Microsoft Issues Emergency Internet Explorer Security Update


Microsoft issued an emergency security update for Internet Explorer after hackers were able to exploit a new flaw in several versions of the browser.

How PSD2 And Open Banking Impact Security


These initiatives could also lead to an increase in security risks, since sharing data among a range of financial service providers creates new opportunities for it to fall into the wrong hands.

The Security Threat Of Bank-FinTech Collaboration


Unfortunately, because this area of security and risk mitigation is relatively new, especially for legacy FIs, Simkins said there is still much that security experts have to figure out.

Mastercard Talks Securing Innovation, And Innovating Security


In financial services today, security and innovation can work with each other, and against each other. But customers’ constant demand for cutting-edge products and services is adding to the load of already heavy security burdens. For the banks and merchants serving them, the challenge is matching the great strides in connectivity with consistency of experience and security. Passwords remain commonplace, despite the evolution of security technology.

PayPay Vows To Strengthen The Security Of Its Payment App


17) that it will strengthen the security of its app after receiving several complaints from users about charges that were made in error. Bloomberg noted that PayPay has been questioned about the security of the app in the past. Japanese payment provider PayPay said Monday (Dec.

Homeland Security Researchers Find Security Holes In Mobile Devices


Department of Homeland Security researchers have reportedly found many security vulnerabilities in mobile devices sold by U.S.-based According to the report , which cites Vincent Sritapan, a program manager at the Department of Homeland Security’ s Science and Technology Directorate, the flaws enables users “to escalate privileges and take over the device.” Researchers are expected to announce more details about the security flaw later this week.

SmartPesa Rolls Out Android POS System; Vipps Selects Inside Secure For Payment Security


Coverage includes Norway ’s Vipps selection of Inside Secure to provide security for contactless payments. In Norway, Vipps has selected Inside Secure to help secure its contactless payment capabilities, according to reports.

Why Bank Security Is About More Than Preventing Attacks


Now, security providers and financial institutions (FIs) are working to stop them from impacting banks’ assets and customers by turning to new, emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The Future Of Omnichannel Bank Security.

How Open Banking Will Test Banks’ Data Security Strategies


As such, data security has simultaneously emerged as a renewed focal point for the financial services market, because the more data moves and the more actors touch it, the more exposure that information has to nefarious actors. The data security risks linked to data sharing and bank-FinTech interconnectivity are complex and, in some ways, the full threat of the issue has yet to reveal itself.

TRENDING: Why Preventing Bank Cyberattacks Is Only Half The Omni Security Battle


In the latest issue of the Omni Security And Authentication Report , PYMNTS explores how banks are working to both prevent cybercrime and deal with the aftermath of a successful attack. Around The Security And Authentication Space.

Banks Turn To 3D Secure 2.0 To Fight Fraud


Recent reports indicate an uptick in fraudsters targeting large FIs, and headlines surrounding security breaches and cyberattacks fill the news on a near-daily basis. Visa and Mastercard designed the 3DS protocols and provide them under the names Verified by Visa and Mastercard Secure Code.

Today In Data: Striking A Balance Between Convenience And Security


At the same time, consumers also want a guarantee of security and a belief that their entire digital identity isn’t going to end up for sale on the dark web.

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Tanium Secures $6.5 Billion Valuation For Enterprise Security Tech


Tanium, which provides organizations with an IT security platform, raised $200 million from Wellington Management, Baillie Gifford & Company and Adage Capital Management, pushing Tanium’s valuation up to $6.5 According to reports, Tanium addresses security friction within businesses caused by a disparate security strategy. Typically, large companies operate security with two different focuses: compliance and breach protection.

TRENDING: Solving Banking’s Security-Convenience Conundrum


Should banks and financial institutions (FIs) focus more on giving consumers the convenience and simplicity they expect — and even demand — or instead focus more on implementing stringent security measures, potentially at the expense of user experience?

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Tokenization's role in IoT security

Mobile Payments Today

While more connected devices is convenient for consumers as far as payments, it also opens a window for cybercrime and security breaches

Nationwide Study: SMB Owners Lax About IoT Security Risk


And the farmer who uses drones to help monitor operations – yet may not be able (or might not know how) to take steps needed to secure his or her server – is rendered vulnerable. Security & Fraud cyber attacks IoT nationwide ransomware

Study 260

Will 5G Be Secure Enough During Early Deployments?


