Business Owners Turn To Personal Credit Cards


The wallets of small business (SMB) owners are bulging with plastic, thanks in large part to the difficulty of securing funding, which leads to those merchants using their personal credit cards to meet expenses. To arrive at its findings, Nav “analyzed anonymized personal credit card usage data from 143,004 of its small business customers and 128,281 of its consumer customers. Business credit cards were excluded from the data.”. personal credit cards, which compares to 2.32

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Retailers Ready To Drop Credit Card Signatures


With fraud on the rise, credit card networks have realized that customer signatures are simply not a reliable way to authenticate someone’s identity — and some of the country’s largest retailers agree. According to The New York Times , four of the largest credit card networks — American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa — will no longer require signatures to complete transactions. Each card network is setting its own set of rules regarding signatures.

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Boston Startup Nift Raises $16.5M for Business Gift Cards

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million in a Series A to fund its platform for “business gift cards,” a way for local businesses to drive customer engagement by providing gift cards to their consumers. Boston-based startup Nift has raised $16.5

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FLEETCOR Reveals Gift Card Data Breach


In its earnings statement, FLEETCOR said that on April 26, it “identified suspicious activity primarily on systems involving the company’s Stored Value Solutions gift card business.” The payment services provider did not detail the scope of the breach but said that a “significant number” of gift cards that were six months or older, along with PINs, were accessed. Among the bright spots for FLEETCOR in the first quarter was the company’s new universal trucking card.

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Mastercard Introduces Remote Biometric Card Enrollment


As biometrics have begun to represent the next generation in securing payments, Mastercard has unveiled a technological advancement for its own biometric cards. Cardholders can now register their fingerprints onto a biometric card at home through the new technology, the company said in an announcement. People love the security our biometric card delivers because we put their needs first.

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Comdata, Noventis Link Up For Virtual Cards


Commercial cards make up just a fraction of the supplier payments space, but the rise in virtual card technology – and the efficiency and security that come along with it – could help card issuers grab a larger slice of the B2B payments market. Today, Noventis and Comdata, a FleetCor company, are teaming up to combine their respective capabilities in the virtual card segment. But Jeffery said that virtual cards offer a few key benefits over even ACH transactions.

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Dynamics Unveils the Wallet Card, First ‘Connected Card’ at CES

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EXCLUSIVE—Card company Dynamics Inc. revealed its Wallet Card, described by the company as the “world’s first” connected payment card, at the CES conference currently taking place in Las Vegas, the company announced today.

Global Payment Card Numbers Rise To 14B As Debit Card Issuance Grows


A new study has found that the number of payment cards issued globally reached 14 billion last year and is predicted to rise to 17 billion by 2022, boosted by an increase in overall debit card issuance. RBR , a strategic research and consulting firm, recently published its “Global Payment Cards Data and Forecasts to 2022” report. In China, for example, many consumers hold multiple cards for different purposes.

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Growing Debit Card Use Crushes Mobile Wallets

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Mobile wallets may be all the buzz, but debit cards were still the most popular of payment method in the U.S. According to the 2017 Debit Issuer Study released earlier this week, debit card transactions were at a record high in 2016, with 23.6

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ALDI Stores Hit With Credit Card Skimmer


ALDI , the grocery store operator, is being targeted by scammers who are installing credit card skimmers on top of point-of-sale terminals in plain sight. They’ve been installing camouflaged skimmers on ALDI credit card terminals right in front of surveillance cameras. Because the skimmers look exactly like legitimate credit card terminals, employees and customers alike have been tricked.

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Mastercard Survey Links Commercial Cards To Savings


A new report from Mastercard links use of commercial cards to cost savings for businesses, according to reports in Verdict. Mastercard and Kaiser Associates surveyed 26 medium-sized businesses across the Middle East and Africa, and found that use of commercial card products reduces travel and expense management procedures compared with per diem employee expense programs. Companies that switch from per diems to corporate cards save the equivalent of 7.8

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Nearly Half Of Americans Are Confused About Credit Card Rewards


A new survey has found that 45 percent of Americans are confused about their credit cards rewards, especially those involving travel. While consumers are definitely out of the loop when it comes to their rewards credit cards, they aren’t the only ones to blame,” NextAdvisor wrote in the blog post. Since credit card issuers are in control of their cards’ rewards and redemption opportunities, it’s clear that some issuers are also failing to educate their cardholders.”.

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PayPal Ups Efforts on Prepaid Debit Cards, In-Store Payments

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Payments fintech PayPal will be expanding its in-store payment offerings this year, now offering users the ability to deposit money onto a prepaid debit card or use their service via a partnership with Samsung Pay, it was reported today, and as the Wall Street Journal noted earlier this month.

