Q2 2021 US credit card issuer snapshot


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Amex Lets Business Customers Create Virtual Cards with Extend


American Express is working with virtual card FinTech Extend to let its business customers create their own virtual cards, the companies announced in a Wednesday (Sept. businesses expect to expand their use of virtual cards over the next year.

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Debit's on a Roll. Are Small Merchants Getting Rocked?

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Compliance Debit cards DoJ VisaThe Justice Department's probe of Visa highlights whether merchants are properly equipped to adapt to the cost of debit spending as more commerce goes digital. ]].

Southeast Asia Embraces The Corporate Card


Corporate cards are gaining traction in new parts of the globe, with innovations across Southeast Asia showcasing the region’s appetite for B2B payments digitization. OneSource Virtual Taps Mastercard For Commercial Card Tools. InstantPay Eyes Employee Expenses For Cashback Card.

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The Importance of PCI Compliance and Data Ownership When Issuing Payment Cards

This eBook provides a practical explanation of the different PCI compliance approaches that payment card issuers can adopt, as well as the importance of both protecting user PII and gaining ownership and portability of their sensitive data.

Corporate Card Innovators Dive Into Virtualization


As FinTechs and other financial service providers drive commercial card adoption, virtual card technology becomes an increasingly popular focus of innovation initiatives, particularly as corporates demand solutions to support a remote workforce.

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Corporate Cards Go Virtual For Greater Functionality


The commercial card arena was a bit quiet this week. In fact, perhaps the biggest story among commercial card innovators emerged from what one company decided to do beyond the card. Airwallex, Visa Collaborate On Cross-Border Virtual Cards.

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CompoSecure, Gemini Team On Crypto Reward Card


Payment card maker CompoSecure Holdings is continuing to delve into the world of cryptocurrency storage and security solutions via a new partnership with crypto platform Gemini. Learn more: CompoSecure On The Lures Of Heavy Metal Payment Cards – And SPAC Mergers.

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Don't believe the talking points: Cards benefit businesses.

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Card fees Payment processing Merchant Cards

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Apple Card Outage Disrupting Purchases


Apple Card outages being reported on Wednesday (June 2) seem to be affecting people’s ability to make purchases and appear to be an ongoing issue, according to Twitter and other reports. EST and indicated that the card outage started at 9:17 a.m.

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Virtual Commercial Cards Continue Their Upward Mobility


Virtual card technology adoption is on the rise among corporates, and for good reason: single-use virtual cards not only provide protection against fraud and misuse but can allow businesses to retain greater control over employee spend when a card is generated with a specific purchase in mind.

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Q1 2021 US credit card issuer snapshot


The post Q1 2021 US credit card issuer snapshot appeared first on Accenture Banking Blog. Payments Credit Card Issuer Snapshot Credit Cards Payments Navigator

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Getting in contact with contact-less cards

Mobile Payments Today

The world of payments is changing and what was once a preferred way to pay, with a debit or credit card, is being overtaken by the contactless and card-not-present methods.

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Card … short for Cardbored

Chris Skinner

I’ve been finding it increasingly frustrating on my travels, thanks to one of my credit card companies. My travelling depends on two credit cards: a bank issued corporate MasterCard and American Express. The reason I carry these two is that the MasterCard works across Europe, where quite a few countries … The post Card … short for Cardbored appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog.

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Q4 2020: US credit card issuer snapshot


The post Q4 2020: US credit card issuer snapshot appeared first on Accenture Banking Blog. Payments Credit Card Issuer Snapshot Credit Cards Payments Navigator

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Cards Take The Lead In Employee Spend Management


This week's examination of commercial card innovation is all about managing employee spend. TripActions, which provides employee expense management solutions, already uses the Visa network for its Liquid card product. CLC Lodging Embraces V-Cards For T&E.

Surcharges And Headwinds Loom As Credit Card Spend Rebounds


Or, in a twist on that saying: You pays more money because you’ve taken your pick – of payment method, that is, which in this case would be the credit card. At a high level, consumers are picking up the tab, and then some, for what it costs merchants to offer credit card payments.

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Virtual Cards Improve B2B Processes As Employees Work Remotely


While consumers have been using digital payments technologies such as digital wallets, cards on file and mobile banking apps to make purchases for years, the average business organization was still using checks to settle 42 percent of their supplier payments in 2019.

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Apple Card Users Can Now Make Online Card Payments


With a new website Apple has launched, Apple Card holders will be able to check balances and do business online, the company said, according to MacRumors. The site, card.apple.com , allows users to sign in and see their balance, their next payment due date and the total limit of their card.

