Cruise Reservations Up For 2021 Despite Pandemic


COVID-19’s impact on the cruise industry is so far not affecting reservations for 2021, which are up 40 percent over 2019. Bookings for 2021 are strong.”. Rescheduled canceled bookings due to the coronavirus account for 11 percent of the reservations for 2021.

DHS Postpones REAL ID Enforcement Deadline Until 2021


The Department Of Homeland Security ( DHS ) is lengthening the enforcement deadline for REAL ID because of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a statement. It sought to increase security standards for drivers’ licenses made by the states.

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Global Mobile Wallet Market Set For Double-Digit Growth Through 2021


percent from 2017 to 2021, according to research firm Research and Markets. In a press release highlighting the launch of new research, dubbed “Global Mobile Wallet Market 2017–2021,” Research and Markets said the use of 3G and 2G mobile data and broadband around the globe is a big contributor to the growth of the mobile wallet market. Technavio is also forecasting it to grow at a CAGR or more than 35 percent through 2021.

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Fleet Management Market To Grow To $27.9 Billion By 2021


billion by 2021 at a CAGR of 23.9 The widespread integration of ICT in transportation and logistics is a major technological trend for fleet management , and the needs for increasing operational efficiency and concern for driver security are attracting various industries towards fleet solution management services, the report said. The market in APAC is expected to grow at the highest CAGR between 2016 and 2021. The fleet management market is estimated to grow from $9.54

Homeland Security: US Travelers Should Be Included In Facial Scans


The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) wants to update a current law requiring non-U.S. The department has a deadline of 2021 to provide the 20 largest airports in the U.S. Biometrics biometrics facial recognition Homeland Security News privacy travel What's Hot

Mastercard Taps Security Expert To Head Up Cybersecurity Solutions


In a press release , the payment company said Hunt’s role will increase Mastercard security capabilities for its credit cardholders, customers, merchant and other stakeholders. According to Mastercard , cybercrime is forecasted to double over the next five years reaching $6 trillion by 2021. The digital security ecosystem is only as strong as its weakest link,” said Ajay Bhalla, global enterprise risk and security officer at Mastercard, announcing the appointment of Hunt. “We

China Olympics Group Sounds Alarm On Potential Blockchain Fraud


The 2020 Summer Olympics, which were to take place in Tokyo, have been rescheduled for 2021 as the spread of the coronavirus leaps over international borders and outruns human efforts to contain it. securities laws.

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Analysts Lower Wells Fargo Rating, Saying Road To Recovery Will Be Tough


Analysts at UBS Securities lowered Wells Fargo ’s rating and earnings forecast, saying the bank will have a tougher time bouncing bank from the coronavirus pandemic — more so than other financial institutions (FIs). UBS slashed forecasts for 2020 by 25 percent and 18 percent in 2021. “[A]

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Real Estate Money Laundering An Increasing Focus Of Governments


The registry is slated to be made public by 2021, noted Mansion Global. Security & Fraud criminals money laundering News real estate security & fraud What's HotGovernments around the world have a new front in their fight against money laundering: real estate.

New Facial Recognition Policy Signed Into Law In Washington State


The new law, which will take effect in 2021, can only be used by local and state government agencies if the company providing the facial recognition technology uses an application programming interface (API).

The Ongoing Game Of Innovation Whack-a-Mole 


SMBs find it hard to secure funds and keep them flowing. by 2021. Today In Data Commerce fraud Hackers Innovation News payments Security SMBs Today in Data

Deep Dive: How FIs Can Upgrade Authentication Measures To Foil Fraudsters? Open Banking Attacks


Open banking may soon become table stakes for financial institutions (FIs) — they need to act now and be able to offer it securely or risk getting left behind. MFA implementation is a good starting point for security, but FIs need to build upon it by employing additional methods.

Deep Dive: Safeguarding B2B eCommerce And The Corporate Customer Experience


More than $1 trillion is expected to be spent on cybersecurity solutions worldwide between 2017 and 2021 as companies address the need for protections and make major investments in digital fraud-fighting techniques. False Positives and Data Security.

Report: The Libor system detour


Banks are creating detours in their core systems to be able to calculate the Secured Overnight Financing Rate (Sofr) rather than trying to replace the entire system before the end of 2021.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Sensor Tricked By 3D Printer


Although the report may raise security concerns, the use of fingerprint scanning technology to validate users is expected to explode this year. The analyst predicts Samsung will adopt the technology with an update for the Galaxy S10 slated for the first quarter of 2021.

Apple Tests In-Screen Fingerprint Tech


While the technology is in testing among Apple’s overseas suppliers and inside Apple, its release may fall to the 2021 revamp, Bloomberg reported, citing unnamed sources. Apple biometrics Face ID in-screen fingerprint iPhone News Retail Security Touch ID What's Hot

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Top News In Payments: Facebook Expenses Rise 51 Pct; Goldman Targets $125B In Consumer Deposits


Eric Lane, global co-head of the Consumer and Investment Management Division, said the company will debut a digital wealth management offering in 2020 and digital checking accounts in 2021. FICO’s Take on Debit Security.

