Should retail banks be retailers?

Chris Skinner

Admittedly, he says it’s partly inspired by my blog of last year about challenger banks, but his write-up takes it further and has a swipe at the whole bank culture … The post Should retail banks be retailers? There’s a great write-up by one of my guest contributors Alex Johnson, about the bad sales culture of most banks.

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CBDC for Retail, Wholesale and International Payments


Retail, wholesale and international payments using CBDC would expand choices, enabling more diversified payment systems and greater autonomy for the central bank. CBDC for retail payments CBDC can serve as a settlement medium for digital transactions online….

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Innovative Approaches To Retail And Banking 


In retail, Walmart is looking to win customers by wooing businesses as Amazon Prime ’s lead shrinks. Today In Data banking Commerce Innovation News payments Retail Today in Data

Upward Trends In Retail And Digital Innovation 


In the economy, retail sales surged in January after consecutive months of falling sales, while in payment methods, automatic debit payments can help utility providers bolster cash flows as well as collections. Today In Data Commerce digital Innovation News payments Retail Today in Data

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The Empowered Consumer

When it comes to working with the empowered consumer, AI has the power to help your business thrive by leveraging your own data to better understand your customers. Read our ebook, The Empowered Consumer, to learn more about how AI can help you connect with your customers.

Retail Sales Surge On Stimulus


Retail sales rose in January by 5.3 The increase in retail sales followed three consecutive months of declining sales during the 2020 holiday shopping season. percent retail sales increase beat economists’ estimates, which forecast a 1 percent rebound in January retail sales.

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Capturing Consumer Spend And Investment In Retail


Amazon is reportedly closing in on Walmart’s lead in auto parts , one of the last segments where the latter retailer enjoys a lead besides food. In warehouse club retail, stimulus checks have bolstered January same-store sales at Costco , which recently reported January sales data.

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Retail 2021: The Five Things Retailers Should Be Talking About At NRF This Week


Every year for the last 110 years , members of the retail trade group, known as the National Retail Federation (NRF), have assembled to discuss the slate of issues pertinent to its members. COVID-19, of course, didn’t cause physical retail’s steep decline — it just accelerated it.

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Growth And New Beginnings In Retail 


In retail personnel, current Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos will be handing off his CEO responsibilities to Andy Jassy and moving into an executive chairman role. Today In Data Commerce News payments Retail Today in Data

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Expansions In Retail And Digital Commerce


In department store retail, Nordstrom reported that a sizable share of its online orders was fulfilled by stores last quarter. Today In Data digital commerce ecommerce News Retail Today in Data

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Digital Technologies Drive Innovation In Retail, Payments


In retail technology, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions ’ new Elera system aims to supplant in-store IT systems with a new cloud-enabled technology. Today In Data Commerce digital commerce News payments Retail Today in Data

Mobile Payments 101: Retail

Mobile Payments Today

The world of mobile payments has changed significantly over the past decade – and particularly over the past few years as smartphones and other mobile devices have become ubiquitous. In this report, we will review some of the main themes and trends in the mobile payments market

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Apple Has Reopened All 270 US Retail Stores


stores for the first time since all retail locations were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic that hit the country in March of 2020, CNBC reported o n Monday (March 1). Retail Apple brick and mortar COVID-19 News What's HotApple has reopened all 270 of its U.S.

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Emerging Retail And Digital Commerce Trends 


retail sales grew in January, while in real estate, HousingAnywhere is seeking a big growth year and is looking to turn its digital rental marketplace into a platform for property managers. retail sales in January, due in large part to eCommerce sales. The Kroger Co.

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EU May Face Recession As Employment, Retail Numbers Stay Weak


Meanwhile, Germany has been looking at retail sales falling for months in a row, with tight restrictions to keep a lid on the virus causing a 4.5 percent drop in the country’s retail sales in January, FT reported. The fall in retail sales was worse than the projected 0.3

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Future Opportunities And Hurdles In Retail 


In off-price retail, TJX Corporation awaits the return of the revenge shopper at a time when some of its locations in Canada and Europe remain closed due to pandemic restrictions. Today In Data Commerce News payments Retail Today in Data

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NCR: Payments Are Connective Tissue For Banks And Retailers


They said that banks and retailers can work together to create a fully contextual eCommerce experience. But Brown and Haberkorn were quick to note that for FIs and retailers, gunning for a super-app may not be the optimal strategy. “We

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Consumer Interest In Retail And Banking Innovations


In retail earnings, Lowe's reported a rise in total sales for its most recent quarter, while in digital payments, a number of customers have bought or sold bitcoin on Square ’s Cash App. Today In Data banking Commerce News payments Retail Today in Data

No Ports In A (Retail) Storm Of Logistics Delays


26), retailers across a number of verticals have been struggling with logistics — namely, getting goods from point A to point B, even as consumers continue to spend. If retailers have to wait weeks to get inventory in hand, then that of course leads to stockouts.

