Do Grocery Stores Need Bitcoin ATMs?


In a new PYMNTS interview, Neil Bergquist, CEO of bitcoin ATM provider Coinme , spoke about how his company is part of the launch of bitcoin payments via Coinstar kiosks, those change-handling machines often located near ATMs, customer service desks or front entrances at grocery stores.

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Half Of Indian ATMs Could Close In Early 2019


ATM machine companies in India are warning that they will have to shutter as many as half of India’s cash machines because of new regulations, reported the Financial Times. With the new rules, he said there will be no option but to shut down those barely profitable ATMs.

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What ATMs And Open Source Have To Do With Payments Innovation


By way of example, Feldmann mentioned cloud-based initiatives that include mobile-enabled ATMs , where authentication takes place before the user even gets to the machine itself, and speeds up transactions (while, of course, reducing the steps needed to get cash in hand).

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BITSTOP introduces bitcoin ATM

Mobile Payments Today

Andrew Barnard, Co-founder of BITSTOP demos the bitcoin ATM

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Mastercard and Diebold Nixdorf Update the Cardless ATM

Bank Innovation

The cashless society we’ve been promised is still years away, and in the meantime, ATM innovation continues. A new venture between Mastercard and Diebold Nixdorf, a global ATM provider, sits at the intersection of mobile transactions and cash.

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Link, ATM Operator Face Potential Court Fight


NoteMachine , one of the biggest ATM operators in the U.K., The report noted that the number of free to use ATMs in the Link networked declined 5 percent last year, marking the first annual dip since 1998. Bank Regulation ATMs Interchange Fees legal Link News NoteMachine uk What's Hot

Is India’s ATM Disappearing Act A Digital Payments Boon?


News came this week that as many as half of the ATMs that dot the country’s landscape may be shuttered by March of 2019. The estimate is courtesy of the Confederation of ATM Industry (CATMi), which focuses on the domestic ATM industry. In India, get ready for new lines.

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UK Cash Points Close Ahead Of ATM Interchange Fee Drop


Ahead of a planned reduction in interchange fees, which card issuers pay for cash withdrawals at ATMs in the U.K., circulated data indicating a similar trend: The consumer group showed that nearly 300 ATMs had shuttered each month from December to April. Those figures mark a significant departure from earlier trends in closures, when 50 ATMs were closing each month. But LINK said that during a December to April period, “the number of free-to-use ATMs actually increased.”.

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The ABCs Of ATM Fraud


The ones at the ATMs in the back of the convenience stores that covertly took down your account numbers and PINs? Because when it comes to ATMs, ATM operators have a lot more to worry about. News earlier this month that compromises at ATMs (read: fraud) were at the highest levels in 2015 than had been seen in years (according to FICO) brings back some concerns over how strong security is, or isn’t, at the point of cash dispensing. Remember those skimmers?

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ATM Debit Card Fraud Hit 10 Percent In 2017


ATMs and merchants in 2017. “While most devices are safe, fraudsters are developing new technology and methods for hacking ATMs. The data – which is taken from the FICO Card Alert Service that monitors hundreds of thousands of ATMs and other readers in the U.S. ATMs, restaurants and merchants went up 8 percent in 2017. ATM hacks have proven to be a real concern for consumers and financial institutions.

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Bitcoin Daily: Bank Of America Mulls Blockchain ATMs; India Eyes Cryptocurrency Legalization


In other news, Bank Of America may be looking into using blockchain technology for automated teller machines (ATMs), CoinDesk reported. The government of India is reportedly considering the legalization of digital currencies, with some restrictions, per CoinDesk.

Anti-Fraud ATM Blocks Mobile Phone Scams


Hitachi is teaming up with a regional bank in Japan to introduce anti-fraud ATMs. The machines are designed to stop users from being conned into transferring money from their bank accounts at an ATM by preventing transactions from completing if it detects the person is using a mobile phone, Bloomberg reported. Joyo Bank, a regional lender located north of Tokyo, will begin operating the new anti-fraud ATMs early next year.

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UK Retailers Could Receive Refunds In ATM Business Rate Case


s Court of Appeal ruled on Friday (November 9) that automated teller machines (ATMs) should not be separately assessed when it comes to business rates. Retail ATMs Court of Appeal Gerald Eve Jerry Schurder News

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Bitcoin ATMs Sprout in Georgia

Bank Innovation

Bitcoin ATM network Coinsource on Thursday installed 20 new bitcoin ATMs in the Peach State. The ATMs come as demand for the cryptocurrency in the region is on a rise, the company said. Cryptocurrency Exclusive ATM Bitcoin cryptocurrencies

How biometric ATMs are entering mainstream use

Payments Source

Until recently, biometric ATMs were very hard to find in developed markets other than Brazil, India and Japan. Biometrics ATMs Blockchain Spain U.S.

