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Survey: Banks just aren’t ready for digital

Chris Skinner

I’ve just been reading Jim Marous’s Digital Banking Report which ties in nicely with my new book Doing Digital, as the themes are similar.

Survey 177

Toyota Financial’s New Zealand arm inks fintech partnership

Bank Innovation

Toyota Finance New Zealand (TFNZ) has partnered with Ephesoft, an AI-powered data capturing platform, to help streamline and automate its loan-application processes, Ephesoft’s Founder and Chief Executive Ike Kavas told Auto Finance News.

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How blockchain will impact the supply chain

Mobile Payments Today

Blockchain technology can provide excellent tools for supply chain management. Former Coca-Cola executive Kraig Adams talks about how he got involved with blockchain technology and how it will transform supply chain management

Cannabis Banking: Mitigating Reputation Risk to Financial Institutions


Key Takeaways The number of institutions banking cannabis grew significantly in 2019. Despite Federal ambiguity, State Regulators are beginning to clearly define their stances on cannabis banking.

Things worth reading: 23rd January 2020

Chris Skinner

Temenos to help US clients launch digital banks in 90 days

Bank Innovation

The race to create a challenger bank just got more competitive with a ready-made solution from core provider Temenos that can help brands stand up a digital bank in as few as 90 days.

Why shell companies are so risky (and hard to spot)

Insights on Business

Shell companies and the hidden threat of entity risk. While not inherently illegal, shell companies have been getting a lot attention recently for the role they play in illegal activity.

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The global new banking brew

Chris Skinner

Another useful person in my online network is Steve McLaughlin of @FTPartners, who I spotted sent a tweet last week saying they had produced a challenger bank report.

Banking licenses an opportunity to create fintech hub in Singapore

Bank Innovation

Singapore is becoming a haven for e-commerce companies looking to get into banking in Asian markets.

Learning to live with PSD2: reducing customer journey friction


Guest bloggers Philip Cooney and Gaurav Bansal explore the pain points around PSD2 and how banks are trying to reduce friction for their customers. A few weeks ago, I (Phil) submitted my weekly grocery order and set off to meet a friend for dinner. I expected to hear no more about it until my order….

Virtual Gaming Grows Into A Force For Tourism And Even Atlantic City


With every passing year, it becomes harder and harder to talk about, or even think about, the global digital and mobile ecosystem without considering the place of gaming within that world. And now comes along another bit of news that further drives home that point.

Things worth reading: 22nd January 2020

Chris Skinner


B2B fintech Biller Genie helps banks automate business payments

Bank Innovation

Business payment startups and banks are rushing to offer clients the same kind of intuitive, automated payment experience that consumers have come to expect from their favorite personal finance apps.

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Case Study: How To Win More Loan Business

Banker to Banker

We work on thousands of lending transactions every year with hundreds of community banks across the country.

Bitcoin Daily: Shopify Plugin Uses Blockchain For Authentication, SportsCastr Launches Its Own Crypto


A startup in San Francisco called the Real Items Foundation has developed a plugin for Shopify that will use blockchain technology to make sure items being sold on the site are authentic, according to a report by Cointelegraph. The plugin is powered by blockchain and a cloud application called TAM.

The Finanser’s Week: 13th January 2020 – 19th January 2020

Chris Skinner

The main blog headlines are … Bye-bye FinTech I just spent time with a bank talking about Doing Digital. The host had read a preview copy of my new book and was asking a few questions about it. What had surprised me the most in my talks with five banks?

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HSBC launches real-time payments for business clients

Bank Innovation

HSBC is improving payments for its business clients through a suite of tools launched last week called Treasury APIs, which are designed to speed up payments for small businesses and large corporate clients alike. HSBC’s Treasury APIs embed payment capabilities into other workflows.

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Increase Deposits The Easy Way and Get a 150%+ Return [Template]

Banker to Banker

When you are a banker, sometimes your workload doesn’t come in neat memos or emails. A lot of stuff just gets dropped off on your desk with notes to “Fix This” (like below) or solve that. Fortunately, a lot of these problems are easy to solve.

