MonetaGo, GUUD Team On Secure Transactions


MonetaGo , which specializes in blockchain technologies, and GUUD Company , which focuses on making international trade smooth, have teamed up on international financial transaction security, MonetaGo announced in a press release.

Using Security To Create A More Inclusive Payments Ecosystem


The trouble in data security specifically, NuData DevOps Director Justin Fox told PYMNTS, is that developers are far more keyed into that MIT cohort and far less likely to consider the existence of the flip phone owner.


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The new case for 3-D Secure

Payments Source

Michael Moeser, Senior Analyst at PaymentsSource, talks to Kevin Weller, a senior director in the security and products group at Visa; and Jaime Howard, head of product and marketing at Cardinal Commerce; about the growing role of 3-D Secure 2.0, 3-D Secure PayDirt

Tokenization's role in IoT security

Mobile Payments Today

While more connected devices is convenient for consumers as far as payments, it also opens a window for cybercrime and security breaches

MLOps 101: The Foundation for Your AI Strategy

Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) allows organizations to alleviate many of the issues on the path to AI with ROI by providing a technological backbone for managing the machine learning lifecycle through automation and scalability.

Mitigating Mobile Fraud with Secure Subscriber Enrollment

Mobile Payments Today

To streamline the enrollment process, while reducing the potential for fraud, GIACT released a new white paper, Mitigating Mobile Network Fraud with Secure Subscriber Enrollment , detailing the best practices in secure digital enrollment

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TD Bank Suffers Outage; Says Security Not An Issue


Later, TD Bank confirmed that the outage was not caused by a security-related issue. Digital Banking banking Cybersecurity mobile banking News Security td bank What's HotAfter suffering a major IT systems outage, TD Bank ’s system is now back online, BleepingComputer reported.

Security Demands Spur Virtual Debit Card Adoption


Businesses are also examining virtual card options that can allow employees to make company payments securely and conveniently during the pandemic. Firms are also prioritizing security as they transact online more heavily as well. Virtual Cards To Bring Greater Security To Transactions.

Decoding QR Codes: Retailers Embrace Simple, Secure Touchless Payments Option


A survey from mobile security platform MobileIron found that 84 percent of consumers have ever scanned a QR code , while 32 percent have done so within the past week.

Cyberattacks, Google Crash Bring Internet Security Into Question


At a time when our nation’s secrets at the NSA and Homeland Security and assets at the Department of the Treasury were able to be illicitly tapped into by foreign hackers, the security and reliability of countless other online industries and enterprises have also been brought into question.

Google 201

Payment security in a world going mobile

Mobile Payments Today

As a rising number of consumers use digital payments to conduct ecommerce transactions, businesses need to make sure their mobile apps are secure. Customer identity and payment information is increasingly at risk as fraud actors find new ways to compromise mobile platforms

Young B2B FinTechs Secure Their Seed Rounds


Young B2B FinTechs secured some of their first investments in areas that include small business accounting, alternative lending and financial management.

The future of secure issuance

ATM Marketplace

At the Self Service Innovation Summit entitled, The Future of Secure Issuance: Creating a foundation of trust, Andy Cease, product marketing manager for Entrust, moderated a panel discussion that covered issuance, identification and authentication as well as future trends

Trulioo: Dramatic Fraud Spike Threatens Secure Digital Future


He said consumers will get impatient and abandon a transaction when they try to make a simple, relatively low-priced purchase and find themselves mired in a 25-step process that seems like a lot of incomprehensible security overkill.

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Growth of QR codes raises need for security awareness

Payments Source

Contactless payments Mobile payments Cyber securityWhenever a technology moves into the payments or financial data ecosystem, it alerts fraudsters to probe it more intensely — and ultimately, figure out a way to use it as an attack vector.

Mastercard Talks Securing Innovation, And Innovating Security


In financial services today, security and innovation can work with each other, and against each other. But customers’ constant demand for cutting-edge products and services is adding to the load of already heavy security burdens. For the banks and merchants serving them, the challenge is matching the great strides in connectivity with consistency of experience and security. Passwords remain commonplace, despite the evolution of security technology.

Global Security Officials Meet To Discuss 5G Security


Representatives from a number of countries around the world – excluding Russia, China and representatives from technology giant Huawei – met to discuss the security of 5G networks as many countries prepare for deployment of the technology, according to a report by Reuters. It was meant to outline practices to create a coordinated approach to security and policy surrounding the technology. Security & Fraud 5G chinese government huawei News Security Technology What's Hot

SEC Files Lawsuit Against Ripple Over Unregistered Securities


Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed action against Ripple over allegedly conducting a $1.3 billion unregistered securities offering, Reuters reported on Tuesday (Dec. The U.S.

