Wells Fargo taps Williams to drive digital strategy forward

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Wells Fargo is looking to focus its digital banking strategy as it emerges from the COVID-19 lockdown and completes an organizational restructuring

Lloyds Bank Marks $4.1B for Digital Strategy

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billion) for digital development and growth, the bank announced today. The investment will be spread out over three years, allowing the bank to expand its technologies in order to compete with the increasing number of fintechs and digital banking providers. Exclusive Online digital banking Lloyds Bank online bankingBritish bank Lloyds has put aside £3 billion ($4.1

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Digital Strategy Practice

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Digital transformation, once a longer-term initiative, has suddenly become essential to providing banking services in a changed environment where branches and face-to-face meetings may no longer be an option. The post Digital Strategy Practice appeared first on CCG Catalyst Consulting Group.

Coronavirus pandemic puts Ingenico, Diebold digital strategies to the test

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The point of sale terminal industry was already under pressure to go digital before the coronavirus pandemic made this transition much more crucial to its survival. Acquirers Point-of-sale Digital payments Ingenico Coronavirus Diebold Nixdorf

JPMorgan revamps digital strategy team after three leaders exit

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is staking its consumer-banking strategy on digital technology. Three of the group’s top leaders — the chief executive officer, the head of digital technology and the chief of digital customer experience — have moved to new roles or […]. Automation Bloomberg Carousel Innovation Strategy Retail Banking JPMorgan JPMorgan ChaseJPMorgan Chase & Co. In 2020, that push will be spearheaded by a new team of executives.

BofA Opening More Financial Centers to Support Digital Strategy

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While many banks are shutting down branches, Bank of America is adopting a "high-tech, high-touch" strategy, which will result in the addition of 350 branches, or what it calls "financial centers," across the country over the next two years. Once these new financial centers are opened by 2021, "our network will provide coverage for more […]. Artificial Intelligence Exclusive Payments Premium Retail artificial intelligence Bank of America Erica JPMorgan Chase Zelle

BTG’s CEO Presses Digital Strategy in Midsize Banking Push

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Bloomberg Corporate Cryptocurrency Daily Post 4 Exclusive Lending Operations Premium Sales & Marketing big data analytics Brazil Cloud Computing digital bankingRoberto Sallouti feels like he just went through college all over again. The 47-year-old chief executive officer of Banco BTG Pactual SA, a fixed-income trading veteran, said he spent the past four years digging into subjects such as cloud computing, performance marketing and data-analytics metrics.

U.S. Bank Chief Innovation Officer Dominic Venturo Talks Digital Strategy

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One of the largest retail banks in America has a simple yet multifaceted innovation strategy. Bank Executive Vice President, Chief Innovation Officer, Dominic Venturo, on which direction the bank is headed, digitally. Bank Innovation spoke with U.S The conversation below has been edited for brevity and clarity. Bank Innovation: Last quarter we reported that U.S. Bank […].

Bombas: Socking Up With A DTC Digital Strategy


As it heads into 2020, however, the question Bombas is tackling is how to do more with that in terms of the digital experience. eCommerce Afterpay Bombas checkout customer experience data digital platforms ecommerce Featured News homeless shelters News Payment Methods socksStartups form to solve all sorts of problems, often from a specific problem a founder is dealing with that turns them on to a bigger hole in the marketplace.

TymeBank’s AI-Powered Chatbot Key to Low-Cost Digital Strategy

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Digital bank TymeBank and conversational banking technology provider Finn AI have teamed up to bring a low-cost, AI-powered experience to underserved consumers as well as small and micro businesses in emerging markets. Operations Premium Retail Social Media AI artificial intelligence chatbots digital banking Finn.ai

3 Fundamentals Every Digital Strategy (Still) Needs


I’m talking about the additional resources your CFO may be freeing up for new digital initiatives. Becoming digital is the best way to keep pace with changing market realities and customer expectations. Step one is to create a plan for digital investment.

