Scotiabank, Fifth Third, SunTrust: Amazon, Apple inspiring UX

Bank Innovation

Carousel Corporate Banking Customer Experience Amazon Fifth Third Bank Scotiabank SunTrust user experience UXThe popularity of Amazon Prime and Apple is forcing bankers to rethink user experiences, industry practitioners said at Bank Innovation Build. With the growing adoption of digital banking platforms, user experience specialists said human experiences should underpin digital product roadmaps, with technology performing a supporting role.

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Apple Introduces New eCommerce Portal With Upgraded UX


The new portal offers an enhanced user experience (UX) that enables people to chat with tech specialists and learn more about contactless delivery options. Apple ecommerce Genius Bar iPhone News online hub Retail UX What's Hot

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Why Citizens Bank Put a Special UX Team at the Heart of its Mobile App Revamp

Bank Innovation

The bank's Green Pixel Studios, a team of about 30 UX designers, data analysts and visual designers and artists spread out over three locations, is currently playing an integral role […]. IoT & Wearables Open Banking Operations Premium Retail Amazon Alexa artificial intelligence Citizens Bank IOT Mobile banking UX design voice banking

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UX Design is Next Big Hurdle for Banks, Vested Ventures Says

Bank Innovation

Cards Exclusive Mobile Open Fintech Payments APIs data analytics machine learning Mobile Apps Mobile banking UX design Vested VenturesEXCLUSIVE— With the help of APIs and other technologies, U.S. banks are mastering the use and sharing of data, but the next challenge is going to be even more technical. To move forward, financial institutions are going to have to take a closer look at the user experience, Eric Hazard, CEO for fintech venture capital […].

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Is UX The Mobile Wallet Whisperer?


Omnicommerce Bigcommerce checkout conversion ecommerce Featured News Main Feature mobile wallet adoption News Omnicommerce Tracker payments UX Vantiv What's happening nowSome of the companies leading the omnicommerce charge recently concentrated their efforts on introducing innovative plans to expand both their consumer base and also bolster their payment offerings.

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The Key to Good UX Design for Bank Apps Is Customer Research

Bank Innovation

Exclusive Innovations Mobile Premium Bank of America Chase JPMorgan Chase Kony N26 UX Wells Fargo ZelleThe mobile phone is becoming the preferred method of banking for many customers. Bank of America just crossed the 25 million mark of mobile users, Chase has 30.1 million mobile users, and Wells Fargo has 21.2 million users. So, it’s safe to say that mobile banking is crucial to a bank’s business as well. Features […].

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Inside look: New data drives banks’ mobile UX 


Customer Experience Capco Features Fifth Third KeyBank mobile app Premium RBC UX Varo MoneyEach day, KeyBank’s digital team receives two reports. To start the day, the team receives a qualitative report with subjective feedback from customers detailing problems or suggestions.

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Design Lab Will Fuel USAA’s AI, UX Efforts, Exec Says

Bank Innovation

Corporate Innovations Mobile Operations Technology AI Design Studio focus groups Mobile Apps USAA UXLabs – focus units tasked to tackle specific technologies and ideas – have been growing in popularity among banks lately. Most established banks already have “innovation labs” – which focus on identifying fintech trends and partnerships – in place, and many test distributed ledger technology applications in “blockchain labs.” USAA took a different route: the […].

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Should your bank acquire a UX design firm?

Celent Banking

I think it’s a great idea for several reasons: Design and user experience (UX) are critical to digital AND brick and mortar banking. From a cultural perspective, it makes a huge difference to have designers and UX specialists “on the team” as opposed to engaging external contractors. UX becomes embedded in projects and in thinking. Design / UX should be a horizontal function at financial institutions. Labs and UX go hand in hand.

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Banks enhance UX by accelerating investment in digital technologies


The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation in banking, leading banks to faster adopt new digital delivery models. The rise of neo and digital banking became the new normal, with an emphasis on mobile banking services. Industry analysts predict the pandemic will only help these new

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For Customers, UX = XOXO

Strategically Speaking

In software circles, UX (User Experience) is the new buzzword. It''s important to remember that UX is just an online extension of good, old fashioned customer service. When asked about UX, does the vendor maximize or minimize its importance? You can often determine from conversations with its product managers or executives whether or not a particular vendor "gets it" regarding UX design. Do they exhibit evidence of insightful UX design?

