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US Treasury Secretary Sees Libra As National Security Threat


Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin believes that Facebook’s proposed cryptocurrency could pose as a national security threat.

Digital finance includes everyone (speech transcript)

Chris Skinner

Banks and FinTech Partnerships: a Clash of Extremes

Chris Skinner

A few years ago, I posted a guest article from Philippe Gelis, co-founder and CEO of FX firm Kantox, on Why FinTech Banks will rule the world.

Driving payments innovation in the global travel space

Mobile Payments Today

Innovations in the payments space are driving significant changes in the global travel industry.

Startup Branch wants to build a money services platform for hourly workers

Bank Innovation

With the growth of digital finance tools, a group of startups is looking to reach those who may be left behind, namely hourly workers.

Serving Credit Union Members Best – Auto Loans (Part 3)

Credit Union Geek

Welcome to Part 3 of what became the Unseen Credit Union Competition series. The first part highlighted what members receive in the mail from not-to-your-standards protection services. Did they know you could help them more effectively, at a lower cost? Then we saw “A Credit Union Member Walks Into a Car Dealership…” This revealed the […]. The post Serving Credit Union Members Best – Auto Loans (Part 3) appeared first on Credit Union Geek.

The 10-year-old who runs a blockchain company

Chris Skinner

I often talk about the world changing thanks to young people who can code.

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Africa's untapped potential as an ecommerce market

Mobile Payments Today

The African market is a growing and largely untapped ecommerce market, that has embraced mobile as a preferred means of banking, communication and payment

How Chinese ride-hailing app Didi is growing its financial services offering

Bank Innovation

Didi Chuxing, the China-based ride-hailing company with global reach, is offering bank accounts with prepaid debit cards to drivers in Brazil and Mexico. The company launched the offering on Wednesday in both countries as a means to build a financial services ecosystem for its drivers.

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Sales stories from the front lines: Lessons from clients in driving sales behavior

Insights on Business

Sales is the lifeblood of business.

The regulator’s view of Facebook’s Libra currency

Chris Skinner

A lot of discussion at the United Nations, where I’ve been all week (blogging about that next week), has raised the question of Libra, the Facebook digital currency.

PayPal On Its Xoom Into The Continent And The UK


Call it remittance on a global scale, or P2P without borders. PayPal said on Monday (July 15) that it is launching Xoom, its international digital money transfer service, in the United Kingdom and 31 markets spanning Europe.

Chase, HSBC executives headlining BCX Summit

Mobile Payments Today

Executives from two of the country's largest banks, Chase and HSBC, will keynote the upcoming Bank Customer Experience Summit, Sept. 23-25 in Chicago

Goldman invests $28m in German savings and investments firm Raisin

Bank Innovation

Berlin-based savings and investment startup Raisin landed a $28 million investment from Goldman Sachs on Tuesday to fuel its expansion plans, product roadmap and acquisitions strategy. The funding is part of Raisin's Series D round, bringing its total amount raised to $220 million.

Kleptocracy – What Does it Mean to Community Financial Institutions?


The term kleptocracy has been used in the financial crimes profession for years, but many AML professionals do not understand its meaning and therefore are not adequately monitoring for it within their BSA/AML program. So, what is a kleptocrat?

The UN’s SDG’s, FinTech and Banking

Chris Skinner

Due to various connections, I was asked to deliver the opening keynote speech at the United Nations High Level Political Forum last week (some coverage here). It was one of those rare occasions where I got nervous, looking out at the faces of dignitaries from nations all over the world.

How Bitbuy Is Keeping Crime Out Of Crypto


More than $1.2 billion is estimated to have been lost to cryptocurrency scams, thefts and fraud in the first quarter of 2019, and cybercriminals and scammers are not the only ones putting digital asset users at risk.

Podcast Episode 18: Earned income: Early access

Mobile Payments Today

Branch CEO Atif Siddiqi addresses the fight to help consumers gain financial flexibility


JPMorgan Chase’s Dimon: Finn app was not a failure

Bank Innovation

JPMorgan Chase‘s now-defunct millennial-focused banking app, Finn, was not a failure, CEO Jamie Dimon said Tuesday during the bank’s second-quarter earnings call.