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Gift Cards Become Employee COVID Vaccination Incentives


Beyond logistics, as Nat Salvione , chief commercial officer of Tango Card , told PYMNTS, there are a number of challenges that confront employers in that effort. There are additional advantages to gift cards as an incentive.

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Some Apple Card Users Hit Snags Placing iPhone 13 Preorders


Apple Card users experienced glitches when trying to place pre-orders for the iPhone 13 series, which kicked off on Friday (Sept. The tech giant said that anyone who had to pay using a different card will still get the 3% Daily Cash perk that comes with the Apple Card.

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Commercial Cards Fuel The Next Wave Of Bank-FinTech Competition


Commercial card adoption is on the rise as more organizations not only want to digitize their payments but take advantage of growing value-added opportunities that other payment methods like ACH don’t offer.

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Businesses Now Eclipse Consumers In Digital Gift Card Giving


On the consumer side of gift card giving, that tangible piece of plastic still has a foothold that is likely to stick around for quite some time. On the business side, where Tango Card exists, Founder and CEO David Leeds told Karen Webster that things work a little differently.

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Credit Card Review: LangkaBangla Credit Cards


Presently only a few NBFI is providing credit card services to its customers. As per our view, it is the most successful credit card service provider among the NBFIs. A LankaBangla credit cardholder can avail almost every benefit of a credit card. Card Type Limit 1.

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Dynamics Unveils the Wallet Card, First ‘Connected Card’ at CES

Bank Innovation

EXCLUSIVE—Card company Dynamics Inc. revealed its Wallet Card, described by the company as the “world’s first” connected payment card, at the CES conference currently taking place in Las Vegas, the company announced today. The card, which was developed in tandem with global banks and payment providers such as Visa and Mastercard, relies on Internet of […].

Virtual Cards Drive Consumerization Of B2B Payments


In a discussion with Karen Webster, Barker and Pettican explored the rise of consumerization of B2B payments and how virtual cards are supporting this evolution without forcing finance chiefs to give up the control and security that is so vital to successful corporate payments.

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FinTechs Embrace Collaboration For Corporate Card Solutions


Mastercard Mobilizes The Virtual Commercial Card. This week, Mastercard unveiled its newest commercial payments technology offering: a virtual card product that is supported by mobile wallets. Razorpay Links With Visa For Small Business Card Solutions.

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Visa On How To Make Plastic Cards Sustainable


Improving the world — and the environment — one (card present) transaction at a time. To that end, Visa said Tuesday (June 16) that it has joined with CPI Card Group to launch a card for Visa cardholders composed of up to 98 percent “upcycled” plastic.

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Citigroup Credit Card Delinquency Rate Improves; AmEx Holds Steady


Credit card firms Citigroup and American Express have released statistics on the August delinquencies in credit card payments, with Citi’s delinquency improving and American Express holding steady. Read more: US Credit Card Issuers Up the Rewards Ante to Attract Cardholders.

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The Corporate Card Seeks Broader Value Propositions


There is more than one reason that a business may want to adopt a corporate card, and this week's Commercial Card Innovation Tracker looks at a few of them. Plastiq, Ramp Collaborate On Corporate Card Adoption. Mastercard Expands Biz Card Presence In Saudi Arabia.

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Synctera Launches Card Issuing, Fraud Protection Services


Synctera, which works with partnership banking, has rolled out new programs for card issuing and fraud protection, according to Finextra. The programs are called Synctera Card and Synctera Fraud.

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The Corporate Card Goes Contactless


As B2B FinTechs explore the value of the commercial card, they’re integrating card payment capabilities across more scenarios, from vendor payments to employee expense management. BofA Expands Contactless Biz Card Service. Apple Pay Lands More Commercial Cards.

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Corporate Cards Forge More Paths To SMB Adoption


All eyes are on the small business community in the commercial card world as industry players increasingly explore how card products can help Main Street recovery and stay in business. Small Business Card Use On The Rise. Amex Under Fed Scrutiny Over SMB Card Practices.

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Brazil’s ‘Cash Is King’ Culture Cedes Ground to Convenient Gift Cards, QR Codes


Cash might still be the king of South America’s largest economy, Brazil, where it accounts for over a third of all payments — but as alternative payment methods such as QR codes and gift (and pre-paid) cards explode in use, it may only be a matter of time until it loses that crown.

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Mastercard Introduces Sustainable Credit Card


has introduced a sustainable credit card to consumers in more than a dozen countries made from recyclable, bio-sourced, chlorine-free, degradable and ocean plastics. The New York-based, multinational financial services (FI) company said six billion cards are produced annually from PVC.

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