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In Asia Pacific, Cash Usage Swell With Growth of ATMs


The region is now home to more than half of ATMs worldwide, which is helping drive use of cash, according to RBR’s latest forecast. Just between 2015 and 2017, the number of ATMs in the Asia-Pacific region increased from 1.55

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The Role Of ATMs In Bank Omnichannel Strategy


Since smartphones haven’t learned how to print paper money, people still must turn to ATMs for that. In fact, the number of ATMs in the U.S. Yet because of customers’ attachment to the smartphone and all it can do, their expectations for the ATM experience are much higher than they once were — and keeping up can quickly grow more complicated and expensive than banks would like. The ATM Opportunity. The ATM Challenge.

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Malware Tricks ATMs Into Skimming


ATM skimming just got taken to the next level. Kaspersky Lab announced new research regarding a hacker collective, known as the Skimer group, that uses malware to essentially make an ATM steal users’ money. Instead of putting skimmer devices on the ATM, this group makes the entire ATM a skimming device. As part of its investigation, Kaspersky Lab found a new version of the malware on a bank’s ATM that had been planted by hackers.

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Chase Is Tiptoeing into Cardless ATMs as Banks Look to Defend 50-Year-Old Workhorse

Bank Innovation

Chase Bank is tiptoeing into the world of cardless ATMs for consumers — catching up to the likes of Bank of America and Wells Fargo. Cards Exclusive Mobile Operations Technology ATMs BofA Chase PINs

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Spanish ATM Survey Highlights High Demand for ATMs | Cash | Convenience | ATM | Trends

Mobile Payments Today

Despite contactless and biometric payments being on the rise, a recent survey of Spanish adults commissioned by Transaction Network Services has highlighted the strong demand for ATMs for immediate access to cash. Download your copy of this infographic to learn more

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ATMs Are Spontaneously Vending Cash (Thanks, Hackers)


Why make one’s life hard hacking consumer accounts — or taking up armed robbery — when one can get the best of both worlds by directly attacking the banks’ computers and getting ATMs to do things like start spewing cash for no apparent reason? Taiwan and Thailand saw such attacks earlier this year when cyber criminals programmed bank ATMs to spew cash. In Taiwan, Taipei city police got reports of currency lying on a First Commercial Bank ATM in the city’s Da’an Precinct.

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ATM & Mobile 101

Mobile Payments Today

This report provides guidance for ATM deployers considering the integration of their ATM and mobile channels

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McDonald’s Big Mac ATM


Kenmore Square, Boston will activate what it calls a “customized digital Big Mac ATM.” the Big Mac ATM will dispense two new sizes of burger — the Mac Jr. But what the Big Mac ATM does do is offer McDonald’s a clever, relatively inexpensive and multifaceted marketing tactic. Who knows if the Big Mac ATM is more than a publicity stunt to get people engaged? Vending Machines Big Mac ATM McDonald's Restaurant Tech Retail Unattended Retail

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Top Australian Banks Kill ATM Fees

Bank Innovation

Four major Australian banks have dropped fees for cash withdrawals at their domestic ATMs, in a move that could save Australian ATM users millions annually. Exclusive Payments Retail ATMs Australian fintech banking fees Financial Regulation

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RBI To Relax Rules For White-Label ATM Providers


The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) made a move on Thursday (March 7) to relax the rules for white-label ATM operators, enabling them to purchase wholesale cash from the bank. These ATM providers are owned and operated by non-bank companies on behalf of the banks.

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ATMs Are Moving ‘Up the Stack’ in Branches of the Future

Bank Innovation

Automated teller machines — ATMs — have been around for decades now. Currently, there are 425,000 active ATMs in the U.S. Corporate Exclusive Features Operations Amazon Go ATMs Diebold Nixdorf td bank

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To Counter ATM Fraud, Banks Need to Deal with Technology Debt

Bank Innovation

EXCLUSIVE— While banks are making strides to improve their cybersecurity, it might be time to give the security on their physical devices, such as ATMs, an upgrade too. Exclusive Online Security ACI Worldwide ATM fraud cashless cybersecurity fraud jackpotting Mobile banking

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ATM Killer Spare Releases v. 3.0 of App

Bank Innovation

The mobile payments app Spare wants to kill the ATM. More specifically, Spare wants to give customers access to cash from merchants for less than the cost of an ATM fee, and more security. Commerce Mobile Payments Security Startups Technology ATM Mobile Payments Spare

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Repair Man Locked Inside ATM And Rescued


Working in the ATM business can be dangerous. From potentially getting robbed when reloading the ATM with money to installing the heavy machine, it’s possible to sustain severe injuries. However, it’s being reported out of Corpus Christi, Texas, that a repair man accidentally locked himself inside an ATM he was working on. Banking ATM banking Corpus Christi News repair man Security Texas

ATM 168

FBI Warns Banks About Widescale ATM Cash-Out Scam


The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has issued a warning to banks that cybercriminals are gearing up to launch a choreographed global scam, known as the “ATM cashout,” in which the bad guys hack a bank or payment card processor to make cloned cards that they can use to withdraw money from ATMs around the globe. Security & Fraud ATM authentication cybercriminals Cybersecurity FBI FI Hackers News scam security & fraud What's Hot

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Fifth Third Bank Customers Can Now Utilize Card-Free ATMs


Fifth Third Bank has announced that its customers can now access the bank’s ATMs without having to use their debit cards. Instead, Fifth Third customers simply need to use the bank’s mobile app to access all of the ATM functions. banks offering card-free ATM access — and it is just the latest innovation from the financial institution. Fifth Third currently operates around 2,500 ATMs in its 10-state retail footprint, all of which will offer card-free access.