First Bankcard, Provident Bank Team For Commercial Payments


First Bankcard , a division of First National Bank of Omaha , has formed a strategic partnership with Provident Bank , First Bankcard announced Wednesday (Jan.

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Things worth reading: 21st January 2020

Chris Skinner

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Jack Ma’s booming loan business threatens Visa, AmEx in China

Bank Innovation

As Visa Inc., Mastercard Inc. and American Express Co. prepare to enter China for the first time, one of their biggest competitive threats will come from a company that doesn’t issue credit cards.

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The New Era of Customer Experience

ATM Marketplace

ACG Capabilties

Building The Beard Trend Into A Successful eCommerce Portal 


After several decades out of favor, with the dawning of the 21st century and especially in the 2010s, beards began to make a big comeback.

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The virtual banking brew in Asia

Chris Skinner

Varun Mittal, Associate Partner with EY, recently posted a couple of interesting slides about the launch of virtual banking licences to encourage challenger banks in Asia. If you’re not aware, there’s a great deal of digital banking activity across Asia.

Digit expands bill-pay automation

Bank Innovation

Personal finance app Digit is growing its bill payment automation capabilities with a new feature that pays users’ phone bills. The platform already allows for scheduled payments for credit cards and student loans.

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ACG Customer Portal

ATM Marketplace

Customer Portal for Parts Ordering "We Made it Easy "


Canapi VC Firm Commits $545M To Boost FinTech Startups


Venture capital firm Canapi Ventures announced $545 million in funding that will serve as its inaugural venture capital funds, gleaned from a sizable investor base.

Things worth reading: 20th January 2020

Chris Skinner

Things we’re reading today include … Monzo bank ‘freezing accounts for no apparent reason’ JPMorgan to buy Paris building to bring euro teams from London CEO says Bank of America aims to ‘double’ its U.S.

Brex to launch treasury, insurance and loan products

Bank Innovation

Brex, a corporate card and financial product startup aimed at businesses, plans to broaden its product ecosystem beyond bank accounts and cards.

ACG Gaming/Casino Support Services

ATM Marketplace

ACG Gaming/Casino Support Services


Worldpay On Modernizing Security Defenses To Foil eCommerce Fraud


The European Union’s long-anticipated 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive (5AMLD), which modernizes security rules to reflect the needs and threats facing today’s economy, took effect in mid-January, and its impacts are already being felt across the payments space.

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JPMorgan Chase: First Among Equals

Chris Skinner

When The Financial Times does what they’re good at – covering financial markets and not technology – then they do produce some fascinating content. Case in point is the latest coverage of JPMorgan Chase’s (JPMC) 2019 results.

Fed: Big bank cyberattack could have serious spillover effects

Bank Innovation

A cyberattack on a major U.S. bank could have network effects that could cripple the financial system, a report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York concluded. The study, released this month, focused on the consequences of an attack on the wholesale payments network.

The Value of Investing in In-branch Video Banking

ATM Marketplace

As banks pilot or expand their video banking plans , what should they consider? Follow 5 easy tips

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USAT: Unattended Retail’s (Dawning) Age Of Self-Serve Ubiquity


Evolution is the hallmark of everything that survives over a long period of time — and so it should come as no surprise that unattended retail has evolved, too, over more than a century since the first coin-operated vending machines made their debut in the late 1800s.

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The Customer Experience in Financial Services

Perficient Financial Servies

Previously, I discussed why financial services firms should focus on digital transformation. This blog will analyze the aspects customer experience. Customer experience (CX) is not the same as customer service.

Bankers identify 2020’s greatest strengths and challenges

Bank Innovation

When preparing for a new year, it helps to assess what went well and what didn’t in the previous year. This exercise helps keep track of past triumphs for further success and turn past deficiencies into future victories.