US Bans Chinese Facial Recognition Tech


A Chinese company that develops facial recognition technology could be facing a ban in the U.S. As a result, the United Stated has banned government agencies from buying Hikvision products, and now there are rumblings that the company might be facing a ban on on importing U.S.-made

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Survey Shows Fall In US Consumer Sentiment


Consumer Finance consumer behavior consumer finances financial health financial invisibles household income News personal finance U.S.

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US Bank, Mansfield Energy Partner On Consolidating Fleet Card Spend


North American energy supplier and logistics firm Mansfield Energy is partnering up with U.S. In a press release issued Monday (November 12), Mansfield and U.S. Mansfield will provide mobile refueling solutions to existing users of U.S.

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Two US Senators Call On India To Relax Data Rules


We see this (data localization) as a fundamental issue to the further development of digital trade and one that is crucial to our economic partnership,” the U.S. International data storage digital payments ecommerce india News U.S.

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Third-Party Data Breaches On The Rise In The U.S.


In a press release announcing the results of the survey of more than 1,000 CISOs and other security and risk professionals across the U.S. Opus said that in the U.S., Opus, the provider of global compliance and risk management solutions, announced Thursday (Nov.

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Barclays Eyes US Expansion


bank Barclays is considering whether it should expand further into the U.S. payments platform in the states, as well as building a U.S. In addition, sources say that Barclays is putting more capital behind its U.S. Many European banks have to tried to expand into the U.S., with some of the biggest financial institutions (FIs) almost collapsing due to exposure to the U.S. But a strong economy has made the U.S. Last year, the U.S.

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Toys R Us’ Surprisingly Sexy Inventory Auction


When now bankrupt Toys R Us puts its assets on the auction block next month, some expected things will be up for sale — like the toy and game retailer’s internationally recognized mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe, according to recent CNBC reports. Toys R Us owns those names to prevent other firms from using them — and from encroaching on its brand. Not all the choices Toys R Us claimed were racy in nature. The ‘R Us’ is the key to the brand, not the Toys.”.

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How Clandestina (Literally) Snuck Into The US Market


The brand became the first to launch a website for U.S. And while those numbers aren’t likely to keep Amazon or H&M up at night, for a small Cuban eCommerce startup operating out of nation where internet access is patchy and from which the company can’t ship goods directly to U.S.

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Some US Toys R Us Locations Could Survive After Canadian Company’s $234M Bid


There might be hope for Toys R Us , with a Toronto-based company looking to save some locations in both Canada and the U.S. Last Tuesday (April 24), Toys R Us agreed to sell its Canadian business — which consists of 82 stores — to Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited for around $234 million in a bankruptcy court hearing. Those stores might retain the Toys R Us name.

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Toys R Us Eyes Liquidation Of US Operations


Beleaguered toy retailer Toys R Us is in the midst of prepping plans to liquidate its U.S. Toys R Us’ situation is in flux, but reports say liquidation seems a likelihood amid dashed hopes that a buyer will come to keep the (toy) trains running, so to speak, or that the debt will be repackaged. As has been widely reported, the U.S. Toys R Us managed to garner a $3.1 Retail bankruptcy brick and mortar News store closings toy industry Toys R Us What's Hot

US Census Approach Brings Commerce Worry And Anticipation


It’s (almost) that time again: The next U.S. An “undercount would affect data projections used by companies in the U.S. This is hardly the first time that U.S. Census , scheduled for 2020.

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Kroger Plans To Sell Toys R Us Brands For The Holidays


To dive into the toy market for the holidays, Kroger is teaming up with the hedge fund owners of formerly Toys R Us exclusive brands from Geoffrey’s Toy Box. Toys R Us had over 700 locations in the U.S.

US Corporates Continue Cash Stockpiling Spree


The Association for Financial Professionals’ October 2018 Corporate Cash Indicators report found that U.S. In another statement, BMO Head of U.S. corporates are sitting on record levels of cash, and the latest data suggests firms are accelerating their stockpiling.

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US Bank Designs Online SMB Lending Platform


The latest to do so is U.S. According to U.S. “We created this new digital experience to deliver on our commitment to continuously improve the way we serve our customers,” said U.S. ” “We know business owners want their bank to provide simple and secure solutions that they can access, despite having very busy schedules,” added U.S.

Market Watchers Say US Recession Is Coming


Market watchers have sent out a warning that the U.S. Other possible warning signs: U.S. Some fund managers also believe that a strong U.S. But there are signs that the U.S. Economy bond market corporate bonds global trade News Recession U.S. economy might be heading toward a recession.

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Toys R Us Stops eCommerce Sales


As Toys R Us winds down its operations, it is no longer accepting eCommerce orders through its website. Instead, the retailer is directing customers to liquidation sales at its brick-and-mortar stores for both its namesake and Babies R Us brands, industry news source Chain St ore Age reported. Only a small number of the 800 U.S. Toys R Us stores were headed to auction.

