NEW REPORT: Capturing the Global Cryptocurrency Payments Opportunity


Interest in emerging payment tools such as cryptocurrencies is rising as businesses and financial institutions (FIs) look for ways to stay competitive. Around the Global Cryptocurrency World. Apto Payments, Wirex Examine Global Cryptocurrency Payment Trends.

Wirex: Mastering the Global Cryptocurrency Payment Opportunity


Cryptocurrencies are gaining more attention from consumers and businesses today, with businesses analyzing how virtual currencies could address their payments needs. Matveev believes both will play key roles in the future of cryptocurrency payments.


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US Bank Launches Cryptocurrency Investment Services


5) debuted its cryptocurrency custody services and made them available to their global fund services clients who are looking for a safe haven for their bitcoin purchases, with more support expected to be added to the platform soon. Bank on Tuesday (Oct.

Consumers Mull Switching Rewards to Cryptocurrency


That seems to be the case today with consumers and cryptocurrency. More than $12 billion has been transferred over cryptocurrency networks, representing approximately 1.5 In the lending space, using cryptocurrency as collateral is a new way to spend money,” said Arana.

Stripe job postings suggest a return to cryptocurrency

American Banker

Payments Cryptocurrencies

Signature Bank raises its bet on cryptocurrency

Payments Source

Lending Cryptocurrencies

Can cryptocurrency become mainstream?

American Banker

Blockchain Cryptocurrencies

Mastercard Network Will Support Select Cryptocurrencies


Mastercard has announced it will be offering support for cryptocurrencies on its network this year, Reuters reported. Mastercard already gives users the ability to transact with cryptocurrencies via cards, albeit not through the network, according to Reuters.

Israel to Tax Cryptocurrencies

Bank Innovation

Israel is going to put a tax on cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, regulators in the country said yesterday. According to a circular by Israel Tax Authority yesterday, the government said it looks at cryptocurrencies as a property rather than a currency, and therefore it will be taxable. According to the circular, translated by multiple reports, cryptocurrencies will […]. Cryptocurrency Exclusive Bitcoin cryptocurrency

How Cryptocurrency is Affecting BSA Initiatives


Cryptocurrency continues gaining traction. As the cryptocurrency industry continues to expand, financial institutions must remain vigilant to thwart cybercriminals. Takeaway 1 The cryptocurrency industry has expanded quickly. What's going on in cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency Could Be Totally Banned in India


India is considering new regulations that would ban cryptocurrency in the country, penalizing anyone who holds, buys, or mines bitcoin and other digital currency, Reuters reported , citing unnamed government sources.

Thailand to Tax Cryptocurrencies

Bank Innovation

Taxes on cryptocurrency? Taxing cryptocurrency is a way for […]. Compliance Cryptocurrency Exclusive Bitcoin cryptocurrency regulationsThat’s what regulators in Thailand are planning to institute. According to a report by Nikkei Asian Review, after a cabinet meeting suggested that crypto traders could be charged with as much as 7% value added tax as well as up to 15% tax on capital gains.

Square Building Hardware Wallet For Cryptocurrencies


Square is working on a hardware wallet for cryptocurrency and is putting together a team of engineers to get the process started, Reuters reported on Friday (July 9), citing tweets from Square Hardware Lead Jesse Dorogusker.

Cryptocurrency Market Tumbles; Bitcoin Falls 12 Percent


CNBC reported that bitcoin (BTC), the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, fell over 12 percent from a day earlier, to as low as $30,863. According to Coinmarketcap, the overall value of the cryptocurrency market — or market cap —was $880 billion Monday morning, down from $1.08

Chinese Cryptocurrency Tied To More Than $2B In Crime, Scams


Chinese cryptocurrency is the latest involved in a rash of illicit activity involving $2.2 Chinese cryptocurrency addresses sent and received funds for illegal activity from April 2019 through June 2021, according to a Reuters report. billion worth of cryptocurrencies, with $2.8

Regulating the cryptocurrency markets

Chris Skinner

I guess that this is logical as my last line was that government control of cryptocurrencies is “not so easy for cryptocurrencies that have … The post Regulating the cryptocurrency markets appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog. Someone made the comment on my platform piece about what happens when there are no Jack Ma’s or Mark Zuckerberg’s, as the whole thing is decentralised?

European Central Banks Demand Strict Cryptocurrency Regulations


Europe's biggest banks have called on the European Commission to implement tough regulations for cryptocurrencies, such as stablecoins, that would protect consumers and preserve state sovereignty in monetary policy, Reuters reported.

NEW PYMNTS DATA: 60 Pct Of Cryptocurrency Users Want Merchants To Offer Payment Discounts, Rewards


Cryptocurrencies are making headlines, fueled by big fluctuations in value and high-profile interest from celebrities who are enthusiasts. The Cryptocurrency Payments Playbook: Cryptocurrencies Gain Momentum As A Payment Option , a PYMNTS and BitPay collaboration, examines U.S.

