Toast Launches Payroll Software For Restaurants


It used the software to systematize payroll, and allowed managers more freedom to focus on their team, as opposed to the nuances of payroll management. “We When it comes to employee onboarding, the software eliminates paperwork, reduces the risk of errors and automates the whole process.

Gas Station Software Vulnerable To Hacking


Homeland Security ’s cybersecurity agency has issued an advisory about a popular gas station software that has flaws, making it highly vulnerable to hacking. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) gave the Orpak SiteOmat software a vulnerability severity rating of 9.8

Financial Software Firm OpenFin Raises $17M


led round, financial services software startup firm OpenFin notched $17 million in funding. It has created an operating system that helps create and upgrade software applications for financial institutions — much like the way consumer apps get updated on phones.

Google Pays $2.6B For Data Analytics Software Company


Kurian’s plan for the cloud unit is to focus on specialized software rather than general tools. Looker’s software enables organizations to define calculations for important customers for things like revenue, and then show trends in the data without the need for complicated scripts.

Salesforce Buys Tableau Software For $15.7B In All-Stock Deal


Customer relationship management (CRM) company Salesforce will acquire analytics platform Tableau Software in an all-stock deal, the companies announced Monday (June 10).

Report: Worldwide Accounts Payable Software Market To Reach $1.567M


Zion Market Research released a report about the accounts payable software market on Wednesday (March 20), estimating the market will reach about $1,567 million by 2025, according to a release by the company. This software is ideal for calculating and tracking short-term debts.

Respond Software Closes $20M In Funding To Boost Operations


Respond Software announced that it has closed a $20 million Series B funding round, led by ClearSky Security, with participation from previous investors CRV and Foundation Capital. Investments expansion funding investments News Respond Software Security software What's Hot

AEVI Software Launch Targets SMB Checkout Improvements


30), Bank of America Merchant Services — the payments, eCommerce and security solutions company — said it and talech , a cloud-based restaurant management software company, are teaming up to roll out a POS solution for the full-service restaurant and bar industries.

Storage App Used Photos To Train Facial Recognition Software


A popular photo app called Ever, which was ostensibly used for cloud storage of photos, has been using customer pictures to train facial recognition AI software, according to a report by CNBC.

Hackers Use Crypto Mining Software To Attack Cos


Hackers might have another way to steal data from corporations: cryptomining software. Or they can download more software. Security & Fraud cryptocurrency Cyberattack Cybersecurity data theft Hackers mining News software What's Hot

DICK’S Sporting Goods Takes In-House Approach To Software


Instead of depending on outside vendors, DICK’S Sporting Goods is hoping to gain a competitive advantage by building its software in-house. After creating new inventory tracking software, Gaffney’s staff will finish moving to in-house software for its online efforts.

Patriot Software Eases Direct Deposit Payroll Onboarding Friction


Payroll and accounting software company Patriot Software is addressing the friction of onboarding employees to receive wages via direct deposit. “The entire onboarding process is completed within our web-based software application, and is entirely paperless.

Most Fortune 100 Companies Using Software That Enabled Equifax Hack


Equifax’s data breach of nearly two years ago hasn’t taught a majority of Fortune 100 companies a lesson, with reports stating that most are using the same vulnerable version of software that enabled hackers to infiltrate Equifax.

What is the real difference between Data Science and Software Engineering Teams?


Although there are lots of similarities across Software Development and Data Science , they also have three main differences: processes, tooling and behavior. The post What is the real difference between Data Science and Software Engineering Teams?

Alogent acquires new lending software

The Paypers

(The Paypers) Alogent , a global banking and financial software provider has expanded its product portfolio with the acquisition of the FinanceGenius suite of lending software from IntelliEngines

Software Integration for Teller-Assist Cash Recyclers

ATM Marketplace

This white paper from BranchServ evaluates FI options for bridging cash recycler hardware and teller software applications via direct integration and third party middleware offerings Direct integration is a choice, but not your only choice.

SMB Software Firm Zetran Jumps Into Accounting


Small business software provider Zetran is adding an accounting solution to its suite of services, the company said on Sunday (June 17). In a press release , Zetran said it saw a gap in the market for affordable automation software for small and medium-sized business accounting firms. The company aims to help fill that gap with its new accounting software product, myBooks.

