Corporate Card Innovators Dive Into Virtualization


As FinTechs and other financial service providers drive commercial card adoption, virtual card technology becomes an increasingly popular focus of innovation initiatives, particularly as corporates demand solutions to support a remote workforce.

Q2 2021 US card issuer earnings commentary


Credit Card Receivables & Purchase Volume YoY Growth: 2Q21 Earning call commentary Growth “We’ve ramped up our acquisition engine. We’re pleased to see overall acquisitions of proprietary cards, which include our co-brands, increased to 2.4 million new cards acquired in the quarter.”–

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Q3 2021 US credit card issuer snapshot


The post Q3 2021 US credit card issuer snapshot appeared first on Accenture Banking Blog. Payments Credit Card Issuer Snapshot Credit Cards Payments NavigatorKey themes Receivables showed positive YoY growth for the first time in five quarters.

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Debit's on a Roll. Are Small Merchants Getting Rocked?

Payments Source

Compliance Debit cards DoJ VisaThe Justice Department's probe of Visa highlights whether merchants are properly equipped to adapt to the cost of debit spending as more commerce goes digital. ]].

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The Importance of PCI Compliance and Data Ownership When Issuing Payment Cards

This eBook provides a practical explanation of the different PCI compliance approaches that payment card issuers can adopt, as well as the importance of both protecting user PII and gaining ownership and portability of their sensitive data.

Apple Card Users Can Now Make Online Card Payments


With a new website Apple has launched, Apple Card holders will be able to check balances and do business online, the company said, according to MacRumors. The site, , allows users to sign in and see their balance, their next payment due date and the total limit of their card.

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Q2 2021 US credit card issuer snapshot


The post Q2 2021 US credit card issuer snapshot appeared first on Accenture Banking Blog. Payments Credit Card Issuer Snapshot Credit Cards Payments Navigator

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Tango Card: Innovations Through Uncertainty


In " A Look Forward: What Executives Wish for America and the World in 2021 ," Nat Salvione, chief commercial officer of Tango Card , discusses the innovations that have emerged since the pandemic: specifically, the use of pay-ahead apps and remote team engagement.

Card … short for Cardbored

Chris Skinner

I’ve been finding it increasingly frustrating on my travels, thanks to one of my credit card companies. My travelling depends on two credit cards: a bank issued corporate MasterCard and American Express. The reason I carry these two is that the MasterCard works across Europe, where quite a few countries … The post Card … short for Cardbored appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog.

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Visa On How To Make Plastic Cards Sustainable


Improving the world — and the environment — one (card present) transaction at a time. To that end, Visa said Tuesday (June 16) that it has joined with CPI Card Group to launch a card for Visa cardholders composed of up to 98 percent “upcycled” plastic.

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Getting in contact with contact-less cards

Mobile Payments Today

The world of payments is changing and what was once a preferred way to pay, with a debit or credit card, is being overtaken by the contactless and card-not-present methods.

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Don't believe the talking points: Cards benefit businesses.

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Card fees Payment processing Merchant Cards

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Infineon Debuts Employee ID, Mastercard Payment Card


The new tech is called the Campeon Card, according to the report. In Munich, employees will be able to enter buildings, make cashless payments and transmit their digital business cards using near-field communication (NFC).

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Virtual Cards Drive Consumerization Of B2B Payments


In a discussion with Karen Webster, Barker and Pettican explored the rise of consumerization of B2B payments and how virtual cards are supporting this evolution without forcing finance chiefs to give up the control and security that is so vital to successful corporate payments.

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Q4 2020: US credit card issuer snapshot


The post Q4 2020: US credit card issuer snapshot appeared first on Accenture Banking Blog. Payments Credit Card Issuer Snapshot Credit Cards Payments Navigator

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Q1 2021 US credit card issuer snapshot


The post Q1 2021 US credit card issuer snapshot appeared first on Accenture Banking Blog. Payments Credit Card Issuer Snapshot Credit Cards Payments Navigator

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Dynamics Unveils the Wallet Card, First ‘Connected Card’ at CES

Bank Innovation

EXCLUSIVE—Card company Dynamics Inc. revealed its Wallet Card, described by the company as the “world’s first” connected payment card, at the CES conference currently taking place in Las Vegas, the company announced today. The card, which was developed in tandem with global banks and payment providers such as Visa and Mastercard, relies on Internet of […].

Visa, CPI Card Group Launch Eco-Friendly Card


Visa and CPI Card Group have partnered for the new Earthwise High Content Card, which a press release touts as made with up to 98 percent upcycled plastic. The card is made with rPETG, a type of upcycled plastic, according to the release.

