AI Law Enforcement Tools Could Be Inaccurate


A research group revealed that it has discovered “serious shortcomings” in the predictive tools used by law enforcement agencies. This report documents the serious shortcomings of risk assessment tools in the U.S.

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Google Releases Open Source Cryptographic Tool


Google has released an open source cryptographic tool called Private Join and Compute that allows for different datasets to calculate a result, while not revealing sensitive or private information about certain parts of the equation, according to a report by Wired.

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Guaranty Bank uses account-switching tool to promote new branches

Bank Innovation

The digital tool, called ClickSwitch, helps Guaranty encourage […]. Guaranty Bank and Trust is using new technology to make it easier for potential new customers to switch bank accounts as it expands its branch network.

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IBM Launches Supply Chain Anomaly Detection Tool


In a press release issued Tuesday (May 14), IBM announced its Business Transactional Intelligence tool is now available to mitigate the risk of supply chain disruptions.

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HSBC Taps Tokenization For Accounts Receivable Tool


The bank and Identitii also plan to commence Phase Two of their collaboration, which will integrate new functionality, and further expand the tool to new geographic markets.

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How Digital Tools Change The Security Landscape


Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and biometrics are changing the digital security landscape, and a recent study found that social media networks have become a more popular way for hackers to target new victims.

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Hackers Are Using Leaked NSA Tools To Target Networks


The UPnProxy vulnerability that was used more than a year ago as a National Security Agency (NSA) hacking tool is still going unpatched by hundreds of thousands of computers. Security & Fraud hacking tools News NSA routers security & fraud What's Hot

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Citizens Bank sees digital mortgage tools as a way to expand relationships

Bank Innovation

Citizens Bank is generating one-third of its mortgage applications online, thanks to a suite of tools the company rolled early this year and a partnership with San Francisco-based fintech firm Blend.

6 Best Recruiting Tools Of 2018 [Infographic]

The Paypers

According to SourceCon’s State Of Sourcing Survey, increased hiring volume coupled with stagnant recruiter headcount means the most important trend to learn and understand for recruiters are tools and technology. Recruiting tool #1: AI for screening.

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RFID Steps Up As A Retail Innovation Tool


In a recent PYMNTS interview , for instance, Spencer Hewett, CEO of RADAR , which sells inventory management technology based on RFID, spoke with Karen Webster about how those tools could significantly change the in-person store experience.

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HSBC partners with Identitii to create an invoicing tool for corporate clients

Bank Innovation

To simplify invoicing for its corporate clients, HSBC is partnering with Australian company Identitii on a digital accounts receivable tool. The application of Identitii's technology is for a tool called DART, which allows businesses to create a standardized invoicing tool that is easy to use.

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New digital tools in B2B payments


Advances in technology and a push towards “consumerization” in business-to-business (B2B) payments is resulting in providers offering more digital tools than ever before. The post New digital tools in B2B payments appeared first on Accenture Banking Blog.

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Amazon Delves Into Fashion With AI-Powered Search Tool


Now, according to reports , Amazon’s Consumer Worldwide CEO Jeff Wilke has announced a new AI-powered fashion search tool called StyleSnap, designed to help customers find clothes to buy. The Amazon Re:MARS conference in Las Vegas has been churning out technology news for the company.

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HSBC Readies Blockchain FX Tool For Corporates


Now, the bank is reportedly planning to allow its own corporate customers to use its blockchain tool. HSBC is increasingly relying on blockchain technology to facilitate its foreign exchange trading services, reports in Financial Times said Monday (Jan.

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Citigroup Ramps Up Payments Tech With New Tools


He has already driven tech innovation at Citigroup, pushing for the creation of Citi Smart Match, a tool created in conjunction with High Radius, one of the bank’s FinTech partners. To achieve this, we are equipping clients with digital tools to resolve their most common needs instantly.

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CFPB Expands Financial Tool For Military Members


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has expanded a financial education tool called Misadventures in Money Management (MiMM), which is aimed at educating service members and helping them manage their money.

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New Twitter Tools Enhance Privacy Protection


Twitter announced an update to its abuse reporting functions that will allow its users to specify personal information issues. “We We want to move faster in reviewing reported Tweets that share personal information.

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How Rockland Trust is using an AI-based tool to grow sales

Bank Innovation

In the battle for customer loyalty with digital-first competitors, Rockland Trust has deployed an AI tool to boost its customer acquisition efforts.

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Bank Of America Rolls Out Digital Tool For Entrepreneurs


It also offers access to real-time advice in one tool with new functionality. The company said that with the tool, the bank aims to be the one-stop shop for business owners to manage all of their finances and grow their enterprises. Bank of America announced on Wednesday (Feb.

Barclays Offers Small Firms Mobile eInvoicing Tool


8) said Barclays now allows small and medium-sized businesses to access a mobile eInvoicing tool, including invoice generation and submission. Barclays is rolling out an electronic invoicing solution for its U.K. small business customers. Reports in Verdict on Thursday (Nov.

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Revolut Rolls Out Its Savings Tool, Vaults

Bank Innovation

British challenger bank Revolut is rolling out a new savings tool, which will allow app users to save their spare change, the bank announced today.

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InventoryBase Adds B2B Payments Tool For Property Management


InventoryBase , a platform providing property inspection services to property management companies and letting agencies, is adding a B2B payments feature that lets property managers pay third parties that conduct property visits.

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Plaid Introduces New SDK Tool

Bank Innovation

Fintech company Plaid, which offers APIs to fintech companies that enables them to develop apps, is now offering a new tool that lets enterprise developers do the same.

