Mastercard and Diebold Nixdorf Update the Cardless ATM

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The cashless society we’ve been promised is still years away, and in the meantime, ATM innovation continues. A new venture between Mastercard and Diebold Nixdorf, a global ATM provider, sits at the intersection of mobile transactions and cash.

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Bitcoin ATMs Sprout in Georgia

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Bitcoin ATM network Coinsource on Thursday installed 20 new bitcoin ATMs in the Peach State. The ATMs come as demand for the cryptocurrency in the region is on a rise, the company said. Cryptocurrency Exclusive ATM Bitcoin cryptocurrencies

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Innovating The ATM Beyond Cash


CU branches across the United States have temporarily closed to help slow the spread of contagion, forcing CUs to find new ways to engage with their members via connected technologies, from mobile devices to laptops and especially ATMs.

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Banks farm out offsite ATM maintenance, cash replenishment

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Banks are increasingly outsourcing more sophisticated and remote ATM maintenance to outside firms

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Credit Unions Embracing Biometric ATMs Post-COVID


When the very first one appeared at a Barclays branch in London back in 1967, who could have imagined that the clever Automated Teller Machine (ATM) would emerge decades later as a hero of the great COVID-19 pandemic of 2020? Elevate the ATM experience’. How can we make the ATM safer?

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BITSTOP introduces bitcoin ATM

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Andrew Barnard, Co-founder of BITSTOP demos the bitcoin ATM

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ATM industry looks to federal lifeline amid COVID-19

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As relief and funding packages are being debated in Washington, the National ATM Council looks to how these new laws will affect business

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ATM numbers shrink as cashless trend grows in major markets

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As a growing number of consumers swap out cash for mobile or card payments, ATM numbers globally have begun to fall. based consultancy and research firm RBR reported today that the number of ATMs worldwide fell for the first time. It claims global ATM numbers fell by 1% in 2018 to 3.24

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ATMs Are Ahead Of Their Time — Again


The automated teller machine (ATM) debuted 51 years ago in the U.S., And while some imagined there’d be banks on Mars by 2020, few guessed that dull ATMs would one day reinvent retail banking. A convergence of factors is at the root of the ATM makeover now underway.

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Meeting the growing demand for mobile debit, ATM funds access

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As consumers shift to online banking, the ATM also has been impacted by the quest to go digital. Kamesh Tumsi, VP of product strategy at Fiserv card services, gives us the scoop on the digitizing of ATM transactions

ATM manufacturer Diebold Nixdorf adds branch-like capabilities

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Against the tide of dropping ATM numbers globally as customer use cash less often, Diebold Nixdorf is adding capabilities to its ATM machines to encourage adoption. IoT & Wearables Premium Retail Banking ATMs BNP Paribas Diebold Nixdorf Federal Reserve

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Worldwide ATM Installations Declined In 2018


The number of ATMs installed during 2018 declined by 1 percent on a worldwide basis, found RBR, the research firm. In a press release , RBR said the number of ATMs stood at 3.24 million ATMs around the world. Cash ATMs banking financial inclusion News report What's Hot

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The role of ATMs and cash access in the digital banking era

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Amid rapid changes in the cash economy and the rise in digital payments, the ATM is likewise facing challenges that have led to an evolution that will meet the demands of a new generation of customers

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ATM industry battles coronavirus-era anti-cash bias

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The ATM industry was already mired in the painful transition away from hardware to digital technology, and now it must try to persuade consumers and merchants that cash isn’t unsafe to handle. ATMs Coronavirus Cash

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Chase Is Tiptoeing into Cardless ATMs as Banks Look to Defend 50-Year-Old Workhorse

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Chase Bank is tiptoeing into the world of cardless ATMs for consumers — catching up to the likes of Bank of America and Wells Fargo. Cards Exclusive Mobile Operations Technology ATMs BofA Chase PINs

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ATM Killer Spare Releases v. 3.0 of App

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The mobile payments app Spare wants to kill the ATM. More specifically, Spare wants to give customers access to cash from merchants for less than the cost of an ATM fee, and more security. Commerce Mobile Payments Security Startups Technology ATM Mobile Payments Spare

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2020 ATM Remote Key Loading Report

ATM Marketplace

ATM Key Management Report, Updated June 2020

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ATMs Are Moving ‘Up the Stack’ in Branches of the Future

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Automated teller machines — ATMs — have been around for decades now. Currently, there are 425,000 active ATMs in the U.S. Corporate Exclusive Features Operations Amazon Go ATMs Diebold Nixdorf td bank

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Do Grocery Stores Need Bitcoin ATMs?


