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No Phishing: Multilayered Defense Best Way to Keep Fraudsters Empty-Handed


Digital fraud is a constant menace for businesses and individuals, with merchants across the globe expecting to lose more than $20 billion to fraud in 2021 alone. Phishing is a particularly dangerous threat, resulting in data breaches that cost businesses an average of $4.24 million per incident.

Canada, time to expect an innovative lifestyle banking app


The first mobile banking application hit the Canadian market over ten years ago. Since then, advancements have included an e-deposit and mobile business app, a remote deposit capture feature, a banking app on the Apple Watch, and more.


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Waiting (Patiently?) for Interest Rates to Rise: 4 Growth Moves to Prepare for Fed Rate Hike


With a Fed Rate Hike Looming, Here's How to Position Your Bank or CU The timing of a rate hike by the Fed is uncertain, but credit unions and banks can act now to create increased earnings more quickly. You might also like this decision guide: "What Do I Do with All This Excess Money?"

System 195

15 Days To Fiscal Fitness


Do you have what it takes to attain financial nirvana in just 15 days? Let’s find out. With the current pandemic scenario, it makes all the more sense to save up as much money as you can. And, trust us, you do not have to go all the way out to save extra bucks every month.

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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Pandemic Response: Lessons Learned From COVID-19

In March 2020, the world was hit with an unprecedented crisis when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. This whitepaper reviews lessons learned from applying AI to the pandemic’s response efforts, and insights to mitigating the next pandemic.

US Needs Privacy Standard Like GDPR, Alphabet's Pichai Says


Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google's parent company Alphabet, said in a recent interview that there would be a need for new regulations, specifically for privacy standards similar to what is in place in Europe, along with a need for the U.S. to stay competitive in various key areas, a Monday (Oct.

US 253

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4 Ways Financial Institutions Can Get Buy-in for Their Latest Tech Investment


How to Get Buy-in When Implementing New Technology Achieving 100% adoption is attainable if financial institutions are willing to put the best change management practices in place. You might also like this whitepaper, on optimizing change management. DOWNLOAD.

Is Affirm ($AFRM) the growth star of Fintech 50 Index due to winning in the BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) market? 

Daily Fintech

Affirm is a publicly traded stock in the Fintech 50 Index that could be the winner in the BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) segment of the Fintech market. Affirm was not the first innovator in BNPL. That prize goes to Klarna which we first covered in 2014 (mentioning Affirm as a follower).

Restaurant Platform Olo to Buy Data Firm Wisely for $187M


Olo, an on-demand commerce platform powering the restaurant industry’s digital transformation, will buy customer intelligence and engagement platform Wisely, according to a Thursday (Oct. 21) press release.

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Supporting Communities with Personal Financial Management Tools

Strategically Speaking

Financial wellbeing is a lifelong journey with many twists and turns and no clear destination. As of August 2020, more than two-thirds of people in America (approximately 167 million people) are not financially healthy.

The Importance of PCI Compliance and Data Ownership When Issuing Payment Cards

This eBook provides a practical explanation of the different PCI compliance approaches that payment card issuers can adopt, as well as the importance of both protecting user PII and gaining ownership and portability of their sensitive data.

ABA elects Zions Bank CEO as chair

Banking Exchange

Election was held recently in Tampa, Florida Management Feature Human Resources Feature3 Community Banking. 1Management

Tampa 78

This Week in Fintech ending 22 October 2021

Daily Fintech

This week our experts brought you the following insights based on their experience as investors, entrepreneurs & executives.

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay Might Be Just the Thing for Holiday Shoppers 


It’s October 13, 2021. Imagine yourself in the East Room of the White House.

PNC cuts nearly 600 apps for BBVA conversion


PNC cut nearly 600 apps during its $11.5 billion acquisition of BBVA, which closed in June. That's roughly one app for each BBVA branch. Chief Executive Officer Bill Demchak said PNC retained only two BBVA apps when all was said and done. The $553.5 billion PNC converted approximately 2.6

AI in Manufacturing

Manufacturers want to deliver the best products on the market as quickly and ethically as possible. Learn how to solve your most urgent manufacturing and business needs with an enterprise AI platform.

