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PayPal CEO: Digital Payments To Be $100T Market


There are markets and there are $100 trillion markets. And might digital payments be in that $100 trillion classification?

Are you in banking or technology?

Chris Skinner

I’ve had a lot of conversations with bankers and technologists, and realised something recently.

Study Shows Strong Relationship Between Credit Score Review and Credit Score Increase

Bank Innovation

Can regularly checking your credit score actually help improve your results? We wanted to know the answer to that critical question, so Credit Sesame partnered with Megan Hunter Antill and Jessica Yu, Ph.D., candidates in Quantitative Marketing at Stanford Graduate School of Business, to find out.

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Trends driving ePayables innovation

Mobile Payments Today

The rise in consumer payment technologies raises questions about when will the business-to-business payments model see a similar level of transformation

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Adyen Launches New Open Banking Payment Service


Adyen, the payments platform, announced Wednesday (Feb. 20) it has launched a new payment service that is powered by open banking.

When will Amazon launch its bank?

Chris Skinner

Name the company that strikes fear into everyone’s hearts in business? In the 1980s, it was IBM. You never get fired if you buy IBM, even though It’s a Bloody Mess. In the 1990s, it was Microsoft.

The Best Online Banks Right Now

Bank Innovation

Keeping your money in a bank is common sense at this point, but online banking is – unfortunately – not something many people have grown accustomed to, yet.

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Green Dot Eyes Banking-As-A-Service, Gen Z To Build On Q4 Growth


Financial technology firm Green Dot , which made its name on its prepaid debit card solutions, is ramping up its focus on Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) after posting $14.3 million in net income for the fourth quarter of 2018.

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Is JPMCoin a cryptocurrency and what should SWIFT do about it?

Chris Skinner

It’s not often that the Twittersphere I watch lights up in deep conversation, but a long one started last week thanks to JP Morgan’s announcement of the JPM Coin. Falsely labelled a cryptocurrency, loads of headlines emerged about JPM killing XRP, the currency of Ripple.

Fintech Funding Surged 120% in 2018

Bank Innovation

The year 2018 was a great year for fintech funding across the globe. This is true not only because the total funding was high, but also because there were more investors in fintech than in years before.

The necessity of an incentive compensation management business value assessment

Insights on Business

Transparency in Incentive Compensation Management (ICM), as in many businesses, can be seen as an imperative. You could argue that it’s something that benefits all parties involved. Not only are you establishing trust with your commissioned sales agents by paying them accurately and with the proper documentation, metrics and calculations.

When Will Profits Hitch A Ride With Uber And Lyft?


The world of ridesharing — one that has expanded into such areas as food delivery and last-mile transportation needs via scooters — is about to get really interesting.

AI wars

Chris Skinner

I’m just reading a new book recommended by a banking friend AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order by Kai-Fu Lee, and the opening got me thinking.

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Green Dot to Launch 2 Account Products, Build Out BaaS Platform

Bank Innovation

Green Dot, a Pasadena-Calif.-based based financial services company with a banking license, is making no secret of its success and broader ambitions with banking-as-a-service.

Brewing Disruption: As Beer Sales Decline These 65+ Startups Could Revitalize The Industry

CB Insights

Dry January may be over, but beer is still struggling. Brewers sold 0.3% less beer in stores in the US in 2018 compared to the previous year, according to research firm IRI.

Real Estate Money Laundering An Increasing Focus Of Governments


Governments around the world have a new front in their fight against money laundering: real estate.

The Finanser’s Week: 11th February – 17th February 2019

Chris Skinner

The main blog headlines are … 39 FinTech Unicorns Valued at $147.37 billion I spotted an article by Linus Beliunas on LinkedIn this week, and liked it so much that wanted to share. Enjoy! 39 FinTech Unicorns Valued at $147.37 billion 2018 was a phenomenal year for FinTech.

Jack Henry Slow to Deploy P2P Service Zelle to Credit Unions

Bank Innovation

Core processor Jack Henry & Associates might have signed a deal with Zelle's parent company Early Warning in 2016, but it won't be deploying the P2P service until 2020, at earliest, Bank Innovation has learned. In fact, the core processor only started beta testing Zelle for Symitar this year.

