Card … short for Cardbored

Chris Skinner

I’ve been finding it increasingly frustrating on my travels, thanks to one of my credit card companies. My travelling depends on two credit cards: a bank issued corporate MasterCard and American Express.

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Apple Card Officially Released In US


The Apple Card, a credit card created in partnership by the technology company, was officially released in the U.S. Apple said the process only takes minutes and that customers can start using the card immediately.

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Oversight Broadens Spend Analytics To Fleet Cards


Spend management firm Oversight Systems is rolling out a new module designed to analyze spend on fleet cards. 19) that its Fleet module is now available to users of its artificial intelligence (AI) analytics platform that automates fleet card transaction analysis.

Apple Debuts Apple Card, A Virtual (And Physical) Credit Card


And so a tech giant gets into the credit card game. And not just any tech giant – it’s Apple, the company whose payment services were touted (by at least some) as a credit card killer. For the physical card, the cash back rate is 1 percent.

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Mastercard Lauds Apple Card Security


Apple Card, a new kind of credit card created by Apple, is being applauded by Mastercard for its enhanced security, simplicity, transparency and privacy, CNBC reported on Tuesday (Aug. The new iPhone-integrated credit card has teamed with both Goldman Sachs and Mastercard.

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Nilson Report: U.S. Payment Card Market Tops $6T 


Commercial and consumer cards issued in the U.S. Commercial card spending is up 11.7 percent, compared to consumer card spending, which grew by 10.1 Commercial card spending was $1.39 Consumer card spending was $4.74 Visa ’s commercial card was 43.2

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Visa Chip Cards Reduced Counterfeit Fraud By 87 Pct


Visa announced that since their inception, chip cards have reduced counterfeit fraud by 87 percent. . Chip cards are increasingly becoming the norm as usage and acceptance has continued to grow since the EMV standard was first introduced in 2011,” the company said.

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Citigroup Makes Credit Card Push


Even as the economy in the United States softens, Citigroup has been making a push for credit cards. Customers can transfer their debt from a competitor’s card onto Citi’s plastic for a small charge and not pay any interest for 21 months.

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The Competitive Advantage Of Commercial Card Acceptance


Commercial cards account for only a portion of corporates’ overall spend, as checks stick around and ACH gains ground. Yet, the issue of vendor card acceptance remains the often-cited hurdle hampering the commercial card from gaining deeper traction.

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BofA Debuts Digital Debit Card


Bank of America (BofA) announced on Tuesday (June 25) that it’s launching a digital debit card, according to a release by the company. This digital debit card has the same protections and benefits of a physical debit card and is immediately available to use in the mobile app.

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daVinci Payments Launches CNY Funded Prepaid Cards


Illinois-based daVinci Payments has announced it is releasing a Chinese Yuan (CNY) corporate-funded prepaid card for employees or customers of multi-national corporations. The CNY cards will enable cardholders to make immediate purchases in stores and online.

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Card Payment Use Rises Globally


The number of merchants accepting card payments around the world grew by 13 percent in 2017, to 69.2 RBR, a research and consulting firm for banking and retail, released a forecast of payment card data through 2023, and found that card payment acceptance is growing at a fast rate.

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Apple Expands Apple Card Testing


Apple has expanded the test phase of its credit card with Goldman Sachs to its retail employees, according to a report by Bloomberg. The card can be used directly from the iPhone, though there’s also a physical card available, too.

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Building Vendor Trust With Virtual Cards


and divisions in the Netherlands, Singapore and South Korea — have embraced offerings like virtual and purchasing cards that expedite the payment workflow. . Virtual cards move payments quickly,” Phoenix said. “We Making Virtual Cards A Reality . Putting Cards To Work.

