The end of main street

Chris Skinner

What’s the future for our children and our … The post The end of main street appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Wondering about the future. Always wondering about the future. Thinking about where things are going. It’s the only thing we don’t know. We know the past; we live in the present; we wonder about the future. What’s my future? What’s your future?

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Saving Main Street From Its Downward Pandemic Spiral


And as much as people may complain about the crowds in the stores or on Main Streets, they like being part of the hustle and bustle – and the energy it brings. Saving Main Street. Reimagining Main Street. Suburban Main Streets might get a boost.

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The Blueprint For Rethinking Main Street


For the small shops and independently owned restaurants that line America’s Main Streets from coast to coast, the past eight weeks have been a difficult time leading toward an incredibly uncertain future. Hunter Hall , executive director of the Main Street Business Improvement Association (MSBIA), told Karen Webster recently that Main Street has to adapt if it hopes to continue as an active commercial base of restaurants and retailers. “Up

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The State Of Main Street In 2020’s Second Half


The first half of 2020 was a tough time to run a small business on Main Street as stay-at-home orders closed down restaurants and retailers for much or all of the past five months. That requirement of rapid change left many Main Street merchants deeply shaken and worried about their futures.

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Main Street USA: 58 Percent Of Main Street SMB Retailers Say They May Not Survive The Pandemic


This is just one of the questions PYMNTS set out to answer in the Main Street On Lockdown: The COVID-19 Cash Chasm edition. Coronavirus Assistance Cash COVID-19 loans Main Feature Main Street Main Street On Lockdown News Paycheck Protection Program PPP Retail Small Business Administration SMBThe Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) began accepting applications on April 3.

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Main Street, Disbursements And QR Codes Top This Week's News


We have deep dives on Main Street, disbursements and quick-response (QR) code payments. . NEW DATA: The State Of Main Street Businesses Six Months Into The Pandemic. The coronavirus pandemic has stretched Main Street to its financial limits.

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More Main Street SMBs Face Permanent Closures


But as is often the case during times of economic turbulence, the costs are being borne the most by Main Street SMBs that have been forced to furlough workers and close their doors (at least temporarily). Restaurants lead the pack among struggling Main Street merchants.

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The Main Street Rescue That Wasn’t (And Still Isn’t)


What happens if Main Street becomes less a proving ground for smaller businesses — born of, and serving, local communities — and more a collection of larger firms, well-capitalized, but already enjoying competitive advantages? Economy economy loans Main Street News SMBs

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New Data: What COVID-19 Is Doing To Main Street SMBs


The boutique shops that lined Main Street USA, which got nearly all of their business face-to-face in their stores, expected that 2020 would be another great year. We went into the field last Wednesday (March 24) to understand, at an aggregate level, how COVID-19 has impacted the SMBs that line the Main Streets and the side streets of our communities. Coronavirus cash flow COVID-19 Karen Webster Main Feature Main Street News Revenue small businesses SMBs Stimulus Bill

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FinTechs Help Main Street Find Its Footing


“I think for some of the businesses that have started to get some of the federal support, it comes with a lot of problems and challenges, and we actually have some business owners who decided they can’t actually use the Paycheck Protection Program because it’s too much risk,” Main Street Alliance Executive Director Amanda Ballantyne recently told PYMNTS. The consensus on Main Street, however, is that the old ways of doing business may be gone for good.

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Wall Street to Main Street: Drop Dead

Daily Fintech

The post Wall Street to Main Street: Drop Dead appeared first on Daily Fintech. After 2008, in the central bank liquidity driven bull market, stock picking went out of fashion.

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New Data: Inside Main Street SMB’s Digital Shift


In Main Street On Lockdown: Business Recovery edition, we surveyed 431 SMB owners from across the U.S. Main Street On Lockdown: Business Recovery edition aims to understand why some SMBs are all-in on innovation, while others risk getting left in the dust.