How AI Will Go Out Of Control According To 52 Experts

CB Insights

There’s no way around it — artificial intelligence is changing human civilization, from how we work to how we travel to how we enforce laws. As AI technology advances and seeps deeper into our daily lives, its potential to create dangerous situations is becoming more apparent.

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FinTech-As-A-Service Eyes Global Payments Simplification Makeover


To streamline FinTech, and to help consumers and businesses transact in the ways they desire, firms must move beyond the silo approach.

Things worth reading: 20th February 2019

Chris Skinner

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UMB Bank Offers Business Customers New Payment Solution

Bank Innovation

UMB Bank will start offering its business clients a new payment solution that will help customers streamline payments by automating certain processes in Q2 this year.

These Are The Most Active Fintech Investors In 2018

CB Insights

Deals in 2018 were up 15% compared to the previous year, while funding levels surged 120%. Driving these trends were 52 mega-rounds ($100M+) worth a combined total of almost $25B. Another contributing factor was an uptick in the number of investors, which reached a new peak of 2,745.

ACH Network Adds More Than 1B New Payments In 2018


NACHA, the steward of the ACH Network, announced Tuesday (Feb. 19) that last year was a milestone year for the ACH Network with payment volume climbing to close to 1.5 billion payments.

Things worth reading: 22nd February 2019

Chris Skinner

Startup QUID Wants to Change Digital Payments, One Penny at a Time

Bank Innovation

A recently-launched micropayments platform seeks to upend how people buy and sell digital content. QUID, a Toronto-based payments startup founded by a Google veteran, enables online transactions as small as pennies — at very high volumes — in realtime.

FSS 3D Secure- Win Customer Trust with Adaptive Authentication

Mobile Payments Today

FSS award-winning Secure3D, modelled on EMVCO 3D Secure 2.0 guidelines,, transparently authenticates card not present transactions

‘Alexa — Is My Data Secure On Connected Devices?’


By 2020, there will be an estimated 26 billion Intelligence of Things (IoT)-connected devices active around the world. As the IoT market grows, however, developers and consumers alike are growing more vigilant to protect any potential weaknesses of devices that rely on constant connectivity.

Things worth reading: 21st February 2019

Chris Skinner

Things we’re reading today include … Politicians must stand up for City after Brexit Barclays fraud trial: ex-chairman ‘not aware’ of £280m Qatar deal Standard Chartered sets aside $900 million to cover U.S.,

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Can Banks Solve their Small-Dollar Loan Problem with Fintech Partnerships?

Bank Innovation

Aura, a San Francisco-based fintech offering affordable loans to low to moderate-income households, wants to partner with banks to offer those loans to consumers who have traditionally been unable to secure them from larger institutions.

How Blockchain Tech Could Disrupt Real Estate

CB Insights

While historically a “pen and pencil” business, technology has begun to push the global real estate market into digitized approaches.

Facebook Accused Of Exposing User Data Via Groups


The Federal Trade Commission ( FTC ) has received a complaint against Facebook that alleges the social media giant wrongfully disclosed information on members of closed groups.

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Things worth reading: 19th February 2019

Chris Skinner

Things we’re reading today include … Move over neon Monzo, now there’s a bank card that miaows Do we need a global technology regulator for financial services?

U.S. Banks Adopt Open Banking Concepts Without Regulatory Nudge, But Why?

Bank Innovation

The U.S. is making a more organic shift toward open banking concepts than what is seen in Europe, where the Revised Payment Service Directive, or PSD2, is outright requiring it. Innovation, collaboration, and competition are rapidly shaping the open banking ecosystem in the U.S.,

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Q&A: What Are The Fintech Trends To Watch In 2019?

CB Insights

Last year was a banner year for fintech, with over 1,700 deals worth nearly $40B. From record levels of funding to increasing consumer tech adoption, fintech is seeing dramatic growth across the globe. GET THE 106-PAGE FINTECH TRENDS REPORT.

Zuckerberg Considering Blockchain For Facebook Login


Things worth reading: 18th February 2019

Chris Skinner

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