Want a decent analysis of #Brexit from an EU view?

Chris Skinner

As a result, Theresa May is trying to keep the Conservative Party … The post Want a decent analysis of #Brexit from an EU view? Another key theme of the weekend conference was Brexit, best summed up by one panellist as a decision made by a confused population about an issue their politicians can’t agree with, don’t want to implement and has no support. appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Brexit Grid

Wells Fargo Invests $5M In Blockchain Analysis Startup Elliptic


Wells Fargo Strategic Capital (WFSC) is backing the London-based blockchain analysis firm Elliptic with a $5 million investment, bringing the startup’s Series B round to $28 million, Elliptic announced in a press release on Thursday (Feb.

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XBRL News: risk disclosures, RegTech and analysis software certification

Daily Fintech

The post XBRL News: risk disclosures, RegTech and analysis software certification appeared first on Daily Fintech. Here is our pick of the 3 most important XBRL news stories this week.

CECL methodology – vintage analysis application


Vintage analysis is an allowance for loan lease losses (ALLL) calculation methodology that has been suggested as being the new minimum standard for CECL compliance. If you are interested in an introduction to Vintage Analysis before looking at how it’s applied, read CECL methodology – introduction to vintage analysis. The table below illustrates the usefulness of vintage analysis as a forecasting tool.

Pressure Points: How to Ensure Your B2B Pipeline Passes Inspection

This eBook highlights best practices for developing a pipeline management process that helps sales leaders and their team C.L.O.S.E (you’ll see what we mean in this eBook) more revenue through data-driven prospecting, stage analysis, and subsequent sales enablement.

DocuSign Invests $15M In Seal Software For AI Contract Analysis


San Francisco-based DocuSign has invested $15 million in Seal Software , a contract discovery and analysis startup, to help with the development of artificial intelligence (AI) that can read and analyze contracts, according to reports. We are thrilled by DocuSign’s confidence in Seal Software as a partner and now as a strategic investor, as we build the next generation of agreement discovery and analysis tools using artificial intelligence,” said Co-founder and CEO Ulf Zetterberg.

CECL Methodology - Introduction to Vintage Analysis


According to Sageworks whitepaper, “ The Basics of Vintage Analysis ,” vintage analysis accounts for expected losses by allowing an institution to calculate the cumulative loss rates of a given loan pool and in so doing, to determine that loan pool’s lifetime expected loss experience. Vintage analysis is a method of evaluating the credit quality of a loan portfolio by analyzing net charge-offs in a homogeneous loan pool where the loans share the same origination period.

Fed Analysis Shows Banks Can Stay Strong Amid ‘Harshest Shocks’


” The different cases presented in the analysis included a U-shaped recession and recovery, a W-shaped double-dip recession, and a V-shaped recession and recovery. Loan losses for the 34 banks together were between $560 billion and $700 billion as a whole in the sensitivity analysis, while aggregate capital ratios fell to a range of 9.5

3 Global cash flow analysis tips


However, it is important for institutions to remain disciplined during this growth, all the way down to the global cash flow analysis of a loan. Credit analysis is more challenging with complex borrowers – those with multiple people, businesses, real estate properties, etc. – and a global cash flow analysis is required to properly assess the creditworthiness of the whole entity. Unfortunately, applying a global cash flow analysis isn’t always easy.

Lending to nonprofits: Considerations for credit analysis


Therefore repayment analysis needs to be based on unrestricted funds.” Using a streamlined credit analysis for nonprofit borrowers can help provide loan officers with a more accurate assessment of creditworthiness and can consistently measure and document the risk in the borrower. Having a streamlined credit analysis process for nonprofits ensures that the bank can make safe loans while the nonprofits can continue their mission with support from the community bank.

How ZoomInfo Enhances Your Database Management Strategy

Forward-thinking marketing organizations have continuously invested in a database strategy for enabling marketing processes. Download this ebook to learn how to maintain a strategy that includes refreshed information, database cleanses, and an accurate analysis at the same time.

ABA Releases Core Provider Information, Banker Analysis

ABA Community Banking

In the latest update from ABA’s banker-led Core Platforms Committee, ABA today shared information it has received from four major core processors as well as an analysis of the cores’ responses by bankers on the committee.

