Mastercard’s Cyber Secure Uses AI To Help Banks Fight Cyber Fraud


Mastercard has unveiled its artificial intelligence (AI)-fueled Cyber Secure tool suite, which lets banks evaluate cyber risk throughout their ecosystems and stop possible breaches from occurring, according to a Friday (Oct.

The cyber security threat landscape in financial services

Insights on Business

Gary Meshell, WW Leader Financial Services, IBM Security, opened his IBM Think 2019 talk, How Financial Services Companies Should Respond to Cyber Security Attacks with a bold assertion and truism. “It’s Meshell was joined on stage by Sean McKee, Senior Manager, Cyber Threat Management, TD Bank, to provide a perspective on how to ensure that a financial services company can gauge its readiness for a cyber security attack. Focus on cyber resiliency.


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Girl Scouts Will Get The Chance To Earn Badges In Cyber Security


Girl Scouts will soon get the chance to earn their first ever cyber security badges. The Huffington Post reports that Girl Scouts can earn the first of 18 cyber security Girl Scout badges beginning in September 2018. million Girl Scouts in kindergarten through sixth grade and is being developed in a partnership between the Girl Scouts and Palo Alto Networks, a security company.

Cyber security: Are you cyber resilient? (You better be)


Cyber security is a top-of-mind issue with no easy answers and no absolute protections. Cyber attacks are frequent, evolving, costly—and no retail bank is totally immune. Becoming cyber resilient A recent Accenture point of view challenges financial services organizations to. Everyday Bank Featured cyber security cyber resilienceRead more.

Proposed new cyber security regulations will be a huge undertaking for financial institutions

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New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDSF) is one step closer to releasing cyber security regulations aided by the largest security hacking breach in history, against JP Morgan Chase. Yesterday (Tuesday, November 10), the authorities charged three men with what they call “pump and dump” manipulation of publicly traded stock, mining of nonpublic corporate information, money laundering, wire fraud, identity theft and securities fraud.

Cyber security "starts with the board"


Just as we rang in the 2020s, foreign exchange company Travelex found itself battling a well-coordinated ransomware and meticulously planned cyber- attack. This attack came as a timely reminder that, as financial firms extend their offering and reliance on all things digital, we can only expect

Are UK SMEs’ cyber security fears standing in the way of digital innovation?


Managing Risk Featured cyber security SME Banking digital innovation digital talent digital securityUK SMEs and charities are becoming more digital and this is translating into organisational success. It’s a headline message from this year’s Lloyds Bank Business Digital Index (BDI). But that doesn’t mean it’s all plain sailing. Hand-in-hand with SMEs’ adoption. Read more.

Today In Payments: Mastercard’s Cyber Secure Helps Fight Cyber Fraud; Amazon Focuses On Fulfillment After Record Quarter


In today’s top news, Mastercard reveals its AI tool Cyber Secure to help banks fight cyber breaches, and Amazon reported record-setting earnings. Mastercard’s Cyber Secure Uses AI to Help Banks Fight Cyber Fraud.

New York Amends Cyber Security Proposal

New York's State of Mind

New York State Regulatory technology cyber securityI’m back and ready for a year that promises to be a blogger’s dream come true. On December 28th, New York’s Department of Financial Services reissued its proposed Cybersecurity Program Requirements which are to be phased in starting in March. Although the amendments are designed to clarify that entities covered by these regulations (a category that […].

Are you asking questions about cyber security?

New York's State of Mind

The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC), which reflects the combined wisdom of all the financial regulators including the NCUA, released a “statement” yesterday in which it strongly recommended that financial institutions participate in the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) as part of their efforts to enhance the cyber security of their […]. Advocacy Compliance Legal Watch cyber security

October is National Cyber Security Awareness MonthAnd it’s not too late to put it to work

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I am the first to admit that when it comes names of commemorative months, National Cyber Security Awareness Month isn’t the sexiest. Reducing it to the initialism NCSAM makes it easier to write, but not easier to pronounce—En-see-sam? Nik-sam? Ink-sam?—and and it it doesn’t help in the sexiness department, either. Perhaps that’s why, even though NCSAM has been […]. Digital payments

Cyber Security This Cyber Monday

Strategically Speaking

List of cyber-Monday deals, check. This year, Internet users face sophisticated cyber threats that have been active and evolving for the past year. Author: Marissa Quebbeman, Holiday gift wish-lists, check. Malware installed while surfing the web to find the best deals…huh? The holiday shopping season usually carries elevated risk – whether shopping at a mall or online.

Are You Ready For NY’s Cyber Security Regs?

New York's State of Mind

New York State Regulatory technology cyber security regulationOn the first day back from summer vacation my daughter has an assignment due for her Social Studies class and even though I’ve been asking her about it, I’m pretty sure there is much work that needs to be done. Summer time does not lend itself to working. Similarly, consider this blog just a friendly […].

Why Don’t People Care About Cyber Security?

New York's State of Mind

General cyber security IRSThere are an increasingly large number of examples of America changing from a “Can do” to a “Can’t do” or “won’t do” nation. The latest example is the news that “more than twice as many taxpayer accounts were hit by identity thieves than the agency first reported, with hackers gaining access to as many as 330,000 […].

A Proven Approach for Enhancing Your Cyber Security and Business Continuity Testing

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Information Security Cybersecurity Risk/Fraud

Databits: Fear, malaise, and eroding trust

Payments Source

Data privacy Cyber security Leaders Editorial ResearchHow consumer attitudes toward privacy threaten to overturn long-standing industry assumptions about customer data and personalization.

