Ten Top Trends for 2019

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… The post Ten Top Trends for 2019 appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog Hello, hello and hello again. Welcome to 2019. A brand new, fresh, shiny year, and just out of the starting gate.

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Plastiq Talks Commercial Cards, ePayment Trends


In addition to the diversity of payment categories, he added that transaction sizes for small business payers emerged with another unexpected trend in electronic payments.

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6 Hottest Trends for Banking 2017

Bank Innovation

Commerce E-Commerce Online Payments Startups Technology Internet of Things smart homes Trends in Banking voice commerce voice paymentsChange is imminent in banking, and as we begin the new year the only debate seems to be what is going to be driving that change.

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TRENDING: mPOS Goes Globetrotting


For a roundup of the latest developments around the mPOS space, check out the News and Trends section in the latest Tracker. To read the story, along with the latest mPOS headlines and trends, and for rankings of 290 major providers — including four new additions — download the mPOS Tracker.

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USA Remote Card Fraud Trends

Mobile Payments Today

In USA card fraud is shifting from in-person fraud to remote fraud. View our latest infographic

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TRENDING: Dynamic Rules And Global Authentication


To read more about these stories and find the rest of the latest headlines from around the space, check out the Tracker’s News and Trends section.

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PoS Payment Trends in Europe

Mobile Payments Today

In the Euro Area, there is huge room for growth for card transactions at POS

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TRENDING: Why Testing Is Crucial For Better B2B APIs


The B2B API Tracker serves as a monthly framework for the space, providing coverage of the most recent news and trends along with a provider directory highlighting the key players contributing across the segments that comprise the B2B API ecosystem.

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TRENDING: Recreational Athletics’ Payments-Powered Assist


To read more on these stories and other headlines from around the space, check out the Tracker’s News and Trends section. What’s the key to a great customer experience? For a growing group of online and mobile platforms, the answer lies in the pursuit of seamless payments.

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TRENDING: Call Centers Push With Biometrics As Fraud Soars


The Call Center Commerce Tracker serves as a monthly framework for the space, providing coverage of the most recent call center commerce news and trends. The rate of contact center fraud has skyrocketed recently, growing by 350 percent during the past four years.

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TRENDING: Solving Banking’s Security-Convenience Conundrum


To read more on these stories and other from around the space, check out the Tracker’s News and Trends section. Call it a Sophie’s Choice for the modern banking industry.

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TRENDING: Freelancers Give Gig Economy An Instant Payments Push


To read more on these and other stories, check out the Tracker’s News and Trends section. The Disbursements Tracker , powered by Ingo Money , is the go-to resource for staying up to date on a month-by-month basis on the trends and changes in the digital disbursement space.

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TRENDING: IBM’s Plan To Help Banks Embrace Open Banking


The B2B API Tracker serves as a monthly framework for the space, providing coverage of the most recent news and trends, along with a provider directory that highlights the key players contributing across the segments that comprise the B2B API ecosystem.

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Restaurant and retail executives share their insights about mobile trends

Mobile Payments Today

Restaurant and retail executives that gathered in Chicago this past summer for the Networld Media Group's annual CONNECT: The Mobile CX Summit shared their thoughts with us about the hottest trends in mobile technology in this exclusive video

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3 Banking and Fintech Trends to Watch in 2019

Bank Innovation

It's the beginning of a new year, and naturally new trends will take shape. The seed for some trends like voice banking and contactless payments were already planted last year, while others such like core overhauls went relatively untouched last year.

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TRENDING: How AmeriCommerce Powers Tailored Pricing


To read the feature story, along with the latest Payments Powering Platforms headlines and trends, and rankings of 87 industry providers, download the Tracker below. . . Platform Payments americommerce News payments powering platforms payments powering platforms tracker platforms Tracker Series WePay What's Trending

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Transformative Trends

Independent Banker

Here are a dozen technological and socioeconomic predictions of trends that I believe will continue to reshape, transform and disrupt every business and human being in the months and years to come. Photo by Matthias Maraczi. A dozen technological and socioeconomic shifts. By Brian Solis.

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Top 3 Fintech Trends in May

Bank Innovation

Here are some of the important trends that Bank Innovation pulled out of the fintech chatter […]. A lot happened in the digital banking world this month, from major events in the payments worlds like PayPal acquiring iZettle for $2.2

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Amazon’s Holiday Sales Foreshadow 2019 Retail Trends


Judging by its holiday performance and PYMNTS research, Amazon is well on its way to commanding more of consumers’ paychecks in 2019.

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Nine eCommerce Retail Trends For 2017


Between consumer confidence trending upward and more people spending — and racking up some debt — retailers are slated to be pleased when the ball drops and the confetti settles. And in this case, we’re reflecting on 2016’s eCommerce trends. Here are nine concepts PYMNTS believes are the most useful eCommerce trends coming out of 2016, propelling 2017 forward. With more people having smartphones and retailers going mobile, this trend isn’t slowing.

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TRENDING: Inside GDPR’s Enforcement Strategies


The move seems to be part of a larger trend, as Mastercard also said it will shift away from “what [consumers] know” factors, like passwords, and instead focus on “what [consumers] are” factors, including fingerprints, iris scans and facial recognition. .

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Europe Card Not Present Fraud Trends

Mobile Payments Today

CNP fraud contributes 73% to total card fraud in Europe. View our latest infographic to learn more

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Business Trend Lines

Independent Banker

Several trends have arisen that are likely to continue shaping the commercial lending market. Here are five commercial lending trends from some of the industry’s top commercial lenders. Photo by Getty Images / Henrik Sorensen.