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Weekly Wrap: Luge Capital courts early-stage fintechs, as payment providers rustle with UX and data privacy

Bank Innovation

In this episode, Suman Bhattacharyya, deputy editor, and Angely Mercado, associate editor, discuss the following news developments: Canadian venture firm Luge Capital’s approach to fintech investments; How banks are navigating Zelle’s UX as transaction volume grows; and […]. Welcome to the latest episode of our weekly wrap video series, for the week ending Friday, October 25, 2019.

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The banking UX revolution happened when you weren’t looking


Some people describe the digital era as fluffy, says Leda Glyptis, but they're missing the UX revolution that's happening right in front of them. The banking UX revolution happened when you weren’t looking on BankNXT. Banking Fintech UX business culture startups user experience

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Who Wins the UX Arms Race: Traditional Banks or Neobanks?

The Financial Brand

The post Who Wins the UX Arms Race: Traditional Banks or Neobanks? Customer Experience Digital Banking Strategies Mobile Channel challenger bank PNC Revolut SoFi UX

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Payments UX – Zelle confuses


Payments UX – Zelle confuses on BankNXT. Banking Mobile & Online UX Capital One credit unions money transfer P2P user experienceJim Bruene isn't convinced about the new Zelle branding, and bullet points what he thinks is wrong with the user experience.

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Why You Should Include Success Measurement Metrics and Systems in UX Design


Check out our UX IQ , which provides your business with a heuristic evaluation of your website to help you understand where to target improvements, and contact our experience design experts today. A functional, seamless user experience is critical for businesses operating in digital spaces.

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The Best and Worst Practices in Digital Banking UX

The Financial Brand

The post The Best and Worst Practices in Digital Banking UX appeared first on The Financial Brand. Customer Experience Digital Banking Strategies mobile apps UX

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Part 2: UI/UX Best Practices

Strategically Speaking

In part one of this blog post we discussed what UI/UX is and why it’s important. In part two we will highlight some specific UI/UX influences and some best practices to consider when evaluating your digital channels. Let’s start with a UI/UX influence that you may have noticed more and more lately. Author: Derik Sutton,

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Zelle posts 58% year over year growth in payment volume, as banks navigate UX

Bank Innovation

Peer-to-peer payments network Zelle is growing transaction volume, according to numbers released Tuesday by its bank-owned network operator, Early Warning Services. According to Early Warning data, Zelle users sent $49 billion through the network during the third quarter of 2019, a 58% year-over-year increase. Meanwhile, users made 196 million transactions during the quarter, representing 73% […].

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Four Things To Know About Balancing UX And Security In eCommerce


Security & Fraud Cybercrime data breach ecommerce Featured News fraud KYC lost in transaction News Paysafe Security UXWhat do consumers want? Merchants think they have the answers: ease, efficiency and instant gratification. Oh, and security, too – but not at the expense of that frictionless user experience. Merchants, it turns out, are wrong – at least about a large chunk of their consumers.

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Banks navigate UX hurdles in the march to create “super apps”

Bank Innovation

As mobile banking encompasses an ever-increasing number of features, banks are navigating how not to lose the customer in the process. Initially, mobile banking was a way for customers to check account balances on their phones, but most banks have added personal finance, investments and check deposit features in recent years. Banks are trying to […]. Exclusive Experience & Design? Premium Retail Banking Huntington Bank MoneyLion Zelle

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UI/UX: What is it and Why you Should Care

Strategically Speaking

Part 1: What is UI/UX and why is it important? By now you’ve heard of UI/UX. UI/UX belongs to the larger descriptor, design, which further complicates this post because that term is often broadly used and hard to define. Today, part one will be used to summarize UI/UX as it relates to online and mobile interfaces, and to begin to understand the impact it is having on financial services. Author: Derik Sutton,

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UX strategy in banking and financial services in 2018


UX strategy in banking and financial services in 2018 on BankNXT. Banking Fintech UX APIs challenger banks cryptocurrency digital trends open banking PSD2 user experienceAs we roll further into 2018, thoughts inevitably turn to the big themes we might expect (and hope) to see for user experience in the financial services industry. Story by Tom Evans.