ICC Taps Global Credit Data To Broaden Trade Risk Analysis


The addition of data from Global Credit Data will enhance that risk analysis and visibility for financial institutions (FIs) ahead of the release of the next Trade Register report, expected early next year.

2020 ATM and Self-service Software Trends and Analysis

ATM Marketplace

Now in its 13th year, ATM Marketplace and KAL ATM Software have partnered once again to publish the ATM industry's most influential and insightful annual guide. Of course, 2020 has been a year like no other, and the guide is set to prove more invaluable than ever

Looking at New Tech? Don’t Forget the Cost Analysis, Ally CIO Says

Bank Innovation

An old-school cost analysis will do, according to Michael Read More. Banks have been fairly active in tapping into new technologies recently, either through partnerships or with internal innovation groups. But with the rapid acceleration of the fintech space, how should banks decide if a new space or tech is worth pursuing? Corporate Innovations Mobile Operations Technology Wealth Management Ally Financial innovation new tech robos TradeKing

Bitcoin Daily: HTC’s Exodus Blockchain Phone Now Supports Bitcoin Cash; Parsiq Offers Blockchain Data Analysis


Bitcoin BCH bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Blockchain blockchain phone crypto data analysis exodus HTC Neufund News Parsiq Retail Spencer Dinwiddie tokens What's HotHTC has announced it is partnering with Bitcoin.com to add bitcoin cash support for its Exodus 1 blockchain phone, which will come with Bitcoin.com’s preinstalled wallet and be rolled into the Exodus 1 software update. Bitcoin.com will also sell the Exodus 1 and all future versions.

Trend analysis within your Watch List


A trend analysis for the Watch List may be analyzed on a variety of fronts including. A standard component of monthly board meetings is an update on the performance and volume of the institution’s Watch List, the group of adversely classified loans under close supervision due to past nonperformance.

Understanding commingled entities through global analysis


With a K-1, the credit analysis see the distributions, capital gains and interest income – which are critically important for making accurate, double-counting adjustments and generating a realistic debt service coverage ratio (DSCR). The main philosophy behind a global cash flow (GCF) is to spread all parts of a relationship (people, businesses and related real estate) to measure their financial health and cash flow individually, then collectively on a “global” level.

Cash flow analysis: Providing value to business owners


CashSage , for example, is a cash flow analysis solution provided by Sageworks to help business advisors and their clients uncover key business drivers and generate recommendations that will increase cash. CashSage is simple enough that advisors can illustrate to non-finance/non-accounting business owners how they can increase cash, and it works hand in hand with ProfitCents if the advisor wants to go deeper into the financial analysis.

How Faster Underwriting, Credit Analysis Unlock Faster Loan Payments


Recent Federal Reserve data indicates that 61 percent of U.S. adults do not have $400 in savings on hand to cover unexpected expenses. That reflects a steady increase from 2013’s measure — 50 percent — and indicates that many Americans may need loans to deal with financial disruptions like medical emergencies or vehicle repairs. . Faster payment services could help such consumers get much-needed funds, as long as lenders can access equally fast underwriting tools.

Patent Analysis: Top US Banks Prioritize Payments

CB Insights

The post Patent Analysis: Top US Banks Prioritize Payments appeared first on CB Insights Research. Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, and Wells Fargo are the three largest banks in the US by assets, with businesses spanning investment services, consumer banking, and merchant services.

Square, Domo partner on merchant data analysis

Payments Source

Merchants with multiple Square accounts will have a new app designed to help analyze business data and trends through Square's partnership with business management company Domo. Mobile point-of-sale Payment processing Alternative acquirers Square

Checking Analysis: The Betamax of Bank Products

Jeff For Banks

If we did, would we continue to offer Analysis Checking or some variation of it? Because of Reg Q, in place for over 80 years, banks created Business Analysis Checking, where a business earns credits to offset fees based on their balances. See a Union Bank of Richmond, VA description of a typical Business Analysis Checking account. And because highlighting a problem without proposing a solution is whining, I propose the JFB Alternative to Business Checking Analysis.

5 Common errors in global cash flow analysis


When combining personal financial information, the analysis can get even more complex. To more objectively calculate a global risk assessment of the borrower, institutions often perform a global cash flow analysis. Institutions that don’t perform a global cash flow analysis correctly – or at all – face several risks, including pricing loans incorrectly, making incorrect loan decisions, or overstating cash position, debt or income.

