What does your leadership look like?

Chris Skinner

So, boot on … The post What does your leadership look like? I’m sure some people see me walk into a room and go oh no, not him. I have a position, and it’s not popular with everyone. But I don’t care.

Change the bank or change the leadership

Chris Skinner

I’m likely to be blogging about leadership all this week, as that was the theme du jour of our Nordic Finance Innovation meetings in Copenhagen and Oslo last week.

Leadership Lessons

Independent Banker

ICBA convention keynote speaker Carly Fiorina, a former Hewlett-Packard chief, shares her perspective on business innovation and leadership. And so we went about it—the leadership team, the top 50 people in the company—surveying everything the company was doing, all of the assets we had.

The reason digital is a leadership challenge and not a project

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The first phase is a recognition that the … The post The reason digital is a leadership challenge and not a project appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog.

The chasm between banks with digital leadership and those without

Chris Skinner

It’s only five minutes and think it’s probably worth the viewing as people are picking up on various comments I made, such as: “The leadership team has to be completely committed to … The post The chasm between banks with digital leadership and those without appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. During #Money2020Europe Tink, the Swedish challenger bank, interviewed me on my opinions about all things finance and technology.

Banks’ leadership teams are fatally flawed

Chris Skinner

Though boards of banks in the United States and the United Kingdom have higher percentages of directors with professional … The post Banks’ leadership teams are fatally flawed appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog.

Apple Overhauls Leadership Ranks To Move Beyond iPhone


In an attempt to lower its reliance on the iPhone, Apple is overhauling its leadership ranks and changing its priorities so that it is focused more on services, artificial intelligence, hardware and retail, reported The Wall Street Journal.

US Faster Payments Council Names New Leadership


The U.S. Faster Payments Council (FPC), a membership comprised of payment industry leaders, has appointed Kevin Christensen, a senior executive at the SHAZAM network, as the acting executive director and interim board chair, according to a news release by the organization.

Taking the Reins of Leadership

Finer Points

Community Banker University Community Banks Grassroots Leadership“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” General Colin Powell Good leaders aren’t born, they’re forged. They are inspired, shaped and mentored. They are indebted to the individuals who have coached them through both obstacles and successes, and they are obliged to pay that […].

12 Beliefs about Bank Sales Leadership

MZ Bierly Consulting, Inc.

If you would like to read my regular posts on bank sales and sales leadership then please sign up at Bank Sales Corner Blog. Here are 12 things I have learned working with bank Sales Leaders and their teams over the last three decades.

Small Business Administration Headed For Leadership Change


News of the leadership change came the day after a federal judge ruled against the small business health insurance plan favored by Trump, declaring the plans as “clearly an end-run” to avoid consumer protection rules under the Affordable Care Act. President Donald Trump’s chosen head for the Small Business Administration (SBA) will leave the post and focus on helping Trump’s re-election efforts.

Banks are failing digital due to legacy and leadership (Harvard research)

Chris Skinner

Just found an interesting document from Harvard Business Review with the title: How financial services views the digital agenda.

Study Affirms Community Banks’ Small-Biz Leadership

Finer Points

It’s something ICBA and the community banking industry say all the time: community banks are the nation’s leading small-business lenders. And the numbers back it up. While community banks make up less than 20 percent of the banking system’s assets, they dole out more than half of its small-business loans. Still, some small businesses continue […]. Community Banks Credit Unions Economy Regulation Regulatory Relief Small Business Small Business Lending

CAN Capital Announces Another Leadership Change With New CEO


Alternative small business (SMB) lending platform CAN Capital announced on Wednesday (Jan. 9) that Edward J. Siciliano has been appointed as the new chief executive officer.

CUNA Leadership.

Jim Blaine

before you become. Haven't we been here before!?!? Why are CUs still struggling with this?!?]. Egosphere

Leadership: In My Own Words

Jeff For Banks

With all of the scholarship on leadership, what could I add to the conversation? And if we reflect on the decline of our industry, an honest in-the-mirror assessment of bank leadership merits discussion. As with any general statement on leadership traits, there are exceptions.

