PayPal Introduces New Fraud Protection Tool For Merchants


PayPal is launching a new fraud protection tool to help merchants combat the growing problem of online fraud. Other problems that trip merchants up from stopping online fraud is the lack of advanced tools or not having best practice policies in place.

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Building A Subscription Box For Tools And Construction Supplies


To serve these DIY consumers, as well as those who simply enjoy the time-honored hobbies of woodworking or building, eCommerce innovators are curating a selection of tools as well as supplies to help them with their projects. Retail News Shop Talk subscriptions The Tool Chest

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American Eagle Debuts Snapchat AR Shopping Tool  


American Eagle Outfitters (AE) is introducing an augmented reality (AR) shopping tool on Snapchat as part of its spring 2021 Jeans Are Forever campaign, according to a press release o n Friday (Feb.

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Airbase Adds Expense-Reimbursement Tool


Airbase, which calls itself a "comprehensive spend management platform for small and midsize companies," has added an employee expense-reimbursement tool. Airbase said that the new reimbursement tool is fast and efficient for employees and accounting staff. "It

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B2B Pocket Playbook: End-to-End Guide to Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is the strategic process of providing sales teams with the content, guidance, and mentorship needed to engage targeted buyers. It’s all about equipping sales professionals with the tools they need to put their best-selling foot forward. And if sales teams want to continuously sell better -- and faster -- their sales enablement process must have a game-winning strategy. It's time for you to start selling smarter - and hitting your sales number - with the best B2B database in the market. Get started today.

BofA integrates digital SMB tool with third-party platforms 

Bank Innovation

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How Can HR Boost Your Bank’s Performance?


Automation and AI were forcing organizations to consider how they would address a growing skills gap; people wanted to work for organizations that operate and lead responsibly; and flexibility was increasingly a tool for recruiting and retaining workers.

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Cybersecurity Firm Kount Launches AI-Driven Email Identity Tool


Fraud prevention and identity verification firm Kount is launching Email First Seen, a tool that serves as an indicator of email trust, the company announced on Thursday (Feb. Fraud Prevention AI Cybersecurity email email age fraud detection Identity Tool Kount News What's Hot

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Jack Henry Launches Web-Based Factoring Tool


FinTech Jack Henry & Associates’ Jack Henry Lending operation formally launched a product called FactorSoft Web Portal for lenders in the business of factoring — or buying accounts receivable from companies that sell them at a discount to generate cash quickly.

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AI Law Enforcement Tools Could Be Inaccurate


A research group revealed that it has discovered “serious shortcomings” in the predictive tools used by law enforcement agencies. Law enforcement agencies have been using the tools to make decisions about pretrial detention, probation and sentencing, such as predicting whether someone will fail to appear in court based on their arrest history, demographic and more. This report documents the serious shortcomings of risk assessment tools in the U.S.

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Catch Them If You Can: The Passive Candidates Edition

With the right tools and mindset, it’s possible to track down this candidate (and many others like them!). How? Simple: By thinking like one. To get started on your search, we’ve gathered clues you’ll need to get in the mind of your passive prospects.

Wells Fargo Debuts Digital Supplier Payment Tool


To use the tool, customers electronically send payment instructions, which are routed to the WellsOne Virtual Card Payments service, the release stated. Wells Fargo is beefing up its digital payments arsenal with a new service aimed at business customers.

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DOJ Takes Aim At Google Ad Tools Amid Antitrust Investigation


Google ad tools have taken center stage in the Justice Department’s antitrust investigation of the search giant. Smart AdServer’s advertising technology competes with Google’s tools.

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Paytronix Introduces Contactless Dining Tool


The tool, called Contactless Dining, allows patrons to order electronically, open a tab for drinks, have food delivered to their table and pay the bill. “In It also looks at how the pandemic’s impact on online ordering and other digital tools could affect the restaurant industry’s future.

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N26 Introduces New Subscription Money Management Tools


N26 Smart will put our most popular tools at our customers’ fingertips at a budget-conscious price point, helping anyone effortlessly manage their money digitally with confidence and ease,” said Valentin Stalf, co-founder and chief executive officer of N26.

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MLOps 101: The Foundation for Your AI Strategy

Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) allows organizations to alleviate many of the issues on the path to AI with ROI by providing a technological backbone for managing the machine learning lifecycle through automation and scalability.

Bottomline Buys TreasuryXpress, Debuts Expanded Treasury Tools


FinTech Bottomline Technologies , which works to help simplify business transactions, has rolled out new, expanded corporate treasury tools, according to a press release.

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Mailchimp Adds Stores And Appointments eCommerce Tools


The tools also give users built-in access to Mailchimp’s marketing platform. Mailchimp has launched two new commerce features for merchants to its larger integrated marketing platform, and has made them available for free, according to a Tuesday (April 27) announcement.

