Top 5 Banks #Winning Social Media

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EXCLUSIVE - For all the talk about appealing to millenials, not that many banks or FIs out there have figured out social media.

Don’t Send Payment Reminders with Social Media, FICO Says

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Consumers still aren’t comfortable receiving notifications like late payment reminders through social media channels, a study released today by FICO found. DataBank Mobile Online Payments consumer credit FICO Mobile Payments online payments payments Social Media

Regulators Eyeing Social Media In Europe


Against the backdrop of social media controversy — remember Facebook , of course, and 87 million users’ data exposed to Cambridge Analytica — oversight is tightening in Europe. The regulatory gaze become more fully trained on social media as in Germany, intelligence official Hans Georg Maassen said last week that regulation may be needed for social media companies if the European Union finds that more transparency is needed.

2016 IB Social Media Leaders

Independent Banker

Congratulations to the Top 2016 IB Social Media Leaders. Independent Banker ® magazine recognizes three community banks who have conducted creative, engaging and impactful social media campaigns. 2016 IB Social Media Leaders is sponsored by SHAZAM.

Neiman Marcus Looks To Associates For Social Media Commerce


In an effort to drive sales, a luxury department store chain is connecting customers with their sales associates through personal social media accounts, The New York Post reported. The practice comes as consumers are increasingly favoring social media as a means for exposure to fashion brands and new styles. “A Retail e-commerce fashion Instagram mobile neiman marcus News shopping Snapchat social media What's Hot

Social Media Usage Increases In Q1 Despite Facebook’s Data Scandal


Despite Facebook’s data scandal with Cambridge Analytica, the number of people that are using social media platforms increased by more than 100 million during the first quarter of 2018. billion people around the globe using social media. Nevertheless, many people aren’t concerned about their privacy, with millions opening new accounts on social media.

BBVA Launches Spanish Social Media Payment Tools


Finextra reports that with around 86 percent of Spanish internet users accessing Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitter or Instagram at least once a day, BBVA is looking to make it easier for customers to complete daily transactions without leaving their social networks. Mobile Payments News BBVA Facebook payments social media Spanish Telegram What's Hot WhatsApp

Social Media is the Future of All Consumer Decisioning

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Today, social media is an absolute extension of “self.” But with the coming of functional AI, the future of social media is truly these living breathing reflective cohorts demonstrating, communicating and identifying the deepest reaches of the individual.

German Spy Agency Says Regulation Of Social Media Firms May Be Necessary


The intelligence agency in Germany implied on Monday (May 14) that more regulation may be applied to social media companies if the European Union can get them to increase their accountability for spreading illegal and dangerous content. Reuters reported that the German intelligence official Hans-Georg Maassen said the European Union is working to get social media platforms to increase their transparency and consciousness.

Your Bank’s Social Media Strategy Needs to Drive the Consumer Experience (and Revenue), Says Regions Bank

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EXCLUSIVE—Social media strategy is a must for all areas of business in today’s world, including banks—who, fighting against entrenched perceptions of their legacy institutions, often rely on social media platforms to reach their younger customers.

Choosy Turns To Social Media For Fast Fashion Inspiration


Perusing through social media platforms like Instagram, Jessie Zeng came to a realization: Followers wanted to know where they could buy the clothing worn by their favorite celebrities or influencers, but their requests often went unanswered. Beyond answering the demands of social media users who crave celebrity and influencer fashions, Choosy seeks to solve another problem: making expensive designer fashions available to the masses without the big price tags.

ING Enables Customers To Make Payments On Social Media


ING is gearing up to overhaul social media websites , transforming them into ways to make payments. According to a press release , ING said it will transform social media sites, including WhatsApp, Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn, into payment request channels for customers who use its mobile app. With the app, users can generate a link that can be shared on social media apps, as well as via SMS and email.

Social Media Is King For Gen Z Influence


As such, it should come as no surprise that social media has had a large influence on this group of young consumers. Research from Yes Lifecycle Marketing showed an astounding 80 percent of Gen Zers are influenced by social sites when shopping. The numbers move down to 74 percent of millennials, 58 percent of Generation X and 41 percent of baby boomers whose purchases are influenced by social media.

EU Creates Social Media Working Group To Observe Data Harvesting


European Union privacy watchdogs are responding to the Facebook data scandal by taking a closer look at the harvesting of personal data from social media sites for economic or political purposes. “A A multi-billion dollar social media platform saying it is sorry simply is not enough,” Andrea Jelinek, chair of the group of EU data protection authorities, said in a statement, according to Reuters. This is why we are creating a Social Media Working Group.

Email, Social Media King For Retail Marketers


According to research from a survey by Yes Lifecycle Marketing as quoted in eMarketer , most retail marketers are counting on email and social media to help reach their goals. The data shows a significant amount of retail marketers selecting these channels, at 68 percent for email and 54 percent for social media.

New Ransomware Uses Social Media, Demands Payment in Bitcoin

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A new type of ransomware is targeting users through their social media accounts, most notably through Facebook and LinkedIn, before doing what ransomware does: locking the computer and demanding payment for access–in bitcoin.

Social media becomes more of a mobile commerce tool worldwide

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Michelle Evans, digital consumer manager for Euromonitor International, examines the impact social media platforms have on commerce, specifically in the Asia-Pacific region

Social Media Vetting Looms For Visa Applicants


Add social media to the list of inputs for vetting U.S. Trump has debuted a new questionnaire for visa applicants across the globe seeking entry into the United States that considers social media and biographical information. The data is far ranging, seeking to compile passport numbers, social media identities, employment information and travel history. News Security & Fraud OMB social media vetting visa applicants What's Hot

When It Comes To Paid Social Media, Facebook Leads The Way


Retailers continue to rely on paid search and email marketing channels, but mobile marketing and social media are continuing to increase in popularity as a way for businesses to grow their customer acquisition, according to a new study. Email marketing is the number one strategy that retailers are investing in, with 94 percent of all those surveyed saying it was part of their company’s marketing strategy, while social media was second at 92 percent.