Cryptocurrencies are not currencies

Chris Skinner

I’ve been watching the rollercoaster ride of cryptocurrencies very carefully for the last year, and it only struck me today that these are not currencies … yet. Apart from a few novelty vendors and merchants who put bitcoin on their websites, I don’t see many others accepting ether or XRP, … The post Cryptocurrencies are not currencies appeared first on Chris Skinner's blog.

Britain To Look Harder At Stablecoins Than Other Cryptocurrency


Britain plans to regulate stablecoins first rather than the whole of the cryptocurrency market, Reuters writes. He said he believes the case for intervention is less important for now in the broader cryptocurrency market.

Cryptocurrency Expert: Government-Backed Cryptocurrency Misses the Point

Bank Innovation

EXCLUSIVE- To make a government-backed cryptocurrency is to defeat the point of cryptocurrency, Jacob Eliosoff, a programmer, crypto trader, businessman, and teacher, explains in an interview with Bank Innovation. There is no shortage of interest in government-backed cryptocurrency in today’s world.

Dubai Debuts Own Cryptocurrency Valued At $0.17 Per Coin


The increased interest globally in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has only fueled CBDCs. Citi said in April that a surge in cryptocurrency had driven much of the adoption of digital money. Cryptocurrency cryptocurrency digital currency Dubai DubaiCoin international News What's Hot

How Cryptocurrency Exchanges’ Onboarding Systems Can Weed Out Fraudsters


Cryptocurrencies have surged in popularity and value over the past several years, with the crypto market valued at $1.6 Some cryptocurrencies have also gained a reputation for being used to facilitate criminal activities. A recent study found that cryptocurrency crimes dropped to $1.9

Square Lands Hard On Cryptocurrency


5) was its prowess in cryptocurrency. Cash App users can purchase and sell bitcoin; they can also make cryptocurrency transfers to other wallets. Square has been a supporter of cryptocurrency, which generated $65.5 Earnings Bitcoin cryptocurrency News Square

IMF, TCH: Risks Can Outweigh Rewards For Cryptocurrencies, CBDCs


See also: Circle’s Jeremy Allaire: Cryptocurrencies Are Not A Zero-Sum Game. consumer, 16 percent of whom either has owned or currently do own cryptocurrency, according to research by PYMNTS and BitPay.

New Report: 58 Percent Of Multinational Firms Are Using Cryptocurrency


There has been a steady drumbeat of announcements from major financial players recently — including PayPal and the card networks — about various if limited cryptocurrency integrations with their services.

China Does a 180° on Cryptocurrency

Bank Innovation

China has reportedly banned all bitcoin executives from leaving its borders as part of the country’s crackdown on its cryptocurrency industry. Though these reports named bitcoin executives in particular, some see the move as the onset of a larger “war” between governments everywhere and all cryptocurrencies. Compliance Cryptocurrency Exclusive Online Bitcoin China compliance cryptocurrency regulations

i2c President Says Blockchain Will Unlock Cryptocurrency


PayPal is opening its network to allow consumers to shop using cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency cryptocurrency digital money economy Featured News Fiat i2C Masterclass News pymnts tv tokenization videoCryptos are having a moment.

Most People Don’t Know What Cryptocurrencies Are

Bank Innovation

Sure, cryptocurrency and bitcoin might seem like the talk of the town, but a recent survey found that most people don’t even know what a digital currency is. According to a survey conducted by cryptocurrency platform COBINHOOD, only 56% of the 1,035 Americans surveyed knew that cryptocurrency is a digital decentralized currency designed as a […]. Cryptocurrency DataBank Bitcoin cryptocurrencies Ethereum ICOs initial coin offerings Litecoin

Are cryptocurrency exchanges the new Swiss banks?

American Banker

Digital currencies IRS Cryptocurrencies

States take lead on crypto bank charters and digital asset rules

American Banker


Customer Demand Prompts Citigroup To Offer Cryptocurrency Services 


After getting numerous requests from customers, Citigroup is looking into the rollout of services to support cryptocurrency, Financial Times (FT) reported on Friday (May 7). Clients also asked about financing deals with cryptocurrency holdings, per FT. “We

Report: $50B In Cryptocurrency Moved Out Of China


More than $50 billion of cryptocurrency was transferred from virtual wallets in China to other parts of the world last year, a potential violation of the nation’s strict limits on how much money can be sent abroad, according to a new report. Cryptocurrency has not been without controversy.

A Comparison of Cryptocurrency Technologies

ATM Marketplace

Cryptocurrency is a growing revenue stream for businesses of all sizes

Venmo Users Can Now Buy, Sell And Hold Cryptocurrency


PayPal ’s peer-to-peer (P2P) payment app Venmo is now offering its estimated 77 million users an entrée into the cryptocurrency arena, the company said in a press release on Tuesday (April 20). In-app guides and videos are also available to help answer common questions about cryptocurrency.