Pandemic Prompts Jump in Online and Mobile Banking

Banking Exchange

Changes in digital habits expected to be permanent The Economy Technology Mobile Online Tech Management Digital Feature Feature3. 1Technology

XBRL News from both sides of the Channel and the future

Daily Fintech

Here are the three most relevant developments in the world of structured reporting we became aware of in the course of last week.

Blockchain Is Accelerating The Digitization of Trade Transactions


Almost every industry was affected by the pandemic, and many businesses that had already incorporated some form of digitization in their processes were still forced to significantly implement digital operational processes to service clients.

The Essential Software Development Toolkit for Your Payments Program

SWBC's LenderHub

If you’ve ever worked with a payments product development team, you may have heard the term SDK technology. SDK stands for software development kit. In simple terms, it is a set of tools, programs, and guidelines software developers can use to build an application that's specific to a platform.

Make Payment Optimization a Part of Your Core Payment Strategy

Everything you need to know about payment optimization – an easy-to-integrate, PCI-compliant solution that enables companies to take control of their PSPs, minimize processing costs, maximize approval rates, and keep control over their payments data.

HSBC Venture Debt Program Reserves $100m to Support Women and Minority Led Start-ups

Banking Exchange

Early-stage capital will seek to bridge the gender and racial gap Community Banking Feature3 Feature Duties Financial Trends Net Zero Sustainability Socially Responsible Investing SRI Exchange SRI Women SMEs Diversity Inclusion Carbon Neutral. 1Community Banking

Stablecoin News for the week ending Wednesday 20th October.

Daily Fintech

Could Crypto eat the Regulators as well as TradFi? Here is our pick of the 3 most important Stablecoin news stories during the week. This story from Wolfgang Münchau got us thinking this week. Wolfgang is worth a follow if you are interested in a different take on Politics in Europe.

The ‘New Normal’ of the Delivery Business


In “ The Way Payments Are Now Done ,” 33 payment executives discuss what payments’ “new normal” looks like. Simon Law , co-founder and CEO of LoginID , discusses how the digital shift has impacted the delivery space, and all of the interactions between drivers and consumers.

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Workers of the World, Unite.Again?

SWBC's LenderHub

The last few weeks have had some stunning developments with regard to the cost of labor figures, stunning in their quickness and severity. I have to admit, for many months, I bought into the whole transitory inflation argument.

Build Trustworthy AI With MLOps

Machine learning operations (MLOps) helps companies deliver machine learning applications in production at scale. Discover the importance of secure MLOps in the four critical areas of model deployment, monitoring, lifecycle management, and governance.

Neobanks offer challenges and opportunities for traditional banking sector

Banking Exchange

27% of consumers now have relationships with neobanks Retail Banking Financial Trends Feature Lines of Business Technology Feature3 Fintech Mobile Online Neobanks. 1Retail Banking

Alt Lending week ended 22nd October

Daily Fintech

Klarna founder Sebastian Siemiatowski gives us his view on the world Interesting piece of philosophy in nothing else. Klarna the worldwide phenomenon of the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) product puts down his success to the “dirty tricks” played by banks.

Ethereum's Market Cap Jumps to $513.29B, Surpasses Visa, JPMorgan Chase


Ethereum has temporarily flipped market caps for JPMorgan and Visa on Thursday (Oct. 21) after several bullish catalysts, a report said. Data from the Companies Market Cap said that Ethereum, with a market cap of $513.29

Treasury narrows IRS reporting plan. Banks and GOP are unmoved.

American Banker

Biden Administration IRS Politics and policy

The Business Value of MLOps

As machine learning models are put into production and used to make critical business decisions, the primary challenge becomes operation and management of multiple models. This report highlights some of the most impactful benefits of MLOps tools.