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Cannabis Cos’ $4.7B In Cash-Based Taxes Overwhelm IRS


The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is paying $1.7 million to a Virginia company to handle “large cash payments for processing cannabis federal taxes.”. According to Quartz , the U.S. government collected approximately $4.7

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Banks and Telcos? Two become one!

Chris Skinner

Twenty years ago, I worked on a strategy for the future of banking. My conclusion was that banks would merge with telecommunications firms and become hybrid institutions. Twenty years later, it hasn’t happened. But will it?

Teach children the things that machines cannot learn

Chris Skinner

I often talk about teaching children to learn what machines cannot learn. Our system of education was created in the Industrial Revolution, and is based upon kids being stuffed with facts, stats and dates. They learn to parrot-fashion repeat things, and are tested to see if they can remember.

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Banks team with technology firms: panel cites challenges

Mobile Payments Today

A session at the recent Money20/20 conference in Las Vegas attempted to clarify the roles that technology companies are playing in financial services and how traditional financial institutions are working with them

Where is the Financial Services Industry in the digital transformation journey?

Insights on Business

At last month’s Money20/20 conference, the event brought over 10,000 people together and hosted speakers from start-up disruptors to incumbent financial institutions, and everything in between. IBM was there in full force. And I had the pleasure of hosting a panel of CEOs three mornings in a row.

INV Fintech Announces Sixth Class of Startups

Bank Innovation

INV Fintech, Bank Innovation’s sister accelerator, has announced its sixth accelerator class, which begins this week with six unique startups seeking to revolutionize financial services.

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Real-Time Payments Driving Real-Time Liquidity: Deutsche Bank


Corporate finance executives seem to be readying for real-time payments, preparing to adopt faster payment capabilities and bracing for changes to their cash flow management strategies as a result.

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Banks versus fintechs – Is it still the right question?

Mobile Payments Today

While the emergence of fintechs has challenged established financial service institutions, the collaboration taking place has blurred the some of the distinctions between the two

How next-generation technologies are transforming governance, risk and compliance

Insights on Business

3 Notable Fintech Funding Rounds in November

Bank Innovation

Venture-backed fintech funding saw a dip in value and deals globally in the third quarter, compared with the record high 2Q quarter, according to a CBInsights report, with a total of $5.64 billion raised across 375 deals. The report shows that the U.S.

Chase Card Services President On Why It’s Time For Cards To Tap And Go


How to speed the checkout process? To echo an old Dustin Hoffman film, the answer may lie with one word: plastic. To that end, Chase , the largest card issuer in the U.S., said Wednesday (Nov. 14) that it’s rolling out tap-to-pay functionality across its Chase Visa card portfolio.

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Spanish ATM Survey Highlights High Demand for ATMs | Cash | Convenience | ATM | Trends

Mobile Payments Today

Despite contactless and biometric payments being on the rise, a recent survey of Spanish adults commissioned by Transaction Network Services has highlighted the strong demand for ATMs for immediate access to cash. Download your copy of this infographic to learn more

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Uncovering hidden risks behind mirror trades

Insights on Business

Recently, financial institutions have come under fire for a not illegal, but potentially suspicious form of investing.

Platforms Going Modular as Banks Seek Differentiation and Efficiency

Bank Innovation

A recent report from research company Forrester encourages banks to abandon the traditional “buy vs. build” approach to creating banking development platforms in favor of a more modern, modular approach called “buy, build, extend and assemble.”

TRENDING: BigCommerce On How Platforms Solve Big eCommerce Payment Complexities


When consumers make a purchase online or through a mobile app, they expect the process to be simple and secure. However, they also expect to be able to pay using the method of their choosing, and in their local currency.

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Account opening? Oh, 1-2-3. Easy as A-B-C. Not!

Chris Skinner

There’s nothing like a true story to bring a point home, so here’s my latest one. I’m starting a new venture. It’s a philanthropic thing, thing to do with banking, but because we are seeking sponsorship, we need to open a bank account.

Branson isn’t in it for the money; entrepreneurs need to improve the world

Mobile Payments Today

Sir Richard Branson, the British billionaire entrepreneur, philanthropist and visionary, never outgrew his passion to change the world


IBM Sales Performance Management: Eliminating shadow accounting by establishing trust  

Insights on Business

To be a sales compensation manager (SCM) is a position that many would not envy. You are tasked with administering and executing a structured, and often complex, commission plan to sales agents.

The Role of Public Transportation in Advancing Digital Payments

Bank Innovation

Is a contactless public transportation system a sign of an advanced digital payments society? Important players like Mastercard would think so. Take the U.K., for instance,” Iain McLean, Mastercard’s senior vice president of market development in Canada told Bank Innovation.

