Can Behavioral Analytics Slow Online Fraud?


Fraudulent activity is 81 percent more likely to occur online than at the physical point of sale. The reality is, online I can go from store to store to store and can test the limits of that credit card in a very aggressive manner,” Mills said. This is the amount of online fraud that wends its way across call centers. Security & Fraud Call Center Fraud data drivers Featured News Featurespace Financial Crime fraud Fraud Prevention News online fraud podcast

Consumers Are Increasingly Researching Purchases Online


That data strongly indicates 88 percent of consumer pre-research their buys online before making a purchase either online or in-store. In-store pick up is also becoming an increasingly favored method of conducting commerce, the report found, with 68 percent of consumers noting they were satisfied with their experiences when ordering what they needed online and then picking those purchases up in-store.

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Yelp Wins Court Ruling About Negative Online Reviews


A recent California Supreme Court decision that essentially allows a negative Yelp post to stand about a lawyer could help determine how online reviews are treated in the future. An appeals court rejected Yelp’s argument, but the Supreme Court found in favor of the online review platform. The court ruling serves to protects the 1996 law, which is intended to promote online discourse and industry self-regulation,” Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye said in the ruling.

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How TV Can Support Digital Marketing And Online Payments


Analytics consumer privacy data security data tracking digital marketing News online ads Online Marketing personalized advertising Samba TV Smart TVs Technology TVBy the cultural standards of today, the technology is ancient, born amid hot jazz and bootleg booze, when memories of the slaughters of the “The Great War” — now called World War I — were still fresh enough to hurt.

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Online Grocery Approaches $50B In Online Sales Worldwide


Online grocers are growing at a much faster rate than traditional brick-and-mortar grocers, according to a new report. percent in the past fiscal year, compared to a 15 percent growth in online grocery sales. Of the total worldwide grocery market, online sales now make up 4.4 alone, online grocery sales are expected to jump 157 percent in 2016 as online grocery delivery options, like AmazonFresh, Peapod and numerous other competitors, continue to flood the market.

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Wayfair Results See Surge in Online Shopping


Online home goods and furniture retailer Wayfair has seen its shares go up and down in the wake of earnings reported earlier this week, according to Thursday (Nov. Within the numbers, online shopping trends shone. Growing at an even faster rate — and, of course, helping to boost Wayfair’s top line — was the company’s online customer base, which was up 39 percent to 10.3

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Virginia Sues Online Lender Over Consumer Loans


Virginia is suing one of the largest online lenders in the U.S. In the newspaper’s story, Attorney General Mark Herring advocated for stronger laws to “protect Virginians from predatory loans, whether issued online or in person.”. “We’ve We’ve seen more and more Virginians turn to online lenders in a time of need only to find they’ve signed up for a debt trap that is going to cost them hundreds if not thousands of dollars in finance charges and fees,” Herring said.

JPMorgan Finds Online Banking Doesn’t Meet All Corporate Needs


Use of online banking portals for corporates is ubiquitous — 99 percent of executives recently surveyed by JPMorgan said they conduct business banking online. As financial institutions (FIs) explore new ways to remain competitive and introduce new revenue streams, online banking services are at the top of their list to continue innovating and improving the customer experience.

Sears Offers Online ‘LEASE IT’ Financing Program


Sears Holdings has announced that it has expanded its leasing program so that customers can easily finance a variety of products, both in-store and online. There is also an online estimator tool to help members estimate their payment with different payment schedules and lease amounts. Retail ecommerce financing Layaway Leasing News online shopping Sears What's Hot

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NY Dept Financial Services: Online Lenders Need Oversight


New York’s Department of Financial Services is recommending that online lenders are subjected to the same scrutiny and regulations that traditional banks face. Cuomo on June 1, 2017, required DFS to study online lending in New York State and submit a report of its findings. Among its findings is that the majority of New Yorkers using online banking are individuals as opposed to businesses. Vullo New York News online lending What's Hot

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Trulioo Partners With Acuant To Enhance Online Identity Verification


Trulioo , the global identity and business verification provider announced Tuesday (June 12) that it has partnered with Acuant , a global provider of data capture and identity authentication solutions, to enhance GlobalGateway, its online identity verification marketplace. Fraud Prevention Acuant KYC News Online Verification Retail security & fraud trulioo What's Hot

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Macy’s Online Customers Warned Of Data Breach


The news comes a few months after Orbitz , a subsidiary of online travel agency Expedia, had announced that it was hit with a data breach in 2016. After Macy’s cyber tools detected suspicious logins on June 11, the retailer is warning customers about a data breach. The retailer said that a threat targeted the profiles of customers for nearly two months, Detroit Free Press reported.

