming more important in the retail banking industry. As mobile technology and digital connectivity have expanded in both reach and capability, consumers have become accustomed to accessing key services and information at any time, in any location, via their preferred channel.

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Millennials Are Saving, But Not For Retirement

Bank Innovation

The millennial generation is saving money—just not to leave the work force. The majority of millennials, at 63%, are saving towards their “desired lifestyle” rather than towards retirement goals, according to the Spring 2017 Merrill Edge Report by Bank of America, released on Friday.

Here’s Where You May Be Wrong About Enterprise Cybersecurity


If you’re one of the many, many companies recently targeted by WannaCry , you’ve just been handed a harsh reality check in the importance of enterprise cybersecurity. Maybe you had ignored previous warnings or felt cybersecurity technology was unnecessary. Or maybe you actually had cybersecurity measures in place that failed. Analysts have (so far) placed the number of corporate victims of WannaCry at 29,000 firms.

Algomi Acquires AllianceBernstein’s ALFA’s Fixed Income Liquidity and Analytics Tool


In a deal announced this week, Algomi , a company that offers tools for buy-side and sell-side trading in fixed income securities, has acquired ALFA (Automated Liquidity Filtering & Analytics) from AllianceBernstein.

Restaurants realizing importance of mobile payments and loyalty

Mobile Payments Today

Loyalty and order-ahead-and-pay are becoming the standard in the industry

Making omni-channel a reality – Part 3: The customer is everything


Banks don’t need to be told how important it is to keep their customers engaged and satisfied. But when it comes to omni-channel transformation , it’s impossible to overstate just how crucial it is to understand your customers, and to know what they want and how to give it to them. As I explore in this whitepaper , the customer should be one of the core focuses for any financial institution developing an omni-channel strategy.

Is ‘Social Finance’ Better When It’s Anonymous?

Bank Innovation

Medean–a P2P financial planner– wants to use the power of social to change consumer behavior—but instead of stacking user financials up against their friends, it’s only tackling demographic factors.

Why Digitizing The Invoice Is Only The Beginning


The discussion on eInvoicing is changing. Sure, digital invoices aren’t the most riveting of topics — but don’t be fooled: they’re at the center of B2B FinTech innovation, critical to a company’s bottom line. Jim Wetekamp, CEO of eProcurement solutions company BravoSolution , says the conversation is no longer so much about how to digitize the invoice — that’s old news by now, he told PYMNTS. “I I don’t think eInvoicing is a new phenomenon,” he said.