In a new PYMNTS interview, Neil Bergquist, CEO of bitcoin ATM provider Coinme , spoke about how his company is part of the launch of bitcoin payments via Coinstar kiosks, those change-handling machines often located near ATMs, customer service desks or front entrances at grocery stores.

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Cash, payments and the future of ATMs — your 2020 spoiler alert

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What does this mean for the future of cash and ATMs? ATM historian Bernardo Batiz-Lazo explores the topic in his latest blog post According to some economists, we've been experiencing an extended period of slow growth since the 1970s.

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Top Australian Banks Kill ATM Fees

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Four major Australian banks have dropped fees for cash withdrawals at their domestic ATMs, in a move that could save Australian ATM users millions annually. Exclusive Payments Retail ATMs Australian fintech banking fees Financial Regulation

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ATM & Mobile 101

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This report provides guidance for ATM deployers considering the integration of their ATM and mobile channels

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To Counter ATM Fraud, Banks Need to Deal with Technology Debt

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EXCLUSIVE— While banks are making strides to improve their cybersecurity, it might be time to give the security on their physical devices, such as ATMs, an upgrade too. Exclusive Online Security ACI Worldwide ATM fraud cashless cybersecurity fraud jackpotting Mobile banking

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Early payroll pact expands access to wages at ATMs

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Advance wage access company Branch has partnered with Cardtronics’ Allpoint ATM network to provide surcharge-free cash access at all Allpoint ATMs across the U.S. Interchange fees ATMs Payroll Fee income Cash Cardtronics

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Are ATMs making the coronavirus crisis worse?

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Crisis management Disaster planning ATMs Coronavirus Consumer banking Disaster recoveryAutomated and interactive teller machines aren’t germ-free in the best of times, and the pandemic has raised new concerns about the possibility of those devices infecting consumers and staff.

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Bitcoin ATM makers see an opening as digital currencies come to stores

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Traditional ATMs are vanishing in the U.K. Blockchain Digital currencies ATMs Bitcoinand other parts of the world, but there may be a growing market for their crypto counterparts.

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Coronavirus pushes U.K. ATM cash withdrawals down by 60%

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ATM operator LINK reported that its cash withdrawals have fallen by 60% over the past month ending April 27 when compared to the same period one year earlier. ATMs Coronavirus Cash

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FSS ATM Deployment Services

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To maximize transactions and improve bottom line for the ATM network, it is critical that ATMs are deployed in strategic locations

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Doing Battle With Holiday Fraudsters At The ATM


Well, that means trips to the ATM. For fraudsters, armed with new technologies, the ATM is fertile ground for fraud. They are, well, razor-thin inserts that fit within the card acceptance slot, and read the data housed within the magnetic stripe of cards inserted into the hacked ATM.

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Half Of Indian ATMs Could Close In Early 2019


ATM machine companies in India are warning that they will have to shutter as many as half of India’s cash machines because of new regulations, reported the Financial Times. With the new rules, he said there will be no option but to shut down those barely profitable ATMs.

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How biometric ATMs are entering mainstream use

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Until recently, biometric ATMs were very hard to find in developed markets other than Brazil, India and Japan. Biometrics ATMs Blockchain Spain U.S.

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Card Use Grows Fast as Check Payments, ATM Withdrawals Continue Decline

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The Federal Reserve’s triennial report on payments released last week shows accelerated electronic payments growth, as well as signs that fewer people are paying by check or withdrawing cash from ATMs.

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ATM Cleaning

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Our team of Field Service Engineers will maximize customer interactions at the point of transaction by keeping your ATM fleet free of unsightly pollen, dust and dirt! A clean ATM service area will not only enhance customer experience, but it will also boost brand equity

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Ventus Managed ATM Network Solutions

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Ventus delivers secure, high availability ATM networking to modernize your remote, branch and ITM experience

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Remembering Jason Kuhn: ATM industry pioneer and beloved friend

ATM Marketplace

Jason Kuhn, vice president of product marketing for Hyosung and leader in the ATM industry died on May 21, 2020. His loss is greatly felt throughout the ATM industry. Jason's business associates, family and friend share their thoughts and memories with ATM Marketplace

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