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Apple Reinvents (Improves?) the Credit Card

Credit Union Geek

the Credit Card appeared first on Credit Union Geek. Articles "On the other side of the screen it all looks so easy." - Flynn - Tron apple apple card ApplePay challenges credit cards credit union experience data security mobile app mobile wallet privacy

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Construction Payments: Building The House With Virtual Cards


The service enables businesses to make and receive payments using personal identifiers such as email addresses and will allow them to accept payments using ACH, delivered directly to their checking accounts or via virtual cards.

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Fleet Cards Caught In Crosshairs Of Corporate Card Fee Debate


Fleet payments company FLEETCOR is facing criticism over fees associated with its fleet cards, according to reports in Bloomberg last week, which small businesses (SMBs) say are too high. There are also fees linked to paying card bills via wire transfer, and fees if the fleet cards go unused.

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Walmart And Capital One Team Up For Rewards Credit Card


Walmart has announced it is teaming up with Capital One on a new credit card to be released on Sept. There will be two versions available: the Capital One Walmart Mastercard and the private-label Walmart Rewards Card.

Apple Debuts Apple Card, A Virtual (And Physical) Credit Card


And so a tech giant gets into the credit card game. And not just any tech giant – it’s Apple, the company whose payment services were touted (by at least some) as a credit card killer. For the physical card, the cash back rate is 1 percent.

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Credit Card Startup Petal Raises $300M Led By Jefferies


The startup credit card company offers its rewards card to people with no credit history. Since launching in the fall of 2018, the Petal card has signed up 50,000 customers, with more than 65 percent in the millennial and Gen Z demographic.

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Amazon launches secured card for underbanked customers

Bank Innovation

Amazon has added a secured credit card to its suite of financial services offerings today, the latest effort to entice underbanked and low-income customers to shop with the e-tailing giant.

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Mastercard Launches V-Card Acceptance Tool


Mastercard is launching a new service designed to make it easier for B2B vendors to accept virtual cards. This offers an alternative to the traditional methods that virtual card payment information is submitted to a vendor, which often occurs via fax or email.

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Stripe Launches Corporate Card, Expands Payouts To 45 Countries


Financial services and technology company Stripe now has the capability to pay out to 45 countries, and has launched a new corporate card for businesses, the company announced Tuesday (Sept. Payment Methods Corporate Credit Card cross-border payments FinTech News Stripe What's Hot

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Coinbase Launches Crypto Debit Card In The UK


Coinbase , the cryptocurrency exchange operator, announced Wednesday (April 10) the launch of the Coinbase Card in the U.K., which is a Visa debit card that lets customers in the U.K. Customers are able to use the card in millions of places around the world.

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Goldman Sachs OKs Subprime Applicants For Apple Card


With its new credit card in conjunction with Apple, Goldman Sachs is reportedly approving some borrowers who are subprime for the offering. The news comes as reports surfaced that Apple has invited certain customers to apply for the Apple Card.

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Apple Card Applications Open To Select Customers


As Apple makes a broader push to expand its services business, the technology company has invited certain customers to apply for the Apple Card. And, for the new credit card, Mastercard will provide the payment network.

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Amazon Launches Card For Prime Users With Bad Credit


Amazon is linking with Synchrony Financial to offer a new credit card for Amazon Prime members who have bad credit. Upon establishing credit, those users can obtain other Amazon cards, which may be unsecured cards.

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Q1 2019: US credit card issuer snapshot


Each quarter, Ryan Douglas from the Card Issuing group compiles key metrics on US consumer credit cards, tracking spend, receivables, loss rates and returns reported by the largest US banks. Stay tuned for next quarter’s report on US consumer credit card trends.

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Southwest Launches Credit Card For SMBs


Southwest Airlines is introducing a credit card for small business owners aimed at enhanced travel rewards. B2B Payments B2B Commercial Card News small business credit card Southwest Airlines What's Hot In B2B

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Spend Visa Expansion Allows Canadians To Use Crypto Like Debit Card


FinTech Spend has announced it has expanded its Spend Visa Card to Canada where cryptocurrency users can use crypto like a debit card anywhere that Visa is accepted, according to a press release. The Spend Visa Card was released in the U.S.

