The Future Is Secure For Smart Devices


Along with the growing popularity of IoT devices, from fitness wearables to smart fridges, comes increased security and privacy issues. The latest Intelligence of Things (IoT) Tracker details how these concerns are driving providers to develop new security approaches.

Can Less Digital Security Actually Be More Secure?


A person’s phone number, according to Meier, can serve as a reliable path toward frictionless, secure interactions between consumers and banks, payment service providers and other organizations. What was the color of the car you owned in 2005? Still remember it? Probably not.

Global Security Officials Meet To Discuss 5G Security


Representatives from a number of countries around the world – excluding Russia, China and representatives from technology giant Huawei – met to discuss the security of 5G networks as many countries prepare for deployment of the technology, according to a report by Reuters.

How FinTech Apps Can Ace Security


The September AML/KYC Tracker examines the latest fraud challenges and efforts to ensure tight security and compliance. . How Mobile Financial Startups Can Bridge the Security Gap.

Mastercard Lauds Apple Card Security


Apple Card, a new kind of credit card created by Apple, is being applauded by Mastercard for its enhanced security, simplicity, transparency and privacy, CNBC reported on Tuesday (Aug. Apple Apple Card credit cards MasterCard News Security What's Hot

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Amazon Launches Wi-Fi Security Subscriptions


Amazon is rolling out new subscriptions for eero , the security service that it acquired last year. Advanced security keeps you from accidentally accessing millions of sites associated with harmful content, like malware, ransomware and phishing attacks.”.

iRobot On Cleaning Up Smart Home Security


Security continues to be a top IoT concern, however: Mounting data breaches and newly discovered device vulnerabilities have prompted wariness around IoT adoption. iRobot On Cleaning Up Smart Appliance Security Risks. With more than 8.6

Who’s Responsible For IoT Security?


Promising as intelligence of things (IoT) solutions are, though, security has been a stumbling block. The June IoT Tracker explores the latest advancements in IoT security and new applications of smart technology. These incidents raise questions as to who’s responsible for IoT security.

Cap One Employees Warned Of Security Issues Pre-Hack


Capital One employees raised red flags over security risks before the company suffered a massive data breach. Capital One stressed that credit card account numbers and login credentials were not compromised, while more than 99 percent of Social Security numbers were not impacted.

The High Cost Of KYC And AML Security Lapses


Today In Data AML Commerce Data Breaches fraud KYC News payments Security Today in DataThe regulatory landscape has become stricter – and more expensive – as enterprises and FIs grapple with fraudsters and seek to protect data and dollars.

Even For Smart Sprinklers, Security Matters


Despite IoT’s popularity, however, security a nd privacy issues continue to make headlines. In the July Intelligence of Things Tracker™ , PYMNTS explores the latest news in IoT, including partnerships, innovations, security risks, and oversight from world governments.

The Cloud Surrounding Banks’ Data Security (In The Cloud, Too)


Security & Fraud banking Capital One data breach data security ecb NewsNo rest for banks amid the hackers. And certainly not with an outsourced tech model.

New IoT Security Bill Exposes Rising Data Protection, Safety Concerns


Thus, IoT security is becoming an essential part of modern conversations. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and data security and privacy practice chair of D.C.-based A lot of the devices we’re talking about have no security. IoT security in a connected world.

New EMV checkout standards look to create secure, frictionless environment

Mobile Payments Today

The new EMV Secure Remote Commerce specifications may provide a solution to a longstanding problem with ecommerce checkout creating friction for consumers and being vulnerable to fraud

SWIFT: Real-Time Payments Demands Real-Time Security And Compliance


Security and compliance are also vital components in ensuring that payments are delivered safely and without delay. Safe, secure real-time cross-border payments becoming a reality relies on community involvement above all else.

It’s time to embrace customer data privacy and security

Insights on Business

But for companies that don’t master privacy and security, data can be toxic. At the federal level, congressional leaders have introduced several bills targeting the privacy of data and data security, such as the Privacy Bill of Rights Act from U.S. The time to examine your approach to data privacy and security is now. Learn more about IBM’s data security services and the privacy and data protection practice of Promontory Financial Group, an IBM company.

Staying Secure With Digital Identity


Today In Data authentication Commerce digital ID digital identity News payments Security Today in Data verification

Mastercard Talks Securing Innovation, And Innovating Security


In financial services today, security and innovation can work with each other, and against each other. But customers’ constant demand for cutting-edge products and services is adding to the load of already heavy security burdens. For the banks and merchants serving them, the challenge is matching the great strides in connectivity with consistency of experience and security. Passwords remain commonplace, despite the evolution of security technology.

US Treasury Secretary Sees Libra As National Security Threat


Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin believes that Facebook’s proposed cryptocurrency could pose as a national security threat. Facebook B2B Payments cryptocurrency currencies Libra mnuchin money News payment Security treasury What's Hot

Microsoft Intelligent Security Solutions

Perficient Financial Servies

Part 1 – Microsoft Secure Score. 56 Security Actions You Can Take Today to Improve Your Security Posture. One shining culmination of that investment is Microsoft Secure Score, integrated into your Microsoft 365 security center.

Securing Digital Identities In The Information Age


Today In Data authentication Commerce digital identity News payments Retail Security security & fraud Today in Data verification VisaPhone numbers, email addresses, usernames and other online signifiers have become essential to verification as the world becomes more connected.