Underbanked women a focus of Visa, Mastercard's digital strategies

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Visa and Mastercard are driving digital transactions by financially empowering women in emerging markets who are unbanked but manage their families’ spending. Digital payments Financial inclusion Gig economy Visa Mastercard Latin America India PakistanThe card networks are particularly targeting women in gig economy jobs and women-owned businesses.

Make Website Compliance Reviews A Core Part of Your Digital Strategy

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Recent years have seen an increasing focus on the digital presence of financial institutions (FIs). And with the current era of COVID-19 we are living in, FIs are feeling even more pressure to go digital. Digital

Banks Need To Stop With The “Digital Strategy”

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Indra Nooyi, Pepsi’s CEO, wanted to put more emphasis on design. She gave each executive a photo album and a mission to go capture designs that “inspire.” It was a simple assignment, but only a few managers completed the task and of those that did, half of those had their spouse do it for them. Those that did do it, just stuck with superficial changes such as changing the shape of their bottle, the label and the color of Pepsi’s blue

Retailers Rethink Store Concepts, Digital Strategies Amid New Realities


In many cases, the stores have been slow to develop their own eCommerce strategies. Nordstrom , the Seattle-based fashion retailer, has aggressively pursued changes in both its in-store presentation to customers and its drive to improve its omnichannel approach with changes to its digital operations. In a presentation last month, CEO Anne Bramman said she expects digital sales to grow about 26 percent in 2017, up to 40 percent by 2022.

MasterCard CFO On Its Digital Strategy


JPMorgan’s payments analyst, Tien-tsin Huang, asked about the state of the firm’s digital business. In response, the MasterCard executive said: “From a digital point of view, this is not a separate product line item for us. In fact, we are looking at digital as totally connected to the … 16-digit card number that you have on a prepaid card, on a commercial card, on a credit card, on a debit card. Mastercard digital MasterCard payments What's Hot

TaskRabbit Acquisition Is Latest Move In Ikea’s Digital Strategy


Ikea has been looking for ways to boost its digital customer service capabilities, as Amazon and other digital-first rivals are stepping up their game in terms of home goods and installation. TaskRabbit , the contract labor marketplace startup known and loved within the gig economy, has been purchased by Swedish home goods giant Ikea. TaskRabbit will become an independent subsidiary within Ikea, according to CNBC.

JPMorgan revamps digital strategy team after three leaders exit

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JPMorgan Chase is staking its consumer-banking strategy on digital technology. Women in Banking Digital banking Consumer banking JPMorgan ChaseIn 2020, that push will be spearheaded by a new team of executives.

Shifting gears: Executing digital strategy at two speeds


Digital disruption has opened up the competitive playing field in banking. Other players include large digital leaders who are extending banking services into non-banking digital ecosystems where they are. Everyday Bank Featured Digital Banking trendsFintech start-ups are influencing customer expectations and affecting specialized revenue streams.

Walmart’s Digital Strategy Faces Big Public Test This Holiday Season


This season will see Walmart carrying a digital product assortment of 23 million goods. Whether or not its own corporate mass and inertia will allow for the proper execution of these strategies is anybody’s guess right now, but 2016 was a step in the right direction for the company.”.

Digital strategy: Does your bank have one?

ABA Community Banking

Mobile account opening, fintech partners, analytics, and more all must blend for success Management Lines of Business Technology Fintech. 1Technology

Mastercard's digital strategy got a big lift by giving banks more control

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Mastercard's Masterpass digital wallet is gaining steam from a new enrollment feature that puts issuers in control, according to Mastercard CEO Ajay Banga. Masterpass Compliance Ajay Banga Mastercard

VTB’s digital strategy embraces co-operation

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Olga Dergunova, VTB Bank’s deputy president, hails a new era of co-operation in Russia’s banking industry, not just bank-to-bank but bank-to-fintech and, importantly, bank-to-regulator. Joy Macknight reports

TD Bank: Digital growth drives results

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TD Bank’s digital strategy is showing results. The bank said it’s investing heavily in digital channels, making it the largest digital bank in Canada. Carousel Innovation Strategy Payments Premium Product Design Retail Banking digital strategy TDTD noted that, according to App Annie data, the bank is ranked No. 1 in consumer adoption, engagement and satisfaction among top retail banks in Canada. The bank saw a net […].

