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Retail Deposits: Analyzing Deposit Stickiness in the Current Interest Rate Environment


Now, we will delve into the stability of retail deposits from the same bank over the same timeframe, determining whether they were resilient compared to transaction accounts. As illustrated in the table below, retail deposit balances experienced a decline in every quarter, albeit not as sharply as transaction accounts.

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Tandym adds retailers for rewards programs

Payments Dive

The private label digital credit card company is stacking up online retail customers, with plans to add debit options and in-store clients this year.

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Should retail banks be retailers?

Chris Skinner

Admittedly, he says it’s partly inspired by my blog of last year about challenger banks, but his write-up takes it further and has a swipe at the whole bank culture … The post Should retail banks be retailers? appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog.

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February retail, restaurant sales rise: Mastercard

Payments Dive

retail sales climbed about 7% in February over last year, alongside increases in restaurant and travel spending, Mastercard said in a report.

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The Empowered Consumer

Across the retail sector, organizations are facing a new challenge in the form of the empowered consumer. This ebook takes an in-depth look at the real challenges facing the retail sector and how AI can be a game changer in meeting those challenges. Predicting the next order based on prior purchase history.

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Oracle jumps into payments for retailers

Payments Dive

The tech titan will now process payments for retailers, as opposed to sending that part of a transaction to third parties.

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Retail Sales & PPI Reveal Softening Activity

South State Correspondent

Retail Sales & PPI Reveal Softening Activity. The first of those is retail sales for December which declined by 1.1%. The so-called core retail sales rate, or Control Group, dipped 0.7% The post Retail Sales & PPI Reveal Softening Activity appeared first on SouthState Correspondent Division.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Construction Loan Issues for the Commercial Loan Market

This guide will review current construction loan issues of interest in the commercial loan market, such as: The current demand for new construction of housing developments, apartments, retail properties, and self-storage facilities. Items of concern for construction lenders. Construction loan documentation protections for lenders.

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Shifting Focus in Today’s Market: A Commercial Lender’s Guide

Apartments were fully occupied, warehouses showed growth, and retail sites continued to recover after 2020. What to expect? Despite some turbulence in the second half of 2022, CRE performed relatively well. Even with these positive metrics, CRE lenders face an increasingly tough market as we're heading into the final phase of Q1 2023.