Construction draw software: How to automate loans


Takeaway 1 Construction draw management software can increase lender efficiency and reduce risk by saving time. Takeaway 3 Construction draw software can increase draw efficiency, and therefore bank profitability, through automation. How does construction draw software help lenders?

The benefits of construction loan software


Construction loan softwares are a windfall of efficiency for financial institutions. Takeaway 1 Construction loan management software dramatically increases efficiency and reduces costs. Takeaway 2 Using this type of software is a good way to mitigate risk.


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The benefits of construction loan management software


Construction loan management software Construction loan management softwares are a windfall of efficiency for financial institutions. Takeaway 1 Construction loan management software dramatically increases efficiency and reduces costs. Construction loan management software.

Tax Compliance Complicates Software Subscription Business


One of those evolving models is subscription commerce, especially for software. Software used to be purchased in a single big buy — a “one and done” purchase made every few years. Enter Software as a Service (SaaS), and even tax codes have been playing catch-up with the subscription business. Software sales is a much different industry than it ever has been, Lambert said. Together, we can support the next generation of software selling marketplaces,” he said.

Taxes 180

Digitally Transforming the Engagement Experience for Financial Institutions

Customer experience has become a key differentiator. Learn how to launch your digital transformation by incorporating two customer experience trends into your digital transformation strategy: self-service & personalization.

AffiniPay buys legal software firm MyCase

Payments Dive

AffiniPay will link the acquired firm with its LawPay business. The two companies combined are expected to generate about $200 million in annual revenue

Cloud Software Co. Mirakl Raises $300M


Mirakl , the cloud-based eCommerce software company headquartered in Paris, has raised $300 million in its latest funding round, Bloomberg News reported. Mirakl provides online marketplace software to manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, including Kroger Co.,

What to look for in construction loan automation software


Here's what to look for in a software. You might also like this whitepaper: "10 ways construction loan monitoring software saves time." Takeaway 2 Banks should seek out collaborative, easily accessible, customizable software for streamlined construction loan automation.

Unanet Debuts New Functionalities For ERP Software


B2B Payments B2B Government News software Technology Unanet What's Hot In B2B

5 reasons construction loan software is vital for financial institutions


Top benefits of construction loan software for bankers and clients Why many banks and credit unions are turning to fintech for construction loan automation. Takeaway 2 Customers and lenders alike can save time and effort with the help of user-friendly construction loan software.

How ZoomInfo Enhances Your ABM Strategy

For marketing teams to develop a successful account-based marketing strategy, they need to ensure good data is housed within its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. More specifically, updated data can help organizations outline key accounts for their campaigns. And to begin the targeting process, marketing teams must develop an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) with appropriate firmographic and behavioral data to ensure they’re going after the correct audience.Download this eBook to learn how to start improving your marketing team's data!

Temenos partners with Microsoft on cybersecurity software 

Bank Innovation

The Swiss banking technology company Temenos is teaming up with Microsoft to help banks implement crime-fighting software for financial institutions. Through the partnership, banks can trial the software for 14 days through the end of June before changing their cybersecurity systems.

Software Maker Tops IPO Goal, Valued At $4 Billion


Software maker , which was founded by former Oracle Corp. will be "one of the world's great software companies.". Editors' Picks Investments IPOs News software What's Hot

Aleran Software Rolls Out OneMart B2B eCommerce Technology


Sales order management company Aleran Software rolled out its OneMart B2B online shopping technology, according to a Thursday (Oct 1.) We built OneMart with the manufacturer/vendor and sales agency in mind," Aleran Software CEO Alex Sayyah said in the announcement.

Profile Software Unveils FX Risk Management Tool


In an effort to provide complete management of foreign exchange risk, financial solutions provider Profile Software rolled out its Acumen net eFX offering. B2B Payments B2B banking foreign exchange News Profile Software treasury What's Hot In B2B

Democratizing AI for All: Transforming Your Operating Model to Support AI Adoption

Democratization puts AI into the hands of non-data scientists and makes artificial intelligence accessible to every area of an organization. With the emergence of enterprise AI platforms that automate and accelerate the lifecycle of an AI project, businesses can build, deploy, and manage AI applications to transform their products, services, and operations. But in order to reap the rewards that AI offers, it is essential that businesses first address how their organizations are set up, from their people to their processes. Democratizing AI through your organization requires more than just software. It may require changing your operation models and finding the right guidance to realize the full breadth of capabilities.

Automated software optimization platform targets banks


15 announced a partnership with Clearfind that will give its clients access to Clearfind's automated enterprise software evaluation and consolidation platform. Risk & Security CDW Clearfind Premium Security SoftwareIT solutions provider CDW Corp. on Dec.

Toast Launches Payroll Software For Restaurants


It used the software to systematize payroll, and allowed managers more freedom to focus on their team, as opposed to the nuances of payroll management. “We When it comes to employee onboarding, the software eliminates paperwork, reduces the risk of errors and automates the whole process. ResTech HR News payroll restaurant management software Toast What's Hot

A complete guide for marketing automation software


Do you want to enhance the quality of your organization’s marketing but aren’t sure how to choose marketing automation software? We’ve got all the answers. Marketing automation is a major requirement for today’s marketers.