ATM 107

Cardtronics Expands Surcharge-Free ATM Footprint


Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Allpoint Network, Cardtronics is growing its global ATM footprint. Allpoint Network , a surcharge-free ATM network with 43,000 ATMs in the United States, announced the latest bank to join its ATM channel — First Tennessee Bank. The move will also add more than 570 surcharge-free ATMs to the bank’s existing network in Tennessee. Cash ATM Cardtronics What's Trending

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Hacker Tracker: Neutralizing ATM Jackpotting


James Chappell, CTO and cofounder of Digital Shadows , joined this week’s Hacker Tracker to shed light on how the latest trend of ATM jackpotting is just the tip of the iceberg for cybercriminals looking to steal larger sums of money with bigger attacks. The end of 2016 saw a spike in ATM jackpotting attacks, which involved hackers using a computer malware to infect ATM machines and force them to distribute significant quantities of cash.

ATM 156

Card Use Grows Fast as Check Payments, ATM Withdrawals Continue Decline

Bank Innovation

The Federal Reserve’s triennial report on payments released last week shows accelerated electronic payments growth, as well as signs that fewer people are paying by check or withdrawing cash from ATMs.

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Increased ATM Usage Fueled By Financial Inclusion


A new report from research firm RBR revealed a strong demand for ATM services in developing markets, most notably in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East and Africa (MEA). According to the company’s latest global ATM research, 99 billion cash withdrawals took place globally in 2015, marking a 10 percent jump in ATM cash withdrawal volumes at the fastest rate since 2011. LINK said £12 billion was withdrawn from 70,000 of its ATMs.

ATM 131

FSS ATM Deployment Services

Mobile Payments Today

To maximize transactions and improve bottom line for the ATM network, it is critical that ATMs are deployed in strategic locations

ATM 100

Bank of the West Adds ATMs for Young Customers on the Move

Bank Innovation

Bank of the West recently added 143 ATMs across the Denver and Sacramento metro areas through an agreement with ATM operator Cardtronics. One target? Millennials, actually.

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BITSTOP introduces Bitcoin ATM

ATM Marketplace

Andrew Barnard, Co-founder of BITSTOP demos the Bitcoin ATM

ATM 49

NYPD Tests ‘Skim Reaper’ To Stop ATM Tampering


The NYPD is fighting back against ATM tampering with a device called the “Skim Reaper.”. According to CBS News in New York , the device can detect if an ATM or gas pump has been compromised. Now, after three years of study, cybersecurity expert Patrick Traynor and two Florida graduate students invented the “Skim Reaper,” a credit-card thin gadget that slides into card reader slots and can easily and quickly detect if an ATM or gas pump has been tampered with.

ATM 147

Chase Caps ATM Withdrawals For Non-Customers


JPMC has capped ATM withdrawals at $1,000 per day for those who are not accountholders with the bank. Generally speaking, withdrawal limits are not set at the ATM and are instead the purview of card-issuing organizations. Digital Banking ATM withdrawal limit JPMC What's Trending

ATM 174

Fiserv Partners With FCTI On 7-Eleven ATMs


Fiserv , a financial services provider, has announced a partnership with FCTI , an ATM network company, to provide processing for about 8,000 ATMs at 7-Eleven stores across the nation and will also custom fit its self-service tool so that FCTI can do self-terminal setups. Next year, the ATM will celebrate its 50th anniversary,” Jayne Berthelsen, senior vice president of product and market development for card services at Fiserv, said in a statement.

ATM 152

Rethinking The Role Of The ATM


ATMs have been around for decades, along with the challenges they pose for financial institutions – including security of a machine that can hold hundreds of thousands of dollars; the financial burden of operating a fleet of such complex machinery; and management of the suppliers, solutions and technologies that go into making an ATM tick. According to Galvin, exploring the purpose of the ATM in today’s financial services climate touches on a deeper issue at work.

ATM 123

Banks Waive ATM Fees For Houston Banks


According to news from CNBC , JPMorgan Chase , the largest bank in Houston with more than 200 branches in the area, will automatically waive or refund ATM fees on deposit accounts through September 10, 2017, for customers in the greater metropolitan area. Dallas-based bank Comerica said all its branches in the greater Houston area are closed, and that it is “waiving ATM fees for our customers who might need to use other ATMs and non-customers who use our ATMs.