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10 Digital Banking UX Trends that Will Drive Post-Pandemic Strategy

The Financial Brand

The post 10 Digital Banking UX Trends that Will Drive Post-Pandemic Strategy appeared first on The Financial Brand. Customer Experience Digital Banking Strategies Featured Content Mobile Channel CX digital transformation ecosystem UX

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Habits That Stifle UX Innovation in Banking (and How to Change Them)

The Financial Brand

The post Habits That Stifle UX Innovation in Banking (and How to Change Them) appeared first on The Financial Brand. Customer Experience Digital Banking Strategies engagement UXHiring creative user experience pros won't help if they don't have the right support and culture.

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USAA UX fail – non-clickable links


USAA UX fail – non-clickable links on BankNXT. Banking Mobile & Online UX digital banking Jim Bruene USAA user experienceJim Bruene notes navigation design flaws on the USAA website that could hinder customer onboarding.

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Discovery UX – making mobile banking services more visible


Jim Bruene doesn't think so, and suggests some simple UX changes. Discovery UX – making mobile banking services more visible on BankNXT. Banking Mobile & Online UX Bank of America marketing mobile money services user experienceDoes your bank make it clear that it's offering mobile banking services?

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Mitek Presents: Mobile Identity Verification – Where UX Meets Compliance

Let's Talk Payments

Meeting regulatory requirements while offering a seamless customer experience In today’s mobile-first world, enabling customers to seamlessly and securely transact is key for any organization looking to win and retain. Authentication Mobile News news US

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Webinar: Mobile Identity Verification – Where UX Meets Compliance

Let's Talk Payments

Join us on May 9 at 1:30 PM ET for a free webinar, hosted by Mitek Systems, with leading industry practitioners to learn how leveraging technology can give you customers. Identity Insights Mobile Asia Europe news US

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The Right UX Makes All the Difference in Banking

Let's Talk Payments

As the father of Apple said, “You‘ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way around.” The wisdom has been. Banking Fintech Insights Acorns Asia Europe insights Mint N26 Robinhood Simple Square US Venmo

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Will Kin be the Simple of Insurtech with a better UX to crack open the home insurance market?

Daily Fintech

All they are doing is using better digital UX to reduce the time it takes to buy house insurance from hours to minutes. All they did was offer a better digital UX. InsurTech digital ux home insurance kinKin recently raised a $4m Series A from top tier investors for a proven management team. The plan does not sound exciting.There is no conceptual breakthrough. Nor is there any deep, proprietary technology.

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Engineering Digital Banking Solutions Using UX Methodology

The Financial Brand

Bringing the designer and developer together to follow an agreed upon user experience (UX) design workflow is the foundation of success. Customer Experience Digital Banking Strategies CX digital design UX

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EMVCo publishes EMV 3-D Secure UI/UX guidelines

The Paypers

US-based technical body EMVCo has published EMV 3-D Secure UI/UX Design Guidelines to help card issuers, banks, merchants and solution providers optimise the EMV 3DS payment authentication experience for ecommerce consumers

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Eric Horesnyi on fintech trends, UX and company culture


Eric Horesnyi on fintech trends, UX and company culture on BankNXT. Fintech Payments UX BankNXT blockchain business culture digital trends events interview technology user experienceAs part of a barter agreement with Jax London, BankNXT has agreed to share this interview with Eric Horesnyi from about how banks can put fintech trends to good use.

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PaymentsSource Unveils Major Content and UX Upgrades

American Banker

SourceMedia, the publisher of American Banker, has unveiled a major content and user experience upgrade to PaymentsSource, its flagship resource for the payments industry. breaking_news consumer-finance credit-card sailthru-no-lead bank-technology

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