US Bank eyes ‘autonomous banking’ future

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US Banks Shun Money Transmittal


According to a report in The New York Times , while Mexico is the largest destination for money transfers from the U.S., billion was sent from the U.S. It also means limited options for those living in the U.S.

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US Bancorp Reduces Growth Forecast


To reflect the upcoming adoption of new accounting standards as well as lower interest rates, U.S. Multiple large U.S. As rate pressures have abated, bank stocks in the U.S. In mid-day trading, shares in U.S. In separate news, U.S.

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Q4 2019: US credit card issuer snapshot


The post Q4 2019: US credit card issuer snapshot appeared first on Accenture Banking Blog. Key themes Receivables growth of 4% YoY in Q4, slightly above the 3.5% YoY growth in Q3.

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US Mall Owner Taubman Tells Tenants To Pay Up


Retail Coronavirus COVID-19 Mall News real estate Rent Taubman uk us What's Hotmall owner Taubman is telling tenants that their rent must be paid despite the inability to meet obligations, according to a CNBC report on Sunday (March 29).

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US banking market finally primed to embrace contactless payments


More than five years after the launch of Apple Pay and four-plus years after the US POS liability shift for EMV, the US market finally appears set to fully embrace contactless payments.

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US Moves To Curb Pirated eCommerce Goods


The U.S. The combined effort by U.S. The U.S., eCommerce Amazon china counterfeit Department of Homeland Security ecommerce enforcement knockoffs News us What's Hot

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US Retailers Confront Data Privacy Shifts


The Tracker also looks at how COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, may impact the development of these rules in both the U.S., The virus is sweeping through the U.S. Considering t he global nature of COVID-19, regulators outside of the U.S. To learn more about U.S.

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Lawsuit Alleges Toys R Us Execs Bilked Company During Bankruptcy


Co-Chairman of Bain Capital Josh Bekenstein, then Toys R Us CEO Dave Brandon, former Chief Financial Officer Michael Short and former Chief Merchant Richard Barry are all named in the lawsuit. Retail bankruptcy fraud Lawsuit News Toys R Us Tru Kids What's Hot

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US Airlines Extend Business Loyalty Programs


Frequent flyers have nothing to worry about when it comes to the industry’s loyalty programs, according to Reuters. airlines are extending benefits and member status into next year for its best customers because many passengers have been grounded due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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U.S. Bank: Machine Learning Is Banks’ Best Bet Against Fraud


The bank released updates for customers to install on their Android and Apple mobile apps in response to a security breach that may have compromised a little less than a fifth of the bank’s users, following only a few months after Monzo made its U.S. How U.S.

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How US Bank Is Using Machine Learning To Tackle Fraud


That is where technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) come in, said Dominic Venturo, executive vice president and chief innovation officer for U.S.

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HSBC to focus on tech in U.S. branch expansion plans

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trillion in assets, is making technology a core component of U.S. The bank today announced the opening a new location in Cupertino, California, along with 50 planned new branches in the U.S. HSBC, a top global bank with $2.6

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U.S. Bank Announces Amazon Alexa Integration

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EXCLUSIVE- U.S. The Minneapolis-based bank ran an employee pilot over the summer and initiated work on the Alexa skill earlier in 2017, said Gareth Gaston, executive vice president and head of omnichannel banking at U.S. […].

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COVID-19 Triggers Record-Breaking Spike In US Unemployment Claims


million people claimed U.S. unemployment benefits last week as the coronavirus continued to make its way throughout much of the world, shuttering businesses and reducing incomes, the U.S. Still, U.S. Coronavirus economy Editors' Picks News U.S. A record 3.28

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Facing pressure, HSBC rethinks US strategy

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trillion in assets, is blazing a new path for its U.S. HSBC, a global bank with $2.7 business as it cuts $4.5 billion in costs and reallocates capital away from underperforming units.

US Chamber Leader Criticizes Presidential Candidates


The head of the U.S. Politics business business lobbying Medicare News politics presidential candidates taxes Tom Donohue u.s.

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Security Group Warns Iranian Hackers Could Target US Electric Utilities


Iranian hacking groups are targeting U.S. Dragos on Thursday noticed that a hacking collective called Magnallium had been engaging in “password spraying,” or the practice of guessing thousands of common passwords and using them to target U.S.