Digital Engagement: Thought Leadership at DX19


Deluxe Exchange 2019, held February 4-6 in Miami, is a thought leadership summit that brings together leading industry experts and FI executives responsible for market growth and engagement. The post Digital Engagement: Thought Leadership at DX19 appeared first on Deluxe FS. In the span of just two days, attendees will have access to exclusive, thought-provoking content, innovative solutions and dialogue that helps them navigate both their day-to-day priorities.

New leadership, same aversion to M&A


An unusual succession plan at Burke & Herbert Bank raised speculation that Virginia's oldest bank might be interested in buying another institution, for the first time in its history, or even selling to a larger rival. The bank's interim CEO, and the man who will replace him, have other plans.

Future of Banking Requires New Leadership Model

The Financial Brand

Digital disruption in banking necessitates new leadership skills. The post Future of Banking Requires New Leadership Model appeared first on The Financial Brand. Culture & Leadership Featured Content digital banking

How InsurTech Empowers Incumbents’ Market Leadership

Let's Talk Payments

Some professionals argue that the only path to sustainable growth is to work with incumbents in the industry. Indeed, startup-institution relationships (whether its Carrier-InsurTech, or Bank-FinTech cases) have evolved from. Insights Insurance InsurTech Asia Europe insights US

Good to great leadership

CU Insight

What made the Operation Overlord invasion successful is a study in historical leadership greatness exhibited by General Eisenhower and a failure in leadership demonstrated by Adolf Hitler. What makes for great leadership has always sparked interesting discussion.

Creating value through leadership

CU Insight

The post Creating value through leadership appeared first on CUInsight. Community Credit Unions Employee Development Management/Leadership Alisha Stair Leadership ManagementAs credit unions, we are always on the hunt for new and exciting ways to share our value with our members.

Big banks need more diversity in leadership ranks: House Democrats


With women and minorities holding less than 25% of top positions at the eight largest U.S. banks, House Financial Services Committee Chairwoman Maxine Waters and other Democrats called on banks to improve their recruiting efforts and invest in programs aimed at building pipelines of diverse talent.

7 Sales Leadership Rituals that Matter

MZ Bierly Consulting, Inc.

Are there any sales leadership rituals that you would add to this list? Rituals are routines. At one level, a ritual pulls at you, as opposed to things which require discipline or conscious effort. Bank sales leaders have to design positive rituals to drive change. Without rituals, team members often lose focus and honest attempts to change behavior fizzle. In the time we have at work, we need to make intelligent decisions about where to spend our energy.

Leadership Lessons from the Former CMO of Kodak

The Financial Brand

Former Kodak CMO Jeffrey Hayzlett discusses leadership, culture, and the need to avoid complacency in banking during times of strong corporate earnings. The post Leadership Lessons from the Former CMO of Kodak appeared first on The Financial Brand.

Google’s Yvette Bohanan Wins Mike Duffy Award for Leadership


Duffy Leadership Award. Duffy Leadership Award on Yvette Bohanan, who currently serves as the global finance head of revenue platforms at Google. ” In regard to leadership style influence, Duffy’s way of really understanding a situation by getting to the root of it was what helped shape his organizations. What’s really interesting about his leadership is his leadership and style permeated the organization in a way that you don’t often see.”

Rob Miller on leadership

CU Insight

The post Rob Miller on leadership appeared first on CUInsight. Credit Unions Management/Leadership CreditUnions.com Leadership Rob Miller Sharon Simpson

Command leadership and servant leadership

CU Insight

It’s no secret that I’m a huge proponent of servant leadership. One of those types of leadership with which I often draw a contrast is command leadership. Further, you’ll quickly see why that style of leadership can be so detrimental to teams and organizations.

Leadership tips for 2019!

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This is not only valuable for your staff, but also helps you hone leadership skills through communicating and connecting. Push forward: There may not be a more important leadership trait than being a good motivator. The post Leadership tips for 2019! Management/Leadership John Pettit LeadershipAs we wrap up the final four weeks of 2018, it’s time to look to the future and find ways we can improve.

