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Google ban fails to stamp out short-term payday lending apps

Bank Innovation

In August, Google announced a global crackdown on Android apps that offer short-term loans, saying it wanted to protect consumers from what it called “deceptive and exploitative” terms.

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Things worth reading: 24th January 2020

Chris Skinner

Things we’re reading today include … Executive at Portuguese bank co-owned by Isabel dos Santos is found dead JPMorgan board raises CEO Dimon’s pay to $31.5

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Stuck-in-the-past Japanese banks wary of fintech revolution

Bank Innovation

Japan’s effort to nudge its more than 100 struggling regional lenders into the digital age is floundering.

Deutsche Bank report sees mobile payments surge, but cash remains critical

Mobile Payments Today

A new report from Deutsche Bank says that mobile payment adoption will surge in the next five years, but cash will remain a critical part of many economies.

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Cannabis Banking: Mitigating Reputation Risk to Financial Institutions


Key Takeaways The number of institutions banking cannabis grew significantly in 2019. Despite Federal ambiguity, State Regulators are beginning to clearly define their stances on cannabis banking.

Why shell companies are so risky (and hard to spot)

Insights on Business

Shell companies and the hidden threat of entity risk. While not inherently illegal, shell companies have been getting a lot attention recently for the role they play in illegal activity.

Survey: Banks just aren’t ready for digital

Chris Skinner

I’ve just been reading Jim Marous’s Digital Banking Report which ties in nicely with my new book Doing Digital, as the themes are similar.

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Retail Pulse: Shipt Teams With Office Depot; Express To Close Brick-and-Mortar Stores


On-demand delivery services are expanding their offerings beyond takeout from restaurants or groceries from supermarkets to carry additional categories of merchandise.

Pragmatists: Go on, convince me


Accenture’s ground-breaking 2019 Global Financial Services Consumer Study has seen four mindsets emerge from the data: Pioneers, Sceptics, Traditionalists and Pragmatists. In this series of blog posts, we’ll look at each type in the Australian context.¹

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It’s a start-up world

Chris Skinner

Although most businesses fail in their first year, it is quite incredible just how many start-ups there are around the world doing something interesting with technology. According to Embroker: In 2016, 69% of U.S. entrepreneurs started their business at home.

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Which Regulatory Issues Will Bankers Prioritize in 2020?

Bank Innovation

Amid the digital upheaval in our industry, one thing hasn’t changed: regulatory compliance. In fact, given digital transformation, it is even more important that institutions maintain their compliance with federal, state and local laws and regulations.

Visa rolls out cash access incentives for UK merchants in underbanked communities

Mobile Payments Today

Visa is launching a program to expand access to cash for rural and low income communities in the U.K. amid reduced access to branch banking and ATM coverage. The program gives incentives to retailers to provide cash back to customers

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Music Crafts New Melodies For Retail Innovation


Some of us go through life humming tunes as we walk down the sidewalk, or with what amounts to a personal soundtrack always playing in our heads. Others don’t. But no matter the case, music is a big part of the retail world, and is helping to create new harmonies of innovation and disruption.

Learning to live with PSD2: reducing customer journey friction


Guest bloggers Philip Cooney and Gaurav Bansal explore the pain points around PSD2 and how banks are trying to reduce friction for their customers. A few weeks ago, I (Phil) submitted my weekly grocery order and set off to meet a friend for dinner. I expected to hear no more about it until my order….

Things worth reading: 23rd January 2020

Chris Skinner

Toyota Financial’s New Zealand arm inks fintech partnership

Bank Innovation

Toyota Finance New Zealand (TFNZ) has partnered with Ephesoft, an AI-powered data capturing platform, to help streamline and automate its loan-application processes, Ephesoft’s Founder and Chief Executive Ike Kavas told Auto Finance News.

Facial recognition hardware may secure the future of mobile commerce

Mobile Payments Today

The use of facial recognition hardware in mobile devices is expected to surge in the next few years, reaching more than 800 million devices by 2024. Facial recognition software however will still dominate

Sizzle Fizzle: Virus May Weaken China’s Economic Growth


It’s the unforeseen events that send economies into rough patches, toward slowing growth and even into decline.

