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The key to IoT is identity

Chris Skinner

The term The Internet of Things (IoT) was first used twenty years ago. Twenty years later, IoT is emerging rapidly. We have our cars and homes networked but, more than this, we have gadgets like Google Home, Siri and Alexa.

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In Latin America, Ripple Makes Remittance Waves


In Latin America, news comes this week that Santander Group is boosting its use of Ripple’s technology to aid payments across what CoinDesk reported is a “payment corridor” in Latin America.

AI is not a technology change but a cultural one

Chris Skinner

I just picked up a Financial Times article talking about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will change the way you deal with money. It’s actually more about the Chinese internet giant Ping An, and how they’re changing finance using AI.

Apple Card launch generates major buzz, but industry split on long-term impact

Mobile Payments Today

The official launch of Apple Card has generated major buzz across the payments and banking industry, however a split has emerged about whether the technology company will truly break new ground on a digital payment product that grows the business with consumer friendly financial services

Wirecard’s cashier-free checkout to help retailers stand up to Amazon

Bank Innovation

The growth of Amazon Go cashierless stores is causing a ripple effect among retailers. It’s what’s been inspiring big-box retailers — among them, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Giant Eagle and others — to develop cashierless payment systems of their own.

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Easy Ways BSA Officers Can Get Their Required Training


Ongoing training is at the very heart of a satisfactory Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering (BSA/AML) compliance program in financial institutions.

Apple Card Officially Released In US


The Apple Card, a credit card created in partnership by the technology company, was officially released in the U.S. on Tuesday (Aug. 20), the company said in a release.

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RBC focuses on digital products as mobile adoption spikes

Bank Innovation

Royal Bank of Canada is growing its digital product portfolio as mobile user adoption grows.

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How One Bank Intends to Implement CECL – And Maybe Even Do It Early


Main Street Bank, like thousands of other privately held or smaller financial institutions across the U.S., recently found out it will have extra time to implement the current expected credit loss (CECL) accounting standard.

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Silicon Valley is eating the crumbs the banks’ left after lunch

Chris Skinner

I saw a write-up in The Financial Times the other day on how Silicon Valley is eating the banker’s lunch. The article was written by Tom Braithwaite. Tom Braithwaite is the companies editor, managing the FT’s business coverage.

Mastercard Looks To Hire Crypto Team


Mastercard , already an ally of Facebook’s Libra , announced it’s in the midst of planning its own cryptocurrency team, the New York Post reported on Saturday (Aug.

Public transit rollouts in NYC, Miami show huge potential for contactless

Mobile Payments Today

Recently launched public transit trials in New York, Miami and elsewhere are showing huge potential for digital wallets and contactless cards in driving widespread adoption for mobile payments

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Why MPOWER offers student loans based on future salary potential

Bank Innovation

While student loans are a necessity for many American students, international students face the additional hurdle of a lack of credit access. Washington, D.C.-based based MPOWER is trying to solve this problem by offering international students loans based on future earnings potential.

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Q2 2019: US credit card issuer snapshot


Each quarter, Ryan Douglas from the Card Issuing group compiles key metrics on US consumer credit cards, tracking spend, receivables, loss rates and returns reported by the largest US banks. Key themes.

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Are humans really needed for banking?

Chris Skinner

I enjoy being around bankers who have been immersed in the industry nearly all of their lives and hearing their war stories. I heard two stories recently from a retiring banker, and thought it worth sharing to show just how far we’ve come.

Regulatory Pushback Spooks Libra Backers


Some early supporters of Facebook’s proposed cryptocurrency Libra , spooked by the intense regulatory scrutiny both national and worldwide, want to distance themselves from the project, according to a report by The Financial Times.

Seven Items That Should be on Every BSA Software Checklist


Shopping for a bank secrecy act/anti-money laundering (BSA/AML) monitoring software can feel overwhelming. There are so many options, features, and benefits to each system that it can be tough to figure out where to start. We’ve spent the last 20 years working with industry experts regarding regulatory compliance and our customer base regarding program efficiencies to build BAM+ into the ultimate BSA/AML regulatory and compliance solution.

Inside Kiva’s digital identity solution for banks in Sierra Leone

Bank Innovation

Confirming a customer’s identity is an ongoing pain point for banks and financial institutions around the world. It’s an even bigger challenge for countries that have high underbanked populations like Sierra Leone.

Business software solution providers can capitalize on payments integrations now


Guest bloggers Emily Boese and Rom Mascetti explore why ISVs have plenty to gain and little to lose by adding payment acceptance into their existing software and applications. Merchant acquirers and other payment service providers have long provided merchants the tools they need to process payments.