The new bank COO


Guest bloggers Ben Lopez and Charlie Arthy examine the evolving role of the COO in post three of their series on achieving simplified, future-ready bank operations. The focus for bank COOs is expanding beyond a pure cost perspective to include customer experience.

Cannabis Law Reform Gains Momentum In Congress


In a first-ever congressional hearing on marijuana law reform, the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security convened July 10 to debate altering federal law around cannabis, CNBC reports.

As PSD2 deadline draws near in Europe, calls for delay grow louder

Mobile Payments Today

As the mid-September deadline draws closer to tighten authentication rules for commerce transactions, an increasing number of banking, merchants and payments processors say the industry is not quite ready to flip that switch

Chase launches digital investment solution to compete with robo-advisers

Bank Innovation

JPMorgan Chase has rolled out a digital investment product that will help grow its relationships with the 60 million-plus U.S. households it counts as customers. You Invest Portfolios, which launched this week, is a mix of J.P. Morgan ETFs that balance risk and returns based on customer preferences.

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Perficient Team Invades Las Vegas for Microsoft Inspire 2019

Perficient Financial Servies

Microsoft’s annual Inspire partner conference takes place this week in sunny (and super-hot) Las Vegas. Inspire offers partners an opportunity to hear about the latest Microsoft innovations, explore new ecosystem alliances and further develop existing partnerships.

The Finanser’s Week: 8th July – 14th July 2019

Chris Skinner

The main blog headlines are … Two weeks to pay someone? Luxury! Being raised on Monty Python, an old sketch popped into my head (The Four Yorkshire Men) and led to a thought.

Maine 187

How PSD2 Is Changing ING Bank’s API Strategy


Banks and merchants are racing to meet the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) deadline as September 2019 approaches.

Digital change outcomes impact bank performance


In Formula One auto racing, the pole position—the front-of-the-line starting position won by the top qualifier prior to a race—is strongly correlated with first-place and top-five finishes.

No hoodies or garages: Huddl’s Corliss on his move from big finance to startup

Bank Innovation

At first glance, Stephen Corliss, whose resume includes senior roles at Blackrock and UBS, seems an unlikely candidate to lead a startup. But Corliss, 50, wants to use his experience from the world of big finance to help solve problems for customers of more modest means.

What Bankers Need To Know About The Yield Curve

Banker to Banker

INTEREST RATE TRAINING Bankers should consider the shape of the yield curve when structuring and pricing loans to maximize return and reduce risk. The shape of the yield curve can also help lenders understand borrowers’ needs and better position the bank against competitors

Things worth reading: 11th July 2019

Chris Skinner

What Digital ID Will Mean For Daily Life In 2020 And Beyond


The questions that seem simplest tend to be the most complicated. The answers to such questions also usually end up having more significance than the answers to other inquiries. Excuse the detour into pop philosophy or Jedi teachings, but that is the case when it comes to the question “Who are you?”

Contactless cash cards and the future of ATMs

ATM Marketplace

Contactless cards offer a convenient, easy solution to cash. Most major card issuers are already adopting the idea. But what does this mean for ATMs, the hulking dinosaurs of our cash-strapped world

ATM 87

VibePay wants to build a safer version of Venmo and Zelle for UK customers

Bank Innovation

Vibepay, a peer-to-peer payments app that recently received regulatory approval to operate in the U.K., wants to build a more secure version of popular P2P apps like Venmo and Zelle through additional checks. The app is slated to launch in September. Unlike popular U.S.

NCR Acquires D3: So What?


New leadership could mean renewed energy and competitive spirit at NCR. The digital banking system market is as hot as summer in Atlanta as witnessed by NCR ’s acquisition of D3 Technology last week.

Things worth reading: 16th July 2019

Chris Skinner


Samsung Pay Offers Payments, Credit To Indian Marketplaces


Samsung has reached an agreement with an online marketplace for financial products in India that will allow consumers to apply for credit cards and loans through the Samsung Pay app.

Changing Payments and Bank Strategy

Banker to Banker

BANK STRATEGY One item that should be on every bank’s strategic horizon is how to adapt to the changing face of payments. If you are one of those bankers that say, “Cash won’t go away in my lifetime,” you could be right.