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Blockchain Makes Inroads Into Banking


In Asia, blockchain continues to get a boost from government and regulatory efforts, especially in the realm of trade finance done across borders.

Will Digital Technology Save Citi More Than $1 Billion Over the Next 3 Years?

Bank Innovation

Citigroup CEO Michael Corbat touted roughly $200 million in cost savings the bank found in 2018 by going digital and taking on other related initiatives. It seems $200 million is only the beginning.

Why Africa Is eCommerce’s Next Great Frontier


Africa as next great eCommerce frontier? The ingredients for a revolution in payments across the region, fueled by demographics and technology, seem to be there.

The new FinTech bank

Chris Skinner

For years, I’ve been wondering why people in business operations couldn’t align their needs with the people delivering technology in the organisation. The CIO would sit outside the business, watching and responding to requests.

Podcast episode 14: Switch CEO discusses automating payment card data

Mobile Payments Today

Host David Jones, discusses automating payment card data, and how it protects cardholders and merchants with Switch CEO, Chris Hopen

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Time done your way: Using calendars in IBM ICM

Insights on Business

In the world of Incentive Compensation Management (ICM), flexibility, audibility, and reporting are major pillars upon which a good system is built. The use of calendars in IBM ICM is at the heart of the platform, helping establish a foundation for success.

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My view of 2019

Chris Skinner

So, I’ve been summarising other people’s views of the year ahead from a variety of sources, but I also wrote two outline pieces for my friends at The Banker magazine and Jim Marous’s The Financial Brand.

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The Future of Fintech Video Series: Joust

Mobile Payments Today

This interview is part of a video series, “The Future of Fintech,” produced by Mobile Payments Today and powered by Galileo Processing

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2019: An artificial intelligence-enhanced AML odyssey

Insights on Business

Welcome to the brave new world of regulatory technology.

Amazon Plans Whole Foods Expansions In Closed Sears Stores


Amazon has its eyes on expansion for its Whole Foods brand in closed Sears and Kmart stores, according to a report by Yahoo! Finance. The recent woes of Sears and other struggling retailers are seen as an opportunity for the online retail giant. Sources told Yahoo!

Crypto Forecasts for 2019

Chris Skinner

There has been a lot of thinking and rethinking during 2018 about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and everything digital currency related. I wrote about the challenges getting blockchains implemented for example, and was surprised to find myself enduing up as a network meme.

Wells Fargo’s 4Q Performance a Mixed Bag, But Reflects More Digital Migration

Bank Innovation

Wells Fargo & Company saw modest growth in online and mobile customers in its fourth quarter earnings report released today. The bank had 29.2 million active digital (online and mobile) users as of the fourth quarter of 2018. That’s up 1% from 29 million last quarter and 4% from 28.1

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Looking ahead: Setting expectations for banking and mobile payments in 2019

Mobile Payments Today

The banking industry is facing multiple challenges in the face of stiff competition from fintech startups and disruptive applications that provide direct access to loans, credit and other critical services

What Are Smart Cities?

CB Insights

Cities are evolving at a rapid pace. Over half the world’s population currently lives in urban areas. By 2050, that number is expected to jump to 70%. . Along with a growing population, new challenges are emerging as cities look to improve everything from infrastructure to connectivity.

Physical Retail Isn’t Dead – The Physical Store Model Is


It looks like we can finally have a serious conversation about the impending collapse of physical retail in the U.S. All it took was a 160-year old retailer and a $34 billion kick in the stomach to the retail sector to get everyone’s attention.

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Things worth reading: 16th January 2019

Chris Skinner

Things we’re reading today include … Ivanka Trump for World Bank president?

At Citigroup, Mobile User Growth Outshines Online Activity by Nearly 3x

Bank Innovation

Mobile and digital users grew at Citigroup last quarter, with mobile growth outpacing overall digital growth, the bank reported today.

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3DS 2.0 - A Stepped up approach to Payment Authentication

Mobile Payments Today

3D Secure 2.0, a risk-based approach to authentication, can help issuers mitigate fraud and deliver a fast-lane, frictionless checkout experience to customers

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4 Ways to Measure Marketing Campaigns You (Probably) Haven’t Considered


When we need to measure marketing campaigns, most of us have cracked online campaign tracking – we have a cookie or a user ID that we can use to clearly track user behaviour through to conversions, and develop robust datasets. But out in the offline world, there are powerful channels.

