Fri.Oct 19, 2018

To Fight Fake IDs And Online Fraud, Know Thy Enemy Better


To really beat someone, or something, one must respect and understand that person or organization, even if they dislike or loathe them. That’s ancient wisdom — “know thy enemy” — that not only applies to martial situations, but to the biggest challenges in life. OK, enough of the generalities.

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Customer intelligent marketing is not a scary thing

Chris Skinner

I grew up as a marketing guy. My first career roles were in marketing. I was trained by Kotler and Drucker, and still hold true to first principles of marketing: the 4 P’s or, if you’re not a marketing person, product, price, place and promotion.

TRENDING: The Redbox-Inspired Approach To Keeping Cashierless Shopping Juiced


The self-service market is projected to be worth $13 billion by 2023, and food merchants are angling to secure a bigger foothold in the space.

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BioConnect launches mobile biometric platform BioConnect ID

The Paypers

(The Paypers) BioConnect has launched BioConnect ID, a mobile biometric application platform for enterprises’ digital authentication of its employees and customers

NEW REPORT: ChowNow CEO On Securing Order-Ahead


Quick-service restaurants (QSRs) are working to draw in more mobile consumers and bring in the larger ticket orders common among mobile order-ahead purchases. Achieving this means taking a proactive approach to drawing customers to the apps — then keeping them loyal.

Alloy, Socure team up to automate digital identity verification

The Paypers

(The Paypers) Socure and Alloy have partnered to enable financial institutions to make real-time digital identity verification decisions for onboarding new customers


How FIs Are Combatting Increasingly Sophisticated Attacks


Recent reports from The Wall Street Journal regarding a sizable increase in the number of cyberattacks on big banks may have been greatly exaggerated. Some industry experts believe that financial services companies have not seen a rise in cyberthreats at all.

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Mastercard’s Lifestyle Manager Aims To Build More Effortless Consumer Journeys


There are few disappointments in life quite as indelible as a long-anticipated vacation that crashes and burns because of a bad experience at a hotel.

MYHSM launches HSM service

The Paypers

(The Paypers) MYHSM has announced the launch of the dedicated payments hardware security module (HSM) hosted service using Thales payShield HSMs

How to market your credit union with a purpose

CU Insight

Credit unions serve a vital purpose in the economy, providing the only real alternative for consumers in an increasingly monopolized lending environment. Financial services is also in the midst of a quiet revolution, thanks to technology and innovation from new market entrants, in a way that was unthinkable just a few years ago. How can your credit union differentiate itself and compete? Purpose marketing revolves around an organization’s greater purpose, going beyond selling a product.

BMO, ACI Worldwide to drive payments modernisation

The Paypers

(The Paypers) ACI Worldwide and BMO Financial Group has announced that BMO has rolled out ACI`s payments hub within their business, integrating a number of BMO`s payment systems

Saddle up the digital marketing monster

CU Insight

Digital Marketing is a huge, slippery, multi-armed beast, with tentacles reaching out in every direction. But if you can manage to grab hold and hang on, this powerful critter can take you for the ROI ride of a lifetime. But how do you rope this beast? There’s no place to put a saddle! Whoa there, cowboy. First, keep in mind that no one can do it all. You don’t have to tame the Digital Marketing beast all at once.

Jassby launches mobile payments system for kids

The Paypers

(The Paypers) Jassby has launched a free mobile app that uses personal information via biometric authentication, two-step verification, and encryption technology