Case Study: Getaround Gets Around Vehicle Owners’ Trepidation


The following case study explores how the company earns vehicle owners’ trust by authenticating those who want to access their automobiles. One of the sharing economy ’s most powerful selling points is its promise of financial empowerment.

Telekom Slovenije Google Play & Fortumo case study

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Telekom Slovenije Google Play & Fortumo case study: doubling Google Play spend limits

Singapore Case Study: One Wallet. Multiple Uses.

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This case study focuses on how Telepin was able to help a large Signapore telecommunications company provide mobile financial services to an economically diverse clientel

Aftonbladet & Fortumo case study: direct carrier billing for digital publishers

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This case study looks at how Aftonbladet (part of Schibsted Media Group) uses telco solutions for subscriber and revenue growth

EasyPark & Fortumo case study: carrier billing for mobile parking

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This case study looks at how Europe’s leading provider of digital parking services EasyPark implemented Fortumo’s carrier billing platform to collect payments from drivers

Tigo Case Study: Seamless Transition to Faster Service

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Read the full case study to learn how In Tanzania, Telepin transparently replaced an existing mobile money platform and helped Tigo Tanzania drive revenue growth — actually doubling Tigo Tanzania’s transactions per second, and provided them with a platform that can support their growth.

Amazon Go: A case study in cashless retail pushback

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The decision by Amazon to change course with its cashless Amazon Go stores offers a cautionary tale for retailers about the likely fallout when they try to exclude fiat currency as a payment choice for potential customers

Digicel Case Study: Mobile wallet helps reach unbanked and underbanked customers

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Read the full case study to learn how The largest mobile service provider in the Caribbean and South Pacific used mobile transactions to reach unbanked and underbanked customers — Telepin was able to help Digicel reduce operational costs and increase revenue.

Commercial risk rating: Case study


At a recent Sageworks event, we discussed a specific case study regarding components of risk rating for a particular business loan to see how the institutions in the audience would have handled a particular scenario. Working through this case study, the experienced bankers at the Sageworks event had a mix of responses that factored into these recommendations. Banks and credit unions are in the business of measuring and managing credit risk.

Case study: Dechra & Salmon

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In this case study, Dechra’s group treasurer Steve Card explains how they met the

Case Study: How Founders Federal Credit Union Uses ATM Trackers

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In this case study, you will explore the different challenges Founders Federal Credit Union they have faced, how they use ATM Trackers to thwart thieves, and the results they are experiencing utilizing 3SI's tracking technology

Globe case study: increasing carrier billing revenue with Fortumo

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This case study looks at how Globe has increased its revenue from its digital content through carrier billing in partnership with Fortumo: both by enabling server-to-server payments to merchants like Spotify, as well as enabling carrier billing through Fortumos turnkey products for Badoo, Viber, Game Insight and others

Doing bad for society and the planet (an Earth Day banking update)

Chris Skinner

Case Studies Future Grid OpinionI’m not a particularly political person. Opinionated yes. A little bit right and little bit left, maybe. Not necessarily a centrist, true.

Mobifone case study: how does Google Play carrier billing impact telco revenue?

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In our latest case study with the leading Vietnamese telco Mobifone, we find that this is not the case. Download the case study and find out how launching carrier billing for Google Play increased Mobifone's ARPU by 130

Is the branch dead?

Chris Skinner

Case Studies Digital Bank Future Grid NumbersA regular discussion of mine has resurfaced in recent days: is the branch dead?

Protector GPS Case Study, Kida ATM Services

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DPL’s Protector GPS helps IAD recover stolen ATM plus $25,000 cash and aids police in making arrests

Terminal Management Service Delivers 30% Cost Savings | POS Case Study | Retail

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Read our case study to find out more TNS' Terminal Management Service has helped a firm with 15,000 POS terminals realize cost savings of 30% over its incumbent provider.

Case Study: Paymark Partners with TNS to Reinforce EFTPOS Services | Wireless | IP POS | Dial | Mobile

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Download this case study to discover how Paymark, the leading processor in New Zealand with 140,000 EFTPOS terminals, is partnering with TNS to reinforce its EFTPOS services with a new range of alternative, feature rich and highly reliable payment solutions

Case study: Bellin and Mubea drive automotive market

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For multinational groups, the ability to instantly appraise cash positions has long been a challenge. Selecting the right treasury management system (TMS) can be key to liquidity and the ongoing running of the business. Mubea – the German multinational automotive parts producer – chose

ATM2GO Case Study - Mobile and Retail ATMs with 4G Coverage | Fully Managed Comms Solution

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Download this case study to see how ATM2GO is using the fully managed TNSLink for ATMs solution to handle communications from mobile and retail ATMs at diverse locations, including clubs, food outlets, festivals, sporting events and more

EQ Bank, Canada: a customer-obsessed bank

Chris Skinner

Case Studies Digital Bank GridA few years ago, I was invited to talk with Equitable Bank in Canada about digital banking. Since then, they’ve launched their digital bank called EQ Bank.

Case Study: Majestic Wine Upgrades to High Speed Fully Redundant Payments Network

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Download our case study to learn more TNS and Majestic Wine have designed a fully redundant managed service which provides point-of-sale retail services via a dedicated payments network with the ability to use multiple failover capabilities.

Which banks do ‘get IT’?

