Mon.Aug 20, 2018

NEW REPORT: The Hidden Costs Of Corporate Employee IOUs


It’s an inconvenience many field-based employees face: being forced to dip into their own personal accounts to make company purchases for work-related projects, then enduring the hassle of filing and waiting for reimbursement.

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Walmart completes Flipkart acquisition

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(The Paypers) Walmart and Flipkart have announced the closing of the agreements for Walmart to become the largest shareholder in the Flipkart Group

Today In Data: An App For Every Need


The great mobile payment revolution is finally underway – albeit in a form that no one predicted in 2014 when the hype was really building.

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Kienlongbank rolls out JCB credit card in Vietnam

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(The Paypers) Kienlong Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Kienlongbank) and JCB International have announced the release of Kienlongbank - JCB Credit Card

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Barclays Backs Crowdz B2B Procurement Platform With Payments Tech


Barclaycard has partnered with Silicon Valley startup Crowdz to make the process of selling and finding business services easier. While consumer payments have been revolutionized through mobile technology, Barclays points out that things have been slower in the business-to-business (B2B) space. In fact, only one in four transactions in the supply chain are digitized.

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Online Platforms: Why Consumers Rule And Regulators Don’t


A few weeks from now will mark the 72nd anniversary of a federal court decision that found grocery store chain The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company and its founders, George and John Hartford, guilty of engaging in anti-competitive behavior. That story is the subject of a terrific book written by economist Marc Levinson , “The Great A&P And The Struggle For Small Business In America”. It’s a great read and the source of several of the data points quoted in my piece.

Charity trend in Russia is driven by local boost of payment technologies, report shows

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(The Paypers) The number of Russians donating online has increased by 40% in the first six months of 2018 in comparison to 2017, according to a study by Yandex.Checkout.

Corporate Travel’s Tech Adoption Voyage


Consumerization in the corporate payments space may be no more present than it is in the business travel arena. Employees are naturally using the same technologies and payment tools while they travel for work as they do in their personal lives, and travel managers must keep that in mind when designing travel programs that meet both corporates’ and employees’ needs.

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Shopee, DHL extend partnership for next-day deliveries in Malaysia

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(The Paypers) Shopee and DHL eCommerce have associated as partners to offer domestic delivery for Shopee sellers and buyers across Malaysia


Late Payments Mean Summer Doldrums For SMB Owners


Summer — lazy and hazy days, at least for some. But not for business owners forced to chase late payments. To that end, Hitachi Capital reported that, as noted in a survey of 1,200 businesses conducted by YouGov, late payments bedevil several verticals. In fact, the problem is so widespread that it is being described as a “late payment epidemic.” Of the businesses surveyed, 63 percent stated that they had to deal with late payments for invoices stretching back to June 2018.

Barclaycard and blockchain startup Crowdz to digitise supply chain

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(The Paypers) UK-based payments company Barclaycard has announced working with blockchain startup Crowdz to digitise the business-to-business supply chain

Naf Naf Grill On Serving More Customers, Faster, With Digital Ordering


Despite the fact that customers want their food fast, restaurants have to work hard to encourage mobile ordering, and to keep customers engaged with incentives to prevent them from deleting the app after use. For Chicago-based Middle Eastern food chain Naf Naf Grill , that means focusing on reward points, while also making order fulfillment as speedy as possible. The fast casual restaurant is a recent addition to the order-ahead scene, having launched its service in January 2018.

Hitachi Capital America plans trade finance expansion to Mexico

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(The Paypers) Hitachi Capital America has announced that its trade finance team is in the process of expanding its capabilities to Mexico

CLEAR CEO: Biometrics, Ballparks And Bridges To A Portable ID


How on time a traveler is for a flight seems to be consistently correlated with how long it will take them to go from the airport’s front door to the boarding area before the doors close. From pre-screening through screening, to that final run through the airport to find the right gate, it’s an exercise and anxiety that no one loves.

Client Note: Uber Exits Autonomous Vehicles, WeWork China’s Competitors, Amazon Patents, Who’s Not Millennial-Obsessed, And More

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Today, we’re talking about senior care, the Ponzi scheme of ambition, Amazon patents, and more, including: It’s time for Uber to exit autonomous vehicles. WeWork China: Will it dominate, or retreat like Uber? One retailer who isn’t millennial-obsessed. Energy storage startups. Sugar gets a revamp with biotech. Amazon, Google, and Microsoft patent analysis. Time to put Uber’s autonomy dreams to rest. Want the full post? Become a CB Insights customer.

How Supermarkets Can Tap Into Self-Checkout Tech


To help customers avoid the lengthy lines of traditional checkout counters, supermarkets are turning to self-checkout technology, along with revamped store designs. When retailers don’t have to dedicate space in their brick-and-mortar locations to cash registers, consumers can enjoy less friction during checkout. To make this a reality for established retailers, companies such as Standard Cognition are working to put self-checkout technology in existing stores.

