Ripple Expects MoneyTap to Follow Alipay’s Example

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EXCLUSIVE— Ripple expects the banks integrated into its new Japanese MoneyTap app will create new businesses and features on the platform, similar to the way companies are doing on China’s most popular mobile payment service, Alipay.

Making a Difference with FinTech – Three Examples

Let's Talk Payments

There is enough said about the scale of the FinTech industry, its inclusive agenda and massive surrounding ecosystem, but the real value of this industry is not in millions that.

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Example: A Rewards Program For Your Bank

Banker to Banker

We are here at the ICBA Annual Conference in New Orleans and we have a variety of topics we are trying to research.

An Example of Loan Value: Construction through Perm – SBA 504

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The most common question we received is to give finite examples of how to create a unique product in the marketplace to garner above average pricing Yesterdays’ article on branding loans generated many comments.

Panera's mobile blueprint serves as an example for retailers

Mobile Payments Today

Panera Bread is still going full throttle in expanding payment strategies to reduce consumer friction points and enhancing the customer experience

Flyt acquisition example of opportunities in platform integration space

Daily Fintech

Flyt may not be a household name, like Uber Eats, but it powers a good number under the hood, and it’s another example of how integration layers and platform connectors are embracing the huge opportunity that comes with the expansion of the digital food market.

Asian firms set a payments innovation example for the world

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Ant Financial's success is instructive in the way it developed products that reach many different areas of their finances. And it's hardly the only success story to come out of the Asia Pacific Region, says Rapyd's Eric Rosenthal.

Petal a flowering example of brand led fintech

Daily Fintech

Petal is a fintech startup to follow if you are hungry for brands using sophisticated design and unconventional approaches to positioning their product. The brave startup has taken on an industry with a bad reputation – credit.

UK Setting The Wrong Example In eProcurement, Says Think Tank


Government eProcurement and digital invoice mandates set an example for an economy overall, helping private businesses understand the process of and benefits to implementing digital procurement, payment and accounting procedures.

ADA, assistive technology and the leading example of ATMs

ATM Marketplace

In part 3 of our series: Assistive technology for the disabled has become more sophisticated and pervasive in recent years, giving kiosk manufacturers and deployers the ability to better serve an important customer base — and meet ADA requirements

Three Examples Where Doing Nothing Is a Bad Idea

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That is why, for example, umpires hate to call ball four when the count is 3-0. Social scientists will tell you that when faced between two difficult choices, the natural inclination is to choose to do nothing. Realistically however, when policy makers decide to do nothing to solve obvious problems, they are making a decision, […]. General New York State Regulatory GAO House Oversight Committee marijuana related business

Three Examples of How Banks Implement Diversity Initiatives

ABA Community Banking

It is crucial to be intentional in carrying out an environment where a diverse workforce can grow and feel heard by the company Human Resources Management Compliance People Compliance Management Community Banking Feature3. 1Management

Data Is Driving Innovation In Financial Services [With 2 Examples]

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For example, when it comes to underwriting, Mike Cagney, CEO, chairman and co-founder of SoFi, an organization that offers lending, wealth management, and insurance products, said the company can perform comprehensive underwriting assessments with just five pieces of data: your name, your address, your date of birth, the school you attended, and the amount of money you earn. The post Data Is Driving Innovation In Financial Services [With 2 Examples] appeared first on Financial Services.

TransferGo launches with Ripple, but doesn't follow MoneyGram's example

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London-based TransferGo is using Ripple’s blockchain platform to support digital money transfers from Europe to India. But TransferGo isn’t the first remittance company to work with Ripple — and it isn't on the same path that others have taken. Cross border payments Cryptocurrencies Ripple U.K. Europe India

The Role of Social Media in Extending Financial Opportunities – FinTech Examples

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Facebook alone gathers 98 personal data points for targeted ads The number of worldwide social media users reached 2.34 billion, and is expected to grow to ~2.95 billion by 2020. Insights Social Media Asia Credit Sudhaar DemystData Europe FriendlyScore Happy Mango insights Kabbage Kreditech Lenddo LendUp Neo TrustingSocial US ZestFinance

The Best Example Of Regulatory Overkill

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Today’s blog is for two groups of readers: First it is for those of you visiting Dysfunction Junction(AKA Washington DC) and thinking of how best to articulate to your elected representatives the negative consequences of the regulatory frenzy that the CFPB, aided by some of the very lawmakers you will be meeting with, has unleashed […]. Advocacy Compliance Regulatory HMDA Regulation C

Using Data & Tech For Regulatory And Compliance Initiatives [With Examples]

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From these very examples and our active work in the industry, we highlight several trends that we expect to continue to transpire in 2018. The data that SoFi leverages enables the company to be quick and efficient – two things that people value in companies. However, the data and technology that make SoFi successful also addresses some of the regulatory concerns by essentially forcing it to be blind to applications.

100+ Examples Of Digital Transformation In Financial Services

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Download our new guide to see over 100 real-life examples of digital transformation in financial services. 100+ Examples Of Digital Transformation In Financial Services was first posted on January 4, 2017 at 6:45 am. Similar to the way digital transformation means different things to different people, there are myriad types of projects and initiatives that.



The post THREE UNUSUAL EXAMPLES OF INDUSTRY INTEGRATION IN BLOCKCHAIN appeared first on Dataconomy. How a bunch of tech savvy entrepreneurs are using blockchain to solve problems in the areas of graphics rendering, identification processes and diamond trade.

One more example of how the big banks threaten the economy

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Before the mortgage meltdown I was a proud free market extremist who would patiently explain to a misguided dinner guest how the Free-Market was a better regulator of businesses and the financial system than government ever could be. Then I watched as the Captains of Capitalism were bailed just out as the Free Market was about […]. General Comodities too big to fail

The real reason people don’t change banks

Chris Skinner

By way of example, an email from a friend: I am just exactly as loyal to my bank as they are to me, which is to say not … The post The real reason people don’t change banks appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Interesting conversation about switching accounts.

