PayPal Hires New Chief Marketing Officer


PayPal appointed Allison Johnson , a marketing veteran with over two decades of experience in her field, as the company’s new executive VP and chief marketing officer (CMO) on Monday (Jan. Johnson brings a vast knowledge of marketing to her position.

U.S. Consumer Confidence Plunges Amid Market Uncertainty


The news is a harbinger of sorts, as Americans get less optimistic about things while the stock market falls and economic growth slows. Economy consumer confidence economy News stock market trump What's Hot

DOJ Investigates Bitcoin For Market Manipulation


Justice Department is investigating whether bitcoin’s record-breaking performance last year was caused by market manipulation. Late last year, the value of a single bitcoin hit $9,143, climbing nearly six points in just 24 hours for a market cap north of $152 billion. The U.S.

Understanding Trigger Marketing

CU Direct

Credit unions are realizing the importance of automating their marketing efforts, leveraging their data, so that products and services intersect as efficiently as possible with. Read more » The post Understanding Trigger Marketing appeared first on CU Direct Blog.

Factris Consolidates Factoring Market With Acquisition


According to Factris, DEBIFO currently holds 35 percent of Lithuania’s alternative finance market with its invoice financing solution, targeted at small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

5 Keys to Effective Financial Content Marketing

Bank Innovation

Many financial institutions—especially small, community-focused ones—have limited marketing budgets. Today we’re discussing five keys to effective financial content marketing that can help your institution get plenty of bang for its buck.

5 Best Bank Marketing Videos of 2018

Bank Innovation

Banks and other FIs pulled out all the stops in 2018 to make commercials and marketing videos that would leave an impression on customers. Exclusive Features Listicles Sales & Marketing Videos Advertising Fifth Third Bank JPMorgan Chase Bank Regions video marketing

Video 130

China Claims Title Of World’s Largest Logistics Market


China has taken over as the world’s largest logistics market, spending a whopping 12.1 The total logistics cost of 13 trillion yuan has created a 13-trillion-yuan logistics market,” said Ni, according to Asia Times. International china Logistics market News What's Hot

Leafbuyer Technologies Buys Greenlight Technologies To Expand Its Cannabis Markets


We look forward to expanding Greenlight’s platform in California and bringing the technology to other legal cannabis markets, including Colorado,” Leafbuyer Chairman and CEO Kurt Rossner said in the press release.

Small Firms Find Tight Labor Market A Costly Challenge


While entrepreneurs continue to reflect record-level optimism, their top concerns are increasingly including the tight labor market and the importance of retaining staff in such a climate. “And that’s the way the market economy works, for better or worse.”

Addressing Key Challenges at the Frontier of Financial Services Marketing

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There have never been more opportunities – or more challenges – in digital marketing, especially for financial services. With a plethora of channels and corresponding metrics, how do marketers decide which ones to prioritize?

Harvard And Capital One Survey Mid-Market B2B ePayments Adoption


Where do middle-market firms stand in this effort to upgrade corporate payments? In addition, nearly all middle-market firms surveyed have digitized at least some portion of their B2B payments volume. A few misconceptions may be to blame for the middle market’s stagnation.

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Apple Still Leads Microsoft In Market Cap By $26B


Despite a recent report, Apple still leads Microsoft in market capitalization by $26 billion. According to 9to5Mac , changes in outstanding share counts mean Microsoft did not pass Apple in market cap as the site previously reported, and other news outlets continue to report.

Apple 194

Crypto Markets Lose $13B In Three Hours


In about three hours, $13 billon of value was wiped out of the crypto market as the values of major digital currencies plunged. Cryptocurrency bitcoin bitcoin exchange Bitcoin Value crypto market cryptocurrency digital currency Ethereum News What's Hot XRP

Apple’s Trillion-Dollar Market Cap Sizzle


What tipped the week from good to sizzling was what happened on the stock market — when Apple’s market cap tipped over the $1 trillion mark, making it the first U.S.-listed history to both hit and close the day with a 13-digit market cap.

Apple 180

Thrive Market Stays Competitive In Grocery Segment


Thrive Market looks to solve that problem by taking the trip to the grocery store out of the equation and keeping consumers in a constant stream of organic and all-natural foods that are delivered directly to their doors.

