Apple Unveils iPhone-paired Apple Card

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Apple today unveiled its plans to launch a virtual credit card product with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard this summer called Apple Card, which will reside within the Wallet app on Apple devices.

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Apple Expands Apple Card Testing


Apple has expanded the test phase of its credit card with Goldman Sachs to its retail employees, according to a report by Bloomberg. In addition, Apple is already discussing expanding the card into Europe.

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Apple Winds Down iTunes


There are plenty of signs that Apple is gearing up to say goodbye to iTunes. MacRumors reported that Apple has taken down all of the social media content from its iTunes page on Facebook, including posts, photos, and videos.

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Apple Earnings Transcend Pandemic Economics


For a company that doesn’t have a retail location open outside of China or South Korea because of the coronavirus pandemic, Apple acquitted itself nicely in the second quarter. Apple’s stores around the world, except in China and one location in Korea, are shuttered until further notice. “On

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UK card startup Curve launches Apple Pay

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based card consolidation startup Curve this week launched with Apple Pay, allowing customers to connect their Curve cards to their Apple iPhones, watches, iPads and other devices. Carousel Payments Premium Product Design Apple Pay Curve UK fintech Zelle

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Apple Unveils Apple Watch Fitness Collaborations


With new fitness collaborations that make it simpler for Apple Watch owners to accrue rewards, purchase items and monitor workouts, Apple unveiled its “Apple Watch Connected” gym effort. Gyms also have to provide a choice for owners of Apple Watch to “earn with Apple Watch.”

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Viral tweet about Apple Card leads to Goldman Sachs probe

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s credit card practices after a viral tweet from a tech entrepreneur alleged gender discrimination in the new Apple Card’s algorithms when determining credit limits. Bloomberg Carousel Compliance & Regulation Payments Product Design Retail Banking Apple Apple Card Goldman Sachs

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Apple Card Officially Released In US


The Apple Card, a credit card created in partnership by the technology company, was officially released in the U.S. Apple said the process only takes minutes and that customers can start using the card immediately. Apple said it will add more merchants in the months to come. .

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Apple Embraces Paying On Installment


iPhone growth continues to look sluggish, but Apple’s earnings report was a mostly story about growth once one got away from the figures on the firm’s flagship product. Particular areas of strength were Apple wearables and the services business line.

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Apple – Phone Home


It may not be that easy for Apple , a tech giant that seems to have missed one of the most important anchors of connected commerce – the home – along with trendlines that suggest the smartphone is slowly becoming less central to the consumer and the commerce experience.

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Apple Debuts Apple Card, A Virtual (And Physical) Credit Card


And not just any tech giant – it’s Apple, the company whose payment services were touted (by at least some) as a credit card killer. News came Monday (March 25) that Apple – specifically, through its payments service Apple Pay – has launched the Apple Card.

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Apple Pay Goes to Brazil

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Mobile payment platform for Apple users, Apple Pay is now available in Brazil thanks to a partnership with the country’s biggest private lender, Itaú Unibanco Holding SA, the company announced today. Exclusive Mobile Payments Apple Pay Mobile Payments P2P payments

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Amplify Credit Union rolls out mobile banking via Apple Watch

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The Austin-based credit union, which has $950 million in assets, rolled out mobile banking via the Apple Watch earlier this month. Carousel Customer Experience Daily Post 1 Premium Product Design Retail Banking Amplify Credit Union Apple Watch Chime Citigroup USAA

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Ex-Apple Exec: Jobs Wanted Apple Credit Card In ‘04


The idea for an Apple Credit card, which made a splash when it was introduced at the March Apple event, has been around since at least 2004, when Steve Jobs was running the company, according to reports. The year was 2004, when Apple was a very different company.

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Apple Pay Partners With Nike For 3 Pct. Cash Back


Nike is offering 3 percent cash back to Apple Card users when a Nike product is purchased using Apple Pay , TechCrunch reported Monday (Nov. Nike and Apple have historically had a close relationship with retail partnerships and co-branded products like the Apple Watch Nike+ edition.

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PayPal’s New Apple Partnership Leaves Square on the Outskirts

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Square may have Apple Pay, but PayPal is the one with access to the rest of Apple. Exclusive Mobile Online Payments Apple Pay Apple Pay Cash mobile shopping Online shopping PayPal Siri Square voice commerce

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Apple Card Users Get Pass On March Payment, Interest


As a way to provide some financial pressure that people could be experiencing as a result of the coronavirus, Apple alerted Apple Card customers by email that they will be allowed to skip their March payments without incurring interest charges. “We

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How Apple Pay Cash, Apple’s P2P Service, Will Work

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Fall is around the corner and prepaid card issuer Green Dot, which is the regulated bank partner for Apple Pay, has updates on Apple’s P2P money transfer service that will launch in the coming months. Cards Exclusive Mobile Payments Apple Pay Green Dot Mobile banking PayPal prepaid card Square Cash Venmo

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Apple Pay, Masterpass Come to MTA eTix

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Earlier this week, it was announced that both Apple Pay and Masterpass are now integrated into MTA’s eTix, meaning that the millions who use the MTA trains to get into and out of New York City every day can purchase tickets digitally.

