Thu.Jun 20, 2019

POS Payments At The Speed Of Sound (Waves)


Friction bedevils all types of retail — and that holds true for transactions inside stores or via eCommerce sites. At the same time, the ongoing effort to create true omnichannel experiences for consumers often runs into roadblocks of friction, frustrating merchants and consumers alike.

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Velocity Ledger selects HLC Group for cybersecurity

The Paypers

(The Paypers) Velocity Ledger has chosen HLC Cyber Group as the provider of security technology and information security services for their two owned subsidiaries

Apple Expands Apple Card Testing


Apple has expanded the test phase of its credit card with Goldman Sachs to its retail employees, according to a report by Bloomberg.

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Ithmaar Bank reveals biometric ATM network in Bahrain

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(The Paypers) Bahrain-based Ithmaar Bank has successfully launched the region’s first biometrics-enabled cardless Automated Teller Machine network

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Bitcoin Daily: Firefox Bug Targets Crypto Owners; Bitcoin Inventor Claims Escalate


Australian Craig Wright, who has declared himself the inventor of bitcoin, believes that a series of lawsuits will help him prove that he is the inventor of bitcoin. But many in the crypto industry do not believe Wright’s claims.

Mastercard, Crédit Agricole collaborate on biometric card pilot

The Paypers

(The Paypers) Mastercard has revealed it is working with Crédit Agricole Payment Services on a biometric card pilot for 200 customers in France

Walmart Eyes Robo-Vans For Warehouses


Walmart is planning to use self-driving cars to transport products between warehouses in the hopes of slashing costs and boosting efficiency.

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Why Global Gig Workers Like Local Payments


By 2023, 73 percent of all offices across the U.S. will have remote workers that eschew the traditional commute to an office setting. Though they may work as far as the other side of the world, remote workers still expect the same level of security, trust and speed in payments.

How the fintech revolution can come from outside a post-Brexit UK – interview with GlobalNetInt

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(The Paypers) Liudvikas Kulikauskas, CEO of Globalnetint, UAB, shares how an electronic money institution can thrive in the post-Brexit fintech climate, perspectives on alternatives, and expansion plans

Libra Wallet Won’t Launch In Certain Markets


Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency and Calibra digital wallet won’t be available in certain markets. The social media giant shared its plans for both projects, which aim to transform financial services worldwide by empowering the more than 1.7

IMF's Lagarde is nobody's token; causes and effects of gender pay disparity


Christine Lagarde, the head of the International Monetary Fund, refuses to attend any meetings in which she would be the only woman; Sallie Krawcheck says the fact that women still are paid less than men is partly the fault of society at large; and more in this week's WIB Scan.

Huawei CEO: Banks Were Aware Of Firm’s Activities


The head of Huawei claims the banks involved in the U.S. case against his company knew about all of its business activities. In an exclusive interview with CNBC on Wednesday (June 19), CEO Ren Zhengfei spoke for the first time about the case against Huawei.

Faced with the challenge of digital disruption, we must question everything

CU Insight

News Flash! Digital disruption is rapidly changing the financial services marketplace, and you need to ACT NOW if you wish to remain relevant. The above really isn’t “new” news.

Identity Takes Center Stage As Healthcare Goes Digital


Complaints about healthcare will never cease. After all, the industry is one where illness combines with significant bills and payments, two things that are pretty much a negative for everyone who needs medicine or medical care.

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Hope is alive!

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Advocacy is a process, not an event; a marathon, not a sprint. For credit unions, advocacy is about revolutionizing the operating environment for credit unions, not merely putting up points for the sake of a win.

AML/KYC’s Data Confidence Crisis


The last thing that anyone wants to hear in almost any financial organization is that the people tasked with risk management is feeling less than fully confident about their ability to actually do that job — because they aren’t sure if their data is good.

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You can’t afford NOT to use data-driven onboarding

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Financial consumers today have choices – at least 10,000 when it comes to financial institutions, to be more exact. That’s why, when you secure a new member, retaining them is so important. Between 25-40% of new members leave a credit union in the first year.

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4 tips for getting on the road to wealth

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If you want to build wealth, you’ve got to live differently. If you’re ready to start a journey down that path, here are four tips from Entrepreneur to get you started…. Get up early: If you’re ready to raise your game, you can’t be the last one playing.