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PayPal Launches Cashback Credit Card

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PayPal launches its first cash-back credit card called PayPal Cashback MasterCard in the U.S. The card will be issued by Stamford-based Synchrony Bank, which has partnered with PayPal since 2004. The card offers 2% cash back on all purchases, with […].

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Credit Cards Still Have Too Many Fees

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The average credit card has six attached fees, despite the increasing consumer preference for no fees at all. This is according to a study by released yesterday conducted by Harris Poll, which surveyed 100 general-purpose credit cards.

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First National Bank Of Omaha Shutters NRA Visa Card


First National Bank of Omaha announced that it is not renewing a contract with the National Rifle Association (NRA) to offer customers an NRA-branded Visa card. First National Bank of Omaha offered two NRA cards with a $40 bonus and promoted it as “enough to reimburse your one-year NRA membership!” VISA branded cards First National Bank gun control National Rifle Association News NRA NRA Card NRA Credit Card Shooting Visa Card What's Hot

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For Goldman And Apple, One Word: Plastic (Cards, That Is)


Two marquee names — one in tech and the other in finance — and a card between them. News came Thursday (May 10) that Apple and Goldman Sachs Group are in the midst of bringing a joint credit card to market. In terms of details, noted The Wall Street Journal , the card would be issued under the Apple Pay designation and may come to market early next year.

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Are New Prepaid Card Regulations Too Much?


According to Brad Fauss, president and CEO of the Network Branded Prepaid Card Association, the recently released regulations on prepaid cards from the Consumer Finance Protection Board could be another instance of good intentions gone wrong.

Virtual Cards’ Role In B2B Payments Digitization


Meanwhile, commercial cards, while they can help digitize B2B payments, remain pretty low on the totem pole of accounts payable payment rails. Research from NACHA found accounts receivable professionals expect cards to account for 12.5 percent of total payment volume by 2020, a small increase from the 11 percent for which credit and debit cards currently account. But virtual cards, Conduah explained, can help address some of these issues.

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Dynamics, Sprint Launch Battery-Operated Payment Card


Dynamics, a unit of telecommunications firms SoftBank and Sprint, announced what it is calling the first battery-powered payment card on Monday (Jan. T he offering, dubbed Wallet Card, was unveiled during the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) technology conference. According to a press release highlighting the new product , Dynamics said the payment card will boast fast data breach response and replacement times.

bitFlyer Launches Bitcoin Visa Prepaid Card

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Japan’s largest bitcoin exchange, bitFlyer, announced on Friday that it has launched a yen-dominated bitcoin Visa prepaid card, bringing Japanese consumers one step closer to being able to use bitcoin for their daily purchases. Orico Corporation payments prepaid card Vandle Card Visa Yen

Americans Prefer EMV Chip Payment Over Swiping Cards

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Americans prefer paying with EMV chip cards to swiping their cards or even paying with cash, according to a recent survey from financial technology solutions provider Fiserv. Cards Commerce DataBank Payments Premium Retail EMV chip EMV payments Europay Fiserv MasterCard Visa

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The AI Method To Fighting Fleet Card Fraud


Credit card skimmers are a headache for fuel retailers, but there is more than one way that fraudulent actors can target fleet spend. In addition to stolen credentials and skimmed cards at the fuel point-of-sale, employees are often able to overspend with their commercial fleet card products, or file fraudulent expense reports. Goldspink recently told PYMNTS that fleet card-related fraud goes far beyond skimmers at the POS.

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Card Fraud Spike Alters Grocery Store Gift Card Policy


area grocery story chain is only allowing customers to purchase reloadable or prepaid gift cards with cash or bank PIN-based debit due to a significant increase in credit card fraud. Because new credit card rules have put them on the hook for fraud. A Washington, D.C.-area

Card Acceptance as Payment Method to Reach All-Time High by 2022

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True, mobile payments are becoming increasingly popular as a form of P2C payment methods, but make no mistake - cards are not going anywhere anytime soon. Cards DataBank Premium B2B payments card payments Mobile Payments p2c

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ATM Debit Card Fraud Hit 10 Percent In 2017


A new report has revealed that there was a 10 percent increase in the number of payment cards compromised at U.S. The number of compromises and the number of card members impacted set a new record last year,” said TJ Horan, vice president of fraud solutions at FICO. This is why it’s important for consumers to be cautious when withdrawing cash, and also for them to check their account regularly and confirm that all the transactions on their debit card are legitimate.”.