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US consumers reluctant to embrace contactless payments

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While U.S. The study queried 350 merchants and 1,350 consumers in the U.S.

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Industry Eyes Toys R Us Comeback As Toy Fair Readies


But you might be forgiven for a big longing for the industry’s prodigal son: Toys R Us. Because Toys R Us is back. That unburdens Toys R Us from shipping, marketing and fulfillment costs. No one expects Toys R Us to steal its market share back from Walmart, Target and Amazon.

Where Top US Banks Are Betting On Fintech

Chris Skinner

Bearing in mind that the big American banks are all spending $10 billion plus each on technology, they should be updating, and CB Insights latest installment looks … The post Where Top US Banks Are Betting On Fintech appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog.

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Europe as a model for US payment security

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Efforts by European regulators to provide stronger authentication could serve as a model for payments in the U.S., as multi-factor authentication is already available in mobile wallets like Apple Pay

US Bank launches API portal for third-party developers

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Bank launched a suite of API tools this week to support third-party app developers in their efforts to build services that can securely connect to U.S. In an apparent shift from the traditional, walled-garden approach of large banks, U.S.

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U.S. Bank Buys Talech To Boost Digital Expertise


Derek White, chief digital officer at U.S. Bank, said this latest acquisition is one of several ways that U.S. Small businesses are a focal point for us as we transform how U.S. We have enjoyed a long and productive relationship with U.S.

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Ex-US Bank Risk Officer Fined For AML Failure


The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) has fined Michael LaFontaine, former chief operational risk officer at U.S. The automated transaction monitoring software U.S. In February 2018, FinCEN collaborated with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) and the U.S.

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US Pandemic Protocols Could Hamper Chinese Production


As factories in China start firing up assembly lines again they will be confronted with U.S. A sustained disruption of activity in the U.S. protocols in place to contain the coronavirus, according to an Associated Press report on Thursday (March 19). “A

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Despite Strong Economy, Large US Banks See Credit Quality Decrease


Large U.S. Commercial lending has grown rapidly, and banks in the U.S. Banking Bank of America banking commercial loans JP Morgan Chase News U.S.

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US Senate Revives Export-Import Bank


After a four-year hiatus, the U.S. Export-Import Bank (EXIM Bank) is returning to full-fledged operations as a provider of high-value trade financing and other services to support cross-border trade with U.S. Reports in Reuters earlier this month said the U.S.

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US is now Afterpay’s largest customer market 

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Afterpay’s efforts to embed itself in the U.S. The point-of-sale lender announced this week it has more U.S. This is the first time since the company’s 2014 launch that its U.S. retail ecosystem are showing results.

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Unpaid Student Loans And Credit Card Debt Mount In US


Total U.S. trillion before the 2008 global financial crisis, according to the New York Fed’s U.S. The Federal Reserve recently cut interest rates for the first time since 2008, in part due to the U.S. Debt credit card debt debt News student loans US Economy What's Hot

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US Bank’s White: Digital banking is now more than DIY

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It’s a reality for which U.S. Carousel Innovation Strategy Product Design Retail Banking Sales & Marketing BNY Mellon innovation strategy Mobile banking US Bank

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US Mulls Banning Visa, Mastercard From Processing In Venezuela


The U.S. The U.S. In fact, earlier this week, the U.S. Latin America financial sector MasterCard News Nicolas Maduro sanctions SWIFT transactions U.S.

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U.S. Legislators To Figure Out Autonomous Car Laws


An Energy and Commerce subcommittee in the U.S. Intelligence of Things Autonomous vehicles driverless vehicles Legislation News Self-Driving Cars U.S. House of Representatives is going to get together Tuesday (Feb.

US Reps, Senators Present Faster Payments Legislation


To reinforce the Federal Reserve’s authority to create a real-time payments system and mandate that the Fed brings about its own process, two U.S. representatives and two U.S.

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German payments giant Wirecard targets US with new app

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Wirecard, a Germany-based payments firm that works with brands and retailers, recently launched its first U.S. contactless payment Europe mobile application U.S. mobile application in an effort to expand its reach across the Atlantic.

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