AI Law Enforcement Tools Could Be Inaccurate


A research group revealed that it has discovered “serious shortcomings” in the predictive tools used by law enforcement agencies. This report documents the serious shortcomings of risk assessment tools in the U.S.

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Amazon On Track To Invest $15B In Tools For Third-Party Sellers


Amazon is on track to invest upwards of $15 billion this year in new tools to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) grow and succeed, according to a press release. . These include the Target Inventory Levels tool, which is available in the U.S.,

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Facebook Launches Suite Of Business Tools On Messenger


Facebook is introducing new business tools for Messenger as it moves to delete the Discover tab, according to reports on Thursday (Aug. We will put more investment into tools to connect people and businesses — including updates to Leads can also be integrated with CRM tools.

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Bitcoin Daily: Partnership To Create Blockchain Solution For European Shipping; CipherTrace’s New Mobile Tool Flags Suspect Crypto Tokens


And blockchain forensics firm CipherTrace has launched a new mobile tool that can flag suspicious bitcoin and ethereum tokens, according to CoinDesk. Bitcoin bitcoin Blockchain CipherTrace essDOCS europe FATF mobile tool News partnership Shipping Upbit VAKT What's Hot

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Hackers Are Using Leaked NSA Tools To Target Networks


The UPnProxy vulnerability that was used more than a year ago as a National Security Agency (NSA) hacking tool is still going unpatched by hundreds of thousands of computers. Security & Fraud hacking tools News NSA routers security & fraud What's Hot

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ASOS Debuts Augmented Reality Online Shopping Tool


Augmented reality (AR) can now be a factor in one of the most traditional, physical aspects of clothes shopping: trying the items on to see if they fit your body type.

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IBM Launches Supply Chain Anomaly Detection Tool


In a press release issued Tuesday (May 14), IBM announced its Business Transactional Intelligence tool is now available to mitigate the risk of supply chain disruptions.

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FICO fights fraud through selfie-based authentication tools

Bank Innovation

The identity verification process for financial institutions just got easier thanks to two new digital identity tools FICO rolled out this month.

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Guaranty Bank uses account-switching tool to promote new branches

Bank Innovation

The digital tool, called ClickSwitch, helps Guaranty encourage […]. Guaranty Bank and Trust is using new technology to make it easier for potential new customers to switch bank accounts as it expands its branch network.

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Visa: New Cyber Threats Require New Fraud Tools


It’s why, he said, Visa introduced three new tools last week to help merchants and issuers fight back: Visa Vital Signs, Visa Account Attack Intelligence and Visa Payment Threat Lab and eCommerce Threat Disruption. The phenomenon of payments fraud is not a modern one — far from it.

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Adobe Acquires Facebook’s Oculus Medium VR Tool


Social media giant Facebook is selling Oculus Medium, its virtual reality sculpting tool, to Adobe , reports revealed on Saturday (Dec. Oculus Medium is an immersive 3D sculpting tool used in filmmaking and video games.

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XinFin Connects Blockchain Factoring Tool To QuickBooks


Reports in Virtual Strategy Magazine this week said InFactor, developed by the XinFin-powered TradeFinex Dev team, is connecting the factoring tool to QuickBooks so users can automatically obtain financing on their unpaid invoices.

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Payment Tools Find Middle Ground Between Buyer, Supplier


This week’s look at the convergence of AR and AP finds service providers exploring the use of payment tools to meet AR and AP needs. In some cases, that means taking one payment tool — like the commercial card — and using technology to ease friction for both senders and beneficiaries.

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HSBC Readies Blockchain FX Tool For Corporates


Now, the bank is reportedly planning to allow its own corporate customers to use its blockchain tool. HSBC is increasingly relying on blockchain technology to facilitate its foreign exchange trading services, reports in Financial Times said Monday (Jan.

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Google Releases Open Source Cryptographic Tool


Google has released an open source cryptographic tool called Private Join and Compute that allows for different datasets to calculate a result, while not revealing sensitive or private information about certain parts of the equation, according to a report by Wired.