Payment Players Launch U.S. Faster Payments Council To Speed Up Payments


A group of payment players announced Tuesday (Nov. 13) that they created a new organization, dubbed U.S.

Legacy vendors are more of an issue than legacy systems 

Chris Skinner

I often find myself in weird or frustrating situations that I don’t know how to break.

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Credit card issuers see progress in mobile transaction protocols amid challenges

Mobile Payments Today

A panel at the Money20/20 show cited progress in transaction protocols for mobile payments

A Guide To Corporate Innovation: 19 Strategies To Drive Innovation Now

CB Insights

After the success of Corporate Innovation Theater , we wanted to issue a more comprehensive guide to corporate innovation. Something actionable and easy to digest.

Alexa Collects Huge Amounts of Data. Does That Include Financial Information?

Bank Innovation

Alexa is listening. Capital One was famously the first major bank to integrate with Alexa, Amazon's virtual assistant that lives in Echo smart speakers as well as a growing array of other devices.

First Data’s Frank Bisignano On Giving Back To Veterans Today — And Every Day


Veterans Day is Nov.11 in the U.S. — a day set aside each year since 1954 to honor all those who have served in the military. There are roughly 26 million veterans in the U.S. today and, each year, about 1 percent of those eligible for service enlist.

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The Finanser’s Week: 5th November – 11th November

Chris Skinner

The main blog headlines are … Teach children the things that machines cannot learn I often talk about teaching children to learn what machines cannot learn. Our system of education was created in the Industrial Revolution, and is based upon kids being stuffed with facts, stats and dates.

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Credit Union Embraces Digital Lending System, Grows Indirect Lending to Become Wisconsin’s #2 Auto Lender

CU Direct

University of Wisconsin Credit Union (UW Credit Union) has come a long way with its indirect auto lending since first implementing CU Direct’s CUDL Platform – in more ways than one. Mike Long, Executive Vice President and Chief Credit Officer for the $2.7

AR Surpasses VR In Earnings Call Mentions

CB Insights

Riding the hype of Facebook’s historic acquisition of Oculus, the virtual reality (VR) space saw a major uptick in corporate interest. In the years following, earnings call mentions of VR swelled, hitting a peak in 2016 with 140 mentions. Since then, however, hype has fallen.

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More Banking CFOs Take Lead Role in Innovation, Accenture Says

Bank Innovation

A recent survey by Accenture found chief financial officers are taking on expanded roles in helping banks become data-centric and better equipped, in terms of technology, for what will likely be a volatile future.

Bank Of England Plans Panel To Standardize Payments Messaging


As the U.K. continues its move to adopt the ISO 20022 payments messaging standard, the Bank of England is reportedly planning to create a panel aimed at streamlining the adoption of the standard for more efficient payments in the country.

Things worth reading: 14th November 2018

Chris Skinner

How to Get and Understand your Credit Score


Have you ever seen your credit report? It is often a requirement for job applicants in Kenya to obtain a “clearance certificates” from a credit reference bureau (CRB) as one of the half-dozen source documents to be considered in their vetting.

35+ Companies Using Synthetic Biology To Rethink Everything From Plastics To Fabrics To Fertilizers

CB Insights

For thousands of years, humans have harnessed microorganisms to produce valuable byproducts — namely, beer. But thanks to new innovations in gene editing and robotic lab automation, synthetic biology is enabling completely new possibilities.

MUFG, Banco Bradesco to Use Blockchain for Cross-Border Payments

Bank Innovation

MUFG Bank and Banco Bradesco will use distributed ledger technology from Ripple, a San Francisco-based software vendor specializing in global real-time settlements, to create a new cross-border payment service between Japan and Brazil.

Google Cloud Collabs On Enterprise Analytics With ThoughtSpot


Google Cloud has announced a partnership with artificial intelligence and data analytics firm ThoughtSpot to develop cloud analytics solutions for the enterprise. In a press release issued on Tuesday (Nov.

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Things worth reading: 13th November 2018

Chris Skinner

Things we’re reading today include … CYBG cancels digital bank deal with ex-Barclays chief Five ways banks are responding to the fintech threat Mark Carney ‘has damaged credibility of Bank of England’ Central bank independence – Is that even a thing? Rabobank explores sale of U.S.

Entrepreneurs try flying the Security Tokens plane while the plane is still being built

Daily Fintech

This post, the 3rd in a series of 4, is written by Sheldon Freedman , a fintech and funds lawyer at Hassans in Gibraltar. Click here for last week’s post in this series.