Making Digital Card Features Stick – And Sticky


That left FIs scrambling to “rapidly figure out how to get that same emotional and engagement outcome when the possibility of face-to-face is virtually nonexistent,” Randy Piatt , head of product solutions at card technology firm Ondot Systems , told PYMNTS in a recent conversation.

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Getting in contact with contact-less cards

Mobile Payments Today

The world of payments is changing and what was once a preferred way to pay, with a debit or credit card, is being overtaken by the contactless and card-not-present methods.

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Contactless cards tap into the new normal of physical distancing

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Contactless payments offer the same strong security as EMV cards but how do they stack up against the needs of consumers who are now dealing with the aftermath of COVID-19? Jaime Topolski, the director of payment card products at Fiserv gives his insight on contactless cards

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Q2 2020: US credit card issuer snapshot


The post Q2 2020: US credit card issuer snapshot appeared first on Accenture Banking Blog. Payments Credit Card Issuer Snapshot Credit Cards Payments Navigator

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Mastercard opens Apple Card digital-first card-issuing model to processors

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Mastercard is making the much-admired Apple Card-like experience—nearly instant access to a payment card issued on the spot through a mobile device—available through mainstream and digital card processors. Mobile payments Mastercard Payment processing Credit cards Apple

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Card … short for Cardbored

Chris Skinner

I’ve been finding it increasingly frustrating on my travels, thanks to one of my credit card companies. My travelling depends on two credit cards: a bank issued corporate MasterCard and American Express. The reason I carry these two is that the MasterCard works across Europe, where quite a few countries … The post Card … short for Cardbored appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog.

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The Commercial Card Embraces A Season Of (Major) Change


In B2B payments, the commercial card has experienced a dramatic spike in adoption this year as organizations accelerated their digital transformations and, unable to physically enter the office, began to rely on electronic payments to conduct their business.

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Corporate Card Innovators Showcase Value-Added Versatility


From flexible repayment plans for cash flow management to sustainability programs that offset carbon emissions from fleet vehicles, the commercial card is versatile in this week's innovation roundup. Sally Beauty Offers Cards, Rewards To Entrepreneurs.

Mastercard: Inside The Samsung Pay ‘Super Card’


The New Samsung Pay Card . One of the most recent developments was this week’s announcement of the Samsung Pay Card powered by Curved and Mastercard technology. In a typical digital-wallet offering, one registers their card credentials into the wallet directly.

Looking Beyond The Card To Drive Commercial Adoption


The payments digitization push has ramped up for corporates in recent months, with growing corporate card adoption attributed to the pandemic, recent Mastercard data reveals. Lawmakers Eye Expanded Fleet Card Use. Fleet service cards act just like credit cards at a gas station," Rep.

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How EMV has grown beyond the chip on a card

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The role of EMVCo — which is often seen as an extension of the card brands that deals only with chip-based EMV plastic cards— has come into sharper focus. EMVCo Digital payments Debit cards Network rules EMV Credit cards

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How The Corporate Card Eases SMBs Into B2B eCommerce


For small, mom-and-pop retailers, complex or proprietary procurement platforms simply aren't in the cards. Today, commercial cards are on the rise for SMB B2B eCommerce, and Dean said he's seen a gradual shift in this arena away from net terms.

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Dynamics Unveils the Wallet Card, First ‘Connected Card’ at CES

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EXCLUSIVE—Card company Dynamics Inc. revealed its Wallet Card, described by the company as the “world’s first” connected payment card, at the CES conference currently taking place in Las Vegas, the company announced today. The card, which was developed in tandem with global banks and payment providers such as Visa and Mastercard, relies on Internet of […].

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Onyx Rolls Out Virtual Card For Hospitality Clients


Onyx CenterSource , which provides B2B payments and business intelligence for the hospitality industry, has launched a new virtual credit card intended for use by hospitality and travel clients, according to a report by Hotel Business.

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Visa On How To Make Plastic Cards Sustainable


Improving the world — and the environment — one (card present) transaction at a time. To that end, Visa said Tuesday (June 16) that it has joined with CPI Card Group to launch a card for Visa cardholders composed of up to 98 percent “upcycled” plastic. The Earthwise High Content Card seeks to help eliminate plastic waste. There are many approaches to sustainable cards — and some approaches use scraps left over from the card manufacturing process.”.

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Cape Debuts 'Recession Fighting' Credit Card


Cape , a new Australian FinTech made up of professionals in finance, is debuting its new “recession fighting” credit card, powered by open banking and intended to allow access to new functions like buy now, pay later (BNPL), according to a report from AltFi.

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Mastercard Introduces Sustainable Credit Card


has introduced a sustainable credit card to consumers in more than a dozen countries made from recyclable, bio-sourced, chlorine-free, degradable and ocean plastics. The New York-based, multinational financial services (FI) company said six billion cards are produced annually from PVC. They are replaced every three to four years and expired cards end up in the world’s landfills. Santander plans to issue its cards shortly. Mastercard Inc.

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PayPal, Mastercard Add 5 EU Countries To Debit Card Offering


23) announcement that the card is now available in France, Austria, Italy, Ireland and Spain beyond its current availability in the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States. percent cash back on all of their eligible spending with the debit card.