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CoverWallet Expands SMB InsurTech Tool To Brokers


Its platform allows users to quickly benchmark average insurance premiums that small businesses pay based on location size and industry, a useful tool to third-party brokers that have traditionally relied on paper-based and manual processes to provide quotes to their SMBs.

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BNP Launches Digital Investment Advisory Tool

Bank Innovation

BNP Paribas Wealth Management is testing a new mobile investment advisory tool, myAdvisory, the company said yesterday. The app offers investment advice, except instead of using robos – like the SigFigs of the world – the advice is written entirely by humans.

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Ivalua Launches Gov’t Procurement Tools Amid NYC Debacle


The suite includes a public portal of catalogs, as well as FOIA and bid protest management tools. Ivalua is also offering a supplier document management tool, subcontract payment management solutions, p-card management, subcontractor management, and compliance tools, amid other features.

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Stripe Targets Startups Businesses With Billing Tool

Bank Innovation

The tool, which is designed to work with those companies creating subscription models, will allow such businesses to manage their own reoccurring revenue and invoicing right from the Stripe platform, focused on smaller […].

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The 20 Most Popular Business Intelligence Tools


The post The 20 Most Popular Business Intelligence Tools appeared first on Dataconomy. BI & Analytics Data Science Technology & IT Business Analytics Business Intelligence Business Intelligence Tools

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BofA’s Bessant: Need to guard against bias in AI banking tools

Bank Innovation

With the barrage of AI-based banking tools on the market, cultural- and gender-based algorithmic biases are top of mind for bankers.

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SWIFT Set To Shutter Data Matching Tool TSU


Payments messaging company SWIFT is gearing up to close its Trade Services Utility (TSU), a workflow engine aimed at facilitating value-added supply chain services. Reports in Global Trade Review (GTR) on Monday (April 8) said SWIFT will switch off its TSU in December 2020.

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Watson Tools Are Coming to Fintech Developers

Bank Innovation

IBM’s cognitive platform is opening up its doors to financial services developers. The company today announced the launch of IBM Cloud for Financial Services, which will give fintechs and large FIs access to IBM APIs and data in order to ­­­­­­­­­­­­build apps quickly and at scale.

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HighRadius Launches AI Cash Forecasting Tool


” The launch of its AI cash flow forecasting tool follows HighRadius’s introduction of its Collection Agency Data Exchange (CADE) solution, which enables accounts receivable teams to more seamlessly share AR data with collection agencies and electronically submit accounts for collection.

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Pinterest Unveils Promoted Video Tool


Advancing its advertising efforts, Pinterest said that it plans to offer a promoted video tool, which allows marketers to gain more real estate than the platform’s typical grid-style layout, TechCrunch reported. Beyond the video tool, Pinterest also said it hired Mike Chuthakieo for the role of industry sales lead and Tina Pukonen for the role of entertainment strategist. The news comes as Pinterest is expanding its Shopping Ads tool to reach hundreds of marketers and advertisers.

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BofA Launches Budgeting Tool, Updates App

Bank Innovation

Bank of America unveiled a money management and financial education tool for mobile and online banking users this morning. Saving is trendy. Consequently, it’s becoming increasingly hard to keep track of all the budgeting and money management startups out there.

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CFPB Debuts Consumer Credit Card Risk Management Tool


15) the launch of Consumer Credit Trends, a web-based tool to help consumers monitor developments in consumer lending and to ascertain potential future risks. In a press release, the CFPB said the beta version of the tool encompasses the mortgage, credit card, auto loan and student loan markets. Our Consumer Credit Trends tool can chart the state of consumer markets,” said CFPB Director Richard Cordray in the press release announcing the beta launch of the new web-based tool.

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Payoneer Adds Financing Tool For Amazon, Walmart eSellers


The Capital Advance tool does not require collateral, with financing amounts based on previous sales performance. Payment platform Payoneer is launching its Capital Advance service, the company announced on Monday (Feb.

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First Data Launches Tool To Help Merchants Boost Card-On-File Sales


First Data , a commerce-enabling technology and solutions company, announced Tuesday (March 19) the launch of Authorization Optimization, a digital commerce tool that optimizes card-on-file transactions to boost revenue for merchants.

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Chime, Common Cents Launch New Consumer Tool


Today , Duke University’s financial research lab, Common Cents, partnered with Chime to launch a new tool,, to help consumers discover hidden bank fees. The new tool seeks to help make consumers aware of their finances so that they can get a better sense of where their money is going. Common Cents’ founder and behavioral economics professor, Dan Ariely, commented on this new tool launch and shared what the research lab hopes to accomplish in today’s release.

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How Workforce Tools Keep Productions On Track


These companies are now using workforce spend management tools like corporate cards and reconciliation services to ensure both deadlines and client expectations are met. Spend Tools To Meet Tight Deadlines. As the old show-business saying goes, “The show must go on.”

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Facebook’s Oculus On Virtual Reality As An Enterprise Tool


While it may be too early to say that virtual reality is an essential tool for business, it might be time to stop saying that the technology is only in the future. VR as an Enterprise Tool. VR as a Tool for the Retail Experience.

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Amazon Uses Its Machine Learning Tools for Lending

Bank Innovation

When talking about machine learning algorithms, Amazon definitely comes to mind. The e-commerce giant has (arguably) the most sophisticated ML toolset around that is uses for drone deliveries, online tailors, or its AWS offering.

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Startup Finspace Launches Novel Banking Infrastructure Tool

Bank Innovation

EXCLUSIVE – It is not everyday that a new tool for banking at the infrastructure level is introduced, but that is exactly what Finspace has unveiled today.

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ZestFinance Launches AI-powered Tool to Reduce Bias in Lending Models

Bank Innovation

Alternative underwriting software provider ZestFinance today launched an AI-based tool it claims will dramatically reduce bias in lending.

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