Growth of QR codes raises need for security awareness

Payments Source

Contactless payments Mobile payments Cyber securityWhenever a technology moves into the payments or financial data ecosystem, it alerts fraudsters to probe it more intensely — and ultimately, figure out a way to use it as an attack vector.

Four themes to get right in 2020: Libor, SFTR, cyber security and market equivalence


As is traditional this time of year, our good intentions of new year resolutions fade to what we might expect to be dominant themes in 2020, and it has to be said that if certain plans are not yet well advanced you might want to get to it. Libor. In 2018 I wrote about the impending move away

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month And it’s not too late to put it to work

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I am the first to admit that when it comes names of commemorative months, National Cyber Security Awareness Month isn’t the sexiest. Reducing it to the initialism NCSAM makes it easier to write, but not easier to pronounce—En-see-sam? Nik-sam? Ink-sam?—and and it it doesn’t help in the sexiness department, either. Perhaps that’s why, even though NCSAM has been

Cyber security top of mind for auditors

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Best companies engage board, have audit plan Risk Management Cyberfraud/ID Theft. 1Risk Management

CIOs and cyber security—a growing match

ABA Community Banking

Execs starting to take cyber response more seriously Risk Management Blogs Making Sense of it All Security Cyberfraud/ID Theft. 1Making Sense of it All

Remote work makes weak passwords even weaker

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Authentication Cyber securityWhile the pandemic will be over eventually, the consequences of poor cybersecurity practices will be here to stay, says Pindrop's Sarosh Shahbuddin.

One for All and All for Cyber Security


Cyber security has caught the attention of the board as no board member, CEO or CFO wants to see their company headlined in the news in association with the latest data breach. Unlike just a few years ago, IT security initiatives are increasingly driven from the top down, and it is more than the IT

4 considerations for banking leaders concerned about cyber security


For example, social engineering through phishing e-mails is one of the main causes of cyber breaches to an organization’s systems. An Information Security Officer (ISO) is mandated by federal regulations and plays a critical role in today’s digitally interconnected world. He or she is the bank officer responsible for administering and ensuring the effectiveness of the information security program for the bank. Cyber Incident Response Plan.

Besides Cookie Month, it’s Cyber Security Awareness Month

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I AM REMISS. I allowed September to come and go without wishing anyone a happy Chicken Month. As long as I’m catching up, and despite my failure to send out greeting cards, I also hope you had a great Oatmeal Month in January and a happy Pig Day in March. And then there was International Beer

FFIEC's 7 cyber security priorities

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Self-assessment tool will help banks weigh cyber risk Compliance Risk Management Compliance/Regulatory Cyberfraud/ID Theft. 1Risk Management

NY To Feds: Get Serious About Cyber Security

New York's State of Mind

NY’s Department of Financial Services yesterday sent out a unique letter to key state and federal regulators, including the NCUA, urging them to start implementing a more rigorous and robust cyber security framework and implicitly warning them that New York will go ahead with efforts to strengthen oversight of cyber security with or without their […].

Four Steps for Managing Third-Party Cyber Security Risk


The latest Assessment of Business Cyber Risk (ABC) report from the US Chamber of Commerce and FICO discusses four steps for improving third-party cybersecurity risk management. On the basis of the categorization, tools like the FICO® Cyber Risk Score can be used to group organizations into portfolios where cyber risk and vendor impact/criticality can be considered together. The first step is determining whether additional information is needed to assess cyber risk.

Cyber Security Firm Bay Dynamics Completes Funding Round

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Cyber risk analytics provider Bay Dynamics has completed a $23 million Series B financing round through Carrick Capital Partners. analytics news risk-analytics

Jack Henry Annual Conference 2017 – Fintech, AI and Cyber Security

William Mills

Another crowd favorite was the cyber-attack drill where attendees acted as part of an incidence response team navigating a data breach and managing the aftermath. The post Jack Henry Annual Conference 2017 – Fintech, AI and Cyber Security appeared first on Financial PR and Marketing Agency & Financial Public Relations. The 2017 Jack Henry Annual Conference (JAC) took place October 15-19 in Nashville, Tenn. with nearly 2,000 financial industry professionals in attendance.

When it comes to cyber-security: Change you can’t take seriously

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All you need to know about the President’s speech laying out his proposals for enhanced cyber security and consumer protections is that as he was delivering it the US Central Command’s twitter account was being taken over by Islamic State terrorists Who says terrorists don’t have a sense of irony. Advocacy General cyber security President Obama

Obama sets cyber security agenda

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Includes “Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights” Technology Payments Risk Management Security Cyberfraud/ID Theft. 1Risk Management

Cyber security’s up to you, banks

ABA Community Banking

Customers fret about breaches, but do little Technology Risk Management Blogs Making Sense of it All Cyberfraud/ID Theft. 1Making Sense of it All

Relieving The Regulatory Burden: Cyber Security and Asset Management


If this wasn’t enough, growing cyber security breaches - for companies globally – have become a major concern; one that cannot be neglected. The regulatory burden placed upon the asset management community increases year on year. Luckily, we’ve recently caught up with Geoff Hecht

How to secure finance on the front line


They face the most sophisticated cyber threat actors who continually grow their capabilities and are rarely held accountable across the global footprint where they operate. The post How to secure finance on the front line appeared first on Accenture Banking Blog.