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What card customers want during a pandemic

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Point-of-sale Coronavirus Mastercard Credit cards PayDirt

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Biometric payment cards enter the spotlight as European spending habits shift

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Biometric cards have garnered more attention in recent times through various trials, but the coronavirus pandemic looks set to accelerate their adoption with a series of major card issuers beginning to roll out the technology. Biometrics BNP Paribas Europe Cards

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Apple Card Users Can Now Make Online Card Payments


With a new website Apple has launched, Apple Card holders will be able to check balances and do business online, the company said, according to MacRumors. The site, , allows users to sign in and see their balance, their next payment due date and the total limit of their card. In addition, now users can have an Apple Card without the need for an iPhone or iPad. The tech giant has been promoting the card in the past several weeks and months.

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Grab Launches GrabPay Card


Grab is introducing Asia’s first numberless card in batches, with Singapore launching on Thursday (Dec. With the cashless card, GrabPay is striving to bring financial inclusion to the millions of underbanked and unbanked in Southeast Asia. . “As

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PayPal Launches Cashback Credit Card

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PayPal launches its first cash-back credit card called PayPal Cashback MasterCard in the U.S. The card will be issued by Stamford-based Synchrony Bank, which has partnered with PayPal since 2004. The card offers 2% cash back on all purchases, with […]. Cards Commerce Exclusive Mobile Payments Apple Pay Citibank JP Morgan Chase MasterCard Mobile Payments PayPal Synchrony Bank

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The Corporate Card Goes Contactless


As B2B FinTechs explore the value of the commercial card, they’re integrating card payment capabilities across more scenarios, from vendor payments to employee expense management. This week’s roundup of Commercial Card Innovation also finds growing interest in digitizing and mobilizing the corporate card, either through virtual card generation or mobile wallet support, at a time when contactless payments remain on the upswing.

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Accrualify Partners With Visa For New Corporate Card


Accrualify , which works in cloud-based solutions for mid- and enterprise-level companies, is launching a new corporate card in partnership with Visa , according to a press release. The intent of the card is to boost options for spend control for corporate finance teams.

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Visa, CPI Card Group Launch Eco-Friendly Card


Visa and CPI Card Group have partnered for the new Earthwise High Content Card, which a press release touts as made with up to 98 percent upcycled plastic. The card, according to the release, is a more sustainable alternative to other cards and will function as a way to reduce plastic waste from polluting the environment by using environmentally friendly materials to make it. The card is made with rPETG, a type of upcycled plastic, according to the release.

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The end of cards and cash … just fifteen years late

Chris Skinner

I just received a report from Deloitte about credit and debit cards. It says the future is not so bright: “more payment choices, along with changing consumer preferences, are threatening the long-term viability of the credit card business model.” It made me think … The post The end of cards and cash … just fifteen years late appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog.

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The Impact of Mobile Card Apps On FI Customer Retention


Community banks and credit unions are feeling the pressure to boost their digital card services or risk losing customers to megabanks and digital challengers, Ondot Systems ’ Chief Strategy Officer Todd Lesher told PYMNTS in a recent discussion.

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B2B Payments Digital Shift: Carding The ‘Uncardable’ Corporate Spend


In the absence of corporate travel and entertainment, as the road warriors stay (and work) at home, it may make sense that commercial card use would see a pause in the B2B space. Leavitt , founder and CEO of Boost Payment Systems , noted that commercial cards — and virtual cards in particular — are ready for a steep adoption curve, made all the steeper by the pandemic. But we’ve focused on finding new areas of spend for buyers to utilize their cards,” Leavitt noted.

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Cards Offer SMB Relief Beyond Access To Credit


The commercial credit card is increasingly viewed as a critical tool for these small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in need of fast access to credit, but many financial institutions are going further to nix fees on their card programs, including card products for small firms.

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Turning Commercial Card Credit Lines Into SMB Cash Flow Lifelines


Although commercial card products can offer working capital benefits on both ends of the B2B transaction, adoption lags behind other digital payment methods in accounts payable (AP) departments.

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SMBs Find Cash Flow Support In Cards


While small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) continue to hustle to secure portions of various federal coronavirus relief funding, the commercial card industry is finding itself in a position to support SMBs and their cash flow needs, too. Boost Finds A Surge In Corporate Card Interest.

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bitFlyer Launches Bitcoin Visa Prepaid Card

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Japan’s largest bitcoin exchange, bitFlyer, announced on Friday that it has launched a yen-dominated bitcoin Visa prepaid card, bringing Japanese consumers one step closer to being able to use bitcoin for their daily purchases. Users will be able to load their card with bitcoin via their bitFlyer accounts, and then use the card to purchase […]. Orico Corporation payments prepaid card Vandle Card Visa Yen

Fingerprint Card Teams with Visa on Biometric Authentication Card

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Just ask Fingerprints Card AB, which teamed up with Visa on a dual-interface biometric payment trial in the U.S. Cards Exclusive Mobile biometrics EMV chip fingerprint point of sale VisaEXCLUSIVE – Biometrics is expected by many to make it big in the payments space this year. Along with Mountain America Credit Union, the Swedish biometrics company Fingerprints announced yesterday that it would launch a dual-interface […].

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EMV 3DS: Closing the Card Present/Card Not Present Auth Rates Gap


Prior to COVID-19, we were telling people that over the next five years, remote-commerce, card-not-present transactions will exceed in-store, card-present transactions,” Mendlowitz said. The Challange With Card-Not-Present Transactions .

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