America: a nation living in the 20th Century

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These days, in … The post America: a nation living in the 20th Century appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. When did you last write a check (cheque)? When did you last receive one? Although a valid payment mechanism in some countries, it has been phased out in many.

Why Nations Fail

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Robinson from the University of Chicago and co-author of Why Nations Fail, a book that changed thinking about what makes for successful countries and what makes them fail. I had … The post Why Nations Fail appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog.

When national currencies fail (cryptocurrencies rise)

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… The post When national currencies fail (cryptocurrencies rise) appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Venezuela is the latest country to spin into hyperinflation, showing the same signs as the meltdown in Zimbabwe that created the 100 trillion dollar note.

CEOs Ask Congress For National Privacy Act


To enable continued innovation and growth in the digital economy, the Business Roundtable is asking Congress to pass a comprehensive consumer data privacy law that establishes a national privacy framework and strengthens protections for consumers.

The Commerce Magic Of National Dog Day


National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day (Aug. 4), National Chocolate Day (Oct. 28), National Avocado Day (July 31), National Ice Cream Day (July 21) and so on. Holidays like National Dog Day. Fear not – the options abound on National Dog Appreciation Day.

Punjab National Bank Discovers Second Defrauder


Punjab National Bank revealed that it had been defrauded $556 million from a struggling borrower, Bhushan Power & Steel, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal. Punjab National Bank said it was expecting to get some of the money back, although it didn’t specify how much.

First National Bank of Omaha’s Butterfield to speak at Bank Innovation Build

Bank Innovation

Marc Butterfield, senior vice president of digital and payments solutions at First National Bank of Omaha, will speak at Bank Innovation Build. Bank Innovation Build Carousel Innovation Strategy Retail Banking First National Bank of Omaha Upstart

Omaha 130

Wells Fargo To Settle Navajo Nation Lawsuit For $6.5M


The Navajo Nation announced that it has settled its lawsuit against Wells Fargo & Co for $6.5 The Navajo Nation sued Wells Fargo in federal and tribal courts in 2017, claiming it targeted tribal members with “predatory sales tactics.”

Chinese National Charged In Anthem Data Breach


prosecutors have charged a Chinese national for his alleged involvement in the 2015 data breach at health insurance company Anthem , which led to the theft of 78.8 Legal Anthem Chinese national data breach hacker health insurance indictment legal News PII privacy What's Hot

Rebeca Romero Rainey: You are the backbone of our nation’s financing

Independent Banker

When I think about how the lending market has changed over the past decade, there is one consistent theme—community banks have been, and continue to be, the backbone of our nation’s financing.

Fifth Third Bank has applied for a national bank charter

Bank Innovation

Cincinnati-based Fifth Third Bank has applied for a national bank charter as it expands its suite of products and services. A national charter will ensure […].

An Innovative Nation is a Connected Nation

Let's Talk Payments

The value of connectivity is difficult to overestimate – nations that are most successful in innovation adoption are the most connected nations, where the rate of internet penetration and mobile.

What ‘Crypto Nationalism’ Might Mean For Cryptos


There are many forms of nationalism. Ethnic nationalism. Cultural nationalism. Now comes cryptocurrency nationalism? If nationalism is defined as support for one country’s interests over those of another, that seems to be at work here. We are being a bit tongue in cheek here, but perhaps just a bit. Coindesk reported this week that, in the Netherlands, cryptocurrency firms based outside of Europe may “get the boot” amid new regulations.

Lawmakers Hit A Wall In Creating National Privacy Law


to come up with a national privacy law have hit a wall, with Senators unable to agree on how strict the rule should be. If Congress comes up with a national law, the tech companies hope it will override what California has on the books. Efforts from lawmakers in the U.S.

Central Bank In Russia Skeptical Of National Crypto Benefits


The Chief of Russia’s Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina said she doesn’t see any pertinent or obvious reason to create a national digital currency, according to a report by Russian News Agency TASS.

National Payments Corp. Of India To Verify WhatsApp Compliance


The National Payments Corp. Digital Payments Audit compliance india National Payments Corp. of India is reviewing an audit report to ensure WhatsApp complies with local rules. “We

Patriot National Hits Regulatory Snag In SBA Platform Plans


Community bank Patriot National has hit a regulatory roadblock in its plans to launch a Small Business Administrative platform, but reports in American Banker on Thursday (March 13) said the financial institution remains undeterred by the challenge.

Inside First National Bank of Omaha’s seven-person innovation lab

Bank Innovation

First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO), with $20 billion in assets and 5,000 employees, is building out its seven-person innovation group within the bank's namesake skyscraper in Omaha, Nebraska.

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Mastercard General Counsel Tapped To Chair National Urban League


The world of payments has provided a new leader to the National Urban League. Murphy was elected to the post during the National Urban League’s Board of Trustees quarterly meeting in New York City. Mastercard financial inclusion MasterCard National Urban League News What's Hot

National Bank of Australia Adds Google Pay

Bank Innovation

National Australia Bank (NAB) today added Google Pay to its roster of mobile payments services. NAB customers can now use Google Pay to make contactless payments.

Google 164

Mastercard Protests Payments ‘Nationalism’ In India


government over the use of nationalism by the government in India to promote a domestic payments network there. ” Modi has said that using RuPay is akin to offering a service to the nation, given the fees associated with the use stay in India.