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Apple Introduces New eCommerce Portal With Upgraded UX


With most of Apple ’s retail stores remaining closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the tech giant is introducing a new hub to streamline the shop-from-home experience. Further, Apple is offering multiple ways to pay, including installment options.

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Apple/Disney: Is Apple About To Make The Happiest Acquisition On Earth?


The latest rumors about Apple buying Walt Disney Co. Of course, Jobs was also co-founder of a little computer startup you might have heard of called Apple, and at the time was in his second tour of duty as its CEO. aren’t new – they go back to Disney ’s 2006 acquisition of Pixar.

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Apple Pushes Toward Redesigned iPhone Release


Apple’s annual release of new products is highly anticipated — but difficult to predict in terms of timing and the extent of the changes the company makes. Apple is also looking to put 3-D capabilities on the high-end phones as well, similar to those of iPad Pro, introduced in March.

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Apple Pay Transactions Skyrocket Amid Global Expansion

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Mobile wallet adoption may not be gaining traction for most, but Apple is an exception. During the quarterly earnings call yesterday, the tech giant unveiled Apple Pay growth stats from its global markets, citing a 450% increase in transaction volume in “the last 12 months.”

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Apple Pray: why has Apple Pay failed?

Chris Skinner

Then got my answer, although it isn’t a singular factor but a combination … The post Apple Pray: why has Apple Pay failed? I was talking the other day to a colleague about the phenomenon in Asia, India, Africa and South America taking place with mobile payments and the lack of take-up in the USA. Why is this, I wondered? appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Fintech Grid Innovation Opinion Payments Technology

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Apple Card Holders Can Postpone April Payments


For the second consecutive month, Apple Inc. will allow its Apple Card users to defer April payments without interest or penalties to ease financial pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Apple Card was launched last summer. Apple Card?

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Apple Settles Slow iPhone Lawsuit For $500M


Apple has agreed to settle a lawsuit for as much as $500 million over allegations that it slowed down older iPhones, according to a report by Reuters. . Apple would not admit that it slowed down the phones, but said it wanted to avoid a protracted court battle.

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Apple Buys Payments API Developer Stamplay


Apple has reportedly acquired API integration developer Stamplay for 5 million euros ($5.678 million). As part of the acquisition, Apple agreed to keep Stamplay’s founders on at the company, although they will now be Apple employees.

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Apple Resumes Operation Of All China Retail Locations


After it was forced to shutter its retail locations in China because of the spread of COVID-19, Apple Inc. Apple has been slowly reopening the locations, with 38 of the 42 shops open for business as of last week. Apple’s eCommerce store was not impacted.

Apple Enables Augmented Reality Sales For Merchants


Apple is updating its augmented reality (AR) Quick Look feature to enable merchants to sell its products in-app for an instant AR experience, according to reports on Thursday (Feb. Innovation 3D Apple AR Augmented Reality News Payment Methods Retail virtual reality What's Hot

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Mastercard Lauds Apple Card Security


Apple Card, a new kind of credit card created by Apple, is being applauded by Mastercard for its enhanced security, simplicity, transparency and privacy, CNBC reported on Tuesday (Aug. The new offering hopes to keep Apple users loyal and make it harder to switch to Android.

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Mastercard’s Tokenization, and Consumer Choice, Made Digital-First Apple Card Possible

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Mastercard’s tokenization technology made the digital-first Apple Card possible, but purely from a technological standpoint, Jorn Lambert, EVP, Digital Solutions at Mastercard, told Bank Innovation. Apple last month unveiled its plans to launch […]. IoT & Wearables Payments Premium Sales & Marketing Security & Risk Apple Apple Card Apple Pay C2B payments digital payments EMV chip Goldman Sachs Mastercard tokenization

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Coronavirus Causes Apple Store Event Cancellations, Precautions


Apple has announced that it is canceling its Today at Apple events due to coronavirus fears, according to reports. “As As a precautionary measure, we are temporarily pausing Today at Apple programming. Please check back for updates,” the company said on the Today at Apple site.

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Apple Patent Shows Self-Configuring Smart Home


A new Apple patent application outlines the way a truly independent smart home would function. According to Apple, the challenges of configuring a smart home are a myriad, such as getting the different brands of various items to all work together.

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Apple Earnings Soar, While iPhone Declines Continue


For the next quarter, Apple is looking for $52.5 The major point of concern among analysts, investors and Apple watchers was the continued decline in iPhone sales revenue. The iPhone is still Apple’s cash engine – responsible for 53.3

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Apple Pay Users to Double in 2017

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According to a recent report, Apple tops the charts with its digital wallet, and is expected to nearly double Apple Pay userbase this year. The study, released by Juniper Research this week, estimates that Apple Pay will hit 86 million users in […].

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