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Consumers Sour On Travel Rewards Cards


After spending years fine-tuning travel reward cards, banks have found that the coronavirus pandemic decimated all the effort by reducing the need or will to travel, The Wall Street Journal reports.

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FinTechs Embrace Collaboration For Corporate Card Solutions


Mastercard Mobilizes The Virtual Commercial Card. This week, Mastercard unveiled its newest commercial payments technology offering: a virtual card product that is supported by mobile wallets. Razorpay Links With Visa For Small Business Card Solutions.

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Driving Corporate Card Innovation With Collaborations, Card Issuing Platforms


The corporate card can have a home in the digital wallet thanks to collaborations and technology platforms designed for card issuers. FinTech firm Nium has teamed with Southeast Asia neo-bank Aspire to enable a mobile payments feature with its cards.

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Making Digital Card Features Stick – And Sticky


That left FIs scrambling to “rapidly figure out how to get that same emotional and engagement outcome when the possibility of face-to-face is virtually nonexistent,” Randy Piatt , head of product solutions at card technology firm Ondot Systems , told PYMNTS in a recent conversation.

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Corporate Cards Flex Their Rewards Muscles To Support Business Growth


With businesses large and small increasingly turning their attention toward recovery efforts, the commercial credit card market is exploring ways to help their corporate card holders. Commercial Card, Global Commercial Services, Courtney Kelso in a statement.

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Mastercard Introduces Sustainable Credit Card


has introduced a sustainable credit card to consumers in more than a dozen countries made from recyclable, bio-sourced, chlorine-free, degradable and ocean plastics. The New York-based, multinational financial services (FI) company said six billion cards are produced annually from PVC.

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Paystand Takes Aim At Corporate Expense Cards With New ‘Zero Card’


Goodbye, corporate expense cards and hello, “Zero Card?”. 6) rolled out its new Zero Card , a touchless, pre-paid, digital corporate expense card that the California FinTech is hoping will give the traditional corporate expense card a run for its money.

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Gift Cards A Taxing Problem? Not Necessarily Says Tango Card CCO


Other than small things like a pen or providing staff with free coffee, anything given to employees that has a clear cash value attached to it is considered taxable by the IRS, said Nat Salvione , chief commercial officer of Tango Card.

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The Corporate Card Goes Contactless


As B2B FinTechs explore the value of the commercial card, they’re integrating card payment capabilities across more scenarios, from vendor payments to employee expense management. BofA Expands Contactless Biz Card Service. Apple Pay Lands More Commercial Cards.

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Goldman Sachs, GM launch credit card with digital focus

American Banker

Payments Credit cards

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Barclaycard Debuts New Virtual Card Platform


Barclaycard is launching a new program, Barclaycard Precisionpay Go, to let companies issue virtual cards for employees' online purchases, according to a press release. And, the virtual cards will be able to be issued seconds after being requested.

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Cognizant Corporate Cards Targeted In Cyberattack


A cyberattack from Maze ransomware against global business and tech firm Cognizant mostly hit the company’s corporate cards that had been issued to employees, the company told authorities, according to The Times of India.

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Corporate Cards Forge More Paths To SMB Adoption


All eyes are on the small business community in the commercial card world as industry players increasingly explore how card products can help Main Street recovery and stay in business. Small Business Card Use On The Rise. Amex Under Fed Scrutiny Over SMB Card Practices.

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The end of cards and cash … just fifteen years late

Chris Skinner

I just received a report from Deloitte about credit and debit cards. It says the future is not so bright: “more payment choices, along with changing consumer preferences, are threatening the long-term viability of the credit card business model.”

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Virtual Cards Streamline, Simplify B2B Healthcare Payments


How Virtual Card Help Healthcare Claims Processors Manage Payments. B2B Payments accounts payable accounts receivable AI automation B2B CSI Featured News Healthcare Invoices Lucent Health News optical character recognition robotic process automation Tracker Series virtual card

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The Corporate Card Faces New Hurdles In AP Departments


Although commercial cards are evolving to gain traction in more B2B payment scenarios — particularly, accounts payable (AP) — new challenges emerge that can slow down the rate of adoption. Billtrust, REPAY Drive Virtual Card Adoption. Tat Capital Debuts Value-Add For Corporate Cards.

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United Airlines, Chase Card Services Launch No-Fee Credit Card


United Airlines and Chase Card Services today launched a “United Gateway” credit card that carries no annual fee and offers new users who charge $1,000 within three months of enrolling 20,000 frequent-flier miles. Our new Gateway Card offers even more ways for savvy customers to earn more miles that never expire on everyday purchases so when they are ready to travel again, they can book an award flight to hundreds of exciting destinations across the U.S.

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