Salesforce Buys Israeli AI Marketing Platform


Salesforce announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Datorama , a cloud-based, AI-powered marketing intelligence and analytics platform. Salesforce is excited to welcome Datorama’s incredible team to the Salesforce family,” Bob Stutz, chief analytics officer and CEO of Marketing Cloud, said in a press release. Partnerships / Acquisitions Acquisition AI technology artificial intelligence Dataorama M&A marketing News Salesforce What's Hot

Market Watchers Say US Recession Is Coming


Market watchers have sent out a warning that the U.S. I think it’s premature that the credit market is sending any kind of cautionary signal,” said John Bellows, portfolio manager at Western Asset Management Company in Pasadena, California. central bank may raise overnight borrowing costs twice more this year – and analysts will be watching to see how the corporate bond market reacts. Economy bond market corporate bonds global trade News Recession U.S.

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How TV Can Support Digital Marketing And Online Payments


Samba said it does not sell the data it collects but helps its clients direct relevant marketing messages to consumers based on their viewing habits. Despite its age, and the competition it faces from other technology and forms of entertainment, television still draws the crowds that marketers covet. Consumer use of smartphone and mobile apps also lead to more precise marketing messages, of course.

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TouchCR Enables Intelligent Marketing


To succeed in retail (and retail marketing), merchants and advertisers need to keep up with what shoppers want, how they buy, and where. You need to be able to market with relevance,” Hale said. Consumer brands need to get close to consumers and to understand who they are, what they’re interested in, what they’re likely to do next — and then to market in that context.”. Retail consumer data marketing Retail Enabler TouchCR

Amazon Eyes Home Insurance Market


This wouldn’t be Amazon’s first foray into the home market. Amazon acquired Ring earlier this year for $1 billion to expand its reach in the home security market. Reports surfaced that Amazon is considering getting into the home insurance game, sending shares of some insurance companies down briefly on Wednesday (June 6).

LiveRamp Unveils Omnichannel Marketing Tool


Targeting the right customer at the right time is the key strategy for those in the retail advertising and marketing sectors. To help pinpoint customers and their preferred tastes, omnichannel identity resolution company LiveRamp announced its launch of its people-based targeting search for marketing onto its IdentityLink platform, using Google Customer Match. Through this offering, marketers can now coordinate their campaigns across search and other online avenues.

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Regulating the cryptocurrency markets

Chris Skinner

I guess that this is logical as my last line was that government control of cryptocurrencies is “not so easy for cryptocurrencies that have … The post Regulating the cryptocurrency markets appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Someone made the comment on my platform piece about what happens when there are no Jack Ma’s or Mark Zuckerberg’s, as the whole thing is decentralised?

The Middle Market’s Expense Management Conundrum


Expense management technology is now a saturated market, particularly for the small business space – which is notoriously difficult to serve, because they are too small for large, enterprise-grade solutions, but too large for consumer-specialized tools. There is another market segment, however, that similarly struggles to secure this Goldilocks effect, with products that aren’t too small and aren’t too large: the middle market.

Apple, Watch Your Market Cap — Amazon Is Coming


Apple has long been in the lead to become the first $1 trillion company based on its stock market value, but Amazon, the nation’s leading eCommerce player, is closing in on the iPhone maker. At the start of 2018, Bloomberg said Apple’s stock market value was 50 percent larger than Amazon’s, but now the gap is closer to 10 percent. As of stock market close on Friday (June 29), the spread between the two companies’ market caps sat around $85 billion.

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Email, Social Media King For Retail Marketers


While most retail marketers have similar goals in 2017 in terms of enhancing consumer engagement and increasing sales, the online realm of marketing outreach remains king. According to research from a survey by Yes Lifecycle Marketing as quoted in eMarketer , most retail marketers are counting on email and social media to help reach their goals. What does this tell portend for marketing in today’s super connected world?

The Digital Small Markets Of The Future


There is a reason, Rizzoli said, that 2017-2018 will be the year that Poly’s computer vision technology will get its retail test drive; this is literally the first year the technology has been available in the market at a realistic price point. The Digital Market. Consumers can walk into their local market and begin grabbing goods as they go. Authentication AI Alberto Rizzoli cashless digital markets Featured News image recognition News Poly visual identification

On credit-augmented market risk analysis

Insights on Business

In such markets, low coupons and yields offered by top issuers may not be well suited to the refinancing of liabilities. Exposed to economic capital management frameworks, on-boarding spread sensitive instruments requires them to monitor more than market risks.

PPRO: The 10 Fastest Growing Global eCommerce Markets


In western markets, eCommerce continues to grow steadily — but, more importantly, it’s taking significant hold in less developed markets, opening up opportunities for brands to secure footholds in new regions. Global merchants who wait until these markets are established will arrive too late. office in Atlanta, told PYMNTS which fast-growing markets global brands should be courting — and why these markets are expanding so fast. PPRO’s Top 10 Growth Markets.