Banks need to change their bonus structures (to include technological leadership)

Chris Skinner

The team … The post Banks need to change their bonus structures (to include technological leadership) appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. I had an interesting conversation with one banker this week. They work for a bank that is interested in blockchain use cases (aren’t we all) and have been tasked to create a proof of concept. All well and good. Then the challenge kicked in. Who wants to work on the proof of concept?

Leadership, Authenticity and How to Hack Them with Body Language

CU Direct

Read more » The post Leadership, Authenticity and How to Hack Them with Body Language appeared first on CU Direct Blog. We all want to be led by somebody who seems “real” to us. People associate authenticity with sincerity, trust, and credibility.

Why Leadership Trumps Performance Now

American Banker

Then get executives to offer thought leadership on social issues, rather than just having them be a mouthpiece for quarterly earnings. That's what the Reputation Institute recommends, as leadership replaces performance as a key driver of bank reputations.

Women in leadership positions in credit unions…words matter!

CU Insight

The post Women in leadership positions in credit unions…words matter! Business Career Community Credit Unions Culture Management/Leadership Women Workplace Dave Hedges engagement Leadership Management woman Women in Leadership

Walmart Shakes Up Its Food Leadership Team


Big things are coming for Walmart as it just announced a few changes in its food leadership team on an internal memo circulated to its teams from its executive vice president for food in the U.S., The food industry has seen its fair share of shakeups over the last few months thanks in large part to Amazon’s $13.7-billion Whole Foods purchase. Fast on the heels of the eCommerce giant is the rest of the food industry, including superstore Walmart.

CFPB announces senior leadership changes

CFPB Monitor

Last Friday, the CFPB announced several changes in senior leadership. CFPB Monitor CFPB People CFPB leadershipThe individuals and their backgrounds as set forth in the CFPB’s press release are as follows: Andrew Duke will serve as the Policy Associate Director for External Affairs. Mr. Duke has 27 years of experience in public policy, including 20 years on Capitol Hill serving with three different members of Congress. Laura Fiene will serve as West Regional Director.

Office Depot Makes Changes In Leadership Team


Office Depot has made some key changes in its leadership team, including naming a new chief digital officer. According to Chain Store Age , Kevin Moffitt is now the company’s chief digital officer.

In reversal, FHFA defends constitutionality of its leadership structure


The agency had decided not to challenge a recent court ruling that its structure violates the separation of powers, but newly confirmed Director Mark Calabria now appears willing to the fight the case. Housing finance reform Lawsuits GSE reform Mark Calabria Joseph Otting FHFA CFPB

Why is ‘leadership’ so misunderstood?

CU Insight

Leadership is not a position or title, it is an action and example.”. As a consultant working in the leadership arena for more than 20 years, both comments confused me. It left me wondering whether professionals today understood leadership.

Do We Care About Leadership?

Jeff For Banks

One form of training I fondly recall from my Navy days was Navy Leadership Development school, or NAVLEAD. The commander, however, worked for a large company and said they do incorporate leadership, management, and supervisory training to employees.

Leadership Matters: Demystifying change management

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I accidentally stumbled into the world of change leadership shortly after receiving my accounting designation. The post Leadership Matters: Demystifying change management appeared first on CUInsight. Management/Leadership Jessica Szewczuk Leadership Leadership Matters

Talking ABSURD! Leadership with CU Broadcast’s Mike Lawson

Your Full Potential

Leadership CU Broadcast Leadership Management Outstanding Leadership Productivity Profitability Sean McDonaldUncategorized ABSURD!Leadership

Stop telling girls that bossy is leadership

CU Insight

This situation made me reflect on a comment that Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, made in an interview several years ago about girls and leadership. There is much more to leadership than directing people around. We need to stop telling girls that being bossy is leadership.

Leadership 2.0: How Do CEOs Use Social Media? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Visible Banking

3 in 4 consumers think that a company appears more trustworthy if its high-level leadership are present on social media. Social Media Banking Facebook Leadership linkedin Peter Aceto Social Business Social CEO Tangerine Twitter