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Apple Buys Payments API Developer Stamplay


Apple has reportedly acquired API integration developer Stamplay for 5 million euros ($5.678 million). The Rome-based startup won a contest to make the best use of new Visa APIs, according to Venture Beat.

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Tencent Sees Payments Growth Driven by Merchant Adoption

Bank Innovation

Chinese conglomerate Tencent missed the mark overall in the fourth quarter of 2018, but its WeChat Pay showed significant growth, particularly as the number of merchants actively transacting on the platform was up 80% year-over-year. WeChat and its local version, Weixin, reached about 1.1

The true meaning of Open Banking

Chris Skinner

A year ago I blogged about invisible banking and that I have some issues with it, namely that the bank brand disappears and the customer finds it too easy to spend without thinking.

BI Ignite 2019: What Makes a Bank a Good Fintech Partner? [Video]

Bank Innovation

Rapid prototyping and an innovation-oriented mindset are two characteristics that make a bank a good fintech partner, according to panelists at the Bank Innovation Ignite 2019 conference in Seattle last week.

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Stop money laundering with a proactive AML approach

Insights on Business

The recently revealed $8.8 billion Troika Laundromat offshore money laundering scandal was a vast and complex deception.

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Worldpay, First Data deals reflect globalization of payments space

Mobile Payments Today

The blockbuster acquisitions of First Data and Worldpay in recent months reflect a serious turn towards globalization in the payments industry and will likely result in continued consolidation, according to experts

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Square Expands To Offer Retail Online Store, Improved POS App


Square has two new offerings: the revamped Square Online Store and Square For Retail, introduced in an announcement by the company on Wednesday (March 20).

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Get rid of the noise by streamlining your audit with IBM OpenPages

Insights on Business

The internal audit program is critical to any organization that intends to provide efficient, compliant and safe services to its clients.

Media monetization and growth strategies - white paper by Fortumo

Mobile Payments Today

In the white paper, we explain how telco partnerships are an organic match for digital publishers to grow their user base and revenue

Amazon, Worldpay And A One-Click Entrance To A New Commerce Ecosystem


Amazon Pay is a well-established payment method across online commerce — and not only because it’s the home payment method of the largest, most successful eCommerce platform in the U.S.

Women in FinTech: do you care?

Chris Skinner

I’ve written quite often about Sexism in the City and am intrigued by discussions of diversity, or the lack thereof, in both banking and technology.

Citi Ventures Leads $28 Million Round for Client Management Startup HoneyBook

Bank Innovation

Citi Ventures led a $28 million Series C equity round for client management platform HoneyBook, the company announced today.

Your incentive compensation management is definitely not a mousetrap

Insights on Business

Did you ever play the Mouse Trap board game when you were a kid? Do you recall how frustrating it was when you set the contraption in motion and it failed somewhere in the middle without setting the trap?

Galileo: 2018 Growth & Milestones

Mobile Payments Today

Galileo announced significant company growth and an expanded portfolio of payments and cash management solutions that increases business opportunities for its clients

FIS Buys Worldpay In $35B Cash, Stock Deal


Fidelity Information Services ( FIS ), a global financial services technology company, announced Monday (March 18) it is merging with Worldpay , the global eCommerce and payments company, in a roughly $35 billion dollar deal.

The Art of the Corporate War

Chris Skinner

One of the greatest challenges in digital transformation is the cultural change, that has to be led with passion and commitment from the top-down. As I’ve already mentioned, that means a Board mandate and the Chair and CEO being fully on board. But what about the C-team?

Bill Pay Network Doxo Adds Apple Pay as Payment Method

Bank Innovation

Apple Pay is now available as a payment method for more than 2.5 million consumers and 45,000 U.S. billers on doxo, the bill payment network announced today.

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AI Trends To Watch In 2019

CB Insights

Artificial intelligence is spreading across every industry. With new developments making headlines every day, it can be tough to sort out the essential news from the hype. Our analysts cut through the noise to identify 25 of the top AI trends to watch this year. GET the 84-page AI TRENDS report.