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Plaid Introduces New SDK Tool

Bank Innovation

Fintech company Plaid, which offers APIs to fintech companies that enables them to develop apps, is now offering a new tool that lets enterprise developers do the same.

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Revolut Rolls Out Its Savings Tool, Vaults

Bank Innovation

British challenger bank Revolut is rolling out a new savings tool, which will allow app users to save their spare change, the bank announced today.

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Microsoft’s New eCommerce Tool Takes Aim At Amazon


Microsoft has released a new a new tool to help businesses manage their brands online, according to a report by CNBC. The product is called Dynamics 365 Commerce, and it’s part of Microsoft’s increased competition with Amazon in the online commerce space.

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New digital tools in B2B payments


Advances in technology and a push towards “consumerization” in business-to-business (B2B) payments is resulting in providers offering more digital tools than ever before. The post New digital tools in B2B payments appeared first on Accenture Banking Blog.

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BNP Launches Digital Investment Advisory Tool

Bank Innovation

BNP Paribas Wealth Management is testing a new mobile investment advisory tool, myAdvisory, the company said yesterday. The app offers investment advice, except instead of using robos – like the SigFigs of the world – the advice is written entirely by humans.

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Barclays Offers Small Firms Mobile eInvoicing Tool


8) said Barclays now allows small and medium-sized businesses to access a mobile eInvoicing tool, including invoice generation and submission. Barclays is rolling out an electronic invoicing solution for its U.K. small business customers. Reports in Verdict on Thursday (Nov.

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Startup HTMA taps FIS to equip banks and credit unions with digital tools

Bank Innovation

While third-party personal finance apps have garnered attention through direct-to-consumer offerings, HT Mobile Apps is looking to reach more users by offering savings and financial literacy tools to partner institutions.

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PayPal And Visa Launch Instant Transfer SMB Tool In Canada


Payment bottlenecks cause problems for all types of consumers and companies, not the least of which are small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). But a new offering from PayPal and Visa could help ease those frustrations and hassles.

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Bank Of America Rolls Out Digital Tool For Entrepreneurs


It also offers access to real-time advice in one tool with new functionality. The company said that with the tool, the bank aims to be the one-stop shop for business owners to manage all of their finances and grow their enterprises. Bank of America announced on Wednesday (Feb.

New Twitter Tools Enhance Privacy Protection


Twitter announced an update to its abuse reporting functions that will allow its users to specify personal information issues. “We We want to move faster in reviewing reported Tweets that share personal information.

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BMO adds personal loan assessment tool to its mobile app

Bank Innovation

The Bank of Montreal has launched a mobile loan application tool for its Canadian customers. Brett Pitts, BMO's chief digital officer, told Bank Innovation the product rollout was a response to customer demand.

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CFPB Debuts Consumer Credit Card Risk Management Tool


15) the launch of Consumer Credit Trends, a web-based tool to help consumers monitor developments in consumer lending and to ascertain potential future risks. In a press release, the CFPB said the beta version of the tool encompasses the mortgage, credit card, auto loan and student loan markets. Our Consumer Credit Trends tool can chart the state of consumer markets,” said CFPB Director Richard Cordray in the press release announcing the beta launch of the new web-based tool.

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New Square Tool Helps SMBs Create Separate Tax Infrastructures


Square has announced a new, free tool to help businesses file for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) called the EIN Assistant, according to a release. The tool’s purpose is to simplify the difficult EIN acquisition process to create a separate tax infrastructure for the business.

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Marqeta adds CMO and new tools to help clients expand

Bank Innovation

A company that operates quietly in the background of popular financial apps and platforms is taking steps to become more visible.

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CoverWallet Expands SMB InsurTech Tool To Brokers


Its platform allows users to quickly benchmark average insurance premiums that small businesses pay based on location size and industry, a useful tool to third-party brokers that have traditionally relied on paper-based and manual processes to provide quotes to their SMBs.