Why dumb old banks can’t compete

Chris Skinner

To illustrate this, I have three examples. Now that’s a contentious title for a blog, but purposefully so. Old banks can compete in the new world if they’re smart … it’s just that so many of them are dumb. Dumb with data, as I’ve blogged before.

The 10-year-old who runs a blockchain company

Chris Skinner

I often talk about the world changing thanks to young people who can code.

What does “purpose-driven” really mean?

Chris Skinner

During my writing about a purpose-driven bank, I tried to find good examples of what purpose-driven actually means. Googling the question the number one result is from the Plato Project, who outline eight great purpose-driven organisations.

Google 295

What is banking in the cloud?

Chris Skinner

For example, if they use cloud services … The post What is banking in the cloud? Over ten years ago, I started blogging about cloud computing and financial services. Many banks dismissed the idea back then as “the regulator wouldn’t allow it”.

Treating Customers Unfairly (#HSBC)

Chris Skinner

For example, until … The post Treating Customers Unfairly (#HSBC) appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. I’ve blogged many times that so called free banking is a fallacy. It’s actually only free as long as you don’t go overdrawn.

AI is only as good as the people who program it

Chris Skinner

For example, when a self-driving car crashes, who should die? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is moving at a pace, creating a really interesting online debate the other day about its applications. Specifically, the question was raised about self-driving cars and how they make decisions.

John Santos Impact Story: International money transfers made easy

Mobile Payments Today

Mobile money changes the game for Filipinos living abroad: Read a real-world example of how, through mobile banking, international transfers has been easy, fast, and reliable

5 Trends Bankers Need To Know From The Fed’s New Payment Study

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For example, while consumers have always said they preferred debit cards over cash, last year was the first year in US history where consumers used their debit cards (28% of all transactions) more than they used cash (26% of all transactions

Study 170

Crypto Forecasts for 2019

Chris Skinner

I wrote about the challenges getting blockchains implemented for example, and was surprised to find myself enduing up as a network meme. There has been a lot of thinking and rethinking during 2018 about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and everything digital currency related.

With Recurly and TransferWise, GoCardless tackles cross-border payments

Bank Innovation

For example, an Australian […]. GoCardless is continuing its international push through new partnerships. This week, the company confirmed tie-ups with subscription billing platform Recurly and cross-border payments company TransferWise in an effort to take market share away from banks.

Cathy Rumints Impact Story: The Solar Mamas

Mobile Payments Today

Shining a light on solar energy loans in rural Papua New Guinea: Read an incredible example of how, through mobile banking, unbanked families can be introduced to the concept of banking and its benefits

Legacy vendors are more of an issue than legacy systems 

Chris Skinner

I often find myself in weird or frustrating situations that I don’t know how to break.

System 244

How elotes and tamales keep a cashless society at bay

Mobile Payments Today

A Chicago neighborhood is one example of the many anomalies when it comes to the digital discussion and pushing mobile payments forward

Canada’s CWB Bank to embed ‘explainable AI’ in digital platform

Bank Innovation

Jeff Wright, CWB’s senior vice president of client solutions, said the bank will be able to deliver proactive advice on cash flow challenges and opportunities, including, for example, personalized guidance on money management, forecasts and product […].

Facebook’s Libra: Much more than cool technology


The most recent example is Facebook’s announcement of the launch of a new cryptocurrency, Libra. With technologies such as digital currencies and blockchain gaining momentum in the banking industry, more players are looking to adopt them to improve their services and build market share. In technical terms, Libra is a “permissioned blockchain digital currency”. Facebook…. The post Facebook’s Libra: Much more than cool technology appeared first on Accenture Banking Blog.

Do customers really want ‘invisible banking’?

Chris Skinner

A good example of invisible banking is the iTunes … The post Do customers really want ‘invisible banking’? Quite a few people talk about invisible banking today. The idea is that banking transactions and services should be invisible as if they are noticeable, as in visible, then that means you have pain and friction which should have been removed. appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Digital Bank Grid

The digital transformation journey

Chris Skinner

We can liken most people’s thinking about digital in banking for example, to the thinking within the media … The post The digital transformation journey appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog.

We still need bank branches

Chris Skinner

For example, America still has a large … The post We still need bank branches appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. For many years we have had discussions about bank branches and a branchless future. I personally don’t believe in a branchless future, but many do.

California may point the way forward on payroll advances

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A proposal to define wages-on-demand would protect consumers and serve as an example for others. Payroll payments Payroll services Payroll Payday lending Deposit advances Consumer banking

U.K. and India show how real-time payments are done

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Projects in both countries are picking up steam and serving as an example to the rest of the world, says ACI Worldwide's Craig Ramsey. India U.K. Faster payments ISO and agent Payment processing

News from Leasing Life


As an example, BNPP…. It was our honor to represent Accenture at the 2019 Leasing Life Convention in Barcelona and facilitate the panel on data. Reflecting on this year’s event, we have seen these emerging trends: Players are going beyond their current role as financiers of the economy and actively moving into sustainability at scale. The post News from Leasing Life appeared first on Accenture Banking Blog. Uncategorized Banking trends Digital Transformation Europe Banking Sustainability

The story of George W. Bush and the two big Black Swans

Chris Skinner

For example, I’ve heard Bill Clinton speaking and Mikhail Gorbachev (twice), but this event was clearly far more security conscious than those. I just listened to George W. Bush being interviewed by AT&T CEO and Chairman, Randall Stephenson, and it was an interesting experience.