Can ATMs go cashless?

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ATM companies are beginning to feel the heat as cashless tech is continuing to advance. Can ATMs offset these losses by adopting cashless solutions

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Fidelity Bank to replace ATMs with Diebold Nixdorf anti-skim machines

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ATMs, Credit Unions: Collaboration Breeds Innovation

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Andrew Ryan, vice president, FI dealer channel, Hyosung America and Terry Pierce, director, product management, Co-Op Financial Services share insight on ATMs, credit unions and the future for both

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Reviewing Bitcoin Depot ATMs

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In the next entry on our series on Bitcoin ATMs, we will review Bitcoin Depot's Bitcoin ATM, which can be found at Circle K locations in the U.S.

ATM 110

Virginia-based bank provides Bitcoin access at ATMs

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Virginia-based Blue Ridge Bank is partnering with ATM operator BluePoint ATM Solutions and Bitcoin ATM software provider LibertyX to facilitate access to the cryptocurrency.

Examining future ATM trends in 2022

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Where are ATMs headed in 2022? Read to find out

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Innovating The ATM Beyond Cash


CU branches across the United States have temporarily closed to help slow the spread of contagion, forcing CUs to find new ways to engage with their members via connected technologies, from mobile devices to laptops and especially ATMs.

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Kansas, Missouri up penalty for ATM theft

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New laws from Kansas and Missouri will up the penalty for ATM theft

Tips to tackle ATM security

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Last time we looked at some critical ATM security issues such as software vulnerabilities, jackpotting, physical key issues and more. But how does one address such issues

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Reviewing Bitcoin ATMs: LibertyX

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Bitcoin ATMs are making a big splash, but how do they line up when it comes to customer experience? In this series, we will take a look at Bitcoin ATMs, starting with LibertyX's line

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How to protect ATMs from attacks?

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Can operators protect ATMs from attacks? The solution is to make the ATM a less attractive target

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Circle K embraces Bitcoin ATMs

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The consumer's embrace of self service has dovetailed with the rising popularity of cryptocurrency, as evidenced by Circle K's crypto ATM rollout over the past year

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What are the biggest ATM security issues?

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Physical threats are not the only security concerns for ATMs. Outdated key standards and card skimming are also major issues in the ATM industry. Let's take a closer look at some of these security issues and what causes them

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Are ATMs The ‘Mini-Branch’ Of The Future?


The ATM isn’t living up to its full potential, a fact that’s really starting to come into focus for financial institutions (FIs) under COVID-19. Using ATMs To Create Customer Value. How can we use ATMs to open accounts and issue cards?”. Using Advanced ATMs In Place Of Branches

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Looking at Bitcoin ATM connectivity lessons

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Bitcoin ATMs are becoming more common across the globe, with 45,000 in North America alone. Wayne Vandekraak, CSO of OptConnect shared some guidance at how to handle Bitcoin ATM connectivity

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ATM pooling leads to branch transformation

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ATM pooling can help banks save money and reach the underserved

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What's driving the Bitcoin ATM explosion?

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It's almost impossible not to notice just how ubiquitous Bitcoin ATMs have become this year. Bitcoin ATMs are expanding rapidly and show no signs of slowing down I've seen them in places ranging from gas stations to used game stores to liquor stores.

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BITSTOP introduces bitcoin ATM

Payments Dive

Andrew Barnard, Co-founder of BITSTOP demos the bitcoin ATM

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KAL presents latest ATM topics in three key regions

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Banks and independent ATM deployers (IADs) are invited to join KAL’s senior-level experts for three empowering webinars spotlighting landmark ATM industry topics in different regions

Banks farm out offsite ATM maintenance, cash replenishment

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Banks are increasingly outsourcing more sophisticated and remote ATM maintenance to outside firms

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ATM deposits shouldn't be optional

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Many ATMs accept cash deposits, but sometimes the feature doesn't work due to a variety of technical issues. Financial institutions need to step up their game when it comes to this service issue, because ATM deposits shouldn't be optional

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Examining ATM trends in 2021 and beyond

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Where are ATMs right now and where are they headed? Read more to find out

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ATM WebHost

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Multivendor application to expand ATM functionality without changing ATM-vendor. ATM Web Host enables banks to use the ATM network more efficiently, make more profit, advertise bank’s services and attract new clients.

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ATM industry looks to federal lifeline amid COVID-19

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As relief and funding packages are being debated in Washington, the National ATM Council looks to how these new laws will affect business

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2 trends to watch in the ATM market

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When it comes to the ATM industry, you need to keep your eye on these two trends: the growth of Bitcoin ATMs and innovative security solutions

Smart ATMs serve the underserved

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The underserved have traditionally relied on ATMs to gain access to cash, but one company is expanding ATM services to include a variety of tools for them.

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Keeping The AI On ATMs


The ATM is a stalwart of the banking experience — always there, always on, always ready to dispense cash. It might be said that when it comes to ATMs, variability is the one constant. In that case, Johnstun said, the ATM goes through a clearing action and recovers. “In

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ATM Gas/Explosive attack prevention

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This brochure will provide a synopsis of InfoMAT's product portfolio for the prevention of gas and/or explosive attacks at the ATM

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ATM & Mobile 101

Payments Dive

This report provides guidance for ATM deployers considering the integration of their ATM and mobile channels

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Is your ATM experience seamless?

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Can your ATM keep up with this demand Customers' expectations have changed dramatically these past few years. They now expect seamless experiences across all channels.

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Mastercard and Diebold Nixdorf Update the Cardless ATM

Bank Innovation

The cashless society we’ve been promised is still years away, and in the meantime, ATM innovation continues. A new venture between Mastercard and Diebold Nixdorf, a global ATM provider, sits at the intersection of mobile transactions and cash. Cards Exclusive Innovations Operations Retail ATM banking cardless ATMs Diebold Nixdorf Mastercard

ATM 199

Are ATMs, digital signage a good fit?

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Are ATMs and digital signage a good fit? How can they work together to deliver an omnichannel experience

ATM 122

Rethinking ATM infrastructure

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Mark Aldred, head of international sales for Auriga, shares his insight and thoughts on ways the ATM industry should be considering in order to move forward in a post-pandemic future

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Bitcoin ATMs take center stage

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In fact, bitcoin ATMs are still growing dramatically Although bitcoin has taken a hit recently due in part to recent comments from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the cryptocurrency still shows no sign of disappearing.

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Bitcoin ATMs Sprout in Georgia

Bank Innovation

Bitcoin ATM network Coinsource on Thursday installed 20 new bitcoin ATMs in the Peach State. The ATMs come as demand for the cryptocurrency in the region is on a rise, the company said. Cryptocurrency Exclusive ATM Bitcoin cryptocurrenciesOf the 20 machines, 18 are in Atlanta and the other two are in Athens. In a statement to Atlanta Business Chronicle, […].