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GoCardless moves beyond recurring collections with new tool 

Bank Innovation

GoCardless, the recurring payments company that allows clients to collect from customers’ bank accounts, is launching Success+, a new tool that uses transactional data and machine learning to automatically schedule the best date to retry failed payments.

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Amazon On Track To Invest $15B In Tools For Third-Party Sellers


Amazon is on track to invest upwards of $15 billion this year in new tools to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) grow and succeed, according to a press release. . To aid SMBs, 150 new tools have been launched since the beginning of the year, the company announced on Thursday (Aug 22). Amazon said that it understands the struggles of SMBs, and it wants to level the playing field by providing the tools that they need, like fulfillment and inventory tools.

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The Ultimate Marketing Efficiency Checklist

Here are 7 creative ways marketers can work smarter (not harder) - with the resources you already have!

Fiverr Introduces Subscriptions Tool For Freelancers


Freelance services platform Fiverr is introducing a new tool that enables freelancers to offer subscriptions to the clients they work with the most. “In The tool will give freelancers the ability to offer their services at a discount for three and/or six months.

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Blend piloting digital mortgage closing tool

Bank Innovation

Blend, a startup that sells its loan application technology to banks, is allowing consumers to close mortgages online. The feature, called “Blend Close,” is currently in a pilot stage and integrates into Blend’s existing application technology.

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Revionics’ AI Tools Help Retailers 'Win The War On Price'


It could be argued that within the complex calculus of variables that influence a consumer’s retail buying decision — be it quality, availability, brand loyalty or myriad other considerations — price reigns supreme.

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Startup Finspace Launches Novel Banking Infrastructure Tool

Bank Innovation

EXCLUSIVE – It is not everyday that a new tool for banking at the infrastructure level is introduced, but that is exactly what Finspace has unveiled today. The new tool, a beta of which is being made available today, is called Finspace, and it serves as a pipeline between banks and businesses for the exchange of […].

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The Recruiting Crossword Puzzle

Test your recruiter-brain with this crossword puzzle, which reveals the best ways to move forward in your efforts with every answer!

ClassWallet Unveils Expense Tool For School Maintenance


The tool also gives full management to facilities managers and eliminates paperwork, according to the announcement.

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HSBC Introduces New Real-Time Global Payments Tool


HSBC is introducing a new real-time payments tool that will enable its 14 million international customers to transfer funds through a single account in 20 countries around the globe. “As

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Model Behavior: Banks See AI As A Customer Experience Tool


And ultimately, he said, the tools are out there for any FI to use. It’s a pattern, he said, that more and more banks worldwide are adopting — because the last year has proven that these are the tools entities not only want but need.

Doctor On Demand Launches Chat-Based Coaching Tool For Behavioral Health


Virtual care provider Doctor On Demand is launching a 24/7 chat-based coaching tool to address subclinical behavioral health needs, building on the company’s clinical practice of therapy, psychiatry, integrated virtual primary care and care team navigation to offer a true end-to-end solution.

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2020 Database Strategies and Contact Acquisition Survey Report

As buyer expectations continue to heighten, marketing and sales teams are feeling pressured to deliver authentic messaging to buyers at every point of their customer journey. This report aims to highlight the current state of B2B database and contact acquisition strategies, and organizations’ goals to leverage data to fuel their go-to-market strategies in 2020 and beyond.

Advance America Teams With Western Union For Money Transfer Tools


Financial services platform Advance America is partnering with cross-border payment firm Western Union Company to expand its suite of payments solutions. Our companies share a common purpose, enabling millions of financial connections for our customers.

Plaid Introduces New SDK Tool

Bank Innovation

Fintech company Plaid, which offers APIs to fintech companies that enables them to develop apps, is now offering a new tool that lets enterprise developers do the same. According to a report today by TechCrunch, this new Software Development Kit (SDK) allows developers in companies with no financial background to a build banking functionality into […]. Exclusive Innovations Mobile Payments api Plaid Robinhood Venmo Zenefits

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Facebook Tests New Tool Aimed At Social Media Upstart Nextdoor


Facebook is testing a new tool aimed at helping people get to know their neighbors and local communities, Cnet reported. Facebook users have to be at least 18 years old to use the new tool. Social media network Nextdoor has been moving in on part of Facebook ’s turf.

American Express Launches New Credit Score Management Tool


11), Amex launched Score Goals , an online platform that augments and expands the card company’s established credit score tool, MyCredit Guide. Consumers interested in the new credit score management tool can establish an account at no charge via the MyCredit Guide.

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Pleo Launches Expense Management Tool Pleo Pocket


The new tool streamlines employee spending data, like mileage costs, employee reimbursements and ATM withdrawals, according to the post.

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