As retailers, payments providers and consumers prepare for the coming 5G world, there remain concerns about how well that mobile network technology will protect consumer privacy and security. 5G Security Holes? Some observers also want more of a push to make 5G secure.

EMVCo Releases EMV Secure Remote Commerce Specifications Draft


To open its EMV® Secure Remote Commerce (SRC) specification for public comment for a 45-day period, secure payments enabler EMVCo has issued a draft version of the specification called version 0.9. or its EMV 3-D Secure – SDK specification.

USPS API Security Flaw Exposed 60 Million Users’ Data


An anonymous researcher warned the publication of the security flaw on the USPS website. Perhaps more troubling is that the researcher allegedly warned USPS about the security issue a year ago but did not receive a response. The API enabled senders to gain visibility into the progress of a package but the security flaw reportedly exposes that data of commercial clients. ” Security & Fraud API Cybersecurity data security News USPS What's Hot

Bluefin And TokenEx Partner To Expand Data Security


17) that it has partnered with TokenEx for data security. Ruston Miles, chief strategy officer for Bluefin, said that via the partnership, TokenEx will be able to give clients the highest level of security and reduce the challenges of being PCI compliant.

Drone Company Flytrex Secures $7.5 Million


Flytrex, a six-year-old Israeli startup, has raised $7.5 million in Series B financing, according to a report in VentureBeat. The funding round was led by Benhamou Global Ventures (BGV) with additional capital from Btov.

Corporate Payments Firm AccessPay Secures US Backing


“The problem we continue to see are these services operating in total isolation to one another, which often means the corporate is faced with exposure to security, greater risk and complexity in day-to-day operations,” he said in a statement.

SUCI: Rethinking Card Declines, Data Security And Customer Experiences


To better serve clients and help make their businesses run smoother and more efficiently, FinTech startups are tackling an array of challenges, from data security to card declines to clunky customer experiences.

Consumers Are Less-Than-Secure Over Payments Security


How secure do you feel when it comes to payments? Two-thirds of the more than 3,000 adults surveyed said they were concerned about data security, with 38 percent of respondents believing their private information may have already been exposed. Age plays a factor in these beliefs, too: More than 70 percent of those over the age of 45 reported concerns about security versus 59 percent of those aged 18 to 24. Security is making its way to the boardroom,” Kling countered.

NEW REPORT: Is Security Holding Omnichannel Banking Back?


Omni Security and Authentication. Consumers expect to do business with their bank online seamlessly, without the hassle of complicated security checks, whether through their mobile phone, smart watch, home speaker or other connected device. Around The Security And Authentication Space.

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Offering Convenience Without Sacrificing Security


But conducting business on connected devices is also creating new security gaps for fraudsters and other bad actors to exploit, wreaking havoc on customers and companies alike. The company exposed consumers’ full names, birthdates, addresses, Social Security numbers and even some 250,000 credit card account numbers. The problem has been forcing banks and merchants to seek out improved security and authentication capabilities to protect their customers.

Secure Payments, Generation 2.0


Enter 3-D Secure 2.0. In a webinar with James Rendell, vice president of payment security at CA Technologies, and Paul Baker, vice president/senior business leader of enterprise security solutions at Mastercard, PYMNTS’ Karen Webster delved into just how 3-D Secure 2.0 The experience has to be consistent with how consumers want to conduct commerce digitally — and securely.”. CA Technologies’ Rendell noted that 3-D Secure 2.0 Two-point-oh.

Visa Announces Continued Support For EMV Secure Remote Commerce Specification


23) that it continues to support the draft of the EMV Secure Remote Commerce (SRC) specifications. With SRC, consumer buying experiences online will be easier, faster and more secure. Visa, the payments company, announced Tuesday (Oct.

RBC Takes An Intelligence-Driven Approach To Bank Security


We’re already using AI to analyze underlying patterns in complex market environments, and we’re enhancing client security through biometrics and fraud detection algorithms,” he said. Smarter Security. Balancing Security With Simplified Experiences.