Tulip Introduces Fulfillment Technology For Retailers


Retail cloud-based mobile technology provider Tulip has rolled out its Fulfillment offering to help merchants grow their abilities to manage, monitor and deliver eCommerce orders straight from the store, according to a Wednesday (Feb. Retail brick and mortar ecommerce News Tulip What's Hot

Digital payments and the retailer

Mobile Payments Today

Some retail outlets are experimenting with moving to digital payment-only operations. As non-cash payments become the norm, some retailers, particularly in hospitality, no longer accept cash. While there are downsides to managing cash, what are the pitfalls of refusing to deal with it

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Landlords Accommodate More Risky Short-Term Retail Leases


Retailers increasingly are insisting on short-term leases, CNBC reported. billion square feet of retail space, or 14 percent of the U.S. It’s actually a two-way street, and it’s working out fine with a vast majority of our retailers,” he added, according to the report.

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Retailers Are Spooked By Halloween


Caught between the focus on Labor Day and the holiday season, yet another retail event looks like it’s being scorched by the pandemic. Halloween sales are expected to be significantly impacted by social distancing concerns, and some retailers are already warning about the consequences. “We

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Today In Retail: Shopify Beats Estimates With Q4 Results; Retail Sales Jump On Stimulus


In today’s top retail news, eCommerce company Shopify came out ahead of expectations with its fourth-quarter results, while retail sales climbed in January by 5.3 Retail Sales Surge on Stimulus. Retail sales increased in January by 5.3 Retail ecommerce News shopify

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Retail Rents Falling From Manhattan To Los Angeles


retail rents falling in many locales by percentages even greater than those seen in or after the 2007-08 Great Recession. The board added that eight of 17 retail corridors are “experiencing their lowest price per square foot averages in at least a decade.”.

US Retailers Added 249,000 Jobs In August


4) jobs report brought good news to the nation’s retail sector as it added nearly one quarter of a million jobs in August. It’s encouraging to see retailers bring back these jobs,” Sonia Lapinsky, a managing director at AlixPartners, the Michigan-based consulting firm, told the newspaper.

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NRF Lists Hot 100 Retailers


For retailers, it’s better to be hot in 2020 than top. based trade group said the Hot 100 report provides a glimpse into the future of retailing as experts make predictions for a post-coronavirus world. But COVID-19 has changed the size and quantity of retail locations across the U.S.,

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Rite Aid Rebrands, Reconfigures Retail Experience


A recent partnership with Instacart made delivery of non-prescription items available across the chain’s entire retail footprint. Retail brick and mortar News Rite Aid What's HotRite Aid, locked in a battle for U.S.

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New Study Shows Retailers Win With Exclusive Online Sales Events


At a time when companies — large and small — literally spend over $300 billion a year on customer loyalty plans, new research shows that retailers who have embraced product drops, flash sales and private events are reaping some of the best customer retention results in the business.

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Digital Innovation In Retail Amid The Pandemic 


In retail innovation, many American consumers still want a digital-first shopping experience even after a COVID-19 vaccine. And in digital onboarding, geocoding and address verification tools can help retailers collect the most accurate data from clients to ensure streamlined deliveries.

Positive Developments In Retail Earnings, Marketing Strategies 


And in retail marketing, more retailers are looking to companies such as Supreme , finding that special sales events can keep shoppers engaged and satisfied. Today In Data Commerce Earnings marketing News payments Retail Today in Data

Save A Lot Sells 51 Retail Locations To Fresh Encounter


Discount supermarket retailer Save A Lot unveiled the sale of 51 retail locations run by the company in the Tampa, Florida market to existing Save A Lot Retail Partner licensee Fresh Encounter. Retail Fresh Encounter grocery News Save A Lot What's Hot

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January Retail Data: Sustainable Rebound Or Artificial Stimulant?


The latest volley of retail spending data show that the worst is behind us when it comes to the pandemic’s drag on consumers. To that end, retail sales were up 5.3 One data point gives further credence to the fact that we’re in a retail world that extends beyond brick-and-mortar.

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Challenges And Opportunities In Brick-and-Mortar Retail


In brick-and-mortar retail, Disney intends to close a number of stores in North America this year. Today In Data brick and mortar Commerce digital commerce disney News payments Retail Today in Data walmart

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Digital-First Economy Redefines Retail And Consumer Behavior


When it’s said and done there was only one story that mattered in the retail universe this year and it was the rise of the digital-first economy. At the end of the day, I feel really good about the opportunities for retail,” Sadove said. “I percent for retail.

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