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Online Alcohol Delivery Surged 32 Percent Last Year


New data shows that online alcohol-delivery revenue grew almost 33 percent last year, increasing at an average rate of 3 percent month over month. In addition, women purchased more alcohol online than men, making up almost 56 percent of alcoholic beverages delivered online. But the ladies aren’t the only ones who love their vino — the beverage is also tops for men, making up 47 percent of their online alcohol purchases.

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MobileBytes Launches New Update For Online Ordering


MobileBytes , the point of sale (POS) for iPad innovators, has released its next-generation software update for online ordering. According to , this latest update includes the ability to easily create specials and promotions for online orders, as well as allowing restaurateurs to automatically disable the sale of menu items that have key ingredients out of stock. “We POS Innovation iPad MobileBytes online ordering point of sale Restaurants Retail software update

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Can Cannabis Commerce Go Online?


We came up with the idea of an online marketplace for cannabis because we were really looking at how people shop for everything. Customers want to shop online — but if you think about the last thing you purchased online, you probably did it in a very particular way.”. Said simply, Rosenfeld noted, customers have the ability to search when they shop online — and search somewhat flexibly.

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Millennials SME Owners Prefer Online Alternative Lenders to Tradtional Ones

Bank Innovation

Online alternative lenders are gaining momentum with U.S. SMEs have used online alternative lenders (P2P lenders or marketplace lending platforms) […]. DataBank Lending Online Open Fintech Startups alternative lender millenial investing SME lending

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Hitting Reset On Online Auctions


Online auctions have evolved since the early days of eBay. Retail DealDash discounts e-commerce eBay News online auction Penny Auction Shop Talk shoppingThe most popular complaint about them? The waiting. Since eBay auctions oftentimes span days — not all items have a “buy-it-now button” — bidding on goods on the web can, in certain circumstances, require near monastic levels of patience. Given that one of the mainstay complaints about the 1.0

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Panera Leaves Customer Data Exposed Online For Months


According to KrebsOnSecurity, the data, which includes names, email and physical addresses, birthdays, loyalty card numbers and the last four digits of credit card numbers, was visible in plain text on the website for anyone that was signing up to place online food orders from the website for pickup or delivery. Security & Fraud Data Leak online orders Panera security & fraud What's Hot

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Online Grocery Predicted To Hit $100B In Five Years


grocery shoppers may purchase at least some of their groceries online within five to seven years, according to a Food Marketing Institute and Nielsen report, CNBC reported. You can now find the basics of living online pretty easily.”. According to researchers’ estimates, 70 percent of shoppers will purchase some portion of their groceries online within five to seven years. Retail Amazon data grocery News online shopping research walmart What's Hot Whole Foods Market

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Middle East Online Marketplace Slowly Taking Shape


Alternative payment options stand to fuel acceptance as they alleviate customers’ fears surrounding credit cards and fraud, and domestic online marketplaces are beginning to take root. But Amazon won’t get to enjoy its status as the only major online marketplace in the region for long. was domestically built and funded and will welcome third-party sellers, creating an unprecedented opportunity for local businesses to carve out their online niche before the competition.

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Vantiv Expands Online Footprint


Online shopping cart software provider 3dcart announced its partnership with Vantiv to bring “flexible eCommerce processing choices” to more than 20,000 online merchant sites. 3dcart is committed to creating tight integrations with the best eCommerce partners on the market, and the results of those initiatives help provide online merchants with access to diverse payment processing options,” 3dcart CEO Gonzalo Gil said in a statement released on Wednesday (May 4).

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Online Shopping Trends in UK

Mobile Payments Today

Across age groups, UK consumers demonstrate extremely high confidence in online shopping

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A Rough Map To The New World Of Online Sales Taxes


Five Supreme Court justices may have settled one of the longstanding issues of online retail, but that does not mean everything has suddenly cleared up. That’s not to say that some consumers might be put off by the looming expansion of sales taxes to more online purchases and shift dollars to brick-and-mortar retail. That brings worry to the minds of some online retailers, especially the smaller operators already surviving on thin margins as they compete against the likes of Amazon.

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Getting Customers Past The Worst Part Of Online Registration


This is what happened to online journalism. Subscriptions Conversions ecommerce Featured News LaterPay News online registration online shopping recurring payments subscription commerceThere’s an art to getting people to sign up and pay for anything these days. More often than not, they’ll turn tail at the first sign of a registration page. If that doesn’t scare them away, the “Enter Credit Card” field surely will.

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Fighting Online Fraud Through eDNA


The same premise holds true today and poses a knotty question in online commerce and FinTech: How do you know the person on the other end of a transaction is really who they say they are? Gafke noted that “transactions of any kind leave a kind of financial, online exhaust” and that each transaction has attributes that, taken together and over time, ultimately, can be assembled into a digital identity.

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Online Fraud’s Biggest Problem: Scale


Online fraud problem? Judging from the latest Benchmark Report from CyberSource, online merchants are not only doing a great job of managing fraud, they are doing it across all online channels — and across all types of businesses. What fraud problem?