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Toys R Us Asia Gets Billion Dollar Bids


As Toys R Us proceeds with plans to sell some of its business outside the U.S., and the U.S., The company’s lawyer, Joshua Sussberg, said during a hearing in U.S. And, in the U.S., The retailer has over 700 remaining locations in the U.S., including those under the Babies R Us banner. Since a leveraged buyout, Toys R Us has been burdened with over $5 billion in debt. Beyond the U.S.,

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Toys R Us Turns Down Bid For US Stores


Lawyers and advisers for Toys R Us have reportedly turned down a last-minute bid for the retailer’s U.S. Larian had made an offer of $675 million for the Toys R Us stores in the U.S. Advisers and lawyers for Toys R Us are still reportedly looking at bids for the retailer’s business in Canada. The retailer has over 700 remaining locations in the U.S., including those under the Babies R Us banner. Beyond the U.S.,

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U.S. Holiday Hiring To Soar In 2018


A new report says that more than 700,000 workers will be hired by U.S. But with U.S. retailers this holiday season — the largest number since 2014. Retailers said they would add 704,000 jobs before the holiday shopping season, an increase of 1.2

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US Credit Scores Soar To 704, But Debt Looms


New data shows that as U.S. In July, it was revealed that U.S. Debt auto loans consumer credit credit scores debt FICO Lending Crisis loans News student loans U.S. credit scores hit their highest point since the Great Recession, Americans are also borrowing more than ever. According to Bloomberg , the average FICO score is now at 704, a new record that marks an eight-year streak of increases.

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US Government Could Scrutinize US/Chinese Tech Partnerships


The alliances between U.S. and Chinese companies in the area of artificial intelligence (AI) could receive greater scrutiny by the U.S. The U.S. But if there was an effort to end partnerships between Chinese and U.S.-based Additionally, Chinese companies and institutions are big customers of these technology companies, and top talent in high-tech areas like AI and chip design is shared between companies and universities in China and the U.S. “I

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US Holiday Sales May Top $1 Trillion This Year


With strong income growth, increased customer confidence and low unemployment, U.S. The news also comes as holiday sales for U.S. holiday sales may top $1 trillion this year. eMarketer noted that the sales may reach $1.002 trillion for the period extending from Nov. 1 to Dec.

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US Bank Mobilizes Mastercard Corporate Cards


In a press release , U.S. Our clients who have adopted mobile commercial payments are responding with great enthusiasm to its use for business travel,” said Jeff Rankin, U.S. Mastercard is pleased to join forces with U.S. According to U.S. In an interview with PYMNTS last year, U.S. B2B Payments B2B business travel Commercial Card credit card MasterCard Mobile Payments News US Bank What's Hot In B2B

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Late Payments Sound Sour Notes in US


Music and missed payments don’t mix. Specifically, supply chains of even the most local sort can feel the pinch from delayed or non-existent payments from buyers.

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The Show Will Go On For Toys R Us Stores Outside The US


Bankruptcy may not spell the end for Toys R Us stores – at least outside of the U.S. Toys R Us agreed to sell its Canadian business, which consists of 82 stores, to Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited for around $234 million dollars in a bankruptcy court hearing on Tuesday (April 24). Those stores might retain the Toys R Us name. The company’s co-founder, Tony Smyth, is optimistic about the opportunity that the Toys R Us deal presents. “We The Toys R Us Saga.

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US Household Debt Spikes In Q4 2017


Reuters, citing the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, reported that household debt for the U.S. Debt Consumer Debt federal reserve household debt News Overdue Bills Q4 U.S. debt U.S. Thanks in part to a rising number of mortgage loans, the debt levels of Americans increased during the last three months of 2017. hit $13.15 trillion in the fourth quarter ending in December, which is a $193 billion increase from the third quarter.

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NEW REPORT: US Bank On Fraud-Fighting AI


Thinking of AI as a Skynet of robots is more science fiction than reality, said David Berglund, senior vice president and artificial intelligence leader at U.S. Businesses in nearly every industry need to worry about risks, especially when it comes to fraud and security.

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PPRO: US Merchants Behind In X-Border eCommerce


16) that new data shows U.S. 16) in a whitepaper titled: “Is U.S. the companies found that U.S.-based PPRO said its data shows that by 2021, cross-border sales will account for more than 17 percent of all U.S. The U.S. But U.S.

US Retail Sales Rose Higher In July


Retail Commerce Department Consumer Spending Factory Output Federal Interest federal reserve manufacturing News Retail sales shopping trends trade tariffs US Economy What's Hot Worker Productivityretail sales rose higher than expected last month — a sign that the economy remained strong early in the third quarter. According to Reuters , the Commerce Department revealed that, with the exclusion of automobiles, gasoline, building materials and food services, retail sales increased 0.5

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Payment Players Launch U.S. Faster Payments Council To Speed Up Payments


13) that they created a new organization, dubbed U.S. In a press release, the group said the mission, structure and focus of the U.S. “The Federal Reserve applauds this next step in the evolution of the U.S. A group of payment players announced Tuesday (Nov.