Why construction loan risk management software is so valuable


Driving efficiency and reducing risk Construction loan risk management software leverages technology and sound process management to pull construction lending away from its manual roots. Construction loan management software. 10 Ways construction loan monitoring software saves time.

How to Overcome the Pain Points of Your CRM

CRM software is a powerful tool when used correctly, yet another obstacle to a sales team’s efficiency when it’s not. Leveraging research and commentary from industry analysts, this eBook explores how your sales team can get back valuable time by overcoming some pain points with your CRM, such as low adoption rates, integrations, and data quality.

Gravity Software Adds Multi-Currency Accounting Tool


Cloud-based company Gravity Software has launched a new program to ensure businesses have the right tools to deal with multi-currency needs, according to a press release. The software can also help businesses that are experiencing growth pains and are in need of more complex software.

EU Rule Change Could Boost Software Investment at Banks

Bank Innovation

New rule changes under discussion by European Union regulators could allow EU banks to invest more in software, allowing them to better fight against cyber attacks, as well as to keep pace with fintech firms. EU regulators are presently considering changes to banking laws that classify software as a cost, rather than an investment. Compliance Exclusive Security cybersecurity EU fintech Financial Regulation fintech investment Software

Gas Station Software Vulnerable To Hacking


Homeland Security ’s cybersecurity agency has issued an advisory about a popular gas station software that has flaws, making it highly vulnerable to hacking. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) gave the Orpak SiteOmat software a vulnerability severity rating of 9.8 ” The software tracks the amount of fuel stored in a gas station ’s tanks, including temperature and pressure.

Loan-pricing models: What to consider for loan origination software


Leveraging the efficiencies gained from lending software Banks and credit unions that leverage an integrated lending and credit platform reap the benefits of a consistent, efficient and defensible lending program. Lending and Credit Software. Leveraging software to gain efficiency.

Tax Compliance Software Firm Avalara Acquires INPOSIA


Avalara , a tax compliance software firm with a focus on the business sector, said on Tuesday (Dec. 29) that it has struck a deal to buy INPOSIA Solutions GmbH.

Taxes 185

Malauzai Software: 2017 Slow Growth Rate for Mobile Banking Apps

Bank Innovation

A recent report by Malauzai Software showed that new app growth rate among banks and credit unions has slowed down by 8% this year. DataBank credit union Malauzai Software Mobile bankingThis slow down is an indication that the market is saturated, according to the report. Nevertheless, this year had the highest number of mobile banking apps. The survey, which was conducted […].

Palette Unveils AP Automation Software For Construction Firms


Palette Software unveiled accounts payable (AP) automation technology that is designed for firms in the construction and engineering industries and run on the cloud, according to an announcement. B2B Payments accounts payable B2B News Palette Software What's Hot In B2B

AI Software Provider Eyes IPO


Enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) software provider into one of the world’s great software companies.". has filed a registration statement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for an initial public offering (IPO).

Palette Software Integrates With Aptean ERP For B2B AP Automation


Palette Software has connected its accounts payable (AP) automation cloud technology with Aptean ERP , according to a Monday (Nov. In separate news, Palette Software introduced AP automation technology that is meant for companies in the engineering and construction spaces, per news in August.

Transactions: Banks select solutions from Chainalysis, Temenos and Teslar Software


The $5 billion bank will integrate Chainalysis’ real-time transaction compliance platform, investigations technology and risk management software into its existing crypto build. Crypto & Defi Cross River Bank Fiserv MX Premium Temenos Teslar Software transactions

Best ERP solutions: Why should small enterprises use ERP software?


In this article, we are listing the 5 best ERP software for small business enterprises. Featured Data Science Best ERP software for small business ERP software erp solutions Risk ManagementWe’ve already handled “What is ERP?”

Top Reasons to Promptly Upgrade Your AML Software


Key Takeaways You should always update your software to the latest version as soon as it's available. If you or your IT department are having issues keeping up with software updates, consider a hosted solution. How does this smart phone analogy translate to your AML software solutions?

SMB Software Firm Zetran Jumps Into Accounting


Small business software provider Zetran is adding an accounting solution to its suite of services, the company said on Sunday (June 17). In a press release , Zetran said it saw a gap in the market for affordable automation software for small and medium-sized business accounting firms. The company aims to help fill that gap with its new accounting software product, myBooks.

2022 ATM & Self-Service Software Trends

ATM Marketplace

The world is finding its way to a new normal and the role ATMs have in our society is as well. While cash is still very popular, the events of the last few years have supercharged a shift in the way banks and ATMs provide services customers. Download this report to see the latest trends

Anti-Bias Lending Software Developer Zest AI Lands $15M


Zest AI , which is developing software that it claims will help wring the bias out of lending, just got a multimillion-dollar vote of confidence. 20) announced that the global software developer Insight Partners will invest $15 million into the firm.