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The Road To Recovery: Main Street SMBs And Closing The Cash Flow Gap


To gauge the economic health and vitality of local economies, one need look no further than the financial stability of the small and medium-sized businesses that line the main streets and side streets of communities across the nation.

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NEW REPORT: Helping Main Street SMBs Close The Cash Flow Gap


Main Street small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are a barometer for the economic vitality and the health of the broader U.S. After all, a bustling Main Street signals new business opportunities and growth potential. Seventy-six percent of the SMBs down Main Street USA have experienced cash flow shortages during the four months since the pandemic began. So how are Main Street SMBs planning to keep up until things go back to business as usual?

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Main Street Lending Program Broadened to Attract More Lenders, Borrowers


Key Takeaways The soon-to-begin Main Street Lending Program (MSLP) aims to fulfill a need for mid-sized businesses to access relief funds amid the coronavirus pandemic. More work is still needed to support businesses struggling to keep their doors open, and other relief programs, like the soon-to-begin Main Street Lending Program (MSLP), will continue to fill an important need in economic relief efforts.

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Six Months Into Pandemic, Taking The Pulse Of Main Street SMBs


The continued resumption may not be enough to stave off the top-line pressures and cash crunches that bedevil the Main Street SMBs that power a significant portion of the U.S. The state of Main Street right now?

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PPP: Paycheck Protection or Main Street SMB Rescue Program?


Commentary B2B B2B Payments Coronavirus cross-border payments Digital Payments Main Feature Main Street Mobile Payments News On The Agenda PPP loans relief payments SBA

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Fed Releases Main Street Program Lender List


The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston issued a state-by-state listing of lenders accepting applications from new business customers for the Main Street Lending Program on Wednesday (July 8). Borrowers are encouraged to ask their bank about Main Street loans in addition to those on the list. Loans federal reserve Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Main Street Lending Program News Small Business Loans What's Hot

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Billions Lent For Main Street SMBs – But Cash Flow Crunch Is Stubborn


Billions of dollars in dry powder for Main Street SMB lending – and relatively few takers. All told, the Main Street Lending Program has extended $1.2 Beyond Main Street lending activities, the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) may see a renaissance of sorts.

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Why Saving Main Street Will Take More Than Just More Money


SMBs Coronavirus Digital Payments ecommerce loan payments Main Feature Main Street micro loans minority-owned businesses monday conversation News Opportunity Fund podcast PPP RetailThe nonprofit Opportunity Fund — which makes loans to small businesses owned by low- and moderate-income immigrants, women and other underserved clientele — started 2020 fairly optimistically.

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Fights Over Loan Terms Delayed Main Street Lending Program


Department of the Treasury and the Federal Reserve gave hope to small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with the announcement of the Main Street Lending Program. The Main Street program was designed to serve businesses that couldn’t meet the 500 or fewer employees requirement of the forgivable loan program from the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). More than three months ago, the U.S.

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On Main Street

Independent Banker

Industry Insight On Main Street Viewpoints A Second Cyberdefense. By Noah W. Wilcox, Grand Rapids State Bank. Information is the new coin of the realm, and financial information is the most widely prized. Today protecting rapidly escalating volumes of faster-moving information has become one of the most pressing technology challenges for businesses and other organizations.

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Saving Main Street: College Towns Deal With Economic Devastation


Downtowns everywhere from Maine to California are dealing with varying degrees of economic and existential pain as a result of the pandemic, but nowhere is the pain as acute as in college towns. Economy college towns economy Main Street News Retail UMass

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Saving Main Street: Advocacy Groups Propose New Government Relief Programs


The crisis is hardly over, but post-pandemic reality is setting in for Main Street retail. Kennedy Smith, a senior researcher for the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR) says Main Street is facing an existential crisis without more impactful and accessible government relief programs described the current situation as “an existential crisis” for Main Streets, as reported in Route Fifty. Policy put into place must target Main Street.

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The Risk of The Main Street Lending Program By The Numbers

Banker to Banker

By the same token, many banks are baffled by what to do with the Main Street Lending Program (MSLP), as this is not something we would do in normal times. What is with all the waving we do at the end of Zoom calls?