Chris Skinner

Case Studies Digital Bank Fintech GridI’m working on my next book already. Digital Human only came out a few months ago, and here I am off already on a new one.

Case Study: MEPS Engages TNS for ATM Network Scale and Reliability

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This case study shows how it is using TNSLink from TNS to realize a scalable, carrier independent, wireless communications solution for its expanding ATM fleet. MEPS is establishing a new breed of ATMs across Malaysia, which will see 1,000 ATMs live by 2022. Since transitioning it has reduced unforecasted visits to ATMs by 25

Case study: Garanti Bank

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Garanti Bank offers optimum service across all channels – simple and customer friendly

The law of entirely expected consequences case study: payment surcharges


The law of entirely expected consequences case study: payment surcharges on BankNXT. Unfortunately, the predictable result of the recent UK ban on card surcharges is that prices will go up. Dave Birch explains why.

The untold story of Stripe

Chris Skinner

Case Studies Fintech Grid PaymentsWired are really good at writing long, wordy essays on things they find of interest. I enjoy them, but not everyone has half an hour to read their musings.

Blockchain – Bitcoin as a Mainstream Case Study

Let's Talk Payments

In my latest LTP article, I have attempted to provide high-level and (hopefully) user-friendly enough (i.e., not requiring high-tech knowledge) overview of the underlying cryptography behind blockchain and how it.

Case Study: TNS and P97 Partnership Enables More Secure Mobile and Connected Car Payments

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Download our case study to learn more about this partnership which has already enabled in-dash fuel payments for over 3 million vehicles across the United States TNS and P97 Networks are leading the way in facilitating secure and reliable connected vehicle and mobile payments across North America and Europe.

Case Study Spotlight: Thinking Differently About Loyalty


The post Case Study Spotlight: Thinking Differently About Loyalty appeared first on FICO Retail loyalty programs are ubiquitous and predictable — except in the Canadian grocery space.

Case Study: AVEO Group Reaches Major New Multi-Million Euro Agreement with TNS | France | Dial | POS | PSTN

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This case study reveals how TNS is helping AVEO Group, on behalf of its Credit Agricole Group entities, to strengthen its payments infrastructure. The TNS solution has been designed to deliver all types of transaction traffic and provides real-time visibility, monitoring and reporting

MOF Case Study

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FSS was chosen as the partner for the state of Madhya Pradesh (MP), the second largest state in India, comprising an area of 3,00,000 square kilometers

China’s blood on the carpet in P2P lending

Chris Skinner

Case Studies Fintech Grid Innovation RegulationOne other thing struck me as the discussions fired away in Shanghai at Lang Di … is China going to haemorrhage and bring down the world’s financial systems … or is that just what the Western media would like us to think?

Today marks ten years since Lehmans collapsed and the GFC started

Chris Skinner

Case Studies Grid HistoryIt’s September 14. It’s exactly ten years since Lehman Brothers collapsed. It’s ten years since the touchpaper was lit that sparked the Global Financial Crisis (GFC).

Loans processing for just three cents per application (thank you coders!)

Chris Skinner

Case Studies Digital Bank Fintech Grid TechnologyI enjoyed the LendIt conference in Shanghai, and wrote a few notes. In particular, I enjoyed hearing the story of XWBank as told by Jiang Hai, the Vice Chairman.

BrandBank Branch Transformation Case Study

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In the ultra-competitive world of retail banking, success comes from developing and growing relationships with individual and business customers and then continuing to adapt to changes in customer demands.

Targeting a Secure Future: iGaming as a Case Study


The post Targeting a Secure Future: iGaming as a Case Study appeared first on Dataconomy.

Case Study: Scalable, Customizable, & Reduce Operating Costs for Mobile Remote Deposit Capture (mRDC)

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a2ia Mobility delivers a proven Check21 compliant application that is scalable, and reduces operating costs for financial institutions

The Amazonisation of Banking

Chris Skinner

Case Studies Digital Bank Grid TechnologyLast week, our good friend Dave Birch posted a great blog about the Amazonisation of Banking, most of which I agreed with. So I asked Dave if I could repost it here and he said “yes, of course” Thanks Dave. Enjoy! The Amazonisation of Banking… …is very different from Amazon being … The post The Amazonisation of Banking appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog.

Case study: Nasdaq's troubleshooting to transformation

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Imagine taking a broker from 1869, stuffing them into a time machine and winding the clock forward by 100 years. Stepping out onto the exchange, they would be looking out on a familiar sight. The method for taking buy and sell orders and physically trading stock would be pretty much the same.

In China, buy the wrong things and go to jail

Chris Skinner

Case Studies Fintech Future Grid Innovation OpinionAs I travel around, I find different cultures fascinating Some are open, some are closed; some are welcoming, some are distrusting; some feel comfortable, some feel weird; some feel nice, some feel strict; and so on.

Is Amazon About to Burst Banks?

Chris Skinner

Case Studies Digital Bank Fintech Future Grid Opinion TechnologyI get press releases all the time and generally ignore them. In fact, I don’t know why they email me, as I never post them on the blog. Uh-oh. I just got one that I’m posting on the blog. Floodgates opening.

Rivermark Community Credit Union Case Study

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NCR Interactive Teller enabled Rivermark Community Credit Union to increase its member accounts by 52% within 18 months and serve their members an additional 25 hours per week with no increase to teller staff costs