Is Social Media Key to Hitting the Trillions for (Fin)Tech Companies?

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Analyst Michael Markowski seems to think so, citing the technology giant’s recent acquisition of professional social media site LinkedIn as the boost that pushed Microsoft into the race. Could Microsoft be the first technology company to earn a one trillion market value?

Building Community Through Social Media

Social Assurance

Social media has provided a new platform for these interactions to take place at an accelerated rate; however, the purpose of social media sometimes becomes misguided. The true payoffs from social media come with the grind.

Social Media as an Emerging Source of Cyberthreat

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Cybersecurity Insights Social Media Asia Europe insights USThe cost of data breaches is expected to reach $2.1 trillion globally by 2019 In 2016, cybercrime cost the global economy over $450 billion, and over 2 billion personal records.

Email and Social Media Channels That Banks Should Be Using

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We point out that it is likely your bank thinks of social media channels as a way to amplify your marketing and increase customer engagement. While all true, social media is also becoming indispensable to build a brand, socialize products, synthesize ideas and to service customers

Consumers Value Their Social Media But Put Security Onus On Companies


Social media has taken on a life of its own — so much so that a new survey finds a lot of consumers value their life online at $100,000 to priceless. That may be particularly scary since Forbes reported that Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook got his social media accounts hacked for the third time in 2016. The hack of Zuckerberg should be a wakeup call to social media users that they have to be careful and not blindly accept that businesses will protect their data.

Six Social Media Time Management Tactics for Bank Marketers

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The number one hurdle to using social media expressed by many bank marketers is, “I don’t have the time to use social media.” The first question to ask is – who is your best customer and what social media platforms do they use?

Why mobile social media money transfers are going to be huge

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FIs and payment processors have a major opportunity to collaborate with FinTech pioneers such as Moneymailme to serve the growing market for mobile social media money transfers

Social media and visual content to drive ecommerce growth

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(The Paypers) A new study from Bazaarvoice has named social media and visual content as two of the most important factors in driving ecommerce growth

How Social Media Made Retail Marketing More Inclusive


Generally speaking, it is hard to think of social media as something that is making the world a more inclusive place – given its occasional status as a toxic swamp of intolerance and cruelty.

Can social media be fixed before it ruins us all?


Stephen Peters discusses social media, its influence over our consumption of 'news', and what the future holds for its predominance over our lives, and its shot at redemption. Can social media be fixed before it ruins us all?

Closing the Social Media Gap

William Mills

Social media is no longer the shiny new toy in the PR and marketing toy box. Today, financial providers and FinTech firms alike know they must integrate social media into their communications strategies. Three Ways Financial Companies Can Bridge the Gap in 2016.

Banks Build Communities, Attract Customers with Social Media


By 2017, close to three billion people will be using social media. Everyday Bank social media Featured Bank Innovation1 This near-ubiquitous channel presents financial institutions with a tremendous opportunity to create new relationships or strengthen existing ones. We are encountering more and more financial institutions taking. Read more.

Is Social Media Taking over E-Commerce? (Yes, And Facebook’s Already Winning)

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If there’s one social platform out there that just might be able to steal e-commerce business away from Amazon, it’s Instagram–a visual, highly interactive and personalized platform that just added the ability for users to shop. E-Commerce Mobile Payments Retail Social Media Technology e-commerce Facebook Instagram mobile Mobile Payments

Spearmint LOVE On Why Social Media Matters (Especially For Growing Businesses)


When it comes to growing a business, social media matters. Leveraged to a business’ advantage, social media can be a key to success in consumer adoption, conversion and retention. For SMBs, social media has become a seamless way to build a following and a community around a brand and to provide customer support, marketing and communications outreach. Likewise, the company used social as a means to find new brands and products to feature.

Is your ATM business missing out on social media sales?

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Studies indicate that social media users spend 20–40 percent more with companies that engage with them via social media — and they rely on social media channels for their first line of customer service interaction

Social Media Paves The Path To Purchase For 71% Of Shoppers


It looks as though social media has become a mainstay in the shopping experiences of many shoppers. As the holiday shopping season draws near, a recent report from Crowdtap revealed the significant influence social media has on the path to purchase of many consumers. adults look to social media as a way to connect with brands when they are considering making a purchase, while they are shopping and even after a purchase has been made.

Facebook is changing: What this means for your company’s social media strategy

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Not only did Facebook pave the way for other social media platforms, it also created a methodology for businesses to connect directly with their customers. This change also correlates with Facebook’s research in how social media consumption affects its users.

5 Effective Steps to Social Media Marketing

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Social media is on the rise and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. With tons of free social media platforms at our fingertips, there’s no limit to what can be created and shared in an instant

5 Ways to Enhance Trade Show Attendance through Social Media

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A decade ago, social media was primarily a tool for the 25-and-under crowd to engage with peers, but even in its infancy, its potential was recognizable. Social media will increasingly begin to compete directly with traditional media consumption,” ( Robert Young, 2006 on Gigaom ).

Social media in the current enforcement landscape

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High rewards are accompanied by high risks Technology Compliance Compliance Management. 1Compliance

Nailing Princess Leia and Our New Social Media Policy

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Call it a social media fail, but late last Friday we posted this picture of an office Halloween costume that made us laugh given the cinnamon rolls in her hair.