Citi Payment Insights Expands To 70 Markets


Citi ’s Treasury and Trade Solutions (TTS) announced that it has expanded its Citi Payment Insights offering to more than 20 new markets, making it available in more than 70 markets.

On-Demand Wages Spruce Up The $400B Home Services Market


The January 2019 edition of the Disbursements Tracker looks at the efforts by many such players that are rapidly changing the way payments are disbursed in several markets.

Markets Swoon And Risk Looms For Firms’ Cross-Border Commerce


Whiplash: The stock market — or markets, be it Dow Jones Industrial Average, Standard & Poor’s 500 Index or tech-heavy Nasdaq — is in freefall one day, skyrocketing the next. Then, there is volatility in the FX markets,” he stated.

5 Best Bank Marketing Videos of 2018 [Page 2]

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Exclusive Features Listicles Sales & Marketing Videos Advertising US Bank video marketing VisaVisa enlisted veteran quarterback Eli Manning and rookie running back Saquon Barkley of the New York Giants to demonstrate how easy it is to tap to pay. Perhaps it’s too easy?

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As Amazon’s Market Cap Takes Hit, Bright Spots Emerge


trillion in market capitalization by 2024. An MKM analyst said in a research note to clients that AWS may be worth $1 trillion in six years – that would be larger than Amazon’s market cap, which currently stands at $929 billion.

TouchCR Enables Intelligent Marketing


To succeed in retail (and retail marketing), merchants and advertisers need to keep up with what shoppers want, how they buy, and where. You need to be able to market with relevance,” Hale said. Consumer brands need to get close to consumers and to understand who they are, what they’re interested in, what they’re likely to do next — and then to market in that context.”. Retail consumer data marketing Retail Enabler TouchCR

4 Ways to Measure Marketing Campaigns You (Probably) Haven’t Considered


When we need to measure marketing campaigns, most of us have cracked online campaign tracking – we have a cookie or a user ID that we can use to clearly track user behaviour through to conversions, and develop robust datasets.

Creating an Effective Financial Services Marketing Strategy for Millennials

Bank Innovation

On the surface, a financial services marketing strategy is not completely different than a marketing strategy for any other industry. A financial services marketing strategy must be more rigorous and well-thought-out in order to be successful.

Finding credit needles in the (market) haystack

Insights on Business

Institutions invested in a broad range of corporate debt instruments can draw business benefit from adopting an integrated view of market and credit risks. This article seeks to illustrate some of these combined market and credit risk analysis benefits at a single security level.

Are Marketing Emails Overwhelming Customers?


Is there a limit to how many marketing emails customers will put up with? “Too many” appears to equate with five or more marketing emails per week, with two-thirds of the respondents to the First Insight survey categorizing that threshold as such.

WeChat App Growth Comes Amid Other App Market Changes


But that doesn’t mean other types of apps aren’t finding increasing use among consumers — one of the changes going on that relate to the future earning and marketing power of apps and app stores.

Paytm Aims To Dominate Japanese Market, Expand To US


India-based digital payments service Paytm said it wants to take over the Japanese mobile payment market , according to a recent report. The move, according to Founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma, would be a step toward the company’s eventual goal of one day making it to the United States.

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Trump Wins, Markets Slide


Investors do not like surprises — and as Tuesday night gave way into Wednesday morning, the world markets got a heck of surprise: Donald Trump pulled off the biggest electoral upset since “Dewey Defeats Truman” and won the presidency of the United States. It was an event that Trump, as of Monday, was predicting would be Brexit plus, plus, plus — and it turns out the stock markets agrees with him entirely insofar as they seem to be as taken off guard by the results of the U.S.

Misfits Market Founder On Rescued Produce As A Subscription


Misfits Market , for instance, grew out of Founder Abhi Ramesh’s trip to an orchard in Eastern Pennsylvania. Seeing all of that wasted produce inspired Ramesh to start Misfits Market, with the goal of providing affordable fresh produce to customers on the East Coast.