Asure Merger Consolidates Payroll Market


payroll services market saw consolidation this week with Asure Software announcing Tuesday (July 3) that it acquired USA Payroll. The U.S. A press release said USA Payroll is a reseller of various payroll and human resources solutions, including Asure’s HRIS platform, Evolution. The tool helps businesses mitigate payroll compliance risk. Furthermore, USA Payroll provides customers with payroll and tax services, timekeeping, third-party administration and other back-office services.

For Mastercard, QR Codes, Developing Market By (Developing) Market


When it comes to payments, each market or country has its own preferences. So it is that QR codes are seeing increased adoption across developing markets. Use cases in certain developing markets, and specifically in a retail environment, said Bhalla, may be fashioned by specific consumer needs. India is a market that is taking off in digital in a big way.”

Facebook Data Scandal Tanks Stock Market


The Federal Reserve starts its two-day meeting Tuesday, in which the markets largely expect it to raise interest rates. Facebook consumer data data privacy data protection News social media stock market Technology What's HotFollowing a technology stock sell-off led by Facebook, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted in afternoon trading on Monday (March 19), at one point declining over 400 points.

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How GDPR is Affecting Marketing Data


The post How GDPR is Affecting Marketing Data appeared first on Dataconomy. BI & Analytics Big Data Finance FinTech Marketing & Sales Retail & Consumer Uncategorized

Amazon Eyes Mr. Market


Long ago, value investing proponents such as Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham put forth the fictional embodiment of the stock market in the form “Mr. Market.” Think of Mr. Market, said these famed investors, as carried away by some of the more extreme mood swings of the age. The market may be efficient, arguably, but it is not always efficient. For investors, might the moody Mr. Market be less of an enigma?

Microsoft Catches Up To Amazon In Market Value


2, as Microsoft has rallied to be neck and neck with Amazon in terms of market capitalization. The two Washington state-based companies are within one percentage point of each other, with a market cap of about $723 billion, thanks to a week-long rally in Microsoft shares coupled with a slump in Amazon shares, reported 24/7 Wall St. Apple’s market cap remains well ahead of its two competitors at about $850 billion.

Amid Job Market Growth, Consumer Delinquencies Wane


Debt ABA credit cards debt deliquency economy job market loans News What's HotEconomic tailwinds are helping consumers make timely loan payments. As American Banker reported Wednesday (April 4), delinquent payment rates waned a bit in the fourth quarter of last year, with late payments to banks slipping.

Should Your Digital Marketing Strategy be Your Only Marketing Strategy?


They say the financial services industry is a decade behind other industries with the move to digital marketing strategies. The post Should Your Digital Marketing Strategy be Your Only Marketing Strategy?

Zycus Steps Into Mid-Market Procurement


Procure-to-pay company Zycus is stepping into the middle market. The company announced Thursday it is launching a source-to-pay program for mid-market companies and small, high-growth firms looking to improve their procurement functions. The launch of Zycus Genesys signals the company’s expansion into the mid-market as it looks to automate procurement operations for its business customers.

NEW REPORT: New Regs Open New Markets For Credit Unions


The credit union (CU) market has long argued that rules intended for larger, more traditional banks have unjustly been applied to their industry, stifling their growth and pace of innovation.

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Good Housekeeping Revitalizes Content Marketing


One publication that’s helping to further evolve the publishing world when it comes to content marketing is Good Housekeeping. The 132-year-old magazine has taken content marketing to a new level following the hiring of its new Editor-in-Chief, Jane Francisco, just four years ago. In addition to creating this new kitchen space, it also served as a new way for the publication to conduct branding and marketing. The publishing world is one of the oldest industries.

Passing The Middle-Market Automation Exam


Though many financial institutions recognize the opportunity to help middle-market businesses automate their AP payments, they have not been able to fully capitalize on the opportunity. Here the elusive payments opportunity meets or, in fact, doesn’t meet, the elusive audience: accounts payable automation for middle-market firms. Some observers will define this market as $10 million in the top line to $1 billion.

Chinese Smartphone Market Declines For First Time


The smartphone market declined for the first time ever in 2017, with shipments dropping 4 percent year-over-year, according to market research firm Canalys. The BBC , citing data from Canalys, reported that the decline marks the end of an eight-year period of growth in China’s smartphone market. China is still the world’s largest smartphone market, noted the report.

Gett Considers Exiting US Ride-Hailing Market


Ride-hailing app Gett is considering a sale of Juno , the New York-based startup it bought last year for $200 million. According to Bloomberg , Juno represents the majority of the Israeli tech company’s U.S. operations. Sources say there is no guarantee Gett will sell Juno, and alternative options are also being considered. “As a policy, we do not comment on M&A rumors,” a Gett spokeswoman said.