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Petal CEO: Using Cashflow — Not FICO — To Issue Credit Cards


For the 47 percent of Americans with prime credit scores, getting and using a credit card isn’t much of a problem. The problem, Petal co-founder and CEO Jason Gross told Karen Webster, is that it leaves around half of all Americans with only a few options: a credit card with expensive strings or no credit at all. Financial Inclusion credit access credit card credit products Featured News News Payment Methods Petal Visa Card WebBank

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Amex Looking to Woo Customers with Fee-Free Card

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EXCLUSIVE— While millennials may not be quite as credit-shy as they used to be, gaining new credit users is still an upward battle for most of the major card issuers. The card issuer is currently offering.Read More.

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Green Dot Launches Secured Credit Card

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Today it was announced that Green Dot, a leader in the prepaid space, is launching the Green Dot Platinum Visa Secured Credit Card—a credit card designed specifically to help those without credit build it, or those with low credit scores, build them up.

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Carders Cashing Out on Magstrip Cards

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Two thousand credit card payment terminals stand to become infected with malware called Trinity point of sales. Ten million credit cards were stolen by hackers, called Fin6, who may end up scoring $400 million. The cards were stolen from retail and hospitality businesses.

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Neobank Monzo to Close Prepaid Card Services in April 2018

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British challenger bank Monzo will shut down its prepaid card program in April this year, the bank said on its blog yesterday. Monzo first announced its plans to shutter prepaid cards last year.

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TSYS Tokenizes Corporate Cards For Mobile Payments


Card processor TSYS is looking to heighten the security of mobile corporate payments. The company announced Tuesday (May 30) that it is enabling tokenization across its North American commercial card program, allowing businesses to let their own cardholders pay with a mobile device. To do so, TSYS is linking its Enterprise Tokenization solution to commercial card issuers that support mobile payments made via Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay. “We

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Card Use Reaches New Heights, and So Does Fraud

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Consumer card transactions will overtake cash transactions for the first time in 2016, according to global research firm Euromonitor International. Cards Commerce E-Commerce Online Payments Retail Risk Security Technology fraud identity theft Leumi Card Rippleshot Stripe

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Elevate Credit Partners with Mastercard for SubPrime Credit Card Product

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EXCLUSIVE - Elevate Credit will launch a new credit card product that targets subprime clients in June, for which the company has teamed up with Mastercard. Cards Exclusive Mobile Online Open Fintech Premium Retail Uncategorized Elevate MasterCard Petal Visa

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Visa Greenlights Singapore Prepaid Cryptocurrency Card


Singapore residents will soon be able to make purchases with a prepaid Visa card backed by the cryptocurrency platform Monaco. “We believe that the Monaco card program lays solid foundation for Monaco’s growth, and we’re grateful to all partners for their support. The demand for the Monaco Visa prepaid cards has exceeded our expectations with over 17,000 cards reserved, based on word of mouth alone.

Edge Card Buys Shattered Remains of Plastc

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Smart card Edge has bought the remaining assets of Plastc, which folded in April. Yes, smart cards are still around — sort of. The most famous smart card, […].

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Gift Card Trade-In Platform Flips Expiring Toys R Us Cards


Through Friday, April 6, customers with gift cards to the big box toy store can trade them in for gift cards to somewhere they’re more likely to shop, while those who hope to score some good deals at Toys R Us inventory liquidation sales can scoop up those unwanted gift cards at a discount. The trade-in program is powered by CardCash , a marketplace similar to StubHub, where people can buy, sell and trade gift cards from various major retailers.

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FTC Announces New Medicare Cards And Scam Prevention Tips


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has announced that new Medicare cards will be mailed out starting next month. The new cards are being issued to protect consumers from identity theft. With that in mind, Medicare is removing Social Security numbers from its cards and replacing them with a unique Medicare number. The cards will be mailed in waves to various parts of the country from April 2018 until April 2019.

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Amazon Stepping Into SMB Card Space With Chase, Sources Say


Unnamed sources have told reporters that Amazon is looking to expand its small business (SMB) financing operations via the rollout of a commercial card for SMBs. Reports in Fortune on Tuesday (March 13) said Amazon, which already has a relationship with JPMorgan Chase to offer consumer cards, is collaborating with the firm to develop a small business credit card for customers that use its eCommerce platform to procure office supplies. billion on its card products.

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PayPal Now Offering Two Additional Wireless Card Readers for SMBs

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EXCLUSIVE—Payments provider PayPal is now offering two new card readers for small and medium businesses, allowing owners to accept payments with more ease and efficiency, the company announced today.

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