Open Banking—lessons in technology, security and APIs


The post Open Banking—lessons in technology, security and APIs appeared first on Accenture Banking Blog. Uncategorized APIs Banking Technology Open Banking Secure Customer Authentication (SCA As I mentioned in my last post, the journey to Open Banking has been long and full of challenges for most banks in Europe.

Full PCI compliance dips while security threats mount

Payments Source

It's a perplexing problem for those developing and instituting Payment Card Industry data security standards: Even as threats rise, the number of organizations that fully comply continues to drop. PCI PCI DSS Data security Payment processing

Biometrics security isn't one-size-fits-all

Mobile Payments Today

Andrew Jamieson, the director of security & technology for the identity management & security unit at UL, writes that many technologies that would be enabled by biometrics are still vulnerable to spoofs and hacking

Twitter Updates Users On Security Breach


Twitter continues to inform users about its investigation into a massive security breach two weeks ago when hackers seized control of the celebrity accounts of Joe Biden, Kim Kardashian, Bill Gates and dozens of other A-listers.

To reduce cyber fraud, banks must shatter their security silos


The post To reduce cyber fraud, banks must shatter their security silos appeared first on Accenture Banking Blog. Uncategorized cyber securityWhen the global pandemic ends, banks should anticipate that the rate of fraud will likely have grown faster than at any other point in history.

How to secure finance on the front line


The post How to secure finance on the front line appeared first on Accenture Banking Blog. Uncategorized cyber securityFinancial institutions are widely considered to have a stronghold on elite cybersecurity skills and technologies of any industry—and for good reason.

New EMV checkout standards look to create secure, frictionless environment

Mobile Payments Today

The new EMV Secure Remote Commerce specifications may provide a solution to a longstanding problem with ecommerce checkout creating friction for consumers and being vulnerable to fraud

Mastercard extends AI security tools to banks

Payments Source

Acquirers Artificial intelligence Fraud detection Data security Fraud prevention M&A MastercardMastercard has rolled out a set of AI-powered tools to thwart fraud and data breaches across banks' ecosystems, particularly to benefit acquirers’ online merchants.

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New Cloud-Based Card-Issuing System Aims To Standardize Payments Security


19) announced that its Sigma Instant Desktop Issuance product will set “the standard for simple, secure and smart instant-ID solutions across enterprise, healthcare, government, higher education and financial institutions (FIs)." All the while, security is a paramount need.

Virtual Debit Cards Secure Transactions And Ease Minds


It’s a case where virtual cards offer an alternative with more inherent security. Security & Fraud debit Digital Payments fraud News Next-Gen Debit Tracker PULSE PYMNTS Study Security virtual cards

Security IQ: Banks Can Build Trust By Understanding Consumer Knowledge Gaps


The same is true with payments and payments security. While every bank customer wants their data and deposits secured, not all of them share the same level of sophistication. A Secure Customer Is A Happy Customer. Call it financial IQ.

Behind Mastercard’s approach to data security and privacy

Bank Innovation

Mastercard has unveiled a series of principles that underline its approach to data security and privacy. Mastercard’s principles include security and privacy, transparency and control, accountability, integrity, innovation, and social impact. […]. Artificial Intelligence Carousel Corporate Banking Customer Experience Innovation Strategy Open Banking customer data data Mastercard Security

Deep Dive: How FIs Can Keep Their Digital-First Innovations Secure


Some schemes that are impractical to wage in person are simpler to perpetrate online because of a decreased security presence, the anonymity of transactions and fraudsters’ abilities to stage hundreds of attacks simultaneously.

Can self-service technology securely reduce COVID-19 risk?

Mobile Payments Today

Can people be sure that self-service devices are being properly maintained to reduce the risk of spread of coronavirus? Technology that allows consumers to control kiosks remotely holds an important clue

How can real-time payments be secured?

Mobile Payments Today

With account-based fraud on the rise, the move from standard to real-time transactions is causing significant security challenges for central banks and clearing houses

The Future Is Secure For Smart Devices


Along with the growing popularity of IoT devices, from fitness wearables to smart fridges, comes increased security and privacy issues. The latest Intelligence of Things (IoT) Tracker details how these concerns are driving providers to develop new security approaches. Who’s Responsible for Smart Device Security? PYMNTS spoke with iRobot SVP and CIO Mike Tirozzi and Director of Product and Data Security Mike Gillen about keeping devices secure. “We

Can Less Digital Security Actually Be More Secure?


A person’s phone number, according to Meier, can serve as a reliable path toward frictionless, secure interactions between consumers and banks, payment service providers and other organizations. The move toward new forms of ID verification comes as regulators and politicians increase their focus on data security in the wake of Equifax and other breaches. Authentication Alain Meier authentication Cognito Equifax Featured News Fraud Prevention News Online Security