Online Shopping Trends: Mobile Payments Are Mighty

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The holiday online shopping trend jumped from over 13% in 2019, to nearly 20% in 2020, according to Mastercard. Jordan Reynolds leads the e-Commerce and Marketplace verticals at Ekata. He shares data and insight on how 2020 may have changed shopping forever

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JPMorgan Forecasts Record Online Holiday Shopping Season


The bank also processed record-breaking online and mobile payment transactions on Cyber Monday, up nearly 25 percent over 2019. Because of the pandemic, shoppers shifted to online shopping for both discretionary goods and everyday spending.

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Black Friday sets online, mobile shopping records

Mobile Payments Today

showed more consumers embracing mobile and general online shopping for the best deals. Black Friday shopping figures in the U.S. Meanwhile average order volume increased, showing more willingness to make big ticket purchases via smartphone

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The Best Online Banks Right Now

Bank Innovation

Keeping your money in a bank is common sense at this point, but online banking is – unfortunately – not something many people have grown accustomed to, yet. There are many benefits to explore in this area, and it’s not a bad idea to check out what some online banking services can do for you […]. Innovations Mobile Online Open Fintech Operations Payments Retail Risk Security Social Media Sponsored Startups Brainwave Technologies Chime Bank CIT Bank TIAA

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Digital Shifts In eCommerce And Online Banking


30%: Share of Gen Z consumers opting for online-only bank accounts. Today In Data Commerce data Digital Banking digital shift ecommerce online banking payments Retail Today in Data

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Adobe: Holiday Online Shopping Topped $188.2 Billion


The 2020 holiday season was rife with online shopping, which hit a record $188.2 Contactless shopping was also prevalent, ADI said, as customers would buy goods online and pick them up in the store.

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NY’s Cuomo Embraces Online Gambling; Shows Inroads Amid Pandemic


Soon, you might be able to bet on it…literally, online and through mobile means. (OK, According to reports, Cuomo is set to unveil the proposal to legalize online gambling (he also seeks to legalize marijuana) in his state of the state address that is scheduled for next week.

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Ingo’s Edwards Plays The Inside Straight On Online Gambling


And that opened up an entirely new playing field for online gaming establishments now free to operate in any state that would allow them. But now gaming and sports betting is moving online and regulators are just now trying to figure out how to manage it.”.

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Open Banking Meets Instant Payments At The Online Checkout


Building on top of the open banking infrastructure, PayDirect is a new payment method that enables companies to take online payments in a highly secure way, and also pay out to customers through the same rails. I mean, how does a piece of plastic have anything to do with online?

Stripe Capital Extends Business Lending To Online Platforms


Payments giant Stripe is taking Stripe Capital , its push into online business finance and lending, to the next level. Stripe Capital first got off the ground in September 2019, offering customers and businesses financing options through its online platform.

How online gaming created a challenger bank

Chris Skinner

What was not surprising is that the lion’s … The post How online gaming created a challenger bank appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. I was chairing a panel with a number of different players, one of which was Monzo. Simon Vans-Colina, Monzo’s lead engineer for Open APIs, was talking about their approach to partnering with others in an API ecosystem, including TransferWise and Investec Bank.

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Online Car Market Gettacar Revs Up With $25 Million Round


Online car-buying startup Gettacar has announced $25 million in funding toward its goal of making the car buying and ownership process more streamlined, a press release says. Investors have expressed interest in the disrupting factors of online car sales as well.

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Millennials SME Owners Prefer Online Alternative Lenders to Tradtional Ones

Bank Innovation

Online alternative lenders are gaining momentum with U.S. SMEs have used online alternative lenders (P2P lenders or marketplace lending platforms) […]. DataBank Lending Online Open Fintech Startups alternative lender millenial investing SME lendingsmall businesses, specifically and unsurprisingly with those run by millennials, according to a new report by Mercator Advisory Group.

Online Gaming’s Winning Payouts Plan


But George Connors , senior vice president of gaming and sports solutions at Fiserv , told PYMNTS in a recent conversation that other things have remained the same — like online gaming. market as regulatory restrictions were lifted from online gambling in recent years.

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CDC Encourages Online Holiday Shopping To Keep Consumers Safe


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC ) has some advice for holiday shoppers who prefer brick-and-mortar stores to online shopping: avoid crowds. The CDC suggested shopping online rather than in person on Black Friday or the days that follow.

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Taxpayers Can Now Pay In Cash Online With New ACI Worldwide, IRS Offer


ACI Worldwide and the Internal Revenue Service ( IRS ) have expanded their partnership to offer consumers a new payment option that allows them to pay their taxes online with cash. ACI Worldwide is the first company to provide an online cash payment option for U.S.

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How Subscriptions Bridge The Online/Offline Learning Divide


How Outschool Is Taking A Flexible Approach To Meeting Demand For Online Education. Online classes are another key growth area for subscription, as manifested by the success of providers like Peloton , which has stood out for its robust online fitness offerings. Providers must also take into account platform security and the concerns of parents, Amir Nathoo, co-founder of the online class marketplace Outschool , explained in a recent interview with PYMNTS.