NEW DATA: Why Bank Customers Prefer Convenience Over Security


Consumers prefer speed, convenience and ease of use over security — even when it comes to accessing financial services online. In comparison, only 45 percent said they would prefer an authentication method due to its tight data security.

MoneyGram CIO Talks Data Security


McGurk agreed, noting why the first lesson of information security — the first consideration before one gets to technology or process — is humility. You can’t get overconfident in information security,” he said. He explained that the way MoneyGram looks at information security is to consider what is happening outside its perimeter, at the borders of its perimeter, inside its perimeter as well as what’s happening at the host level, application level and data level.

NEW REPORT: ChowNow CEO On Securing Order-Ahead


ChowNow’s Approach To Mobile Order-Ahead Security. Mobile Order Ahead airport chownow Education fraud Kount loyalty rewards Main Feature mobile apps mobile order ahead MOBILE ORDER-AHEAD TRACKER Mobile ordering News QSR Restaurants Security students Tracker Series travel

New CFPB Director: Privacy, Data Security Are Priorities


Kraninger said her main priority will be security and privacy of data, and analyzing what the agency gets from consumers and what it keeps. Regulation CFPB consumer protection data security News privacy regulation What's Hot

A Quantum Leap For Data Security


In security, as always, time is of the essence. The emergence of a high-speed quantum internet, then, would be a way to secure the actual transmission of data, but at speeds that approach those used today via traditional methods, rendered in gigabits per second. Think of it as physics vs. algorithms, then, in a universe where the latter is secure only for some length of time, and the former is secure forever. Change sometimes comes to technology at the speed of light.

NEW DATA: Why 40 Percent Of Online Consumers Want Better, Faster Data Security


That’s not to say consumers don’t want top-notch security, according to the PYMNTS Digital Identity Lifestyle Capsule , a Socure collaboration. Thirty-seven percent cited data security as the reason they were satisfied with how they authenticated.

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FitPay: Borrowing Security Across The IoT


The proliferation of connected devices on the market can make securing each one a challenge. Even where security is sufficient, connected consumers have many devices, and the more they have, the more difficult it is to get all of them playing nicely together. Michael Orlando, COO, FitPay , says security across devices is one of the greatest obstacles the IoT will need to solve, and it’s something the tech startup has been working toward.

Biometrics security isn't one-size-fits-all

Mobile Payments Today

Andrew Jamieson, the director of security & technology for the identity management & security unit at UL, writes that many technologies that would be enabled by biometrics are still vulnerable to spoofs and hacking

Three success factors in security operations

Insights on Business

Financial institutions are leading the charge in building security immune systems, knowing they are most threatened. They are looking for end-to-end security operations that are flexible and scalable, data-driven and applied with automated, operational accuracy.

Convenience Trumps Security for Consumers


consumers are handling the shift to EMV-compliant POS systems, the responses revealed that consumers have little incentive to choose safe and secure payment options. In a recent survey focused on how U.S.

SEC: Some Crypto Coins Are Securities (Not Bitcoin)


The Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) leading authority on bitcoin, cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings (ICOs) has ruled that some well-known cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum are not securities. However, the coins offered during initial coin offerings very likely are entirely — or mostly — securities, according to news from CNBC. As such, they can expect to come under the regulatory control of the SEC and relevant securities laws.

How Visa Is Securing the Internet of Things [VIDEO]

Bank Innovation

The Internet of Things is notoriously insecure — unsecured, or poorly secured IoT devices have contributed to a number of cyberattacks, and these are on the rise as the number of devices increases.

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Matching Digital Security To Digital Services


Today In Data Data Breaches data security digital security digital services News omnichannel Retail Today in DataConsumers are leading lives that are increasingly digitally mediated, particularly as their commerce lives are increasingly defined by multichannel interactions.

Selling Security

Independent Banker

Security fears about online banking may be impairing your community bank’s ability to grow demand deposit accounts. Nearly two-thirds of those who do not use mobile banking cite concerns about security issues such as data interception, phone hacking, or a lost or stolen phone.