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Thailand’s Largest Firm Taps Ripple For B2B Payments


Petroleum exploration company PTT Exploration and Production (PTTEP), Thailand’s largest corporation, is collaborating with blockchain firm Ripple to integrate its technology for cross-border transactions.

Four sales best practices every business needs to know

Insights on Business

Sales primarily drive business growth. However, businesses know that hiring the best sales talent is just the start of the journey; retaining well-suited employees is often a highly challenging undertaking.

Doing good for society and the planet (an Earth Day FinTech update)

Chris Skinner

It was Earth Day on Monday, and a national holiday in many nations as they observed what Christians call Easter. Whilst Sri Lankans mourned the fatal losses on the Easter Sunday church gatherings, many observed the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970.

Traditional FIs See Fintechs as ‘Significant Threat’ by 2022, Study Says

Bank Innovation

Nearly 80% of traditional financial institutions feel little or no threat from fintechs today, but 65% believe fintechs will be a “significant threat” by 2022, according to a new study by Harvard Business Review.

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Bank Customer Experience opens awards competition

Mobile Payments Today

The annual BCX Summit has opened the awards competition for banks and fintechs in several important categories

SoftBank Invests $1B Into Wirecard


Wirecard , the German financial company, and Japan’s SoftBank Group announced Wednesday (April 24) a deal in which SoftBank will invest about EUR 900 million in Wirecard. In a press release , the companies said the investment will come via a convertible bond mechanism.

The Finanser’s Week: 15th April – 21st April 2019

Chris Skinner

The main blog headlines are … Will a global platform connect all of our money? When I talk about FinTech, I often reflect on the first time I encountered what I would, today, call a truly FinTech firm.

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Financial Brand Forum 2019: 5 Wins in 5 Minutes


Hosting marketing and sales execs at Caesars Palace is kinda asking for it, isn’t it? If the Roman-adorned casinos don’t distract, surely options like Donny & Marie over at The Flamingo or the endless taxis touting the Cannabis Superstore will, right? Wrong. Let’s just call it.

The future of payments choices at the fuel pump

Mobile Payments Today

Consumers want to see more options in the payment methods available at the gasoline pump. This presents opportunities and challenges from the stanpoint of introducing mobile payment options, while maintaining the security of transactions

Amazon Will Soon Accept Bitcoin Payments


Bitcoin, through the lightning network, will soon be available as an option to pay on Amazon and other eCommerce sites, according to reports. Cryptocurrency payment processing company Moon said any e-wallet that is lightning-enabled can also be used through the company’s browser extension.

Doing bad for society and the planet (an Earth Day banking update)

Chris Skinner

I’m not a particularly political person. Opinionated yes. A little bit right and little bit left, maybe. Not necessarily a centrist, true. And I try to avoid writing about politically motivated movements on this blog, except when they impact the banking industry. And today is one of those days.

Zelle Reports Record High Payment Value, Volume in Q1

Bank Innovation

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The Race For 5G: How 20 Corporations Are Building The Future Of Connectivity

CB Insights

Fifth-generation wireless technology — commonly known as 5G — is among the most hotly anticipated technological advancements on the horizon. Boasting significantly faster data transfer rates, 5G promises to transform virtually every aspect of the mobile internet.

PayPal reports strong numbers for Venmo, Visa posts solid Q2

Mobile Payments Today

PayPal and Visa reported strong earnings in the first quarter of 2019, with PayPal breaking out Venmo numbers for the first time

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Visa Next: Visa’s Next ‘Digital First’ Act


Visa introduced a platform on Monday morning (April 22), complete with beta application programming interfaces (APIs), that will allow issuers and issuer processors to build and test new products.

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Things worth reading: 24th April 2019

Chris Skinner

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Mnuchin Prefers Private Over Government Solutions to Data Collection, Use

Bank Innovation

WASHINGTON, D.C. Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin said today that he prefers private over government solutions when it comes to collecting and using consumer data for financial products and services, speaking at a fintech conference hosted here by the FDIC.

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A Millennial’s Take on Change: Why is it So Hard?

Perficient Financial Servies

The biggest obstacle an organization will face today is… change. Why is that so hard to believe? Learning to be nimble and flexible in an ever-changing environment is and will be an ongoing topic of conversation for generations to come. I would go as far as to say, for all of eternity?

Decathlon, NewStore test the limits of cashless retail with US store

Mobile Payments Today

Sporting goods retailer Decathlon is testing the limits of cashless retail with technology firm NewStore, which developed an iPhone-based ominichannel platform to transform the store experience

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Resolve Shakes Up B2B POS Payments


The idea started in the B2C world, but it wasn’t long before online sellers were asking about its use for B2B — at least, according to Chris Tsai, co-founder and CEO of Resolve , in a new PYMNTS interview.