JPMorgan Chase and National Bank of Canada Complete Blockchain Test

Bank Innovation

and the National Bank of Canada (NBC) announced today that they tested a debt insurance simulation on a new blockchain platform. JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Mumbai Bus Operator To Test India’s National Transit Card


India’s One Nation One Card will be test-piloted with Mumbai bus operator BEST in November, NFCWorld reported on Tuesday (Aug. The national transit card system uses a bank-issued card that will run on India’s RuPay payments network, the news outlet said.

National Bank Of Canada Blockchain Pilot Eyes Trade Finance Contracts


The National Bank of Canada , the country’s sixth-largest bank, is collaborating with business consulting and IT company CGI to launch a blockchain-powered trade finance solution.

Israel Considers Issuing National Cryptocurrency

Bank Innovation

The Israeli government is creating its own “digital shekel,” according to multiple reports. The move is apparently driven by the desire to reduce black market activity, which makes up 22% of the country’s GDP, the report says.

Wegagen Bank Teams With WorldRemit; Hatton National Bank Unveils eWallet


Hatton National Bank PLC unveiled the rollout of HNB Solo in Sri Lanka , personal remittances from overseas Filipinos (OFs) are on the rise in the Philippines , and Canadian bank CIBC is launching a new small business platform called CIBC SmartBanking for Business.

National Australia Bank Cuts 6,000 Jobs, Shifts Staff to Digital

Bank Innovation

The National Australia Bank today announced it is slashing its workforce by 12%, or 6,000 job losses, over the next three years. Exclusive Online National Australia Bank Nordea

Apple Launches National Parks Initiative


Apple has announced a new initiative that will help its customers support and enjoy America’s national parks. 24 through 31, the company is donating $1 to the National Park Foundation for every purchase made with Apple Pay at any Apple Store, online at or through the Apple Store app in the U.S. The App Store will also spotlight a collection of some of the best apps to help users explore the country’s national parks.

Bump On The Road To National FinTech Charters?


The news came Thursday (May 2) that, per a ruling in federal court in New York, the State Department of Financial Services can move forward with a suit that looks to derail national bank charters for FinTech companies. The suit can proceed.

Island Nation Mauritius To Set Up Fintech Fund

Bank Innovation

The island nation of Mauritius will now have a sovereign fund dedicated to investment in fintech.

2019 To See Increase In Nation-State Cyberattacks, Ransomware


There will also be a significant increase in nation-state attacks, infecting routers and networks connected to storage devices worldwide, while terrorist-related groups will work to carry out cyberattacks on cities through Crimeware-as-a-Service (CaaS).

China Creates National Cyberattack Database


China revealed that it is creating a national cyberattack database and will require telecom firms, internet companies and domain name providers to report any threats to it.

LaCroix Maker National Beverage Corp. Reports Drop In Sales


Marking its first fall in quarterly sales in half a decade, LaCroix sparkling water maker National Beverage Corp. We are truly sorry for these results,” said National Beverage Corp. Retail earnings LaCroix National Beverage Corp.

Blockchain’s Inroads Through National Frameworks And Trade Finance


Blockchain is increasingly being separated from cryptocurrency, with an eye toward disparate use cases — some done at the national level.

Digital Services Mean Every Bank Is a National Bank

Bank Innovation

But the most significant revelation from the company’s earnings call yesterday may be that digital banking allows any bank to become national.

Applebee’s, DoorDash Team Up For National Delivery


Applebee’s has announced that it has partnered with DoorDash for national delivery, the company said in a press release. Even though Applebee’s has launched its national delivery service, on-premise dining is the core of the business, and it’s likely to remain as such in the near future.

The CFPB Settles With National Credit Adjusters


The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection announced late last week it settled with the National Credit Adjusters , a private company, as well as its chief executive and part owner Bradley Hochstein. CFPB Debt Collection National Credit Adjusters News security & fraud What's Hot

How Chile's BancoEstado keeps cash available to entire nation

ATM Marketplace

Chile's government-owned BancoEstado relies on a correspondent banking system to offer its services across the country. Operating as simplified bank branches in urban and rural settings, the bank's CajaVecina network provides low income Chilleans access to cash when and where they need it

First National Bank Of Omaha Shutters NRA Visa Card


First National Bank of Omaha announced that it is not renewing a contract with the National Rifle Association (NRA) to offer customers an NRA-branded Visa card. First National Bank of Omaha offered two NRA cards with a $40 bonus and promoted it as “enough to reimburse your one-year NRA membership!” ” Customers lashed out at the bank via Twitter, promising to take their business elsewhere if First National didn’t cut ties with the NRA.

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Square Partners With Washington Nationals To Offer In-Seat Concessions


Payments company Square has partnered with the Washington Nationals and Levy Restaurants to let fans order concession menu items right from their seats, according to reports. “The Nationals take pride in delivering a first-class experience,” he said.

National Funding Explores AltFin’s Uncertain Growth Trajectory


However, Dave Gilbert, founder and chief executive officer of SMB alternative lending firm National Funding , said he’s seen a trend of growing traction within the small business community. B2B Payments alternative finance alternative lending B2B Banks economic growth FinTech loans National Funding News regulation SMB SMB finance working capital

National Oil IPO?


The post National Oil IPO?

Varo Money Raises $45M To Become ‘A National Bank’

Bank Innovation

Startup Varo Money has raised $45 million for its plans to become a full-fledged, “national bank,” the startup announced yesterday. The funds will go towards marketing its service as well as for laying “the foundation” to become a bank, company CEO Colin Walsh told TechCrunch.