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Podcast Episode 16: Ingenico Director talks consolidation and the new payments landscape

Mobile Payments Today

David Jones sits down with Mark Bunney, director of market strategy at Ingenico, to explore the global payments business and a world in flux

Why The Netherlands Waited A Year To Roll Out PSD2


With PSD2 becoming firmly planted in the European Union (EU), more markets are integrating the regulation into their financial systems, and prepping for changes in the ways they approach payments, data transfers and customer authentication.

Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank: the sick dogs of Europe #Brexit

Chris Skinner

Watching the debacle of the #Brexit debate in Britain, you might think that the UK is in a national meltdown. According to a survey on the front of Metro this week, 9 out of 10 Brits think that the political handling of Brexit is a national humiliation.

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Is Subscription Management the Bridge between Insight and Action?

Bank Innovation

It’s time to move beyond merely presenting data and toward helping customers take informed action on their finances with that data, according to Jonas Karles, co-founder and COO of Minna Technologies, a PFM provider for subscription and recurring payment management.

5G & The Future Of Connectivity: 20 Industries The Tech Could Transform

CB Insights

Move over, 4G — the next generation of wireless technology is here. 5G is set to enhance connectivity across networks. This is especially important as the number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices rises, along with the amount of data they generate. Get the entire 31-page What is 5g? report.

FSS CMS : Enabling Success for United States’ Largest Prepaid Processor

Mobile Payments Today

FSS Card Management System has enabled a leading prepaid processor in the US to differentiate its card offerings and stay ahead of the curve

Why Technology Isn’t Bank Transformation’s Silver Bullet


Is there a right way and wrong way to innovate? For banks interested in transforming their brick-and-mortar branches, maybe, according to Diebold Nixdorf Senior Director of Advisory Services Chris Gill.

Things worth reading: 21st March 2019

Chris Skinner

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BI Ignite 2019: What Does the Bank of the Future Look Like to Startup Founders? [Video]

Bank Innovation

To conceptualize tomorrow's bank, a fundamental question needs to be asked: What is the value the bank brings to the table? Answer that question and the bank of the future will materialize -- a specialized, consumer-centric, data-driven, networked financial entity.

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Australia, South America, & Africa: The Rise Of The New Fintech Hubs

CB Insights

From 2014 to 2017, North America, China, and the UK established themselves as the heavyweights of fintech in the world. That’s starting to change.

Social media payments: An ally or adversary of banks

Mobile Payments Today

As social media platforms increasingly play in the payments space, what does this portend for the banking industry

How Data Will Speed The Move To Cashless Payments


Is there a hotter topic — a buzzier buzzword, one might term it — than cashless? Ours is swiftly becoming the age of digital payments, push payments and instant payments, done by bits and bytes rather than through the conduits of coins and bills.

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Things worth reading: 19th March 2019

Chris Skinner

Things we’re reading today include … Are 40-year mortgages becoming the new normal?

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ZestFinance Launches AI-powered Tool to Reduce Bias in Lending Models

Bank Innovation

Alternative underwriting software provider ZestFinance today launched an AI-based tool it claims will dramatically reduce bias in lending.

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26 Unicorn Companies That Exited In 2018

CB Insights

From e-commerce to software to payments, several companies with $1B+ valuations exited in 2018. Free download: Get the data on ALL the 310 unicorns . Get an excel file that has investor, total funding, industry, and other info for private companies valued at $1B+. Email.

Banning Cashlessness

Matt Wilcox Pro

As of July 1, cashless stores and restaurants in Philadelphia will be no more. Existing cashless businesses will not be grandfathered but required to revert.

Google Pay Is Coming To eBay


Very soon, eBay shoppers will be able to choose Google Pay as their payment method when checking out. The move comes as the latest expansion of its newly redesigned payments experience.

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Things worth reading: 22nd March 2019

Chris Skinner

Capital One Trains Virtual Assistant Eno To Be Proactive with New Tax Feature

Bank Innovation

Most virtual assistants are reactive, but Capital One is training its virtual assistant, Eno, to be proactive, according to Ken Dodelin, VP of conversational AI products at the bank. Most [virtual assistants] are chasing reactive customer questions,” Dodelin told Bank Innovation. “We