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How Alcohol Delivery Suddenly Stopped Being Amazon-Proof


Until Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods, the logistics of alcohol delivery were mostly outside the grasp of what Amazon could efficiently cover. Intoxicating liquor can’t be mailed in the U.S., and using private delivery companies like FedEx or UPS entails dealing with strict requirements — and that’s in addition to whatever state and local rules apply. Once all those factors are accounted for, though, delivery agents still need to check the ID of every single purchaser.

Getting in the Door with Prospects: When to Give Up

MZ Bierly Consulting, Inc.

Question: How long do you keep calling a prospect to set up an appointment before throwing in the towel? Answer: It depends on how important the prospect is to you. Start with the assumption that you’re going to have to work to get in the door.

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In Asia Pacific, Cash Usage Swell With Growth of ATMs


In the Asia-Pacific, cash is fighting tooth and nail with emerging digital payment methods and is seemingly winning the race. The region is now home to more than half of ATMs worldwide, which is helping drive use of cash, according to RBR’s latest forecast.

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No-touch Banking

Insights on Business

The earliest forms of banking date back to 2000 BC , while in the United States, the first bank was established in 1791 in the city of Philadelphia. You could say that banks have had a lot of practice knowing what their customers want and how to provide it to them.

Bankers see faster horses; technologists imagine cars

Chris Skinner

I was chairing a conference on blockchain and distributed ledgers the other day. The audience were a mixture of start-ups and banks, and the speakers were talking about how they viewed the world of distributed ledger developments.

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Who owns the customers’ data?

Chris Skinner

Following on from the discussions about identity on Monday, it gets interesting to think about the customers’ data and who owns it, especially in light of the Payment Services Directive 2, PSD2 for short, which comes into force at the start of next year.

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Will Apple’s Face ID Be a Boon for Video Banking?

Bank Innovation

EXCLUSIVE – Apple introduced the iPhone X yesterday, and as pundits predicted, it does away with Touch ID in favor of Face ID, a biometric authentication system based on the user’s face. The accuracy of Face ID is supposed to reduce false positives to 1 in a million (though the demo failed on stage yesterday) […]. Exclusive Mobile Online Payments Security Apple Apple Pay BankOn Face Pay

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Why Regulation Won’t Fix Credit Reporting Agencies


Some of the most memorable television commercials of the 1970s and 1980s were those promoting E. Hutton’s brokerage services. When its tagline, “When E. Hutton talks, people listen,” was spoken in those commercials, everyone in the room stopped, turned to look and listened with rapt attention to the person who uttered those words. The person speaking never revealed what E.

Preventing consumer e-commerce fraud in the age of EMV


After years of lagging behind many other developed nations, the US market is rolling out EMV technology. While the transition is still in process, and has in many cases been a bumpy, road to adoption, it will go a long way towards tackling some of the most common types of fraud.

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The Laws of Attraction: Credit Union Recruitment in a Competitive Labor Market


A large hurdle today for many credit unions is attracting and retaining talented employees. This report lays out the key findings from current organizational attraction research and distills implications for the credit union system.

Even British Airways gets blockchain now

Chris Skinner

When I fly with British Airways, which I try to avoid these days thanks to the fatuous actions of their lame duck CEO, then I’ll always check out the latest edition of Business Life. It’s their upmarket magazine for business fliers, and usually hits the right note.

Rise of APIs – Payments and Other Financial APIs See Huge Growth Spike

Bank Innovation

APIs, or Application Programming Interface, have seen tremendous growth, especially in the finance space. The spike in numbers comes as no surprise with the ever-increasing number of fintech startups as well as traditional banks and financial institutions rushing to integrate APIs in some form or the other. Other factors contributing to this growth, according to […]. DataBank Uncategorized APIs payments

Consumers Are Less-Than-Secure Over Payments Security


How secure do you feel when it comes to payments? Perception is not always reality, but it does matter. Consider a survey commissioned by payment, telecom and financial data solutions provider Transaction Network Services (TNS), which found that 85 percent of adults across the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia believe fraud attempts on debit and credit cards are on the upswing.

This Is Why All Companies Need An AI Strategy Today

CB Insights

The following is a guest post by Rita C. Waite, a Growth Strategy & Investments Manager at Juniper Networks. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is fundamentally changing how businesses operate across all sectors, including manufacturing, healthcare, IT, and transportation.

EBANX expands credit card acceptance to Colombia

The Paypers

(The Paypers) EBANX, a payment processor in Latin America, has integrated credit cards in Colombia by integrating with local acquirers

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The regulator’s view of bitcoin, 2017

Chris Skinner

As part of the blockchain conference, I chaired a session with some central bankers talking about their views on distributed ledger technologies. These central banks have run trials and are thinking about it, but none of them are particularly big on blockchain right now.

CFPB Reassures Fintechs with Upstart Network ‘No-Action’ Letter

Bank Innovation

Online lending service Upstart Network has received a “no-action” letter from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the first letter in this program to be issued by the office.