Software Procurement Plays Favorites With B2B Investors


However, it was a B2B software procurement platform that raised the most money — $55 million — in this week’s B2B venture capital roundup.

EU Rule Change Could Boost Software Investment at Banks

Bank Innovation

New rule changes under discussion by European Union regulators could allow EU banks to invest more in software, allowing them to better fight against cyber attacks, as well as to keep pace with fintech firms.

DocuSign Invests $15M In Seal Software For AI Contract Analysis


San Francisco-based DocuSign has invested $15 million in Seal Software , a contract discovery and analysis startup, to help with the development of artificial intelligence (AI) that can read and analyze contracts, according to reports.

NEW REPORT: Getting SMBs Off The Software Sidelines


Sometimes, even the best businesses, big and small, need a little help from software. The latest Developer Tracker™ , powered by Vantiv, looks at companies around the space using software development to help build their businesses.

Apple’s Enterprise Certificates Being Used By Software Pirates


Apple has been infiltrated by software pirates who figured out a way to use digital certificates to gain access to an Apple program, which corporations use to distribute business apps, as a means of rolling out hacked versions of popular apps. ” Shortly after Apple learned of the software pirates’ action, some were banned from the system – but just days later, Reuters spotted them using different certificates to offer the hacked apps again.

Malauzai Software: 2017 Slow Growth Rate for Mobile Banking Apps

Bank Innovation

A recent report by Malauzai Software showed that new app growth rate among banks and credit unions has slowed down by 8% this year. DataBank credit union Malauzai Software Mobile banking

NEW REPORT: Winning The Omnicommerce Race Around The Software Track


From technology and financial service providers expanding their mobile offerings to software designers aiming to turn challenges for retail brands into software solutions, companies around the Developer space looked to bolster their offerings over the past month.

Odoo Targets Chinese SMBs With ERP Software


Enterprise software company Odoo is expanding into the Chinese market to target small businesses (SMBs) in need of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. B2B Payments B2B china ERP Inspur News Odoo SMBs software What's Hot In B2BA press release on Monday (April 16) said Odoo has launched a joint venture with Chinese cloud computing firm Inspur to expand into the market.

Equifax Blames Flaw In Database Software For Breach; Backlash Mounts From Consumers, Lawmakers


Equifax, the credit scoring company that suffered a data breach that impacted as many as 143 million Americans, is blaming a vendor software flaw in its online databases. According to a news report in the The New York Post , hackers were able to steal customers’ data — including Social Security numbers — due to a weakness in open source software developed by Apache Software Foundation.

Hackers Employed By China Infiltrate Norwegian Software Company Visma


Hackers employed by the Chinese government were able to get into the network of Visma, a Norwegian software company, to steal client secrets.

JDA Software Leads The Way To Digital And Omnichannel Retail


Enter JDA Software. “At In addition to stocking the right items at the right location, JDA Software deployed through the XTP system can help retailers schedule the right employees at the right times and at the right location. Software companies have to think differently about the needs of the retailer now,” Prewitt said. “It’s Retail is more than a product on a shelf.

Italy’s Antitrust Watchdog Fines Apple, Samsung Over Software Updates


The anti-trust watchdog in Italy is gearing up to fine Apple and Samsung , stemming from complaints that the two used software updates to slow down smartphones. Consumer groups in Italy have been complaining that software updates for mobile phones lower the functionality of the devices in an attempt to force the consumer to purchase a new one. Mobile Antitrust Apple iPhone mobile software News regulation Regulator Samsung What's Hot

Amazon Replacing Retail Vets With Software


Amazon is replacing some of its retail veterans with software that predicts what shoppers want and how much merchants should charge for it. ” Tasks like forecasting demand, ordering inventory and negotiating prices to algorithms were handed to machines, but humans could initially override the software’s decisions. Kwon started her own eCommerce management and software company, helping fashion and beauty merchants sell on major platforms, including Amazon.