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Case Study: How To Win More Loan Business

Banker to Banker

We work on thousands of lending transactions every year with hundreds of community banks across the country.

The global new banking brew

Chris Skinner

Another useful person in my online network is Steve McLaughlin of @FTPartners, who I spotted sent a tweet last week saying they had produced a challenger bank report.

Temenos to help US clients launch digital banks in 90 days

Bank Innovation

The race to create a challenger bank just got more competitive with a ready-made solution from core provider Temenos that can help brands stand up a digital bank in as few as 90 days.

The future of mortgage decisioning is taking shape today


Picture the scene. You approach the average shopper on the average high street and ask them how they think a bank decides whether or not to offer them a mortgage. What’s their response? Do they dive into an animated monologue about open data access requests, Big-Data-fuelled categorisation and fine-tuned machine learning algorithms? Or do they…. The post The future of mortgage decisioning is taking shape today appeared first on Accenture Banking Blog.

Worldpay On Staying One Step Ahead of eCommerce Fraud


Global eCommerce is growing so fast that some cities are struggling to handle the package delivery trucks flooding their streets. Digital shopping is a sizable opportunity for businesses, however, and consumers were estimated to have spent nearly $3.5

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Increase Deposits The Easy Way and Get a 150%+ Return [Template]

Banker to Banker

When you are a banker, sometimes your workload doesn’t come in neat memos or emails. A lot of stuff just gets dropped off on your desk with notes to “Fix This” (like below) or solve that. Fortunately, a lot of these problems are easy to solve.

Things worth reading: 22nd January 2020

Chris Skinner


Startups to take the stage at Bank Innovation Ignite

Bank Innovation

Bank Innovation has hand-selected 10 companies to participate in its DEMOvation Challenge at Bank Innovation Ignite, which runs from March 2-3 in Seattle.

Visa tackles growing UK cash access crisis with retail expansion

ATM Marketplace

Visa is launching a program to expand access to cash for rural and low income communities in the U.K. amid reduced access to branch banking and ATM coverage. The program gives incentives to retailers to provide cash back to customers

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German Neobank N26 Sees 40 Pct. Customer Increase Since Summer


German smartphone bank N26 , valued at $3.5 billion by investors, now has 5 million customers, co-founder Valentin Stalf said. Berlin’s most valuable FinTech startup grew from the 3.5 million users it reported in the summer of 2019. “We

Fintech Business Model Spotlight:

CB Insights (NYSE: BILL) enables back-office accounts payable and accounts receivable (AP/AR) processes for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and helps SMBs process business-to-business (B2B) payments. find out how big tech is attacking financial services.

The Finanser’s Week: 13th January 2020 – 19th January 2020

Chris Skinner

The main blog headlines are … Bye-bye FinTech I just spent time with a bank talking about Doing Digital. The host had read a preview copy of my new book and was asking a few questions about it. What had surprised me the most in my talks with five banks?

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Ally reports strong deposit growth as it expands lending product suite

Bank Innovation

Ally Financial this week reported it’s continuing its winning streak in deposit growth. In a third-quarter earnings report, the bank reported total deposits of $119.2 billion, up 18% year over year.

The New Era of Customer Experience

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ACG Capabilties

Bitcoin Daily: Chiliz Blockchain Firm Creates Sports-Focused Crypto Exchange; Proposed Hawaii Legislation Would Allow Banks To Hold Digital Currencies


Chiliz , a blockchain venture based in Malta, is introducing a crypto exchange with entertainment and sports tokens, according to Cointelegraph.

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Collections Strategies for Indirect Borrowers

SWBC's LenderHub

Indirect loans are becoming increasingly popular in the modern lending landscape.

Things worth reading: 21st January 2020

Chris Skinner

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Fresh off $260M in funding, AvidXchange poised for continued growth

Bank Innovation

Invoicing and accounts payable company AvidXchange has raised $260 million in equity funding, which co-founder and CEO Michael Praeger said would help grow the company’s sales, marketing, product development and engineering teams.

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