Equifax Lets Go Of Two Execs; Wealthy Victims Could Be At Risk After Breach


In the wake of the massive data breach at Equifax , the embattled credit scoring company announced that the Chief Information Officer, David Webb, and the chief security officer, Susan Mauldin, will both retire. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal , Webb’s job will be taken over by Mark Rohrwasser, who has headed up Equifax’s international IT operations since 2016. Mauldin is being replaced by Russ Ayres on an interim basis. Ayres reports to the CIO, according to the report.

Berlin vs San Francisco: Why Berlin’s Silicon Allee is Europe’s new Silicon Valley


With “Brexit” looming over Britain, a promising new startup hub is emerging in Europe: Berlin’s Silicon Allee. As a comparison between London and Berlin demonstrates, chances are the latter may claim the position as EU’s most important startup ecosystem.

Open Banking – towards unified banking and a smooth end-user experience

The Paypers

(The Paypers) Marko Wenthin from solarisBank explains what contextual banking is and how, in the future, we could be using financial services from 10 banks within a single platform

AI-Driven Facial Recognition Is Coming And Brings Big Ethics And Privacy Concerns

CB Insights

To evade the risk of being IDed by authorities, protesters, looters, and rioters may obscure their faces with hats, scarves, or sunglasses. But for better or worse, dissenting in disguise may no longer mean dissenting anonymously.

Google’s New Payment App “Google Tez” to Launch in India

Bank Innovation

Internet giant Google will release a mobile payment service in India, according to reports. The Unified Payments Interface (UPI) app is called Google Tez, according to The IndianExpress. ‘Tez,’ in Hindi (India’s national language) means fast. The app will be launched as a part of the “Make in India” government initiative, which aims to encourage […]. Exclusive Mobile Payments Uncategorized Google India payments

For NACHA’s Same Day ACH, The Debit Debut


In payments, some rollouts come with fanfare. Apple comes to mind. Fitness watches are a recent entrant of pageantry. For NACHA, there’s a rollout of a different sort, with far-reaching impact on how, who and when consumers and enterprises see funds flow. No confabs here, or webcasts with smoke and mirrors and rock music. Think of it as a quiet sea change amid the financial landscape.

CECL preparations yet to begin in earnest at many banks, credit unions


Many financial institutions have yet to begin in earnest their preparations for transitioning to the current expected credit model (CECL), a recent poll by Sageworks suggests.

Insights and understanding – the key to customer experience?


Customer experience and the relationships consumers have with their banks have never been more important. Fintechs are carving out their niche in the financial services industry by making the needs and expectations of the modern-day consumer their number one priority. They also offer a genuine alternative to established financial institutions, which must respond by showing they are not being left behind in the customer experience stakes.

A banker’s view of bitcoin

Chris Skinner

SMB Expense Management Provider Bento Snags Major Partnership with The Brink’s Compnay

Bank Innovation

EXCLUSIVE – The Brink’s Company and expense management provider Bento for Business introduced a new Travel & Expense Debit Card at Finovate in New York. The partnership is a major win for Bento, who launched only two years ago with a prepaid card for SMBs. The Brink’s T+E card is different from our core product […]. Cards Exclusive Mobile Online Payments Startups Bento Bento for Business Brink's Company Debit Card Finnovate 2017 MasterCard QuickBooks SMB The Bancorp

Accountants Reveal Small Businesses’ Biggest Financial Mistakes


In a survey of more than 500 small and medium-sized business (SMBs) accountants and bookkeepers, business and financial software company Intuit found a few factors that frustrate the profession. Reports Thursday (Sept. 14) said Intuit’s report found a lack of proper record-keeping landed at the top spot of the list of the biggest frustrations for small businesses’ accountants, with nearly three-quarters of professionals surveyed saying this was the most common problem they saw. 50 companies committed to paying SMEs faster

The Paypers

(The Paypers) Vopak, MN, Nedflex, Zicht adviseurs and MKB-Nederland have joined Now, 50 organisations committed to shorter payment terms with for SMEs

Compliance solutions: To build or buy regtech?

Bobs Guide

Regulatory compliance has always been and will always be one of the top priorities and concerns of every financial institution (FI). Regulatory reforms following the global financial crisis of 2008 compelled FIs to make substantial investments in risk and compliance – both in terms of

Zhong An IPO tells Insurance incumbents that full stack Insurtech has arrived

Daily Fintech

The day has arrived – Zhong An has secured approval for its IPO on the Hong Kong stock exchange ! CB Insights has done a great job breaking down the IPO prospectus.

PayPal Will Grow P2P Opportunities By ‘Going After’ Cash

Bank Innovation

EXCLUSIVE- P2P is changing, as new entrants like Zelle come into the market, which means payments companies have a lot of opportunities to hit or miss the technology.

How Halloween Might Have The Secret To Saving Retail


Halloween might be the scariest holiday (unless, of course, you’re a parent, in which case Christmas is the hands-down winner every year), but it’s not necessarily the most innovative from a retail point of view.

JPMorgan seeks to banish paper payments with fintech venture


JPMorgan Chase is partnering with another fast-growing technology firm, this time to help business clients eradicate paper checks. Bill pay Digital payments Fintech JPMorgan Chase