Facebook Admits To Uploading 1.5M User Contacts


percent by 2021. Security & Fraud breach email contacts Facebook News privacy Security social media What's HotSocial media giant Facebook has admitted that it might have “unintentionally uploaded” the email contacts of 1.5

Deep Dive: Digital ID Developments From Around The World


billion people worldwide will carry digital IDs with embedded biometrics by 2021. Even though biometrics offer notable security advantages, they do come with risks. These added security measures make it difficult to complete fraudulent transactions with them. .

Criticism Prompts DHS To Abort Facial Recognition Of US Citizens


The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has reversed its plans for mandatory facial recognition scans of Americans arriving and departing the country, TechCrunch reported on Thursday (Dec. The department has a deadline of 2021 to provide the 20 largest airports in the U.S.

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Trending: The Rise Of Instant Payments In Lending


Six Nordic banks have teamed up to develop an instant payments solution that will be known as P27, to officially launch in 2021. Instant Loans And The Speed And Security Balancing Act.

APIs May Be The Key To Singapore’s Open Banking Future


The battle to enter Singapore will continue until licenses are granted later this year, and recipients can start their operations in late 2021. Banking is no longer just for traditional FIs, thanks to open banking’s spread.

Deep Dive: Why Innovation’s Lack Of Ubiquity Is Stalling Open Banking


Growing concerns about online security, fraud and infrastructure costs intensified in the period after the rollout, and generated ongoing questions over the safety of the API-driven Open Banking platforms developed to comply with PSD2 and GDPR. Security Concerns Mount .

TRENDING: Why Grocery Stores Want Autonomous Vehicle Delivery


In the November Intelligence of Things Tracker , PYMNTS examines the forces pushing IoT adoption forward, the security risks holding it back, and how public and private sectors seek to strike the right balance.

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Norwegian Cruise Line Ponders Bankruptcy, Seeks New Investments


The company’s filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Tuesday (May 5) indicated that its accounting firm had “substantial doubt” about NCL’s ability to stay in business. Despite the pandemic, 2021 reservations for cruises are up 40 percent over 2019.

Auditors Say EU Failed To Stop Misuse Of Funds


In the auditor’s report, they backed the move to create a European Prosecutor’s Office in charge of conducting investigations on spending, which is targeted to open starting in 2021. Security & Fraud AML EU European Commission Fraud Prevention News regulation What's Hot

Deep Dive: Fighting Fraud With AI And Machine Learning


Recently published research noted global fraud losses could top $6 billion by 2021, more than doubling the $3 billion lost worldwide in 2015. As such, businesses are now investing in their security and fraud prevention technology and solutions. PYMNTS explores the world of cybercrime in this inaugural Digital Fraud Tracker , including how fraudsters target their victims and the ways security providers are working to stop them. .

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Using AI To Keep Issuers On The Right Side Of Credit Risk


Stop putting it into your roadmap for 2021,” Dhala said. “It Mastercard AI artificial intelligence Brighterion credit risk Digital Payments Featured News machine learning MasterCard Masterclass ML Mobile Payments News security and fraud

Deep Dive: Assessing And Tackling Debit Card Fraud


Losses due to false credit and debit card declines — in which merchants reject legitimate orders on the mistaken belief that they are fraudulent — grew to $118 billion last year and are projected to reach $443 billion by 2021.

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No Delay to SCA

Tomorrow's Transactions

PSD2 applies to countries within the EEA and not to transactions starting or finishing outside – and as of January 1 st 2021 the UK will be fully outside. Money Open Banking Payment systems Payments Privacy and security

DHS Says US Citizens Should Be Included In Facial Scans


The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) wants to update a current law requiring non-U.S. The department has a deadline of 2021 to provide the 20 largest airports in the U.S. Biometrics biometrics facial recognition Homeland Security News privacy travel What's Hotcitizens to be subject to facial recognition scans while entering and leaving the country to include U.S. citizens, according to a report by TechCrunch.

Visa, AI And The $25B Fraudsters Never Got


By some estimates, cybercrime will have cost the world $6 trillion by 2021 in damaged and destroyed data, stolen money, lost productivity, theft of intellectual property, theft of personal and financial data, embezzlement, fraud and post-attack disruption to the normal course of business. They are constantly testing out network security patterns, and taking a very structured approach to [try] to break through our defenses.

Removing friction and fraud from P2P payments

Insights on Business

A balance is required between adequate reliability and security without impacting the customer experience. American Banker recently predicted that the total dollar volume is expected to triple by 2021, topping $336 billion. Investing in security a necessity.

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Fraud: What Pandemic Panic Buying And Black Friday Have In Common


A growing number of companies, he said, have been pushing up their efforts to have account validation products in place — where deployments scheduled for the third or fourth quarter of this year, or even into 2021, are taking on new urgency now.

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Keeping Friction-Free From Being A Fraudster’s Best Friend


What you get there is a replication of a frictionless journey that is happening in a much less secure way.”. And at Boku, we know we are sitting on better solutions that provide more security and are much less friction-intensive.