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Facebook Lets Users Prevent Targeted Advertising With New Tool


Facebook announced it has launched a new privacy tool so users can prevent their information from being sent to the site for targeted advertising. This is the latest tool that Facebook has introduced in an effort to win back users’ trust after the Cambridge Analytica data scandal.

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Stripe Targets Startups Businesses With Billing Tool

Bank Innovation

The tool, which is designed to work with those companies creating subscription models, will allow such businesses to manage their own reoccurring revenue and invoicing right from the Stripe platform, focused on smaller […].

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CLS Exec Says Blockchain Not Essential To FX Trading Tool


He noted that he has been adamant from the beginning of CLS Group’s blockchain endeavors that the technology is not a requirement to operate the tool. Major financial institutions including Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley signed up for the tool, developed on Hyperledger Fabric.

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Airbnb Debuts Work Travel Search Tools


While Airbnb currently offers thousands of listings geared toward business travelers, the online hospitality platform is now making those easier to find through new search capabilities for work trips.

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Chime, Common Cents Launch New Consumer Tool


Today , Duke University’s financial research lab, Common Cents, partnered with Chime to launch a new tool,, to help consumers discover hidden bank fees. The new tool seeks to help make consumers aware of their finances so that they can get a better sense of where their money is going. Common Cents’ founder and behavioral economics professor, Dan Ariely, commented on this new tool launch and shared what the research lab hopes to accomplish in today’s release.

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Citigroup Ramps Up Payments Tech With New Tools


He has already driven tech innovation at Citigroup, pushing for the creation of Citi Smart Match, a tool created in conjunction with High Radius, one of the bank’s FinTech partners. To achieve this, we are equipping clients with digital tools to resolve their most common needs instantly.

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HSBC Taps Tokenization For Accounts Receivable Tool


The bank and Identitii also plan to commence Phase Two of their collaboration, which will integrate new functionality, and further expand the tool to new geographic markets.

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How Digital Tools Change The Security Landscape


Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and biometrics are changing the digital security landscape, and a recent study found that social media networks have become a more popular way for hackers to target new victims.

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Watson Tools Are Coming to Fintech Developers

Bank Innovation

IBM’s cognitive platform is opening up its doors to financial services developers. The company today announced the launch of IBM Cloud for Financial Services, which will give fintechs and large FIs access to IBM APIs and data in order to ­­­­­­­­­­­­build apps quickly and at scale.

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Investors Eye B2B eCommerce, Expense Tools


Though not the busiest week in B2B venture capital funding, investors presented a clear preference for corporate expense management and B2B eCommerce, with additional funding going toward logistics and small business banking firms for a total of $203.5 million raised this week. Ezyhaul. The logistics space saw another boost this week with the $16 million Series B funding round in Ezyhaul , reports in YourStory said this week.

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BofA Launches Budgeting Tool, Updates App

Bank Innovation

Bank of America unveiled a money management and financial education tool for mobile and online banking users this morning. Saving is trendy. Consequently, it’s becoming increasingly hard to keep track of all the budgeting and money management startups out there.

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How Spend Tools Feed Food Banks’ Need For Accountability


As SMBs seek opportunities to expand their operations, and reach new customers and markets, they will need the right spend and workforce tools to ensure funds are spent appropriately. Spend Tools To Win The ‘Game Of Keystrokes’. Deep Dive: How Spend Tools Keep Nonprofits Focused.

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Amazon’s New eCommerce Tool to Boost Sellers


Retail Amazon ecommerce ecommerce tool OverGrowth sellersAs more consumer buying patterns shift to the online world, retailers are also zeroing in on eCommerce. Through the use of combined in-store and eCommerce strategies, many retailers are staying afloat. However, that doesn’t mean the strictly online selling world doesn’t come encounter struggles. A new company looking to make a dent in the eCommerce landscape and alleviate online sellers’ woes is Amazon seller software OverGrowth.

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