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Facebook Will Remove Trending News Feature


Four years after rolling out Trending news on its homepage, Facebook is taking down the feature. In addition, Facebook plans to remove third-party partner integrations and products that rely on the Trends application programming interface (API), a representative for the social media platform said in a blog post. Facebook Cambridge Analytica Facebook Changes Facebook news Facebook Publishers Facebook Trending mobile News social media

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TRENDING: Why Grocery Stores Want Autonomous Vehicle Delivery


Investment in Intelligence of Things (IoT) is expected to surge in the coming years, with companies projected to increase spending on the design, creation and operation of IoT solutions from $186.1 billion in 2017 to a grand total of $434.9 billion by 2023.

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How thredUP Is Hoping To Kick Off An Upcycling Trend


Apparel, as an industry, is not terribly good for the environment. It uses a tremendous amount of water — both in growing the cotton that so many textiles are made from and in manufacturing the clothing itself.

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TRENDING: Why Simple Is What Sells mPOS


For more details and the rest of the latest news and trends, download the mPOS Tracker. The U.S. is home to more than 8,700 registered farmer’s markets, not to mention thousands of crafts and arts fairs, holiday festivals and other events, where small vendors come together to sell their wares.

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AppZen Analyzes Trends In Flagged, Rejected Expense Reports


A new survey from AppZen finds employees in the professional services industry, including accountants, financial advisors and lawyers, more frequently have their submitted expense reports rejected, reports in CPA Practice Advisor said Monday (Dec.

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Halloween 2017: Costume And eCommerce Trends


Lucky for them, Google Trends has suggestions. Costumes Trending Up This Halloween. Clearly the most important trend of Halloween 2017, DC’s Wonder Woman is the most searched-for costume across the country. Titular heroine of the second highest grossing movie of the year, only lagging behind Beauty and the Beast , Wonder Woman is trending sky-high among women with a college degree, according to marketing intelligence firm Hitwise. Costumes Trending Down.

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TRENDING: Turning Office Fridges Into Vending Machines


For the rest of the latest Unattended Retail headlines, check out the Tracker’s News and Trends section. . To read this feature story, get the latest news and trends and peruse a directory of more than 100 providers, check out the Unattended Retail Tracker. .

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TRENDING: The Redbox-Inspired Approach To Keeping Cashierless Shopping Juiced


The Unattended Retail Tracker serves as a bimonthly framework for the space, providing coverage of the most recent news and trends, as well as a directory that highlights the key players contributing to the segments that comprise the expansive unattended retail ecosystem.

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TRENDING: IoT’s Big Security Fail


Over the next five years, some 40 billion connected devices are expected to be installed by consumers and businesses around the world. This rapid proliferation of Intelligence of Things (IoT) devices calls for robust infrastructure that can securely accommodate the upsurge of network traffic.

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Digital Payment Trends 2018

Mobile Payments Today

2018 promises to be an exciting time for the payments industry. We share some of our predictions. What are you expecting to see in the New Year

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TRENDING: How Qüero Walks The Omnichannel Line


For more of the latest notable Omni Usage news and trends, as well as the data Deep Dive, check out the report. . Customers are increasingly making purchases online and making decisions based on shipping – namely, how fast and how cheaply a retailer can get products to their doors.

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TRENDING: Is Sharing Cybercrime Data Key To Fighting Fraud?


In search of added convenience and simplicity, banking customers are migrating to online and mobile banking interfaces, leaving in-person visits to brick-and-mortar branches behind.

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TRENDING: The Overdue Overhaul For Insurance Settlements


To read more on these and other stories throughout the space, check out the Tracker’s News and Trends section. In the aftermath of an accident or loss, filling out an insurance claim is never an enjoyable experience.

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Podcast Episode 11: Future Trends for Mobile Payments & Banking

Mobile Payments Today

Host Will Hernandez discusses the future trends for mobile payments and banking, that was learned at the Bank Customer Experience Summit

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Top 5 Trends to Watch in 2018

Bank Innovation

EXCLUSIVE — It’s not even a month into 2018 and already so much has changed. The cryptocurrency bitcoin, which shocked everyone by surpassing $17K, further shocked everyone by dropping below $10K.

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India e-commerce trends

Mobile Payments Today

Click to view our latest infographic on trends shaping the India commerce market Online Commerce in India is poised to reach $79.4 billion by 2020; accounting for 50% of organized retail sales. FSS, India’s largest payment processor, with 40% share of the market, is helping acquirers ride the growth wave.

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The Internet Trends Are In!


Season of BBQ, vacations and Mary Meeker’s internet trends report. However, trends indicate that cord-cutting is carrying on, and that in fact media providers are just seeing the very tip of that iceberg as Facebook and Snapchat are both stepping into the arena. So coming out of this trends report, the incredibly large dimensions of the digital future becomes a bit clearer. To view Mary Meeker’s full 2016 internet trends report, click here. Ah, summer.

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TRENDING: Robots And Humans Join Forces To Speed eCommerce, Together


In the latest IoT Tracker, Cacioppo spoke to PYMNTS about how warehouse robot assistants can be a safer bet to help warehouses up their speed while staying flexible to changing business trends. Companies recognize the need for IoT security, but few are acting on those concerns.

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TRENDING: How Spend Management Keeps The Show Going On


Whether making travel purchases, buying specialized equipment or even just picking up muffins for the morning meeting, employees often have problems getting out-of-pocket purchases cleared.

Online Payment Trends in USA

Mobile Payments Today

Click here to view our latest infographic on key payment trends USA is experiencing a boom in digital commerce. Mobile-based platforms are generating the bulk of growth, as consumers opt to shop on-the-move.

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