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Online Retail’s Next Phase: From Adapt To Accelerate


Obviously, consumers are looking to buy everyday goods online as opposed to going inside a store, [and] we effectively have seen two to three years of eCommerce growth in a matter of three or four months.

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Baidu, China Citic Online Bank Approved

Bank Innovation

China Citic Bank and search engine Baidu got the greenlight to go forward with their joint online banking venture. The bank will be exclusively online, according to reports, […]. Exclusive Lending Online Payments Retail Baidu China Citic Bank online bankingThe venture received regulatory approval from the Chinese authority Tuesday. The digital bank, which is called aiBank, will offer deposits and loans to individuals and small businesses.

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Mastercard Says Odds Favor Instant Payments For Online Gamers And Gamblers


We are now using Mastercard Send , our push payments platform, to support four sub-verticals of games of chance, where you buy tickets online, sports betting and bookmaking, games of skills and fantasy sports. Make no mistake.

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ALDI To Test Online Grocery Ordering At UK Stores


ALDI said it plans to expand its “click-and-collect” online grocery pickup service to 15 stores across the country, the Financial Times reports. But even as it moves toward offering online ordering and pickup, ALDI is doubling down on its investment in its brick-and-mortar store network.

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Odds Are That Online Sportsbook Wins Big Post-COVID


Online sportsbooks have been beneficiaries of that dictum ever since COVID-19 eradicated most live sports, leaving millions of fans and a great many bettors potentially mired in boredom. How much potential does online gambling have?

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New Study Shows Retailers Win With Exclusive Online Sales Events


At a time when companies — large and small — literally spend over $300 billion a year on customer loyalty plans, new research shows that retailers who have embraced product drops, flash sales and private events are reaping some of the best customer retention results in the business.

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Amazon Launches Online Pharmacy In Bengaluru, India


Amazon India has added an online pharmacy to its offerings in Bengaluru, one of the nation’s largest cities with a population of nearly 12 million. the state agency that manages liquor licenses, granted approval for Amazon to sell alcohol online.

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E-commerce shops struggle with false declines as more shoppers come online

Payments Source

E-commerce merchants may need more data to ensure they are not turning down sales from first-time online shoppers. Fraud detection Online payments

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New Data: Twice As Many Online Shoppers Believe Credit Cards Are More Secure Than Debit Cards


It is well known that shoppers tend to behave differently online than they do in brick-and-mortar stores — and this extends to how they choose to pay at checkout. consumers, offers an in-depth examination of how and why consumers choose to pay online.

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Mastercard Adds Transaction Details To Online Purchase History


Mastercard has debuted a new service to boost transparency for users’ purchases online, a press release says. The payments company’s service, delivered via Ethoca , will give customers more details on their purchases like the merchant’s name, logo and location of the purchase.

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DBS, Xero Create Online Payment Solution for Singapore SMEs

Bank Innovation

Singapore-based bank DBS has partnered with technology provider Xero to build an online payment solution for small and medium-sized enterprises, the companies announced today. Exclusive Online Payments DBS Bank online payments Singapore fintech SMEs xeroThe DBS-Xero solution will allow SMEs on the platform to simplify their bill payments, focusing on eliminating problems such as cash-flow—an area of struggle for one out of every three SMEs […].

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Report: Millennials, Buy Now Pay Later And The Shifting Dynamics Of Online Credit


While credit is an important part of millennials’ shopping lives, this generation has unique spending priorities, particularly when it comes to online shopping — and these priorities are looming even larger since the pandemic shifted much of commerce online.

TSYS Attacked With Ransomware, Has Data Posted Online


TSYS , a payment processing company, has suffered a ransomware attack and had some data posted online, according to a report from Krebs on Security.

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Licking Your Online Applications

Banker to Banker

Here is the funny thing about the tongue-brain connection - your brain can project, with a very high degree of certainty, what it will feel like if you lick any given object such as your desk, your shirt, car hood, a stucco wall, computer keyboard - you name it. This is despite the fact that you are likely to have zero experience in licking any of those objects in the past.

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Online Apparel Catches Fire


After hitting a skid from the beginning to the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, online fashion sales have caught fire. That business did not transfer online, according to the PYMNTS data. percent said they were shopping online for these items more frequently. percent of consumers had shifted their purchase to online retail. Right now, we are filling about 50% of our online orders from our stores.”.

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German Online Lender Kreditech Heads to India

Bank Innovation

EXCLUSIVE – German online lender Kreditech is making its way to India, Bank Innovation has learned. For this expedition, the fintech has teamed up with SaaS banking platform Mambu for providing short-term lending products specifically tailored to local consumers. Kreditech’s entry into the Indian market comes because of payment processor PayU’s involvement in the company […].

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Shape Shifting: Future Trends Transforming Online Payments

Mobile Payments Today

FSS examines key trends reshaping online payments A rapid transformation is at play in the world of digital payments.

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Nissan Taps CarSaver To Support Online Car Buying Platform


The automaker chose CarSaver's online shopping system to support parts of a new purchasing experience for clients following a successful experimental effort with seven dealers, according to an announcement.

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