Alipay In X-Border Blockchain Pact


The new year has dawned with a number of cross-border payment pacts, done across blockchain and other means.

Set the people free

Chris Skinner

I’ve been grappling with what sets apart the banks that I think are truly digital from the rest, and realised the other day that it is because they have digital to the core of the bank.

Fewer Deals But More Dollars Flowed from VCs to Fintech Startups in 2018

Bank Innovation

Fewer but larger venture capital deals in 2018 translated into some big payoffs for fintechs. Fintech-related funding jumped 38% to nearly $11 billion in 2018, according to the 4Q18 MoneyTree Report from PwC and CB Insights. Deal activity in the space rose to 627 transactions, up from 571 in 2017.

The Future of Fintech Video Series: Amazon Pay

Mobile Payments Today

This interview is part of a video series, “The Future of Fintech,” produced by Mobile Payments Today and powered by Galileo Processing

Video 116

Food and Finance blurring through technology

Daily Fintech

As technology blurs business lines and `forces` incumbents to get rid of silos, Wealth Management & Capital Markets become broader. Wealth Management & Capital Markets are being re-imagined as we speak. Stay with me in this transformation.

Cherry Home CEO: The Future Of Smart Homes And Independent Senior Living


When talking about advances in home automation and artificial intelligence (AI)-guided systems for consumers, the conversation has a natural tendency to drift toward younger consumers, particularly millennials.

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Doing digital needs the Board’s mandate

Chris Skinner

Another key factor in building a truly digital bank is commitment. Commitment right from the top and, by the top, I don’t just mean the CEO and the leadership team, but the Board of the bank.

Distributed Ledgers Expected to be Most Prominent Financial Technology in 2019, Poll Finds

Bank Innovation

Distributed ledger technology will be crucial to innovation in digital banking this year, according to a poll conducted by Bank Innovation.

Automakers expand connected car ecosystem with payment technologies

Mobile Payments Today

Automakers from Honda to GM and Hyundai see mobile payment technology as a key component in developing connected car technology

In the Digital Evolution of Entertainment, Data Gets a Starring Role


The digital revolution has completely changed the way we buy and rent movies. Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Google and other on-demand entertainment service providers have made the brick-and-mortar video stores irrelevant.

Are Vending Machines Contextual Commerce’s Next Frontier?


Everyone has a vending machine experience go awry. The bill receptor that wouldn’t take the wrinkled dollar bill, the can of Coke that got stuck on the way down and prompted a shoving match with machine, or the bag of Cheez-Its so stale as to be rendered inedible.

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The Finanser’s Week: 7th January – 12th January 2019

Chris Skinner

The main blog headlines are … My view of 2019 So, I’ve been summarising other people’s views of the year ahead from a variety of sources, but I also wrote two outline pieces for my friends at The Banker magazine and Jim Marous’s The Financial Brand.

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Prosper CEO David Kimball to Speak at BI Ignite

Bank Innovation

David Kimball, CEO of Prosper, is speaking at Bank Innovation Ignite 2019.

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Alibaba acquires Germany-based big data startup Data Artisans for USD 103 mln

The Paypers

(The Paypers) Alibaba has acquired Data Artisans , a Germany-based startup providing large-scale data streaming services for enterprises, for USD 103 million

A blockchain-powered DNA data marketplace will revolutionize​ precision medicine


Blockchain technology can power an open DNA data marketplace that drives a new wave of genomics research to transform precision medicine and the treatment of rare diseases. Humanity is at the very beginning of a tremendously exciting era of precision medicine.

P97 CEO On The Connected Commute’s Fast Lane


Every weekday, 135 million Americans get behind the wheel and drive 51 minutes, round trip, to and from work. Those 51 minutes haven’t exactly been considered the most productive time of those commuters’ days.

Report 228

Things worth reading: 15th January 2019

Chris Skinner

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Are Financial Services All About the Experience Now?

Bank Innovation

Banks, credit unions and other financial institutions have tech giants like Apple, Amazon and Google to thank for the rise in customers demanding a combination of speed, simplicity and convenience that can seem elusive in the industry.

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