Jump-Start Your Financial Institution’s Digital Strategy

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Eight critical steps that will help accelerate digital transformation at banks and credit unions facing stiff new competition from all sides. The post Jump-Start Your Financial Institution’s Digital Strategy appeared first on The Financial Brand. Digital Banking Strategies Supplemental Content

How Fifth Third Bank reshaped its digital roadmap

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For Fifth Third Bank, a 160-year-old institution, digital transformation isn’t about going head-to-head with the largest banks. Instead, the bank is focusing its digital strategy on meeting human needs, said Melissa Stevens, chief digital officer of Fifth Third Bank, in the fireside chat at Bank Innovation Ignite in Seattle on Monday. “We’re

Telecom — Is Your Digital Strategy Ruining Your Customer Experience?


Compare that experience to digital-first companies like Amazon and Apple, which have remarkable stickiness and growth, where the experience is frictionless and most issues are resolved quickly. Getting your digital strategy right will determine whether you’re one of those winners — or one of the losers. The takeaway: It’s impossible to have great customer experience without digital transformation, and digital customer-first strategies lead to a frictionless experience.

Traditional Bank Stakes Its Future on Daring Digital Strategy

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The post Traditional Bank Stakes Its Future on Daring Digital Strategy appeared first on The Financial Brand. Culture & Leadership Digital Banking Strategies Mobile ChannelCommunity bank goes modern in a big way by pioneering a new core system and partnering with an unusual fintech-powered mobile banking club.

Biggest Mistake in Digital Strategy Is Forgetting Client Relationships

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Digital tools improve a bank's traditional sales process, but relationship-based banking is still a huge factor in winning over millennial customers. dealmaking-strategy fintech disruptors digital-banking mobile social-media community-banking

TD Bank: Digital growth drives results

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TD Bank’s digital strategy is showing results. The bank said it’s investing heavily in digital channels, making it the largest digital bank in Canada. Carousel Daily Post 2 Daily Post 4 Innovation Strategy Payments Premium Product Design Retail Banking digital strategy TDTD noted that, according to App Annie data, the bank is ranked No. 1 in consumer adoption, engagement and satisfaction among top retail banks in Canada.

BBVA’s Holvi Acquisition Fits the Bank’s Digital Strategy

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Spanish bank BBVA has acquired Finnish startup Holvi, a licensed payment company specializing in developing digital accounts for small business owners. news global technology

DNB CFO seeks cost efficiency in digital strategy

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DNB’s chief financial officer, Kjerstin Braathen, tells Joy Macknight how Norway’s largest bank is optimising its people, technology and resources to get the most out of its digital transformation

Gartner IT Expo: Healthcare Payers Practical Digital Strategy


Director and Analyst at Gartner, spoke about the (mostly) hype free plan to digital strategy. Digital Strategy to her is about optimization. Your digital business strategy is probably about transformation. Digital is the second highest priority (but why do organizations keep spinning digital wheels?). Quote: Biggest issue for digital is funding. Data is the core of the digital payer architecture. Mandi Bishop, Sr.

MUFG taps math expert as CEO to lead digital transformation

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named Hironori Kamezawa as chief executive officer, turning to a math expert to help Japan’s biggest bank forge a path in the digital era. Bloomberg Carousel Innovation Strategy Payments Retail Banking digital strategy MUFGMitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc. Kamezawa, 58, will take the top post on April 1, the Tokyo-based bank said in a statement on Friday, confirming news reports from earlier this week. […].

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Umpqua Bank Doubles Down On Its Human+Digital Strategy (Here’s Why)

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The bank is betting everything on an innovative alternative to the tech-heavy, AI-saturated strategies drenching fintechs and other competitors. The post Umpqua Bank Doubles Down On Its Human+Digital Strategy (Here’s Why) appeared first on The Financial Brand. Customer Experience Digital Banking Strategies Mobile Channel