The power of precision: AI-driven predictive analysis versus Amazon’s HQ2 decision [Sponsored]

Bank Innovation

Making sense of massive amounts of unstructured data from news and other sources is complicated, but artificial intelligence can be leveraged to process large datasets to make intelligent predictions. In September 2017, Amazon announced that they had issued a request for proposals (RFPs) across Canada, Mexico and the U.S. to establish a second headquarters to […]. Artificial Intelligence Sponsored

Upload data quickly from QuickBooks Online for financial analysis, valuations


Accountants and valuation professionals can spend less time at the computer screen and more time identifying revenue-based consulting opportunities, thanks to the recent integration of ProfitCents , Sageworks’ flagship financial analysis platform, and the Sageworks Valuation Solution with Intuit’s QuickBooks Online.

Our Analysis of 156 #InsurTech Ventures During Cambrian Explosion

Bank Innovation

A year ago we wrote “not that many InsuranceTech startups – yet”. We found 11 ventures. People added 4 more in comments, exciting ventures that we went on to profile – making 15 total. A year is an eon in startup land. Today we found over 150. That is Read More. Newswire InsurTech

IBM Ties Analytics Into LevaData Procurement Spend Analysis


Supply chain and procurement optimization solution provider LevaData is collaborating with IBM to augment its data analytics capabilities, the firms said in a Thursday (Oct. 17) press release. Together the companies are rolling out the DirectSpend IQ solution, which deploys IBM managed services solutions with LevaData’s Cognitive Sourcing Platform.

How Splunk Analysis and Kafka Connect Works


General Introduction. Splunk Connect for Kafka is a sink connector that allows a Splunk software administrator to subscribe to a Kafka topic and stream the data to the Splunk HTTP Event Collector.

Analysis for Success

Independent Banker

This analysis should consider the purpose of accounts, actual or anticipated number and type of transaction activity in accounts, the nature of a customer’s business or occupation, a customer’s location and the types of products and services he or she uses. Two steps to help manage for Bank Secrecy Act compliance. By Jim Deitch. Time and again, banks struggle with complying with the data-intensive requirements of the Bank Secrecy Act. How can a bank get this area of compliance right?

Tip: Dashboard Page for CIP Account Analysis in Cloud Projects

Perficient Data & Analytics

One in particular is the Dashboard Page for CIP Account Analysis. If run out of the box, the Dashboard Page for CIP Account Analysis will complete in error (summarized below): ERROR. This will clear the error and you can successfully display the Dashboard Page for CIP Account Analysis from Assets. When standing up a new Cloud Projects environment some of the analytics are not ready for prime time. There are a few steps that need to be performed before they will work.

On credit-augmented market risk analysis

Insights on Business

In the current interest rate environment, the pension funds and insurance firms’ appetite for credit-augmented market risk analysis is understandable. How can risk managers, treasury and ALM teams consistently act upon insights they can gain from integrated market and credit risk analysis? Many investors appreciate occasional bond rallies throughout their financial year. They may not all welcome the ongoing presence of low long interest rates as much (see Fig.

CFPB to hold July 29 symposium on cost-benefit analysis

CFPB Monitor

The CFPB will hold a symposium on the use of cost-benefit analysis in consumer financial protection regulation on July 29, 2020. A key component of OIRA review is an evaluation of an agency’s analysis of a regulation’s anticipated costs and benefits and its determination that the regulation’s anticipated benefits justify its anticipated costs as well as the agency’s identification and assessment of feasible alternatives.

Answering unanticipated questions: Moving from reporting to true analysis

Insights on Business

This solution gives clients the ability to ask unanticipated questions and move from reporting to true analysis. For the third episode of this series, titled “Answering unanticipated questions in financial risk: Move from reporting to true analysis,” taking place on March 21 st at 11AM ET/ 3PM GMT, we’ll focus on this technology and how financial institutions can bring this change to their organizations.

The most asked questions on global cash flow analysis: passive v. non-passive income/loss


During a recent Sageworks webinar , Linda Keith, CPA, covered the top questions she gets from bankers on k-1’s, pass-throughs and global cash flow analysis. Keith collected data from her website, where articles answering these questions collectively received over 66,700 views. Keith’s most viewed article on her site, with over 21,400 views, is “What does it mean when the k-1 income/loss is listed as ‘passive’ instead of ‘non-passive’”?