The future of The City of London

Chris Skinner

As I walk around The City, I’m often finding new buildings, new developments and major erections rising around the Square Mile. On that latter note, I don’t mean Boris Johnston, but major new office blocks.


Supply Chains, Aided by AI And Robots


eCommerce is ever faster — and consumers want what they want — now. That means for the firms shipping all manner of goods across all manner of verticals need to track inventory and supply chains in real time. Technology is the key to speed.

Rates are falling. Margins Are Shrinking. Why, and What Next?


Last month we wrote about an upcoming cut in interest rates. At the time, we wrote about what financial institutions—especially smaller institutions—should expect. A couple of days later the Federal Reserve announced the first target Fed Funds rate cut in a decade.

Weekly Wrap: Transit to drive tap-to-pay push, as Chase embeds with merchants

Bank Innovation

Welcome to the latest episode of our weekly wrap video series, for the week ending August 23, 2019. In this episode, Suman Bhattacharyya, deputy editor of Bank Innovation, discusses the following news developments: How the U.S.

What Visa and Mastercard don't want you to know about cash

ATM Marketplace

Cash is the quicker choice. The average cash payment transaction at the point of sale takes only around 22 seconds, 7 seconds faster than the average card and PIN payment and a whole 16 seconds quicker than a typical card and signature transaction

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Things worth reading: 20th August 2019

Chris Skinner

Things we’re reading today include … ECB Says the Next European Bank Hack Is Just a Matter of Time Bank of America Applies for Multi-Tiered Crypto Wallet Patent Is mobile banking app Monzo too good to be true?

JPMorgan Shuts Down Chase Pay In Stores


JPMorgan has discontinued its Chase Pay app that allowed users to pay with their smartphones in stores, according to a report by Bloomberg. The app will stop working in the early part of next year, but users will still be able to use Chase Pay on websites and in the apps of participating retailers.

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A Loan Strategy Given Lower Rates

Banker to Banker

INCREASING LENDING PROFITABILITY Many industry analysts are increasingly gloomy on the banking industry, trimming expectations for net interest margin, interest income, and total profits.

How savings app Plinqit wants to help banks

Bank Innovation

While third-party savings apps like Digit, Qapital and Tip Yourself aim to help customers save money automatically, Plinqit is pitching its savings app as a tool that partner banks can use to drive more business.

3 reasons why banks decommission branches

ATM Marketplace

Branch closures are usually triggered by reduced business or consumer traffic, but the decision is never quite that simple. Here are three events that prompt the decision


Things worth reading: 23rd August 2019

Chris Skinner

Things we’re reading today include … U.S. SEC fines Deutsche Bank $16 million to settle foreign corruption charges Can the Fed’s chair shake off the wolves of Wall Street and White House? Jes Staley: the last man in European investment banking Wells Fargo pays $6.5

Trending: FIs Use AI To Challenge Challenger Banks


Legacy banks have their work cut out for them if they want to survive another century as key players in the digital banking world.

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Two Proven Secrets To Faster Bank Decisions - Part II

Banker to Banker

CRITICAL THINKING In Part I, we highlighted how having too much information about a decision often increases the confidence about the decision but usually doesn’t change the accuracy of the decision.

130 raises $160m to expand partnerships, launch insurance products

Bank Innovation, a New York-based mortgage lending startup, raised $160 million in a Series C funding round on Monday to develop new products, hire new employees and launch new partnerships.

Expecting payments, this instant!


Guest blogger Mark Quigley discusses what’s driving changes to payments in banking. I needed to write a cheque recently and found myself thinking “How do I do this again!?” Due to my near-total migration to internet and phone banking, what used to be second nature to many people 20 years ago was turning into a bit of a hassle for me: Why I am writing out the numbers in word form? Why do I need to practice my symmetric line drawing to avoid any possible fraud? Where do I even find my cheque book?

Things worth reading: 19th August 2019

Chris Skinner

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Amazon On Track To Invest $15B In Tools For Third-Party Sellers


Amazon is on track to invest upwards of $15 billion this year in new tools to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) grow and succeed, according to a press release. . To aid SMBs, 150 new tools have been launched since the beginning of the year, the company announced on Thursday (Aug 22).

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The Bank in the Background

ABA Community Banking

As it marks its centennial, North Dakota’s public bank does its work through private-sector partnerships. The post The Bank in the Background appeared first on ABA Banking Journal.