Bridging The Security Gap To Win Customers’ Trust


Nicolas Dinh , chief operating officer of year-old Canadian financial startup STACK , recently spoke with PYMNTS about the key forms of fraud that nascent mobile financial services firms face and how companies can leverage security technologies and partnerships to gain customers’ trust.

Regulators Investigate China’s Ex-Securities Regulator


Liu Shiyu, the former head of China’s securities regulator, is being investigated for violating anti-corruption laws. Liu Shiyu had become head of the China Securities Regulatory Commission in 2016.

Tokenization's role in IoT security

Mobile Payments Today

While more connected devices is convenient for consumers as far as payments, it also opens a window for cybercrime and security breaches

Deep Dive: Tackling mPOS Solutions’ Security Challenges


These small entities are seeking to win trust despite not being established brands, but customers will only feel safe if they’re confident that their payment information will remain secure. . This month’s Deep Dive explores its key security risks and the ongoing efforts to mitigate them. .

Securing The Self-Serve Store


In this month’s feature story, Rasmusson explained what it took to secure the 24/7 accessible, automated store against shoplifting, while avoiding the introduction of payment frictions. Consumers want the immediacy of brick-and-mortar shopping without sacrificing eCommerce convenience.

How PSD2 And Open Banking Impact Security


These initiatives could also lead to an increase in security risks, since sharing data among a range of financial service providers creates new opportunities for it to fall into the wrong hands.

Cross-Border Payments, With Speed And Security In Mind


These include security and grappling with legacy systems in the embrace of real-time payments. Today In Data Commerce cross-border Global Payments News payments real time payments Security speed Today in Data

Microsoft Issues Emergency Internet Explorer Security Update


Microsoft issued an emergency security update for Internet Explorer after hackers were able to exploit a new flaw in several versions of the browser.

Instagram Invites Security Experts To Hack Its Checkout Feature


Instagram is inviting a group of security researchers known as white hat hackers to stress-test its Checkout feature before it launches outside the United States. Security & Fraud B2B Payments checkout cross-border ecommerce Hackers Instagram News security and fraud What's Hot

Connected Vehicle Security Takes A Spot In The Front Seat


It’s hardly news that consumers (along with regulators and politicians) are becoming increasingly focused on privacy and online security. And, as PYMNTS has documented , one of the main questions there is who is really responsible for IoT security.

Selling Security

Independent Banker

Security fears about online banking may be impairing your community bank’s ability to grow demand deposit accounts. Nearly two-thirds of those who do not use mobile banking cite concerns about security issues such as data interception, phone hacking, or a lost or stolen phone.

Security Researchers Find Dangerous iPhone Exploits


Silvanovich is going to give a presentation about the vulnerabilities at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas next week. Security & Fraud Google hack iMessage iPhone News Project Zero Security What's Hot

Monzo Security Flaw Affects 500K Customers


Monzo, one of the world’s largest digital banks, discovered a security flaw and is now asking half-million of its customers to change their personal identification numbers (PINs), TechCrunch reported on Monday (Aug. PINs are typically stored in a “particularly secure part of our systems.” . “No

The cyber security threat landscape in financial services

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Gary Meshell, WW Leader Financial Services, IBM Security, opened his IBM Think 2019 talk, How Financial Services Companies Should Respond to Cyber Security Attacks with a bold assertion and truism. “It’s Meshell was joined on stage by Sean McKee, Senior Manager, Cyber Threat Management, TD Bank, to provide a perspective on how to ensure that a financial services company can gauge its readiness for a cyber security attack.

How Digital Tools Change The Security Landscape


Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and biometrics are changing the digital security landscape, and a recent study found that social media networks have become a more popular way for hackers to target new victims.

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Bluetooth Security Flaw Makes Data Vulnerable To Attack


A new Bluetooth security flaw was discovered that could leave users’ data unprotected and open to hackers, The Verge reported on Friday (Aug. The weakness was discovered by researchers who presented their findings at the USENIX Security Symposium.

iRobot On Cleaning Up Smart Home Security Risks


Connected floor-cleaning robots may save residents lost time — and back aches — but they may be more trouble than they’re worth if they’re not secure. Device security is therefore not a one-and-done deal, but rather something that lasts the product’s entire lifespan.

Data Security: Car Edition. Really.

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Originally published on When you hear “data security”, what comes to mind? The post Data Security: Car Edition. Articles all your base are belong to us auto loans car computers cars data security gps lending member safety privacy

Security Experts Warn About New Scam That Bypasses 2FA


Security experts are warning about a phishing scam that can help hackers bypass two-factor authentication (2FA). The attack was demonstrated for the first time at the Hack in the Box Security Conference in Amsterdam last month, according to Fortune.

How Sharing Economy Platforms Keep Users Secure With Authentication


No one wants to answer a call or have to physically submit ID documents, but how much friction is tolerable for security’s sake? Enabling seamless booking and payments experiences, while also keeping transactions and user data secure, isn’t solely about consumer trust.

The Security Threat Of Bank-FinTech Collaboration


Unfortunately, because this area of security and risk mitigation is relatively new, especially for legacy FIs, Simkins said there is still much that security experts have to figure out.

Amazon launches secured card for underbanked customers

Bank Innovation

Amazon has added a secured credit card to its suite of financial services offerings today, the latest effort to entice underbanked and low-income customers to shop with the e-tailing giant.

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