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Fintech in emerging markets


Vaishali Naroola looks at the reasons why fintech is doing so well in emerging markets. Fintech in emerging markets on BankNXT. Fintech authentication cash digital identity digital trends fraud

China’s Smartphone Market Hits 5-Year Low In Q1


China’s smartphone market saw its largest decline in terms of shipments during the first quarter as competition heated up, pushing Apple into fifth place. Canalys, the market research firm, reported last week that smartphone shipments in China were down to 91 million units, a decline of 21 percent on a year-over-year basis during the first quarter. Mobile Apple china huawei News oppo Samsung Smartphone Market Smartphones vivo What's Hot Xiaomi

UnionPay Enables Cross-Border B2B Payments For Yiwu Market


UnionPay International is expanding its support for cross-border B2B payments through an integration with wholesale eCommerce market Yiwu Market, based in China. 8), UnionPay’s Cross-Border B2B Payment Service Platform is now linked into the official Yiwu Market website, enabling corporate buyers outside China to pay for goods on Yiwu using UnionPay cards issued overseas. Yiwu Market is the largest commodities wholesale market in the world.

Developing Markets See Paycard Acceptance Boom


Developing markets are quickly increasing their rate at which paycards are accepted, according to the latest research by RBR. 23) with positive news for developing markets. According to the report, regulations, combined with FinTech innovation, are accelerating payment card adoption in these markets. These markets are also seeing boosts from regulatory action. Payment Methods card aceptance Emerging Markets MPOS News payment card payments regulation What's Hot

Why Content Marketing?

William Mills

This shift has impacted traditional marketing and PR practices as it is no longer enough to distribute news releases and place bylined articles to gain market awareness. 77% of B2B marketers use content marketing to achieve brand awareness goals ( Content Marketing Institute ).

Beauty Market Ruled By Female Millennials


A lady may never reveal her age, but the beauty market can likely brag about its appeal with younger generations. Experts say the big business with the millennial females is indeed due to social media, digital influencers and certain brands that have come into the market and focused on the demographic. Retail beauty Beauty Market Millennials Women

Morgan Stanley Goes After Brazilian FinTech Market


Morgan Stanley’s move comes at a time when the Brazil FinTech market is exploding. The market has seen a 54 percent uptick in FinTechs since the beginning of 2015, and Goldman Sachs predicts the market will reach $75 billion in a decade. Taking a page from Goldman Sachs’ book, Morgan Stanley is beginning to lend to FinTech startups in Brazil as it seeks more of a return on its investments.

Data-driven Marketing Insights at your Fingertips


The post Data-driven Marketing Insights at your Fingertips appeared first on Dataconomy. Data Science Marketing & Sales Consumer Analytics data-driven marketing gesture data Marketing IntelligenceDoes a swipe mean more than click?

Le Tote Breaks Into The Chinese Market


30) its entry into the highly competitive Chinese market, making it the first U.S. subscription service to enter that market. It is thanks to a partnership with seasoned retailer and executive Clement Tang, an 18-year veteran at China’s largest shoe retailer Belle International, that Le Tote was able to enter the Chinese market. China is a nuanced market with its own cultural norms, standards and expectations.

 Inflation: The Roughest Word For Markets


which has been long-dormant, benign and perhaps even forgotten about as a factor in the markets. Economy consumer prices Consumer Spending department of labor Dow Jones inflation News stock market stocks wagesIt’s not a four-letter word, but a nine-letter word and it has a bit of shock effect anyway — particularly for investments: inflation. All eyes are currently on inflation in the U.S.,

Four Tips to Boost Content Marketing


Content marketing is the practice of sharing information with and educating consumers instead of selling to them. The post Four Tips to Boost Content Marketing appeared first on Deluxe FI. Consumers have access to volumes of information, any time anywhere.

Kabbage Set to Acquire Lending Data Startup Orchard Platform Markets

Bank Innovation

Small business banking company Kabbage is set to acquire startup Orchard Platform Markets, a provider of lending data and services, it was reported yesterday. Capital Exclusive Lending Startups acquisitions capital Kabbage lending marketplace lending Orchard Platform Markets startups

Amazon Market Value Almost Double Walmart’s


with an estimated market cap over $430 billion. To put this in perspective, retail giant Walmart is currently trading at $71.65, with a market cap of over $217 billion. In other words, Amazon’s market value is almost double that of Walmart’s. Amazon Investments Amazon Amazon market cap earnings Retail stock market valuation walmart What's HotApril showers bring May flowers, but the springtime bloom has come early for Amazon.