The Biggest Blockchain & Crypto Players In China

CB Insights

China is a key player in the development of blockchain technology, and home to some of the world’s largest and most influential companies in the space. But the startup scene is increasingly facing regulatory uncertainty. GET the 47-page blockchain TRENDS report.

Bank CEOs Say Don’t Hold Your Breath for Predicted Wave of Deals

Bank Innovation

The biggest bank merger since the financial crisis — February’s $28 billion tie-up between BB&T Corp. and SunTrust Banks Inc. — was supposed to spark a wave of copycats. Industry CEOs must have missed the memo. “M&A

Fanfare (and a drumroll) accompany the debut of NCR Silver One

ATM Marketplace

NCR went big with the introduction of Silver One, an all-in-one POS solution for small and midsize businesses


Decathlon, New Store test the limits of cashless retail with US store

Mobile Payments Today

Sporting goods retailer Decathlon is testing the limits of cashless retail with technology firm NewStore, which developed an iPhone-based ominichannel platform to transform the store experience

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McDonald’s Negotiates End Of Uber Eats Exclusivity Deal


McDonald’s is looking to make more money for its franchisees by renegotiating the terms of its exclusive delivery deal with Uber Eats, Bloomberg reported. The two companies recently met to lower the fees paid to the delivery giant.

Breeding Dolphin organisations instead of Sharks & Piranhas

Daily Fintech

Entrepreneurship, innovation, and disruption are terms that we think we understand and agree on what we mean when using them. Not so.

Venmo Revenue Growth Exceeds Analysts’ Predictions for Q1

Bank Innovation

PayPal's P2P service Venmo has exceeded analysts' first-quarter estimates in two key areas: annual revenue run rate and number of users, according to statements from PayPal's Q1 earnings call on Wednesday.

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Coopera Believed in Me A Decade Before I Came OnBoard


A 12-year-long impact and a bright future ahead. As Coopera’s Client Relations Director, I have the opportunity to guide our partners through their Hispanic/Latino growth strategies. Coopera’s impact could be described with many growth metrics, but it’s a much more personal topic for me.

Dollars down the drain: How your ATM lock system could be costing you

ATM Marketplace

A recent global survey of ATM deployers and service providers revealed that old-fashioned lock systems — and the manual processes associated with them — can be the source of staggering costs, avoidable ATM downtime and inadequate security against current ATM attack methods.

Afghanistan Turns To Bitcoin To Boost Economy


Afghanistan is looking to boost its ailing economy with bitcoin.

Rise of new Fintech business models – Emerging economies go lifestyle

Daily Fintech

Last week, I was interviewing a VC based out of Pakistan. I took away several insights from the conversation, however, there was one major highlight that would stay with me for a long time. There was a point where the distinction between Fintech businesses and business models was made. Image Source.

Financial Apps Have Better Mobile Retention Rates Than Other Industries, Report Says

Bank Innovation

Neither video games nor dating nor shopping have a stronger pull, in terms of initial mobile app retention than financial apps, according to one report released by mobile app research firm Liftoff.

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Go-Jek, JD introduce ecommerce feature Go-Mall

The Paypers

(The Paypers) Go-Jek has partnered with to introduce Go-Mall, an ecommerce feature that allows Go-Jek users to browse and shop various items through the app


How Insurers Are Tapping Into Financial Wellness

CB Insights

More life insurers are focusing their attention on financial wellness as employers come to grips with the real costs of financial stress in the workplace. Consider the recently updated figures from the Government Accountability Office’s 2015 report on retirement security in America, which highlight that 29% of households aged 55 and older have no retirement savings and no pension. Source: Bloomberg.

Visa, Wave Team To Bring Instant Payouts To Micropreneurs


“When do you want to get paid?” It’s a basic question that — when posed to anyone, particularly, a small business (SMB) — most always has the same answer, no matter who one asks or within what industry: now.

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Deploying VM Updates with Azure Update Management

Perficient Financial Servies

The Azure Update Management solution can be used to manage updates and patches for virtual machines (VMs). Through Azure Update Management, you can manage available updates, schedule the installation of required updates, and review deployment results after installing updates. Prerequisites.

Fifth Third Bank to Add 100+ Branches to Improve Customer Experience

Bank Innovation

For Fifth Third Bank, customer service is not just about digital transformation. The bank also wants to expand its physical retail branch footprint, according to its president and CEO, Greg Carmichael. As a result of the bank's $4.7 billion acquisition of Chicago-based MB Financial Inc.,