Market Watchers Say US Recession Is Coming


Market watchers have sent out a warning that the U.S. I think it’s premature that the credit market is sending any kind of cautionary signal,” said John Bellows, portfolio manager at Western Asset Management Company in Pasadena, California. central bank may raise overnight borrowing costs twice more this year – and analysts will be watching to see how the corporate bond market reacts. Economy bond market corporate bonds global trade News Recession U.S.

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First Data: Connected QSRs And Serving The Market Of One


Call it the market of one. Dining out versus dining in is tightly correlated to the economic environment in general,” he told Webster, noting that consumer confidence is up and the job market is good.

Data 223

LiveRamp Unveils Omnichannel Marketing Tool


Targeting the right customer at the right time is the key strategy for those in the retail advertising and marketing sectors. To help pinpoint customers and their preferred tastes, omnichannel identity resolution company LiveRamp announced its launch of its people-based targeting search for marketing onto its IdentityLink platform, using Google Customer Match. Through this offering, marketers can now coordinate their campaigns across search and other online avenues.

Tools 140

Apple Surpasses $1 Trillion In Market Cap


to have a market capitalization of more than $1 trillion, hitting that milestone earlier on Thursday (Aug. In early-morning trading on Thursday, Apple hit the $1 trillion in market cap when shares passed $207.05. Apple may not stay at the $1 trillion mark for long, as the stock market and the stock itself has been volatile. It could also bounce back and forth between the $1 trillion market cap and below it in the next trading days, noted the report.

Apple 123

MoneyGram Mobile App Hits Market in 15 Countries, Including U.S.


Earlier this year, the company launched in 21 new markets. MoneyGram, a global money transfer and payment service, has launched a new mobile app that is available in the U.S. and 14 other countries, according to a company announcement.

Mobile 221

PayPal Invests In Emerging Markets Lending App Company Tala


Tala, the consumer lending app in emerging markets, announced Monday (Oct. In a press release , Tala said the undisclosed investment from PayPal will help the company bring visibility and access to underserved regions in emerging markets across the world.

Why Lowering SMBs’ Barriers To The Bond Market Can Boost Investors, Too


The bond market, on the other hand, isn’t the most likely of places for an entrepreneur to seek financing. Typically seen as a low-risk, low-rewards instrument reserved for middle-market and large enterprises, corporate bonds offer the opportunity for businesses to remain private while raising money and diversifying debt. Several years ago, however, SMBs began to show interest in the bond market, too.

How Clandestina (Literally) Snuck Into The US Market


The funds from sales generally do not flow back to Cuba, instead paying for marketing, taxes and payment for future printings. Starting a new business is never easy, and new apparel lines are particularly challenging.

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Email, Social Media King For Retail Marketers


While most retail marketers have similar goals in 2017 in terms of enhancing consumer engagement and increasing sales, the online realm of marketing outreach remains king. According to research from a survey by Yes Lifecycle Marketing as quoted in eMarketer , most retail marketers are counting on email and social media to help reach their goals. What does this tell portend for marketing in today’s super connected world?

China’s P2P Lending Market Expected To Shrink In 2019


The P2P lending market in China has been rife with scams and controversy for some time now. Prior to the recent activity on the part of the Chinese government , this type of lending was seen as one of the riskiest and least regulated areas of the financial markets. During 2018, the market research firm said the number of P2P lenders declined by 50 percent to 1,021. What’s more, no new companies have entered the market since August.

India Finance Minister: Visa, Mastercard Losing Local Market Share


“Today, Visa and Mastercard are losing market share in India to [an] indigenously developed payment system of UPI and RuPay Card, whose share have reached 65 percent of the payments done through debit and credit cards,” Jaitley said in a Facebook post, as noted by the newswire.

How C-Stores Market To Digitally Savvy Gas App Users


percent of consumers, this customer base may represent a marketing opportunity for C-stores. According to Thorntons, the ability to provide consumers with a loyalty-focused mobile solution has “changed the game for our marketing efforts.”.

The Middle Market’s Expense Management Conundrum


Expense management technology is now a saturated market, particularly for the small business space – which is notoriously difficult to serve, because they are too small for large, enterprise-grade solutions, but too large for consumer-specialized tools. There is another market segment, however, that similarly struggles to secure this Goldilocks effect, with products that aren’t too small and aren’t too large: the middle market.