Customer Self-Service Software Market Expected To Reach $13B By 2023


A new report revealed that the customer self-service (CSS) software market was valued at more than $5 billion last year, and is expected to grow to $13 billion by 2023. According to Global Customer Self-Service Software Market — Growth, Trend and Forecasts (2018 – 2023) , many companies are utilizing self-service portals to deliver instant information to their customers and clients on a variety of channels, including mobile phones, personal digital assistants, laptops and more.

Zensoft Moves To Accept Cryptocurrencies For Enterprise Software Projects


Enterprise software company Zensoft wants to accept cryptocurrencies from its corporate clients and has announced a partnership with OPEN to facilitate that goal. 26) they are working together to enable Zensoft to accept digital currencies as payment for enterprise software development projects. The software company will deploy OPEN’s API, its blockchain Scaffolds and its State transaction receipts solution.

FinDEVr Preview: Advisor Software

Fintech Labs Insights

Advisor Software will present its wealth management cloud platform — an end-to-end suite of APIs, apps and widgets that power digital investment advice and financial planning applications. The post FinDEVr Preview: Advisor Software appeared first on Finovate.

Business valuation software: What are the benefits?


Web-based business valuation software can automate and standardize data collection, especially when financial data can be imported into the solution from Excel, a general ledger system or a write-up package. Moreover, software modeled after the SSVS No.

Software AG Buys Zementis For Deep-Learning Capabilities


Software AG has inked a deal to acquire Zementis, the San Diego, California company that provides software for deep learning, which is a component of machine learning and data science. In a press release , Software AG said deep learning is a key technology that drives artificial intelligence development. This combination has played a major role in the recent strategic IoT partnerships Software AG has established.”.

Bill: Tech Firms Must Disclose US Adversaries’ Software Reviews


tech companies to disclose if they allowed American adversaries to examine software sold to the U.S. The bill, approved by the Senate Armed Services Committee, comes after Reuters discovered that tech companies including Hewlett Packard , SAP and McAfee have allowed a Russian defense agency to look over software source code for vulnerabilities. In addition, some of the reviewed software was already deeply embedded in some of the most sensitive parts of the U.S.

Nucleus Software Adds Trade Finance Tech To FI Offerings


Nucleus Software, an India-based company providing financial institutions with lending and transaction banking technologies, has integrated more features into its offering to expand its clients’ trade finance capabilities. Nucleus Software noted that digitization of supply chain and trade finance processes can reduce that unnecessary spend and automate processes like document evaluation and due diligence.

Innovative Bank Software Is Only Valuable If It Works


Tricentis just scored one of the biggest funding rounds for a B2B startup in a while — raising $165 million — for its software testing solution. According to Sandeep Johri, CEO of Tricentis , the investment reflects just how large the software testing industry is and how much enterprises are willing to spend on automated solutions. “It’s Testing software is a critical component of any organization’s progress and efforts to stay on top of innovation and technology.

Hyundai Denies Link-Up With Tencent For Self-Driving Software


Hyundai Motor said late last weekend that it has not inked a deal with Tencent , the Chinese tech firm, to create software for self-driving cars. According to a report in Reuters citing Hyundai Motor, the car maker said it’s working on infotainment technology with Tencent.

SME Inventory Software Sees Small-Screen Debut


Acctivate is readying to debut its small business inventory management software, but the company won’t be doing so quietly. In an announcement on Friday (April 1), the firm said it will present Acctivate Inventory Management Software on national television.

Android Devices Could Get Infiltrated With Tracking Software


Its long been known that Android devices aren’t as secure as Apple’s iOS, but a new report revealed that some Android devices could get infiltrated with software that tracks a user’s behavior with their mobile device, including phone calls and text messages, and sends the data to China. The report noted that China-based Shanghai Adups Technology developed the software, which is installed on an unknown amount of Android-based devices. The software doesn’t stop there either.

Top payment processing software solutions

Bobs Guide

The needs of global firms and start-ups alike have advanced far beyond the payment software that managers used to rely on to stay on top of traditional merchant account activities

Fusion Pulls Suppliers Into Its Corporate Risk Management Software


Fusion Risk Management is expanding its corporate risk management software offering by integrating new functionality into the tool, the company said in a press release on Monday (Sept. The updates include connectivity with third parties, allowing its Fusion Framework System users to engage with their suppliers and other third parties in supply chains to streamline the vendor risk assessment process.