Vietnam’s Largest Bank May Soon Open US Branch


According to Reuters , Vietcombank has received approval from the U.S. It also comes at a time when the relationship between Communist Vietnam and the U.S. As Vietcombank looks to move into the U.S.,

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US Bank Looking To Sell Its Payment Unit, Elan


According to the report, Finastra, FIS and Fiserv are in the running to acquire the unit from U.S. Elan processes credit cards for 1,800 banks in the U.S., It also provides support for more than 34,000 ATMs around the U.S. Finastra, FIS and Fiserv declined to comment when contacted by Fintech Futures, while U.S. Bank is reportedly looking to sell Elan, its card processing business, reported Fintech Futures.

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US Treasury: JPMorgan Will Settle Sanction Claims For $5.3M


The U.S. The U.S. The news comes as there’s a good chance that JPMorgan Chase could soon become the largest U.S. According to Forbes , JPMorgan is already the largest U.S. It’s also the largest investment bank and third-largest custody bank in the U.S.

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How Toys R Us Kids Became Amazon Adults (And What’s Next)


There have been a number of great commercial jingles in the history of commercials — tunes so catchy that they stick, almost forever, and remind us of brand names simply by nature of being so catchy. Toys R Us ’ famous “Toys R Us Kids” jingle succeeded in doing that, and then some.

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JCPenney Seeks Former Babies R Us Customers


Following the downfall of Toys R Us and Babies R Us, JCPenney is planning to carry additional baby products at its stores located near former Babies R Us locations. Parents used to turn to Babies R Us for items such as diaper bags, pacifiers and cribs before it was forced to close stores after its parent company, Toys R Us, went bankrupt. Toys R Us had over 700 locations in the U.S. Beyond the U.S.,

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Suppliers Wary Of Toys R Us Repeat


Toys R Us the store may already be a distant memory for shoppers – but for its suppliers, lessons learned from the retailer’s demise are being carried into their future dealings. 28) detailed the financial struggles that Toys R Us vendors endured even before the company filed bankruptcy. Rick Woldenberg, CEO of educational toy firm Learning Resources, told the publication that the demise of Toys R Us and its impact on vendors is “shameful in every way, and very damaging.”

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U.S. Bank Announces Amazon Alexa Integration

Bank Innovation

EXCLUSIVE- U.S. The Minneapolis-based bank ran an employee pilot over the summer and initiated work on the Alexa skill earlier in 2017, said Gareth Gaston, executive vice president and head of omnichannel banking at U.S. […].

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US Inflation Balloons: 2.9 Pct Over Past 12 Months


Retail consumer prices Cost of Living Federal Interest Rates inflation jobs report Labor department News trade war U.S. Core inflation spiked 2.9 percent over the last 12 months, essentially flattening wage gains that had edged into the last several months’ economic reports. The July jump is the biggest pick-up the index has seen in a decade, and is considered another piece of evidence that the Federal Reserve should proceed carefully with an interest rate increase.

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HSBC Discloses Hack Of Some U.S. Customers’ Accounts


6) that some of its U.S. HSBC, the U.K. bank, disclosed on Tuesday (Nov. customers had their accounts hacked in October. Reuters , citing a regulatory filing, reported that HSBC said it’s not clear how many accounts were compromised or if any money was stolen from them. HSBC regrets this incident, and we take our responsibility for protecting our customers very seriously,” an HSBC spokeswoman told Reuters. “We

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Rent The Runway Sets Up Drop Boxes Across U.S.


Rent the Runway announced that it is setting up drop boxes at 15 WeWork locations across the U.S. The drop boxes will be in six cities — New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and Washington, D.C. — so that customers can return and rent items with ease.

Contactless Payments Set To Explode In US


Contactless credit cards have seen a slow rate of adoption in the U.S., According to a report by The New York Times , use of mobile wallets, including Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, is also growing in the U.S. Citing data from ABI Research, NYT reported annual shipments of contactless cards in the U.S. The U.S. Payment Methods contactless payments uk us

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Credit Union Helps US Marijuana Businesses Put Down Roots


Based on the latest data from the U.S. On October 4, the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) issued its final four recreational marijuana licenses to businesses, meaning legal marijuana will soon be available for purchase.

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US Toy Industry Sales Grow To $7.9B After Toys R Us Closure


In the first half of 2018, sales in the U.S. The increase occurred during the liquidation of Toys R Us, market research group NPD said in a press release. “It It is likely that the Toys R Us news has kept toys top-of-mind for parents and grandparents when shopping for kids in general, benefiting both consumers and the industry,” Juli Lennett, senior vice president and toys industry advisor for NPD, said in the press release. “I Beyond the U.S.,

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