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Cashplus Hires Amex Commercial Card Risk Exec


challenger FinTech Cashplus has hired a commercial card risk expert from American Express, reports this week said. Commercial Cards and Payments and before working at Amex, Duseja held a position at Accenture.

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Q2 2019: US credit card issuer snapshot


Each quarter, Ryan Douglas from the Card Issuing group compiles key metrics on US consumer credit cards, tracking spend, receivables, loss rates and returns reported by the largest US banks. Despite ongoing rewards competition, card profitability remains strong.

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Report: Minding The Mobile Card Services Interest Vs Usage Gap


They can also let consumers know something arguably more important: when a purchase posts to their credit cards or cards they share with partners or dependents. This is just one the many useful functions of Mobile Card Services (MCS) — the Swiss Army knife of card management.

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Nexo Rolls Out Digital Currency Credit Card


To let consumers spend the value of their digital currency, instant crypto loan company Nexo is rolling out a cryptocurrency credit card that is Mastercard-branded. Additional credit is automatically and instantly available on the card upon appreciation of your crypto’s value.”

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Chase Card Services President On Why It’s Time For Cards To Tap And Go


To that end, Chase , the largest card issuer in the U.S., 14) that it’s rolling out tap-to-pay functionality across its Chase Visa card portfolio. Tapping the plastic card is much more familiar than some other form factors.”. How to speed the checkout process?

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Asia Corporates Replacing ACH With Cards, Citi Finds


Corporates across the Asia Pacific region are increasing their use of commercial card products, according to a new report from Citi. Businesses increased their spend on commercial cards by 24 percent in 2017, Citi’s analysis found.

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Boost Broadens Biz Card Network To 30 Regions


Commercial card payment and acceptance solution provider Boost Payment Solutions is expanding geographically. Boost Intercept focuses on optimizing and reducing friction in commercial card acceptance for B2B suppliers.

How Card-On-File Is Changing Online Consumer Shopping


When it comes to online shopping, one of the greatest frustrations for consumers — and friction points for merchants — is having to manually enter credit or debit card information for each purchase.

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Goldman Sachs On Apple Card: Purchase of Cryptocurrencies Not Allowed


Ahead of the launch of the Apple Card, backer Goldman Sachs said in the customer agreement it will not allow the purchase of cryptocurrencies, Reuters reported Friday (Aug. The card was announced in March, with Apple starting a test phase with the hope of a launch sometime this month (August).

Goldman CEO Touts Apple Card As Consumer Banking Catalyst


The launch of the Apple Card is allowing Goldman Sachs to become a leader in consumer banking, according to the bank’s CEO David Solomon. In late March, Apple and Goldman Sachs announced the Apple Card , which users sign up for through Apple Pay.

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Mastercard Tackles ‘Greening’ Plastic Cards


To push that goal, Mastercard — in partnership with the world’s three largest card manufacturers, Gemalto , Giesecke & Devrient and IDEMIA — has officially launched the Greener Payments Partnership to establish environmental best practices and reduce first-use PVC plastic in card manufacturing. Going green, historically, in cards has been linked to purchases, If the customer spends X amount in dollars, the card donates a set amount to an environmental cause.

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Apple’s Shiny (Possibly Damaging) Card Offers Design Lessons


Shouldn’t it hold weight for payments, too – specifically, credit cards? As reported, Apple has launched the card with a digital-first mindset, and it shows – chiefly in the fact that the tangible, titanium card has its dangers. Thus: Keep the card separate.

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Debit Cards For Kids — It’s A Thing


but my wife and I weren’t carrying cash as frequently as we used to because we were making all of our purchases with our debit cards and credit cards. ,” Sheehan said. Greenlight doesn’t have a minimum age requirement for children to be able to use the cards.

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