Chinese Aerospace develops blockchain invoice system

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(The Paypers) China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation has announced it is developing a blockchain invoice system

Walmart Reveals Virtual Reality Retail Plans Via New Patent Filings


Two new patent filings from Walmart show that the retailer is moving further into virtual reality , which would enable consumers to shop from home in ways different from today’s eCommerce experience. The patent filings do not guarantee that the retailer will ever build or deploy the technology described in those documents, but they do show how the retailer is envisioning future shopping.

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Cointree and Gobbill team up to enable Aussies to pay bills with cryptocurrency

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(The Paypers) Cryptocurrency exchange Cointree and automated billing platform Gobbill have teamed up to enable Australians to pay bills with cryptocurrency

Trump Wants SEC To Consider Half-Year Earnings Reports


President Donald Trump has reportedly asked the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC ) to consider the impact of nixing required quarterly earnings reports in favor of half-year reports. Reports in The Washington Post on Friday (Aug. 17) said Trump tweeted the proposal would “allow greater flexibility and save money.” ” “We are not thinking far enough out,” the President said Friday morning in front of reporters.

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Previse raises USD 7 mln to transform global B2B commerce

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(The Paypers) Previse has raised USD 7 million in Series A funding round led by Augmentum Fintech , Bessemer Venture Partners , with participation from Hambro Perks and existing angel investors Enables The Enterprise To Create Its Own Blockchain Apps


China’s largest retailer, , has announced a new blockchain technology platform that will allow enterprise customers to build, host and use their own blockchain applications.

Ecommerce market in China to reach USD 1.8 tln in 2022, forecast apprises

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(The Paypers) In 2022, China`s online retail market is expected to hit USD 1.8 trillion, bolstered by local tech companies Alibaba and, according to a report by Forrester

 Data Dive:  Expanding Efforts, Good, Bad And Unpredictable


Variety, we are told, is the spice of life – and that it is important to always try new things. Sometimes this is very good advice – and it has forced any number of people out of a rut. But, of course, – “a change will do you good” has also been the start of many, many ill-advised haircuts, as not all changes are created equal.

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Alipay, GTF release paperless tax refund service in South Korea

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(The Paypers) Alipay has partnered with Global Tax Free (GTF) to launch the first paperless mobile tax refund function in South Korea

izo: Dancing To The Beat Of Automated Payables


The business of music is the business of payment flow , with all that money-moving among consumers, artists, labels and other participants involved providing songs, dance, video and related content to fans. It seems like a criminal understatement to say that that business has changed (and keeps changing) as a result of digital technology — in hindsight, “reinvention” might end up being more accurate.

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Cobalt FCU to Switch to State Charter and Add Additional Counties

Keith Leggett's Credit Union Watch

The Omaha World-Herald is reporting that Cobalt Federal Credit Union, headquartered in Papillion, NE, plans to switch from a federal to a state charter. The former SAC Federal Credit Union will become an Iowa chartered credit union. As an Iowa state charter, the credit union will add Lancaster and Dodge Counties in Nebraska to its field of membership (FOM). The State of Iowa and the National Credit Union Administration have approved the proposed charter change.

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Data Dive: Expanding Efforts — Good, Bad And Unpredictable


Variety, we are told, is the spice of life — and it is important to always try new things. Sometimes this is very good advice, and it has forced a number of people out of a rut. But, of course, “a change will do you good” has also been the start of many ill-advised haircuts, as not all changes are created equal.

Data 100 launches blockchain platform for corporate e-invoicing

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(The Paypers) China-based ecommerce company has announced the launch of JD Blockchain Open Platform, designed for corporate e-invoicing

BarkPark And A Lifestyle Gone To The Dogs


We are all often encouraged to think outside of the box. Generally, the advice indicates that one should abandon their preconceptions — the walls of their box — in the hopes of inspiring a creative new take, approach or strategy. It is, in most cases anyway, not terribly literal advice. Then again, most of us are not literally in the “box” business the way the team at BARK is.

CECL for Auto Finance – How to Get Set for CECL?


How to get set for CECL. In my last blog post , I started to outline my “10 Requirements for an Effective CECL Software Solution,” where I focused on three requirements your organization needs to do to get ready for CECL implementation.

PepsiCo Snaps Up SodaStream


PepsiCo is buying Israel-based SodaStream for $3.2 billion, according to reports from CNBC out this morning. That values the beverage startup at $144 a share — a sum Pepsi will be paying in cash for SodaStream’s outstanding stock, a 32 percent premium to its 30-day volume weighted average price. The acquisition gives Pepsi access into consumers’ buying behaviors that extends beyond stores.

F&M expands northeast Ind. operations with Limberlost acquisition


Farmers & Merchants will pay $89 million for the parent of Bank of Geneva. Community banking M&A Capital Growth strategies Ohio Indiana

China’s Banks Asked To Give Infrastructure Investment Support


China’s banking and insurance regulator has asked banks and insurers to examine and tackle “weak points” in the country’s infrastructure sector. According to Reuters , the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission has called on the country’s financial institutions to give additional support to infrastructure investment, as well as importers and exporters.