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Can Heineken Help Spark More Online Alcohol Sales?


In news that might please frat boys, fans of European beer and owners of man caves, Heineken has started online sales of its home tap machines and the two-liter kegs that work with it. On a more serious note, the move represents the latest effort to bring more alcohol sales online, one of the more challenging eCommerce propositions, even this far into the digital era. But this is not Heineken’s first foray into online beer sales.

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Walmart Online Chief Departs


Online retail is known for moving fast, and sometimes, the execs pulling all the levers behind the scenes move even faster. online operations, had vacated his post effective April 1.

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California Passes Online Privacy Data Law Aimed At Protecting Consumers


Data California consumers online data security & fraud What's HotThe state of California passed a new digital privacy law that provides consumers with more transparency and control over their digital data. According to a report in The New York Times , the state now has one of the strictest laws regarding digital privacy, with consumers now having the right to know what information companies are collecting, why they are doing that and who they are sharing it with.

Online Fraud Attack Rates Soar Since October


Since the cutover to EMV in October, fraudsters have moved their business online. The Global Fraud Index, a PYMNTS and Forter collaboration , shows that online fraud attacks have jumped by 11 percent since the shift. online merchants and how that changes over time. It’s official.

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Online Marketplaces Catching Up To Offline World


Why should merchants be the only ones who get to leverage the speed, convenience and low-friction environment of the online marketplace? The big box retailer has been investing heavily in its online marketplace, and recently invited international vendors onto its platform. If a marketplace can work for aggregating goods from disparate providers, why not for services, too?

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In Fight Vs. Online Fraud, Everlast Finds Its Perfect Combination


Turns out Everlast, perhaps the marquee name in boxing equipment, was punching above its weight … at least when it came to the fight against online fraud. Picture an 107-year-old retail juggernaut, iconic in name but perhaps a bit dated in business processes, battling against online scammers, chargebacks and general inefficiencies. Heron says many retailers do all order review processes in-house, and those online approval processes are anything but efficient.

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Toys R Us Sees A Future Online


2) that Toys R Us has partnered with global marketplace solutions provider Mirakl to create a new online marketplace. The new online marketplace will launch in 2018, offering increased product selection and decreased time to market for new merchandise, Chain Store Age reported. Though Toys R Us hopes to see a boost in sales and customer engagement with the new online offerings, the company also has its eye on improving in-store experiences as well.

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Millennials Show Caution With Online Payments Security


During the childhood of many millennials, the online world was in its infancy stages. With a decent amount of this age group remembering a time without internet access, it’s likely this may have contributed to their cautious nature when it comes to online identity and payment security. What may be the issue for most is not only secure online payment options but the fear of stolen identities. Retail ecommerce fraud Millennials online payments Security TransUnion

Vivier Launches New Online Banking Platform


Vivier & Company, a boutique financial services company, has announced the launch of its new online banking system, which follows the completion of a cloud-based service for financial institutions implemented by IndiaT4T. Vivier’s real-time online banking platform is an important service for its international clientele, who will now be able to make and receive payments, check their current balances and view and download statements at any time.

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Eight In Ten Americans Shop Online


Online shopping is no longer reserved for the tech-savvy, with a new Pew Research Center surve y finding eight in 10 American adults shop online. According to Pew, 79 percent made online purchases of any type, while 51 percent used a mobile phone to make a purchase and 15 percent bought something via a link from a social media website. Although a large majority of Americans have embraced online shopping, they still see the benefits of going into an actual store.

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Fact Check: Is EMV Pushing Fraud Online?


According to Rurik Bradbury, VP, Identity Solutions at TransUnion, as more stores start accepting chip-enabled cards, the spike in online fraud has been remarkable – as in remarkably bad. . has been a big rise in online fraud.” The Ripple effect of EMV. Yep, it’s real.

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Another Online Lender Announces Layoffs


The downturn is leading the online lender to walk away from previously held plans to expand beyond consumer loans to credit cards and also refinancing of auto loans. Alternative Finances al goldstein avant online lendingConsumer lending platform Avant is giving pink slips to 60 employees, or about 7 percent of its workforce.

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Walmart Hits With Grocery, Misses Online


Walmart also expanded its buy online/pick up in store capacity, grew its digital payments platform ( Walmart Pay ) and generally re-centered its focus on integrating its massive physical scale with its upgraded eCommerce efforts. McMillon also noted that the switch to more online sales is taking something of a toll on profit margins, as digital sales are generally less profitable than in stores.

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DBS, Xero Create Online Payment Solution for Singapore SMEs

Bank Innovation

Singapore-based bank DBS has partnered with technology provider Xero to build an online payment solution for small and medium-sized enterprises, the companies announced today. Exclusive Online Payments DBS Bank online payments Singapore fintech SMEs xero

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