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Economists Recommend More Lenient Terms For Main Street Lending Program


’s Main Street Lending Program intended to aid small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported. The Main Street Lending Program has already expanded a few times, PYMNTS reported , with lower minimum loan requirements, higher max limits and adjusted repayments schedules. Loans Congress economy federal reserve loans Main Street Lending Program News SMBs What's Hot

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NEW DATA: Two-Thirds Of Main Street SMBs Are Not Ready For The Post-Pandemic Restart


These are just a few of the questions we sought to answer in Main Street On Lockdown: Reinventing The Road To Recovery edition. Coronavirus B2B B2B Payments Cash COVID-19 digital ecommerce economy loans Main Feature Main Street Main Street On Lockdown: Reinventing The Road To Recovery mobile News Payment Protection Program payments Retail Small Business Administration SMB Technology . The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a massive consumer migration to digital commerce.

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Fed Relaxes Requirements For Nonprofits To Borrow From Main Street Lending Program


It will now be a lot easier for schools, hospitals and social service organizations to access funds using the Main Street Lending Program. The Main Street nonprofit loan terms are generally similar to for-profit business loans, including the interest rate, principal and interest payment deferral, five-year terms, and minimum and maximum loan sizes. Loans COVID-19 federal reserve Lending loans Main Street Lending Program Small business lending Small Business Loans SMBs What's Hot

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Silicon Valley Investor Aims To Create Tech Hub In Maine


A new research institute in Portland, Maine, is intended to electrify the local economy and provide a hub for multiple career fields outside of the major cities that dominate most tech job searches. Innovation David Roux economy jobs Maine News Portland Silicon Valley tech hub tech institute What's Hot

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The Many Faces Of Main Street SMB Recovery


The latest in PYMNTS’ Main Street On Lockdown series – the Business Recovery edition – is based on a May 8 survey of 431 SMBs, and identifies “…the digital technologies in which firms are investing […] the methods they are using to stay afloat and [exploring] how a new stimulus funding round from the [SBA] may be changing their financial stability.”. And while that is a good sign, America’s devastated Main Street business districts have a long road ahead, and not everyone will make it.

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Maine State, Midcoast FCU plan merger

American Banker

Maine Consolidations Credit unions M&A Growth strategiesThe deal is expected to close sometime next year but is still subject to regulatory and member approval.

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Main Street SMBs, Digital AP, GoodRx’s IPO Tops This Week’s News


We have deep dives on the financial health of Main Street small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), digital accounts payable (AP), and GoodRx ’s initial public offering (IPO). . A fairly large disconnect exists between Main Street SMB owners and consumers about how long COVID-19 will last.

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Main Street?s Pandemic-Led Shift To Digital Innovation


in Main Street On Lockdown: Business Recovery. Today In Data Commerce COVID-19 ecommerce Main Street News payments PPP Retail SMBs Today in DataThe lockdown of the United States economy, which was designed to slow the coronavirus’ spread, changed the way consumers browse, shop and pay for purchases. Businesses that didn’t have eCommerce channels could not sell their products, while eateries that lacked online ordering couldn’t serve diners.

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Walmart Consolidating Grocery And Main Apps


Walmart has announced that it’s going to merge its Walmart Grocery app with the main Walmart mobile app, to create a more seamless shopping experience for its customers, according to a report by TechCrunch. The new merge will mean customers will be able to do everything they want to in one place, and it will be less confusing, the company said, as some main app users didn’t even know there was a separate app. The main app was No.

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Fed Turns To Banks For Feedback On Main Street Lending Program


The Federal Reserve is nearly ready to debut its new Main Street lending program, and it is reaching out to banks for advice, according to a report from CNBC. It is not clear exactly when the Fed’s Main Street lending program will officially begin, although officials estimate that it should be within the next few weeks. Loans Banks Coronavirus COVID-19 economy federal reserve feedback Lending Program loans Main Street News SMBs What's Hot

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